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#essay writing
kiwi-soda · an hour ago
good lord im tired of these dumb ass fucking takes abt the american eurovision literally who fucking cares
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decompositie · 2 hours ago
today is gonna be my day tomorrowim going to start killing people 
#online work group again imliterally#- going to jsut shut off my laptop if someone complains asbt their personal life again ive had it#also. i need to catsch up on like checks watch 6 weeks of school work in one day but jow hard can it be .#also mifght just mention that im thinking abt dropping out. i might who knows feelign frisky#if we have noting to talk abt like always i might have#- to#jesus i keep accidentaly hittijng enter -_-#i mean dropping out to go to uni isnt like bad. but it still feels likeim just tappign out and idk if thats justified or if i got brain-#washed into believign not liking this study is my own fualt. which i honestly feel like it is#like i love the internship and i love workign with kids but the the fukcing essays and projects killll me i hate them so mcuh.... but i-#could see myself doing this as a job maybe not forver or fulltime but like. im good at it and i like it so why not continue for two more-#years and get a degree...... im already 2 years in..... what will i even do with an art history degree help#but like i need to decide soon because i really need to start lookign forinternships in NL and outside because i want to intern yeah tomorrwe im gonna kill mysefl and probably accidentally makesomeone cry ahgain because i said writing an essay is a personal-#responsibilty. cant make this up i hatre these bible belt bitches#also im nice so i gave her some tips and apologized dw but fukc it was so weird. jsut crying in the camera while all of us were like 😐#and i only said it because she had been takling for AN HOUR. A FULL HOUR abt her problems. literally a full hour hellphelpehopkepjeokepooje#so anyway.#13
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din0wh0re · 4 hours ago
Can someone please give essay writing tips,,, honestly crying. trying to write two 2000 word essays for tomorrow
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michaelhaydon · 5 hours ago
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positivewordsresearch · 6 hours ago
8 Inspiring Success Stories for Students
8 Inspiring Success Stories for Students
Great success often starts small. In fact, numerous massive businesses were launched in university dorm rooms, apartments, and garages of their founders. Success is rarely instant. It is a long journey full of questions and doubts. In the beginning, people face uncertainty, rejection, and failure. However, many success stories show that it is important to move forward and keep trying. The key is…
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v0idbird · 7 hours ago
5, 7, 16 from the "not from the US" ask set?
(disclaimer: I was born in Russia, but I will be using Germany + the german language for my replies since i grew up + live here)
5. favourite song in your native language?
If it can be any song, that would be Antiheld! Antiheld (name is german for antihero) is about taking a stand against injustice even when it’s scary, and fighting it even if others/society don’t approve! I listened to it a Lot while going through some Character Development last year :] (It’s from a german youtube series called Tubeclash where famous german youtubers were animated and fought each other or smth? idk I’ve never actually seen it but the songs are p nice!)
7. three words from your native language that you like the most?
Doch (pronounciation: like dog, but with an exhaling hh sound instead of the g) (note for yall Anglophones: the ‘ch’ is not pronounced like ‘k’) this one is untranslatable, since the concept/word don’t exist in english! doch is a pretty versatile word that can be used in many ways and I use it literally daily, yet for some reason neither russian nor english have this word (idk abt languages other than that tho) Since it has no English translation, here are some examples for how it can be used: -”I thought you didn’t go out today?” “Doch” (=Yes, I did) -”This sucks.” “No it doesn’t.” “Doch!” (=Yes it does!) there are more meanings of the word (It can mean “after all” in some sentences, for example! and many more things) but I’m not gonna get into that for now to avoid spam :]
pretty much any word with a rolled R in it (and there’s many!) Krabbe(crab). Drache(dragon). Rollen(to roll). Kreislaufprobleme(circulatory problems). rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr did you know that a german r is rolled with the back of the mouth and the tongue isn’t used at all, while rolled r’s in russian and spanish are created with the tip of the tongue? (I can do both btw!) the german one just feels so fun to say for some reason, i tend to overexaggerate it when talking bc i like saying it so much!! german R go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, literally
Kreatur (pronounciation: cray-are-tour, first r is rolled) Its the german word for creature! Idk why but I just like it a lot! Also since german is a pretty gendered language, I’ve started using the word Kreatur instead of boy/girl/person etc when talking to my sister >:3c (this is bc my sister and I often use words in unexpected ways for fun and profit, this is not an Official Use of the word that exists unfortunately)
16. which stereotype about your country you hate the most and which one you somewhat agree with?
The whole “germans are stuck up and have no sense of humor!!1!11″ thing tends to annoy me (bc its??? not true??? where did it even come from????????????????????)
Also people assuming that all Germans like and regularily consume Pretzels and Beer and Bratwurst kinda annoys me? I get where the stereotype itself comes from, people pick a handful of unfamiliar common thing about other cultures and it becomes their Whole Thing TM so these are all part of the German Stereotype(TM) and thats fine i guess, but that doesnt actually mean that Every German Person actually Likes these, and personally i dislike literally all of them of them yk? (Bratwurst can be okay I guess, but I rarely eat it. The other two i actively despise)
The one that i somewhat agree with would be the punctuality thing, it does seem like people are more relaxed about what counts as ‘being on time’ in other countries compared to germany
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lawprepare01 · 10 hours ago
adapt today with us over how to get ready for Law Essay Exams and upgrade your insight all the more today for more look at our page.
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kixotical · 11 hours ago
my teacher: you have a month to write this essay
me: hey you wanna see some real speed
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goldenpoison · 12 hours ago
He Is Both A Villain And A Hero
When I was 8 years old, my favorite teacher almost let me drown.
I thrashed and splashed, while he stood at the shore doing nothing. He stood with his piercing gaze fixed on me, watching to see what I would do. That one afternoon, in my mom’s hometown in the Quezon province, my cousins went out to play. I, on the other hand, was still in my The Little Mermaid phase, so naturally, I decided to go at the strip of beach at the back of the house. I remember the call of the great pacific, whispering in my ears, telling me to come. Despite not knowing how to swim, I answered and went. But my fascination betrayed me as I unknowingly strayed too far from the shore and got pulled by a wave. I had no goggles on, nor any proper swimming gear. Each time my head went underneath the water, I either swallowed saltwater or spit it out and cough. But it burned my throat, nonetheless. When my head would come up, I’d see him there blurry and far, ogling and observing. That was the day I learned how to swim.
My love for the ocean did not falter, nor did my opinion of him as my favorite teacher did. You see, he was one of those morally gray characters you’d read in a book. He did bad things. He did good things. Most of the time, he did very questionable things. He’s too bad to be considered good. He’s too good to be considered bad. He’s neutral and balanced and stable. That’s what I love about him. But he’s also unpredictable, always changing. You never know if he’s on your side or the other, until the moment has passed.
To my cousin he is the worst of all villains, but to me, he is the most noble of all heroes. I liked him, until last January, when my kitten died. I knew Salem was going to die at some point –– she was already sick when we took her in. But it hurt, still. It hurts to see something so precious and loving, get taken away from you. I cried for hours on end that day. But what hurts the most, is that it was him who gave her to me. I asked and pleaded why would he give me something that he knew I would love for all eternity with every fragment of my soul. Why? Why? Why? I hated him. I despised him. I loathed him. My cousin was right. He was the worst, and I’d been too foolish to look only on the good side and ignored the other.
That night, at 2 am, I cursed his name over and over again in my head. I was crestfallen. To cope, I did what I always do when I’m sad. Normally, I’d open my late grandfather’s typewriter, but I was feeling extra dramatic that night. I picked up a sheet of paper stained with coffee and tea from my stack. I burned its edges and flattened it out on my desk. I grabbed my quill, dipped it in ink, and wrote. “Dearest Pheobus,” I started. Teardrops fell in the paper with every stroke. I allowed myself to feel every wave of emotion that passed and jotted it down. By the time I finished, I was calm, and tears no longer ran down my cheeks. I sealed it with golden wax and stored it in my chest with the other letters.
The storm in my head passed, and I was able to see clearly. I knew then that I had no reason to be mad at him. Nor to anyone, really. I was overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. As stated in my personally established rule of misery, it was when I was drowning that I was able to breathe freely. I understood now why I’ve always been intrigued by my favorite teacher – because he taught me the hardest lessons in life without me ever being aware of it. Because of him, I knew how to give love so true that it pains me. Because of him, I learned to be patient and persevere.
It’s true that there isn’t a singe person as cruel and unforgiving as him. That there’s no villain who takes and takes no matter what, because he simply doesn’t care if you’re good or bad. He’ll drop you in the most treacherous roaring ocean during a gray starless night without any equipment. He’ll make you walk barefoot in the Sahara mile after mile without a compass nor map. Instead, he gives you strength, will, and everything you need to know to survive the hardships of life. Because the greatest hero, will forever be Father Time.
Hello! This is just a short personal essay I wrote for school under the prompt “Write a personality feature about your favorite subject.” Please don’t repost to other social media platforms without my permission. Thanks for reading :))))
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ona512 · 14 hours ago
me learning languages and wishing english had like a non-specific pronoun set to work with that didn’t really imply anything or like a special objective tense to use because i would use it ALL THE TIME
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lonely-squeaking · 18 hours ago
i love it when people make art. and  make songs. and draw and make silly little ceramics and various other crafts. i think creation is beautiful
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pamesjatterson · 20 hours ago
*writing obsessively long essay comparing cartoon characters who clearly weren't written to be parallells* yeah im just a casusl viewer
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twinkiefairy · 21 hours ago
I hate that they killed Boone off for many reasons but one of them is like. the wasted potential for Locke parallels? Because like. 
Imagine if instead of Boone dying after the beechcraft falls, Jack had actually amputated his leg, and saved his life. Imagine they had given Boone a wheelchair to move around the caves until he gained enough strength to switch to crutches. 
Imagine if, instead of Locke walking in on Boone’s funeral the day after the accident, he walks in on Boone learning how to maneuver the wheelchair for the first time. 
And Locke sees this and recognizes that, not only is that HIS wheelchair that Boone is using, but also... he put Boone there. He’s responsible for doing to Boone what he will never forgive his father for doing to *him*. How devastating would that have been??
Like not to say Locke didn’t struggle enough after Boones death as it is but!!! I feel like that episode already starts to build that parallel between Locke and his dad, you know? Like Boone and Locke both grew up without a dad. And then Locke comes in and becomes a sort of father figure to Boone, just like Anthony Cooper did to him. And yeah, Anthony did so with the explicit intent to con him, which Locke didn’t do with Boone, but he DID ultimately manipulate him into climbing up to that plane knowing he wouldn’t come out of that in one piece. So can you imagine Locke realizing... “Yeah I didn’t physically push him out a window but I emotionally pushed him to climb to that plane so I might as well have” and thinking that he might not be any better than his dad after all?  
And then like!!! Of course when they finally open the hatch, Boone would likely spend a bunch of time under there because it’d be easier for him to move around the hatch on one leg than through the jungle, caves, or beach. And Locke’s already losing it over the button in season two but IMAGINE the added complex of having Boone there. A physical reminder of how similar Locke is to his father, whom he cannot trust, and therefore... he cannot trust himself, which is a horrible addition to someone who is already struggling with being confident in what he believes/forming a position on the button that could kill everyone/having faith/etc. 
I don’t know I’m not saying I want Locke to suffer more I just think it would have been interesting! Plus it would have fit in so well with the themes of the show re: how characters relate to their fathers (like Kate admitting she killed Wayne because she hated that he was a part of her, or Jack being scared of becoming a father because he didn’t want to be like his dad but ending up struggling with alcoholism just like him anyways, etc). And I feel like even though Daddy Issues are almost mandatory for Lost characters, Locke has one of the worst fathers, if not THE worst. I think that more clearly drawing the parallels between Locke (who is mostly considered to be good) and Anthony Cooper (almost undeniably one of the most EVIL people in the show) would have been so interesting for Locke’s development.  
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