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professor-blue-oak · 9 hours ago
Hi, Do you any suggestions for support Pokemon? I have Autism, Anxiety and Depression that sometimes causes insomnia . I'm nonverbal, have depth perception issues and gets too warm easily. I currently have a Pichu and a Marill.
Well it really depends on you but as of right now it looks like you’d need at least a medium sized Pokémon. My immediate first thought were these two
After some thinking with Red, we believe either the Munna line or Drowzee line. Both of them can learn hypnosis, which could possibly help you with your insomnia. We’re both kind of leaning towards the Drowzee line due to them having hands. Then again, they both learn psychic. Only issue, none of these options help with the last bit about warmth.
Perhaps then maybe a Haunter. The reason why I’m suggesting a haunter instead of a Gengar is because Gengars are actually warm to the touch. However a Haunter’s natural body temp and a bit of its surrounding will be just slightly chilly. Not to mention they also learn Hypnosis, Psychic, and they have hands.
The Munna and Drowzee line are capable of transmitting emotions over to another person while on occasion (depending on their level of training) a Haunter will be able to just share your thoughts
I hope this was what you were looking for
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professor-blue-oak · 10 hours ago
How do you recommend feeding a Sinnoh Luxray who won’t go near/touch Poképuffs?
Simple. Don’t feed pokepuffs. Pokémon have preferences too and poke puffs despite being popular in Sinnoh, just might not be his favorite.
— Red
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professor-blue-oak · 14 hours ago
That Fearow Red found about two months ago I believe is doing just fine here on the sanctuary. She’s hatched a couple of eggs from different Pokémon. We’ve named her Mother Row and she’s seems far lively compared to her first few days
Ethan’s full name for her is:
Mother Row, Mother of/to All
Tumblr media
I need to stop letting Ethan name the Pokémon. He named a dunsparce Blue Cornelius and one our Trubbish “Just Bush”
Yeah that’s his name. His name is literally Just Bush
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professor-blue-oak · 15 hours ago
Took my husband to a cliff I found while flying. We had a picnic. It was a sunset/night picnic
Plan on going back to camp there
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honey2sweet4you · 23 hours ago
I’ve sensed there’s a bit of confusion so I’m clearing the air—
I’m Honey.
That is my name.
For the most part, these pictures are not of me- they’re just hot. Though there are a few of myself and more to come, I wanted us to be able and enjoy them together!
I’m pansexual if that matters to you, and I have a boyfriend.
I don’t like dicks sent to me in my dms, especially without warning!
If you have any other questions or want to get to know me better- my inbox is open!
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galar-ranger-magnus · a day ago
Ok, got any tips on stopping yourself from going down an internet rabbit hole yet again that you know will lead to stuff you consider "hot horror stories"? I KNOW it's a waste of time and yet I do it anyway. I wish I could forget it
Go down a different hole but with puppies
Well, here’s my main issue. My Dad is an archeologist so he’s always going down rabbit holes when he feels like he’s got something figured out. Typically what my Pops (my other dad) does is that he’ll make sure my dad saves all his work before taking away his laptop and work papers and locking them away in a safe that only he knows the password too.
I know, quite extreme but dad’s a bit of a workaholic and it does wind him down. Pops then takes him out for the day and makes him help out at his own work. Then they’ll have a camp outside instead of inside
So, this might sound quite extreme but if you’re computer is important for work stuff then perhaps you can hand it over to your friend for a bit and give yourself a few days and watch something else that isn’t rabbit hole related
If it is important for work, I think you’re capable of blocking a sites or searches on most computers so if you do it will remind to stop looking.... hopefully
— Ranger Clair
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galar-ranger-magnus · a day ago
Hey, Ranger Clair, can I ask you a question?
Shoot it, love
— Ranger Clair
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professor-blue-oak · a day ago
Would you recommend flying on a charizards back at top speeds? Well I'm going to try it anyway
Average Height: 5’07 - 5’11
They continue to grow as they age past their prime
Ability: Blaze
Egg Groups: Monster and Dragon
Well it really depends on your bond with them. If you’ve got a good bond, then go right ahead. I’d recommend sitting forward in front of the wings so you don’t get smacked.
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whenthevoidcalls · a day ago
anyway you are so nice, and i love all of your writing, even if we dont write that much??
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smol-evil-gremlin · a day ago
are you still doing the ask game?
yup. but please include the question
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professor-blue-oak · a day ago
Stantler: The Big Horn Pokemon
Tumblr media
Type: Normal
Average Height: 4’07 1.4m
Abilities: Intimidate Frisk
Hidden Ability: Sap Sipper
Egg Group: Field
The stantler are often found in mountainous regions.
Many tame Stantler freely roam nearby Violet City and will occasionally approach a person if they smell something they like or in need of scritchy scratchies. They’ll probably need a scratch on their back since they can’t reach it with trees
Most of these tamed Stantlers are still very much wild but this place is patrolled by rangers. Don’t try anything
Pokémon safe crackers are most often offered there at numerous stalls
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galar-ranger-magnus · a day ago
Magnus: Clair just entered my room in the dead of night and climbed into my bed with her only reason being “I’m cold.” Like yeah you are! Now get your hands out from under my shirt
Clair: But you’re always warm for some reason. Cozy
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professor-blue-oak · a day ago
Do you have any tattoos, either of you?
Nah, neither of any of us but Ethan has one of a Togepi on his forearm
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leviathans-watching · a day ago
hi! i hope you don't mind me messaging you! i was just wondering who your favorite obey me boy is TvT also is it okay if i go by 👻 when chatting?
hi! ofc i don’t mind! please feel free to hit me up whenever!
my favorite is mammon, though i feel that’s somewhat obvious, and second place goes to beel or asmo 💖
and the ghost is such a cute choice feel free to use it! who’s your favorite?
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toonblabbers · 2 days ago
darling 💕 your tags 🥰 thank you and i’m glad you liked the time stamp! i too would drop everything for Daichi snsjcnsk
Tumblr media
Oh hello! You are so welcome!
Like I said, I've been on such a Daichi kick lately- he just do handsome and you know he'd provide a stable and safe home for you 🥺💖 just the perfect and sturdy man for his loving partner! God I'd gladly be a stay at home wife for him!
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galar-ranger-magnus · 2 days ago
Video Story: Hewwo
It was a dark. Presumably night. The camera sweeps through a living room. It appeared to be a house. A small thump is heard from above
The person recording takes a deep shaky breath and approaches a staircase with carpet on it. They hold onto the railing and make their way up, wincing when the stairs creaked
They eventually arrive at the top of the steps letting out a squeak when a silhouette was seen at the end of the hallway. They form was lit up from a window that allowed the full moon to shine through. They appeared to have long hair
“H-hello?” The person recording could hear calling out. It was Clair.
There’s a flash of soft pink and the silhouette’s eyes light up. Cat ears and a tail made of light appear also. “Hewwo?”
Clair snorts hard and the camera moves away from Magnus as the two laughed.
A door could be heard opening. “Go the fuck to bed!! It’s 12!” A voice whisper shouts angrily
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mikyou · 2 days ago
Just a reminder to mayns libinkes (it’s my little loves in yiddish!) that I love you and things will be okay <3
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manypersons · 3 days ago
Maybe somebody needs to hear this, but it's totally cool for you to tag me in posts that made you laugh or you think I will like. It's cool if you send me links to blogs you think would enrich mine or would make me laugh. Or even send me asks or submit something. I will respond immediately as I get so excited when I see new notifications.
Love you folks!
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