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easywonderlandan hour ago
Tumblr media
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bigbellyguy12an hour ago
13, 19 and 23
13. Do you eat because you love gaining or gain because you love eating?
Oh definitely because I love eating.
19. Do you like to be on top?
I like to be on top but i prefer being on bottom for sure!
23. Would you rather be worshipped or teased?
Teased for sure! I can't get enough!
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ourloveisforthelovelyan hour ago
Hi, I love your writing! Could you please write something about Regulus being protective of the reader? Maybe they鈥檙e in a dangerous situation and he does everything to make sure she鈥檚 safe
I鈥檒l add it. Thank you for the compliment. 馃挌
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dead-dumb2 hours ago
your issues aren鈥檛 my problems people
fuck off
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justfangirlthingies3 hours ago
HEYY BESTIE i just read treat you better and its so good??:8/77:; LIKE??? YEAH DRACO U BETTER TREAT HER BETTER!!! when r u posting part 2 馃槞馃槞 i cant wait for it btw YUPPP 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎
I hope to get it done sometime this week, school's just really been stressing me out lately and I finally have time to breathe again. not a lot of time but time nonetheless
I would've worked on it today, but my body decided to take a 9+ hour afternoon+evening+night-nap whoopsies! 馃槄馃槄
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black-john-lennon4 hours ago
Hello again! I wanted to know a Blaine Stan opinion on this. How do you feel about people projecting mental illnesses on Blaine that is just not there and writing meta about it and twisting canon to support it? I personally hate it. He canonly had depression. Nothing more or less. I heard alot about him being Autistic or bipolar or alcoholic because he went to a bar after his break up?! He didn't even look drunk and he wasn't drinking. Writing AU fics separated from canon is fine but they try to look signs in the show for it and reach so hard. Also many people say he was seeking abuse when he dated Dave but he looked happy and I definitely think the relationship had positive effect on him and was the complete opposite of abusive. He was quite fond of Dave based on their break up or how he talked about him in the elevator. What do you think?
I鈥檓 not one for arm chair diagnosing, whether it be fictional characters or real people. While I suffer from depression and anxiety myself and I recognize some of my own behavior in Blaine, if they never diagnosed him in canon, I wouldn鈥檛 have needed it. I鈥檓 glad they did, because mental health needs to be discussed.
As for Dave? I think Blaine liked him. It wasn鈥檛 earth shattering but most relationships aren鈥檛 and no one outside of Kurt would have been as meaningful for alot of reasons. He needed a non Earth shattering relationship to grow. I鈥檓 okay with it.
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adament4 hours ago
Do you think that you're becoming happier with your body?
Slowly... I can definitely see that I鈥檓 getting bigger, but I still have a long way to go. I鈥檓 finally in a place where I enjoy going to the gym, so now it鈥檚 just a matter of time I guess.
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artzychic274 hours ago
Anymore headcanons for the Artist Family? Are they rich and classy like the Addams?
They make a ton of money off of Marinette鈥檚 commissions, Marc/Nath鈥檚 VERY detailed gothic graphic novels, Juleka and Rose playing music at funerals, and Alix鈥檚 demolition business
The converted funeral home they live in is spacious and could be mistaken for a mansion
Rich people dining! Five chandeliers in the dining room, black as night table with thirteen candelabra made from ashes found in the embalming room, old caskets converted into cabinets, doilies spun by spiders, and a tigers head hanging on the wall
One of their Kwamis, I鈥檓 thinking Screech, takes a human form and drives them around in their car, a 1940 LaSalle Meteor Hearse
One of the teachers fainted when they came to school in that
Juleka: They鈥檙e clearly jealous.
Alix: Yeah! Not everyone gets to carry around the dead wherever they go!
There鈥檚 a ton of rooms in the house
The crematorium has been converted into a dungeon filled with vintage weapons they bought from museums
Marinette: How much for the battle axe?
Museum Director: Excuse me? I鈥檓 afraid these aren鈥檛 for sale.
Marinette: *Pulls out a massive wad of cash* Let鈥檚 try this again, shall we?
They gladly donate stacks of cash to local museums with torture and Black Plague exhibits. There鈥檚 even a couple of wings named after them
The embalming room stays, because who doesn鈥檛 enjoy a good embalming room?
Their closets are filled with 17/18th century gothic and modern gothic outfits
Marc and Nathaniel rent out the catacombs once in a while when they鈥檙e on dates
Nathaniel: Look at you. Midnight, candle light, surrounded by death.
*An explosion cuts them off as they鈥檙e about to kiss*
Marc: One home, the six of us, and so many windows.
Rose and Juleka do the same but with cemeteries
Juleka: It鈥檚 shame we can鈥檛 watch the departed decompose above ground.
Rose: *Pulls out a shovel* Wanna watch now?
Learning about their wealth, Lila tries to kiss up to them by boasting about being related to H.P. Lovecraft. That didn鈥檛 end well
Nathaniel: The man is a notorious white supremacist. (Look it up)
She tried again
Lili: I-I meant I was related to Edgar Allen Poe! You see, he鈥檚 my great, great grandfather, and I actually dabble in a little poetry myself.
Marc: Poe had no children.
Marinette: But if you were his descendant, you would have an extra row of teeth or a tail, or you aren鈥檛 able to taste salt.
Lili: Excuse me?!
Marinette: One word. Incest.
Lila: You鈥檙e one to talk! Your brothers are dating each other! And so are your sisters!
Alix: We all just happened to choose the same last name. None of us are related by blood, that鈥檚 just be gross, Lila.
Gabriel, having heard of the Artist鈥檚 wealth and influence from one of Lila鈥檚 tantrums, tries to take Marinette under his wing, maybe convince her to get a museum to name the historical fashion exhibits after the Agrestes
Marinette: I would rather wear pastels than work for a man who hires a leech with no professionalism, regard for personal space, and no understanding of the word 鈥榥o鈥.
Gabriel asks forces Adrien to be friends with the six of them
Adrien: Hey guys-
Marinette: Your father sent you to befriend us and increase his wealth?
Adrien: *Ashamed* Yes.
For the Artists, this means war. And they never lose
They send Adrien back to the mansion looking like a Cyber Goth (He requested the look) Nathalie nearly had a heart attack and Gabriel fainted
Adrien鈥檚 new look starts a Cyber Goth fashion trend which the Artists are loving. (They accept all types of gothic fashion)
Lila would rather puke than wear those outfits, but Gabriel needs to appeal to the market by showing off his new (reluctantly made) cyber goth line. She鈥檚 expected to wear the outfits all day until a new trend comes along.
One day at a photo shoot, she confronts Adrien and threatens him to start a 鈥渕ore fashionable trend鈥 (Knowing her, it鈥檚 just a bunch of burnt orange and rompers) or she鈥檒l have his father take him out of school
Unbeknownst to her, Adrien 鈥渁ccidentally鈥 left his phone on a livestream. Everyone heard her calling goths freaks, demented, mental patients, and a bunch of other anti-goth stuff. Thus ended Lila鈥檚 modeling career
Akuma, goths join the fight, Lila exposed, all is well
Aftermath: The Artists won the war. Gabriel faints agin. Lila is a pariah. And Adrien switches from Cyber to Pastel Goth which Marinette鈥檚 dark little heart can鈥檛 resist
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verdanthoney6 hours ago
THATS AN EXCELLENT LIST WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? if i had an eighth spot shrek ABSOLUTELY would have been on it. and forrest gimp is absolutely a comfort movie, you鈥檙e so right!!!!
hehehe ive watched forrest gump and shrek literally a million times aljflsjgk and im a little ashamed for putting superbad and white chicks on the list but they make me pee my fckn pants laughing every time i watch them :')
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railmereid6 hours ago
i love that you mention Elle sometimes in your fics. i loved her so much and nobody ever includes her, so it鈥檚 rlly nice to see her appear w you
I know everyone loves the core seven, but the other characters deserve love too 馃槱 I鈥檝e written a lot of Elle in my blurbs and I definitely need to write more with her in my oneshots, but I tend to stick to the characters that would鈥檝e been around based on what season Spence I鈥檓 writing for. I have lots of baby spencer stuff in the works so that means, more Elle is coming! 馃槍馃憦馃徎
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railmereid6 hours ago
how could anyone hate Spencer honestly??
he鈥檚 just so adorable, I love him sm. his lil rambles, his hAIR- just- agh so loveable and gorgeous <3
so true
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ourloveisforthelovely7 hours ago
馃拰 send this to the twelve nicest people you know or who seem to have a good heart and if you get five back you must be pretty awesome 馃拰
馃挌馃挌馃挌 right back at you!!
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railmereid7 hours ago
Shut up! Are you serious? I would so follow your sideblog 馃ぉ
its @basicallybarnes and it鈥檚 still very much under construction 馃槄
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bisexuallsokka7 hours ago
mis queridos sounds extremely sweet..
ah yes...mis queridos is where i jot down random ideas that are only a few paragraphs long. most of them are snippets of conversation or some line or joke that i want to include in a fic at some point in time without knowing exactly where it belongs. i just added this to it the other day, this actually belongs in the 鈥淪WT ZUKO鈥 wip but i had to type it in the mop closet at work before it slipped out of my mind so i didn鈥檛 realize i put it here lmao
Often when they slept in the Fire Nation, Sokka would get too hot and untangle himself from Zuko鈥檚 limbs in the middle of the night. They would wake up nose to nose, hands clasped in between them, a closed set of parentheses curved into each other.
That鈥檚 how they are when Zuko wakes up the morning after Sokka鈥檚 nightmare. In all reality, there isn鈥檛 a significant difference in the amount of space between them now. Their noses aren鈥檛 touching, but they鈥檙e still very close, close enough that Zuko can use his eyes to trace the all too familiar map of freckles on Sokka鈥檚 skin. Yet somehow, the distance feels huge, as if the parentheses are filled, now creating some barrier that he can鈥檛 seem to cross鈥 months of unsent letters and thoughts that he pushed down so far he never got to put them into words. His fingers twitch on Sokka鈥檚 bed, as if begging to reach forward and touch Sokka鈥 his face, his hair, his jaw, his hand. He clenches them into a fist, then rolls onto his back before Sokka can catch him staring. He鈥檚 self aware enough to recognize when he鈥檚 being pathetic.
He climbs out of bed, gently making his side of the bed the side of Sokka鈥檚 bed that Sokka let him sleep on. He turns away and thinks he hears something鈥 maybe Sokka waking up, missing Zuko鈥檚 presence, or perhaps he鈥檚 making some noise of protest at Zuko leaving him. Agni knows how many times those disappointed hums successfully convinced Zuko into skipping his morning meditation and climbing back into bed. But when he turns to watch Sokka, it looks as if he鈥檚 still in deep sleep, and Zuko sighs, adding it to the list of things that he needs to stop imagining from Sokka.
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