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crystalbaby123 hours ago
Biggest kink? 馃槇
Answered this a few times as well. I'll just say bdsm..yall can figure it out from there 馃檪
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salvador-daley3 hours ago
Quarantine XD
Ahh鈥 all my fics tend to be inspired by things I鈥檝e seen Robbie do/wear/say and Quarantine is packed with Easter eggs for the die-hard Sheefan, including but not limited to:
Rob鈥檚 love for disgusting smoothies, the Bhagavad Gita, 鈥減oetry lubricant鈥, sweatpants on long haul flights, sarongs and, of course, Tibetan singing bowls.
Tumblr media
Thanks for the ask, sweetheart! 馃槝馃槝 Anyone else want a fic secret?
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crystalbaby123 hours ago
What's something you like watching in porn but you'd never want to try in real life?
I pretty much only watch things that I would be interested in...isn't that kind of the point of watching porn? To watch things you have an interest in doing
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crystalbaby123 hours ago
What do you think of family, male or female, finding your blog and masturbating over your pics? I.e cousin, brother etc. 馃敟
Do I need to even give this an answer?
I would never ever want to think of that....a blood relative.....that would be gross. 馃ぎ
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trans-vincent-sinclair4 hours ago
candyman: be my victim
Tumblr media
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runnfromtheak7 hours ago
Hi! I just finished reading your Strayverse on Ao3 and I have to say it's amazing! I've absolutely loved what you've done with it, especially with all the characters. I'm absolutely in love with Donna and Dick's friendship and the tension between Dick and Jason. I don't want to come off rude or anything but I was wondering if you have any plans to update the Strayverse? I also write fanfic so I totally understand how stressful it can be especially in the middle of a block omg lol. Anyways, I absolutely love it so many kudos for your amazing work!
AAHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO SWEET!!! I DEFINITELY DO HAVE PLANS TO UPDATE!! Inspo has just been super all over the place lately and other things have had my attention! I鈥檝e mentioned some mental health issues and other stuff before but for the most part my creative juices aren鈥檛 in strayverse atm but will be eventually lol. I have the chapter after the next one mostly done, but the one that needs to be written is a tad difficult haha. I love DickDonna be it platonic or nah, so I鈥檓 happy you love them too! And I really did try to built that sweet tension with the JayDick so I鈥檓 beyond pleased it shows!!! Thank you for making my night and I hope this is semi coherent?? Asdfg
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shaharizade8 hours ago
bestie I cant do this anymore
bestie same
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astridthevalkyrie8 hours ago
Pardon me, but I am searching for someone who would be willing to send me feet pictures! I will offer $10 per toe, if you are more comfortable sending individual toe pics versus entire feet pictures. However, pinky toes are what arouses me most. Please feel free to reach out any time. If you would like me to suck on any of your toes, I am your guy! Although, I will ask that you scrub between them (or I can do it for you!) We can come up with fun names for each of them!
- Floch
hey sar :))) i want you to know that ily and i think you're wonderful :))) your concepts make me foam at the mouth and your writing is incredible :)))) however :))) the ice is so very thin right now :))))
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ghostmartyr8 hours ago
top 10 fictional crushes
This is going to be me pulling random hot girls out of a hat, you realize.
Jasnah Kholin: I haven鈥檛 read the latest Stormlight book because time management, but Jasnah Kholin has been established dreamy since her very first scene.
Riza Hawkeye (FMA): If you have to ask, you have been shown all the wrong panels of Riza Hawkeye.
GLaDOS (Portal): Sometimes a thirst trap is a disembodied voice who is mean to you.
Elsa (Frozen): You know that Frozen gif everyone was showing off because somehow people were paying attention to Elsa鈥檚 hair going through her shoulder instead of how amazing her hair looks? I saw that gifset about ten times before I realized it was intended as a complaint about something. Then I went and watched the movie three times in theaters.
Nyx (Hades): Sure, Meg has a whip and that voice, but consider Nyx has a voice too, and also consider that she is very, very attractive. Like, really attractive. Like --
Janai (The Dragon Prince): Yes, she鈥檚 hot, we know this, but also she is hot. No, I can鈥檛 come up with anything else to say, because yes, I can鈥檛 top that, and no, do not read anything into that wording for the love of
Evelynn (KDA): I鈥檓 not dignifying this. I possess eyes, next.
Neopolitan (RWBY): ...I don鈥檛 want to dignify this either.
Salem (RWBY): Why is the list arranged this way.
Cytherea Loveday (The Locked Tomb): I Just Think She鈥檚 Neat And Throughout Her Rampant Murder Spree Did Nothing Wrong. She鈥檚 also like. so nice, guys.
-expertly tosses hat like a discus back at the audience to signify the end of the show-
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collarboen8 hours ago
i just read your fic "views you don't forget" and i wanna say it's literally the BEST sewis fic i've ever read!!! the established relationship and characterization is spot on and the way you wrote everything is just perfect <3 so i also wanna ask if you're open to take a prompt for another sewis fic? you're an amazing writer and it's such an honor that you're writing for the fandom
ahhhhhhhh this is so so so kind! i really appreciate this so much. i'm really glad you liked the fic :')
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purpleds9 hours ago
hi im the sapnap powers prompt anon and nO THAT WAS WHAT I MEAN AND ITS SO GOOD :D i love ur writing mate <3 /gen
!!!! TYSM!!! m glad you liked it :DD
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howlsbian10 hours ago
like i'll be completely honest. before i ever learned how ridiculously awful people most popular mcyt-ers are, i did watch dreams videos. because naively i thought "oh haha guy makes silly minecraft mods and laughs with his friends :-)", and i didn't look into it. and that's something i'm embarrassed of now, because when i learn things are obscenely bigoted they kind of fuckin lose their appeal!! if i learned hannibal was the same, i would drop it. and the fact that a good chunk of my followers are mcyt fans despite how much info i've reblogged about how racist, anti-lgbt and ableist those creators are? 馃拃馃拃 i don't know. apologies for venting in your inbox this has just been bugging me for a while (you can answer privately if you want/if tumblr still allows that)
no yeah we鈥檝e all liked something before and then found out the creators or people involved are shitty it seems to happen so often now but the best thing to do is to just stop supporting them. i was curious abt the minecraft boys too but was too lazy to get into them (thank god) so i could totally see how someone would fall for it but after all the shit they鈥檝e done it鈥檚 honestly ridiculous to still like them let alone openly support them. i really don鈥檛 know what it鈥檚 gonna take for the fans to realize how harmful it is to continue to go on the way they have. ugh i could go on but i鈥檒l spare everyone since i鈥檝e been seeing a lot of discourse anyway btw i don鈥檛 know how to publish stuff privately so lmk if you want me to delete or sth totally fine w me
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ryukatters12 hours ago
kats eren anon. SHOW UP
i need to watch your interactions and cry about not having them馃槚
We can cry together. They鈥檙e a very good anon. I be pacing around my house when I see them in my inbox.
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toxicisnotapineapple13 hours ago
wish he didn't!
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inkykeiji14 hours ago
Plz don鈥檛 stress bb!! I was just worried and I know people have lives outside of these pages. Please don鈥檛 feel pressured to reply you aren鈥檛 obligated I pinky promise. Just stay safe and healthy 馃槡!!
waaaah you鈥檙e so sweet i love u so much and i鈥檓 so lucky to have you here with me 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ i genuinely appreciate you so very much, thank you for understanding <333
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