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#intellectual honesty
infinitysisters · 4 months ago
Reading a report on the Guardian website of the death of the Argentine footballer Diego Maradona, I was much struck by two phrases: “addiction to cocaine took hold” and “his private life spiralled out of control”.
This way of putting it suggested that both his addiction and his private life had an existence independent of anything that he himself did: that addiction, for example, was like Parkinson’s Disease, an illness that could reasonably be said to “take hold” of someone. This is the official, but nonetheless false and simplified, view of addiction, as something that just happens to a person.
Why this strange way of putting things? I suspect it is because of the great fear that haunts all modern intellectuals, that of being considered censorious, at least about individuals who bring unhappiness on themselves (and often to others). There is, of course, a certain class of person about whom it is de rigueur to be censorious, even ultra-censorious, but Maradona, being an idol of the populace, and of humble origin, was not a member of that class.
He was a tragic figure, a man who did not put the fruits of his natural talent to a use that brought him much happiness. The tragedy was in the choices he made and in their consequences, by comparison with the choices that he might have made. The fact that they were his choices is what made his life tragic. If he had contributed nothing to his addiction or to his private life, he would no more be a tragic figure than is a broken vase or a punctured tire.
But we have no sense of the tragic, only of victimhood.
- Theodore Dalrymple
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lesbianaglaya · 4 months ago
drop the merlin fic
hi to you and the like ten poor anons in my inbox, i present the link: x
full disclosure it is an apocalypse fic but it has a happy ending. also since i made that quiz the events of november 2020 happened and i have a new fic that will never leave my brain which im unashamedly dropping the link to here bc it like. OOOFFFF. you dont even need to have seen the source material. x
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themindsjournalposts · 6 months ago
You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?
Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra
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shinreddear · 6 months ago
Yes, it’s problematic, so?
If you want to find a problematic aspect in any work of art/fiction you will find it.
It is your intellectual duty to reason and wonder if that search for a problematic aspect has a constructive effect on your or someone else’s appreciation of a work of art/fiction or if you just want to feel right about something.
It is up to you to have an adult relationship with not only these works of art/fiction but also in the way your output influences the unknowing, unprepared, and all too trusting people who will read it.
And this is why, like all social media, like all media really, Tumblr is especially dangerous to young and even less young minds.
I cannot believe that in its many years of existence, this website has not the least bit evolved.
In general, limit your output on the Internet, especially when it comes to opinions. We all be thankful and more serene for it.
And that counts for that very post too!
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infinitysisters · 7 months ago
Ideological ugliness in the name of egalitarianism continues to do damage, with the paradoxical result that it increases inequality: For as it destroys beauty and elegance, so beauty and elegance become ever more rarefied and available to a smaller and smaller elite, and this is so even where income and consumption increase. The standard of living rises while the quality of life falls
-Theodore Dalrymple
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the-funtime-autocrat · 7 months ago
First, he was a man of immense kindness and humility. Second, he was a man of total intellectual honesty. I can’t say that Cohen and I had the same ideas or the same reading of history, though in many cases we did, but here is what I found so beautiful in this man: unlike most of his contemporaries, Cohen was not an ideologue, he did not expect everybody to agree with him, and he himself did not vet people for ideological purity before offering them his friendship. Even though it is impossible to squeeze a man of such immense intellect and honesty into any one single ideological category, I would say that Stephen Cohen was a REAL liberal, in the original, and noble, meaning of this word. I also have to mention Stephen Cohen’s immense courage. Yes, I know, Cohen was not deported to GITMO for his ideas, he was not tortured in a CIA secret prison, and he was not rendered to some Third Word country to be tortured there on behalf of the USA. Stephen Cohen had a different kind of courage: the courage to remain true to himself and his ideals even when the world literally covered him in slanderous accusations, the courage to NOT follow his fellow liberals when they turned PSEUDO-liberals and betrayed everything true liberalism stands for. Professor Cohen also completely rejected any forms of tribalism or nationalism, which often made him the target of vicious hatred and slander, especially from his fellow US Jews (he was accused of being, what else, a Putin agent). Cohen had the courage to take on the entire ruling elites of this country and their messianic supremacist ideology by himself, almost completely alone. Last, but most certainly not least, Stephen Cohen was a true peacemaker, in the sense of the words of the Holy Gospel I quoted above. He opposed the warmongering nutcases during the Cold War, and he opposed them again when they replaced their rabid hatred of the Soviet Union with an even more rabid hatred of everything Russian.
The Saker, “We Have Lost a Real Giant (Stephen F. Cohen Has Died)!” (September 19th 2020).
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woozapooza · 8 months ago
Believe it or not you can be bigoted against someone without wishing violence them (I’m not saying that kind of bigotry isn’t bad, I’m just saying it literally exists), and it’s literally neither justifiable nor productive to say “so-and-so wants these people dead” if that’s not true. In fact, I would argue that there is literally never any reason to lie about what your opponent believes! Yes, even if they’re really really bad and you’re really really good!
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magaprima · 8 months ago
Continued from here @azraelcfdeath​
Lilith rolled her eyes heavily, “Of course it is” Guilt; an emotion that ate unnecessarily away at mortals, sometimes for utterly absurd things (the last piece of Devil’s Food Cake, for example), preventing them from actually doing anything of any actual worth, was the emotion which would, supposedly....put them back in favour with the ‘Almighty Creator’. 
“So, was that my true crime?” She asked, “Not that I defied Him and Adam, not that I left the Garden....but that I didn’t feel guilty about?”
Tumblr media
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lulu2992 · 8 months ago
I have a question with the game's contradictions and head writer Drew Holmes. (I hope you've seen these posts. If not, I'm ready to send them to you in a personal in the form of pictures) It strongly contradicts the game itself and Joseph's morality. For example, he said in the posts that Joseph slept with many cultists, as well as with all "Faiths". But Joseph and the cult in the game and the book of Joseph are completely different. What do you think about this?
Also, the game shows that cultists have a negative attitude towards sex. But the words of the main writer (Holmes) are at odds with the idea of a cult in the game. Moreover, if you think about it, these are completely two different concepts of the cult. Where is the truth, more precisely - what can be considered truth and canon? Ps-thank you for your posts, they are wonderful. The discussion on your page is great :-)
I assume you’re referring to the Twitter DMs from May 2019. Honestly, I still don’t understand why he wrote what he wrote. I’ve spent hours studying (the word is appropriate at this point) the story of Far Cry 5 and what he says here is at odds with what I’ve learned. Even in interviews, he has never mentioned this. In fact, no one has ever mentioned this anywhere.
When I asked the Narrative Director about this, he basically said, “If it’s not in the game, it’s not canon”. And not only is this information not in the game but there are also several claims that contradict it. There are about 20 people in the Far Cry 5 writing team so maybe they weren’t always on the same wavelength, I don’t know...
In my opinion, and even though I’m aware it seems totally absurd for me, a simple fan, to say the lead writer is wrong, the DMs are not canon. Joseph can be accused of many things but being a hypocrite isn’t one of them. To me, he really practices what he preaches.
P.S.: Thank you :)
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doylewesleywalls · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
© Doyle Wesley Walls -- “Intellectually Honest”
From Garrison Keillor’s “The Writer’s Almanac”: “…he [Will Durant] entered the seminary, since his parents wanted him to become a priest.  He left after suffering a loss of faith, saying, 'I suddenly discovered Spinoza; he made me feel I should be intellectually honest.'"
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I just realized something that seems so stupidly obvious now that I’ve thought of it. I was already fairly convinced that purity culture and cancel culture have been fanned - taking advantage of people’s good intentions, especially younger people who feel strongly about fixing injustices! - by forces that have interests in everything being called abuse or pedophilia, because when everything is abuse then nothing is, when everything is pedophilia then nothing is, and that only becomes useful to actual abusers or predators. But that also applies to the emphasis on the concept of “minors”. By essentially making “minor” a personal identification (when I was a teenager, we didn’t think of ourselves as “minors”, minor was just something we were in relation to, say, our ability to vote or drive etc) and basically fetishizing a supposed inherent innocence and vulnerability to people under 18 year old that magically disappears in “grownass adults” (apparently, anyone the instant they celebrate their 18th birthday), you are leaving in a potentially very, very vulnerable place teenagers and young adults aged 18+. If you convince a mass of teenagers that once you’re 18 you are mature enough to be automatically able to avoid predators and whatnot (and in fact you become a predator if you’re interested in someone just slightly younger!), and you cultivate a culture where being 18+ “protects” you from the dangers that minors face and instead wraps you in a supposed adult privilege, then it seems to me that kids aged 18, 19, 20 etc (heck doesn’t your brain finish maturing in your mid twenties?) are just fair game to people who want to abuse them. Mind, I’m not saying the line should be moved from 18 to 26 😅 just that the extreme stress that comes from certain directions on the minor/non-minor divide can be dangerous for some aspects. I’m for a culture of responsibility that, while acknowledging that younger people by definition lack the maturity of older people, doesn’t fetishize a suspiciously moralistic idea of immaturity and innocence, and especially doesn’t draw rigid lines.
Please treat this post with intellectual honesty and don’t misconstruct what I’ve said.
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