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ramyeonjpg-medium-quotes · 3 minutes ago
that we cannot continuously manufacture nor produce and expect continuous consumer growth based on sucking resources dry and products that reincorporate into mother earth in harmony. / #poetry
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cbechervaise · an hour ago
How to Keep Employees Healthy for Physically Demanding Jobs
How to Keep Employees Healthy for Physically Demanding Jobs
Many of the most common jobs available today require a lot of fast-paced movement and heavy lifting. They can be physically exhausting and come with a great deal of liability for companies as it is important to maintain the wellbeing of their employees. Managers and CEOs at these jobs play a very important role in keeping the environment as safe as possible. This being said, here are a few ways…
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storieswithamaleta · 2 hours ago
In Need of Resources For WIPs? I Can Help.
Okay, so, as writers have some historic source to inspire creativity or character building is needed at times.
So tell me if I should follow through with this or not?
I'm thinking of doing Mythologies, Folklore and History of various countries and nation. Where I would post on Mythologies and Folklore along with History as well.
Such Welsh, Japan, Nordic, Swedish folklore along with others. History of various other historic figures such as The Tragic Life of The “Monster” of The Palace | Eugenia Martínez and many more.
So others can have an easy access to history of certain figures, mythologies and folklore for character and story building.
I'm hoping to add videos and even books to help with this. Detailed information about them.
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cherylmmbookblog · 2 hours ago
#Blogblitz Audiobook - Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor
#Blogblitz Audiobook – Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor
 It’s my turn on the Blog Blitz Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor. About the Author Catherine Taylor was born and grew up on the island of Guernsey in the British Channel Islands. She is a former journalist, most recently for Dow Jones News and The Wall Street Journal in London. Beyond The Moon is her first novel. She lives in Ealing, London with her husband and two children. Narrator Bio –…
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bunnieresources · 4 hours ago
resident evil: village writing prompts.
“ there’s nothing wrong with my memory. you’re just being paranoid. “
“ it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you. “
“ in life and in death, we give glory. “
“ you shouldn’t be out here. it’s not safe. “
“ i’m not used to relying on other people. “
“ oh, so gauche. what do we care for bread and circuses? “
“ quiet now, child! adults are talking. “
“ my decision is final, there will be no argument. remember from whence you came! “
“ you’re still alive? impressive... “
“ oh, you didn’t think i’d let you get away, did you? “
“ anyone who is anyone has heard of the likes of you. “
“ i haven’t cut open a man in a while! “
“ taken alive? dead? which would you prefer? “
“ i need blood. warm, wet, bright red blood. “
“ they will pay for what they’ve done... “
“ i would have sliced you to ribbons if they hadn’t stopped me. “
“ rest while you can because i will hunt you and i will break you! “
“ go ahead, do your worst! “
“ like i’d ever let you get away. “
“ running will get you nowhere! “
“ you’ve ruined the hunt! “
“ you will not get away! you’re my prey... mine... “
“ so you finally came to see me! everyone falls for me in time. “
“ stupid manthing! you won’t live long, even if you run! “
“ flesh, bones, i will devour all of you! “
“ like hell you’ll kill me! “
“ not enough blood! more! more blood! “
“ come now, don’t be shy. show me your terror! “
“ how can a man be ‘almost’ dead? that’s a question for the wise. “
“ what kind of sick medieval shit is this? “
“ it’s only a riddle if you don’t know the answer. “
“ you don’t have to trust my words, but do you have any better options? “
“ ____! come with me. there’s something i have to tell you. “
“ everyone leaves me... even you... “
“ i didn’t want to keep it from you. i didn’t want to lose you again. “
“ don’t leave... i can’t let you. “
“ you are never going to get out of here! “
“ ____... i’ll make things right. “
“ oh, ____... if it’s for you, i’d do anything! “
“ i gotta say, i’m surprised you made it this far. it’d be a shame if something happened to you now. “
“ you’ve got fight, i’ll give you that, ____. “
“ i’d kill you if you weren’t worth the trouble. “
“ you’re the real deal, ____. well done. “
“ quit hiding, asshole. i’m not letting you get out of this. “
“ i am not a weapon. “
“ the strong will destroy the weak. that’s the way of the world! “
“ you can hear it, can’t you? someone’s waiting for you. “
“ i told you to leave it alone, ____. “
“ just give up. flesh and blood will never win against me! “
“ i’ve spent a lifetime creating this moment... and you try to take it away from me? “
“ i will take what is due. “
“ my desires will be fulfilled! “
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focusedandfearless · 5 hours ago
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videogamefood · 5 hours ago
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fried mushroom - stardew valley (2016)
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videogamefood · 5 hours ago
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lucky lunch - stardew valley (2016)
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videogamefood · 5 hours ago
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strange bun - stardew valley (2016)
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videogamefood · 5 hours ago
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fried calamari - stardew valley (2016)
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letslukeskywalker · 6 hours ago
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My lookbook for my founder sim of my legacy challenge, Bubblegum Berry. I got some new cc, so I decided to revamp her even though I haven’t officially started playing with her yet. But soon... She also has a couple extra outfits you might see pop up in pictures every once in a while.  You can find her custom content links on my resources page. :)
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dresspheres · 6 hours ago
184 Screenshots | Tobli | Final Fantasy X-2
184 Screenshots for Tobli from Final Fantasy X-2.
I have not gone through these with a fine tooth comb, so some of them might be blurry and/or out of focus.
Please like or reblog this post if you plan on using the icons.
Download link.
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theshiftingcatboy · 6 hours ago
the poggers thing abt hanging out on the smp alone is a get to run around and do stuff without worryin abt gettin in the way djshsjjd
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batz · 6 hours ago
im just hoping when my surgeon said 'other options' he means like. other hospitals n stuff. hes gonna call again eventually and will actually tell me whats up bc. idk
the amount of like. legitimate heartache im feeling rn bc of top surgery being taken from me is hurting so bad. tmrw i wouldve been on the ferry going out to the island to get the surgery and its not Happening anymore bc the hospital is. garbage
im glad im not getting the surgery at that hospital though. not only is the hospital godawful toward native ppl, like moreso than the other island hospitals, but like. the doc that called me involved with my surgery said i was a waste of medical resources and like. idk that kinda sticks with you i guess lol
dealing with a Lot of dysphoria rn. im kind of just sleeping all day and not rlly eating or doing much of Anything. taking my meds still tho so theres a Mental Health Win i guess fhdkddj
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