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offended-dot-png · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Alejandro announces his pregnancy two months in. How will this couple’s romantic and heartwarming story play out? Find out next time on Total. Alenoah. Mpreg!
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Can I request pregnant WKX who is feeling very irritable (maybe even borderline murderous Ghost King irritable, your choice lmao), and a bit insecure about the changes to his body, and maybe a little jealous of someone who was flirting or sparring with ZZS, and just . . . very grumpy and uncomfortable and annoyed, in general. Until ZZS feeds him the snacks he has been craving, and massages his aching lower back or feet, and reassures him he is still the most capable and handsome, pampering him back into a good mood.
Tags: Mpreg!Wen Kexing, Modern!AU
Lao Wen has never gotten the concept of these types of parties; the pastel coloured streamers, appropriately themed foods and beverages, the overly keen smiles that flicker over the pregnant swell is his belly before uncomfortably creeping northward to his chest. As if hoping to catch sight of something that could curl their smiles into something knowing and not a little mocking.
The feeling pinches at his bones. Not helped in any way by the fact that Ah Xu has been busy holding court by the grill with his work friends all afternoon while Lao Wen stands by the buffet table, trying very hard not to think about the path he can take to the sanctuary of their room.
He hates this. He hates being here in clothes that barely hide the way his body is no longer the lean and svelte form that had once fit the Prada suit stuffed far in the corner of their wardrobe. He hates how his feet ache and hurt, but he feels overwhelmed by the strangers in his own home who had come to congratulate them on their impending bundle of joy.
Lao Wen chokes back the acrid taste of nausea rising in the back of his throat when he hears the sound of someone laughing from the yard. One of the many well-dressed women who’d showed up today looking like they’d fit on Champs-Élysée for brunch with equally model-esque friends, leans into his Ah Xu’s space, flicking back their hair with a smile.
The sight curdles something sour and painful in his gut that he is very sure has nothing to do with his baby. Lao Wen knows they’re strong; they are solid and unshakable, and these people are only jealous for things they can never have. But Lao Wen is only human and a tired one at that.
Taking a deep breath, he swallows down the urge to scream until his throat is raw and pushes himself off the wall.
Only to stumble into the arms of his husband as he curls an arm around his waist, smiling warmly. “There you are,” Ah Xu says, brushing a tender kiss over his cheek. “I thought you might be hungry.”
At this, Lao Wen looks down at a place of perfectly roasted marshmallows crowned with glistening slices of pickled vegetables the ones that Lao Wen has been craving all afternoon.
Ah Xu laughs softly, tilting his head to press his lips to the corner of his mouth.
“I neglected you, baobei, sorry,” Ah Xu says, letting him take the plate and steering him deftly to the nearest the chair, clucking his tongue at his swollen ankles.
Perhaps seeing the look in his eyes, Ah Xu curls his fingers to his jaw, “Eat up, okay? I’ll see the guests out and I’ll draw you a bath, alright?”
The warmth in Lao Wen’s chest grows at that. Quietly, he murmurs, “Mn.” Before digging into the marshmallows and pickles in his plate.
He’ll let Ah Xu care for him, then.
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80hdean · 8 hours ago
ok maybe it’s just bc it’s 3am or maybe that it’s fathers day and also pride month and also transnatural week approacheth but like I had a record scratch thought the other day and it won’t leave me alone… but it’s also like skirting the realms of propriety for a lot of ppl and it’s related to a convo about something that I don’t have any answers for I don’t have any hard opinions about whether it’s ethical or fetishizing or not in every context
but like hear me out, if we are into domestic curtain fic and we are into baby jack and/or give-them-a-baby-natural and we are into trans dean and/or trans cas truthing (which we certainly are, at least for the sake of this post)
if these things are true then I would like to respectfully ask: where is the (non fetishy non omegaverse) mpreg fic? maybe it’s not called that idfk but like, I can think of a hundred scenarios off the top of my head that would result in either comedy gold, cavity-inducing fluff or Peak Suffering that involve an oops baby scenario, none of which require any magic or angel grace or supernatural handwavey nonsense. like it’s genuinely 100% in the real world possible for a dude to accidentally get knocked up! it’s not super likely if he’s on t but it’s certainly a thing that could happen
anyways I just think dean is so full of disorders and trauma and secret desires for children and family that it would also be entertaining to watch what happens if he was also full of cas’ baby
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kawaiijohn · 9 hours ago
As someone into DP and Transformers yeah there is canon mpreg in the comics a scorpion robot makes a half robot half human baby and incubates it inside his own body because he thinks it's a more efficient form of reproduction than what they have.
such a scorpio thing to do SMH
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five-rivers · 9 hours ago
I was making a joke about the womb Danny stuff if that came off to weird sorry
I can appreciate that, but the womb stuff is AU, not canon.
Also, I think details about transformers canon mpreg is where I draw the line. Nothing wrong with people liking it, just a bit too far out of my wheelhouse.
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five-rivers · 9 hours ago
*a folder labeled 'cursed preg fan theories' lands at your feet*
In all honesty I just follow both transformers and you. And well, we have lots of cursed fun over here! I mean really can any other fandom boast both cannon mpreg AND cannon eggpreg?
There are exactly 0 canonical pregnancies shown in DP. I think you must be thinking of Fairly Odd Parents.
Also, I did not need to know this about transformers. Blease.
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losvers · 11 hours ago
the first ep of the second sesson. what.
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sweetzoeneverlied · 11 hours ago
When a fanfic ends with the couple having triplets:
"I see... You're not into write happy endings."
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sassy-cissa · 12 hours ago
claiming my H/D mpreg fic
Title: What a Wonderful World Prompt: Self-prompt: When Draco and Harry find out they're going to be grandfathers, they spend time remembering when they became parents. Word Count: 10k Rating: PG-13 Contains: Just a bunch of fluff Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended. Epilogue compliant?: Not in this lifetime Who is pregnant?: Past Harry - like waaayyy past Notes: Self-prompt for H/D MPREG Fest 2021! The title and the blurb at the top is from an old song sung by Nat King Cole. When asked about the song in 1967 - Nat King Cole or "Pops" as he was known replied: "Some of you young folks been saying to me: 'Hey, Pops – what do you mean, what a wonderful world? How about all them wars all over the place, you call them wonderful?' …But how about listening to old Pops for a minute? Seems to me it ain’t the world that’s so bad but what we’re doing to it, and all I’m saying is: see what a wonderful world it would be if only we’d give it a chance. Love, baby, love. That’s the secret…" --- seems to me that 'Pops' was a pretty smart guy. This is also a birthday gift for my dear friend @timothysboxers...great pal, co-mod, and the one who's been there for me quite a bit as of late. I truly hope you enjoy this - it was written for you - with love. Oh and sorry I made you beta your own gift, but I'm sneaky like that. ♥ ♥ Summary: From the moment Harry became pregnant - twenty five years ago - Lily Malfoy-Potter was the apple of her Daddy's eye. Now she's grown up and married. When she announced she was expecting, Harry's world tilted and Draco was right there to show him how wonderful life still was and would always be. Amongst all the chaos, Draco found that sometimes being second - makes you first. What a Wonderful World
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quillifer · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
✒️dare to dream 🌟
“It seems as though you are with child.”
“But—” Lan Wangji starts and then stops. I’ve never had sex.
“Ah,” the healer says, drawing his own conclusion about Lan Wangji's reticence, eyes full of pity. “Your lover isn’t around?”
Yes. No. He's not really my lover.
Lan Wangji's deepest desire comes true with the help of an odd talisman.
✧ship(s): wei wuxian/lan wangji ✧rating: E ✧tags: post cql canon, mpreg, bottom lwj ✧wc: 8.7k
💖read it now on ao3! 💖
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peachy-rambles · 13 hours ago
Going back to your pregnant!Phil post, would It makes sense if Phil absorb some of the Ender dragon’s essence, and it made itself present during the pregnancy? Idk. Imma just put this idea here
You know that would make sense. The magic or essence wouldn't really show up in him, but wombs tend to absorb things (at least in fiction, it seems to be a common trope) and then it shows up during pregnancy and the baby gets the effects.
Asdfghjkl ender sprites/particles just start showing up around Phil, particularly when the baby(ies) is active and Techno's like, "Is this normal??"
Phil just shrugs, "Not really."
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blesspastacraig · 13 hours ago
Over the Rainbow - 27/30
"Oh, you have a dog!" Yesung says excitedly as Bok runs over to him.
"You would like the dog more than the baby," Kyuhyun says to Yesung.
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choco-cherry-chunk · 13 hours ago
anybody looking to rp some spirk or mcspirk mpreg with pregnant spock?
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hazbincalifornia · 13 hours ago
Can I get Blitzo hugging his swollen middle and purring? I’ll even throw in some chocolates for it
Someday in the future you can! I will never let the fact that he can purr go, don't you worry.
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passeriformess · 13 hours ago
Its my brand now
at least sonic is cool 😔
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passeriformess · 14 hours ago
Im stuck in post jail, sadge hours
haha L
also i can't help but notice part of The Comic is your icon. why. why. why. why.
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hazbincalifornia · 14 hours ago
I know we probably won’t see Barbie in this fic but imagine Blitzo left earlier and somehow went back and met up with Barbie, the girl just sprints at Stolas with a gun
Like, he told her what happened/that Stolas got him pregnant?
I'm just imagining... you know that one Monty Python Holy Grail bit? It's just that with her going after Stolas.
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goodboy-yuuji · 15 hours ago
Chubby Yuuji wearing a maternity dress when he's pregnant
He looks so cute in them!
A lot of them are flowy and have very pretty but simple flower prints on them- honestly hes rocking the look a lot
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kaijusplotch · 15 hours ago
I love this codywan fic so here's a bit more!
my M!preg Cody because of Force Shit WIP is just funny. X3 and cute. I love Baby Jinn <3
Cody looked over the latest reports from the restoration missions from the 212th. Boil had stepped up into his new position as acting field commander while he was on maternity leave. He was proud of his brother; and even prouder that Waxer had also stepped up to his own position within the 212th.
“Anakin just sent in a report from the 501st. The Seperatist alliance is opening up to negotiations,” Obi-Wan said with a smile from his own desk in their joint office in their Jedi Temple apartments. “The war is well on it’s way to being officially over, my love.”
“We can’t be too careful. Sidious nearly won, and we don’t know what other plans he had in place in the event of his untimely death.” Cody cautioned, but smiled back at his husband.
“Observant as always,” Obi-wan sighed, his eyes soft as he leaned his chin in his palm.
Cody snorted and hid his face back into his datapad, a blush creeping up his cheeks.
It was another few moments before Cody frowned and glanced up at the room. “It’s quiet,” he said, leaning back in his chair.
“Yes, for once Jinn seems to be taking a good nap,” Obi-wan said with a soft laugh before it faded with a furrowed brow. “That...isn’t right.” he admitted.
Cody quickly checked the baby monitor, turning the volume up higher and checking the batteries; but it was fully functional. He tried to keep his anxiety down, even as he flicked open the video feed from Jinn’s room.
“Obi-wan, he isn’t in the crib!” Cody hissed standing and hurrying to the door; panic flooding his mind and chest.
“Cody! Cody it’s okay, I don’t sense anything in the Force.” Obi-wan gently gripped Cody’s arm, sending a warm pulse through their connection to calm him.
Cody frowned but took a deep breath, accepting his husband’s gentle Force presence. Once his anxiety was under; somewhat; control, he walked briskly out of their office.
They both checked the nursery, finding the door open and the room empty. Obi-wan once again reassured Cody that nothing was wrong, per say, but that there was a strange sensation in the Force. Cody was never going to understand the Force, no matter how much he tried; but he trusted Obi-wan with his life and their son’s.
Cody turned back to the living area, spotting Korkie sound asleep on the couch with several datapads and flimsy papers on the coffee table and on his lap. He smiled and walked over.
“Korkie...hey, you fell asleep.” Obi-wan walked over to gently shake his shoulder.
“Huh?! Oh!” Korkie bolted awake and rubbed his face. “Sorry.”
“Don’t be. You need to take a break, kid,” Cody smiled at his adopted son. “You still have another week before finals, you’re still fourteen. Enjoy life a little.”
“Aren’t you sixteen technically?” Korkie asked with a smirk.
Cody rolled his eyes. “He is definitely your son, Obi. We are on a mission though. Did you take Jinn from his bedroom?”
Korkie furrowed his brows. “No. I’ve been study-er...sleeping for about an hour now? Ugh.” The young mandalorian hung his head and rubbed his face.
Obi-wan looked up as there was a noise from the kitchen, his brows furrowed. “No…”
Cody looked at his husband before hurrying with him into the kitchen, Korkie on their heels.
The sight before them was beyond interesting but not exactly shocking. Their son was seated happily on the kitchen floor, his pudgy hands reaching up to the open upper cupboard door where a tub of apple bite puffs was floating wobbly in the air.
Obi-wan bit his lip as Cody stared at him, unimpressed and exasperated. “Well,” the jedi said with a laugh. “I guess that answers the question on whether or not he would be force sensitive!”
“Huh? That’s what it’s called? I used to do stuff like that when I was a baby. Not like THIS but...making toys fly a little bit.” Korkie said with a grin.
Cody covered his face and walked to pick up Jinn, who was more than happy to lean forward and catch the container of apple puffs with a delighted squeal. “Well then I guess it will be up to you to baby jedi-proof the apartment then.” Cody said flatly at Obi-wan and Korkie.
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