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#so you've been warned ahaha
nikiforoov10 months ago
I really love your latest art! Do you have an MDZS or art-only blog? 鈽猴笍
i do now!! all mdzs/cql/etcetc related art will be posted to @wuxxxian from now on, so if you're interested in seeing that go follow!! you can also find that stuff on twitter under the same username, i'm generally more active on my twitter accs than here these days 馃様
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messy-academia8 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey there! I'm not great at introductions, but here's a bit about my blog and what to expect :)
I made this blog to motivate myself to study. I recently started eleventh grade and I've been warned several times over by almost everyone that the last two years of high school are gonna be the toughest and the most exhausting. Having people to relate to or talk things out with has always helped me get through stuff, so I decided to make a studyblr to receive from/give help to fellow (struggling) students. I struggle a lot with scheduling and procrastination and most of the time I feel like I don't know what I'm talking about, so please bear with that lol.
What to expect:
-Not pretty notes, lol. I take most of my notes during class and while they are legible, they are far from pretty.
-STEM content. Almost all of the subjects I've taken are STEM based (except for English).
-JEE stuff. I'm preparing for that exam along with a few other exams. (For those of you who don't know, JEE is an entrance exam you have to give to get into most engineering colleges in India)
-Rants. Probably too many of them. About a variety of subjects.
-Sky pictures. Because why not :)
A bit about myself:
-I go by she/her.
-intp 5w4
-I love STEM, but am also a bit intimidated by it at times ahaha
-I love programming and I'm currently teaching myself python.
-I also am teaching myself Japanese.
-I don't have a dream undergrad college, but I'd love to get a masters at Berkeley.
-I plan on doing either aerospace, computer or electrical engineering.
Final thoughts:
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. I promise I'm an approachable person.
Thanks if you've read this far :) Enjoy your stay!
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kazuhasfootrest16 days ago
late night sessions
pairings : kazuha x fem! reader
warnings : marking , light bondage (blindfold and tied hands) , light degradation , praising kink , sir kink , oral (recieving) , tonguefucking , fingering , overstimulation
ahaha .. heyy kazuha fannies .. dont look at me i am ashamed of myself </3 early manifestation of funny yakult boy ooo he is so find oo kisses him
nsfw undercut !
there you were , sprawled over the sheet , legs wide open with your eyes blindfolded , hands tied up above your heads . your body exposed to the cold air , core glistening and clenching around nothing , earning a hefty laugh from the man above you
you both were on an adventure per say , it's currently nighttime and you both decided to rest somewhere around the woods where it's kept from the open space . a tent is set up for you two to share . things went normal until kazuha came up with a thought , of course being his sweet girl you agreed to him . that's how you got into this situation
"such a good girl for me .. so willing to even do anything i asked her too .. aren't you , my sweet syrup ?"
a cute nod from you , lips pursed and a small hum in agreement . his voice is sweet like honey , soft words left his mouth making your heart flutter everytime . kazuha is such a gentle and sweet guy at first , but don't let his looks decieve you , this is all just an early preperation . things get a little .. on the rough side once he starts working himself on you ..
you feel him shift above you , trying to make himself comfortable as he went down and leave light kisses onto your lips , soft gasps left your soft lips . kazuha leans to the side to leave love bites on your neck , making sure to mark you as his . you just look so vulnerable like this , all tied up . you're helpless . once he thinks that your neck is full of his marks he leans up to whisper in your ear
"remember what you agreed to refer me as ?" a husky whisper left him , his hot breath on your ear tingling your senses . you take a deep breath and nod , to kazuha's disliking , he demands an answer . he nips your ear and licks the underside earning a whine from you
"y..yes , sir k-kazuha .." a warm smile plastered on his face , sure you can't see it but you can feel it against your ear "good girl" a small pat ontop of your head as he gets , leaving trails of kisses till he reached your soaking core . so wet , so ready for him ..
"look at you , all wet for me . i bet you've been anticipating for this to happen , right ? dirty slut.."
mean words are starting to leave him , that's what always happen whenever he himself is riled up by how delicious you look . he wants to ruin you - to have you squirming underneath him telling him to stop as he keeps on going . he licks his lips and licks a long stripe along your cunt , a shocked yelp came out from you
he went on with licks , occasionally flicking down onto your clit making you jolt underneath him . his tongue's so skillful , always knowing how and which places to send you off the edge . but he decided to be a little tease today , tongue licking your hole as you anticipated for him to insert it in you but to your dissapointment he licks up another stripe onto you , earning a displeased whine
"poor , poor baby.. you want my tongue in you , hm ? want me to fuck your needy cunt with my tongue ?"
all you could let out was a pathetic whine , hips tried to buck onto his face but he quickly pressed you done and tuts at you , slapping your core for you misbehaving "use your words , slut . do you want it or not ?" you were hesitant at first , but you know he awaits for an answer nontheless "y-yes kazuha s-sir... i-i want you t-to fuck me with your to-- ah~!"
no time wasted as he goes down and starts devouring you out , tongue reached in deep in you earny a loud , sultry whine begging for more . you wanted to grind yourself onto him but his grip was strong as he held you down . his fingers delved down and found your clit , furiously rubs on it making you see stars as you clench on him and cum . your thighs were spread wide open for easier access , his tongue still inside you along with his fingers rubbing on your clit overstimulating you all over
hums of satisfaction leaves him , eliciting vibrations to you . tears drenched your blindfold , some of it streaming down your face . kazuha looked up to you from below , eyes observing your flushed face . tears stain your burnt cheeks , lips apart as cute whines and moans left it . you look so delectable , so ruined . and he knows that he's doing such a great job in doing so
for quite some time , his tongue suddenly left your hole . you sighed in relieve , thinking that he'd stop torturing you . but you were wrong . he continues back to sucking and biting your clit as his fingers were replaced to be inside of you , reaching in deeper than his tongue did
"k-kazu-- sir !! aa-ahn~ no m-more please !" your desperate pleas were ignored by kazuha , lips still latched onto your nub sucking on it hard , his fingers hitting deep in certain angles , arching it to hit your most sensitive spot as you clench on him again for the 2nd time . a high pitched whine left you , kazuha's movement slowed down as he slowly takes his fingers out , still giving out kitten licks making you twitch underneath him whimpering
kazuha stood up to take your blindfold off , it took some time to adjust to the light even if it wasnt that bright . he looked down on you with a soft smile on his face , brushing away strands of hair that got stuck on your face as his other hand is used to loosen the rope around your wrists . you clung onto him , giggling
"how did i do kazuha ?" your eyes gleamed with anticipation waiting for his answer . his soft laugh rings in your ear , a quick peck on the lips and replies "you did well .. you learnt alot these days .. but.." he wraps your legs around his hips , his hard on rubbing on you and your hands pinned beside your head , a smirk plastered on his flawless features making you blush harder
".. just know we still have alot to catch onto , get ready my sweet syrup.. you'll get filled up nice and warm tonight ~"
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nikiohs24 days ago
kitchen club! | part 1 | brownie boy
genre: fluff, agnst- rivals-to-lovers!au, club president!y/n and childhoodenemy!jay
word count: ahaha... 17k+
pairing: jay park x fem reader
warnings / notes: mentions of food, cursing, the word killing/killed shows up a few times (but no one gets killed this is a school au)
series m.list / next chapter
Tumblr media
"toothpaste and first aid kit?" "check." "extra phone chargers?" "check." "laundry bags and portable umbrellas?" "check and check." "sunscreen?" "check." "adapter, hand sanitizer and extra masks?" "check, check and check."
letting out a sigh and leaning back to rest on the headboard, you sneaked a glance at the two boys sitting at the end of your bed. chenle and felix stared back at you, and you didn't miss the mischievous glint twinning in both their eyes.
"if you two need to say something, spit it out before i kick you out of my room." you said defensively in response to the muffled laughs they had been giving you for the past 2 hours.
"wait don't kick us out y/n!" felix yelped, trying to bite back a grin. "we just wanted to know if-" "we wanted to know if that jay kid is coming with you" chenle butted in, not even trying to hold back his smug grin. "don't get mad at me!" he continued, throwing up his hands when you gave him a look. "we thought you two were just friends! but you've been checking your phone for the past 20 minutes, so y/n what are you not telling us?"
you looked between the two boys, both eager for your answer and sighed. there was no point in trying to hide anything from chenle, and you couldn't keep secrets away from felix for too long either.
felix scooted closer and put his head in your lap, and you started to play with his hair. chenle pushed the remaining contents of your luggage off the bed and scooted closer, gesturing with his hand for you to hurry up and start the story.
"tell us y/n, how in the world did you end up in a one sided love with park jongseong?"
"it's not a one-sided love!" you protested as felix giggled in your lap. "who said we're in love? i don't like him!" you continued, trying to make it clear in your brothers head that you had no feelings whatsoever for jay. none. not even a tiny bit. not even when he made funny hairstyles in an attempt to make you laugh. not even when he stayed after difficult club meetings to make snacks. not even when he smiled. you wouldn't ever have feelings for jay you assured yourself.
"the day i fall for jay would be the day the universe collides with it's parallel." you reassured again aloud. "whatever that means nerd," chenle teased, snickering and grabbing your dino plushie to put behind his head.
"y/n don't you have school early tomorrow? hurry up and start the story!" felix urged, and chenle nodded in agreement.
you sighed again and started. "where do i even begin? it all started around 8 months ago..."
Tumblr media
8 months ago, september 28 鈽 club promotion night
"hey, can you go back into the kitchen real quick and grab some more membership papers pretty please?" youngbin asked turning to you. nodding, you got up from your seat and pointed to the parents and kids a few clubs away. "i think another wave of kids is about to come in, you want me to grab the samples as well?" kyungmin bobbed his head in a yes, and you disappeared into the school kitchen, looking for the extra membership papers.
"hey do you know where ms. lee put the membership papers?" you asked the other club members preparing the sample dishes. a girl named sophie who you had recently befriended pointed at the organizer underneath the teachers desk. "i think i saw them there? i can help check," she offered, but you swiftly turned her down knowing she was probably busy enough as is.
quickly grabbing the papers from where sophie pointed out, you headed toward the door, grabbing the container of carefully stacked sample dishes on the way out. after carefully navigating through the busy hallways, you started to arrange the dishes on the club table as fast as you could before the next wave of parents could come and eat them up.
youngbin giggled and you looked up in confusion. "why are you setting up so fast? at least let me help you before you spill those drinks." he said pointing the the cup of soda that was dangerously close to the edge of the table. "how did that even get there?" you wondered aloud, picking it up and placing it in a safer area. "hey bin, how many people have signed up so far?" you asked, squatting down so you could grab the napkins stored underneath the table. he picked up a few papers from the table and counted them out slowly. "around 4? one kid said he would check with their parents and then come back, so it's 5 counting them," he answered.
you hummed in response. not many people wanted to join the cooking club because it seemed intimidating, but you swore it was made up of the most nicest and warmest people at the school. the fact that at least 5 people had an interest was enough for you. you were snapped out of your thoughts when youngbin tapped your hand.
"don't look now but i think you enemy, jay(?) is heading here, like right now" he whispered panickily. you felt nervousness flow through your veins, not even knowing why you were so panicked. youngbin pointed at the pillar nearby, indicating for you to go stand behind it so you could still hear whatever conversation was about to happen without jay seeing you.
"aha! so you do have a crush on jay! we were right!" chenle said high- fiving felix. you rolled your eyes. "shut up and listen to the story, i'm not even finished yet!"
chenle stuck his tounge at you, and felix burst into another fit of giggles, shaking the bed. "and also didn't you hear me say i don't like him? get it through your brain loser 馃槨" "whatever, just continue," chenle said waving his hand. you rolled your eyes again and continued:
"hey jay! are you here to join the cooking club?" youngbin asked, trying stop his eyes from wandering to your hiding spot and giving everything away. "is y/n... is y/n here?" he responded instead, and youngbin bit back a smile. "no, she went to go get some supplies we were running out of, sorry about that," he answered. "oh that's good, it isn't like i was looking for her anyways... can i take one of these?" he pointed to the chocolates in a jar. youngbin nodded, still confused to why jay would ask if you were there even if he supposedly didn't want to see you.
jay continued to stand at the table and you were tempted to just walk out of your hiding spot and asked him what he wanted, but kept your place when he picked back up on the conversation.
"can i join the club? i can cook pretty well, i promise." youngbin laughed and handed him a membership form. "of course, don't worry about it!" the two had a conversation you couldn't quite catch and then he left, leaving you confused to what had just happened.
looking around to make sure jay wasn't close you stepped out from your hiding spot and decided to jog back to the kitchen and grab some chocolates to fill the now half empty jar.
you looked at the clock upon reaching the room and saw there was only around 15 minutes left until the club promotion night would end. sighing in relief you looked around the room and begin to clean up, deciding you could replace the chocolates later. many of the members had already left for the night and the ones that hadn't were starting to pack their stuff up to go. you didn't notice that sophie had finished her share of cleaning and slid down to sit next to you until a soft voice interrupted your thoughts.
"hey y/n, why do you look so mad?" startled, you looked up to be met with a face of genuine concern. "ah it's nothing really, don't worry about it," you assured, but when she gave you a face that read i know it's not nothing you gave in. grabbing a seat and sitting next to her you explained how jay park was now joining the club. you tried to explain the stupid rivalry between the two of you, and how he would always try to beat you in everything you did, whether that was academics, or dumb things like who could run faster.
"but does he hate you back?" sophie asked mid explanation, and you had to pause. did he hate you as much as you thought he did? "i don't think he hates me... maybe dislike... hate is a pretty strong word... ahh i dont know!" you wailed, throwing up your hands.
sophie patted your head in sympathy. "whatever it is, i bet joining this club will prove to him that you're like, the sweetest person ever! look, i'm usually scared to talk to people, but now the whole club takes care of me like their own! and it's all cause they got a great prez like you y/n." you laughed at her honesty and willingness to make you feel better and got up.
"thanks sophie." you murmured, and broke out in another grin when she shrugged like it was no big deal. "what can i say? i'm amazing!" she responded and her laugh filled up the room.
grabbing the extra chocolates and heading out of the classroom, you felt your spirits lift and jogged to daniel, who was now running the stand. "hey where did bin go?" you asked. "bathroom break." you nodded. "i can take over the stand from here now daniel, you can go ahead and pack up your stuff and get ready to go home," you offered. you laughed at his hesitation and assured him to leave the rest to you. when he still hesitated you added a plus i think a certain sophia is still in the classroom. that was all the persuasion it took for him to get out of his seat and wish you a good night.
you watched him run to the classroom, and had to hold back giggles as you took a seat, thinking about how the two would really make a good couple if only they could confess and not tiptoe around each other. you had another giggle about how cute they were before turning around to stack the membership papers and pull the display down.
"you need help with that?"
you flinched at the sound of a familiar voice. turning around slowly you were met with the face you were wishing had already left the school. "no i'm good, i can do this on my own thanks." you answered. jay raised his eyebrow. whatever, it wasn't his problem. he looked at the refilled jar of chocolate and grabbed it. "can i have this?" you shook your head no. he put the jar down and pointed to the cup of soda. "can i have this?" you shook your head no again. he sighed and grabbed the jar, and started to eat the chocolate slowly making eye contact the whole time
"didn't i just say not to eat that??" you asked. it was like he didn't listen to anything you said. he grabbed the cup of soda and downed it. your eyes widened. what was his problem? sighing you turned around and tried to finish taking the display posters down. there wasn't any point in trying to fight with him, not he wouldn't listen anyways. you bit your lip getting frustrated, trying to repeat the words of assurance sophie had said not too long ago.
"y'know biting your lip like that is going to ruin it right?" jay said watching you. resisting the urge to roll your eyes you turned back around to see jay crouched down on the floor, helping organize the mess near your table.
"hey! i told you it's okay, we don't need help!" you yelped, pulling on his hands to help him stand up. as he stood up he looked into your eyes carefully. they were kinda pretty. he raised his eyebrow, "yeah whatever, are you going keep holding my hand?"
you quickly dropped his hands like they were on fire. he murmured something you couldn't catch. "huh?" you asked literally oblivious to the redness in his ears. "I never said you couldn't? why'd you drop it so fast?" he teased, and you didn't know how to respond, mouth wide open in shock.
"jay park, do you have a crush on me??" you blurted, mouth moving faster than your brain.
"do you have a crush on me y/n?" he asked, and you shook your head. "well, then i don't like you in that way either." he mumbled in response. dazed, you nodded, and he pulled out messily folded pieces of paper from his back pocket.
"take this." he said handing the papers to you. "see you at the next meeting." he mumbled before walking off and disappearing into the crowd of teachers.
opening the folded papers, you took a peek at what was inside. your eyes widened slowly in shock as you took in what it said.
Cooking Club Membership Form - Welcome to our Kitchen!
Name: Park Jong-seong
Phone Number: (346) 384-9464
Why do you want to join? : I like cooking, want to beat y/n because I know that I'm better than her, I make really good pasta
Desired Club Position (choose one): Member, Secretary, Head- Chef, Vice- President, President
Tumblr media
October 26 鈽 Monthly club meeting
"wonderful work today guys, especially the new members! what are we going to do? this club is growing so fast, we might have to move out the school kitchen and open a restaurant of our own!" ms. lee said wiping away imaginary tears. you smiled softly. ms. lee wasn't a good cook, much less a good lead teacher for the club, but she had enthusiasm that could outshine anyone. she gestured for you to come to the front to stand by her. grabbing the papers from the desk you were sitting at, you slowly walked to the front of the classroom.
"hey guys, president y/n here," you began and waved smally at the group members. they laughed and waved back. "so seeing the progress we've made as a club, ms. lee wanted to treat everyone and arrange a field trip." you announced.
cheers broke out through the classroom and daniel stood up from his seat. "you're the best ms. lee! when is it? where are we going? how long?" ms. lee laughed, "y/n will answer all your questions, just wait until she's finished please :)" sophie pulled daniel by his arm to get him to sit down.
"like i was saying, the trip will be in six months time, specifically from may 14 to may 16. from this time until april we will be doing fundraisers to raise money for the club and for the trip, so we can go on those fancy charter buses and experience those really expensive restaurants." you took a breath. "since this trip is going to be overnight two days, you're going to have get your parents or guardians to sign a form and bring it back, which we'll have ready in a few days. for now here's the interest form which you can return by the end of the week." you gave the papers in your hand to ms. lee and she began to pass them out.
"that's pretty much it! if anyone wants to help me and ms. lee with trip planning you can stay behind, otherwise meeting dismissed." you concluded, and with a "you're the best y/n!" from daniel and lots of members agreeing, the meeting ended and people began to leave the classroom.
you moved to sit down in the beanbag chair near ms. lee's desk and get comfortable before discussing the trip with her. you were doubtful anyone would stay behind so you went ahead and opened your laptop, creating an excel sheet to put your work and collected information in.
"i thought you said anyone could stay behind to help with trip planning? why is it just you here?" a familiar voice asked, and you looked up from your computer to meet eyes with jay, hands shoved in his pockets and his backpack slung over one shoulder.
in the one month jay had been in the club he had already captured everyone's hearts, including ms. lee's. he was a phenomenal cook, much better than you, but that was something you would never admit to his face. his easy personality brightened up the club kitchen, and someone was always laughing when he was near.
you just didn't know why the same never applied to you. you and him just didn't click, at least not with the way he was always reminding you that he was going to take the spot of club president. you remembered the small argument into with him one day when he couldn't believe your cooking skills.
"for the club president, y/n you are not good at this- like at all." jay said in response to your burnt lasagna. you had been working hard on missing assignments plus club activities and had forgot that it was sitting in the oven.
"y'know, maybe the prez should be someone who can actually cook." he suggested, and blinking back angry tears, you had brushed past him and cleaned up your mess of burnt lasagna, a lump stuck in your throat as you ran water over the empty pan. he stood behind you, not saying anything but basking in his smugness.
you took a deep breath. "jay, please get out. now." you whispered, and there was an edge to your voice. you were turned around and couldn't see him, but it was like he froze. "y/n i'm s-" he started, but you whipped around, looking him in the eye and the pointing towards the kitchen door. "go. now. i'll wash the rest of the dishes, the meeting is over anyways." why did he always insist staying behind after meetings, the only time where you could be by yourself in the kitchen? he nodded and walked towards the door. "see you later y/n." he mumbled and walked through, leaving you with your head in your hands, cold water dripping down your face.
the memory washed over quickly, and you blinked fast, hoping jay didn't notice your delay in an answer. "what do you mean why is it just me here? the members had a choice to stay behind and if they don't want to that's fine. plus a lot of them have other stuff to do." their sole purpose in life isn't trying to beat y/n in whatever she does, you would've added, but bit your tongue and waited for his response.
jay shrugged, taken aback about how fast you had defended the members but trying not to show it. "does that mean that... i'm the only one here to help with trip planning?" he asked, and you nodded going back to your computer. he sighed and then sat down on the floor, next to you and your beanbag and began pulling out his laptop.
"hey, don't sit on the floor! at least go get a chair." you protested, pushing his head away from where it was leaning on the beanbag. he looked up at you through his eyelashes, and you felt your breath catch in your throat.
"no thanks, the chairs here are uncomfortable," he mumbled. "what kind of excuse is that?" " it's not an excuse, just let me sit on the floor y/n." he insisted and you sighed. of course jay wouldn't listen to you.
the two of you sat in silence, waiting for ms. lee to come back so you could start researching. jay turned to you, bored of the quiet in the room.
"you said i shouldn't sit on the floor, right?" he asked, and you nodded, half-paying attention. "so that means i should find a seat, right?" you looked at him and narrowed your eyes. "whatever you're thinking park, don't do it, please" you begged, already knowing where this was going. "that beanbag has a lot of space huh," he continued smirking.
you rolled your eyes. "if you want to sit with me, just say so idiot." you scoffed. jay's eyes widened. shit, he didn't know you were going to catch on so soon. "wait really? i can sit with you?" you laughed at his change in attitude. "you were trying to trick me into letting you sit here, but when i say you can, you refuse?" he nodded. that pretty much sums it up. he watched you pat the space next to you, and his ears heated up.
he could tell why everyone liked you, the way you still tried to be nice to him even when he teased you, or made fun of your cooking.
jay quickly moved to stand up and take his new seat, before your offer expired. you tried to ignore the heat in your face, this was your known enemy for goodness sake. you didn't know why you decided to be nice and let him sit with you. you took a deep breath. you were the club president, a decade long rivalry and petty feelings; whether they were good or bad, couldn't get in the way of your rational.
"can you go ahead and share whatever doc you're working on with me? i think i have some ideas for where to go." he asked and you shifted your attention to your laptop, getting into work mode.
the next 30 minutes were spent quietly, with the occasional break in silence where jay would poke his head in your space to ask if a certain restaurant was too pricy, or if the club members would prefer to go to an arcade over a bowling alley. you quietly responded each time, pointing out your own places that you found that you need his opinion on.
you both flinched when the door banged open, and a red faced ms. lee entered. she ran her hand through her hair and jumped when she saw you sitting with jay on the beanbag. "hi ms. lee." you said softly and she smiled. "have you two been trip planning?" she asked, and you both nodded. "go on then," she said waving her hand, taking a seat at her desk. jay gave you a confused look, so you pulled your phone out, typing an answer into the notes app.
shes been hanging out w that teacher she has a crush on- thats why her face is red
jay's eyes widened, and he grabbed the phone, typing back a response
wtf?? which teacher?? who else knows??
you stifled a laugh at his confused expression and took back the phone
just me, she confessed her feelings abt it to me one day lmaoo
he looked over your shoulder as you typed, eyes getting wider and wider
dont tell anyone or i'll finally have an excuse to kill you
jay met your eyes and nodded, jumping when ms. lee started to speak again.
"you two can go leave now, it's getting late isn't it?" she said and you nodded, closing your laptop and sliding it into your bag. "halloween is this saturday, you two have any plans?" you shook your head. "i'll be at the caf茅 for a while, but other that i don't really have any plans besides watching movies with my brothers friends and stuff." you rambled, standing up and stretching. jay slid off the beanbag as well, grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder. "what about you jay? any plans for our perfect chef?" jay smiled at the easygoing tone of ms. lee's question. "nothing much, i'll be hanging out with some friends, and maybe a movie night."
after a little while you walked to the door, saying your goodbyes to ms. lee before stepping out and walking down the empty hallway towards home.
you jumped when you heard a voice behind you. "y/n!" jay yelped, jogging to meet you where you had turned around in confusion. "ms. lee said to get some sleep, you look tired." he mumbled and you smiled. "tell her thanks, i'll try." you answered, turning back around to walk towards the exit door.
jay watched as you left the school, his heartbeat finally slowing down. he wouldn't tell you that he lied, that ms. lee hadn't said anything, but it was his own concern. he hadn't missed the obvious eyebags you wore, and the way you still shied away from him.
the realization that you probably thought he was annoying caught up to him and he put his head in his hands. was he making you uncomfortable with all the president jokes? the edge to your voice when you told him to get out of the kitchen replayed in his head over and over until his thought turned to how you tried to make an effort to be nice to him today and let him sit next to you.
he wanted to be club president so bad, but he couldn't bear the thought of making y/n feel even worse. what was with him these days? why did he even care so much about what y/n thought about him? he tried to slap the rising heat out of his face before turning around and walking back to the classroom to grab his bag.
Tumblr media
friday, november 13 鈽 chaos in the club kitchen
you watched as sophie and daniel baked together, the corner of the kitchen seeming to be their own world. grinning, you held back the need to tease the soon to be couple. turning back to your own baking you flexed your fingers, still cramped from the test earlier that day.
youngbin glanced at you curiously, not understanding the reason for the random smiles that you gave the two in the corner. he nudged your side, breaking you out of your thoughts. "what's up with you today y/n?" you pointed at sophie and daniel. "don't they look so cute?"
"y/n... you can't vicariously live your love life through your juniors." youngbin joked, and you hit him lightly on his arm with your cookie cutter. "neither can you." you teased back sticking your tongue out, and now it was youngbins turn to hit your arm, knowing that he gushed over the two as much as you.
the club had gotten together the friday before fall break to bake one last time, and just spend time in each others company. you surveyed the room, taking in the various smells and sights, from the group of boys trying to make the most accurate rendition of the green m&m with green m&m's in one corner, to the other group of members surrounding a table making cookies shaped like different teachers at the school, to the group of girls (and a couple of guys) fawning over jay, to the finished brownies in front of you that you were cutting out with youngbin. the atmosphere was relaxed, and what youngbin called the magic of fall was in effect.
ms. lee sat in the corner observing everything as well, and her eyes landed on yours, and the two of you shared a small smile. you turned back to your brownies and youngbin, carrying on the conversation. you didn't notice the pair of eyes that kept looking your way and the boy who kept trying to get closer to you, only to be stopped by his own pride.
you glanced at the clock, 20 minutes to go and grabbed a spare dish towel, wiping your hands on it. youngbin packed the brownies in separate containers for the two of you to take home, and nodded at you, heading to the front of the kitchen and standing on a step-stool. he clapped his hands, getting everyone's attention and pointed at the clock. "club's almost done everybody, let's clean up!"
the room buzzed as people began to pick up and put away their things, and a small group of boys argued over who got to keep which parts of the green m&m. you shot youngbin a thumbs up and mouthed a thank you while walking over to the group of boys, trying to reason with them about who kept which parts and he returned a smile. you always pushed him to give the clean up call, after all- no one was going to argue with a teenager on a stool who had a spatula in his hand.
the kitchen finally cleared out after a while, and you went over to the sink to wash the dishes, putting in airpods to fill in the silence. feeling a tap on your shoulder you turned around, only to be faced by jay standing behind you, hands shoved in the pocket of his hoodie.
"hey i just wanted to say... sorry." he mumbled and you raised your eyebrow, confused. "about the caf茅 incident." he supplied when your face remained clueless. your eyes widened as the memory of what had happened flooded back into your mind.
"hey y/n, i think your boyfriend is here!" eric yelled into the back of the caf茅 where you sat on a stool, rolling out dough. you tilted your head sideways. you didn't have a boyfriend? you hopped off the stool and looked through the circle window of the kitchen door, trying to figure out who eric could be talking about. you pushed open the door, and came face to face with jay park paying for his food. he met eyes with you and nodded in hello, and you nodded back, not understanding what boyfriend eric was talking about. you tugged on his sleeve, pulling him into the kitchen.
"what boyfriend? it's just jay out there." you asked, and then it clicked in your head. your work days at the caf茅 sometimes filled with days where you would complain about jay and his antics, and eric was always the one listening. "please don't tell me you think i like jay." you pleaded and eric rubbed his hand on the back of his neck, confused. "he fits the description right? pretty tall, blonde hair, good fashion, could probably punch someone if he wanted to, best friends with sunghoon and jake?" he listed out, and you mentally facepalmed. had you really told him this much about jay?
"why are you leaving out everything else? loud, flirty, thinks he's always right, good cook, nice research partner, ms. lee loves him..." you stopped when you realized you had started to also list his good traits instead of the supposedly bad ones. eric smirked, pushing you out of the kitchen. "just go sit with him, he's probably not as bad as you make him out to be"
you huffed. "but i'm still wor-" "you're on break now." he interrupted and pushed you towards the table where jay sat. you flipped eric off who just smirked again and gave you a thumbs up, before walking to take a seat in front of jay.
he looked up, eyebrow quirking. "happy halloween?" you said, shrugging. he smiled, pushing back the hair that was in his face. you noticed the small freckles that were painted across his face. they were faint, but pretty. you squinted your eyes and unconsciously leaned forward, trying to catch a closer sight of them.
jays smirked and put a finger on your forehead, pushing you back from his face. "look i know i'm gorgeous, but you have to stop staring y/n." you swatted his hand away, heat rising up in your face. "whatever, i just came to say happy halloween, i'll be going now." you said, getting up from your seat. jay tugged your sleeve, pulling you in the seat next to him.
"happy halloween to you too, but you never told me you worked here?" you quirked your head, slightly flustered by the hand on your sleeve. "i don't have to tell you where i work idiot, that's my business." jay nodded. makes sense.
"so... you cook here and stuff? how come i never see you?" he asked, and you pointed at the kitchen. "i just stay in the kitchen most of the time. eric takes care of the customers. too much people." you explained, and he nodded again. that was kinda endearing. "wait did you say you never see me? how many times a day do you come here?" you asked, and jay laughed. "i come here when i'm not busy and stuff, but that's like never now, since y'know trip planning." he said, fingers in quotation marks.
"trip planning isn't that bad" you defended, and jay stuck his tongue out, as if to say yeah i know it's not bad, let me tease you. you got up from the seat. "anyways, i have to go back now, see you later, happy halloween jay." you said, but as you got up jay pulled on your arm again, about to tease you for leaving so quickly. in the process he knocked his cup of americano over that was wayy to close to the end of the table. both of your eyes widened, and it looked like everything was in slow motion as the cap slid off and the americano spilled onto your apron and jeans. it was cold as it seeped into your skin, and jay immediately lunged across the table to grab napkins, offering them to you, apology after apology tumbling from his mouth.
you shushed him, just wanting to get out of your now wet clothes. jay watched as you ran back into the kitchen and waited for you to come back out.
he waited. and waited.
you never came back out.
you had run into the kitchen, and then ran up the set of stairs that led to eric's apartment. you had a spare set of clothes there, and right now all your body was asking was to get out of this soaking outfit. you closed the bathroom door, changing slowly and the situation finally hit you, and heat rose up in your face. how come every time you tried to be nice to jay, something bad happened? you tried to focus on other thoughts, but couldn't. it was like the universe wasn't letting you have the chance of being friends. you huffed and stepped down the stairs into the kitchen, grabbing your stool and sitting on it.
eric gave you a sympathetic look, and you knew he had seen everything from his spot at the cash register. you put your head in your hands, flour getting on your face. "i'm not going back out there, just tell jay i said have a good day and don't apologize." eric nodded, rubbing circles into your back.
"y'know that was like two weeks ago, plus i told you you didn't have to apologize." you told him. jay just shrugged. "still, i just feel bad. i've wanted to apologize but," he frowned "why are you always with youngbin??" you laughed at his frustration.
"why not? he's nice and he tells good jokes." you defended and jay crossed his arms. "i bet i can tell better jokes." he challenged. you turned back to the dishes. why was he so competitive??
"whatever, if you're gonna stay behind at least help me out here." jay nodded, and you moved over to give him space next to you. popping your airpods in, the next ten minutes were filled with comfortable silence.
with the dishes finally finished, you wiped your hands down and began to pack your bags. jay also wiped his hands and looked at your container of brownies. it wouldn't hurt to just take one would it? you caught the look on his face and grabbed the container. "nuh-uh mister, these are for me." you said holding them out of his reach. he reached for them anyways, ignoring what you had said. you grinned when you realized he wasn't going until he got a brownie.
you switched the hand that you were holding the container in and jay lunged for that hand. you kept switching hands, occasionally holding it above his head, or running across the room and cracking open the container so he could see the brownies.
"y/n! just give me one." he pleaded, grabbing your waist as you ran across the room again. your breath hitched in your throat for a second, and it was like things were in slow motion again before you rolled your eyes, regaining composure. "fine i'll give you one, brownie boy." you said reaching into the container.
you paused. "oh but, on one condition." jay huffed, impatient. "you treat me to the americano you spilled on me." he nodded when he realized it wasn't a hard favor. "now can i please have one y/n?" you handed one to him, putting the container back in your bag. you started to pack up, and after checking you hadn't left anything behind you started walking to the door and opened it, waving at jay.
"see you brownie boy." you teased, before the door closed and you were out of sight.
jay waved back, and then sighed and flopped into a seat, eating the brownie carefully. wait, why was this kinda really good? he wish he had asked for another one, but his thoughts tracked back to your mischievous smile as you held the container above his head and he thought it was a good thing he didn't, his heart was already beating too fast.
Tumblr media
december 22 鈽 jay's kitchen
"hey, don't get flour on me!" jay yelped, flicking the powder off his apron as you cleaned the table off with a rag. you rolled your eyes in response, squatting down to peer at the progress of brownies in the oven. jay squatted down next to you, pointing at the batch he made, and tried to convince you it was going to taste the best.
you had come over to jay's house earlier that morning after he had spammed you a long list of messages, pleading that he needed you to help him with something. you had rolled out of bed annoyed, getting ready to go to his house. it was a tuesday on winter break, jeez, he couldn't be any more considerate.
upon reaching his mansion house, jay lead you to his kitchen, and your mouth fell open. it was big, almost like the one at school but if the school had style, and granite counters that reflected the fancy lights. your eyes were big as you took everything in, and jay had to bite back an endeared smile.
"so? why'd you call me over during break? we already finished trip planning last week, what's the rush?" when jay didn't answer you smirked
"did you miss me that much??" jay sighed, hopping onto the counter. "don't get cocky, i just wanted help with something." he asked and you nodded. "with what?" he pointed at the ingredients lined up behind you. you turned around, and your mouth fell open for the second time that day. "jay... where did you get these??" he shrugged. "just had them laying around."
you picked up the butter and read the wrapper. "you had butter imported from FRANCE just lying around??" jay hopped off the counter, going into the pantry. "yeah don't make it a big deal, here, want some chips?" you caught the pack of chips he threw to you in a daze. you knew jay was rich, but you didn't know he was rich rich.
shaking your head you looked at the other ingredients. "so you want to make brownies?" you guessed and jay nodded. "but... why'd you call me?" you asked, and jay looked at you like you were crazy. "you make the best brownies, what are you talking about?" you smiled at the compliment. "i wanted to bake something for the club members during break, so yeah." he mumbled, running a hand through his hair. your heart picked up a beat. jay park thinking about his club members? if this was some christmas miracle the universe was throwing at you, you would welcome it with wide arms.
and so here you were, waiting for the 4th batch of brownies to finish in the oven. jay eventually got tired of looking at the brownies baking, and walked out of the kitchen. you didn't notice, continuing to clean up, trying to be careful with the remains of the expensive ingredients. you felt your phone vibrate and you fished it out of your apron pocket. answering it, chenle's voice filled the kitchen.
"y/n where are you??" he asked, and you thought you heard haechan's laugh in the background.
"i'm at jay's house, why? do you need something?" you asked, switching the call to a facetime so you could see his face and as you suspected, a purple haired boy sitting on the couch behind him.
"y/n come home, your brother can't make food for shit!" donghyuck protested, and you scoffed. "go find someone else to make your ramen, i'm baking right now." "bu-" "jays house?? you better bring back some food y/n, and don't come home too late," chenle interrupted, giving you s serious look before ending the call quickly.
you rolled your eyes, knowing chenle was wary of you going to another guys house, and was probably going to blow up your phone for the rest of the day. the concern was endearing, but a little suffocating. still, you knew he meant the best. you opened your messages.
chenle 馃惉
11:07 - don't worry i'll call you if anything happens
- 11:07 - yeah whatever stay safe
- 11:07 - and bring back food
11: 08 - yeah love you too 馃檮
jay popped his head in the kitchen to find you sitting on a stool, softly smiling at your phone. he felt a strange feeling in his chest. shit, why am i getting jealous? he walked over to you, gently tugging your wrist. "c'mon let's go watch a movie or something while we wait, you don't have to stay in the kitchen." you looked up, making eye contact. oh, he was serious.
hopping off the stool you followed him to the living room, where he dragged you onto the couch. he hadn't let go of your wrist, and you felt hyperaware, your skin becoming sensitive to his touch. you lost focus on your wrist though when you took in his living room.
it was quite spacious, and comfortable, and every piece of furniture and decoration was set perfectly in place. you ran to the couch and picked up a pillow that had rudolph's face on it. "this is so cute!" jay watched as you continued to gush over the decorations. you took a seat under the heavily decorated christmas tree and handed jay your phone. "could you take a picture please?" you asked, and he felt his ears go red, and his breath hitch. he rolled his eyes. "your just like my mom." he mumbled, but took the pictures anyway, making sure each one came out good.
when jay handed your phone back to you to flop onto the couch, you scrolled through your camera roll. "hey brownie boy, these are actually really good, how did you do this?" jay shrugged. "i'm just good at everything i guess." you felt tempted to throw a plastic ornament at him, but decided against it.
taking a seat next to him on the couch he flipped through channels before eventually deciding on one. you turned to him, poking his shoulder. "a charlie brown's christmas?? i didn't take you for the nostalgic type," you teased, and jay scoffed, swatting your hand away. "just watch it y/n." he groaned and you nodded facing the tv, trying not to laugh at his fake annoyance.
jay couldn't concentrate at all though, and he wished the oven would hurry up and do it's job, because everything about you was killing him now. the way you commented on every other scene, to the way you tapped his arm to get his attention, or even when you tried singing along even though you barley remembered the lyrics. he looked at your face, admiring the curve of your lips and the way your eyes shined.
"hey, i think the oven bell just rang, i'll go check on it okay?" you said, snapping jay out of his thoughts. he nodded, and as you got up and walked to the kitchen, he flopped onto the couch, pressing his cool hands up to his cheeks to bring the temperature down. you walked back into the living room, throwing a pillow at jay's stomach.
"everything's ready, let's pack them up and deliver them now before it gets too cold." jay nodded and removed the pillow from his stomach, combing his hair through his fingers before he got up and followed you to the kitchen.
鈽 鈽 鈽
half a playlist of christmas songs later, you and jay were almost done delivering the brownies. you tapped your finger on the steering wheel, waiting for the light to turn green. "do you not have Mariah Carey's most iconic All I Want For Christmas Is You in here?"
jay scoffed, and answered. "that song is overused honestly, we hear it every year." you raised your eyebrows and looked at him. "that's the point?? it's a christmas song idiot." jay huffed, grabbing his phone to change the song. a couple seconds later the familiar sound of bells filled the car, and a smile unknowingly appeared across your face.
you began to sing along dramatically, and jay couldn't help but smile. every time there was a red light you would have to stop, giving you the chance to sing the song right into his face.
"cause i just want you here tonight," you sung, fingers tapping the steering wheel. jay felt his face heat up.
"holding on to me so tightttt" his heart skipped a beat when you looked at him and smiled.
you shrugged in tune to the lyrics. "what more can i dooo? all i want for christmassss..." you took his hand and waved it around like you were still a kid and his breath caught in his throat.
"is..youuuu!!" you squeezed his hand. "come on, finish it with me!"
jay huffed but sang along. "youu, baby." you laughed and released his hand as the light turned green, and jay ran his fingers through his hair, trying to regain his composure. the song continued and you hummed along, not even realizing the mess of a person you had made next to you in the passengers seat.
you eventually reached daniel's house and rung the bell, waiting outside the gate. jay shifted his weight from one leg to another, trying not to drop the container of brownies in his hands. the gate opened and both of your mouths fell open in shock when you were met with daniel holding sophie's hand. the two blushed when they realized who it was, and sophie quickly let go of his hand.
jay handed the brownies to daniel, winking and ruffling his hair. you smiled at sophie, and she returned a soft one back. "we didn't know you guys were going to be coming." daniel said softly, and you gave him a smile, pointing at jay. "it was his idea." jay shook his head. "but she helped make them so, uh it was us both."
daniel looked between the two of you and smirked. "whatever, sounds like a date to me..." you rolled your eyes, and sophie giggled. "anyways, happy holidays, and have a good break." jay said, tugging on your arm. if you stayed any longer daniel would start to say things that he wasn't ready for you to hear. "happy holidays!" you yelled waving, getting dragged back to the car by jay.
鈽 鈽 鈽
"6 yellow," you said putting down a card. jay looked through his deck. "well... 6 blue" you bit your lip, and put down a blue skip. jay groaned and you put down a plus four. his eyes lit up and he put his plus four down. he was down to three cards. you sighed and pretended to be annoyed as you picked up 8 cards. "what color?" you asked. "blue." jay answered, putting down another card. you smirked, and put a swap hands card down.
jay's eyes widened. how many cards were in your hand? like more than 15?? you held your hand out, and jay reluctantly put his cards in your hold. you gave him a killer smile while shoving your pack of cards into his hand. "what color did you say? blue?" you teased.
honestly, jay's game was too easy to read. you put the remaining two blue cards down, and stuck your tongue out. "i win!" jay rolled his eyes and flopped onto his bed. you gathered the cards scattered around the pillows and shuffled them before putting everything back into the small box and laying it on jay's forehead. "i'm gonna go home now, cya." you said, hopping off of his bed.
jay sat up quickly, the box of uno cards falling into his lap. "already? it's only like-" he checked his watch, "5:00??" when did time pass by so fast? you nodded and started to head for the door. "exactly. i don't know about you, but my brother's going to kill me, so i've got to get going." jay got up and followed you to the door, opening it and watching as you stepped outside. you walked towards your car, unlocking it and getting in.
you waved back at the house once you realized jay was still standing at the door. he waved back, a small smile on his face. jay stepped back into his house once he couldn't see your car, walking to his room to calm his racing heart down.
鈽 鈽 鈽
you had just got out of the shower when you saw your phone light up from where it was charging.
brownie boy
-5:42 - did you get home okay?
5:42 - yeah
-5:42 - hey i kinda have a question
5:43 - yea whats up?
-5:43 - are we like... on good terms now?
5:43 - yeah we're cool ig
-5:43 - so... friends?
5: 44 - friends 馃檮
you flopped onto your bed, a small smile on your face, and somewhere across town jay did too. friends.
Tumblr media
january 20 鈽 school festival night
it didn't take a genius to realize the shift in your mood regarding jay. the club members watched in amazement as you cooked and baked alongside him, eye rolls and exaggerated sighs long gone.
the same went for jay. he no longer sent you glares like you stepped on his grandma, and instead linked his arms with you when talking to youngbin. no one except for daniel and sophie could guess what had happened over the break. the dynamic of the club changed, and it felt like a home once again.
you had arrived at the club kitchen as soon as school had ended, preparing for the fundraiser today. you laid out the cupcake containers on the table and turned around to get the cupcakes from the fridge. the door opened and youngbin came in, club members trailing in behind him. you greeted everyone quickly and the members got to work, laying out food on platters, dragging a portable table out of the closet. you grabbed a box that sophie had decorated that said donations please! :D and you grinned for a second at the cute design before handing it off to another member to put on the table outside.
things were busy, but so far everything was going well. your heart swelled with the way the club members put in so much effort, the excitement of going on a club trip fueling their determination to sell everything at this bake sale. after all, that's what the club did the best- making food they loved for people they loved.
jay watched as you surveyed the club, eyes shining. his heart swelled too, but it wasn't because of the team members walking around him. he shook his head and headed to the refrigerator to grab the lemon bars. he jumped when he felt a tap on his shoulder, relaxing when he realized it was just youngbin. "hey do you need any help over here? me and y/n are going to go outside and help set up the stand now." he asked, and jay shook his head. youngbin nodded and then walked back over to y/n, and he watched as the two of you walked out of the door, wincing at the sight of you hitting youngbin with your clipboard.
鈽 鈽 鈽
three hours later and you were worn out. the whole reason for the bake sale today was because your school was having a mini festival. for what? you weren't quite sure, but you jumped at the opportunity for lots of people to be around. you were right, people did come. and they came, and came, and came. you couldn't even get a break to stretch your legs before another person came up asking for "that pastry that jay park was holding" you were glad that he was able to support the club, but you honestly had no idea that his fan club was this big. you carefully bagged another order of cake pops before handing it to the girl in front of you, offering a tired smile. she paid and quickly left, saying something about a certain park sunghoon showing up on campus to her friend.
you perked up. did jay bring his friends here? he told you that they went to different schools, so weren't sure if they actually would show up, but your suspicions were cleared when a certain boy charged at you, scooping you up into a hug. "jake!" you yelped, hugging him back. he finally let go, getting a better look at you.
you had only seen him when jay was on facetime with the two during trip planning sessions, but he seemed to be the sweetest out of the three. EJ who sat next to you elbowed your side. "take a break y/n, i'll take over the stand for a second." he said. you eyes filled with concern but he pushed you out of your seat, calling yuki over. "there, problem solved, go hang out with your friends."
you gave yuki and EJ a thankful smile and linked arms with jake, and started to walk around the festival. jake chattered away, and you answered all his questions, pointing out different booths and laughing at his jokes. he noticed jay wandering around with sunghoon and pulled you in their direction.
"hey jay, i managed to steal y/n, we're going to that booth, wanna come?" jake bubbled out and you noticed sunghoon waving at you next to jay. you waved back, taking in the figure skater in real life. where did jay even find his friends?
jay pulled you out of jakes arms, pulling you closer to him. you felt your ears get hot but decided to ignore it, trying to focus on whatever sunghoon was saying. "that okay with you y/n?" jay asked seriously, and you nodded, snapping out of your thoughts. you followed the three boys to a stand.
the face paint stand.
you nervously hoped the face painting turned out good, or else jay would have something to tease you about for the next two months.
jake sat down first, and then sunghoon, both deciding on getting matching dragons on their cheeks. you heard the girl at the stand squeal, and you grinned, nudging jay. "i think he's going to steal your popularity spot brownie boy." jay rolled his eyes at your teasing, not yet used to the nickname that rolled off your tongue easily. "he doesn't even go here, he isn't stealing anything."
you turned to him, seeing him frown and somewhere in the back of your head you thought it was a good idea to mess with him. "what do you mean? he's already stolen my heart." you said nonchalantly and jay almost jumped out of his seat, eyes bugging out his head. "you haven't even known him for an hour, how do you like him already?!?"
you tugged on his sleeve, pulling him back into his seat. with how loud he was, people would hear and you didn't want the growing sunghoon fanclub to come for your throat. "it's a joke, it's a joke jay." you reassured him, not knowing why he was so worked up. was it because it was his best friend? you thought about how uncomfortable it would've been for jay if you did like sunghoon, it did mess up the whole friend dynamic.
you snapped out of your thoughts again when the girl at the stand called you to sit and get your face paint. you switched spots with jake, who seemed to in amazement over his dragon. you shot him a thumbs up and he grinned. jay took sunghoon's spot and he looked over the options.
"y/n what are you getting?" he asked because he honestly he had no idea. there were too many to choose, plus he thought it would be cool to be matching with you. "dinosaur," you answered, taking the free time to scroll through your phone. "can i get that one too?" you nodded, half-paying attention. jay asked the boy doing his face if he could get a dinosaur and he agreed. he watched you on your phone, a small smile on your face. the afternoon sun was slightly shining where you sat, and it made your skin shimmer. he felt his breath hitch when you caught his gaze and winked at him. he felt his phone vibrate and he fished it out of his pocket, seeing a message from you.
chef y/n 馃Ц
- 6:22 - keep staring at me i think this girl is jealous
6:23 - im not staring at you 馃槨
- 6: 23 - sure
6: 23 - i'm not
6: 23 - my dino is going to come out better
- 6: 24 - no
6: 24 - wdym no have you seen this face
- 6: 24 - exactly why mine is coming out better
6: 24 - i'm never making food for you again
- 6: 24 - i'll ask sunghoon to make some for me 馃
6: 25 - 馃あ if you get food poisoning that's on you
jay looked up, seeing you read his message. you looked up too, and stuck your tongue out at him, and he grinned. both of your dinosaurs were done, and you got up from your seat thanking the artists and paying. jay did the same, and when you stepped out from the tent you got a good look at his. it was simple but pretty, a stegosaurus with a cute smile. you lips formed a pout, so his did look better.
jay looked at the sudden pout on your face, and his heart skipped a beat. he looked away, trying to regain composure, but you tapped his shoulder, and he jumped. "c'mon let's go back to jake, i want to take pictures." jay nodded and followed your lead to the line for a photo booth where jake and sunghoon stood.
"can we take picture with you guys?" you asked, and jake smiled, nodding of course. you moved into line and jay unknowingly linked his arm with yours, trying not to lose you. you started a conversation with sunghoon and jay turned his attention away to jake, who grinned at him, a suspicious glint in his eye. "whatever you're thinking, it's not it." he warned and jake raised his eyebrows. "you haven't told her yet?" jay shook his head and jake groaned. "it's so obvious!" jay slapped his arm, and jake laughed. you tugged on jays sleeve. "hurry up, it's our turn!"
the four of you stepped into the surprisingly spacious booth. unknown to you, jake and sunghoon made a point to have jay sit close to you, shoving him so he almost fell in your lap. you got ready to take pictures, all four making funny faces, and then throwing up peace signs, and then what sunghoon called a "chic pose". you had one more picture in the roll to go, and jake turned to sunghoon, putting his cheek close to his to show off the dragon. sunghoon stiffened up but didn't complain, and jake motioned for you to do it too.
jay's face heated up as your cheek touched his, and you smiled for the camera. "this okay?" you murmured under your breath, and jay nodded, which moved your head as well. you giggled at the movement and the camera went off. sunghoon pushed jake's face away from his. "okay, let's get out of here!" you stumbled out of the booth, blinking at the fading sunlight. shoot, i need to get back to the club stand. jay looked at your concerned expression and tapped your shoulder.
"don't worry about the stand, i already texted youngbin and he said it was okay for you to be gone for another hour." you blinked. did he just read my mind? jay turned around, and you followed him to a balloon dart game.
"bet i could beat you." he challenged and you rolled your eyes, throwing a dart and popping a balloon like it was nothing. his mouth fell open as he pulled his hair into a mini ponytail. you threw another dart, making eye contact with him and to your relief it didn't miss. jay threw his own dart and it hit a balloon, but didn't pop. he huffed and threw another one with more force this time, and the balloon broke, the boy behind the stand flinching.
and so the competition began. for the next thirty minutes the two of you ran from stand to stand, trying to beat each other in various games. the result? two jumbo teddy bears, five dinosaurs of varying species, and multiple glow-in-the-dark-stick jewelry hanging from your neck. for jay? three jumbo whales, a Pok茅mon figure, two penguins and a churro, which he generously shared between the two of you.
you returned to the stand early, giving all of your stuff to jay to bring back into the classroom so no one could steal it. feeling refreshed from the off time you had, you sold dessert after dessert in a better mood, giving genuine smiles to each student. you were just checking how many more cinnamon rolls were left when you heard a familiar loud voice.
before you knew it you were pulled into another choking hug for the second time this night? by felix. he let go, and behind him you spotted your brother and the rest of his friends.
"hey lix, when did you get here?" you asked, moving the cinnamon roll in your hand out of his reach. "just now, your mom told chenle to pick you up or something, so he brought us along." he replied and you laughed. trust chenle to show up with his friends if food was going to be there. felix pointed at a the churros. "can i have one?" you nodded, wrapping it up for him. you tried to follow along and listen to whatever he was saying but your mind kept going back to a certain someone. shaking your head to clear your thoughts you took felix's money, waving back at him as he left to enjoy the games.
鈽 鈽 鈽
you tapped your fingers on your leg, trying to hide your grin. chenle was driving quietly, and faint music played in the backround. your mind kept bouncing back between the fun you had with jay's friends and the money you had raised today. sighing and leaning back into the seat you played with your phone case, finally getting the courage to unlock it and check your messages. one from kyungmin in the club group chat thanking everyone for their work today, a separate one from an unknown number asking if you were interested in a kinda sketchy job you weren't, and one from jay: a picture of his prizes laid out on his bed. you grinned at the way he had arranged them, the penguin and a eevee sitting on top of the whales and the small happy face emoji in the corner.
brownie boy
- 9: 44 - you get home okay?
10: 03 - yeah chenles bringing me now
- 10: 03 - did todays fundraiser work?
10: 03 - yeah we might only need one more if we go at this rate
- 10: 03 - thats good
10: 03 - mhm :)
- 10: 04 - are you tired?
10: 04 - kinda... you?
- 10: 04 - yeah
- 10: 04 - being popular is hard 馃檮
you rolled your eyes and let out a small giggle, ignoring the questioning look chenle gave you.
10: 04 - good thing that hoons taking your spot
10: 05 - get some rest king 馃槉
- 10: 05 - 馃あ whatever
- 10: 05 - night
10: 05 - night jay
jay ran his fingers through his hair and then buried his head into his pillow, hoping it would muffle his faint screams. he took his head out of the pillow to re-read the text, his heartbeat picking back up. he was going crazy, for sure.
leave it to y/n to make mr. popular lose his mind.
Tumblr media
february 15 鈽 advisory period
jay watched as you snored through class, arm dangling off the table, face smushed against notebooks. he considered waking you up before deciding against it, getting back to whatever the teacher was explaining on the blackboard. the bell rang a minute later and he watched from his seat as you looked up confused, rubbing your eyes.
the previous week could be compared to hell. the week of valentines was always busy, but this year it seemed even more: kids constantly rushing up to ask for last minute baked goods for their crush or people not picking up their orders at the correct time, making things messy. you sold the pastries and cute notes at lunch time, but since valentines was on sunday, the rush only increased towards the end of the week and the lines grew longer at lunch. you had stayed late at school baking cupcakes and brownies, and red and pink icing stained your hands. so it was a given that you were tired and catching up on sleep, even though it often was in the middle of class.
you checked your phone. 2: 30. great, advisory period. you could sleep in for the next thirty minutes, which was needed after the rush of the previous week. you laid your head back down, but felt someone tap your nose. you touched the hand, eyes still closed, feeling the cold of metal rings against your skin.
"leave me alone jay." you whispered, and jay held back a grin. he poked your head again, then your nose, and then your cheek. you opened one eye and grabbed his hand, holding it so he couldn't poke you. he used his other hand instead.
you groaned and sat up, red marks on your face from where you had fell asleep on your school books. you looked at jay sleepily and considered falling asleep sitting up, even though it was kind of uncomfortable.
ultimately deciding against it, you put your head back into your arms on the table so that your face was hidden. jay tapped your head again and again, and you sighed, grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers with his so he couldn't bother you anymore. jay felt his breath catch in his throat as he looked down to see your hands holding his.
"stop tapping brownie, i'm serious." you demanded in a sleepy voice, and jay felt his heart pang. how could you be so cute? you played with his fingers, slipping rings on and off his fingers before huffing and getting up, letting go of his hand and rubbing your face. you frowned at jay, who just smiled back at you. which literally did nothing to get you out of your grumpy mood. why was he smiling???
"now that you're up y/n, are you doing anything after class?" jay asked, and you felt blood rush to your cheeks. your mind had just caught up to what had just happened in the previous ten minutes. you bit back a scream and shook your head. "no i'm not doing anything, why?" he nodded, pretending to think.
"you should come to the kitchen with me after school, i wanna make something." you looked at your desk and considered hitting him with a textbook. "you could've told me this after school?? why'd you wake me up?" jay just laughed and shrugged. you looked at him in astonishment and thanked the gods that you were a nice person, otherwise he would have a chemistry textbook shaped dent in his forehead right now. you sighed and picked up your phone.
"fine i'll come, but it better be something important, otherwise i'm killing you for ruining my nap." jay nodded seriously and returned to his seat, trying to calm his heartbeat down. you scrolled through your phone a bit and then laid your head back down, pressing your cheek against the cool wood of your desk. what was so important he had to ask you in the middle of your nap? huffing, you opened your textbook as the teacher came back into the room and class started.
jay looked over at you, and held back a grin at your face which was contorted in confusion because of whatever the teacher had just explained and he unlocked his phone from behind his textbook, looking up to check the teacher didn't see. one message: a text from youngbin accompanied with the thumbs up emoji. so far, everything was going to plan.
鈽 鈽 鈽
you walked down the hallway with sophie, who seemed extra jittery for some reason. "did daniel kiss you or something? why are you so on edge?" you asked, and she laughed, shaking her head. "no he didn't kiss me today, i don't know- maybe i'm nervous for no reason." your mouth fell open. "you guys had your first kiss?!? and you didn't tell me??" sophie's giggles echoed through the hallway, earning stares from teachers and students. "y/n!!"
"what? i didn't know you guys kissed each other now!" you yelped, laughing at her scrunched up face. sophie just continued to giggle, and eventually her good mood caught on and you laughed along with her. you turned the corner to the kitchen, but sophie stopped you.
"close your eyes." she demanded. confused, you tilted your head but closed them anyways, and sophie took your hand in hers. "i'm gonna bring you in here, but don't open your eyes until i say so." you were even more confused now.
"but jay said he needed my help with something? where are you bringing me?" you asked. sophie just squeezed your hand, walking towards the door. you followed her slowly, other hand in front of your body in case you tripped. you heard the kitchen door open and you walked in carefully. something was definitely off. it was quiet, and sophie moved her position to behind you, covering your already closed eyes with her hands. "okay i'm going to count to three, and when i take my hands off your face, you open your eyes- got it?" you nodded, feeling butterflies in your chest.
"three," today wasn't your birthday, what was going on??
"two," was it someone else's birthday??
"one." whatever it was, the butterflies in your stomach were going crazy, fluttering up to your throat.
sophie removed her hands from your face and you were met with the club members standing around the kitchen, youngbin holding a big thank you y/n!! cake with red and pink hearts everywhere.
"happy valentines day y/n!!" the club members yelled, and you burst out into a smile. the kitchen was decorated messily, valentine streamers and balloons hung on the walls. the club members were wearing cheap party hats and you internally groaned at the pure cheesiness of it all. "when did you guys do all of this?" you asked in shock, and got varying answers from the crowd of club members. "okay okay, who planned all of this?" you asked, and this time the crowd answered in unison. "jay."
your mouth fell open. "...jay??" he smiled at the mention of his name, touching the back of his neck. you held your arms open, and he stepped in assuming you would hug him, but quickly retreated when you started to lightly slap his arm. "what did you say? you needed help in the kitchen!?" daniel giggled. "the lovebirds are fighting!!" the members cheered and you rolled your eyes, giving jay a quick hug. "thanks though, this-" you gestured to the decorated room, "means a lot to me." jay shrugged. "i know, i'm amazing." you huffed and considered messing up his carefully done hair but instead turned around and started to talk to the other members.
jay watched you laugh and talk with the other members, and if you were to turn around his face would exactly mirror the heart eyes emoji. you didn't turn around though, and he continued to look at you in adoration, not so sure where and why he had fallen so hard for you.
was it the hard work you put into everything? that was defiantly something that jay related to, working until things were just right, hardly accepting until he was able to reach perfection.
or maybe it was your carefree nature? the trip planning sessions where you talked with him instead of getting started on work, or when you invited yourself to his house when he said he was bored- playing uno on his bed and debating on whether his pasta was actually as good as he thought it was.
maybe it was your face? the way your eyes scrunched up when youngbin told a joke, the curve of your lips and how you were obsessed with keeping them moisturized- a side effect of constantly biting them. he would watch as you applied lip gloss instead of chapstick, which would make your lips shine under the kitchen lights. he would be lying if he said he didn't want to kiss you right then and there.
was it your love for the club members? constantly letting daniel and sophie kiss up in the corner over their pastries, or letting youngbin get baking soda on your apron. when other members needed help on a recipe, or needed an ingredient you were always there. if someone was having a bad day it was a guarantee to see y/n bringing them back up, letting them bake alongside your side and make various creations and those brownies that came straight from heaven.
or maybe it was your sense of humor and sarcasm, how you never failed to roll your eyes at his jokes but let out a small giggle when you thought he wasn't listening. how you rebutted at his horrible dad jokes, making jake and sunghoon burst out in laughter over facetime. he always thought he was the funny friend, but y/n completely took his spot.
it could be the stupid texts you sent him throughout the day, teasing him for his messy hair or his outfit, or the occasional have you eaten yet? i'm in the kitchen if you're hungry lol. sometimes it was you begging him to give you jake's number, something about how he had potential to bring in customers at your job. other times it was you asking why he didn't show up to planning sessions, which he would then freak out over only to find out you were pranking him again.
one night you had facetimed him half-asleep and explained to him about the history of different cuisines. he had stayed awake the whole night listening to you ramble off the topic of food and onto how hard school was. as cheesy as it was he wished he could be there with you, and hold you in his arms. you had ended your rant telling him he should smile more, and that he looked cute in his bucket hats. something you would never admit fully awake. no one could guess why jay had started to wear his bucket hats more, occasionally putting them onto your head and pulling it over your eyes.
"hello?? earth to jay park? are you here brownie boy???" you asked, waving a hand in his face. jay blinked out of his thoughts, and grabbed your hand that was still waving in his face. "yeah, im here, stop waving your hand and messing up my hair." your face morphed to one that anyone could tell was mischievous, and you proceeded to mess up his hair, leaving him mouth wide open. he tried to fix it, and you watched, laughing at his struggle.
"well we had an anonymous vote that you're going to be cleaning up the kitchen, so get to work on that." jay huffed, but couldn't come up with a good comeback, and you grinned, giving him a thumbs up. "text me when you're done!" you said, walking out the door with youngbin, and sent him another grin before disappearing, leaving jay a pink and red filled room to clean up on his own.
maybe he fell for you because of the stupid shit you did and said, and he would continue to fall for you regardless of how many times you teased him, messed up his hair, or stole his heart.
Tumblr media
march 26 鈽 jay's room
you sat on jays bed typing away on your laptop, head propped up on a blue pillow. you sighed, waiting for him to hurry up and get out of the shower so you could show him the amusement park you had just found. with all the bake sales and fundraisers that took place in the past few months, the budget was much more open and you found places that weren't boring. like the ugly putt putt place jay had suggested.
the door opened and jay came out, attempting to dry his hair with a towel. your ears heated up, and you looked away to your laptop, pretending to be super invested in the ad playing. why had he invited you over this late anyway if he was just going to make you do work and just shower? you felt the bed dip slightly as he sat down next to you, looking over your shoulder to see what you had gathered up so far.
your face was now hot and scooting a little bit further from him you pointed at his desk. "can i sit there while i show you what i got so far?" he nodded and you picked up your computer, moving to his desk which was surprisingly clean. you spun around in his chair a few times before starting, and then stopped when jay gave you a look that said please don't break my only swivel chair. grinning, you showed him the amusement park.
"i think this one beats every single one we've seen before, don't you agree?" jay nodded his head. "it's good, but does it have bumper cars?" you looked at him questioningly and scrolled down the website to a picture of kids playing on bumper cars. "i mean... yes?" jay nodded again, getting water on your shoulder. "that's good" you were confused but went along with it. jay was kinda weird like that.
the two of you stayed like that for the next fifteen minutes, looking over the other rides they had available. your shoulder was close to being completely drenched, and getting tired of the constant water drip you turned to jay, frowning. he immediately stepped back, hands in the air like he was going to be arrested. "do you not know how to dry your hair?"
"i know how to dry my hair!" jay yelped, slightly embarrassed.
"then why is my whole shoulder wet?"
"cause... i don't know, i'm sorry," he apologized and you sighed. "do you have a towel?" he nodded slowly, not sure where you were going with this.
"can you grab one real quick, and come sit here." jay stood up and walked over to his closet to grab a towel. you pulled another chair close to the desk so he could sit. i can't believe i'm about to do this. jay sat down puzzled, handing you the towel. you put your hands on his face, pulling him closer so that you were eye to eye. taking a deep breath you put the towel on his head and started to dry his hair, taking care to make sure the tips weren't dripping onto the floor.
jay's hoped you didn't notice the red that was slowly building up in his ears. he tried to look up but when he accidently caught your eye he quickly looked back down towards the floor. shit, why did someone drying his hair feel so intimate??
"do you have a hair dryer?" you asked, pulling him out of his thoughts. he got up out his seat and walking to his bathroom. "will this one work?" he asked and you nodded. he handed the dryer to you and you looked around for somewhere to plug it in. "where do you usually dry your hair?" jay smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.
"don't tell me you only towel dry." you said seriously, and jay shrugged, taking the hairdryer from your hands and finding an outlet. he pulled your hand leading to sit down with him. his back faced you and you turned on the blow dryer, starting at his roots and carefully sectioning his hair. you carefully pulled back hair as it blew into his eyes and jay clenched his hands into fists, trying to calm his heartbeat. teasing him, you blew into his ear, and in response he slapped your hand lightly, trying to stop you.
giggling you motioned for him to turn around and face you. "won't do that again, promise." you said, trying to hold back a grin. jay closed his eyes as you finished drying his hair, and you had to stop letting your eyes go to his face instead of his hair. honestly, he was kinda cute. running your hands through his hair one last time you finished up, turning the dryer off.
"might quit my future job as a baker to become a stylist instead, what do you think?" jay touched his now dried and fluffy hair. "does that mean you'll let me be club president then?" you shook your head, getting up. "maybe in your dreams brownie boy." jay's heart skipped a beat and he watched you pack up your stuff.
"do you want to- maybe stay over?" he asked, voice cracking. you froze, and your mind went blank. a voice somewhere in the back of your head screamed do it! say yes! but then you felt your phone vibrate. you looked at the screen, a text from chenle: i'm coming to pick you up please make dinner for me
you looked at jay and gave him a weak smile. "i was going to say yes but-" you held up your phone, the text from chenle on the screen "i have to be home today, sorry." jays face fell but he got up, shaking his head. "no it's fine, don't worry about it." you felt your heart pang at his fallen face but tried to hide it, continuing to pack up your things. jay returned the hair dryer to the bathroom and tossed the towel in the laundry.
a car honked outside and you laughed quietly, heading towards the front door. "that's my ride, see you soon." jay followed you to the door, returning the small wave you gave him as you got in the passengers seat. the car door closed and jay caught a glimpse of chenle looking at him and pretending to slit his throat. he gulped and watched as you drove away, glad that he didn't have any interactions with your brother yet.
jay walked back to the bathroom and looked into the mirror, touching his hair. it wasn't that wet and he didn't need a towel around his shoulders to keep the tips from dripping onto his shirt. he ran his finger through his hair and watched it fall back onto his forehead. maybe he should learn how to dry his hair properly.
Tumblr media
april 16 鈽 club meeting
"hey guys, president y/n here." you said, starting off your speech. the club members giggled at the familiar introduction and you grinned. honestly you didn't know when you started to say it, but it just stuck.
"after 6 months of planning, and multiple fundraisers and bake sales i have to honor to announce-" you paused for the suspense, letting your words hang in the air before finishing "that we are going on this trip! we have raised enough money that you guys don't need to pay extra and everything has worked out perfectly, so please give yourselves a round of applause for your hard work that has paid off!" cheers went up through the club, and you heard daniel yell somewhere from the back of his seat we're going on a three day trip baby! ms. lee wore a soft smile watching the club and you turned to the members too, watching the light in their eyes.
"okay so i'm going to invite our co-trip planner up here to help explain the details and then we'll give you the papers and then you are good to go for the weekend." you said, gesturing for jay to come take your spot. he walked toward the front of the classroom and took your place, and you sat down on a chair nearby, giving him a thumbs up.
"okay so i'm going to explain the itinerary for this trip and ms. lee is passing out the final permisson slips you guys need to sign so... i'll just start!" you gave him another thumbs up and he continued.
"so our trip starts on friday may 14, which is obviously a school day. because it is the last day of finals the plan is to leave school, go home and finish packing if you need to or get your packed belongings and meet at the back of the school where we will have a-" jay smiled "a charter bus waiting for us." the members cheered and youngbin pulled you into a hug. you motioned for jay to continue.
"from there we will all board, take attendance and then we're on the road to our hotel. hopefully we'll reach the hotel right before dinner time, but just in case we don't we'll stop at the restaurant first to eat and then head to the hotel. once we reach there we'll check in and everyone goes to their rooms," jay looked around and locked eyes with daniel "boys and girls separated." you held a giggle back at the now somber expression that was set on daniels face and you could almost read his thoughts. was it too much to ask to cuddle his girlfriend??
"that being said, because we are checking in pretty early, you guys can go to each others room and hang out or you can explore the town outside as long as everyone is back in the hotel by 11:45." collective sighs escaped the members mouths and you glanced at daniel. his face was back to his happy expression and you sighed relived. no one's taking her away from you daniel.
"anyways, lets move on to the next day. so on saturday we are going to check out from the hotel and head to a-" jay looked around, reading the anticipation on the members faces. even you were biting your lip waiting for his announcement and you knew what was coming next. "WE'RE GOING TO AN AMUSMENT PARK!!" the class cheered and you laughed at their reactions with jay. "we're going to be there all day so we will be splitting you into three groups of six members each, and everyone is responsible for buying their own lunch and dinner, and since the park is packed with different food courts it shouldn't be that hard." he paused, making sure everyone was caught up and saw the thumbs up you gave him in the corner of his eye. he smiled, and continued.
"everyone's getting back on the bus by 11: 30 and we'll be checking in at the hotel by 12 and then you guys are free to visit each others rooms and hang out. no curfew this time so you guys can sleep over if you want but just tell us beforehand who you want to room with on saturday so we can book fast. and... okay that concludes day 2!"
"moving onto day 3! we are going to a dog caf茅 for breakfast and according to y/n it's going to be super cute or whatever," your mouth fell open. he was the one who begged to go to the dog caf茅!! "then afterwards we'll drive to a roller skate rink and spend the afternoon there and then we'll get lunch and head home! hopefully we'll be back on time so you guys can eat dinner with family but if not we'll pick up fast food on the way, sounds good?" the club members nodded.
"that's a wrap then! make sure you fill out the different forms and bring it back before april 30th, which is in two weeks so you guys will have plenty of time." jay finished. walking back to his seat, ms. lee took his spot, clapping her hands to get everyone's attention.
"i know you guys are all excited but," she paused and her face changed in a more serious set and her tone took an edge. "if any of you slack off on studying or start lacking on exams because of this field trip, you're not going." she looked around the small classroom, making eye contact with everyone before her smile came back and her happy demeanor returned. "that being said, have a good weekend everybody!"
the room quickly began to fill with noise as people chose groups for hotel rooms and discussed potential outfits, packing up to leave. you felt a tap on your shoulder and turned around, grinning when you saw it was jay.
"you did pretty good up there! if someone walked in they might've thought you were the actual president." jay grinned. "so i am president worthy." he said throwing his backpack over his shoulder. you shook your head. "work on your brownies, then we'll see," he pretended to frown and you headed towards the door, trying to catch up with youngbin. you waved at him before leaving and he returned the wave before you disappeared out of his line of sight. work on my brownies, huh.
鈽 鈽 鈽
"but would he like that? ah, i don't know am i thinking too hard??" you asked youngbin. the two of you had taken the freedom of the one saturday you were off to go shopping. youngbin sat on a chair a little further away, trying on a pair of sunglasses.
"i think he'll take anything you give him, even if it's ugly." you looked at the sweatshirt you picked up. "wait, this is ugly?" "no, that one is fine but that one-" he pointed at the hoodie you had looked at a few minutes before. "that one is a crime, seriously." you laughed at his serious tone. looking back at the sweatshirt in your hands you decided to settle on it for yourself. "okay i'm getting this one for myself and i'll get something else for him."
youngbin nodded, a new pair of glasses on his face. "and i'm getting these." you held back a grin. it resembled the glasses that saiki k wore. "sure, just get the pink hairclips to match." he stood up, giggling. you headed towards the front of the shop to checkout, slightly worried you hadn't found something for the person you came shopping for in the first place: jay. his birthday was tuesday and you wanted to get something that would be meaningful, but your mind pulled a blank every time you tried to think of potential present ideas.
he liked fashion right? you bit your lip thinking while youngbin payed. maybe i could buy him rings? or make rings? bingo! you turned towards youngbin and walked out the shop with him, heading towards the bus stop. you stepped onto the bus, thinking about whether he was the type to like handmade gifts.
youngbin poked your arm, bringing you out of your mind. "hey, what're you thinking about?" you looked at him, and played with your fingers. "do you think jay would like if i made a ring? like the ones that are really popular on youtube now and stuff?" youngbin smiled and handed you the bag with your sweater in it and got up as the bus reached his stop.
"like i said, he'll take anything you make- even if it's ugly." you huffed, pulling out your phone. "yeah whatever bin, just text me when you get home and i'll think about the ring, okay?" youngbin laughed, getting off the bus. "see you!"
you waved, and his words replayed in your mind. you shook your head, trying to ignore the heat in your ears. why am i so obsessed with what he wants anyways?
鈽 鈽 鈽
jay looked up from his bed at the sound of pebbles hitting his window. was someone trying to break in? he glanced at the clock. 11:23. he crept over to the window and opened the curtains carefully looking outside, and his mouth fell open. y/n stood there, a tote bag in one hand and small pebbles in another. what was she doing at his house at this hour?
you dropped the rocks in your hand once you saw him and waved. jay shook his head and closed the window and the curtains. a second later you felt your phone vibrate. you pulled it out and the screen glowed, a new text from jay.
bday brownie boy 馃巶
- 11: 23 - you couldn't just text??
- 11: 24 - hurry up and come in
you grinned and headed towards the front door. you had just wanted to do the cool pebble throwing thing you saw in movies but you guessed jay wasn't up for it. knocking on the door softly you waited for jay to open it, and as soon as he did you pulled him into a hug.
"oof, what's the hug for y/n?" you pulled back and headed to his room. "nothing, just a happy birthday hug" jay beamed, following you as you plopped onto his couch. yes he has a couch in his room he's rich rich remember??
you took the cake you had carefully baked out of the tote bag and placed it on the small table. "do you have candles?" jay shook his head and sat on the carpet, looking at the cake. "did you bake this?" you nodded and slid off the couch to sit on the carpet with him. "it looks really pretty, thank you" he said softly, and you felt your ears heat up.
"nah it's fine, i felt bad because i had so much work at school today and i couldn't even wish you a happy birthday... but there's like 30 minutes left of today so..." you trailed off, looking at the cake. "happy birthday?" jay laughed, grinning from one ear to other. "thank you y/n." you shook your head and motioned at the cake. "well? dig in!"
the two of you picked up forks and began to eat, and a comfortable silence settled. you took a second to look at jays room. a birthday banner hung on top of his bed, and there were balloons scattered around the floor. was that confetti? there was also soda bottles chucked in the trash can, and an empty pizza box sat on his desk. despite the small mess, the room was colored with a soft blue glow from the strip lights. he had one of the fancy galaxy projectors, and you looked at the stars on the ceiling.
seeing you look up at the space projected above you, jay admired the reflection in your eyes and the blue hue across your face. he leaned back on his hands, and you turned to look at him when you saw him shift positions. his breath caught in his throat, and he stared at your face, your soft expression mirroring his own.
"pretty stars hm?" you whispered, looking back at the ceiling. jay nodded. the only stars he was seeing were the ones that twinkled in your eyes, but he couldn't say that out loud. his ears burnt red when you flopped down onto the carpet so you wouldn't hurt your neck looking at the ceiling.
"did someone come over?" you asked quietly, trying not to ruin the atmosphere. jay nodded and carefully laid down next to you. "hoon and jake showed up with food, and we played games for a while." you nodded. "thats nice... did they leave just now or? before?"
"they left like maybe an hour ago? i was heading to bed actually." jay answered and you turned your head to look at him, frowning. "you were heading to bed with this mess?" jay huffed, not able to make a good comeback and you giggled. he turned his head to face you but quickly turned back away when he looked into your eyes. what was with his emotions today??
you sat up and reached for your tote bag, and pulled out your present for jay. he was still looking at the ceiling so you gently placed the ring you had made on his forehead. he reached for it and looked at you.
"what's this?" he asked. "your present, do you think i would just bring you cake?" he nodded, and the ring slid down his face. picking it up he looked at it, admiring the way you had knotted the strings over and over so it wouldn't come apart. a little messy, but very cute. the beads were pretty small but in the middle there was his initials and a cake bead on either side.
"cake?" jay murmured and you rubbed the back of your neck nervously. "i don't think they sell beads that look like brownies so... i just did the best with what i had sorry." jay shook his head. "don't apologize, it's cute." your ears burned at the compliment. you laid back down and now it was jay's turn to sit up.
"what's this?" you looked at the envelope jay held and your eyes widened. you lunged for it but jay kept it out of your arms reach. "it says its for me." you bit your lip, trying to figure out how to catch him off guard so you could get the envelope back.
"can i open it?" he asked, already opening it. you covered your face with your hands. "jay please don't read that right now, please please please." you begged. jay looked at your pleading face and sighed, setting the envelope aside. "when can i read it then?" your mind was racing and you blurt out the first thing you thought of. "when i leave."
shit. the envelope must've fell out when you got his ring, and now you had to deal with him reading a letter you poured your heart out in. jay sensed your desperate mood and put the letter on the small table. "want to play some games?"
鈽 鈽 鈽
jay waved at the silver car as it left his house, and he stepped back inside, locking the door and then running to his room. grabbing the envelope and hopping onto his bed he turned it upside down and shook it carefully, watching the contents fall out. a letter folded up, a picture roll from the school festival, and a beaded bracelet fell out. he picked the bracelet up, grinning when he saw the words you had strung together. h e a d c h e f.
he put it on and then picked up the picture roll. flipping it over and he saw on the back you had written forgot to give this to you before you left- sorry 馃槵 .
he smiled, and picked up the letter. taking a deep breath he started to read.
dear hey jay,
before i start i'm just going to warn you that this is a mess. a hot mess. no planning, just me braindumping on paper, so yeah, beware.
lets start this letter off saying that i hated you. past tense because i guess you're a pretty cool person now. but regardless, i hated you. why? you always tried to one up me in everything i did. if i got a 100 on homework then you would get a 105. when i joined sports you did too and then you beat me in that. i did art and then you did that too and the art teacher liked you more than anyone. do you remember her? she runs a convenience store now. anyways i had good reasons to hate you. so that's why i was mad when you joined the cooking club. three years of jay free cooking and then you show up with the intent to take my spot as club president. i don't know if anyone told you this but that was the most annoying shit ever. you were one upping me in something that i came to for refuge. so sorry about being mad at you all the time and spilling flour on you once as an accident. it wasn't an accident.
i guess as time passed i realized you weren't the asshole you were letting me make you out to be. at some point i just stopped caring. like at all. do you know when it was? maybe it was the trip planning session where you prank called teachers after school with me, or maybe it was that day you came to the caf茅 and ordered the ice americano you owed me, telling me to hurry up and get out of the kitchen so you could fulfill your favor. maybe it was when i started calling you brownie boy, because i stopped caring about the stupid rivalry between us.
i realized you were just competitive, and maybe it was like a dumb kind of competitive but once i realized that i just felt better. so that's why i've been nicer to you since winter break. it was a convenience you sent me that friends text though or things would've been reeallyy awkward.
anyways, its nice being friends with you when you're not an asshole. you're pretty fun and a good cook. you respond to my texts quick and you have cool friends. obviously there are more reasons why you're a nice friend but i'm not going to inflate your ego so i'll keep it to myself. thanks for always working hard alongside me and never giving up in the kitchen even though i'll never let you be president. stick to head chef :p
i hope you dont hate me anymore like i did to you and honestly im glad that we ended up not at each others throats every second. this is so fucking cheesy let me get a snack and i'll be right back to finish the letter.
okay im back not like you noticed since this is a letter but anyways i hope this kinda reassures you incase you thought i hated you or something. i don't. btw that valentines day prank really made my day. like i came home with the extra cupcakes and was smiling through my homework for once. how did you know? idk i guess you're good at things like that. you don't really let people step over you and you have strong opinions. i admire that. maybe i hated you cause i couldn't be you?
you should come over to the kitchen sometimes when you don't have tutoring. i've been working on my pasta. maybe one day i'll figure out how to make mines as good as you. im rambling now sorry.
the whole entire reason i wrote this letter is cause im kinda scared that since we don't have anymore trip planning sessions together we might grow apart. that sounds kinda stupid since we've only been friends for 5 months a couple months now, but like i said you're fun to hang around with and im not sure if spending time on my own is going to be as fun now. so yeah. come to the kitchen sometime. or we should drive around town. the sunsets are the prettiest at this place i know.
i hope this trip goes smoothly. its the perfect definition of fun and i think the club members would enjoy the off days after exams. i would. late night snack and old movies? sounds like something straight out of a coming of age movie huh. also ms. lee is going on a date that night (dont ask how i know) so you should come to my hotel room and hangout. we could facetime hoon and jake and do stupid things. anyways, i've run out of things to say. happy birthday brownie boy. lets be friends till we're old and hopefully not wrinkled.
from your favorite brownie baker / club president / best person in the whole world / designated rival,
y/n , l/n :)
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First Time For Everything
Tumblr media
pairing: crowley (good omens) / gender-neutral!reader
synopsis: crowley's never kissed anyone. you remedy that
warning(s): cursing, making out (my bad, b), implied smut, hair pulling
"shut the fuck up!"
you sat up in crowley's stiff white couch, your eyes wide as he flushed a bright red, waving you off with a glare. "don't start, [name]."
"six thousand fucking years? and not one kiss?"
crowley shrugged. "i've never found the time to try it out.....or the right person to try it out with." you chewed the inside of your cheek, fingers resting ever so slightly above your lips. "well....i could help you!"
the demon ran a hand through his hair, chewing his bottom lip. "you would do that?"
"yeah! then you won't be a kiss virgin,"
you muttered that last part, laughing as crowley threw a harmless little knick knack at you. "rude."
he got up, stretching out his long limbs as he sauntered his way over to you. he was nervous; you were the first person, fuck that, first being he'd ever really wanted to try anything romantic with.
you'd met the demon in st. james park, after feeding peas to the ducks. he'd seen you around, either by the bookshop, or walking with a friend in the park.
crowley had finally worked up the nerve to talk to you, after a week of hyping himself up.
"hello there-"
"it took you long enough"
he'd stopped in his tracks at that. "excuse me?"
"you've been over there staring for a while. i was worried for a bit."
he blinked, coming out of his head as you patted the seat next to you. "now, if you want, i could take it slow."
"i'd prefer it. you nodded, and took his face in your hands, swiping a thumb across his lower lip. "ready?" he could only nod as you leaned in, placing your lips on his.
he knew it would feel good, but not this good. your lips were soft, and tasted like the white wine you'd been sipping on 20 minutes ago. he put his hands around your waist, but kept his lips still as you pulled away.
"like that, yeah? you can just copy what i do, if you don't know what to do."
he copied you as you lips connected again, cursing softly as you teeth clashed together. you smiled, encouraging him to try again by kissing the corner of his mouth. "before we try again, though..."
you took the glasses off his face, titling your head as he closed his eyes. he sucked in a breath, saying, "i can't, what if you hate me? if i open my eyes, will i be considered lovable, still?"
you furrowed your brow. "i could never hate you, crowley, you know this. you're one of the best friends i've ever had, and so, so worthy of love, my darling."
he sniffled softly, as he opened his eyes.
and you gasped.
his serpentine eyes looked up at you hovering over him, pupils slightly blown. "oh, crowley, you are gorgeous. absolutely stunning."
he smashed his lips to yours, surprising you as he put his hands more firmly on your hips. you bit his bottom lip, causing him to open his mouth.
crowley groaned softly as your hands found his vibrant ginger hair, tugging softly. you let out a breathy moan as he pulled away. his lips were swollen and his pupils were extremely dilated as he gazed up at you.
"wow, hi."
you chuckled softly, putting a hand on his chest. "hey there." crowley kissed your lips again, softer this time, and more intimate.
"gosh, i've been waiting to do that for a little bit."
crowley smirked. "well, y'know, i haven't really done anything more than kissing.....if you catch my drift...."
you stood, nodding. "i could teach you a little bit more, then."
"i'm looking forward to it."
he took your hand, leading you to his bedroom.
hey lol *bites lip* feedback is so sexy ahaha
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lanahhhpots27 days ago
Featured character(s): Albedo
Reader: gn!reader
Genre: Fluff(?)
454 words
Warnings鈿狅笍: none.
Notes: This is my first time using tumblr as a platform of posting my random short oneshots. Also, do forgive me for mistakes, I haven't proofread this.
A night in Dragonspine
The air in dragonspine was cold and crisp. It was late at night when you noticed that Albedo was no longer on his side of the couch, supposedly sleeping.
You stood up from your sitting position聽 and pick up your coat and head out of his camp. Right outside of the camp, you see Albedo near the edge (but not too close to the edge), sketching.
"Weren't you supposed to be asleep?" You ask. "Ah, it seems that you're awake." He simply states. "Answer my question Albedo." You deadpan. "Ahaha, you don't need to get so upset. I just couldn't fall asleep." He reasons.
You sigh, "Albedo, it's been days since you've last gotten a proper good night's sleep."
"Hmm, I think you're forgetting that I'm not really human." He says as he dips his paintbrush in a cup of muddy looking water
"Still," you stare at him,
"Isn't the moon lovely tonight? Wouldn't want to miss such view and not sketch it." He changes the topic as he does quick strokes on his canvas. "Albedo you can't just-" You get cut off by Albedo, "The landscape, the snow, the sky, all perfectly blending with each other." he lifts his paintbrush and puts it aside and grabs another different kind of brush.
You sigh as you accept the fact that there was no way to stop Albedo once he started painting.
"Dear, do you mind sitting on the rock infront of me?" Albedo looks back at you and gestures to the rock infront of him, gladly it wasn't very near to the edge. "..Alright." You accept as you walk to the rock and sit on it. "Thank you, now just sit there and watch the scenery." Albedo says as he quickly starts sketching again.
Seconds, minutes and a hour passes. Finally, Albedo finishes his painting. "and...done." he adds the finishing touches and write his signature at the bottom of the painting. "Perfect." he smiles proudly at his work of art. "May I see it, Albedo?" You ask him as you stood up from your seat, he nods at you "Of course," he steps back from his painting to give you room to see the painting. "Do you like it?" He asks, taking in your surprised expression. "Like it? I love it!" you exclaim in pure joy. "I'm glad you love it, dear." He smiles at you.
You continue fawning over the painting until Albedo speaks up, "Well, seems like someone forgot about sleep." He chuckles.
"Oh, oH RIGHT, OK OFF TO SLEEP PRETTY BOY." You say as you quickly and carefully clean up his stuff. "Alright alright" He laughs and brings in the canvas and the stand with you carrying the art supplies.
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weepinglevia month ago
Tumblr media
patience is a virtue
summary: college!au. all aged up. eren and reader continue with their sexual escapades. find part one here! warnings: 18+ minors dni. dirty text messages, dirty talk. dom!eren and bratty reader (i suppose?). throat fucking and semi-public sex. (no p in v tho) word count: around 3.5k A/N: i have a love/hate relationship with this eren ahaha, he's been ruling my brainrot ever since the last part so i hope you enjoy! there will be a part three eventually, so be on the lookout for that! enjoy your read and feedback is greatly appreciated! xx
Tumblr media
you awake to your phone vibrating somewhere next to you. the hope of it only being a one-time occurrence quickly proven to be false as it just wouldn't stop. brr-brr. a second of silence. brr-brr. pause. brr-brr.
taking a mental note to never go to sleep again without turning off your phone, you roll over to your other side and try to ignore it. you could simply answer the texts, but that meant you'd have to open your eyes. and that whoever was texting you would win this weird battle you've just come up with in your head.
"if you don't pick up your goddamn phone, i'll smack you over the head with it," sasha groans from the other side of your shared dorm, words coming slurry with her tiredness.
"i could also stick it up your ass, your decision," a pillow comes flying to your head, serving as enough of a warning for you to sit up in your bed, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.
"quit moaning, i'll turn it off now," you yawn, feeling around your bed for your phone, "you never hear me complaining about the shit you do in the middle of the night."
"that's because my shit is funny and not fucking annoying," she scoffs, followed by a muted thump as she is sinking back down into her pillows. sasha's way of ending the conversation.
you find your phone half-tucked underneath your pillow, the display already lighting up again. someone is desperate for attention, you think to yourself and unlock your phone with an annoyed sigh. the messages were coming from an unknown number.
thinking about your wet pussy. this is eren, btw. historia gave me your number. i told her you wouldn't mind you don't mind, do you?
in a matter of seconds, your heart is beating in your throat once more, just like this afternoon in that godforsaken computer lab. ears growing hot at his words, you could almost imagine the sound of him laughing at you again. with trembling fingers, you scroll down further.
anyway, let's do it again sometime i told you. i'll never let you forget about how you moaned my name i'm also not forgetting about how badly i want to fuck that pretty mouth of yours, so it's a win-win see ya, then
staring down at your phone, you don't know if you should answer him. and even if you would answer his texts, what the hell should you say? "fucking bastard," the words escaping your mouth before even realizing that you'd better keep quiet. the only thing that could make this situation any worse was if sasha were to wake up again.
scratch that, you think as you see eren's new messages.
how badly do you want to suck my cock? you looked really hot today, covered in my cum what, you're shy again?
there are two ways this could go: either you stand up, put on some clothes, and then go to eren's dorm to let hell rain upon him - or simply mute your phone and ignore him. deciding to go with the latter, you lie back down and save his number as "fuckhead", a small grin forming on your face. if he wants to be childish, then you can be, too.
the display still lighting up at a steady pace, you have to fight the urge to open his other messages. to physically prevent yourself from grabbing your phone again, you put your hands between your thighs and sigh. what the hell have i gotten myself into?
Tumblr media
"so, who am i gonna have to teach some manners today?", sasha asks in the morning, "because there are only two valid reasons for sending that many texts in the middle of the night," she sits up in her bed and bends over to reach for her phone, "either someone's dead or there's a food sale."
cringing at the thought of having to read the countless other messages eren has sent throughout the night, you try to laugh at her comment, "of course, when there's food involved, you're all for it."
"girl's gotta eat," she claims, thankfully being too distracted by something on her phone to notice your strange behavior, "i'm gonna be back later than usual today, connie wants me to be his wingman again."
starting to go off on a tangent about how connie should just get a dating app already, sasha's words become more of background noise to you. you want to know what he wrote. what he has in store for you. at the same time, you curse yourself out. you're turning into a headless chicken and all of it because of eren fucking yeager?
you nod here and there, offering her a "yes" at what you believe to be fitting moments, desperately hoping she doesn't catch up on your restlessness. all the while the two of you are getting ready for the day. this goes on for a few more minutes and you have no clue what she's talking about now, so you decide to grab your phone and stand up.
"i'm gonna go for a run around campus, you want coffee?" you blurt out, interrupting her monologue. the device in your hand feels as if it's burning through your skin. slipping into your trainers, you're already halfway out the room, her perplexed "uh- yes, please," being muffled by the door closing behind you.
it's still warm outside - not as hot as yesterday, but warm enough for you to be glad to have forgotten your cardigan earlier. you let out a deep breath, trying to clear your mind. even though you told sasha you'd be out for a run, you walk at a slow pace.
some people are already wandering around campus, most of them on their way to a lecture. at this time in the morning, everyone has their heads full with their own worries so no one notices you slowly making your way off-campus.
arriving at a little park surrounded by trees, you sit down on the bench farest off. you notice your heart fluttering like the wings of a hummingbird when pulling the phone out of your back pocket. fuck him, you think once again while typing in your code. fuck him for making me feel this way.
12 unread messages.
didn't seem all too shy when i had my hand wrapped around your throat no need to play hard to get when i already had you if that makes sense? haven't fucked you yet doesn't mean i won't get to fuck you
all you want is to feel appalled by these messages. to screenshot them and send them to the dean. maybe even to his mother. sickened with yourself though, you already feel the familiar warmth creeping up your body, curling up in your abdomen.
i know you want it, too how fucking needy you were for me getting yourself off in public to the thought of me maybe you can tell me what exactly you were thinking of? gonna make sure to let your dreams come true, princess
pet names? you clench your fist at the thought of eren leaning over you, breathing the word princess into your ear. you have an inkling that he'd say it mockingly; spitting it out whilst gathering your hair in a ponytail, arching your back forcefully, and slamming his length into you without mercy.
no. you hate pet names. at least, you've always hated them.
i'm gonna find out if you're ignoring me right now remember, you're not the best actress. fucking suck at it, actually wouldn't want to be punished now, would we?
his last message echoed in your head. still coming to terms with the fact of what happened yesterday, now you have to deal with a whole new revelation: eren yeager being a cocky motherfucker pushing all the right buttons for you. even though you want to blast his ass for this, the mere thought of him being near you again is too sweet of an imagination.
you want to play this game, too. for whatever reason keep on riding this high, and you just know that no one could do it quite as well as eren can. somehow you can only imagine taking him on this ride with you, no one else.
so, in that manner you decide to ignore his messages. if he's desperate enough to keep on sending them in the middle of the night, you're sure it won't be long until he sends another text. and it would give him enough reason to try and punish you, whatever that might entail 鈥 you're excited to find out. fucking nervous, too. but then again, who wouldn't be?
you stand up and put your phone in your back pocket, a sense of excitement surrounding your steps as you turn left to make your way to the nearest coffee shop.
"something tells me you're ignoring me," of course, the moment eren's voice comes up behind you, you fucking flinch like a little bird that's been scared away, "mostly because i've seen you reading the messages, but what do i know?"
you turn to see him clutching his heart dramatically, "don't play with my feelings like this," he swoons, bringing one hand to his forehead. he's laughing again, all white teeth and bright smiles 鈥 you realize this is the kind of eren you rarely get to see. not the cocky bastard he normally portrays; right now, he seems to be a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, just enjoying himself. still, you want to show him that you can play just as well as he can.
crossing your arms in front of your chest, you slightly raise a brow, trying your hardest to not look as nervous as you feel. it's a lost cause though because you can already feel the tips of your ears glowing with heat again. can't things go my way for once? just once? you think and chew the inside of your cheek. you felt so sure of yourself just moments ago. how the hell can he have this sort of effect on you?
suddenly, his whole demeanor changes. before, he seemed laid-back, entertained by the game he played with you. now he leans forward, hands in the pockets of his jacket and an almost cruel smile forming on his lips, "don't try to challenge me in this. you'll lose."
you know that you should feel frightened. terrified, even. he's looking like a lion preparing to jump the antelope, a sense of alarming calmness around him that's causing the small hairs on your neck to stand up. but alas, the way he's looking at you seems to have the same effect on you his scent has.
"i told you not to ignore me," eren says and takes a few steps closer to you, "yet here you are, doing it again." the chuckle leaving his lips a stark contrast to his stern gaze, still trained on you. somehow, you feel awfully small again - still not frightened, though. you stare right back at him, tilting your head slightly as if you wanted to say "so what?"
"are you seriously that desperate to be punished?"
better now than never, you think and once again place a courtly smile on your lips, "seems like it."
for a split second, you see eren's smug look turn into a genuine smile. realizing that you're up for his game, he lets out a smooth whistle, "you do surprise me."
"if you wouldn't always be so full of yourself, i'm sure you'd have recognized this sooner," you can feel the confidence growing in yourself again. clinging on to it, you take a step toward him, "i'm full of surprises."
"oh, yeah? i bet you are," from the corner of your eye, you can see him lifting his hand. before thinking twice about it, you bat it away, "i'm not one for public displays of affection."
oh, it is on鈥 eren's smirk turns into a full-fledged grin as he takes a grip of your wrist, "you sure about that?" lifting your hand to his face, for a short moment you think he's going to suck on your fingers again. but all he does is place a faint kiss on the back of your hand, "didn't seem like it yesterday."
"you weren't supposed to see."
"but i'm so glad i did," he leans forward, the two of you standing so close you can feel his breath on your face, "or else we wouldn't have this kind of fun right now."
still having a hold of your hand, he lifts his other to your jaw, gently tracing his thumb across your lower lip, "you looked so pretty in your skirt yesterday."
taking a leap of faith, you grab his hand, holding it in place and letting your tongue run across the tip of his thumb before biting down playfully. there's a hiss and then eren pulls away and grabs your arm, "come with me."
finally, you think and let him guide you to wherever he wants, let's have some fun, then.
on your way out of the park, you pass jean and marco. even though they stand to greet eren, he just raises his hand whilst not breaking his pace, "gotta go, have an assignment to work on."
"never seen you that determined, but go off," jean laughs.
Tumblr media
before you know it, you're inside one of the countless maintenance sheds. pushing you against the wall, eren's movements seem to become more and more erratic by the second. pinning your arms over your head, he's looking down at you, breathing heavily. "you have no idea what you just got yourself into," licking his lips, he chuckles.
"oh, but i think i actually do," you smile innocently, fucking glad to have found your normal self again. admittedly, eren threw you off your game since yesterday 鈥 but it's just going to play into your hands now. he won't see it coming until it's hitting him straight in the face; that you're just as messed up as he seems to be.
"then prove it," he breathes against your ear, "tell me how badly you want it."
the stuffy air inside the dimly lit shed doesn't help with keeping eren's scent away from you. being so close to him, looking up into his shadowed face and right into his dilated eyes; you're like putty in his hands. you try to move forward, to touch him in some way because you just know that he'll feel so good under your skin.
"now now, princess," he moves even closer, wedging you between himself and the wall, "how about we learn some patience, first?"
you nod, but then grind up against his thigh, hissing through your teeth, "i worry i'll be a real handful." you know you could very well move your hands, too 鈥 eren seems to still be testing the waters as to how far he can go with you. but with him actually letting you grind on him; you decide to play into his hands.
your breaths grow quicker as you keep on, pace becoming erratic. all you want is to get rid of your track pants 鈥 come to think of it, what you actually want is eren under you whilst you continuously bounce on his cock. you want to hear him call you princess and immediately after call you his little whore because that's exactly what you are.
eren has a little smile on his lips and you know you should ask yourself why 鈥 because you're doing exactly what he has forbidden you to do 鈥 but you're too far gone. the heat growing, you feel your knees buckle but he's holding you up; one hand now resting on your waist for support. you're so close 鈥
and then he pulls away from you, nearly causing you to topple over. chest heaving, you place your hands on your knees for balance, "what the fuck was 鈥 "
"patience is a virtue," interrupting you with a laugh, but his voice heavy with lust, "thought i might give you a lesson you're ought to remember."
you look up to see eren palming his erection through his pants, standing about an arm's length away from you, "but i have to admit, hearing you getting yourself off is fucking hot."
biting your teeth together, you straighten up and take a step toward him 鈥 only for him to click his tongue in disapproval, "you're gonna stay right there," tugging at his pants he raises his eyebrow, "i told you what i want, get on your knees for me."
"the fuck i will," you spit out and make a move again, grasping for his waistband. but eren is quick to take a hold of your hand and pushes you back to the wall, "come on, now, princess," he chuckles but his eyes are concentrated at you, "you want this, don't you?". he's asking for permission, the thought feeling very comforting to you. and also, very excited for what's about to come.
"of course, i do," you answer him earnestly, resting the back of your head against the wall, "or else i wouldn't be here."
"fantastic," he breathes, a little smile playing in the corners of his mouth, "then get down on your knees," placing his hands on your shoulders, weighing you down, "i won't ask again."
the change of tone in his voice has you nodding, slowly sinking onto your knees, you're bursting in anticipation. one hand finally pulling down his pants, he runs his other through your hair, then down your jaw until it comes to rest on your chin.
thumbing at your lower lip, he groans "do i have to be careful?"
you just shake your head no. then you break away from his gaze, fixing your eyes on the bobbing cock in front of you. it's tip leaking with precum already, you remember how badly you wanted to lick it away yesterday.
taking his cock at its base, you bend forward and slide your tongue around its head. the salty taste sending shudders down your spine, you make sure to lift your eyes again once you prepare to take it all down your throat. your other hand snakes up to his balls, slightly tugging them which earns you a moan from eren, and fuck, you're so wet at the sound alone, you let go of his cock and slide one hand down to your own center.
he gathers your hair in one hand, taking the base of his throbbing cock in the other, "bet this is what you thought of yesterday," he slowly but surely pulls your head in closer, "of how i fuck the words right out of you."
bucking your hips into your own hand, you can do nothing but whimper at his words. because yes, this is exactly what you imagined. he's only halfway in and you're already struggling to breathe, but not wanting him to stop you hold your breath and push down even further; trying desperately not to moan.
the tears in your eyes causing your vision to be blurry, you attempt to blink them away.
"shit 鈥 ", he's pumping into you now, rubbing the tears from your cheeks and then placing both his hands on your head, "you're doing so well 鈥 "
getting lost in his words, the fear of being caught is so far away; you finally moan around his cock. saliva soaking the hem of his shirt, you can't seem to take his whole length, no matter how hard you try. you're a fucking mess under him and the thought alone is nearly sending you over the edge.
he's trying to pull away now and you know he's close, so you snake your hand around his hip, hoping this is enough of a sign to him that if he dared to cum anywhere else than down your throat, you'd bite him.
"you really 鈥 " his voice is hoarse, "fuck 鈥 this is fucking perfect," he moans as he comes to the realization. leaning his arm against the wall behind you, he's fucking himself into your mouth, his panting and the sound of your choking filling the room.
you close your eyes to blink the tears away again, but eren pulls on your hair, "no 鈥 look at me."
with this the knot in your belly explodes, leaving you holding on to eren's hip as you ride the waves of electricity that are running through your body like lava.
"such a good little whore 鈥 " he's gone as well, holding your head in place as he's pumping his load down your throat, leaving you no other option than to swallow 鈥 which you eagerly do. you feel his legs shaking under your hands.
once again, eren hands you his shirt to clean your face. this time, you take it with a smile, noting that, "i still have your other one."
"don't worry, i'll come get it sometime when sasha's away," the two of you know exactly what this means 鈥 neither of you are planning on this to be over anytime soon.
"i'll let you know, then," you nod and stand up, hoping you don't look as well-fucked as you feel, and make your way to the door, "she's gone most of the time."
Tumblr media
taglist: @jeageristbaby @icedkoffees @blondeboyfriend @peachysimp @levibasketcase @zimzalabim1110 @droolingoverfanfics if you want to be added to the taglist, shoot me a message!
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valeskakingdoma month ago
Could I request a part 3? Jerome keeps the reader as his hostage for popularity and attention. Reader is really fond of the attention she gets as well and eventually sleeps with Jerome again? In the end she sees how Galavan kills him and is really sad?
Requested by @violentvaleska
For sure!! But again I gonna split this part in 2 because I noticed it would have been too long instead ahaha. I try to hurry with part 4!! Honestly, it's really cool to write oneshots!
And here it is:
Jerome x female reader (part 3)
Warning: mention of sex, depression and death
Word count: 3459
Gift credit: @jokersbabe27
Tumblr media
"And here is our bedroom!" Jerome opened another wooden door and lead you into it.
You were irritated by his assertion 'our bed'. You weren't a couple or something. He just kidnapped and called you his property.
You examined the room. White pained walls, claret velvet curtains, a king size bed with while pillows and blankets, and some furnishungs. It didn't look that bad, much better than your little apartment.
"It's...pretty." You gave him a short smile hoping he would believe your faked comfortableness.
Actually you didn't feel well about that. You were around lunatics who either killed or are people...and you, you were the only sane one. You were clearly a victim for them. Sooner or later they would cause you problems.
You started to think about all the cruel things they could do to you in case, Jerome was not there: they could scare you away, haunt you for fun, or...leaving their sexual needs out on you. It was horrible, you literally lived in hell now.
The worse part was on it: you would be a loner if Jerome was gone. A nobody. Nobody would help you. Hell, they'd probably just mock at you that Jerome's property was just an anxious fool and that they couldn't understand what Jerome liked about you so much - you didn't even understand it. You were just a one off.
"But uhm...Jerome?" You turned to him.
"Yes, doll?" Jerome gave you a wide smile glaring at you with his big blue eyes.
"I need clothes... And all my clothes are in my apartment and-..." You knew you couldn't go back.
Not because of him and all your feelings for him- oh no, you wished you could go to your friend to forget the moment where Jerome frightened you to death. His permanent mood changes exhausted you a lot. On your way to his hostage, he made everyone clear that you were his property. No one was allowed to touch you nor to talk to you...They weren't even allowed to look at you. It was crazy. You should just belong to him, he was literally crazy about you.
So yeah, you couldn't go. If you went away, he'd chase you...and if he caught you, you'd probably end up dead.
"You don't need your old clothes, doll." He walked to one of the shelves and opened it: Lacy underwear, seemingly expensive but nice dresses, and some shirts with pants filled it.
"Uhm-..." Before you could say anything, you were interrupted by an older man in a black tuxedo and yelled dark brown hair.
You knew this man: Theo Galavan, the one coming into office of Gotham's major.
But what does he have to do with all the lunatics? And why were they living in his tower? It confused you a lot. In the TV, he seemed to be a good guy. Rich, clever, apparently cared Zabout all citizen's wealth. He wanted to safe the city, or even makes it a better place for everyone.
Your feeling told you though, he was the total opposite: a villain who wants to reign over Gotham.
Why else would he keep lunatics in his tower?! You thought.
"Jerome," Theo Galavan slowly stepped forward with a grin in his face, his hands were folded into each other "I see, you show our new guest her new hostage." He turned to you "I'm Theo Galavan, call me Theo."
"(Y/n)." You gave him a nervous smile.
"I'm sorry, you've been arrived during such ordinary circumstances." He placed his hand on his chest "It wasn't planned to scare you away. But I think we both know Jerome's little tick for an overdramatic show, don't we?"
"O-ohhh, yeah, uhm... it's... it's fine?...yeah," You stammered a little while trying "It was uhm... adventurous." You chuckled nervously completely ignoring his little question.
"Indeed," Theo chuckled darkly rubbing his palms, then he walked a few steps to Jerome and whispered something in his ear. You couldn't understand what he was saying though. You just felt uncomfortable about two people talking behind your back but right in front of you. You just could see Jerome nodding with a grin as both looked at each other. Something was wrong, that you can tell.
"Anyways," Theo turned around with a smile in his face "I leave you two alone now. Some privacy should be appropriated. It was a pleasure to meet you (Y/n) and welcome home." He shut the door and left our room before you could say anything.
"That guy's amazing, did I tell you? If you know him, you'll understand me. He's a big authority and-..."
"What did he tell you?" You interrupted him giving him a stern look "It was about me, wasn't it?" You didn't know where you've got that brave from. Maybe because you were a little scared about what exactly Theo whispered into Jerome's ear?
"I really hate it when some interrupts me..." Jerome grumbled giving you a death stare, his bearing was cramped and he clenched his fists; it looked like he was about to kill you every minute "It's very impolite to interrupt someone, don't you think?"
You couldn't say anything so you just nodded quickly in panicking and fear. More and more you just wanted to go home. You wished you never took the bus to your friend, instead you just could've ask them to hook you up then you wouldn't have been here.
You really didn't want to live like that: being frightened from your oh so called partner because he could kill you every time you were doing a mistake in his eyes.
"Good," but then his death stare and cramped bearing faded instantly and as always he gave you a warm smile "Now to answer your question..." Jerome grabbed your waist pulling you close to him, his nails were dug in your skin that it almost hurt a little "He and I made a little deal before know...kidnapped you."
"And what for a deal?" You frowned confused.
"You should stay here telling nobody about him keeping me and the others here and so on...because if not he kills you." He chuckled louldy "Isn't that fun? He really thinks he can kill you."
You widened your eyes in shock and fear. You hoped you haven't heard it right. Theo will kill you if you lose any word about this here? You won't be able to go back to your home? To message your friends? Nothing?
More and more you felt like a prisoner...and more and more you felt like an object than a human. You were pressured, they decided everything for you... practically your only task was to entertain Jerome...however he wanted it.
"Don't worry, doll, he won't even dare to lay a finger on you." Jerome grabbed your cheeks softly and leaned his forehead against yours, his lips hovered over yours "Because I am the boss. Really no one wants me to be mad because you know... they'll end up dead."
He pressed his lips on yours roughly, his grip on your cheeks tightened. His tongue slipped into your mouth while he nibbled on your lower lip. You let out a little moan in arousal. As if it was a reflex you automatically wrapped your arms around his neck.
Jerome's hands wandered down; along your breasts what made you shiver and gasp, his hands stopped at your waist.
"I almost forgot the feeling when I touch your soft lips doll." Jerome interrupted the kiss and let out a sigh in arousal throwing his head back.
You blushed hard, a slight giggle escaped your lips.
With this kiss, Jerome calmed you down a lot. It let you remind of that one special night again: the butterflies in your stomach, the happiness... You could say, for a short moment you almost forgot about his craziness and him being a murderer.
On the other hand, you still felt strange about the whole thing. A criminal was obsessed with you, his obsession was that big that no one was allowed to do anything with you...and also that you couldn't go back to your friends... You didn't like it at all. Your friends were more important to you than Jerome. You knew them for years and him... You've just met once.
Jerome kissed you again deeply, then he made his way down your jawline to your neck. You let out a little moan as he kissed started to suck on your sweet spot. His hands travelled under your shirt up to your bra clip to open it. You unbottoned his shirt and ripped it off his body while he tugged your bra from your body. You felt him biting your neck, first slightly then harder. It hurt a little and you knew that you'd be marked sooner or later - but you didn't mind. You knew what was coming right now. It was exactly like the first time you two had sex.
Jerome ripped your shirt off from your body and then stopped every single actions. He was eyes you, he stared at every little part of your body. He was like a wild animal staring at its prey and just waited for the perfect moment to catch it.
It made you shiver, but you loved it anyhow. It was very new but you could get used to it.
"Oh, how I missed that view," Jerome bit his lip with lust still viewing your whole body "Time to make up that whole year."
Jerome grabbed you by your waist and literally threw you into the king size bed right behind you. He was so eager to rip your clothes from your body to feel all this pleasure he has felt one year ago. He wanted to feel your soft skin on his, to hear you moans every time he thrusted into you, he wanted to be into you. He couldn't wait for it, so violently he unbottoned your jeans literally ripped them off your body.
You blushed hard. You were excited, surprised, but still you felt uncomfortable. You wondered whst was happening now. Does he expect any dirty kinks from you? Calling him daddy? Any pet names? Or other ordinary kinks?
You hoped for the best, you hoped nothing would have changed and you could just go on.
Jerome grabbed your face again and kissed you deeply nibbling on your lower lip. While that he pulled down your panties and inserted a finger into your cunt. You let out a sharp moan and your hips bucked quickly through the strong intensity of him hitting your sweet spot. You couldn't help but digging you nails in the sheets of his bed and arching your back as he speeded up.
He was rougher with you than before, almost violently. It hurt and was fast but it felt so good at the same time. You started liking it even more than the soft stuff one year ago. Your pleasure was stronger and him being rough kind of turned you on.
Jerome inserted another finger into your wet entrance what let you moan a little louder and your hips bucked.
Jerome curled up his fingers inside you harder and faster what made you moan louder. You grabbed the sheets of the bed tight to handle this big amount of pleasure.
Your back arched as he hit your g spot for another time. There again, you had this incredible feeling, all the upcoming pleasure in your body caused you a cribbing feeling in your abdomen that spread through your limbs up to your shoulders - this time it was much more intense though. Your core was aching and you became needy for his cock. Indeed, you were well pleasured but you want more. You wanted him to bury his member inside of you, filling up every inch of your cunt, making you scream and cum over and over again.
All your sorrows and worries disappeared all of a sudden. You didn't do anything for it; You just had eyes for Jerome and how he'd make you done undome several times. You didn't care about whether the others would hear you or not, you didn't care whether you'd rip the sheets apart or vice versa. You didn't care about anything.
You bit your lip in pleasure after you let out a loud moan as you noticed you were close.
Jerome pressed his thumb on your clit while continuing to pleasure you making you gasp. Your moans became louder and it became harder to hold them back. They way he did it just made you feel so good.
"Close already, huh?" Jerome pressed his thumb harder on your clit rubbing it in circling motions "Come for me, doll." His eyes kept staring on you. He loved hearing you moan his name through all the pleasure he was giving you. It aroused him much more than usual. He missed you and all this - he really did. The things that happened in his cell were nothing compared to you.
"Ahh fuck!" Right after he finished his sentence you released yourself with a lot cry.
The sweat was dripping down your forehead, you breathed heavy and uneven, and your legs were shaking and felt weak.
It was amazing for you. You admitted to yourself how much you missed this and you now remembered how good he made you feel.
With his strength, Jerome turned you around on your stomach waisting no time.
You blushed hard being a little worried about what's coming next.
"On all four, kitten." You blushed harder and did what he said. You felt a little strange with that nickname, it was very new to you, and honestly you would have never expected that from Jerome. His first impression to was him being a soft guy who rather prefers the normal way of how sex goes like...and generally, he didn't seem to be a dominant and rough guy.
You heard him walking a few steps backwards taking something. You were a little afraid what was coming now. You were afraid that he was taking a knife or other kind of weapons to do with you some dirty acts.
"My, my, my...You have such a beautiful body, you know that kitten?" Suddenly you felt something cold and sharp wandering down your spine. It made you shiver and gasp. You knew it was a knife and you just waited until Jerome started to hurt you "How many boys might have touched you when I was absent?"
"N-no one...w-where-...." You stammered in fear hoping nothing bad will happen. You didn't know where he's got that from suddenly. Was he jealous? Was he 'scared' that you could have a boyfriend and that he needs to make a plan to kill him?
"You really want me to believe that?" Jerome unbottoned his jeans and grabbed your waist violently inserting his dick into your wet entrance "It sounds a little surreal, don't you think? Who would not betray a blood-thirsty and cold-hearted murderer who's busted in Arkham?"
He didn't move though. Instead he pulled pulled on your hair tight that your head fell back what are you moan again. But instantly, your breathe hitched as you felt a cold and sharp knife pressed on your throat. Now you were scared, almost panicking. You hoped he didn't slit your throat.
"You know, I'm not a fan telling me a lie." He pressed the knife harder against your throat. You cut feel how the sharp blade cut your thin skin. Your body shivered in fear, your pulse was running and your breath was uneven. It felt like every minute could be your last one, it was just a matter of time until he killed you.
"I-I would n-never lie to you." You stammered quickly "H-honestly, I j-just though about y-you..." It was the truth. You really did. The whole year where Jerome was gone you didn't even think of dating a boy or of a simple one off. You were too much stuck in your thoughts about him, how he was doing, what he has become...
"Is that so?" Jerome didn't really sound convinced what let you panicking more.
"Y-yes," You gulped because you knew what you had to say now: you had to say you liked him "You J-Jerome...the l-last year was...i-it was hard for me b-because-..."
"Because?" You felt how the blade was pressed deeper in your skin and slightly moved to make a longer cut in your throat.
"Well," You gasped as Jerome stopped moving the blade " y-you..."
This was not completely true but not completely wrong, as well. You did like him, but the old him more. You weren't scared of the old Jerome, you liked him being soft and kind...not frightening with this permanent changing behavior.
He said nothing at first, you could just feel his grin against your ear.
He put the blade aside what let you sigh in relief. You calmed down a little seeing the blade on the floor.
"I know, doll." His head moved from your ear, his hands were both placed on your waist.
And again, he started to thrusted violently into your wet entrance. You swore with a loud moan and arched your back.
Immediately, Jerome speeded up permanently pushing you against him to drill his member deeper into your cunt. His nails were dug into your waist what made you biting your lip.
Your whole body felt weak with every thrust he did into you. You body shivered slightly through this overwhelming pleasure. Every thrust hurt more, each of your moans became louder. Your nails were dug into the sheets of the bed deeply but still the pleasure he was giving you was too much. You couldn't handle it.
You moaned louder, almost uncontrollably, then your body gave in and you slightly collapsed in the bed.
Jerome though didn't waist no time - he kept drilling his member into you, grabbed your hair and pulled you upwards by your hair again.
"Oh my God, Jerome!" You cried out in pleasure while your legs shivered.
"So eager for my cock, you little slut, aren't we?" Jerome grunted and speeded up a third time.
You moaned louder, almost screamed. You felt how your walls clenched against his cock - you were close. You didn't know whether you could hold it back. It all was too much for you. You felt a knot in your stomach that was built up. It hardened with every thrust Jerome did.
"Fuck, I'm gonna-...!" You almost screamed digging your nails deeper in the sheets of the bed as you came. You couldn't even finish your sentence. With a few more thrusts, Jerome came as well.
You both collapsed on the bed. He still laid on you not even pulling out his member.
Silence filled the room for a while, just your gasps for air broke it here and there.
You felt Jerome's warm breathe on your skin every time he breathed out.
You closed your eyes for a moment enjoying this half broken silence.
Many thoughts crashed in your head together:
You told Jerome that you liked him and he surely will take advantage of it. Maybe he wants to force you to violent things like shooting at people or hurting them otherwise? And every time, you refuse he'd tell you stupid stuff like but I thought you like me, doll. You kinda regret what you said because you knew it will have consequences.
Another point would be his now increasing obsession and possessiveness towards you. Now he had the final proof that you wanted to be his and no one could ruin him that. He could call you his property because you liked him which meant for him: you wanted to be with him, you wanted to be his queen of Gotham, you wanted to spread chaos with him. Everyone else was his rival.
But then you thought that on the other hand, it was okay to be his. Everyone knew crazy Jerome could probably be so no one wanted him to be mad, as he said. And so nothing would happen to you.
"Even better than the first time" Jerome rolled off of you staring at the ceiling for a while while taking deep breathes.
"I agree," You slightly chuckled.
"And doll, " Jerome grabbed your cheeks pressing his face against yours that his lips hovered over yours "Never forget who you belong to. We don't want things turning out bad, do we?"
"N-no." You shook your head fast.
"Good...because you're mine."
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gmoonlight01a month ago
Hello! I hope you had pass your exam. May I ask a scenario with Kiba with a girlfriend on her period? And maybe she suffers really bad of cramps, and everything hurts.( not mee ed on my period right now ahaha) Thank you if you will do it 馃挏
Tumblr media
Period Cramps
Kiba x fem! Reader
Summary: Reader is on bad period cramps and Kiba got home from a mission.
Warnings: sfw, domestic fluffs, period pains
A/N: I do hope u鈥檙e not experiencing period cramps as well馃槶 aand ty for wishing the best in my exam 馃ズ馃拵
Tumblr media
You were wincing in pain as you lay down flat in the bed. Kiba's out on a mission and you're too tired to do your chores, too tired to cook and too tired to go out. The only thing that's been making you stand up is when you're going to change the pads.
Second day of your period would always give the worst period cramps. You felt your stomach clutching, whimpering and anytime soon your tears are going to fall because your hormonal changes.
Lightly squeezing your abdomen which is really painful you turned to face the bed table and slowly closed your eyes, tears slowly falling from the pain you're experiencing.
Moments later you felt some calloused hands caressing your hair, your face almost turned into crumpled paper from waking up in your slumber, once again feeling the familiar pain of your abdomen.
"I'm back y/n sorry for disturbing you..."
You just gave back a nod. Getting this cranky look on your face that surprised Kiba a bit. "What's the problem are you okay?" You just nodded again. You did not answer a word, not because of annoyance but just too tired to do so.
"Hey.. You look pale."
You decided to hug his hips as he was sitting beside you, Kiba was a bit shocked and you almost felt bad from your actions the way you snuggled yourself in his hips. He was tired from missions and you wouldn't want to bother him.
You stayed like that as he continued caressing your hair instinctively, you find it comforting and in between the hugs you've been murmuring.
鈥淧eriod cramps. Abdominal pain."
You heard Kiba chuckled. Slightly pushing you away but gently placing you back in the bed. He kneeled down to kiss your forehead.
"Akamaru take care of y/n for awhile okay? I'll be back."
You felt panic rushing to your system. You held his leather jacket, emotions once again building up. "Where are you going?"
He landed a kiss on your forehead and gave his classic wide smile. "I'll be back I promise it won't take long."
Trying to fight back from tiredness and constantly told yourself you'll wait for Kiba. It was almost late at night and the period cramps are getting out of hand as well. Akamaru hearing your soft but painful whimpers, he came to you with such concern and you slowly doze off in exhaustion.
He found you sleeping on the floor while hugging Akamaru's body. He smiled by the thought of it while holding the paper bags. Kiba leaned in the door and took his time watching you, he's been smiling so much and so bright that he dangerously loved it already.
The exact scene of the glowing night while you and his ninken cuddle each other. His tiredness from missions are easily paved away and of course Kiba's soft spot is Akamaru and you. Seeing that kind of sweet spot flutters his stomach.
Who would have thought he'll be this lucky to have you.
Kiba's senses came back to reality when he heard you whimper, he goes closer to your side and gently carried you back in the bed. You lazily opened your eyes and saw the man that鈥檚 always been patient, sweet and understanding to you.
You lay down flat in the bed, he placed down a note and took out lots of things from the paper bags.
Your eyes darted on the notes. Messy handwritings of Kiba were actually displayed that made you chuckle. Since when did Kiba started taking such notes?
"I'm sure you haven't eaten yet. I don't know your cravings so I bought your favorite food instead."
You just nodded and you ate quietly while Kiba just stared you. He loves seeing you in your bed hair and some few minutes of eating a heatpad was pressed to your stomach.
鈥淢ust hurt right? I don't know what I should do.."
It was awkward for him, despite having a sister from his clan he never handled things like this in such hands on ways. Finally done eating, your hands traveled to the notes. You smiled.
"Where did you get this?" He sheepishly rubbed the back of his nape while you silently read what is written.
-Find out her cravings
-Hot compress on lower back or abdomen
-Anti-inflammatory meds
-Acupuncture and acupressure
-Soft bed and pillows
-Night pads
-No caffeine and soda
"I asked sister what to do and asked help for Hinata buying those. I'm sorry..." You gave out a chuckle, for some quite time you forgot the menstrual cramps.
"Do you want anything? I can still go out."
You shook your head off and patted the comforter of the bed. "Just cuddles." which he willingly did so. He held the heating pad while he snuggled behind you, lightly caressing your stomach and giving soft kisses on your shoulders.
For some quite time, you felt the different smell which Kiba definitely smells. Your cheeks blushed when he landed wet kisses on your neck.
鈥淚鈥檒l be a good boy tonight...Promise..鈥 He answered huskily.
"I'm sorry... for being a pain" You murmured
He held you tighter and placed a kiss on your cheeks. Hearing his voice and chuckles near your earlobes sent shivers on your spine but it was immediately replaced by flutters in your stomach.
"Nah. Taking care of you is always the favorite part of my day."
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whitespace-writings2 months ago
KEL brainrot at 3 am go brrr
This was kinda self indulgent since like,, it was bothering me how much Kel got the least comfort out of the group...grrr
so yeah
warnings; uHhhh spoilers for the game?? also not proofread rip
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"It's okay"
Kel is usually a happy person.
He is always cheerful, always showcases a contagious bright smile that could literally make feel everyone better. And even if he is sad, he doesn't let it break away the smile he'd always have.
Kel doesn't let the sadness affect him, and as much as you admire him for that, it is really an unhealthy way of coping. He'd laugh away the sadness and the tears he'd shed.
Just like now.
" didn't really bother me that much...Hero needed my parents' comfort more than I do anyways..." He trailed off, averting his eyes from you. He quickly looks back at you as if he realizes what he's doing, before attempting to put on a bigger smile, "But yeah, it's whatever..hehe..."
there he goes again.
"Stop that," you shook your head, Kel notices the hurtful expression you're displaying infront of him. His eyes went wide a bit, leaning forward, "A-ah wait, sorry, I didn't mean to-"
"no" you firmly said, bringig up your hands to cup both of his cheeks. His face immediately goes red. You were usually not that bold towards him. He stays silent.
"Don't..." You trailed off, eyes wandering off away from his as you search for anything else to say without offending him, "you're doing it're sad, admit it"
Kel's smile quivers a little, "r-really though, it's okay...I'm..I'm don't have to worry about me..!"
"Kel," You sighed, rubbing his cheek affectionately with your thumb as you spoke softly, "You don't have to always keep smiling for everyone else's sake, you've gone through so much for the past few years...admit it, were sad and lonely, admit it"
He opens his mouth to say something, except he immediately closes it as he decides to listen more of what you had to say.
But then your eyes went wide as you realized what you said might have been misunderstood and he could've taken it the wrong way, "wait n-no, that's not what I meant-"
Kel audibly chuckles, reaching up to ruffle your hair a bit at your panicked state, as if to calm you down, "it's okay...I knew what you meant..."
You looked back at him and were quite surprised to see him tearing up. Normally you would be worried're actually quite relieved to see him crying. Relieved that he was no longer holding back and was finally letting them all out.
"T-thanks, [name]..." He sniffled, reaching to his face to wipe some of the tears that were falling down. You softly smiled at him, leaning in to press a small kiss on his nose, before pulling him in to a tight and loving embrace.
"of course."
Tumblr media
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forevermybubblegum9 months ago
Tumblr media
THE forest hummed with life all around you. Your eyes squinted open slowly, mind still trapped in a foggy haze, as you gazed up at the orange painted sky, searching for the birds that flew about. The sun broke through the cracks, lighting up the dark bushy greenwood decorated with outgrown roots, wildflowers and fallen leaves that crunched as you tried to sit upwards. You shielded your eyes, taking in the fragrance of minty grass and damp earth. Each breath feeling like water, fresh and cleansing, flowing freely into your lungs.
You feel little bit of shock spark through you as you feel a heavy body on your lap, it's Tanjiro's head resting gently on your lap as he breathes slowly through his mouth, face dusted black with dirt and debris.
"What....?"You mumbled as your eyes widened when you spotted your other teammates Inosuke and Zenitsu sprawled on the floor unconscious and beaten.
You gasped, "Nezuko!"You exclaimed as you spotted Nezuko out of her box in the same state as others, you pondered through your thoughts trying to remember the events of the nightfall. Oh yes,You all were fighting a duo from the twelve kizuki, they were the most powerful foes you had ever faced and from the looks of it your team had succeded because they would have either kidnapped or killed you all if they had won.
Just then while you were recalling back your memory, A flash from the past whiffed through your mind in a blur,
"Tanjiro!"You had yelled, as Tanjiro whipped an arm to tell you to stand back, "Stay back Y/n!, your gonna get hur--Ack!" The female opponent landed him a powerful flying spin kick to the head, causing him to collide into the ground as figments shattered about.
"How dare you!"You had screeched as you sheated out your black katana from its scabbard. You held it firmly in both hands, the gradient glimmering in the blood moon light.You weren't the strongest and your hands were shaking more than it ever had, but you couldn't afford to let fear falter your determination to protect your comrades. Zenitsu and Inosuke were busy with the Male Demon, you could at least stall her for a while.
"You're mine pest!"She taunted as her long tongue fell out her mouth and she sped towards you, you screamed as you charged towards her but she slid under you and wrapped her long lizard-like tail around you neck, you dropped your sword in the rush of things and tried to loosen your neck as you were being chocked.
"Y/n!Y/n!"Inosuke and Zenitsu immediately charged towards you but were immediately blocked further by the male demon,"Oh no you don't!" He sang, cackling melancholicly.
She unwrapped her tail from your neck and dropped you to the floor as you gasped for breath heavily then feeling her tail tug unto your right leg and pull you up to hang you upside down, "Hmmmm, such nice soft legs..I wonder what will happen if I break them"She whispered,red eyes gleaming as she ran her tongue down from your knee to your ankle and you bit your lip in disgust,eyes shut tight.
"Heheeheee..."You heard a crack, not believing it was yours till the strong wave of pain ran through your veins. You screeched in pain as surprised birds flew out the trees they had being hiding in.
"Y/n!!"Your teammates yelled as the other crack was heard, the pain was unbearable, tears streamed down your eyes as you screamed and could do nothing more than tha--.
You snapped out of the nostalgic recap and looked to see yourself still staring at Tanjiro as you gently ran your hand through his red hair with a smile on your face.You then removed his head from your lap and placed it gently on a folded piece of your robe next to you as you stared at your right leg, the bruise was more than noticeable and you gently tried to massage it to see if it would help but- "Ow!" You winced in pain as you shut an eye.
You then began to hear footsteps inching nearer and nearer to you, you stiffed yourself, scared to death that it was another demon when Hashiras and medical care came in the sight of your E/c pupils rushing to you all. You let out a loud sigh in relief as Shinobu rushed to you and you rested your head on her lap when did.
"Shinobu...san..."You breathed out with a smile on your lips as she gently shushed you with a worried frown on her face, you slowly began to lose consciousness once more as you fell into a deep sleep.
*Few Weeks Later*
"Y/n...I miss you, I'm so sorry for not protecting you..Y/n.."You felt a pair of warm hands cupping your right one as you slowly squinted your eyes open, sun kissing your skin lightly through the scraped space of the half opened window.
"T...tanjiro?"You asked softly as you turned your face to look at him, his worried eyes widened in joy as he jumped up from his chair.
"T-tanjirooo!"You tried to match up his enthusiasm as he hugged you while you were on the bed, your right foot wrapped in a cast filled with colorful signatures. You giggled in joy and you hugged him back with one arm patting his back.
"Y/n forgive me..."Tanjiro said in a serious tone gently and calmly,falling back onto his chair. "Tanjiro I--"
"I let you down, its my fault that your leg...and you were so badly injured I--"
"Tanjiro its not your fault, I charged in when I shouldn't hav--"
"BECAUSE YOU WERE PROTECTING ME!"He yelled furiously as you were taken aback by his outburst.
"I-I'm sorry Y/n.."He mumbled in a downhearted tone as you reached in and placed your hand on top of his.
"Yoshi yoshi Tanjiro-kun"You sang gently as he laughed and sniffed, giving you his usual kind smile.
"Okay I know what im going to do!!"He exclaimed with his hands resting on his hips like a superhero.
"Hm?What?"You asked gently with a smile on your face.
"Im gonna be the one to take care of you while you recover!!"He annouced as your brows shot up.
"Ehhhh! Tanjiro you dont have to do tha--!!"
"I will and I will!!"He exclaimed as you smiled to yourself, knowing you couldn't stop him anymore after he had made his choice.
"Y/nnnnnnnnn!!!"You heard Zenitsu burst into your hospital room with tears streaming down his face.
"I knew I heard your voice! I missed you!!"He cried and went up to hug you which you reciprocated, "Zenitsuu! Y/n needs her rest!"Tanjiro warned as Zenitsu stuck his tongue out at him and skipped out of the room,wiggling his eyebrows at both you and Tanjiro as you noticed Tanjiro's cheeks dust in a light shade of pink.
"How is Nezuko and Inosuke?"You asked as Tanjiro gave you a reassuring smile.
"Ah they are well and hearty,Nezuko really wanted to see you after she woke up"He informed as you giggled, Nezuko was your closest and only girl-friend in the group, both of you were inseperable.
"Ahaha, I want to see her too"
"Y/n! You better get well so we can fight each other again!"You heard Inosuke's voice as he walked past your room,You chuckled and yelled "Will do!"in response, just happy to hear from everyone again.
A few days passed and....,"Chu chuuu!"Tanjiro mimicked a moving train as you opened your mouth and he placed the spoon filled with steaming rice and curry inside your mouth and you chewed it slowly.
"Tanjiro, you know you don't have to say chu chuu everytime you feed me"You pouted as he laughed and ruffled you hair in a caring manner and you ate more of the curry.
* * * * * *
Another day passed by and the morning had reached quicker than expected, Tanjiro as you've guessed had never left your side, he even read you a book every night as you doozed off.
"Good morning Y/n, It's time for your bandage change, Tanjiro would you like to stay?"The nurse asked as he nodded in response, both of you had been chatting before the nurse had come in. The syringe needle then came in sight taunting you as your eyes widened in horror,
"Not again"You whined, squirming in your bed as she smiled in pity,knowing this was your worse part of the day.
"It will be okay Y/n,I'm here"Tanjiro said as you took a deep breath and as much as you wanted to jump out of the bed you took his hand in yours and squeezed it tight instead.
"Ow.."You yelped startled as she injected you and few seconds later she was done, then changing your bandage and leaving.
"See that wasn't so bad"He smiled causing the tips of your lips to quirk up as well,"Yes, it really wasn't"You replied gently as you then realized both of you were still holding hands.
"Um...I-"You face increased steadily in its temperature as your cheeks reddened in a noticeable manner.
"Y/n?What's wrong?Are you coming down with a fever?"He asked, worry dipping from his wrods as he raised up your straightened h/c bangs and placed his strong forehead on yours causing you heartbeat to quicken.
"I-I-I need to rest! Yeah, thats what I need!"You blabbered in a flustered manner as you fell onto your bed and faced the opposite side of him so that he could see your back instead.
"Okay, I actually do have to go train now, Sleep well Y/n"Tanjiro's gentle voice rang through your ear and you bit the inside of your cheek.
"Why does he make me feel this way?.." You thought calming yourself down as you began to doze off into a serene state of rest.
* * * * *
"Y/nnnn cmon just take it!"Tanjiro whined, pleading you as you shook your head even more.
"You wont get better if you don't"He said giving you another reason to take your disgusting medications from the tray they laid on.
"Ugh fine..I hate this"You mubled as he beamed, happy yhat you armgreed and placed them on your palm accompanied by a glass of refreshing water. You shut your eyes close and quickly downed the drugs,grimacing in distate.
"Bitter..."You mumbled, smacking your tongue against your upper mouth as Tanjiro patted your head as his usual form of comfort.
* * * * *
"The Traveler then strolled into the forest and was never seen or heard from, 'again'"Tanjiro narrated the book in a scary way as he shut it close, laughing at how scared you were quivering under your bed sheet.
"Y/n dont be scared, Im here to protect you and this time without fail"He smiled as you removed the blanket from you and looked up at him.
"Thank you Tanjiro, I lo--"You stopped yourself, were you just about to say you loved him?, Do you love him?, Does he love you the same way you do? Do--
"Y/n!"Tanjiro yelled worriedly as you snapped out of your thoughts and back to reality.
"Are you alright!?"He asked as he placed both hands on your shoulder and you laughed in response, "I'm fine Tanjiro-kun, thank you for taking care of me"
"Don't thank me for doing my duty Y/n"He replied as he took your right hand into his warm ones,beaming once more as your heart thumped like it usually did when you were around him.
* * * * * *
"Slowly, one more step, yes you're doing it"Tanjiro smiled and instructed you as he helped you to walk down the hallway , your leg had actually recovered to the point where you were allowed to leave your hospital room and see your friends.
"I can't do it Tanjiro-san!"You whined with an arm slung on Tanjiro's shoulder for support.
"Yes you can Y/n, try try!"He supported you with encouraging words as you smiled and continued to walk with him. Ignoring the pain and limping to the field where Inosuke, Zenitsu and Nezuko were according to Tanjiro.
"Mina!!Guys!"You exclaimed as Nezuko who had been running away from Zenitsu paused to stare at you, you could see the edge of her brows perk up in worry as she hurried towards you and engulfed you in a hug.
"Yoshi yoshi Nezuko-chan, I missed you too"You giggled as Nezuko cuddled her head on your chest.
"I see you're ready to spar me again idiot"Inosuke smirked as the same expression found its way to your face.
"Come at me stupid"You responded as he began to run up to you but was blocked by Tanjiro.
"Leave Y/n Alone Inosuke, Fight me instead"Tanjiro said as Inosuke thought about it for a second and accepted his offer.
"Wait..."You thought as you stared at the space Tanjiro was supposed to be in next to you, only see blank lines of his body causing you to fall to the ground.
" butt.."You mumbled, rubbing your backside as everyone gasped and ran up to you. You stared at their distraught faces and couldnt help stifling and then bursting out laughing. Everyone except nezuko joined in while she just blinked and looked around like usual.
* * * * * * *
"Can I open my eyes now?"You asked pouting as you waved your arms around to make sure you didn't hit anything since all you could see was black because Tanjiro was covering your eyes.
"Almost there"He told you as you pouted even more and continued walking,you then noticed you were in the field because of how normal the grass had felt tickling your feet.
Your eyes were uncovered and you stared at the beautiful arrangement of hung flowers,decorations and tables filled with food and snacks, it was nighttime as well and in the background of the midnight sky you could hear the whistle of fireworks as they bursted in a pure bliss of colorful sparks all around.
"HAPPY RECOVERY Y/N!!!!"Everyone including you team, friends, nurses and even the hashira's came out of their hiding spots and yelled out to you as the fireworks continued in the background.
Gentle and silent tears streamed down your cheeks as your heart ached,"Thank you guys,thank you so mu--"You were surprised to feel yourself held by the shoulders and twisted right to face someone.
"Tanjiro, w-what are you--"You were cut off by his lips pressing gently on yours as he placed his hands firmly onto your waist, with eyes wide and a thumping heart his kiss stole all thoughts that had enveloped your mind.
The crowd began to cheer loudly as your eyes fluttered close and with hot cheeks you willingly kissed him back, wrapping your eyes around his neck gently and humming in gentle pleasure.
"Yeah Tanjiro go get some!!"The Fire Hashira yelled as he was smacked in the head by Giyuu.
"Young b-beautiful"The Love Hashira mumbled as she wiped the tears forming at the corner of her lids.
He then pulled away causing you to whimper at the lost of his lips as he placed his forehead on yours, "Y/n, I love you"He said, breathing heavily but still gentle enough to not be heard.
"Tanjiro, I...I love you too"You smiled genuinely, heart skipping in the background.
"Will you be mine?"He asked as he knelt on one knee, holding a rose that came out of nowhere with a hopeful smile on his face.
"I--"You then nodded, being too nervous to answer his question properly, "Oh my God guys she said Yes!!!"Tanjiro yelled to everyone as they all began to cheer and clap excitedly. He then embraced you in a warm and loving hug which you accepted. Standing on your tip toes to peck him on the lips, its a good thing your leg was fully healed.
"You and I forever Y/n"He whispered in your ear as you smiled and nodded.
"Mhm, You and I forever, Tanjiro-kun."
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seeuonadarknite9 months ago
as a friend 鈥 yandere haiba lev x f. reader
Tumblr media
request: Yandere Lev Haiba with shy reader who is Nekoma's manager and has has a crush on him ever since he joined? Everyone knows about her crush including Lev who is fed up with her denying it, even to his face 馃挄 btw I love your icon, I have the same one on Twitter but not pink lol
鉂 ooh ty! at the time this was requested my pfp was just a manga icon that i overlapped w/ pink ahaha. hope you enjoy this tho! i am so sorry if lev is ooc i鈥檓 bad at writing him.
warnings: manipulation, nonconsensual touching, toxic relationships
"I.. I like you as a friend."
You timidly fiddled your fingers, despondently hanging your head low. As much as it pained you to feign your emotions and hide the fact that you did in fact have feelings for the lanky Russian, you were almost positive that they were unrequited. There was no way in hell that you were going to risk ruining your valuable friendship over something as trivial as a schoolgirl crush.
If only you were aware of how utterly frustrating it was for the male you had evidently been pining after. You'd deny your feelings for him time after time, but your actions spoke louder than your words. You made it obvious in the way that you clearly favored him over all of the other team members.
"Come on, [y/n]! I know that you like me. Heh, don't deny it!" Although his words were playful, it was hard to ignore the frustration that laced his tone as spoke. He was tired of you denying your feelings like a stubborn brat.
"N-Not true..! I have to go." Sending him one last sheepish grin, you bowed, stammering out a dozen apologies to the male you had let down once again. However, before he could even muster up a response, you were hurriedly making your way towards the two large gym doors.
If there was one thing that scared you more than public speaking, it was confrontation. Nerves were hitting you like a runway truck, and if you lingered around for much longer you'd surely end up humiliating yourself in front of the boy you deeply admired.
A frown tore across the middle blocker's face as he dejectedly watched you depart. Watching you scurry away after rejecting his advances seemed to be a sight he had grown used to.
This was probably the third time this week that he had pulled you aside after practice in order to try and confront you about your feelings. Perhaps he was getting.. too aggressive. Why would a timid girl like you openly admit to your feelings after being repeatedly cornered by the male in question?
He needed to have a change in plan. It was possible that the reason you wouldn't confess to him was due to the fact that you feared rejection. That just meant that all he needed to do to win you over was prove that you truly had nothing to fear, and that he adored you just as much as you did him. If not more.
Unlike you, Lev was very open about his feelings and had no issue with outwardly displaying his overbearing affections.
This would be a walk in the park for him.
It was during your lunch break that Lev had casually snuck up behind you and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. The gesture in itself sent anxiety shooting through every nerve of your body. Was he trying to embarrass you in front of your entire lunch table?
What made matters worse was the fact that this wasn't the first display of affection that you've been shown by him today. Ever since you stepped foot into the densely populated school, Lev has been clinging to you like a bloodsucking leech.
"[y/n], I didn't know you had a boyfriend." Your best friend skeptically eyed the taller male's lanky arm slung around your shoulder. She had every right to be suspicious; you would immediately tell her about something as big as this.
You couldn't help but tremble in fear as your self proclaimed boyfriend squeezed your shoulder with his large hand. You wanted to frantically deny it, shake your head at rapid speeds, but you felt threatened with the way that his catlike eyes locked onto yours.
On any normal circumstance, you'd feel comfortable and at ease around the happy-go-lucky middle blocker. He had a chipper personality that made it easy for just about anyone to be around him. But ever since you bashfully rejected his claim last night, he's been acting extremely out of character. He's basically resorted to forcing himself upon you. It felt as if his goofy personality was nothing but a false front put on to bait people in.
"Yeah! She was so shy about it鈥 I had to make the first move!" The way he naturally carried his words caused your stomach to twist into a tight knot. What the hell was he on about? Sure, you had feelings for him, but you never agreed on a relationship. This wasn't the Lev that you knew.
As you parted your lips to retaliate, you felt Lev's swift hand drift down from your shoulder to your waist. He squeezed the curve as if telling you that what he was doing was natural, and that you had no reason to deny his claims. Isn't this what you had initially wanted? Lev's treating you like a princess. You shouldn't be acting so difficult.
Inhaling a deep breath, you tentatively leaned into Lev's side, sending your gawking friends a plastic smile. This is what you wanted, you would remind yourself. The boy of your dreams is finally all yours, and you're rightfully his. But something about the concept of belonging to Lev sent chills running up your spine.
With the way that his arm remained possessively locked around your frame, saying you felt uneasy was an understatement. His obsession with getting you to come out of your shell and admit your feelings permeated his goofy personality. It made him delusional.
One could say you found comfort in the way that his lopsided smile sent jolts of warmth through your body. But his current behavior was far from lighthearted and bubbly. It was stained with obsession.
Lev seemed to notice the way you quivered in fear as he rested his head on top of yours, because after shooting your skeptical friends one last plastic smile, he moved his head and placed a sloppy kiss under your ear.
"Don't act so frightened, I know you've fantasized about me like this." If it wasn't for the fact that his mouth was directly beside your ear, you wouldn't have been able to hear his hushed coos.
If only you hadn't rejected his advances time after time, you would've been in this exact position. Only instead of fear coiling in the pits of your stomach, you would've felt fluttering butterflies tickling at your senses. This was all your fault.
You had created a monster.
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kibadreams10 months ago
[Wait Right There!]/[What Makes a Marriage Partner] (Ghost Marriage Special Event Translation Parts 21+22)
Tumblr media
Summary: Ace finally reaches the wedding venue and delivers the most badass wedding speech ever.
I had such a newfound appreciation for Ace as a character and the overall writing/composition of the event story after reading these parts. I think this is my favourite bit of the event.
-Do NOT repost, or use as the base for another language translation without my permission
-All mistakes are mine
-TL under the cut
Part 21: Wait Right There!
[Cafeteria - Wedding Ceremony]
Kiss! Kiss! Kiiiss!
We can only move our mouths. There's nothing else to do, we're bored.
Ah, it is almost midnight鈥. Finally, the time to seal our vows with a kiss!
Once we exchange kisses, Idia and I can be together forever in the country of the dead.
At long last, I shall be happy鈥..!
鈥...Isn't this about to actually get bad for real?
It is, but there's nothing we can鈥...
That- that voice!
Haah鈥aah鈥 I made it!
Wh- who on earth are you鈥...
Ah. There's a heart-shaped mark on your face! You're one of the intruders I was warned about?!
Don't you dare get in the way of my precious wedding!
What the hell do you mean by precious wedding. You've just been going around doing whatever you want.
I'm gonna put that ring on your finger right now and send you to the afterlife!!
Keep you hands off our princess!
*Magic poof*
Tch. So there's still some retainer ghosts left!
My princess, we shall deal with this.
Please hurry and seal your vows with a kiss!
I shall!
Part 22: What Makes a Marriage Partner
[Cafeteria - Wedding Ceremony]
Crap. They just keep regenerating鈥.. They're some stubborn ghosts, alright.
My princess, the kiss! Hurry!
Honestly, Idia-sama. For how long do you intend to be this stubborn and try to escape?
I just鈥 wa-wa-wa-want to ensure that my first time is something special.
Take a look at Idia-senpai. He can only struggle using his face, but you can see how much he really doesn't want this.
I know you guys think the princess is wrong in doing this, too!
鈥...Everything we do is for the princess.
We have always been by her side watching over her, ever since she was young.
She was so gentle and bright. The whole country looked forward to her future.
And yet鈥...
We were suddenly invaded by our neighbouring country, and everything was destroyed overnight.
But she never once blamed us for failing to protect her, and always kept smiling.
"It's fine." "Don't worry." "It's 聽okay." "I'm sure, one day鈥.." she'd never stop saying.
We cannot stand to have those sad things said in front of us!
She dreamt for five hundred years that she'd meet her prince, yet that wish remained ungranted鈥.. She has spent countless years in despair.
All of us retainers simply want to grant our beloved princess her one single wish.
Our鈥. poor, precious princess鈥...
[Even so, you're causing a lot of people grief]
[But by doing this, you're just making more people 'poor'.]
Haha! Y/N is right.
No matter the circumstances, that gives you no reason to cause others grief.
And firstly, the princess' "ideal prince" simply doesn't exist.
What? He doesn't鈥..?
There's never going to be anyone that fits exactly to your ideals. It's obvious when you stop and think for second.
How- how dare you speak to the princess in that manner!
My princess, do not listen to him! Without a doubt, Idia-sama is your ideal prince鈥...
It's exactly because you keep giving her false hopes that she keeps searching for a partner that doesn't exist!
I feel like I've seen this kind of thing happen before, but鈥....
Just because you feel sorry for her, doesn't mean you gotta treat her like glass! It isn't a way of being thoughtful to her!
In the end, you're just avoiding the actual problem and taking the easy way out!
My ears hurt鈥..
You need to give it to her straight! What's important about a bridegroom isn't just their appearance.
Then鈥.. Other than his looks, how do I choose a prince?
Like ~I'm~ saying~! First of all, leave the prince part out of it.
What makes an ideal marriage partner鈥..
A person who'll cry and laugh along with you. Someone that'll try their best with you no matter how rough it gets.
鈥..Something like that. Don't make me say embarassing stuff!
Shouldn't you ghosts have already taught her this?
You've been by her side for five hundred years鈥. you say it's all for her but you haven't done a single thing!
*Door opens*
Ace is right.
Thank you so much for reading my translation! If you enjoyed it, please consider supporting me by tipping me on kofi: 聽ko-fi(.) com(/) kibadreams (Tumblr removes posts with direct links from the tags) I do these TLs in my own free time and my financial situation isn鈥檛 great due to corona complications so I would be really appreciative to receive some tips.
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astrologysvt11 months ago
this mess on weverse 馃槀
***Warning rough translations ahead*****
Carat: oh jihoon! it's minyuk do you remember me?? we went to high school together ahaha has production been going well? you should tell me about the song ahaha since we're friends, how about it 馃檱馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
Woozi: your name is minyuk? if you're really minyuk i'll tell you
Carat: Whoa what 銋犮厾 you really remember me?? yes yes it's me minyuk
Woozi: it's been so long how have you been??
Carat: I've been well 銋犮厾
Woozi: minyuk say hi these are carats. you're super popular with our fans minyuk dude.
Woozi: minyuk maaaan
Woozi: first person to get minyuk's last name can know
Carat: hi carats!!! i'm dokgo minyuk
Woozi: dokgo minyuk
Woozi: if you can verify you're dokgo minyuk i'll tell you
Woozi: i'm only telling minyuk
(carat kinda went out of character lolol)
Carat: whoa i love you. tell me tell me i wont tell anyone
Carat: you've said so many sweet things, hoon-flutter* i see you...
*same play on words as seung-flutter, or 鞀鬼枆靹 carats were harassing woozi with the other day and he was spamming "no" to the other day 馃槀
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vannahfanficsa year ago
I know you've currently got quite the list already, but could i request an X Drake and Jewelry Bonney fic with the prompt "Birthday Cake"? It can be platonic or romantic, as there isn't as much of an age gap between them (Oda says even he isn't really sure of her real age due to her powers), but go with what you're comfortable with. I just like someone as stern but secretly shy as Drake interacting with a woman as rough and boisterous as Bonney, lol.
Here鈥檚 your latest request, love! It is definitely the sauciest thing I have ever written and you can jot that down to my headcanon that Bonney is a flirtatious little devil queen. Fufufufu, I hope you enjoy it
Icing on the Cake
Bonney released a loud, contented sigh as she plopped down onto the bar chair, leaning against its wooden back as she propped her booted feet on the small table. She slung her arm lazily over the shoulder and twirled the luscious strands of her bubblegum-pink hair around her finger while flashing a wink at the very uncomfortable waiter. He flushed the color of her hair before whirling on his heel to scurry off to the bar, because the entirety of the staff already knew what 鈥淏ig Eater鈥 Bonney liked to partake in. This particular bar was one of her favorite haunts, and regardless of where she was or what she was doing, she always made a voyage to this island at a particular time of the year鈥
This bar, of all the many restaurants Bonney had frequented in her life, simply had the most delectable, delicious, irresistible birthday cake that she had ever tasted!
The bar had been anticipating her arrival, as most of the patrons consisted of her crew, who were already in various states of drunk. Plates and glasses had already begun flying about, and the poor cleaning staff were struggling to maneuver brooms through the writhing, sweaty bodies to sweep away the glass, because the rowdy pirates would surely turn on them once they got a glass shard to the sole of their foot. A large flagon of cream soda was delivered to Bonney鈥檚 waiting hand. Normally, of course, she would drown herself in alcohol like the rest of her mates, but the bitter taste of beer went horribly with the sweet birthday cake! No, tonight, Bonney was going to deliver herself to a sugar coma rather than a drunken stupor.
A big smile painted her face as she sloppily chugged on the frothy soda, a faint line of fizz decorating her face as she slammed it down and demanded another. Balancing the chair on two legs as she contentedly eased it back and forth, Bonney was relaxed despite the raucous atmosphere. Birthday cake~ Birthday cake~ she chanted blissfully in her mind, swinging her finger about to the tune. Everywhere else she would be slamming her fists and hurling chairs if she didn鈥檛 immediately have her food, but this was the rare instance in which patience was well rewarded. Drool began to pool in the corner of her mouth as she imagined it being brandished on a silver platter, an entire tiered strawberry and cream cake being presented to her and her only鈥 Ooh, she could literally taste the creamy buttercream on her tongue already! She clicked her tongue as she reeled her mind back in, lest she truly become irritable at waiting. She didn鈥檛 want to hound the kitchen staff at the expense at her delicious cake, after all鈥
The door to the bar was suddenly slammed open. Everyone in the bar hall, including Bonney, whirled their heads about to stare in awe at whoever dared to trespass on what was temporarily the pirate lass鈥檚 domain. Her mouth twisted into a mischievous smirk as she recognized the large, hulk, intimidating form of Marine-turned-pirate X Drake. His sharp blue eyes scanned the disheveled bar scene until they landed on Bonney鈥檚 lounging, grinning form.
鈥淢y, my. It seems this bar is already taken.鈥 Bonney released a coquettish whimper as his low, rumbling, deep voice graced her pretty little ears; Bonney鈥檚 love of men nearly rivaled her love of food, and she would be a fool to deny that the muscled ginger cut a very attractive figure. His eyes were trained on her, waiting for her reaction, and Bonney instantly shifted into coy vixen mode. With a girlish flutter of her eyelashes, she began tracing intricate patterns into the exposed skin of her thigh and shifted her body to give him a healthy view of her assets.
鈥淣onsense, Drake,鈥 she cooed invitingly. 鈥淭he more the merrier. Come sit with me a while
Bonney refused to remove her feet from the table as Drake dragged a chair over to sit across from her; after all, her long, shapely legs were one of her best features, and like hell she wasn鈥檛 going to have them on full display for her handsome suitor. 鈥淭ell me,鈥 she hummed while continuing to paint invisible patterns in her milky smooth skin, 鈥渨hat brings X Drake to this little spot in the sea?鈥 His eye flickered uncomfortably to her swirling finger before darting back up to her.
鈥淲hat brings Jewelry Bonney to this little spot in the sea?鈥 he countered calmly. She fell back into the chair with an airy laugh; oh, he was playing along, how fun! She tilted her head, exposing her neck to him with every amount of suggestiveness, and eyed him good-humoredly.
鈥淥h, were you not aware? It鈥檚 my birthday, and this little joint happens to have the best birthday cake in all the Grand Line!鈥 His expression remained stony.
鈥淗appy birthday.鈥 She pursed her lips in a disappointed pout, finally bringing her legs down from the table only to plaster her large chest across its surface; the blush crept further up Drake鈥檚 thick neck as they nearly spilled out of her flimsy ruffled tank top.
鈥淥h, Drakey, honey, surely you can manage more feeling than that?鈥 she whined pitifully. 鈥淵ou make me think you don鈥檛 care!鈥 The corner of his mouth tugged down into a very painful frown. Bonney was not one to let up the chase. The chair鈥檚 legs piercingly scraped the floor as she dragged it closer to him to wrap a dainty little hand around his thick bicep. His ears were burning pink now, and he looked away with a grunt as it blazed over his cheeks.
鈥淲hat are you doing, woman?鈥
鈥淲hy, I鈥檓 just enjoying the company of a sexy man~鈥 she answered unabashedly. 鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing else to do while I wait for my birthday cake, so I might as well have a little fun Ahaha! Could he be shy with women? A weakness I never expected from him, but amusing all the same! 鈥淲hat is it?鈥 she asked with a striking but false change in mood, her eyes growing big and wide and her lips poking out in a sad little pout. 鈥淒o you not think I鈥檓 pretty?鈥 One of her many talents was crying on command, so it was nothing to will a few sparkling tears into her big brown eyes.
鈥淲hat? I- no- of course- um,鈥 he began stammering uncontrollably. As his face turned the color of a tomato, Bonney simply couldn鈥檛 help but begin chortling; oh, how easy it was to fluster him! 鈥淵-you鈥檙e a very striking young lady鈥︹ he admitted after repairing the short-circuit in his frazzled brain. Bonney squealed in delight and then all but jumped into his lap, hooking her long legs at either side of the chair while she pressed her lower abdomen against his. Drake鈥檚 back slammed into the back of the chair in a pitiful effort to put distance between them, but the wooden structure prevented his escape. Chuckling darkly as her eyes glittered hungrily, she began running her nails lightly up and down his chiseled, exposed pectoral and abdominal muscles.
鈥淭ell me, how do you get muscles like these? Your workout regimen must be brutal,鈥 she tutted in mock sympathy.
鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 he growled through clenched teeth. Bonney clicked her tongue and lightly tapped the underside of his chin.
鈥淥h, lighten up, honey; it鈥檚 just a bit of fun, like I said. What, do you not enjoy a strapping young fox like me on your lap? You want a little younger? Or a little older?鈥 she asked tauntingly, using her Devil Fruit powers to alter her appearance in accordance to her questions. Drake had his head tilted back and eyes trained on the ceiling. Ah, his resistance was so much more satisfying than him drooling at her feet! His large hands suddenly jumped up to wrap firmly around her upper arms.
鈥淭his is not my idea of fun.鈥 His tense growl was in direct opposite to the sneaking glance he shot at her cleavage. Bonney cooed like a dove, leaning forward to very purposefully press them against the X-mark tattooed to his chest. Her hand swept up to his head, knocking off his flared hat to begin teasing his styled golden-orange hair. 鈥淵ou are playing a dangerous game,鈥 he warned with a pointed look, but this time made no effort to cease her ministrations. Bonney bit down on her tongue, giving a pleased wriggle on his lap as he began to relinquish himself to her teasing clutches.
鈥淚 love dangerous games,鈥 she breathed against his face, eyelashes fluttering like innocent butterflies. His fingers dug into the flesh of her upper arm as he wrestled with his own pride and self-control; she was having such a way with him so easily, so of course the poor thing was resisting it. A vein was bulging in his forehead from how hard he was trying to curb Bonney鈥檚 temptations. Slowly, very slowly, his hands loosened and slid down her slim arms to settle at the curved juncture of her waist and hips. 鈥淎tta boy, Drakey,鈥 she applauded, awarding him with another sensual fidget on her throne.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know who鈥檚 the dangerous one here, me or you,鈥 he laughed dryly. The man was finally beginning to enjoy himself, judging from the deprecating leer he was wearing. Bonney snickered as she traced the X-shaped scar decorating his prominent chin.
鈥淒efinitely me.鈥 Her brown eyes flickered to the door of the kitchen as it was thrust open, and finally, finally, her birthday cake was ready. It was a massive specimen, made of four spongey tiers laden with buckets of thick white icing with gobs of bright pink icing painting the edges. It was covered in round rainbow sprinkles which were raining down onto the wooden floor as the three cooks hobbled towards the table, burdened by its massive weight. Bonney clapped her hands together with a trill of glee and whirled around so that her back was now resting against Drake鈥檚 broad chest.
鈥淎re you really going to eat all that?鈥 he asked with obvious concern. Bonney tutted and reached behind her to pat his cheek.
鈥淥h, honey, you really do know nothing about me. We鈥檒l have to amend that,鈥 she sighed deeply in play hurt. Her expression didn鈥檛 convey that in the slightest, however; her starving eyes were like glittering smoky quartz as she licked her lips, beholding the ginormous birthday cake as it was slid onto the table, ripe for her taking. Bonney was not one for propriety; she wasn鈥檛 going to take this baby a slice at a time. No sooner had the head chef handed her a large fork did she stab into the bottom tier of the cake, revealing the rich strawberry cake concealed beneath the curtain of white. She heard Drake choke as she shoveled a huge mass of the cake into her mouth. Instantaneously, she was delivered to the realm of sugary bliss. The strawberry cake was just the perfect texture and burst in sweet-tart sambas across her tongue, while the saccharine creamy icing waltzed in slower but no less powerful tunes in conjunction. With a small groan of pleasure, she melted against the very confused and confusingly aroused man seated beneath her petite frame. After the sweet fog cleared from her mind, she grinned devilishly and looked up at Drake, making quite a show of licking excess icing from the corner of her mouth.
鈥淗ow cruel. You鈥檙e going to make me sit here and watch while I get nothing?鈥 The way his deep bass voice rumbled against her back was so nice to Bonney. Coyly, she pressed a finger to her lips as feigned mulling the prospect over. Of course, there was no way in hell she was going to sacrifice even one sliver of her birthday cake to him, at least not yet鈥 But, there was a way she could spin the situation further into her favor.
鈥淥h, what to do? You have been so generous in keeping me entertained, so perhaps I can let you have just a little taste,鈥 she reasoned as she rolled her gaze around thoughtfully before landing on his face once more. Eyes trained on the smug and amused X Drake, she dipped a finger in the thick icing before smearing it all over her slightly puckered lips. His eyebrows shot up to the roots of his hair, and Bonney laughed delightedly while kicking the floor with the soles of her boots at the return of his bashfulness. He gulped and stared hard at the sweet icing decorating her soft and oh so very kissable lips. 鈥淲hat is it, Drakey?鈥 she asked while twisting to the side to lounge against his thick arm, which was draped over the edge of the table. 鈥淵ou鈥檇 better hurry before I change my mind,鈥 she said while teasingly flicking the top of her bottom lip with the very tip of her tongue.
鈥淵ou are a seductress,鈥 he snarled huskily at her in a blend of frustration and hilarity. Bonney arched her back into him as his face descended quickly over hers, hungry lips devouring hers in an instant. Bonney鈥檚 hand played with his now-mussed tufts of ginger hair as his tongue greedily licked every trace of icing from her lips. Of course he didn鈥檛 stop there; as Bonney laughed lightly, it dove into her mouth to tangle heatedly with her own, and she found the flavor of him mixing with the sweet taste of the icing to be simply immaculate. Happy birthday to me~
Bonney had ventured to this little hole-in-the-wall, backwater island for some simple birthday fun, but landing a big, tough, manly playmate for the night was definitely the icing on the cake鈥 聽
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