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art-now-japan · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Profile2016, Kouhei Hayashi
Picture of the model in my wife, out of a close friend, a mentor, a sister, a sister, a mother. F50 oilpainting wood panel
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echo-three-one · 11 minutes ago
A few CoD Characters as Screenshots on my phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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existential-celestial · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Andrée Chedid, from “What are we playing at?,” in Women of the Fertile Crescent: An Anthology of Modern Poetry by Arab Women (edited by Kamal Boullata).
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helloonelace · 15 minutes ago
Shot’s From Streetwear - Black Owned | New York Fashion Brand
The term streetwear is quite a common term in the modern fashion world. But by definition, streetwear is a casual clothing style, typically worn by urban youths in a variety of subcultures. In real-life, though, the term streetwear is increasingly broad and it seems to adopt a new meaning after every single fashion season.
Today streetwear is heavily influencing skate and surf culture, sportswear, high fashion, stylish men’s clothing and the mass market retail industry.
Streetwear is about culture. It's not about clothing!!!
It is a bunch of fashion enthusiasts who aim to express individuality and show off style through streetwear, a fashion moment that combines elements of countercultures around the world with streetwear. 
Streetwear, to me, represents life. When I wear clothes related to streets that make me feel more…creative, more interesting, stronger, complicated — that’s when I feel the most alive, the most engaged with the world. Changing a wardrobe is the quickest route to feeling like everything is new again, that anything is possible. So the purpose of streetwear is to make you feel alive and present. I hate it when people get too philosophical about Streetwear, but this is the truth!”
Inspiration is always needed in the ever-changing fashion industry. The lines between streetwear and high fashion have been blurred to a point in which it is difficult to tell them apart. Amid all the changes the only thing that stays constant is style. True fashion sense comes from a mix of self-awareness, curiosity, and a love for trying new things. 
     The discussion on the topic of the streetwear would not be complete unless you are giving a   special mention to this brand that originated in the United States "One lace"
Personally, one of the best brands. This is among the most colorful and vibrant online shopping websites for stylish men's clothing & women's clothing. It has quite a few unique products that you will find suitable to try on. Their Hoodies are timeless, and their accessories are admirable. 
This USA clothes website is known for trendy fashion designs. They have constant updates that are made to ensure their customers are up to date with the dynamics of the industry.
Most enjoy wearing hoodies. The first reason for wearing streetwear is that it feels so comfortable while wearing. 
This kind of outfit is soft, elastic and warm fabric enables men to face the cold days bravely. And the second reason is that the cool hoodies for men & women make them stay fashionable with the fantastic printings. 
Hoodies are convenient and casual. ONELACE HOODED is eye-catching and cool. One lace was developed to  satisfy the objective of the sneaker community, its subcultures and to help those in need, “always to represent the culture the right way and at all times”.
The most important consideration
Streetwear is about culture. It's not about clothing!!
So Stuck in your closet and wondering how to mash up your clothes for a fresh change? Wondering what people are wearing out on the street? Need a new spin on the latest fashions? 
Then check out this vibrant website”” 
  Nothing is as important to your footwear as your clothes
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simonxriley · 22 minutes ago
Happy Mother’s Day!
Pairings: Simon “Ghost” Riley x Liz Walker 
Summary: Liz celebrates Mother’s Day with her family! 
Words: 2,100
Warnings: None. 
A/N: This was a last minute decision to write something, not just for Liz and Ghost but for mother’s day as well. Hence why it feels rushed, because it is. I knew if I didn’t get it out, you probably would have never seen it 😅. 
It was bright and early on Sunday morning and Simon was doing his best to get dressed without waking Liz up. He was hoping she and Tommy would sleep for a few more hours so he and Faith could get out the door and grab the last few things they needed from the store. 
He changed his shirt and sweatpants into a white tee and a pair of jeans, grabbed his shoes and quietly left the room. 
The next thing on the list was to see if Faith was up or not. She was beyond excited to get up early and help daddy pick out the remaining things for her mom. Today was a special day after all, mother’s day. And with her being nearly four years old she was getting more excited by such things. 
He came to her room and slowly opened the door, finding her struggling to get her shirt on. That made him chuckle. She was still learning how to get dressed on her own, it was going well for the most part, but you would still find her with a shirt on backwards or inside out. Either way Simon was still proud of her, his little princess was growing up so fast. 
“Let me help you, princess!” 
Faith looked over at him as he walked into the room, still struggling with the shirt. He placed his shoes on the floor and went over to her. Kneeling down he helped her out of the shirt, rolling it up until it was just the neck line. He stretched it a bit with his hands and pulled it over her head. 
“Okay, now give me an arm,” She moved her right arm through the hole. “The next,” Followed by the left. “Done!”
“Thank you daddy!”
“You’re welcome, princess! Do you need help with your pants?” 
“No, I got it.” 
He nodded his head and grabbed his shoes, going to sit down on her bed. As he put them on he watched her grab a pair of jeans from her dresser. She looked down at them, turning them around so the button was facing outwards. That made him smile, knowing she remembered. 
She placed one foot through the pant hole, followed by the next and pulled them up. Buttoning them proved to be a tiny bit difficult, but eventually she did it. 
“I did it daddy, I buttoned them all by myself!” 
“Good job, princess. I’m proud of you!” 
Faith smiled up at him, eyes crinkling at the side. He couldn’t help but mirror it, she was so proud of herself and it was just the most precious thing ever. The joys of watching a child learn! 
“Are we going yet?” 
“Yes. Do you want something to eat from home or when we stop at the store?” 
“Store. I want a muffin.”
“Okay,” he chuckled. “Get your shoes on so we can leave before your mom wakes up.” 
She ran to her closet and grabbed her shoes, sliding them on and ran back to her dad. “Ready.” 
They made it to the store about ten minutes later, thankfully they didn’t need to get much and could be in and out in no time. 
“What are we getting again? Besides my muffin?” 
Simon chuckled and helped her into the cart. “A bouquet of flowers, some doughnuts that your mum likes and a cake for later tonight.” 
“Oh okay.” 
The first stop they made was to the florist, looking over the dozens of bouquets they’ve already made. The pink roses spoke to Simon, as did the one with a mix of daisies, lilies, and tulips. It gave more of a spring vibe and that was much needed in overcast England right now. 
“Princess? Which flowers should we get, the pink roses or the mix?” 
She looked up from his phone that she was using to play a game on and looked where he was pointing. “The mix. I like them better.” 
“Okay we’ll get the mix.” 
He grabbed them from its place and placed it in the cart. The next things were the doughnuts and cake, which were right next to each other in the store. Making it a bit easier to grab and go, he wanted to get home before she woke up. Hopefully. 
Faith went back to her game while he looked over the cakes. A red velvet one caught his eyes, it was her favorite kind of cake, making it the best cake to buy. 
“Can I help you with anything?” 
“Uh yeah. The red velvet cake please.” 
“No problem!” 
While the worker got the cake ready he looked over at Faith, seeing her immersed in the game she was playing. He doesn’t blame her, she doesn’t get much screen time back home, both him and Liz want her to grow up playing outside. Not stuck inside glued to a screen. 
“Here you go.” 
Simon turned around to look back at the worker. He gave him a small smile and grabbed the cake. “Thanks mate!” 
“Have a nice day!”
“You too!” 
The last two things on the list were Faith’s muffin and the doughnuts for breakfast. Liz has been craving them lately and what better way to start off the day besides coffee and doughnuts? 
One of the best parts about going to the store early in the morning, was all the fresh pastries. 
He grabbed a box, looking over at all the doughnuts. If he didn’t grab at least two chocolate sprinkle ones he knew Liz would be mad and he didn’t want to make her mad, especially today. The others he picked out were a few glazed ones, a plain one for himself and an apple filled. 
“Which muffin do you want?” 
“Chocolate chip please!” 
Simon chuckled, already knowing she was going to say that, but he still had to ask since her mind changes faster than the weather. He grabbed two for her, knowing she’ll probably ask for one tomorrow. And with shopping done, it was back home. 
They made it back home ten minutes later and the first thing he noticed while pulling into the driveway was that the lights were on. Meaning Liz was up and no doubt Tommy as well. 
He sighed and turned the car off. He was a little bummed out that she was up already, he wanted to surprise her. Maybe next year. 
Simon got out of the car, followed by Faith. He then went over to the passengers side door and grabbed the cake, doughnuts, flowers and muffins and shut the door. Locking it. 
Faith was already in front of him, heading to the door. He balanced the stuff in one hand and went to go check if the door was unlocked, it was. Making things a lot easier to get inside. 
Liz walked into the doorway once she heard Faith and smiled down at her as she ran with her arms wide open. 
She scooped the little one up, kissing her forehead. “Hi sweetheart! I see you did some early shopping with your dad?” 
“Yeah, it’s for you!” 
“For me?” 
She turned her head to see Simon walking into the kitchen, a smile spreading across her face. “Hon, you didn’t have to do this.” 
“Of course I did, it’s mother’s day!” He set the stuff on the table besides the flowers, and handed it to her. “It’s your day, you deserve to be cherished more than you already are!” 
Liz laughed and took the flowers from him, smelling them. “They’re beautiful! Thank you Simon, for everything!” 
She set Faith down, watching her go over to the table to sit. She turned her attention back on him, a smile gracing her face as she leaned up to give him a passionate kiss. A moment later she pulled away, seeing the cheeky grin on his face. 
“I should be thanking you, I wouldn’t have this life if it wasn’t for you! And I definitely wouldn’t be a dad if it wasn’t for you.” 
“Well, you helped in that section. Just a tiny bit.” 
She went to go grab a vase from the cabinet, big enough to fit the flowers in. Once she found one she turned on the faucet, filling it up and placed it to the side. 
“I helped? Awesome!” 
She snorted as she cut the stems of the flowers a tiny bit and placed them in the vase. 
“Yes, you did!” She laughed, putting the flowers on the kitchen table. “Why don’t you grab the rest of the stuff you got me and I’ll put on a pot of coffee.” 
Simon smirked and nodded his head. “You know me so well.” 
“I do.” 
She could hear him laugh as she grabbed the coffee pot from the maker. Turning the water on she filled it up to about the ten mark. With how much coffee they both drink, that might not even be enough. She poured the water into the maker and grabbed a filter from the cabinet, followed by the coffee. After a few scoops into the filter she put the coffee back and started the brewing. 
As the coffee brewed she walked over to the table, seeing Faith had already started eating her muffin. “Would you like a drink with that sweetheart?” 
“Okay, I’ll get you some milk.” 
While Liz got her some milk, she heard heavy footfalls coming down the stairs and glanced over at the doorway. Just in time to see him walking in with a few more things. One caught her eye right away, a medium sized black box with nothing on it. That made her more curious than she already was. 
She brought Faith her milk and sat down in front of her gifts. Besides the black box with the mystery inside it, she saw a card, a stuffed shark that was no doubt Faith’s idea, and a smaller box that looked to have jewelry in it.  
“Well look at all this, where do I even start?” She grabbed the shark and laughed, looking over at Faith. “Was this your idea?” 
“Yes. I saw it at the store with daddy and you like sharks, so we got it for you!” 
“Aww. that’s very sweet! He’s gonna go right on my bed.” 
Faith smiled and went back to her muffin. The next thing she picked up was the card; she opened the envelope to reveal that it was homemade. ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ was spelled out in stickers, along with ‘I love you’. The rest of the card had a bunch of doodles and other stickers. Even though she knew Simon helped her, it was still the sweetest thing. 
“Thank you for the card, princess! I’m going to forever cherish it.” 
“You’re welcome mommy!” 
She wanted to go for the black box, but knew it would be best to wait, so she went for the smaller one. She took the top off, revealing a rose gold necklace with the letters S, F and T on them. Her face softened and she turned to Simon. 
“Now I can have my favorite people wherever I go! You really are the best husband, Simon. I love you!” 
“I love you too!” 
Liz took the necklace out of the box and put it on, feeling it beneath her finger tips. Now the last box and the most anticipated one. But as soon as she reached for it the baby monitor came to live with babbling from Tommy. 
“I’ll go get him and don’t open that yet.” 
She sighed, but obliged nonetheless. While she patiently waited she tapped her fingers on the box, she knew it could take a few minutes before they both came back and the anticipation was getting to her. 
“Okay you can open it now.” 
From behind her she heard him fiddling with the high chair and placed Tommy in it. She slowly lifted up the top of the box and set it aside, then the white casing above it. Her mouth fell agape, and she glanced over at him. What stared at her was a bowie knife, the blade was stainless steel, but the handle was what caught her eye. 
She took it out of the box, feeling the handle. It was made up of gorgeous cocobolo dymondwood and the top of the handle was gold. It was purely gorgeous to her. 
“I have no idea what to say, this is gorgeous! This is definitely going in my collection! Thank you, all of you!” 
“You’re welcome, Love!” He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss. “And happy mother’s day!”
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livestreamingfm · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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rpgadverts · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
✨ your stars
sam's a member of a local vampire sect in la that owns and operates a popular tattoo parlor that is the setting of a reality, documentary style series. check out the site, and maybe find a place in one of the requested sects. your stars is a supernatural creatures set in seoul and los angeles with a focus on celebrities in a world where the supernatural has been commonly known for many, many years. think slice of life with a twist. OPENED APRIL 25, 2021.
guidebook. face claims. want ads.
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thefelterthatsews · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Finished #felting #joaan aka the #wolf from the #manga and #anime series #toyoureternity , I started felting his body last night and then I finished working on him just recently. He is made from 98% yarn that I have gotten from the #salvationarmy in #terracebc . Sense my foot spring is healing up, I can finally take more photos outdoors or different locations. #felted #recycledart #furry #animedog #アニメーション #アニメ #漫画 #漫画家 #不滅のあなたへ #ジョアン #かわいい #漫画好きな人と繋がりたい #おおかみ
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fairly-odd-being · 59 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Youku released WenZhou's first greeting and script reading. Although They're awkward, they jumped straight to such intimate scene????? Pros at work 😭 ©
😭 Zhang Zhe Han with long hair is taking me out
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yarikeartstudio · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aloha Summer Vibes, Blue Beach Photography, Ariel Photo, VSCO (digital download) is available to buy on my Etsy shop – ‘YarikeArtStudio’ 💕💙
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alaynethecreator · an hour ago
Carmine and Charcoal
NOTE: Modern day fan fiction of Shadow and Bone especially the Darkling. Will be posted randomly in no chronological order BUT I will still marked the chapter just because. English is not my first language. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Enjoy!
Aleksander Morozova/The Darkling x OC !Modern Day AU
Summary: A union between the most feared general and a bastard refugee from foreign country said to be the solution of two nations' strained relation. Knowing General Morozova, he would not agreed to anything that doesn't benefit him. But what could she possibly offer?
Tumblr media
The Mother's Love (Part 20 in chronological order)
I was there not moving, paralysed, when she shed her tears, breathing the word 'Vasily' over and over again. My body reached for her, yearned for her, ache for her, but she had denied my touch.
Erenya had locked herself in the old bedroom, I kept ordering the kitchen staff to send her meals, they kept emerging back with the plate untouched. Twenty-four hours after her last contact with her brother had passed, I could not tolerate the self-loathing any longer. "Erenya, it's me."
No answer.
"Erenya," I knocked again. "Let's go see your mother. You seek for answers, she will provide you with that."
The door opened, no more than five centimetres. "Was that another trick?"
I brushed aside the melancholy from hearing her arraignment. "We will leave in half an hour. You must eat on the plane."
The door shut with a bang. Still, I waited at the runway. Fedyor escorted her here, twenty minutes later, she was leaning at him for support. Figure frail, eyes hollow and haunted.
"Here," I pushed her container, "Eat."
"What's in here, sedative?"
My nose wrinkled, "Have you look at yourself in the mirror? You barely alive."
She opened the container, wiping the utensils with tissue, "Thank you, Aleksander, but you did this to me. In my mind, I'm waiting for your end, slow and torturous, you will regret feeding me later."
I did not care if she badgered me for the rest of the trip and back, so long as she ate. And she did.
By the time we arrived at a warehouse in Tsibeya, colours had filled her cheek. She clutched the denim jacket tighter to her.
The King, regarded Erenya with shock in his eyes when she saw him down the aisle. Now I understood why. She was the spitting image of her mother, Venla, striking that both women share the same space. I had never noticed.
"Hello, Princess," Erenya shuddered at the nickname.
"So that was not one of your insults, you were speaking the truth—a portion of it," Erenya scoffed, "How clever."
She took a seat at one of the plastic chairs, glaring at her mother. The woman pursed her lips, took her place in front of her daughter. I leaned on the table, watching the two fire, a thick air of feud flaming them.
"Go on then, Venla," Erenya ordered, "From the top."
"Your new status did not do justice on your manner, I see," her mother eyed her daughter and me, "Very well then. Let's get this over with."
Venla cleared her throat, took a deep breath, hands crossed. Now I knew where Erenya got this habit, "Your father and I met when I was still in the Academy. At that time, he had not yet ascended the throne though his father was on death bed. We... ah, were fond of each other thus resulted in conceiving you."
"Let me get this straight," Erenya lifted her hand, "You had an affair with a married man when you were still in the Academy, thus resulted in you pregnant with an unwanted child."
"I never said you were unwanted, Erenya. Unplanned, yes, a blessing nonetheless," Venla's gaze softened, "Your father had promised me a hand in marriage, he would leave that wretched Tatiana once and for all, but your grandfather died. You were still in my belly, he had no choice but to step up."
"Oh, a blessing, am I? Such blessed he banished you the second he ascended," Erenya sneered. "Do you hate him for that? Leaving you?"
"Yes," Venla looked down, "To all your questions, including the sarcastic one. It wasn't safe for us there, you are third in line. If Tatiana knew, she could easily command your termination. She did, in the end. But the conditions on my departure was that I was provided with a safe passage home."
"Does he know he has a daughter?" Erenya starred at her mother, eyes glossy as crystal.
"No. I did not tell him about his daughter. We severed any ties we had that day."
"You mentioned Tatiana knew, why am I still alive, then?"
"She only knew of a blond-haired baby with emerald for eyes hence why that Lantsov emerald clung at her neck to taunt your father."
"And in return, he treated Nic like a pariah," Erenya stated without missing a beat, "Why did she know about me, Nic's mother?"
The corner of Venla's mouth twitched, "She had to. A child born sired by another man but her husband, she needed a firm grip. To ensure the security of her son, your Nic."
Erenya took a deep breath, "When you said you would arrange for a marriage between a Lantsov heir, you meant me and Nic? Because you knew we are close and we did not share blood?"
"No, Princess," Venla's eyes were on me.
Erenya looked at me, barely, and nodded, "Ah, you must have meant me as the heiress. Congratulations Venla, you had your wish fulfilled. Pity, you missed the wedding. Could have been a good reason for a good laugh."
Venla snapped at her daughter, "Do you think this is all a joke? I didn't do it to spit on you. I did it for your sake!"
She stood, so did Erenya. "When you were born your grandparents could not even look at your face. They forbid you to inherit the Murphy name, let alone our fortune. You, my daughter. A daughter of a King was esteemed as no better than a common bastard."
"You liar," Erenya pointed her mother, "They loved me. Did you not remember who took care of me when you were in university? Or when you travelled for work, or banquets, whatever those were."
As jaw-dropping as it might be, Venla smiled, "You put them under your spell, eventually. Their pride and joy, born from a daughter they neglected in a foreign country for so long. Without prevarication, they put you on the will. All in your name. Perhaps that was their intention long before you are in the picture."
Erenya gasped, "So that was your motive. Wealth. You could have been more... loving, behaved like a normal mother, and I would take care of you. I would have loved you."
"I did. Did you not remember? Our weekly trip, our shopping trip. My praises to you. I love you, Erenya. I always do. That is why I planned this for you."
"I don't understand. Why him?" she nudged her jaw to me. "Why not Nikolai? It should have been a better plan. I married the reigning Queen's son, as a Lantsov myself, we would both have more claim."
That thought sparked a blaze within me. But Venla spoke in my stead, "I did not know you were eager to marry him. If my memory did not fail me, you branded him as vain. I was shocked when I found out you two are close."
"I did not; he is like a brother to me. Plus, he'd never use me like you both," Venla winced, "The vain insult I got from a friend of mine, a Ravkan. I didn't even know what Prince Nikolai looked like. Nic—My Nic's looks and lifestyle was not fitted for a prince. I would not have known. Now, about the marriage plan. Why?"
"I see," my mother-in-law said quietly, "Perhaps you are willing to share it yourself, Lord Morozova?"
The words were at the tip of my tongue but Erenya cut it, "No. You talk, I had enough of his deception to last a lifetime."
Venla swallowed, "Seven years ago, your husband held me in captive, but it was not me he was about to hunt down. To bargain with your life, I had to tell him your parentage."
"Bargain for my life?" Erenya startled, "Were you going to kill me, Aleksander?"
"An eye for an eye. I lost someone dear, and she was about to. I regretted it every single day after our encounter, Erenya. You have no idea," I admitted finally, "Perhaps you would want to elaborate, Lady Murphy."
Erenya squinted a glare at me, then her mother, "What the fuck did you do?"
Venla sighed, "Perhaps I should start from the beginning. When the junta was about to rise, your grandparents were against it. I didn't. I contributed to the cause, thus they spared us. Same with other noble family members."
"Contributed to the cause was another word for granting the sentence. They did not spare us, we were never at their mercy for the beginning," Erenya shrieked. "It was because of you, my grandparents died."
"Your grandparents were experimenting on Grisha. Oh, you didn't know that, did you? she said to Erenya's shocked expression. "They and those good for nothing, despicable nobles used me to obtain the tool for identifying Grisha. They hired someone to modify it, detecting the genetic purity as early as an infant. They planned to collect the newborns in one place, use them as a weapon. At least in Ravka Grisha have a choice. I was the only Kaelish Grisha to return. If I had my way, I definitely would not."
Erenya drew in a sharp breath, "Was that the reason your parents sent you to The Academy?"
"No. The plan was developed after I return, once they saw the extent of Grisha power. I could not let them do that. Now that you know the truth, the junta was not as terrible compared to the old government. In return for gaining supports from me, they agreed to discard the Grisha plan."
"So you and some nobles were supporting the junta usurpation, the execution of your own family members to help the Grisha you've betrayed in the first place, thus them forgoing the Grisha plan. How did Romanova come to the picture?"
"No, Erenya, supports from me. I called for help—Ratimir, my friend from The Academy, to wipe the slate clean of Kaelish Grisha programme. I sought your husband to send supports. The encroachment would not be as smooth if it weren't for Ravka's help," Venla's tone was condescending.
Erenya snapped her fingers, "And three years later, Ratimir came to his senses and threatened to publish the proofs. You sold him to the junta, killing both him and Alina in the process. That's why he—," she glanced in my direction, "was after me. Was it? Because he regretted helping you and wanted revenge."
"Well done, Erenya," praised the mother. "You completed the story."
A tear escaped from Erenya's emerald one, she wiped it off with her sleeve, "Not yet. Tell me why he regretted helping you. Did he know I wasn't his daughter? Why did you give me Romanova's name? Was he one of your paramour as well?"
"I never told him," Venla gazed into nothingness, "Your last name was from a distant cousin of the Lantsovs, I did tell you that, didn't I—"
"True. You told me my father was the third cousin of the royal family. That's why the thought of marrying the princes—my distant cousins— repulsed me, as well as your greed. According to you, my father was killed," Erenya interrupted. "As soon as I landed in Os Alta, I'd look for a Romanova that was murdered, and there were none. That's why I believed Ratimir Romanova was my father and that you misled me about the royal thing."
"I said your father was taken away from me and that you have a close relation to the Ravka royal family from your father's side. Not my fault you did not read between the lines."
"No, you told me my father died!" Erenya roared.
"And he did. To me. Dimitri that I knew and loved replaced by a weak King Alexander III of Ravka."
Erenya scoffed impatiently, "So what, then? Ratimir called off the partnership. Because it turned out, I wasn't his daughter and you had no leverage against him anymore?"
"He did it because he was an honest man. He could not stand that he helped the rise of a regime that doesn't think twice about executing the opposing people. You've witnessed one yourself, what they did to Milanka, to their own people. That drove Ratimir away. He found out about Aleksander's assistance as well. As you know, it was against the international treaty to involve in another country's coup. That would cost both countries their alliance to the other nations."
Erenya turned to me, "You branded him a traitor to cover your own doing. How fitting of you. Alina's blood was on your hand, Aleksander. Not him," I flinched when she spat my name.
"I had to help the Grisha, Erenya. That was the only way. That is my duty."
Venla chuckled, "And your husband wanted to be king. Don't you, Aleksander? What's the better way than to wed a princess."
Erenya looked at me, horror in her eyes, "All these, is for a coup? You seek vengeance, she revealed a secret, and your exact thought was 'I will marry this fifteen years old bastard someday to earn a crown,' why you sick fuck!"
"And you too, you fucking sold me to this man. You knew what he was capable of!" Erenya shouted to her mother, her fingers pointed at me, "Shehan told me you signed me up for the job, was it one of your plan to drove me into his clutch?"
Her mother's quietness was enough to answer.
Erenya dropped to the floor, blubbing. I longed to wipe the tears off her cheek, to console her, to make her see, but I stood my ground, so was Venla Murphy, "You deserved a kingdom, he will give you that. Granted, it wasn't my purpose that you two wed for love. I imagined he would have approached you immediately, offering a partnership."
"Sweet Saints, Mother!" Erenya spat, "He never loved me. It was all manipulation. Did he tell you he was there on the plane, sitting next to me? Did he tell you he staged a meeting near my apartment, seducing me?" She sniffed, still on the floor, then looking up at me, "Was that your plan as well, Aleksander? To win my trust before you ruined it?"
"No," I knelt. Hands reached for her, "I wanted to see you for the first time, to know what you are as a person. The odd was not winning in my favour. That's why I had to make some adjustment."
I never plan to fall in love with you. I never did.
She shook her head, "You two deserved each other. With all your scheming and you meaningless professed of love," she said, in between starring into her mother and me, "I will not forgive you both, not in this lifetime."
Like always, I believed her.
I left her and her mother inside while I took off for a cigar. A feared General like me couldn't take seeing my wife's disdain. A repercussion for my acts.
As soon as the thing on my hand lit, I could imagine Alina's voice in my ear, her hand seizing the cigar, crushing it under her boots. "Off with that already. Smoking will harm you, Aleksander."
All in due time, Alina.
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1kindesign · an hour ago
Tour this spectacular modern condo in a rehabbed school in Seattle
Tour this spectacular modern condo in a rehabbed school in Seattle
E. Cobb Architects in collaboration with RD Interiors has reimagined the former gym and auditorium of an iconic school into a spectacular industrial modern condo. The West Queen Anne School is one of Seattle, Washington’s most iconic abodes. Formerly a public elementary school from 1896 to 1981, the adaptive reuse structure is now high-end condominiums. The original architects, Warren P.…
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yarikeartstudio · an hour ago
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Run Print, Japanese Calligraphy Wall Art, Kanji (digital download) is available to buy on my Etsy shop – ‘YarikeArtStudio’💕💙
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art-now-spain · an hour ago
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Plen, susana martin villarrubia
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