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lokeangaybitch · 27 minutes ago
forever thinking about the time i reblogged a radfem’s post that had a little meme of celestia ludenberg saying “trans women are men” and how i said haha celestia ludenberg is trans as a mf joke and how the op responded by saying “its really telling how you say that celestia, the chronic liar, is trans” like MAAM??? have some self awareness pls
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spottedenchants · 32 minutes ago
Fandom: Critical Role (Web Series)
Relationship: Essek Thelyss/Caleb Widogast, Essek Thelyss & Caleb Widogast
Characters: Essek Thelyss, Caleb Widogast
Additional Tags: Developing Relationship, somewhere between a romance and a qpr, Queerplatonic relationship, POV Caleb Widogast, yes it's from caleb's pov but this ain't about him, Unreliable Narrator, Demisexual Essek Thelyss, Touch-Averse Essek Thelyss, Touch-Starved Essek Thelyss, Adventurer Essek Thelyss, Post-Canon, Canon Compliant, hand holding is something that can be so personal
Words: 1852
Part 1 of the Touching Sentiments series
Part 6 of the Touching Sentiments (Chronological) series 
“Pretense and allusion are entertaining, and, in most cases by my experience, far more comfortable, but they only carry so far.”
Ah, perhaps his guess was off.
“What is it you’d like to say, friend?”
“I... truthfully, do not know. I haven’t the words for it.”
“Then show me.”
AKA the wizards try to communicate when words won’t do
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red-queen-xo · an hour ago
[ cw: horror , sadism ] her pristine and regal looks could only slip farther into a state of distaste for this sort of behavior. quite literally her insides were crumbling in the shame of having to listen to him gripe. she scoffed, already full up on it. ❝ who else in our garden will do better ? not bunny and certainly not ━ a tweedle . we must do something about him, too . ❞
she walked with him towards the beverages and slapped a water bottle to his chest, crumpling up those silly little papers. throwing them up in the air .❝ you need to wise up. have a cake or five . ❞ she said a little too loudly for a normal conversation.
❝ you won't screw your way through life , ❞ beth nearly spat at him, ❝ and don't you dare subject more living things to this ... turmoil ... ❞ this was meant to be more tough love posed as a joke.
she had laughed about it anyway.
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thefox-and-thespindle · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Suns out, buns out... ready to hit the pool!
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dialupdad · 4 hours ago
Music to float to.
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rockbottle · 5 hours ago
u all rlly like that buki sprite huh
ifu wanna know abt her i made her back around when this blog started and she was originally a redesign but became her own thing called buki shes just kinda in and out of limbo shes been places ig
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dtazzz212 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nice to see the return of the local hot air balloon club is back up and running lol 😂
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s-aint-elmo · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
i wish all trese fans a very you are not immune to emixandra
[id: a digital drawing of the emisaryo and alexandra trese from trese, lit in warm colours as if backlit by a sunset. the shot is cropped to hide the upper half of alex's face (similar to the way a veil obscures the upper half of the emisaryo's), ending just above their elbows. the emisaryo, dressed in a dark, tattered veil and wrap, purses her lips and lifts a hand to blow a kiss towards alex. alex, a woman with short dark hair in a black trench coat, tilts her blushing head down slightly to meet the kiss in the form of a white moth against her lips. end id.]
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katierosefun · 5 hours ago
Helloooo 🐝 May I ask for “ eat your soup before it gets cold. ” for the whump ask with baby clones on Kamino if you feel inspired. Hope you shake your writer's block off. (Shake it off, I shake it off.I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off Whoo-hoo-hoo| Had to think of this song lol)
of course!!! a little ahead of me, but...featuring big brother cody and little bro rex and some shenanigans-- // from these prompts
Cody was always a light sleeper, but tonight, he was certain that the coughing around the quarters were loud enough to wake up even a coma patient. He couldn’t even complain though—he knew that his batch mates were trying to keep it down, although they were failing miserably at it.
Cody propped himself up on his elbows, looked around the room. They were at least asleep—he would have been more worried if they didn’t get any sleep at all.
Laying back in bed, Cody tugged the blanket over his head. He just needed to make sure he didn’t get sick, because if he got sick, then it would be game over for their whole batch. He could count on Wolffe to maybe take the lead for a little bit, but Wolffe was tired too, and so was Ponds, and Bly was the worst of them all.
Cody closed his eyes. He’ll just have to force the others to get actual help in the morning—
Before he could complete his thought, there was a quiet knock at the door.
Cody frowned, shoving the blankets off himself. There was no way the Kaminoans would conduct inspections now, not at this hour.
The knock came again, a little louder.
Wolffe mumbled something in his sleep, burying his head under his pillow.
“Cody?” Bly was awake, rubbing his eyes. “What’s—”
“Go back to sleep,” Cody whispered. “I’m sure it’s nothing.”
Bly just nodded, and blinking owlishly, crashed back into bed. Cody padded across the room and slid open the door, wincing at the harsh light of the hallway. For a second, he didn’t actually see anyone, but then he looked down and found his new visitor.
“Rex,” Cody said, looking down the hallway once, twice before dragging him into the room. He closed the door behind himself and stared down at the younger cadet. “What are you doing here?”
“Sorry,” Rex whispered. He was a small thing, hair cropped so close to his head that Cody once thought he was actually bald. “But I need your help.”
“Now?” Cody opened the door a small crack, looked out into the hallway again. “How did you not get caught?”
Rex shrugged. “It’s not that hard,” he said, pride trickling into his voice. “You just have to memorize the Kaminoans’ schedule, and the droids always shut down at 0100, so…”
Cody sighed, rubbing his face. “What is it?”
Rex lowered his head. “It’s my batch,” he said. “They’re really sick.”
“Yeah,” Cody muttered. “Been seeing a lot of that lately.”
“They weren’t actually able to get dinner,” Rex continued. “Just lying around all day—and they’re hungry, but—” He pressed his lips together. “Please?”
“You’re asking me to help you steal from the kitchens.”
“You should have gotten them to medbay.”
“They were tired, and they’re heavy.”
“Would have been good training.”
“Okay, okay,” Cody said, patting Rex’s head. Rex batted Cody’s hand away, but his face brightened. “But you owe me one.”
“I know,” Rex said. “Thank you.”
With that, Cody followed Rex down the hall. Cody had to hand it to his kid brother—for someone who was a little younger, he definitely knew his way around. The two of them darted down the halls, Rex signaling to Cody when the security camera was turned away at just the right angle.
Getting into the kitchen itself was easy too—Cody knew the password, mostly because he had done kitchen duty just a few nights ago, and the Kaminoans changed the password only once a week.
“Careful,” Cody said, passing the containers to Rex. “Don’t burn yourself.”
“I won’t,” Rex said cheerfully. He snagged silverware out of the drawers and, pocketing them, looked up at Cody expectantly.
“That proud of yourself?” Cody asked.
Rex shrugged. “A little?”
“Yeah, well, just don’t go bragging about it later,” Cody said, opening the door for Rex. “Otherwise, it’ll be drills for both of us for a month. So zip it.”
“Mouth zipped, sir,” Rex said promptly.
Cody huffed out a laugh, closing the door behind themselves. He followed Rex down the way, through the winding halls and to Rex’s quarters. When Rex opened the door, Cody found a similar sight to the one in his own room—only younger cadets curled up in their beds, looking painfully small and alone.
Not for long, Cody thought.
“Alright, boys,” Cody said—he really wasn’t that loud, but everyone woke, stuck in some variation of coughing or groaning. “Well, you all look miserable.”
“Told you,” Rex said. He walked dutifully forward, nudging the rest of his batch mates awake. “Here you go—hurry up, eat it before it gets cold—c’mon, boys, up and at ‘em!”
Cody smiled to himself, watching Rex make the rounds. Technically, they weren’t that far apart in age—Rex probably got out of the growth jar only a few weeks after him, but clone ages were always a little different. When Rex came back around, his eyes were bright.
“We did it,” he said happily.
“Sure did,” Cody replied, patting Rex’s head.
Rex smiled, but Cody frowned, moving his hand from the top of Rex’s head and to his forehead instead. It was warm—not uncomfortably so, but still warmer than Cody would like. “Hey, kid—”
“I’m fine,” Rex said, shrugging. “The others have it worse.”
Cody frowned.
“I swear!” Rex said. “Don’t worry about me.”
Cody huffed. “That’s what you say now…” He looked around the room, then pointed Rex to his bunk. “You stay there—I’ll be right back.”
“Where are you going?” Rex asked as Cody opened the door.
Cody turned around, shooting Rex a little smile. “Where do you think?” he said.
Rex shrugged.
“All that ordering around and not a single drop of common sense…” Cody shook his head. “Getting one more bowl of soup for you, vod.”
With that, Cody left.
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anisaanisa · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Firsts 💋🌌 
Blurb and OG screencap below the cut 🤸‍♀️❤
Tumblr media
What an excellent excuse @inukag-week​​​ have given me to do a redraw of this screencap for @inuyasharedraw​​! An anime!Inuyasha first, but a first nonetheless. It might not have happened in the manga, but my lil InuKag shipper heart went aflutter when it happened regardless. So, I just had to! Except... I teased and made it an almost kiss, oops?
This was supposed to be an exercise in restraint, and I think I managed it here. Lineart, one layer of flats, one layer of shadows and highlights. So maybe I forgot that at one point and starting adding moar cause the ‘too-much-gene’ just doesn't know when to quit? But I gave myself a firm talking to, turned those off and deemed it done. And breathe.
ttyl bbs 💖
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puff-world · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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brattycobra · 8 hours ago
Hawk: That was hot, Demetri
Demetri: I literally called the person who just flirted with you a degenterate dog and told them I hope they get dragged through the streets.
Hawk: I'm so in love with you.
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shmuzzieheart · 8 hours ago
A slasher movie where a serial killer moves to town, and a supernatural entity tracks him down. The movie goes back and forth between the residents of the town getting killed and the supernatural entity coming for the killer, taking down other evil people on the way.
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gabisart · 9 hours ago
I want/need to open commissions as soon as possible but i need to adjust my prices and i'm scared to flop because of it lol
Tumblr media
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