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booksareswag · 6 minutes ago
Okay but McGonagall was so screwed when it came to prefects. Both from gryffindor were to busy snogging maraudes in broom closest to do their job.
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that-siruisblack-grin · 14 minutes ago
November 3, 1981.
It has been 3 days. Three days since Sirius Black had lost it all. Three days since he was left alone with the haunting thoughts and the fears the dementors evoked inside him. Three days. Which meant it was November 3rd today. It was Sirius’s birthday.
Birthdays. What a strange day to celebrate. But Sirius had never minded them once he started going to Hogwarts. Because he had people to celebrate with him. He had his- his friends, James, and Remus- and oh god no. he couldn’t think about them. It hurt too much to think about them. To think about what they did on his birthdays. The parties, the cake, the presents, the love. No! Stop thinking about all of that! They’re gone now. It’s all over. And it’s all your fault.
When Sirius was younger he believed that when people died they became stars. High up in the sky, they watched over their loved ones. He had stopped believing that when he grew up but as Sirius sat on the cold cement floor of his Azkaban cell, he started believing again. He looked up at the sky and looked at the moon and the stars and hoped that James and Lily and Remus could hear him now. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I’m so so sorry.” He repeated over and over again. He wrapped his arms around himself and rocked back and forth repeating “I’m sorry” softly into his arms. And he cried. He hadn’t cried about his friends yet. He was numb before. But now the tears came, and he let them come. He couldn’t stop them, just like he couldn’t get Peter, just like he couldn’t hug Remus, and just like he couldn’t save James and Lily.
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booksareswag · 15 minutes ago
James: Sirius, can you put your fag out please?
Sirius: [turns to remus] on your bike then love.
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wartsandwarlocks · 25 minutes ago
Hello everyone!!
Lately I’ve been ADORING texting fics so I thought, why not?
The fic would be literally just a muggle-modern au of the marauders later years in hogwarts. It would also feature a very Argentinian Marlene (which I love since I’m argentinian) and a lot of my favorite songs!!
Please tell me if you’d like to read that or not!
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slitherto-undreamt-of · 31 minutes ago
Remus, seeing different scents of the same soap he has at home: "Ooh! New flavors!"
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writerwithtoomanyships · 46 minutes ago
Inrulogical one shot
Enjoy :D
The metal claw banged against the glass with the sound of defeat, once again empty.
"Ughh! I did all the right tactics! It GRABBED IT! THEN IT FELL! This is rigged," Logan said with a groan, after one too many failed attempts. The large butterfly plushie was right there. RIGHT THERE.
Remus leaned against the glass, watching his boyfriend analyze the cursed claw machine once again.
"Come on Specs, gimme a few quarters," he said with a grin.
Logan sighed. "There's only a few quarters left."
"Guess I'll have to do my best to grab them in-" Logan shot him a glare. "...with the claw."
Logan handed over the quarters, too frustrated with the claw machine to say much.
"Is there a specific one you want?"
"Which one?"
Logan shyly motioned towards the butterfly one.
"Oh! The butterfly for my little butterfly," Remus said, shooting Logan a flustered smirk when he saw him blush. He put in some quarters and started playing.
No luck.
No luck.
No luck.
No more quarters.
"Dang it!" Remus said, kicking the machine. "I swear, this one has to be rigged."
Logan gave a small smile. "It's alright, the butterfly really isn't that important. The chances of getting it were infinitesimal anyway."
Nope. Big nope. Remus would not let Logan walk away like that, especially with that type of sad smile on his face.
Remus grabbed Logan's arm as he started to walk away. "If this machine gets to cheat, then so do I."
"Remus, what do you mean-" Logan started, only to stop in shock when Remus started trying to climb into the machine.
"You aren't."
"Oh I am."
"You'll get stuck," Logan said with a sigh, shaking his head with a small smile on his face at his boyfriend's antics. However, when he looked up again, Remus was not beside him.
Remus was inside the claw machine.
"What- that- how?! That shouldn't be possible!" Logan said in shock.
Remus laughed as he rolled around in the small sea of plushies. "When you've done the probably illegal things I've done, you learn how to get into small spaces!"
Logan stared, mouth open in shock.
"Here's your butterfly!" Remus laughed, tossing it down the chute. "Oh cool!!! There's an octopus in here too!"
Although his voice was somewhat difficult to hear through the glass, Logan was still able to understand it. That was his boyfriend. In a claw machine. To get him a stuffed animal.
"Are there any other sea animals?" Logan asked with a mischievous grin.
Now it was Remus's turn to stare at Logan, mouth wide. He quickly recovered though and started moving the animal around the machine. "I'll check!!" he said gleefully.
By the time they were done, they had nearly a dozen stuffed animal stuffed into their coats and in their arms as they walked out to their car.
"I'm still surprised you managed to get out of that machine," Logan said with an eyebrow raised once the adrenaline died down.
"I'm still surprised you approved of it," Remus said with a smirk.
Logan smiled at that, turning Remus into a light shade of pink. "I wouldn't say I approve of it buuuut... the machine had it coming."
As they got in the car, Remus relaxed. "By the way... you may want to get us out of here rather quickly."
Logan paused. "Remus.. what did you do."
Remus opened his coat, unleashing a sea of plushies into the car. "I may have taken lot of them."
To his surprise, Logan burst out laughing. "Is that all of them?" Logan asked between laughs.
For the next few minutes all Logan did was watch Remus open everything, from his bags to his pockets until the car seemed to be filled with the entirety of the plushies from the claw machine.
Logan laughed as he held is butterfly plush, a sound Remus loved.
"We should probably get out of here then," Logan said, still chuckling from the events of the trip.
Remus leaned forward and kissed his nose. "I love you Butterfly."
Logan smiled lovingly at him. "I love you too."
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pizza-box-raccoon · an hour ago
Tumblr media
And the dog was so fluffy! Like umm...
... cotton candy?
Yeah! Just like cotton candy!
(Click for better quality.)
Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3 — End
Tumblr media
Remus made sure the dropped cookie was not wasted.
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tsbandau · an hour ago
Each Black Sheep characters favorite song from Bo Burnham’s Inside
Logan - Bezos (also Look Who’s Inside Again)
Patton - How The World Works / Welcome To The Internet
Roman - Shit
Virgil - All Time Low
Remus - Sexting, probably, or All Eyes On Me
Janus - Goodbye
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remus-moonyylupin · an hour ago
peter: how did none of you hear what i just said?
remus: i’ve been zoned out for 2 hours
james: i got distracted about halfway through
sirius: ignoring you was a conscious decision
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lovelivingmydreams · an hour ago
Remus slowly accepts the cupcake. Not taking his eyes off off the stranger.
"You... you're a fusion of my bro and Virgin?" he verifies.
Alexander munches happily on his part of the muffin and nods.
" Oh my Freaking God!" Remus exclaims as he bursts out laughing.
Alexander patiently waits for him to recover, smiling bemused.
"This is the greatest! I'll never let you live this down! Either of you. Oh, this is too perfect. The jokes write themselves!" the remaining twin gasps with tears in his eyes.
Alexander is about to reply but then there is a knock on the door.
"Your highness? Captain? The guards alerted me of strange sounds. May I come in?"
It is Dante. "Oh! Even better!"Remus exclaims as he runs to the door and swings it open.
"Get in here!" he insists as he drags the nervous lieutenant inside.
"Sir by the book, meet Alexander!" he exclaims, vibrating with excitement.
"My brother and Virgies lovechild!" He cackles.
@moonlightshow00 @naturallyunstablegamer @alias290 @meowthefluffy @frida0043 @angelic-cali @selenechris @theblackveilinreverse
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remus-moonyylupin · an hour ago
remus: name a more iconic duo than my crippling fear of abandonment and my anxiety. i’ll wait.
sirius: you n me :)
remus, tearing up: okay.
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mooneytoast · an hour ago
remus: you’re a little obsessed with yourself, aren’t you?
sirius: well no one else is gonna’ do it.
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lovelivingmydreams · an hour ago
A story by heroes and vilains
Book 2: secrets revealed
Book 1
Animotropolis is a lovely inclusive city. Home to one of the best Gifted programs in the world. It is home to many heroes. But that does not mean it is free of problems, or sinister figures looming in the dark. Please meet four of it's citizens whoms stories cross over but do not fully align.
There are many sides to every story. And sometimes you miss details or missunderstand if you only have one point of view. So I'm writing this one from 4 perspectives. You pick the order in which you want to read.
Logan Anker. Roman Castile
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Old wounds and worries. A story
Virgil Anker. Janus Bullard
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trust and caution. Two headed snake
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wolfstarswifties · an hour ago
wolfstar piercer au but remus is the piercer and sirius is the disaster gay that wants a tongue (or eyebrow) piercing
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royalty-of-fandoms · 2 hours ago
James: hey Remus that’s a nice jumper. It looks good on you.
James: but do you want to know what it’d look better on? Sirius’ floor.
Remus: …
Sirius: did you just hit on my partner for me?
Lily drinking her 8th coffee this morning: yes, yes he did
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cannibal-fat · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
@thecrowslullaby‘s mcfucking challenge thing that took me 200 years because I was only working on it when I was really bored (hence all the doodles). I was also gonna draw Thomas but if you wanna see what I’d draw him in just look at my Swap Thomas because I literally have the exact outfit I draw him in.
I will perish before I tag other people though.
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reguluscore · 2 hours ago
marauders raising the weasleys part 7 !!!!! (long awaited i’m so sorry but here it is)
- james has gotten each of the kids their own stuffie and they’ve all absolutely adored it , charlie got a dragon (“actually, i think it’s a lizard dad”) percy got a lion, fred and george both got cats, ron got a turtle, and ginny got a giraffe !! they all treasure them, yes even bill, who takes his stuffed cow to hogwarts with him
- lily has a habit of taking pictures and videos of the kids for memories, and so for mother’s day or her birthday, bill takes her camera and films all the kids rambling things about her that they love !!! (ron; “i love mommy’s hair!!” , fred; “mom dances with me around the kitchen!!” )
- when bill was little, he’d get anxious around people and they had to commute to get to his school, so sirius would let him trace words and stars on his arms to help him calm down !! even as a teenager, bill still gets anxious and you can 100% find him seated next to sirius, tracing words and sirius rambling off “did you just trace fuck on my arm you menace”
- the “baby star” charlie has never ever ever been embarrassed of his nickname and one day went to school with tiny star stickers pressed on his cheeks and refused to take them off all day
- ^ he wanted to go as a star for halloween one year but settled on being a cowboy
- percy had to do a project on the solar system one year, but the kids kept bother him when he tried to work on it, so he made them the solar system. charlie was the sun, ron was earth, harry was mercury, ginny was pluto, fred was uranus, george was jupiter, bill was mars! (and yes, the boys joined in james was saturn, sirius was venus, and peter was neptune)
- percy got a 100% simply because remus talked to his teacher before hand and honestly, the project was what was asked of him
- uncle regulus steals a kid for a day !! he does steal one quite often, and they always come back sun kissed and candy filled and they ramble on and on about how “uncle reggie took me to the beach !! we made shell necklaces look mom look !!!”
- speaking of, regulus 100% has pictures of each kid in his wallet because he loves them and shows off his niece and nephews to anyone who listens !! and he takes them whenever he can and teaches them about the stars and wishes and shows them pranks to pull on sirius
- peter got roped into being the parent to go to parent-teacher night for all the kids (bet gone wrong) and he had to explain to fred’s, bills, and ron’s teacher that he was not a single parent and he did not need advice, he was perfectly capable despite the fact that george switched places with fred on the way there
- GEORGE HAS A FLOWER COLLECTION AND A FLOWER FOR EACH OF HIS PARENTS !! everytime he sees that specific flower he has to pick it and rush home to give it to them !! “daddy look look ! i got you a flower!”
- charlie and james do infact what the sunrise every morning because they’re the first people up !!! james makes charlie some hot chocolate (“extra mallows please!!”) and they wrap up in a blanket on the porch !! james tells charlie stories , or sometimes they sit silence, but it’s one of their favorite times of day !! (sometimes remus wakes up and joins them !)
- peter broke his arm once and ginny and percy decorated his cast and would get super mad if anyone else tried to write on it !
- ron really likes to act like he’s a zombie, for some reason (it’s sirius’ fault) ans makes james run around the house so ron can try to catch him
- fred at some point picked up an american accent and talked with it for weeks , lily has no idea where he got it but she 100% joins in because it irritates the boys and puts a huge smile on fred’s face
- as ron gets older, the nickname “jellybean” doesn’t stick, but lily is the only person that is allowed to call him “bean” ; “bean, come here let me fix your hair” , “james stops thats bean’s book!!”
- ginny takes a little too much after remus , and her “anger issues” are very much present from an early age, so remus himself works with her on how to properly calm down and convey her emotions !! he finds that taking her on broom rides helps a lot, so despite not liking flying, he still does for his little girl !!
- charlie only eats grape flavored candies and so peter has a tiny pouch full of grape flavored suckers and candy labeled with “star’s sweets” that he takes everywhere
- peter is also the one you can see most with the bay carrier, as he almost always has ron or ginny strapped to his chest , and he looks like a suburban dad but he’s the absolute greatest with the babies (better then james and remus atleast)
- the marauders have “dad #1 , #2, #3 , and #4” sweaters that they wear at any school event and when lily can’t make it they look like stressed gay parents trying to cope with 8 kids and they never correct the assumptions
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