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#may of myth
story-thief · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys!! Just popping in a little doodle I did today, nothing special or fancy, just a bored with math and done with this crap concept art doodle. Ya know. The usual. Anywho I’m really liking it so far!! Tell me your thoughts, ideas and/or wants and you might get to help design him! I’m gonna be dumping buckets of him everywhere for mermay and like everything else that involves MerKiri!! .
This is my art please do not trace or repost without my permissio. But feel free to reblog it, that would be greatly appreciated!
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worstloki · 16 days ago
Isn't Loki canonically pansexual?
Comic Loki is bisexual and genderfluid and has been written such since Al Ewing’s Agent of Asgard run. 
Confusion comes in with bi/pan being seen as interchangeable and/or because Mackenzie Lee’s novel Where Mischief Lies had Loki being pansexual.
Tom Hiddleston recently said Loki is pansexual, but he was aware around TDW that Loki is bisexual/genderfluid in the comics. 
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nostalgia-tblr · 26 days ago
I like when the Resolution bin-Dalek scans Thirteen and sees the two hearts and instantly backs the hell away even before she’s told it who she is like it knows this is game over already its shit is going to get fucked up here there is no way this can end well for it.
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diegraced · a month ago
hey ! if you can see this post on your dash, it means I love you you survived my follow purge ! owo thank you for your support, patience, and interest in kaey; it hasn't gone unnoticed. ❤
Tumblr media
if you're confused, please see this post, as well as this post.
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angel-archivist · a month ago
I have so many questions about how you would retell the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, but I fear I will derail the conversion so I will merely ask this: Would you give Orpheus the happy ending we all want him to have with a sweet and sappy reunion between two dead lovers spurred on by the chill king of the underworld and his pretty badass wife?
UR NOT DERAILING AT ALL, I wanna talk about the THOUGHTS i HAVE and i have so SO SO MANY Y... So i will give you all my very basic outlines of thoughts... First im debating making the relationship a strong platonic love and like a friendship and care!!! and Orpheus and Eurydice's met when he was trying 2 start a band or whatever it didnt go anywhere but they started writing each others songs and they both had a really important favorite song that they had written together and yah yeah!!!!!!!! 
But after there lil band went nowhere Orpheus and Eurydice's were still close and stuff, but then he started expanding his interest in different monsters, gods whatever trying to cataloguing and creating a record of them, Eurydice's was like: hey no. do not go and try to get yourself killed like that, eventually this leads to Orpheus needing to be saved BY her and that leads to a big argument where she tries to get him to stop running around he refuses to listen 2 her and she leaves, and then she ‘vanishes’ (there was some kind of car accident is what Orpheus is told its unclear what really happened) 
but yeah :’]] then enter random dude whos been having like dreams about the underworld, and Orpheus and Eurydice's and hes able to track down Orpheus’s place and hes like: hey bestie can you please stop appearing in my dreamss tyyy <3 and Orpheus is like: go back did u say underworld. then road trip time or something where Orpheus lead by this the dude. When they finally get to the entrance of the underworld (with a few other new besties or whatever) they all get separated cuz 🙄i dunno ig facing off a god of the undead alone is pretty cool and hes like: hey dude can you please give me my friend back </3 
But im pretty sure that i WILL reunite the friends/ lovers (potentially) and stuff BUT like at a cost or something bc greek tragedy or something 
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andiwriteunderthemoon · a month ago
Dear Me —
This is not the time to think of starting a mythological fiction WIP.
This is not the time to think of starting a mythological fiction WIP.
This is not the time to think of starting a mythological fiction WIP.
This is not– fine, I can’t stop myself because I’m already getting some ideas, especially with motifs and stuff, but also I need to at least read some more mythological fiction or just READ MORE because otherwise the brain well will run dry pretty soon.
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of-forossa · a month ago
@mildmcnnered // rows of faces marked by trials and tribulations each, the height of legends within their reach // accepting.
Who are you that stands in the hall of Proclus the Glorious?
There is no voice that speaks within your ears, no direction given from words not your own. They echo as an inquiry that comes from within rather than without, as though your heart has beaten it against your chest. You stand before the display, so ornate and proud despite the dust long since gathered upon the armaments laid out for you to admire. Greaves and bracers that gleam as new despite the scars etched into them, a breastplate battered but not broken held out as though just for you, a trident with prongs that speak of a sharpness unsullied by the wages of time or the battles ended at the end of its points... and a shining helm formed as though from the hands of your gods.
That of a gladiator, of one who spills blood not for the glory of a king or commandment by god but for the glory of the self, for the adulation of the roaring crowd.
Who are you that stands in the hall of Proclus the Glorious?
Repetition, the beating of your heart growing stronger and fiercer from within its cage of bone. An answer to a question you have known since the day of your birth, since the days of meaning and want have slipped between your fingers as grains of sand. For you are no one, with no one to call your own and no legacy save the dust of your bones when at last the shroud of death is draped over you. Every breath in your lungs is that of a ghost, without person or presence in this world, with no house or home or hearth to host your empty spirit. Isn’t that why you were drawn here, far from the laughter and life of your fellow men in pursuit of a meaning you know yourself not to possess, led to this ancient hall to this ancient armor for an ancient reason to be?
Who are you that stands in the hall of Proclus the Glorious?
It thrums in tune to the beat now, as though you have not lived until now. For the bracers and greaves fit as though they were forged for you, the trident an extension of the self you never knew was lost, the weight of the helm upon your head an old friend you had forgotten in the deepest depths of your apathy... only the breastplate remains. Your hands do not trace the craftsmanship and the memories of the battles and triumphs hammered into it with reverence but with the solemnness your sacrifice deserves, and when you trace the names of all those that have come before you and etched themselves on the inside of the armor you do so knowing that you follow in their steps.
To renounce your name, to become something more than you could have ever hoped to be.
Who are you that stands in the hall of Proclus the Glorious?
You carve your name into the bronze. You take a breath. In, out.
“I am Proclus, and my glory has only just begun.”
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anousagi · a month ago
Tumblr media
nyx is born on march 20th just before dawn. she’s left at one of amateraru’s shrines by her mother and father for unknown reasons. seeing this, amaterasu takes her in and adopts her as her own child.
nyx is raised by amaterasu and the other celestials. given lessons on calligraphy, music, dancing, sword fighting, and most importantly: brush techniques. these are studies she took very seriously as a child. staying up late into the night, practicing her lines and the proper strokes for every technique. above all things, her greatest strength is her steady hand with her celestial brush.
at 10 years old, she’s introduced to other families of celestials. including those from the moon, and the moon kingdom. it is brief, and at the time nyx was quite aloof, offering only smiles to show her appreciation. she knows a bit more about them once she’s a bit older-- but doesn’t interact often.
at 12 she was given her celestial brush, her gold one. it’s name is Seicho, which means growth. it is the first of only two major spiritual weapons she has, and her most prized possession. upon being given this brush, she is also elevated to the status of a god, and can officially be considered a celestial.
for her new status, the moon kingdom gifts her a dozen rabbits. these are her first and most senior attendants. 
at 16 she finishes her studies, and becomes the goddess of spring. initially taking her duties very very seriously. playing her part, and acting as fleeting breeze, painting blossoms and new leaves. always followed by two of her attendants, each of which aid with grinding her ink and jotting down her progress.
at 23 nyx has expanded her influence a bit, and now takes care of the spring season alone. her accompanying attendants only there to provide extra eyes and ears, and the much appreciated conversation as she goes. every other year, she also helps her mother with summer.
at 25 her mother gifts her the sword tsumugari. it is a powerful sword, and the second of nyx’s two spiritual weapons. the weapon was retrieved after the defeat of orochi, and is adept at slaying evil.
at 30+ ---- this is where we are now. she is a fully fledged goddess, that uses her off seasons to venture to other neighboring lands. exploring, and admiring other types of climates and cultures.
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agentsofcuteanimals · a month ago
Tumblr media
Myth AU for March Madness - Philinda Siren AU *Special Edition For Ashley* 
Babe is void time
He saw her tail but he didn’t care he just wanted to be with her 
they talked about sailing to a quiet place and build a home together, going on adventures and explore the ocean
he just needed to pack a few things and they will meet tomorrow night at the same spot
Phil: I’ll be back, I promise 
so she waited
one night, two nights, three nights
he broke his promise
20 year passed by
she kept waiting even though she knew he won’t be back, thinking he had second thoughts about her and everything he said was a lie
she kept waiting with a broken heart, even after 200 years when she was dying she was still there 
hoping to see him again
little did she know he planned on returning the next night, he wanted to keep his promise but there was a fire 
he held his grandmother's ring which he intends to purpose with in the future, fighting to find a way out of the burning building
the last thing on his mind before the fire took him was her smile 
he died trying to get back to her and she died waiting for a man who will never return
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agentsofcuteanimals · a month ago
Tumblr media
Myth AU for March Madness - Philinda Siren AU Part 4
After the third time philinda met, they would go on treasure hunts together
Sometimes he will go alone and he will bring back treasures he find for her
And sometimes she will give him little trinkets she finds
They would meet in their spot and sit on that giant rock back to back
He would tell her stories and she would listen
Sometimes he has nightmares about a one of his stories
When that happens she will sing him the softest songs to help him get past it
After a few times of that they talked about it and he told her the magic helped him get over his nightmares but her being there is what helped him get over his past
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seventhholder · a month ago
Tumblr media
@symbol-of-terror​​ said: "Bitch."
                            Unprompted inbox starters // ALWAYS ACCEPTING
While she could understand where the insult was coming from, it still hurt hearing that word leave his lips. The pain and suffering her grandson must have suffered in her absence. Even if she had the chance, she hadn’t gone back for him. Each of her actions were done for the sake of her family, to keep them safe — at least, that is what she believed. This was how it was going to be then, standing before the man that All For One had created. He had become like this because of her actions with her own son. ❝ Your anger is warranted, and I don’t expect you to understand my decisions. But, I did what I thought was right at the time. ❞ She stated after a long pause. Whether he believed her or not, it was her truth. She had thought her actions to be right in order to stop All For One. She had done the best that she could, and yet before her stood her grandson hurting beyond measure. 
Tumblr media
Gray orbs studied Tomura a man who was no longer Tenko. Nothing she said would erase the past nor would her words be enough to soothe the man she had inevitably caused him. No amount of what-ifs would change the fact that had she not left her son, than perhaps Tenko would have never became Tomura. However, there was part of Nana that wanted to believe he would hear her out. She wanted to believe that because he stood before her perhaps they could understand each other, if only a little. ❝ My intentions were never to hurt you, and I don’t believe that an apology would change the way you feel. But there has to be some part of you that realizes he led you astray. ❞ She was the villain in his mind, the one who had abandoned her family. The hero who never came to rescue him. She had only done that in order to protect them from All For One, and yet some how he had still fallen in his grasp.
She had no right to call him by the name he no longer went by, she had no right to ask for his forgiveness. ❝ Did you really come all this way just to call me a bitch? ❞ She inquired after a moment, her gaze remaining on him as she spoke. If nothing else, she could at least keep him hear a little longer  — though perhaps that was selfish of her, selfish of the woman who blamed herself for Tomura and what he had become. The world she had wanted to create had failed the moment her grandson had lost his smile.
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agentsofcuteanimals · a month ago
Tumblr media
Myth AU for March Madness - Philinda Siren AU - "Phil Loves Sashimi"
Phil: 💡💡💡 Melinda = siren = fish
Phil: I want to slurp a sexy fish 😏😏😏
Phil: *To Melinda* Let's have fish for dinner *wink wink*
Melinda: *Looks at him like 🤨 dlwosslhud wtf is this potato is he threatening me?!??!* I want to eat a potato
Phil: 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Melinda: 🔪🔪🔪🔪
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agentsofcuteanimals · a month ago
Tumblr media
Myth AU for March Madness - Philinda Siren AU - "Under The Sea"
Melinda: *At Phil* 🎵🎶Under the seaaaa under the seaaaaaaa🎶🎵
Phil: 😍😍😍
Melinda: 🎶🎵Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter take it from me🎵🎶
Phil: 😳😳😳
Melinda: *Smirks*
Phil: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Philinda: 💦💦💦🙈🥔🥔🙈💦💦💦
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agentsofcuteanimals · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Myth AU for March Madness - Philinda Siren AU Part 3
the third time philinda saw each other Melinda haven't been back at the same spot for a while
she wanted to but the mistrust on his face when he saw her tail was too much
so she left and has been saving people from other places
the reason why she saves people instead of luring them to their deaths is because she can see what they want the most
and when people are dying all she can see is that they want to live and be with their friends and families again
she didn't plan on seeing Phil again but she can't help thinking about him and she figured it's been long enough she can go back to that spot
But Phil has been waiting for her
he was shocked when he found out she was a siren and ok maybe he backed away from her but when he saw the hurt in her eyes just before she dive back in the ocean and disappeared he felt like his heart left with her
and he knows she is not evil because if she was she would not have saved him
so he has been coming back here every night hoping she would also come back
when Melinda got there she didn't see Phil at first
he decided he would have a better chance at talking to her if he sees her first and not the other way around
so when she arrived the giant rock he was on last time the met, he tried to get as close to her as possible before she runs away
but she sensed him and she starts swimming away and phil knows he can't catch up so the pretended to drown and shouted HELP ME HELP ARGG
of course melinda rushed to save him just like she did the first and second time
when she got close she realized he wasn't drowning and was ready to swim away so he dropped the act
Phil: No wait! *Reached for her hand and held it* Please I just want to talk
She looked at their hands and then his eyes and that's when she saw what he want the most, and it was her
so she held his hand too
Phil: Hi I'm Phil
Melinda: I know
and that's the most beautiful voice he's ever heard
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agentsofcuteanimals · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Myth AU for March Madness - Philinda Siren AU Part 2
p.s. this siren au is based on the middle ages interpretation where a siren is part fish and basically the evil version of mermaids
The second time Melinda saw Phil he was sitting on a giant rock talking to the ocean
Phil: *Sigh* I know she might not come back it's been a month she probably went to another place ... no it’s not weird I- I just want to see her again ...I don't even know her name ...maybe she wasn't real, maybe I dream about a beautiful girl swimming in the middle of the night and tried to save me *scoff* who swims in the middle of the night
she thought he was cute but she also knew how humans would react if they found out she was part fish so she kept quiet
but then he saw her so she starts to swim back into the ocean to keep her identity a secret
his leg cramped up trying to catch up to her and she had to save him
he was so happy to see her he kept making heart eyes at her and introduced himself like 
Phil: 😍 *Cough* 😍 Hi 😍 *Coughing up water* 😍 I’m 😍 *Cough cough cough* 😍 I’m Phil 😍
Melinda: *Small smile* 
Phil: *B E A M I N G*
then he saw her tail
and Melinda’s face fell
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agentsofcuteanimals · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Myth AU for March Madness - Philinda Siren AU Part 1
Au where Melinda is a siren but she secretly saves drowning victims instead of luring men to their death and Phil is a pirate
Phil: *Splashing around in the water having a good time*
Melinda “humans splashing water = need help” May: *Dash towards phil and tries to lift his head above water*
Phil: woaAAH HEY HEY-
Melinda: *Thinking to herself* Stupid humans stop struggling I'm trying to save you
Phil: *Managed to push her away* WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!
Melinda: *Shook because she realizes he's not drowning*
Phil: *Caught a glimpse of her and brain stops functioning* 
Melinda: . . . 
Phil: *Brain functions comes back online* Uhh
Melinda: *Instinctively knocks him out and drags him on land* . . .he was drowning *small nod, and swims away*
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beingjanee · 2 months ago
Hello! I was reading your reply about your favorite actor and you listed Cho Seung Woo and for the longest of time I’ve wondered: how is he perceived in Korea? I mean: is he really famous? Is he well regarded as an artist?
Oh man, yes, Jo Seung-woo is very, very famous in Korea. 
He’s a little out of the box in that he’s unique among Korean actors for remaining so strongly devoted to musical theater, even though he actually began his career in film. Film is regarded the most prestigious medium for actors to work in (see Song Kang-ho, who has literally never acted in anything aside from film), and Jo Seung-woo became a star due to his film roles. One of his most iconic roles was as the main character in Tazza, which is still regarded as one of the most popular films in Korea and an inspiration for a lot of actors and directors working today. 
So he could have easily remained in film and continued to take leading man roles, but what’s interesting is that he leveled his success in film to really kick start his musical career. He’s repeatedly said in interviews that his true passion is in musical theater, that he’s wanted to be a musical actor instead of anything else, and that he would feasibly want to stay in musical theater over any other kind of project. Which is fascinating, because it usually works the other way around, where a musical theater actor would jump at the chance to work in either TV or film.
Anyways, his musical theater roles have become equally iconic, including Jekyll and Hyde, Man of La Mancha, Hedwig, etc. His rendition of “This is the Moment” became iconic and the representative musical song in Korea, much like how “Gravity” and “Moonlight” are songs that transcended their respective musicals to become representative of the entire industry in the U.S. 
His success with Forest of Secrets pretty much cemented Jo Seung-woo’s star status and recognition of his artistry. I think anyone who watched FOS can acknowledge his talent, and it’s all the more impressive knowing that he is capable of such a subtle performance when his preferred acting medium is in musicals, which means he actually prefers being over-the-top and doing ACTING acting. He’s seen as an actor who effectively conquered three different mediums through sheer acting ability alone, and remains one of the most sought after actors in the industry because of it. 
And of course, this isn’t to say that there aren’t other actors who have been able to transcend mediums, and some are even recognized in film, TV, and musicals just as Jo Seung-woo is (aka Jo Jung-seok, Yoo Yeon-seok, Eom Ki-joon, Yoo Jun-sang, Joo Won, Kang Ha-neul). I do think, however, none of these actors have managed to become equally prolific in all three industries and they all have a specific medium that they are best known for (usually TV). So again, Jo Seung-woo is unique in that he’s been able to dominate film, TV, and musicals as an actor in leading roles, and everyone in the industry acknowledges the extent of his acting ability. He’s regularly commended for his diction, his chameleonic ability to channel the essence of a specific character, and for his commitment to the craft. 
On a personal note, I can’t emphasize enough how amazing it is to see him go from his character in Tazza to his character in Insider Man to his character in God’s Gift: 14 Days to his character in Forest of Secrets. Or really, pick any of his other projects and try to see if you can recognize Jo Seung-woo as Jo Seung-woo. Even Lee Byung-hun, who is recognized for his own chameleonic abilities as an actor, has a degree of specific charisma that is very much his own. Jo Seung-woo manages to usually decimate all of that so that he can really envelope a character fully. It’s amazing to see. 
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