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jugn00 · a day ago
NAHI, MUJHE UTNE ACCHE SE GRAMMAR NAHI AATI. i just speak a sentence and if it sounds right then i use it :')
i need to study wren and martin.
but bhai, jo crush hota grammar nazis par, wow. hot hote hain kaafi.
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onurtaskiranpoetry · a day ago
Tumblr media
We INFJs are often known for being empaths. We see with our souls and feel with our gut. We are good at reading people. Our downfall is when we let our hearts get in the way. Our hearts want to see so much of the good in others, their potential, that we are often blinded to the red flags we would normally see in people. I wish I’d listen more to my gut than my heart sometimes.
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snurcky · 2 days ago
Girl from high school hit me up and we got to talking and she said "I'm sapiosexual" thrice in the same fucking message
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daddy-wentz · 4 days ago
I would like to say I missed u all and I am back to stay.
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miospi · 5 days ago
"Mi aislamiento no es una búsqueda de felicidad, pues carezco de alma para alcanzarla; ni de tranquilidad, que nadie consigue después de haberla perdido, sino de sueño, de apartamiento, de pequeña renuncia."
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dfingas · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IQ is an irrelevant metric that has a foundational history based in racist ideology.
few people seem to be aware of this fact. 1 might think an individual concerned w/the concept of IQ would be intelligent & aware enough to know that IQ scores are essentially meaningless as a measure of intelligence.
imagine that.
i am supposed to be of above average intelligence. i do not believe i am of genius level intelligence. truth is i've never been specifically tested for such ID purposes.
i do enjoy intellect in others. i also find unintelligent wombeins/kweens quite unattractive.
how do i make the determination?
mostly through communication, observation, & known interests.
if you like TPerry films or JSpringer's show, i'm probably not trusting your intelligence compatibility w/me.
fuck an IQ score.
i identify as a sapiophile/sapiosexual. it's not a superiority/inferiority spectrum. it's an i'm different spectrum. to each our reach we are all different.
are we not? 👅🧠🦈🤔🎩
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foreverandalwaysmp3 · 7 days ago
I witnessed three separate people unironically use the term sapiosexual today
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taintedxmaiden · 7 days ago
are you bi?
I identify as "Sapiosexual" --while I generally date men I have had relations with women. The physical appearance or gender of someone is not as important as mental chemistry/stimulation, to me.
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washedupuriel · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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hun-y · 7 days ago
I’m definitely sapiosexual and demisexual
but I only feel like claiming those labels now cause this is after growing. and realizing I’ve had enough touch- simply for the sake of touch- and it didn’t really make me feel elevated. With more definition of who I see myself as, I definitely take more direction in who I associate with and what I want from them. I love that we can have romance without sex, I love that I can be attracted to someone but not sexually. This is extremely more intriguing and interesting to me- and pulls me like a magnet. I want to be intellectually interested in my friends I want romance to exist outside of my sexual partner, everyone could use a little romancing and intrigue <3
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fuckdrunkftm · 8 days ago
I love being an airhead & I am giggling and batting my eyelashes and twirling my hair and saying “shut uuuupp” @ my mutuals
Minors, Straight men, men dni blogs: DNI
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bronyraurmp3 · 8 days ago
sorry for the tinder tales but i’m procrastinating and just ran into jeremy fragrance’s doppelganger (worse teeth though)
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lokigodofaces · 9 days ago
Michelle, Marvel, & Pride 11
Link to questions.
What is a queer headcanon you don’t actually headcanon but would be funny?
What if Thor was sapiosexual?
Hear me out.
The canon ship Thor was in was Thor/Jane. Jane is a brilliant astrophysicist.
I don't do much in regards to shipping Thor, but the two biggest non-canon ships I see are Thor/Loki and Thor/Bruce. So that's an incredible sorcerer and a brilliant scientist.
So that's three very smart people Thor has been shipped with often. So what if Thor is sapiosexual?
The big fault is the possible set up of a Thor/Quill thing in Thor 4. And Quill is not up there in intelligence the same way Jane, Loki, and Bruce are. But, regardless, Thor being sapiosexual is a funny possibility.
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