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blxetsi · 52 minutes ago
imma be an angst bitch today 👁👁
may i request the reader pulling off a cheating prank on Mikasa annie and pieck 🥲✊?
bestie im afraid to tell you this but i already did something like this 😭😭😭😭
heres the link bae enjoy reading !!
and if you have anything else youd like to request feel free to do so !!
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queenofsantacarla · an hour ago
I have all weekend off so I'm gonna be writing a lot! Feel free to send requests 💛💛💛
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galar-ranger-magnus · an hour ago
On another note, why do I keep accepting things from Miss Opal?!? I have so many clothes gifted to me from her fashion line that I help model for. I mean, thank you free stuff but I there’s too much now in my closet at home
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wyldstallynsworldtour · 3 hours ago
Hey guys!!
So I’ve been feeling really depressed lately, like my depression returned a few months back😔.
Do you have any words of help or advice that can make me feel just a little better?
Thank you so much dudes🙃🙃
Aw hey, dude, Ted here!
I'm totally sorry you're going through that. That's bogus and totally egregious. Depression is a very difficult thing and really hard to go through.
You're way strong though, dude, and you can definitely fight this. Hopefully your parents are being understanding, and maybe you could reach out to try and talk to someone! It's harder than it sounds, but it really may help!
We think you're excellent, and our inbox is always open if you wanna talk about how you feel! Writing songs always helps us when we feel shit, so maybe try writing poetry or something; make it into art and use your mindset to make something creative instead of doing something scary. You are a most excellent person and deserve to be happy, and you will be - you just gotta keep fighting.
We love you, dude!!
- Ted 🤙
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Imma get to more of my Inbox questions today but I’m scrambling for this upcoming summer semester and my crps pain.
Anyways this drink
I call it
The Ms. Venable.
It’s a coconut refresher- I think the flavor I got is passion fruit? Or something? Irl I’m hella tired but look
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bloodthirsty-hero · 5 hours ago
|| Got a busier day than I expected today so I’ll try and linger here later tonight to get to some things, if not then I’ll be around tomorrow. But I hope you all have a good day and feel free to send through stuff, prod my boys with anything so I can gradually get to them when I finish and I’m back here! <3 Love y’all!
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official-simp · 11 hours ago
im taking my time to respond to asks because holy shit there's a shit ton
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soul-hxnter · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Well. I made a few. Will think about the rest. 
An inbox call, maybe? Might send a meme, might do something unique, we’ll see~
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nohrianheir · a day ago
››    FUCK IT ! IT’S NAPTIME       ‚   out   !
››    ARE WE DEAD OR DREAMING INSTEAD ?       ‚   aesthetics   !
››    I’M JUST ACHING TO REACH FOR THE LIGHT       ‚   character   !
››    THE DARKEST SIDE OF DAWN       ‚   in   !
››    PRINCE OF RUIN AND SHADOWS       ‚   face   !
››    PARALOUGE SELECTED       ‚   inbox   !
››    MISSION COMPLETE       ‚   answered   !
››    A FORMAL REQUEST       ‚   calls   !
››    WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS OF FOOLS       ‚   promotions   !
››    YOU HAVE FAILED THE VIBE CHECK       ‚   crack   !
››    FROM THE MOUTH OF THE ROYAL SCRIBE       ‚   worldbuilding   !
››    ROYAL REGALIA       ‚   wardrobe   !
››    CONNECTIONS OF THIS WORLD       ‚   supports   !
››    I OPEN UP PHOTOSHOP AND THEN I CRY       ‚   scout stuff   !
››    INVENTORY AND STOREHOUSE CHECK       ‚   blog updates   !
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wordsxstars · a day ago
hey! just to let you guys know that i’m not accepting writing prompts at the moment. i might start taking them during summer but as of rn i’m just working on my current wips
also a quick note (if you’re sending anon asks or otherwise) to please tw any heavy content. my inbox is always open for venting/ conversation but just make sure you put a warning first! thanks<3
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sturmmhond · a day ago
on a side note, how was your day, my beloved? 🖤tbh i think it’s funny how we know each other but barely had any interactions until like the beginning of this week lol & damn have i been missing out✌️😔
i’ve been in need of more queerly beloveds and i apologize for not talking with you sooner, my friend. let’s meet up this weekend and do something that is nothing but of utter sapphic nature. dare i say, drinking tea and watching “pirates of the caribbean” solely just to swoon over one elizabeth swann?
you should know that as i’m getting to know you better, it’s clear that your vibes are immaculate and we have a lot of things in common, so you best believe i will be in your inbox much more often! <3 🧍🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i will come clean now, beloved, and admit that i was very much ✨ intimidated ✨ by how utterly cool and amazing you are!! which is always such a good sign, because most of the people i’ve been intimidated by turned out to be the best people i now know so... 👉👈😳🧎🏻‍♀️
as for your plans for our evening, it sounds absolutely exquisite. following ms swan’s journey from hottie in a corset to pirate king to retired hottie in a corset will forever be my favorite pastime 😌💖💖💖
we can close the night on a calmer note and watch howl’s moving castle so we can both want to BE howl in perfect sync like all queer beloveds do 💖💖
my day has been fantastic!! i’ve just taken in new chicks today and they look like tiny little aliens because they have no feathers on their teeny tiny necks but i love them 5000 and have already named them all Dlod ✨✨
how’s my sapphic fellow bestie doing?? 🥺🥰🥰
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beanguy99 · a day ago
How the fuck do I use this app uhhhhh
Please dm me
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youngreckless · a day ago
Do you ever feel like sometimes you could just make someones life miserable but you don't because you're trying to be a less horrible person?
short answer: yes. i can relate to that.
long answer: i think it's easy to fall into this mindset especially when someone has hurt you or done you wrong. hurt can easily turn into anger, and sometimes, when we're really hurting, we feel the urge to hurt others, or to hurt the person who hurt us.
see, humans are capable of that. all of us. we're capable of hurting each other a lot, of making someone's life miserable. and that's okay. because that's not what matters. what matters is what we choose to do about it. always. we can choose to go either way. and when you choose to not do it, to not hurt someone, that's important. we all have different reasons for that too. it could be anything, from feeling bad about hurting others to trying to be a better person for yourself. but no matter the reasons, it counts.
now, i don't know anything about your situation, why you're feeling the way you're feeling (though if you do want to talk about anything, you can always send me an ask or shoot me a message). but, the very fact that you don't do it because you're trying to be a better person, or even a less horrible person, that's what speaks about you. your choices. not your instincts. because instincts can be developed by having years of bad habits too. and it can be hard to break off from those.
i've felt like that too. i've been hurt badly by people, and in those moments of blinding hurt and anger, i've had thoughts like this too. but i chose to not act on it. i chose to not hurt someone else. and i'm proud of you for choosing that too. it can be hard, but it'll be worth it.
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heretherebebooks · a day ago
Casual Chat
I’m currently crocheting and I’d love it if you guys’d come by and chat! What are you reading currently? Any hobbies that have sparked your interest? Something exciting going on in your life right now? Feel free to share!
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hubbyalh · a day ago
My inbox is always open to anyone.
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