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allisineffable · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Don’t give them a taste of their own medicine. They already know what it tastes like. Give them a taste of your own medicine. If they lied, let your medicine be honesty. If they played with your emotions, let your medicine be maturity. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, even if it means removing yourself from lives that you want to be in. You are, no doubt, worthy of being valued for who you are. So be who you are.
- Najwa Zebian
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avnika09 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
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brianvictrpetro · 5 hours ago
💲13,000,000.00 to anyone who can MATHEMATICALLY prove me wrong! FELLA with THE HELLA GOOD HAIR! 1st thing 1st, LIFE IS A GAME MEANT FOR EVERYONE TO PLAY & LOVE is THE GRAND PRIZE! So while most people will call me a HATER, I'm just THE ULTIMATE swiftie who can read Taylor Swift like a magazine! Blank Space, Love's a game wanna play, eh? @joe.alwyn is N🚫T The King of @taylorswift 's heart as stated in THE reputation volume 0NE magazine TELL ALL INTRO! U not hip to the fact that there was a picture of JOe & Taylor on a picaresque balcony in summer air from JUNE 2017? U need to re-read your rep vol 1 TELL ALL INTRO: 2017 and if you DIDN'T see A PICTURE of it, it couldn't have happened right? putatio in reputation is UNDERLINED on the ALBUM COVER:MEANING : reckoning/calculating : MEANING Taylor Swift DOESN'T make mistakes! U need to rewatch the ReadyforitMV where her 89 is in RED UNDERLINE next to the 91. She nEVEr opens that door behind her into JOE's future, rather she walks away from him in a complete opposite direction where @ :23 (🤟) seconds RED breaks them handcuffs off of her wrists. New Romantics:"THE BEST PEOPLE IN LIFE ARE FREE!" Think of it as ENCHANTED forcing laughter, faking smiles. Begin Again: first time PAST IS PAST. Dancin with our hands tied : IF I COULD DANCE WITH YOU:AGAIN! She chooses RED! They know nothing about. That reputation volume 2 magazine CAMO Jacket 84 Golden Tattoo. 84 GOLDEN TATTOO the only golden tattoo to ever make a mark "ON HER" & NOT a WALL! You are in LOVE: You understand now why we lost our minds & fought the WARS & why she spent her whole life trying to put it into words. @cia  RED HORSE:WAR MTMBOF 🤟❤💙💛 #TaylorsVersion #LoveStoryTaylorsVersion #FearlessTaylorsVersion #JumpThenFall #Untouchable #ForeverAndAlways #CIWTR #SuperStar #TOSOTD #Fearless #Fifteen #LoveStory #HeyStephen #WhiteHorse #YBWM #Breathe #TellMeWhy #YoureNotSorry #TWILY #TheBestDay #Change #TaylorNation #taylorswift #swiftie #swifties #thetonightshow #brits2021 #MissAmericana #BRITs @capitalofficial @brits @fallontonight @recordingacademy @universalmusicgroup @colbertlateshow @cia 👨‍🏫 (at New Wilmington, Pennsylvania)
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Run for Your Life
Tumblr media
PART SIX of Bishop and Gracie!
Gif Rights: Who ever the beautiful soul was that made this!! This is not mine, simply one I found and liked.
Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Hints of Past Trauma
As always, I do NOT own anything Mayans related. I DO own my character and her story though.
My first language is English. I do know some Spanish but I am not fluent. I will be keeping the Spanish in this story to a minimum to avoid butchering a beautiful language. There will be some usage of terms of endearment and stuff though, praying they make sense!
Bishop watched Gracie laugh at something Coco said, a wave of jealously washing over him. He wanted to make her happy like that. His grip tightened on his beer as she lifted a hand to hide that grin that did things to his stomach. He noticed her do that before a couple times and the urge to pull her hand away from her face surged in him again. She didn't have to hide her happiness and any person that makes her think otherwise, can fuck right off.
"You into all that, Bish?"
The president turned two cold eyes to his left, fixing Angel with a glare hard enough to make the six foot something man shrink in his seat. "What the fuck did you just ask me?"
"I... I just... You watch her all the time. Keep tabs on her like the secret service watch the fucking president."
"You have a fucking point, Reyes?"
"She's pregnant, man."
"You think I don't fucking know that?" Bishop growled, watching Angel lean further back in his chair, he looked like he regretted opening his mouth.
"Yeah, Bish, of course. I..."
"I took her to that appointment. Let her squeeze the shit out of my hand while we listened to the heartbeat. Held her when she had a complete fucking breakdown in my truck." Bishop leaned toward him, lowering his voice. "You think I'd do any of that if I wasn't into her? If her being pregnant was a problem for me?"
"I guess not." Angel shook his head wishing he could disappear. Pushing on bravely, he spoke again. "It's just alot of responsibility, pres. I... I'd do anything to have had the chance to meet my son. To hold him in my arms. Protect him and his mom from the shit around us. Just wanted to know if you'd feel the same about a kid that wasn't yours."
Bishop leaned back in his chair, mulling over Angel's words. "Hell, I'm sorry, Angel. That shit was fucked and you deserved the chance to have all that." Bishop paused meeting his eyes, "believe me when I say, I want those things too. I want to protect her, I want to help her with the baby and I don't give a fuck that it's not mine. I just want to see her happy and both her and the kid healthy."
Angel nodded, "good." Then he pushed up from his chair and strode across the room to where she stood with EZ, Creeper and Coco by the pool table. Bishop chuckled as he ripped a cigarette out of Creeper's mouth and threw it on the floor before he could even light it. The words 'she's fucking pregnant, man!' Filtered through the music, making Bishop laugh again. Creeper apologized, turning and heading to the door with a new cigarette in hand.
Bishop watched a moment longer as Angel slung an arm over her shoulders, pulling her into a side hug as he whispered something into her ear. She nodded, looking like she mouthed a thank you. Then he dropped his arm and stepped away, grabbing the pool stick from Ez.
"Who wants to play me?" He yelled, holding his arms up in the air, brandishing the stick with a devilish smirk. "Anyone think they can take on the king?" Bishop shook his head, abandoning his beer as he stood up, crossing the room in a couple easy strides.
"Oooo! Pres wants to take on the champ?"
"Shut the fuck up and hand me a stick." Bishop scoffed, holding out his hand.
Angel grabbed one from the wall mount, tossing it to him with a haughty smirk. "Let's go, Jefe."
"Solo, or partners?"
"Your choice."
"What do you say, Gracie? Wanna be my other half?" Bishop quirked a dark eyebrow, the corner of his mouth lifting in a crooked smile. Gracie flushed, her heart hammering in her chest as he gazed at her. His choice of words made her stomach flip and judging by his expression, that was exactly his intention.
"Uh... S-Sure. I'll play." She stammered, stepping forward as he held out the stick to her. "I'm not very good though."
Bishop made a noise of disagreement, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture. "You'll be fine."
"Alright, then I want Coco!" Angel shouted, watching the man in question roll his eyes.
"Man, I don't wanna be stuck with you again."
"Shut the fuck up, Coco! I'm the best teammate in this place." Angel pouted, looking offended.
Bishop leaned a hip on the side of the table, crossing his arms over his chest. His eyes stayed on Gracie as he muttered, "I beg to differ," under his breath.
Ez stepped forward, gathering the colored balls into the triangle, setting them into formation. Then he removed the plastic piece and stepped back, dropping it to the side to pick up his beer instead. He smiled as he watched Angel put on a serious face.
"Let's make this more interesting." Angel said, pulling his wallet out. "Hundred bucks says Coco and I beat your asses." Slapping the crumbled bills on the side of the table, Angel stuffed his wallet back into his pocket.
Bishop scoffed, copying his actions, laying two crisp fifties beside his money. "Deal." He stepped back, tucking his wallet away with a small smile in Gracie"s direction. She returned it, noting how much neater Bishop was than Angel in almost every way. From the way he stored his money to the way he handled himself. He was smooth and confident and organized where Angel was rough and cocky and chaotic. Two very different men.
"I'm not sure I know how to do this, Bish." She spoke quietly, her cheeks going red with embarrassment.
"You've got it, querida." Stepping up behind her, he let his chest graze her back as he pointed to the white ball. "That's the cue ball. Just hit it with your stick and try to break the triangle apart."
She nodded, taking a step closer to the table, bending awkwardly to rest the stick on the side of the table. She tried to mimick the way she had seen the men hold the stick, but it felt heavy and strange in her hands.
"Here," Bishop appeared behind her again, adjusting her grip to support the stick better. "That's it, just like that." He whispered to her, the silky baritone to his voice sent a shiver down her spine.
Gracie pulled pack and snapped the stick forward, connecting with the cue ball with a crack. The hit was hard, but not centered and the ball nearly missed the group in the middle completely. It just barely caught the corner, sending two other balls rolling away, but the others still sat proudly in formation. Angel chuckled behind his hand, eyes crinkling in amusement. Gracie blushed, stepping back and directly into Bishop's chest. She fumbled slightly, forgetting he was there, feeling embarrassed all over again for an entirely different reason.
Bishop's left hand landed on her hip, steadying her, squeezing it gently. "Easy, sweetheart, you'll get 'em next time." He spoke quietly, right into her ear, his lips brushing the side of her head. Bishop gave her hip another soft squeeze before taking the stick with his other hand. Stepping around her, he walked right up to the table, "let's go, asshat. Show us how the king breaks them." Bishop sneered mockingly, letting Angel take his shot and scoffing when not a single ball rolled into a pocket. Leaning forward, Bishop snapped the stick into the cue ball and smirked when two balls rolled into seperate pockets.
"Fucking smartass." Angel grumbled, crossing his arms. Coco chuckled as he took his shot, sinking one ball, but the wrong color. "What hell, Coco!"
"Whoops." Coco shrugged, handing the stick back to his partner with a shitty smile. Bishop caught the wink he threw Gracie's way.
Gracie grinned, eyes flashing toward to Bishop to find him already looking at her. Her breath caught in her chest, the look in his eyes something foreign to her. Was that adoration she saw? Infatuation? She couldn't be sure, but the heat of his eyes on her made her blush.
"You're up, princesa." He grinned at her, offering her the stick, letting his hand graze hers as she took it from him. Gracie nodded, pressing her lips together as she turned back to the table. She adjusted the stick in her grip the way she was shown, pushing it forward, she hit the cue ball and then the solid purple. Watching with a growing smile, the ball rolled forward and dropped into the pocket with a thunk. Turning back to Bishop she met his grin with her own, bouncing slightly in her excitement.
Bishop's breath caught in his throat. She looked fucking radiant. So carefree and happy. It took everything in him to keep his hands to himself, the urge to wrap her in his arms had his fingers twitching. "Well done, querida." Bishop's mustache lifted as his grin crinkled his eyes. God, what he wouldn't do to keep her that happy.
"Yeah, yeah, it was a good hit, Grace." Angel grumbled, but the hint of a smile on his lips told everyone he wasn't really as bitter as he let on. He enjoyed her gleeful expression as much as the next guy, her childlike joy lit up the room.
The game continued, Angel sinking most of the shots, Coco openly sabotaging their team. Bishop's aim was true, he rarely missed a ball and Gracie... Well she tried her best. Bishop ended up hitting the final ball, pushing it easily into the pocket he had called. Gracie clapped for him, grinning from ear to ear as Angel sulked. Coco smirked, disappearing out the door with a pack of cigarettes.
"Good game, Bish!" Gracie beamed, laying the stick on the table.
"Couldn't have done it without you, sweetheart." He spoke softly, stepping into her space with a devilish grin. She didn't back away, only inhaled sharply as one of his hands came to rest on the small of her back. He pressed her a fraction of an inch closer, squashing the urge to kiss her. "You're like my secret weapon." He told her, breath fanning her face as he looked down at her wide-eyed expression.
"You flatter me, Bish." Gracie whispered, meeting his eyes as her hands twisted nervously. "I did next to nothing though."
Bishop sucked his teeth, shaking his head in disapproval. "Give yourself some credit, querida, you earned two hundred bucks tonight."
Gracie gasped as she felt him push the bills into her back pocket, his hand sliding in slowly only to withdraw as quick as it came. "Obispo Losa!" She pushed at his chest and he stepped back, raising his hands innocently.
"I am not taking all this money!" Gracie cried, reaching into her pocket to give it back. Bishop lunged forward, gently grabbing her wrist.
"Oh yes you are. It's yours. You won it fair and square."
"You made most of the shots!" She reasoned, looking at him as if he had three heads.
"Just keep it, sweetheart, please." He released her then, backing away to find his abandoned beer. She watched him go, a surprised look on her face. A few minutes later, she walked to the bar, asking for a glass of ice water, feeling overly hot for some reason. After taking a few gulps, she decided to go outside and take a breather.
That's where Bishop found her. Sitting on the front porch step, glass of water beside her, hands rubbing her rounded belly. Illuminated by the moonlight, Bishop couldn't help but stare for a moment. He couldn't remember ever being so spellbound by a woman before. This was a new feeling for him.
"You, alright, querida?" Bishop tried to speak softly, but she startled anyway. His voice a stark contrast to the silence of the scrapyard. "I'm sorry." He apologized, striding over to her, sitting down without hesitation.
"It's okay," she told him, turning her face from the sky to look at him. She smiled briefly, before turning her face upwards again. "I'm okay. Just so hot all of a sudden, must be a baby thing." She shrugged, looking far away.
"Can I get you anything? To help?"
"No, thank you though. I have a drink and the air is helping." Gracie breathed in deeply, "look at those stars." She sounded awestruck and Bishop realized that he hasn't stopped to look at the stars in quite some time. Pulling his eyes away from her face, he looked up.
"Mmm." He hummed in agreement, marveling over the glittering night sky. Pulling his gaze back to the side of her face, he murmured, "beautiful."
Gracie could see him looking, from the corner of her eye she could see that he wasn't talking about the sky. She flushed in the darkness. "Bishop." There was a warning to her voice that she hadn't necessarily intended, but it happened anyway.
"What?" He asked innocently, pretending not to know what she meant. "It is and so are you."
Gracie stiffened, attempting to push herself up and off the step, but her belly got in the way.
"Whoa, whoa." Bishop steadied her, standing first and then tugging her arm gently to guide her to her feet. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."
"It's not that, it's just..."
"Look at me, Bishop!" She shouted all of a sudden, her voice splitting the night's silence.
"I am looking at you, sweetheart." He spoke calmly, quietly, refusing to let her anxiety shake him.
"I'm fucking pregnant!" She cried, throwing her hands up.
Much like before with Angel, Bishop felt his hackles raise. Trying to stay calmer than before, he simply tilted his head. "I know. I was at that appointment with you." Why did everyone think he couldn't handle this?
"How... How could you-" Gracie gulped, turning her back on him as she pushed a handful of curls out of her face. She huffed, trying to clam herself.
Bishop walked slowly around her, wanting to look her in the face again. "How could I what?"
"How could you be interested in someone like me?" She muttered, her shoulders dropped, her face turning down to the dirt.
"I'm sorry, someone like you?" Bishop growled, struggling to hide his frustrations. "What does that even mean, Gracie?"
Her head jerked up as he used her actual name. No sweetheart, dear, or princess. Just her name and honest concern. "A knocked up, homeless freak with PTSD that would rival that of a soldier coming home from war." She spit, eyes welling with tears as she glared at him.
Bishop swallowed hard, feeling his resolve snap as she insulted herself. No one got to talk like that about her. Not even her. "Gracie." He growled, stepping forward. "You are not a freak. Yes, you're pregnant. Yes, you have trauma from your past, but that does not and will not scare me away. You are smart and strong and so, so beautiful. God, your smile alone takes my breath away, and your laugh... I thought I was having fucking heart palpitations in there when we were playing pool. You have no idea what you do to me and the thought of you seeing yourself this way makes me so fucking angry."
Bishop's hands clenched into fists as he tried to stomp out his anger. Stepping closer, he reached for her, but froze as she flinched away from his hand. She realized what she did immediately, her lip trembling as he dropped his hands back to his sides.
"I-I'm sorry," she stammered, tears spilling over. Her hand lifted to cover her mouth. "I'm so-rry!"
"Gracie," Bishop sighed, slowly reaching for her again. When she didn't flinch away this time, he framed her face with his hands. Lifting her face to look her in the eye, he made her a promise. "I will never hit you. Not now, not ever. There is not a thing you could do or say to make me lash out at you like that. Do you understand?" Bishop spoke quietly, but his voice was hard, his body on edge as he looked into her watery eyes.
She nodded awkwardly in his hold, sniffing as more tears ran down her face.
"I won't hurt you, Gracie. I swear I won't and I won't let anyone else hurt you either. Never again. You're safe here. You're safe with me." Bishop's tone softened up, his hands sliding down her shoulders, over her arms, finally coming to a rest on her hips. He drew her in then, wrapping his arms around her in a hug that left zero space between their bodies. "As for the nightmares and the PTSD, if there is anything, anything at all I can do to help you with that. I will." He whispered into her curls, lips brushing her ear. "We're all here for you, Grace. If it would make you feel better to have your own place, we'll get it for you. If you want to stay with Letty and Coco, that's fine too. If you ever want to stay at my place, if that would make you feel safer or help you sleep better, or just make you feel less guilty about waking Coco and Letty each night, then I'll move you in tonight. Hell, Gracie, you tell me what you need and I'll break my fucking back getting it for you."
Her hands fisted in the back of his shirt, her face finding shelter in his neck. Her shaky breath rattled her chest and Bishop could feel it the whole way into his own. His stomach dropped as a fresh set of tears soaked his shirt. Bishop panicked momentarily. What did he say wrong?
"Thank you. Thank you, Obi, th-ank yo-u." She choked through her sobs, the shortening of his name squeezed at his heart. Fucking hell he was in so deep.
"Sshh, Gracie, I'm here. You're safe." He tightened his arms just a fraction, rubbing up and down her back gently. Her whole body stiffened and she gasped, Bishop nearly jumped away from her, afraid he had just stepped way over the line.
"Did you... Did you fe-el that?" Gracie sputtered, looking at him and then down to her stomach, her hands landing softly on her belly.
"What?" Bishop asked, concern flashing through him as his mind automatically went to all the terrible things that could be happening.
"I think... I think my baby..." She pressed her hand to her stomach, lifting her tear stained face to give him a small smile.
"What is it?" Bishop demanded, reaching for her in desperation, fearing something was wrong. Gracie grabbed his hand in both of hers, pressing it flat to her stomach. A weird fluttering greeted him, almost like a pulse, but more sporadic. "Holy hell... Is that..."
"The baby." She murmured, tears spilling for an entirely different reason now. She smiled at him as they dripped down her face.
Leaving one hand on her stomach, he lifted the other to her cheek, cupping it, lifting her face to his in a slow and gentle way that allowed her plenty of time to escape. When he was confident that he wasn't scaring her, he pulled her forward, large fingers wrapping around to the back of her neck and tugging her forward. Bishop's lips met hers in a kiss that was so soft and so tender that had she not been crying already, it would have surely made her sob. Gracie responded almost immediately, moving her lips against his, fueled by her newfound joy as the baby kicked again under their hands.
Bishop backed off as Gracie pulled away, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. His hand slipped to her waist, his eyes dropping to where their hands rested on her belly. "Shit." He breathed, grinning at her as the tiny flutter greeted him again.
"She must feel safe around you too." Gracie whispered, looking up at him with a small smile.
Bishop's brows lifted, her words sinking into his chest and warming his heart. "Too?"
Gracie nodded, "I trust you. I believe everything you just said. I know you'd never hurt me." She swallowed hard, "I'm damaged, there's no doubt about that, but I'm not stupid. I know all men aren't like my ex and I know you're not like him. Not even close."
"Damn right." Bishop nearly growled, tugging her closer, resting his forehead against hers. "You are so smart and beautiful and sweet." He pecked her lips again, then her cheek and her other cheek.
"Thank you for making me feel safe." She whispered, eyes slipping closed as he pressed a kiss to her neck, just below her ear.
"Thank you for trusting me." Bishop spoke against her skin, kissing his way back up to rest his forehead against hers once more. "I meant everything I said though, sweetheart. I won't hurt you and you are safe. You're always welcome here, or at my place and I will help you in every and any way you allow."
Gracie nodded against him, making their noses bump. He chuckled as her face split into the smile he loved so much. She yawn through the smile, "can you take me back to Letty's?"
Bishop smiled, pulling back as he took her hand in his, "absolutely. Let's go."
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backinyourlife · 10 hours ago
Banyak yang tidak mengetahui bagaimana cara mencintai dengan tepat.
Salah satunya dengan merelakan.
Tumblr media
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urdiips · 15 hours ago
My heart is just uncertain,
Don't say it a betrayal.
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katsu-stone · 22 hours ago
📜 The Legend of KATSU. Part lll
By the rules of the genre, this is the time for an obstacle to emerge, so that our heroes could bravely overcome it. But ours is a story of evolved love of two mature human beings who have already figured themselves out. Two people who know how to give, receive and hear each other.
The main difficulty was not to create needless difficulties, and to use the strong points of both to the maximum.
Why call regular improvements, rush jobs and relocations "difficulties"?
They are merely challenges that our team is successfully addressing.
Tumblr media
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outcastotter · a day ago
Tumblr media
The fun and flirtatious romantic comedy, Female Preferred, is a serendipitous NYC tale about an East German girl falling in love with an American boy, and... Barneys.
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sheirukitriesfandom · a day ago
5:30 a.m and I've barely slept both because of the cold and because I just got weirdly emotional about Lumog's family. I'll likely write a little in-character something about them all later today.
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nandagontijo · a day ago
@almaexpostasblog Karlos amor da minha vida 💖
Se um dia eu tiver que alterar minha voz com você ...
Vai ser porque precisei falar EU TE AMO mais FORTE.
Tumblr media
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queenbookbuff · a day ago
Love Story Chapter 26
Tumblr media
Well...... I gave writing a more intense sex scene a try in my latest installment of Love Story. I have a really hard time writing them. I could write them way smuttier if I wanted. I’ve read enough romance novels in my life that I feel like I have a solid background....but what if one of my students reads it.🤯🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I would die on the spot. So I either need to change my pen name or keep it reasonable 😂❤️
Also, I gave us a happy Jackie and Hyde to enjoy, because friends.......I’m about to put them through the ringer.
Love Story Chapter 26
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after the world ends
after the world ends: chapter II
word count: 1'162
summary: Will finds out how the world ended.
Tumblr media
When I woke up for the second time in 24 hours, another song was playing. Quietly this time. I didn't recognize it, though. I felt warm, dry and comfortable. I was lying on something soft and covered with something soft as well, probably a blanket. I tried to sit up when I heard a voice. "No, no, stay still for a second, don't sit up straight away," I looked to my left to see a girl. The one I'd scared before fainting. She had wavy brown hair that reached her chin, tanned skin and freckled. "I'm George... or Georgie," she continued, "well, my full name is Georgina but nobody calls me that. You, um, came into my shop and screamed, and then I screamed and then you fainted," "I remember," I spoke. My throat still felt as dry as the Gobi desert. My voice sounded dry as well, and George must have noticed as she handed me an orange cup. "Tea," she said, "it shouldn't be too hot. It's honey and ginger, it'll sting a bit but it helps with a sore throat." "Thanks," She helped me sit up so I could take a sip. She was right: it wasn't too hot and it did sting the back of my mouth and my throat. After I had finished my cup of tea, she handed me a biscuit. "You look like you haven't eaten anything in forever so it's probably better to start with small portions of food and work your way up, you know? So you can get used to food and stuff again," I nodded. She leaned back in the chair she had pulled up next to the couch I was lying on and I realized we weren't in the shop anymore. Probably a back room. She saw me looking around and said: "We're in my apartment. It's right above the shop," She crossed her arms over her chest and looked down at me through her round golden glasses. "So... Who are you?" she asked. I looked down at the cup in my hands and swallowed. My throat already felt better. "My name is William, Will for short," George nodded. I was unable to contain my questions any longer. "What happened?" I blurted. "What do you mean?" George frowned down at me with confusion. "Everywhere! There's plants, grass, flowers! Nothing is the same as before!" I exclaimed. "What- as before?" "I-" I had to take a deep breath to calm myself down. "I was in a coma. I don't know for how long. I woke up in the hospital down the road earlier today," "The- the hospital down the road? You mean the hospital like 45 minutes away from here?!" she exclaimed loudly. I silently looked down at my pale hands again. Her voice softened when she asked: "So you really don't know anything?" I shook my head. "What year did you go into the coma?" "November 2070," I whispered, terrified of her answer. A small gasp left her lips. "Today is the-" she looked at the meme calendar behind her, the tension thick in the air, "13th of March 2072," I froze. I didn't know how to react. I'd missed a year on Earth. But on the other hand, it could have been worse, right? I could have spent 20 years in a coma. The questions came back, flooding into my head like if the dam keeping them out had broke. Where were my parents? Where was I? What had happened? Was I still sick? Were my parents alive? Was- "Will," George set a firm hand on my shoulder and gently took the cup out of my trembling hands. I hadn't even realized I was shaking. She set the cup on a coffee table next to her. "It's okay," "H-how it is okay? My- my parents! I don't know where they are!" I exclaimed. She looked down and straightened up, her hands leaving mine. "I don't even know if they're alive!" "I'll tell you everything I know," she stated calmly. Almost mechanically. I nodded, biting down on my bottom lip to keep it from trembling. I could barely see anything with the tears in my eyes.
"So, I'm guessing you were a Pollutio kid, right? One of the few that got to the later stages," I nodded. "You say you were placed in the hospital in November 2070. You probably entered the coma sometime in early December. A meteor shower named MK-122 hit the Earth on the 28th of January. We called it the End of the World. Thousands of millions of people died. The exact number is still unknown, but a rough estimate is about 4.5 billion people died. All over the world. Death doesn't discriminate, as they say. After the meteor shower hit, nature started taking over. Trees, plants, flowers,... everything grew. Really fast. No one had ever seen anything like it. I like to think that nature saw an opportunity and took it. Almost no cars left that you can use. Trees grew through them. Big factories were destroyed. It felt like nature was angry. Taking over everything. Big cruise boats that were pulled down by algae. It was crazy. Most survivors of MK-122 stayed in hiding till October 2072. Then we came out. Started giving nature the respect it deserves. Living in harmony with it. See my shop, my apartment." She pointed to her mossy cracked walls, the ivy hanging around, some potted plants,...
She spoke as if she had said this countless times before. It made me think that maybe I wasn't the only kid that woke up alone in that hospital. I hadn't even thought about checking the other rooms. I nodded shakily. "What does that mean for my parents?" She pursed her lips. "I can't tell you if they survived MK-122. But if they did, there's a tower a few towns away where we can check their names. Everyone who survived MK-122 is obligated to put their name and location in. You have to update your location every time you go past one," A tower. With the names of all the survivors. I could find my parents. It wasn't much but it gave me hope. I felt better already. "Have you ever gone?" I asked George, who was inspecting her nails. "Yeah, I go about once every two weeks, to see if I can find my parents and my brother," she answered. "Can we-" "I'll bring you once you're healthy again. Right now you're weak, tired and can't even walk. You're not ready to travel," she spoke firmly. "You need to sleep, eat and drink." She handed me a pear. "Eat this and then sleep. Tomorrow you'll take a shower," I didn't know what to say, so I nodded. "Thank you. For everything." "You're welcome," she offered me a small smile. I ate my pear and finished my tea before falling asleep. And that night, I dreamed of flower beating up cars.
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avnika09 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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sruthi-samuel · a day ago
A few lines from the chapter: (sneak peak to the chapter)
“ I'm taken aback by her sudden confession. I know she means it in a normal way, but it doesn't sound nice to me. There was a time I used to hate cheap human emotions like jealousy: I'm still a human after all. “
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sruthi-samuel · a day ago
A few lines from the chapter: (a sneak peak to the chapter)
“ There's no phrase called "coming back to normal". You just can't act like it didn't happen and go back to you before it. Everything happens in your life shapes you as a person, the You tomorrow will just be the sequel of the You today. After all it's still the same you right? Of course an updated version. “
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journalistdharm · a day ago
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