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serodev · 5 minutes ago
𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐮 𝐍𝐒𝐅𝐓 𝐚𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐭
Warnings: K-18, MINORS DNI
Pairing: Shinobu x gn!reader
Note(s): You picked good letters, nonny! The U letter is an extremely good pick for our lovely insect hashira! [Letter: D, K, M, and U]
Tumblr media
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) » One of Shinobu's dirty secrets is that she has a tiny, tiny kink for medical play - It's nothing extreme. (Oh no, no. She doesn't want to cut you or anything like that - She just likes to "play doctor" with you, if you know what I mean!)
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) » As I said before, Shinobu has a tiny kink for medical play, and she likes to play around with her tools. However, it's not the only kink she has because that would be boring, even of her. A few of her other kinks are being dominant, cunnilingus, and pegging!
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) » Shinobu's actually pretty easy to rile up, even if it's hard to imagine because of her stoic expressions! If you want to do the do with her, all you need to do is to ask her "check up on you" while looking at her with a submissive glint in your eyes, and it won't take a second longer for her to catch up onto your plan. She loves to play around with you, so one of her usual responses is: "Yes, it does look like your body needs to be checked upon."
U = Unfair (How much they like to tease) » Shinobu is probably one of the most unfair pillars you can end up dating because she loves to tease you. Just know that it's going to be a long session between you two if you ever happen to end up under her because she enjoys moving slowly, and she loves to see your reactions when she does something.
Tumblr media
Author's note: Thank you so much for sending me this request - please remember to stay hydrated during this hot weather! Anyways, my inbox and requests are open, so feel free to send me an ask!
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canyouimaginethatstory · 5 minutes ago
Jack X Reader Imagine #28 (REQUESTED)
Tumblr media
You had been having trouble sleeping. No matter what you tried nothing worked. Counting sheep, warm milk, music, nothing worked at all. As Jack was walking by your room he heard you let out a sigh. He stopped in your doorway. "Are you ok Y/N?" he asked.
"I'm fine Jack," you answered, "just can't sleep,".
"I don't sleep very much," he said, "maybe we can do something to pass time,". You looked at your watch. It was earlier than you usually tried to sleep.
"I have an idea," you said, "come on but let's make sure the boys don't catch us," You two silently hurried into the bunker garage and hurried to your car. You both climbed in and luckily the car started smoothly as you started to drive off.
"Where are we going?" he asked.
"I know you haven't really gotten to experience a lot of fun stuff," you told him, 
"so we're gonna do something fun,". Soon you pulled into the parking lot of a bowling alley.
"Where are we?" he asked as you two got out of the car.
"This is a bowling alley," you said as you walked in and explained the game to the young nephilim. You got your shoes and picked an alley. Jack actually took to the game pretty quickly. You watched as he got his second strike of the night.
"This game is fun," he said. That sweet baby smile on his face, "I like it,".
"I've always loved this game," you said as your stomach started to growl, "I could go for some grub. You?".
"Food sounds nice," he agreed as he followed you to one of the food stands. You ordered a small pepperoni pizza to share and two sodas. You two sat and talked as you enjoyed your food. "I had fun tonight," he said.
"Me too,' you said taking a drink of your soda, "you're very good at bowling,".
"Can we do this again?" he asked. You smiled and nodded.
"When we get the chance," you said. Soon you two were pulling back into the bunker garage. You guys started to sneak down the hall to your rooms when you heard someone coming down the hall. You quickly grabbed Jack and hid. Dean paused thinking he heard something. After a moment he shrugged and walked off. You and just both softly laughed.
"Thank you for a fun night," you said giving Jack a hug before heading off to your room. Not noticing the sweet smile growing more on his face.  
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slutforagoodsmut · 6 minutes ago
Imagine: Dying in Hector’s arms
Tumblr media
Danger was such a thrilling experience that you couldn’t get enough of
Out of you and Hector, you’re the one who caused and got into the most trouble
Half of the time, you didn’t even mean it
Danger sought you out and you sought out for danger
You never really knew real danger till the wrath of Dracula’s anger, or when you found yourself sitting with his council.
You were human, just like Hector and Isaac, and if they wanted to, any vampire could just yank your intestines out and murder you mercilessly
Something about that made adrenaline shoot up into your veins like a drug addict
Hector had trust in you that you would always be smart and safe, never once did he doubt your intellect or bravery, he knew you could handle your battles and if you ever needed his help he’d be there
But this time, you didn’t get so lucky
It happened so quickly; you grabbed the metal chains you were prepared to wrap around Lenore, when you suddenly felt a sharp burn in your stomach.
She had stabbed you with a knife, it was lodged deep in your core, blood starting to spill
Never mind that tho, you had a job you needed to finish.
How you managed to do it was beyond your comprehension, but you were able to kick her hard enough when she wasn’t paying attention that she tripped out the door and onto the balcony where she burned to a crisp.
You ran to Hector and broke the chains that Lenore had put him in. The adrenaline rush was so high, so strong, that you didn’t realize you began to bleed out
You fell to the ground
Hector fell to his knees and scooped you up in his arms
“Y/n? Y/N? Speak to me.”
He seemed way too calm, but the underlying panic in his tone was all too noticeable to you.
You reached for the knife and pulled it out of your stomach, blood gushed from the wound, pouring down your sides, quickly pooling around you.
You looked at Hector, shocked as could be
Was this really the end? Because you had a silly little slip up? This is really how things were going to end?
“Everything is going to be okay.”
“No my love please don’t shut your eyes, keep them open.”
“I will call for Isaac, everything is alright.”
“You’re going to be okay.”
You couldn’t tell whether the self reassurance was for you or for himself, but it was nice to hear either way.
You placed your blood covered hand on his cheek, tears sliding down the sides of your head, blood beginning to pool in your mouth
“It’s okay....”
He had tears in his eyes, he choked on a pained cry as he shook his head, refusing to believe that this was the end.
“I’m going to get you help—please, just wait a little longer....”
God, you loved this man.
“I need you....”
Hector held you tight, bringing you to his chest while his body wracked with sobs.
The light was quickly fading out, your breathing deep but so very slow.
You felt so guilty for dying, as silly as that sounds.
You gripped Hector’s arm and smiled up at him the best you could, your internal flame nearly burnt out
“Thank you for being my most treasured adventure....”
Sorry for the angst, I hope you enjoyed anyways and don’t forget to reblog, comment and follow🥳🥳🥳
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selfships-in-spanish · 6 minutes ago
hello hello no pressure but wanted to ask - are we getting a hit of that good good queen of demons soon ma'am :)
Good morning dear anon!! <3
Ahhh no no it's okay, feel free to ask anytime! I know I have been quite radio silent, but feel free to ask about it or anything you are curious about!
BUT! I got good news for you :D After finishing my entry for a big contest (and pulling all-nighters to meet the deadline, on night 3 I wanted to die a little jajajaja) and resting for a few days, I was finally able to properly sit down and go back to chapter 4!
I'm currently in the middle of writing it so expect it soon. I cannot say an exact date since I'm on a vacation in Tenerife, but I'll try to get it soon ^^
For now I leave you this little thing! It's still a work in progress and may change some things, but enjoy some kid being kids moments:
An excited giggle, followed by a shriek of what sounded like a name, startled the guests and their hosts, even. The Gottesreichan soldiers took a defensive stance, ready to pounce on the source of it as well as attack if necessary; their priority was defending the monarch's lives at any costs. Eva couldn’t help the scared jump her body did upon hearing the childish laugh and running steps on frozen ground getting nearer, gasping loudly in fear and tightly clutching the Chief’s arm with her tiny hands as she unconsciously leaned on him, seeking protection.
The Chief was ready to make her stand behind him and face the attacker, but stopped immediately upon seeing it was one of the children from before. The boy had rosy cheeks, the colour intensified by both the running and the cold, and probably the excitement too, and had a wide smile that was missing a few teeth. The kid was holding something in his hands, hidden behind his back, and with the eagerness of a child waiting for the exact moment an adult would pay them attention to show them what they got in their hands, the little boy almost shoved his possession to the Chieftain and the Princess.
Once he saw what the boy had in his hands, the Chief visibly relaxed, shoulders shaking in silent amusement at how a little kid got the best of them all. The Princess still looked uncertain, clutching and pressing herself into him. Eyes wide and breath a little bit short, Eva looked down at the kid’s hands. He was holding a… flower?
A flower in the middle of winter? How was that even possible?
The kid kept his eyes on the Princess, urging her to take his present with quick words and lifting his hands further up, his smile widening. Eva thought herself of a stupid fool. How could she have been scared of a child? What harm could he do? Unless… No, unless nothing. This was a little boy offering a flower, a beautiful one that Eva had never seen before. Father would not tarnish the good intentions of a child.
Upon not having, still, immediate response from the Princess, the kid hopped on his spot, irremediably making Eva show a timid smile; she could never resist a toothy grin and sparkling eyes.
One look at the mother told Eva how this was not planned and how the kid had ran off on his own volition. Everyone on the street stopped dead on their tracks and silently watched the exchange, not even daring to breathe. The mother’s wide eyes jumped from the Princess to the Chief, then to his child, not knowing if she should run and apologise to their guests or wait and have faith in their leader and his soon to be wife.
Eva understood quickly this was to be a decisive moment for her and her stay in Eldia. One wrong movement that led to misinterpretation could be beyond disastrous. She had to be good, she had to fulfill her duty and be a good wife and—
Eva took a deep breath. Focus. Don’t succumb into panic.
Fighting her burning cheeks out of her own embarrasment, Eva let go of her almost deadly grip on the Chief’s arm and faced the little boy alone. Keeping her smile on her lips, Eva approached the child with small steps, stopping right in front of him and elegantly folding her gloved hand on top of the other. The kid kept talking at a dizzying speed, and when he noticed how the Princess furrowed her brows in confusion, while still maintaining her smile, he understood not a word he was saying reached her.
Humming to himself while thinking hard, the kid’s face illuminated itself when an idea came to him. He hastily pointed to the flower and then to the Princess, practically shoving it in her hands. Eva looked down and then up at the kid, pointing at herself with a questioning look. The child nodded effusively, shoving the poor flower again.
Eva couldn’t help the soft chuckle upon his enthusiasm, never being able to resist a kid. The Princess took it, making sure to do a slightly exaggerated bow, lifting slightly the skirts and careful enough to not crumple the flower, so the little boy understood her gratitude. The kid happily ran back to his mother, skipping and laughing as he began talking at that incredible speed while his mother looked beyond relieved. Eva did a curtly bow to her too, trying to show the mother no offence of any kind was taken.
I'm quite eager to get onto some parts I had in my mind for this chapter and then... develop some plot things. I wish I could write all day about the chief and the princess being disgustingly cute but ahhhh plot. Plot is needed.
Thank you for your ask!! I hope you have a wonderful day! <333
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bookwit · 9 minutes ago
Your F/o letting you rest your head on their chest as you two gaze at the moon and glancing stars watching from far above. They let their coat drape over your lazy figure as you two bask each others warmth.
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champion-prism · 9 minutes ago
NSFW under cut : Leon x afab!reader
Leon would be into edging himself. He sets goals for himself- he can't cum until he's made you cum atleast n times.
The more you cum, the more frustrated and rough he gets with you, pumping his fingers in and out of your wet, swollen cunt, rubbing over your soft pussy lips, occassionally diving in for a taste. He'll use his fingers, his mouth, even his dick to make you cum, but he'll stop any ministrations to his length before he cums. Only when you're an absolute mess, covered in sweat and your own slick, writhing, begging for him to cum inside you, give you something, anything, that's when he plunges his length inside you and fucks you out raw, until he's wracked with an intense, pent up orgasm
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yanbub · 11 minutes ago
invalidating your concern
xiao x gn!reader
hcs, sfw, hurt/comfort (?), no cws, 319 words
reblogs helps me tons :)
note: i choked on my boba while writing this but at least im alive #pogthroughthepain 🤠
Tumblr media
xiao ;
i’ve said this many times but i’ll say it again. xiao needs time before he can fully get used to a relationship. everyone has a first for everything, no? so it’s best to let xiao be from time to time. don’t leave this alone though.
the first time xiao invalidated your concern, you left him be since it was just some minor injuries like he said. but as time passed by his injuries had gotten worse and worse yet he still doesn;t accept your concern - he says he can handle it himself when he clearly can’t and that’s what makes you mad. xiao carries the whole pain by himself - and it makes you mad because you feel useless. you’re in a literal relationship with him yet he pushes you away when he clearly needs someone by his side.
however, the reason why xiao doesn’t want you to get involved with him (even if you’re in a relationship) is because he’s scared. he doesn’t want you hurt - it’s always been like that. he pushes everyone away, scared that if they get involved; they’d get badly hurt. it wasn’t that different for you. he knows the responsibility of being in a relationship, the responsibility to make the other safe but there’s one thing xiao forgets: being a relationship doesn’t mean you have to shoulder everything alone.
you soon then had enough, finally letting him realize that not everything is to be taken alone - that there are times when you need someone to be there for you. the abrupt realization hit xiao, but he stayed silent. you were right - there’s no way that he can just shoulder everything on his own. he was wrong yet he doesn’t know how to fix the situation.
you suggested to start by at least letting you check on his wounds whenever he returns injured and he agrees - slowly, you can progress further with that.
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translytherins · 17 minutes ago
*[Y/n] holding up a picture and showing it to the Aoba Johsai Voleyball Team*
[Y/n]: This... Is hideous... This is awful in every way... If I could kill it, I could... But legally I can't...
Kindaichi: But [Y/n]-san... That's a picture of Ushijima-senpai?
[Y/n]: Exactly! Does he really expect that Oikawa-san is going to transfer to Shiratorizawa!? Even if Oikawa-san is annoying he has no roght to be disrespectful to the other teams that work hard!
Oikawa: That's such a sweet thing of you to say [Y/n]-chan! I knew you loved me!
[Y/n]: That wasn't a compliment dumbarse!
*Cue a sulky Oikawa crouching in a corner while the others just laughed*
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same-crazy-art-girl34 · 17 minutes ago
Sure, im a reader
Did i bring a book with me at my sister's graduation ceremony? Of course.
Am i reading it? Lmao of course not.
Im using it as a ✨fan✨
Because right now im convinced in hell is colder than here -
@alonlyfangirl @sankta-nazyalensky-of-the-storm @im-someone-i-guess @saltyfortunes @queenlilith43 @all-fandoms-are-life
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meeehsblog · 17 minutes ago
it doesn't matter if you like reading fiction books or non fictions books. what trully matters it's the fact of reading and enjoying it.
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s8ns-h0e · 19 minutes ago
To all those who are in the fandom (or were in the fandom), I got a question.
is the creepypasta fandom dead?
like have we officially died off orr..?
i mean, i know the fandom itself is pretty old, and i remember back when all the fanfics reached their peaks in 2015 - 2017, but now it's like they just poofed tf up outta existence 😳
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everlasting-endearments · 22 minutes ago
— Comprehension
synopsis: you and shanks as lovers
pairing: shanks x female reader
warnings: I guess none?
word count: 272
the definition of love between you and shanks is Comprehension
being his lover is not that easy, the long-distance relationship between you two was difficult but since you two really love each other, you and him were able to managed it which his crew admired between you and him
your patience is what Shanks admired you, you always understand that he is busy however he always make up at things he missed (birthdays, anniversaries, special events). He will apologized in den den mushi instead of letter, hearing that it's fine and you're not mad gives him a relief feeling but he will never forget to apologized (in person) and make it up to you by spending time with you to make it up to your loneliness
And guess what? Every time he goes back to your home, your island that was under his protection. The island is always preparing a party for them while the people and his crew letting you guys have time alone, knowing and understanding that you two were bare to interact with each other in person. You, giving him a massage, knowing how tired and busy man he is. Checking, caressing and kissing the scars on his face, you're like Shanks's doctor. And even giving a massage to his left arm and assisting him about using only one arm until he was used using only one arm
You're always patience about him, and Shanks really admired that about you because you're so understanding and sometimes feels bad, just give a kiss and you two will be fine. That's why Comprehension is the meaning of love between you two.
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quartermera · 23 minutes ago
Classical Music Concert with Reiju
Tumblr media
🎹 : Classical music concert
The day the festival had arrived in town, booklets had been placed in everyone's mailboxes and Reiju had suggested you looked up all the possible activities before going. There was so much to choose from after all and she deemed it more clever to plan some sort of route before getting lost in the packed streets.
Sitting next to each other on the couch, you leisurely flipped through the small book. There were workshops, streets artists, small businesses and advertisements for local shops but nothing really caught your attention. However, as you landed on a new page listing multiple classical music concerts, Reiju noticed a spark in your eyes. A discreet smile grew on her lips.
That evening, you went to sleep without much mention for the festival. The streets were calm after a loud and busy day of unpacking. Now, only a soft colourful glow could be guessed behind the curtains.
When you woke up the next morning, you weren't too surprised to notice Reiju had already disappeared. She always left early and quietly, as to not disturb your sleep. Your morning routine remained undisturbed.
As per usual, Reiju called you over lunch.
"How did you sleep?" she wondered.
After letting you answer, she continued: "Will you do something for me, Y/N? Put on your best clothes by the time I am back home."
You knitted your eyebrows and questioned her motives, but she didn't explain. Instead, all she told you was that you would like it.
Trusting her, by late afternoon, you had dressed up.
Even when Reiju got home, she refused to tell you what the fuss was about. All she did was ask you for 15 minutes so she could get changed as well. Meanwhile, you had started taking your best guesses. A fancy restaurant? Meeting close friends of her? A special evening with her colleagues?
Needless to say those thoughts briefly left your mind when Reiju exited the bathroom. She was stunning.
Offering you a small smile and her hand, she led you outside. The streets were packed and if it wasn't for Reiju's arm around your waist, you would be scared to lose her to the crowd. Despite that, she was confidently showing the way until you stopped in front of a familiar building.
A smile crept up your face as you realised her plans. Reiju looked towards you and offered a knowing smile back.
The elegance of the venue was the first thing to strike you as you walked inside. The red seats, the high stage made from dark wood, the big velvet curtains attached with golden rope on both ends. You didn't have much more time to admire your surroundings however, for a young lady was leading you to your seats.
Once settled, Reiju leaned over to you and explained quietly:
"I remembered you telling me that Y/F/C was your favourite composer. When I saw they were playing one of their pieces tonight, I thought it could make for an enjoyable night out."
You thanked her and, without breaking eye contact, she brought your hand to her lips for a small kiss.
"Only the best for you."
And with that, the lights dimmed in the venue and the musicians walked on stage. You didn't let go of her hand throughout the entire concert.
Tumblr media
Hey Anon! No worries, the event is indeed already open ^^ I wasn't planning on being very strict with the opening anyway since I didn't put any timezone haha! Thank you for your kind words and your request! I hope you will like it <3
Summer Festival Event Prompt List
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gypsy-girl-08 · 24 minutes ago
Old Faces- Part 6
Previous Parts can be read here
Pairing - Thomas Shelby and Reader
Tumblr media
You knew you had to drag yourself out of the darkness. It was overtaking you, consuming you. Your mind was replaying the events that had led you back here, and the events that made you leave. Everything felt hopeless now, you didn't have a plan, where to go next. George was probably out there somewhere looking for you.
He wouldn't need to look far, you had returned to the most obvious place. The Shelby's were trying to help you, you knew that, but was the reason guilt or pity? You promised Tommy you would try and go out today, now you were dressed, you were unsure if you could.
Taking a deep breath, you left the shelter of Tommy's room and descended the stairs. Polly was sitting at the table drinking tea, with a young man.
"Hi," you said. She smiled at you, seeming pleased you were up. "Oh y/n, come and sit down, good to see you on your feet love," You lowered yourself onto the chair, still in pain. The young man was staring at you.
"Y/n, this is Michael, my son," You looked between the two, "Your son? I wasn't gone that many years!" He extended his hand to shake yours, "Nice to meet you, y/n" Polly lit a cigarette, "It's a long story, love," she revealed. "Michael, y/n is family, one of us," He nodded his head, "Tommy's girl? You told me about?" he questioned Polly.
"That was a long time ago," you muttered. The door opened and the brothers entered. "Ah, sleeping beauty is awake at last!" John joked. Polly pointed at him, "You leave her be, she's not up to your teasing,"
You smiled at John, "It's fine Pol, and yes I am up, wanted to see what trouble you lot get up to these days," Tommy stood next to you, extending his arm for you to take, "Best come with me then, ey?"
He led you through into the betting shop, which was still closed. There was a dark haired woman chatting to Esme. "Sorry, I'm late," announced Tommy. The woman turned, looking you up and down, Tommy was still holding your arm. "Goodness," she was looking at your face, "Have you been in a fight?"
She was clearly rich, you could tell from her clothes and accent. Why was she in small heath? "Fell off a horse," you replied, the first thing that came into your head. "Oh, gracious me, must have been a big horse," Thomas cleared his throat, "Mrs Carleton, this is y/n, my..., we grew up together," She shook your hand lightly, "Pleasure to meet you, call me May,"
Thomas proceeded to show her around the shop, "Who's she?" you whispered to Esme. "A fancy horse trainer, clearly has a thing for working class men," May was like a puppy dog, looking at Thomas, taking in every word. "Can't help himself," you whispered to Esme. She laughed, "Well, his bed never goes cold, trying to fuck you out of him," You frowned, "What about the other one?" she knew you meant Grace. "All gone quiet there, lives in America"
"Y/n, come with us, I will show you the horse," he took your hand and May followed. It was a short walk to Charlie's yard, but you felt anxious and it was painful. You could see May taking in the delights of Small Heath, probably lives in a place, you thought. You paused by the gate to catch your breath, "You go ahead," you told them.
Tommy clicked his fingers, "Curly, get a chair for y/n," May was staring at you again, "Have you broken something?" You took deep breaths, Tommy put his coat around you. "Just a sprain," you said. Curly arrived with the chair, "Oh, Y/n, Y/n, its you, haven't seen you for a long time, where did you go?" You smiled at him. Tommy cleared his throat, "Curly, take Mrs Carleton to the horse please,"
"Yes, yes, Tommy," he answered. You watched them go, Tommy lit a cigarette, "You can go, you don't have to sit here," you told him. "Just take your time," he said, watching May walk off with Curly. "You did always like rich women, Tom," Looking down at you in the chair, he threw the cigarette away, "She's training the horse, y/n, that's it " You stood, "You don't need to explain yourself to me,"
You both walked to the horse in silence. "She's in good shape, I can definitely have her ready to race," announced May. You stroked the horse, running your hand over her mane. "She's beautiful," you told Tommy. "That she is, you gonna give her a name, ey?" You stood back, "Me? why?" He grinned down at you, "I trust you to pick a good name, she's going to win the Derby,”
"We hope," said May. Thomas patted the horse, speaking in Romani, it brought back many memories. He used to try and teach you, you could understand more than you could say. "I've got a name," you told him. Walking over to you, his piercing eyes bore into your soul. "Well?" he asked. "Ruby's Dream," you replied.
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ellitx · 25 minutes ago
Himmel’s the type of person who’d always wear his marriage ring especially when he’s outside. Whenever he goes to the grocery or takes a stroll, there’d be a random girl who’ll talk to him.
Whether if they needed to ask for directions or needs help with something he always helps them but if they ask if they wanna hang out or get some snack on that cafe, he immediately declines them. He knows it’s a sign they’re interested in him and he’s not oblivious in these kind of situation.
He’s really apologetic about it but he appreciates the offer, however there was one time a girl was insistent.
“Eh, why not? Well if you’re busy we can meet up again when you’re free?”
“I’m sorry but I can’t…”
The woman frowned at his answer.
“Well how can I repay you?”
“Really, there’s no need to. I have to go back now and—”
He felt a hand grasped on his sleeves and his eyes widened when he’s pulled forward. He looked down at her, her eyes determined and fixed on his own azure ones. Once again, she told Himmel she won’t leave until she repays him then asks his free days, and it’s either he’ll dodge the question and tries to leave (which failed) or he’ll reject her as many times as he can until she ceased this excruciating and obnoxious doings.
Sighing silently in disappointment that she won’t budge, he’s beginning to get annoyed but also guilty he has to stop her. Yes, he appreciates her thoughts of remunerating his kindness but this is going too far— wait, is she… is she pressing her chest against his?!
That’s it. Himmel calmly let go of her wrist that was holding his arm and raised his left hand.
“I’m already married.”
The ring on his finger was enough for her to stop. She looked down in shame, humiliated by her own foolish behaviour she was trying to flirt a married man.
“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t know… I sincerely apologize for making you uncomfortable…”
Though he is quite annoyed by what she had done, he still forgave her. Holding a mild anger to an innocent person wouldn’t do anything and besides she didn’t know he was already married which was understandable. Though he does wish she should have already noticed he was a bit uncomfortable by her insistency and how stubborn she was.
Courteously rejecting her invites, the attempt to escape when she’s not looking, kindly and politely telling her he has to go back home now, and even trying to lightly push her away when she’s clinging to his arm— how in the world is she not aware of these signs?! Thank goodness you weren’t here or else you’d be glaring daggers at her.
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lady-latte · 25 minutes ago
I made a sideblog dedicated to a short fic I’m writing for Boromir! The story is written in letter form which will be interesting and kinda fun!
There’s no official update schedule, more of just whenever I have brain function to write the next letter.
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arlert-angel · 25 minutes ago
being with streamer/gamer eren would be absolute chaos.
Tumblr media
he'd definitely be a gamer that raged.
rage quitting, swearing at everything, and if he was feeling especially frustrated he'd end up hitting his desk with a loud bang.
lots of your friends asked you if the sounds of eren's shouts and swears while he gamed bothered you, but you always said it didn't. they all wondered how you put up with it, especially since eren would stream late into the night.
the only time he ever seemed relaxed while gaming was whenever he got you to play with him.
he was too focused on teasing you or helping you in the whatever game you guys were playing to get upset at his gameplay.
his viewers would always make jokes about how different eren was with you, sometimes going as far as making a meme or video, but you both didn't mind. some of them were actually really funny and you'd react to them on his channel from time to time.
when he would have a particularly bad stream or frustrating time, you knew you were the only one who could help him destress.
so, why not gain some pleasure out of it while you were helping him feel better? two birds, one stone type of deal.
frustrated eren almost went hand in hand with horny eren, and you loved to use that to your advantage.
eren wasn't dumb, he knew you wanted him to take out his frustrations on your pussy or body, but he also didn't mind. he appreciated the help and also wanted his own release.
and it was absolutely explosive.
eren hitting you from behind, shoving your face into the mattress as he hits the soft spot in your gummy walls, over and over.
his hand smacking your ass harshly before smoothing it over with gentle rubs.
"fucking slut, creaming on my cock, you were soaking before i even touched you."
you wouldn't be able to reply, barely getting enough air as it was. each hard thrust eren was pounding into you was stealing your breath away.
"eren, please!" you'd beg, whimper, cry. none of it would matter.
this was about him, not you. this was for his pleasure, not yours. he was working out his frustrations. it wasn't his fault you were getting off without him even trying to help.
"where do you want me to cum?" eren's deep groans always made your pussy clench just a little tighter. he was ignoring your pleas, but regardless you were getting closer to your peak.
"inside, inside me, please." your hands were splayed out across the sheets, gripping so hard your hands were losing blood flow.
"cum with me baby, i can feel you squeezing around me," eren's thrusts never lost rhythm as he hoisted your limp body slightly higher, making you see stars.
your pussy spasmed and clenched around his cock, both you moaning in unison.
"yeah, that's it baby, milk me," eren's warm cum flooding your pussy only would lengthen your own climax, causing your arms to give out entirely.
your body and your cunt absolutely spent.
"are you feeling better?" you'd mumble as eren helped you clean up, and then would tuck you in properly.
"much better, thank you darling."
yeah, you didn't mind his loud raging at all.
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inkii · 26 minutes ago
thinking about jean coming home from a long day at work to see you diligently holding up the front at home, wrapped up in your pretty little apron as you tend to dinner/dishes/anything rlly. such a cute thing, standing there in your skimpy outfit, she can’t help but want to steal a taste of you before the lovely meal you prepared. honestly it had only started off with a few sweet kisses, words along the lines of “how was your day?” muttered between breaths— details to be discussed later. but it ends with you spread out on the counter, jean, determined as ever, eating you up as if she’d been starved all day. (& with her work schedule, she honestly had been). she doesn’t stop until you’re keening, pushing her face away and trying to piece together enough sense to say somethin about dinner getting cold. ‘n jean, so kind & understanding, leans up to steal another kiss before promising to finish what she started as soon as she washes up and you finish your meal together.
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bitch-sama · 26 minutes ago
Kenma + doing oral (both front and back hole)? 🤔🥵
Kenma Kozume
Going down on you is Kenma's favorite pastime, spending hours and hours getting drunk on your sweet nectar. Oh? How silly, your other hole needs attention too? no worries he'll finger it for the meantime.
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kai-uh-arcadian · 29 minutes ago
Ackersmith Cafe  Pieck x Reader
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.7k Cw: minor cursing Disclaimer! This is my first story/fic/head canon type thing ever!
* Lots of wholesome fluff ( : <3 *
Ships involved: Pieck x Reader, Hitchani, Eruri, Yumihisu,  Implied EreMika, Implied Niccolo x Sasha
⁃ Ackersmith cafe, a quaint, dark academia type coffee shop
⁃ Leading local competitor “mom and pop shop” of the Shiganshina county against Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and Bakers Dozen
⁃ Used to be called “Smith Cafe” owned Grandma and Grandpa Smith before Mr. Erwin took over and married Mr.Levi
⁃ You and your parents have been going here since you could remember! Even before Mr.Erwin won his battle against cancer but lost his arm
⁃ Even though you’re in college now, it’s still walking distance from Paradis University and the neighbor university—Liberio University
⁃ You introduced your college friends, Sasha, Mikasa, and Annie to this place
⁃ You go here almost everyday to study and do uni homework
⁃ “Mr. Erwin!” You announced every time you walk in with Annie, Sasha, and Mikasa as the bells of the cafe ring
⁃ “(Y/nnnnnnn!)” he says waving his bionic arm that Hange, the other barista, made for him
⁃ (Hange chooses to work here every other weekend as a way to “relax” from their researching job, crazy right?)
⁃ “Hey twerp, when did you get so tall?”Mr. Levi flashes a smile from behind the counter, remembering you getting hoisted up on your dads shoulder while ordering a hot chocolate from when he was a trainee here a few years ago
⁃ “Mr. Levi, it’s been years since I was your height” you chuckle glancing at Mikasa, Sasha, and Annie stifling back a laugh at they witness this interaction
⁃ “Tch. You brats, I’ll kick you out any second!” he jokingly gets defensive
⁃ “Levi” Mr. Erwin puts a hand on the small of Mr. Levi’s back “Be nice to my favourite and most important customers! You’ll drive out our daily revenue” he laughs
⁃ “Yeah yeah whatever. The usual, brats?” Mr. Levi rolls his eyes holding back a soft smile
⁃ “Yep!” You all say in unison
⁃ “Should’ve guessed” as his rings up your guys’ total “I’ll bring it right out for you guys” he says before disappearing into the brewing station
⁃ You, Sasha, Mikasa, and Annie go to your usual booth right by the front window of the cafe
⁃ You 4 begin to pull out your computers and begin to do homework
⁃ Sasha and Mikasa are typing away on a shared Google Slide for a project they were both assigned to for their ENGL 2273 class they both happened to have together while you and Annie are looking out the window dozing off
⁃ “(Y/N),” Mikasa says grabbing your attention “Do your work.”
⁃ “Alright alright” you begin opening up a blackboard assignment your Professor assigned to you
⁃ “Slacking off again (L/N)?” Mr. Levi’s voice startles you as you look up
⁃ “No!” You shyly smile at him as you pretend to type away at the assignment
⁃ “Tch. Anyways, a white chocolate mocha latte with a glazed donut for you Annie, a hot, unsweetened, caramel latte for you Mikasa, a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant with a cinnamon dolce frappe for you Sasha, and a matcha frappe for you (Y/N). Anything else brats?” He smiles as he hands everything to you guys
⁃ “No thank you!” You say in unison once again before he nods and walks away
⁃ As you sip on your delectable drink, Annie’s face lights up and it’s not from the donut (this time)
⁃ “Eh? Annie, what’s got you smiling?” Sasha says nervously chewing on her croissant at Annie’s surprised face
⁃ “Oh.” Annie’s face goes back to the typical stoic look “nothing, it’s just I know those people about to walk in” she gestures to a tall, muscular blonde man, a tall, brunette who is visibly sweating, a dirty blonde man with an undercut, and breathtaking black haired women with languid eyes and a perpetual soft smile
⁃ “Huh? How?” Mikasa looks up from her work and towards the girl sitting to her left shoulder, peeking a glance at the group about to walk in
⁃ “Eh, I went to Marley high school with them. I had a few classes with each of them throughout the years but never really interacted too much. They aren’t mean or anything— I just recognize them. I think they go to Liberio university” she says taking another bite of her donut
⁃ “Her names Pieck Finger” Annie said with a mouth full of donut directly at you “I’m guessing you were wondering” she smirks
⁃ Your face heats up. Did Annie notice you were staring at her?! Oh no… if Annie noticed… did this mean that Pieck girl also notice?!”
⁃ “No no” you laughed it off, “I wasn’t wondering I was just staring off into space!!”
⁃ This earns a chuckle out of Mikasa, she read you like a book
⁃ The Liberio squad orders as your little Paradis squad begins to pack up after being there for about hour and a half
⁃ “Annie?” The muscular blonde says from a few tables over
⁃ Annie lights up a bit at the seemingly familiar voice coming from behind her
⁃ “Reiner?” Annie walks over to the table as you, Mikasa, and Sasha continue to pack up
⁃ “Oh! These are my friends (Y/N), Mikasa, and Sasha. We usually come here almost everyday” annie says as each of you light up at the sound of your name
⁃ “Nice to meet you all! This is Bertolt, Porco, Pieck, and I’m Reiner”
You 4 wave to the Liberio 4 and you make direct eye contact with Pieck, she smiles softly at you
⁃ “It was nice seeing you all again, we were just on our way out” Annie waves to the group
⁃ “It was nice meeting you!” You, Mikasa, and Sasha say in unison
⁃ You made eye contact with Pieck once again before exiting
The next day
⁃ you text the group chat during your last class of the day “Ackersmiths?
⁃ Annie replies “Hitch nagged at me this morning claiming she deserves more attention so I'm taking her on a date tonight. ”
⁃ Mikasa replies “I’m being forced to meet Niccolo today😐”
⁃ “Okay so you all hate me😩I’ll go alone” you respond to the group chat
⁃ “Yeah that’s exactly what we mean (Y/N)😪😪😪” Sasha replies
⁃ “Yeah whatever.😫 I’ll be over later tonight and bring you guys your usuals if you want” you reply
⁃ “You’re a saint!🛐” Sasha says
⁃ “Sasha’s dorm as usual? I’ll be there around 8 o’clock” Annie says
⁃ “Perfect, I’ll see you guys then, i know you guys love me🥰🥰🥰🥰” you sent the text and began walking to Ackersmith’s
⁃ you walk in and greet Mr.Levi and Mr.Erwin like always “Mr. Leviiiiii! Mr. Erwin!!! It’s your favourite customer!”
⁃ “Oh? I didn’t see Sasha walk in though?” Erwin banters back as you walk towards the counter
⁃ “Yeah yeah, be glad or else you wouldn’t have any pastries left to sell today” you laugh “could I get the usual please?”
⁃ “Of course! I’ll have Levi bring it out to you in a second” Erwin beams and heads towards the machines
⁃ You begin to head to the table usually sit at when you aren’t accompanied by your usual gang but it seems to be taken
⁃ “Grandpa Arlert!?” You exclaim
⁃ Distracted by your excitement, that ethereal black haired Pieck, walks in and sits at a table closest to the entrance by the window. She instantly notices you chatting with (in her eyes) a random sweet old man
⁃ “(Y/N)!” He begins to get up
⁃ “How’s Armin doing? I haven’t heard much from him while he’s been in France but Mikasa tells me so much, maybe too much,  about Eren’s studies abroad”
⁃ “He’s doing well, I miss seeing you 4 all the time. I’m about to be on my way but come see me anytime kiddo” he pats you on the head
⁃ “I’ll come by this weekend okay Grandpa Arlert?” He nods as you sit down and pull out your computer
⁃ Pieck is gazing out the window but every now and then she glances at you. She can’t help but find you adorable when you focus on something— you furrow your brows a bit, squint, and bite your bottom lip
⁃ As Pieck is totally engrossed in your cute little studying quirks, she quickly averts her eyes and your head snaps in her direction as the entrance bells chimes and a couple walks in
⁃ You focus on the couple as the blonde one in a flowy pink dress pushes the stroller to nearby table and the taller brunette one in slacks and a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow goes to order (for the blonde one as well, you assume)
⁃ The gears in your head are shifting as you begin to figure out who the hell that couple could be as they are SO familiar to you
⁃ Then. A lightbulb! “Historia?!” You say to the women about three empty small tables away
⁃ (It’s a local favourite, how could you not see people you know here?)
⁃ (Y/N)?! You get up and start walking over to Historia’s table accompanied by a stroller
⁃ (Y/N)? The tall brunette walks over with a strawberry pastry and a plain croissant
⁃ “Ahh, Ymir!” You exclaim embracing her
⁃ “And who might this little one be?” You question while lovingly waving to inside the stroller which held a baby with dark hair, freckles, and bright blue eyes
⁃ Somehow(?) a perfect mix of Ymir and Historia
⁃ “This is baby Freida” (after her late sister) Historia grabs the about 7-month baby girl and gives her a kiss on her chubby cheek
⁃ “Sooo this is what you’ve guys have been doing since we left high school. I always wondered where you guys took off! You both completely went AWOL “ you chuckle while holding your index finger out as baby Freida grasps it
⁃ “Yeah, after high school I decided to take a gap year and Historia decided to become a CNA, I’m working on my realtor license” Ymir says taking a chomp out of the croissant
⁃ “I’m so happy for you guys! Seeing you guys and plus this cute little one just made my day. Could I hold her?” Your eyes looks as if they’ve been possessed by literal stars
⁃ “Of course!” Historia gingerly hands you baby Frieda and to your surprise, little Frieda giggles while you rub your cheek to the baby’s chubby one smiling
⁃ While this interaction is happening, Pieck has her eyes GLUED to you
⁃ Her heart is bursting at the seams right now. From seeing you interact with the sweet old man you refer to as Grandpa Arlert to you holding a cute ass child AH! Her heart IS exploding
⁃ It’s like she’s emitting a pink aura out of her body and little hearts are circling her as well
⁃ You hand baby Frieda back “it was nice chatting with you guys, text me if you guys are ever back in town!” And with that you retreat back to your original spot
⁃ Hyper focused on what you’re supposed to be doing on your screen you’re interrupted by Levi’s booming voice
⁃ “Hey brat, sorry it took so long. The blender got jammed, probably from all the stupid ice it took to make your dumb frappe”
⁃ “Also, you’re probably too oblivious to notice but, don’t look now, there’s a dark haired girl by the window who has been making googly eyes at you the moment she walked in”
⁃ (WINGMAN LEVI?!?!?!)
⁃ You nonchalantly glide your eyes over to where he was talking about and he referring to Pieck
⁃ THE PIECK FINGER from yesterday
⁃ Your face turns red as you grab the drink from Mr.Levi and begin to stutter
⁃ “I— uh-“
⁃ “Don’t think I didn’t notice your little interaction yesterday” he scoffs hiding a smirk
⁃ …is he referring to me staring at Pieck from the window????
⁃ (That sounds creepy but in an innocent young teen/adult puppy love way)
⁃ “If you’d like, I can send a drink over from you. She ordered the weirdest frappe-combo-shit yesterday so I remember it. It was a matcha frappe with strawberry purée and strawberry drizzle with matcha dusted on top of the whip cream…” he scoffed “but what do I know? I’m just an old married man”
⁃ “Yes! That would be perfect, I trust your gut Mr.Levi!” You hand him your card and he smiles as he begins to walk away
⁃ At this point you’re nervous. Yes you’re looking at your computer but you CANNOT think about anything else but how Pieck will react
⁃ Does she have a boyfriend? That (stupid) undercut guy?
- The tall sweaty guy?
⁃ Or maybe the muscular guy
⁃ No no, she looks too smart to date a meathead
- She seems too outgoing to date a super nervous guy
⁃ Or a seemingly fuckboy
⁃ But who am I to judge her preference?
-Is she even gay?
- She probably has a girlfri--
⁃ “Thank you for the drink” a sweet voice danced in between your clouded thoughts
⁃ You look up and you meet eyes with the one and only, Pieck
⁃ “May I sit here?” She gestures at the empty seat in front of you
⁃ (Mr. Levi’s plan worked?)
⁃ “Of course!” You shyly smile rubbing the back on your nape
⁃ “Your names (Y/N), right?” She took a sip of the drink
⁃ “Hmm.. Doing a bit of stalking I see. How’d you know my exotic drink of choice?” Those heavy words came out so smoothly you could barely react to the accusation
⁃ “Oh! Uh— no it’s not that” you instantly became flustered
⁃ The laugh she let out was so beautiful that it made you stop in your tracks
⁃ A bit of the puree was on her lips, which made them glossy and her head tilted back which let her flowy silky black hair waterfall off her shoulder
⁃ A bit of confidence shot through you
⁃ “Actually, a little birdy told ME that you were the one “stalking” and they decided I should do something to get your attention” you raised an eyebrow
⁃ Pieck’s angelic laughter came to an instant halt and her face become the same colour of the little bit of strawberry purée on her bottom lip
⁃ Now YOU were the one giggling at her reaction
⁃ “Don’t worry don’t worry! You waved your hands in a surrendering motion “in all honestly Mr. Levi said he saw you looking at me today and remembered your ..interesting.. drink from yesterday and also remembered about how I was looking at you when you walked in with your friends and suggested I send a drink over to you” you reassured
⁃ Oh shit
⁃ She giggled at how red your face got after realized what you had just told her
⁃ “Well if you’re going to be honest I will too, I thought you were the cutest thing yesterday. Today really solidified that thought because I mayyyy… have noticed you with that cute little baby” she gave you a languid smile fiddling with her hair nervously
⁃ Taken a bit aback from this
⁃ Are you hearing this correctly???
⁃ “Could I possibly get your number? Maybe later this week we could go on a proper date or something?”
⁃ “I’d love nothing more than that, (Y/N) she gives to the sweetest most genuine smiles there can be
After you exchanged phone numbers, you and Pieck spent about 2 more hours there talking about everything and yet nothing at the same time. You both shared pointless stories about each other’s upbringing, majors, fun stories about your mutual friend Annie, your own friends, and little sarcastic shots at one another here and there before walking her back to her dorm at Liberio University (about a 30 minute walk back to Paradis University)
She thanked you for the fun night by giving you a small peck on the cheek.
When you both returned to your assigned dorms
Pieck spent the night fangirling about you to Porco, Reiner, and a 4th year named Zeke
While you spent your night fangirling to Annie, Sasha, and Mikasa
“Oh (Y/N)!? Speaking about great things you find at the cafe, where’s the drinks? ” Sasha asked after your little spiel about Pieck
Ackersmith Cafe has always held a special place in your heart but the love you’ve had for the place just got deeper.
sorry if the ending sucks but lmk your thoughts!!!!!! (:
- Kyah
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