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#ask games
ghostnebula · 2 minutes ago
⭐️ close enough to burn!! im jst curios about anything u want to say about it
!!! My beautiful little heathens, yes of course!
I didn't really try to hide much in this fic or anything. What you see is what you get. It's real fucked, obviously. Mostly my thought process on the whole thing went like this: What if the Losers all got super fucked up on Killer Clown Fumes and tried with all their might to resist the darkness in Derry, but circumstance prevented them from succeeding? What if it was sexy? Like, that's it. That's the series. Murder and sex and cannibalism and Dark Losers.
Also I binged Hannibal for like the 30000th time before writing it because.... duh.
My thoughts on it right now are that I've been working on parts 2 to 4 (it will be 4 parts total if I can be assed to finish it) and there is some weirdly tender cannibalism that I am just? So excited about? Not a normal thing to be excited about, I know, but there's something so intimate about feeding your partner the heart of someone who wronged them. I'm so pumped to publish that fic.
send in a ⭐star⭐ for a “director’s commentary” on a story/section/line of your choosing (or mine)!
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demiboy-wing · 3 minutes ago
Reputation for gloriously sad fics, and v nice headcanons
I put a lot of thought into both! I'm really proud of a lot of my headcanons and hope to apply them to fics!
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marzipanandminutiae · 3 minutes ago
You’d be the patron saint of righteous indignation over bad costumes in period dramas
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marzipanandminutiae · 5 minutes ago
Patron saint of Gothic Horror and lacey nightgowns
Give me a candelabra and a corridor overhung with menacing arches any day.
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marzipanandminutiae · 7 minutes ago
Obviously patron saint of historically-accurate costuming, lesbian vampires, and that great feeling when the perfect fabric you need is on sale in the exact quantify you require.
I adore that feeling. Really need that energy for about 10 yards of sage-green silk habotai right now, too.
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harristops · 7 minutes ago
Honestly, if the Pride loses tonight, I’m not even gonna be that mad because at least we lost to a good team and we do kind of need that reality check to make us realize how far we’ve come in order to continue to improve. We have something to motivate us to win next week, and we just have to continue to improve. Every other team has lost, so it was inevitable. There’s still so many more games to go😌. A loss isn’t necessarily the worst. We just have to learn from what we did wrong in this game.
10000% agree. Gotham is incredible and I would love to see this team in the playoffs. And yes, you can only learn from making mistakes honestly, so this is a great lesson for al of these players.
But we didn't lose thanks to Courtney Peterson!!
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marzipanandminutiae · 7 minutes ago
St. Marzi of Boston, patroness of dolls, historians (patronage shared with St. Bede), and against summer SAD and heat-related illnesses.
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marzipanandminutiae · 8 minutes ago
Patron saint of frustrated historical costumers
My symbols are broken thimbles and pleating boards.
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marzipanandminutiae · 9 minutes ago
patron saint of historically accurate fashion
This is all I've ever wanted in life
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marzipanandminutiae · 9 minutes ago
Patron saint of women murdered in their dressing gowns.
I mean
if you're going to get murdered
might as well do it in something flowy and dramatic that'll look good when you're a wandering spirit seeking revenge
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sleeplessdreamer14 · 9 minutes ago
Dinosaur oatmeal and vampire vibes straight up 🍁✨💛
Tumblr media
you hit the nail right on the head
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itsshellybitch · 11 minutes ago
For the Father’s Day Asks: What’s the best or worst memory you have of your father when you were little?
He wasn't so bad before the turd was born. He actually did stuff with me sometimes. Like take me to the park and stuff. I guess those are my best memories.
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marzipanandminutiae · 11 minutes ago
Patron saint of ghost fucking (lovingly)
You know it, Anon.
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bookish-femme · 13 minutes ago
Mug, Bread and Pear for the cottage ask, please. 🍓🍃
Bread: Which one is your favorite sort of bread and did you ever bake one yourself?
I’m very sensitive to foods because of sensory issues so I can only eat like 3 kinds of bread everything bagels, Italian herb & cheese bread, and plain old white bread😅 So I gotta go with the bagel.
I used to bake a lot with my nan, but haven’t baked bread since she passed in 2015.
Mug: What is the color of the most used mug in your household?
Red but it’s not any red mug, it’s a Tim Hortons mug.
Pear: What was the last fruit you ate and did you like it?
Orange, the answer is yes and no. Depends on my sensory stuff.
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todorki-shoto · 14 minutes ago
Ima go with cowboy
Haw yee 🤠
Tumblr media
🤠🤠🤠 bet peachy get in the car we’re going on a Road Trip
also I follow this one art blog that draws one cow a day, it’s so aesthetically pleasing and adorable I just 🥺
Every time a cow is seen it simply must be announced
Tumblr media
^also this image lives in my head rent free
vibe check me 🤠
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anaaaispunk · 15 minutes ago
Hi love!! For your "Pedro character ask": Agent Whiskey and Omar Assarian! Hope you like those!
Hi Beautiful! Oh yes I absolutely love those questions!
Agent Whiskey: Favorite character to read fics for?
I have been on a Zach Wellison kick lately thanks to @absurdthirst!
Omar Assarian: Favorite outfit?
Ohhhh god, okay this is hard because I'm such a hoe for all of Pedro's outfits. But this one, good god DOES THINGS TO ME!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pedro Character Ask!
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anthosaidsmth · 16 minutes ago
13 16 22
(Prompt can be found here)
13. If you’ve watched S6, which side were you on for the Civil War?
Concorp gang best gang Team STAR, they have Falsie & a ghast cannon so yeah.
16. Have you ever laughed so hard at a Hermitcraft moment that it hurt?
Yes, several times. The one I remember is Mumbo and his "parrot"
22. Rate any of the Hermits’ pets out of 10
Jellie 1000/10, I don't make the rules
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cicicitrus · 17 minutes ago
25 n 28 for the ask game :3
25: Do you have any of the Hermits’ merch?
unfortunately i do not!! :'D i was SO close to getting a shirt/sweater from iskall before (for a holiday or my birthday, i don't remember lol), but i've always been hesitant for getting merch about new interests (since hc kiiinda was for me at the time) because for some reason i'm scared i'll change my mind too quickly and regret buying it @_@ iskall plushie.. we could've been so powerful together OTL
28: Do you watch the Hermits stream?
not a whole lot tbh!! i have before, and did enjoy it, but often times it feels too slow for me bc i speed up all the regular videos :'] on the very rare occasions that i do watch streams, they're probably from tango/impulse and i don't really stay for a lot of it lol
and lately i've been having some trouble understanding the mods they use for amogus, so i just tune in for hermitcraft streams every now and then! but i did watch the former before that too :]
however, i did watch both the last sos africa charity stream and the last mcc stream (mainly just grians POV) all the way through, but my brain got too excited and i needed to take an Extended Break afterwards, anyway i'm sure i'll get the hang of it eventually :P if it's a highly anticipated event then i'll most likely try to tune in!!
(plus i don't really use twitch on my laptop since It Lags Everything after a while, and my tablet can't do picture-in-picture/background play, so i kinda have to do that One Single Thing at a time and my silly little adhd brain just laughs hysterically at that lmao)
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todorki-shoto · 18 minutes ago
Soup, highlighter and wine dark sea! I hope you're having a good day t! ✨💗 much love <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AWW TY CLIO 🥺 plz if anyone’s the cool one here it’s u 😤 so grateful we became friends aaaa ILYT
vibe check me :D
ah yes blinded by the inherent brightness of the many black and low saturated colored clothes I wear HSHDJSJ
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