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#and Candace was there too but I don't know why
galaxina-the-pyro · 5 days ago
I had the weirdest fucking dream last night (and by "last night" I mean an hour ago while I was napping).
So, like, it starts off in this hotel place, and there's a musical number about these gang members outside, and they're telling ME and the Red and Yellow M&M mascots that we need to run because the mafia wants us all dead. I'm like, "RED, the fuck did you do?!"
And Red was just, "I'm out, peace" and ran away. Me and Yellow went after him and stuff, till we realized we were just...running around different areas of the hotel and not actually leaving ANYWHERE. So Yellow was like, "Why don't we just...go somewhere else?"
And I'm like, "Oh, what a BRILLIANT idea, why did I think of that."
And he was like, "...are you mocking me?"
And suddenly we're in some...Alice in Wonderland place and I'm like, "YAY, I teleported us to safety, they can't find us here!"
But Yellow was gone. I think I left him behind...may he RIP, the mafia probably ate him. And if they got Red...screw Red, this was somehow all his fault.
But yeah, I eventually got bored with THIS dream, and I "changed the channel" so to speak to a lost Phineas and Ferb episode/movie (thankfully not the creepy, Candace is crazy one), about Perry having ran away from home for...some reason. And everyone, including Dr. D, was looking for him. And I'm like, "OH YEAH, this was the movie that just came out, but I don't remember any of this...what was the movie called again?"
So while I "watched" this very fake movie, and skipped over stuff, I saw Doofenshmirtz talking to Perry and having a heart-to-heart with him (apparently something happened to Perry where he was convinced that ALL the good moments he had with Doof and even his family were nothing but a buncha lies and THATS why he left - I couldn't tell if Perry was amnesiac in this "movie", or a total moron), and Perry could actually TALK, but every time he did, it would cut to some weird black and white cartoon of a bunch of talking candy, that would be saying exactly what Perry is saying to Doofenshmirtz.
THEN I skipped to the finale song of the movie, and everyone was dancing with Doofenshmirtz, and I was laughing really hard because it looked kinda ridiculous, they were running an absolute marathon while they had this musical number, they were running through what I can ONLY assume is a sewer, and then danced on this raft, and then these yellow submarines, it was weird. Then I apparently was able to see a deleted scene, all in storyboard form, about a joke that Dan and Swampy were apparently not allowed to make in the movie for some reason, and it went down like this:
Phineas: I know, let's pass the time by telling jokes! Think of something that's low energy and low budget to make-
(Everyone turns to Buford with confused expressions, as described by Dan and Swampy, who are kinda talking over each other)
Buford, with confidence: Pinky and the Brain, duh.
Isabella: Don't you diss Pinky and the Brain in my presence, peon!
And then I woke up. And I remembered the movie was called "Candace Against the Universe" and was confused why that movie was actually all about Perry and Doof, before I realized NONE of that actually happened and I had SOMEHOW dreamt a very drug-induced sequel.
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puckinginsane · 3 months ago
I don't think you're meaning to do this, but I wanted to let you know that it's coming off as though you're victimizing yourself and Jamie and not focusing on the real victims, which are trans people. That's why so many people are mad at you and other blogs. That and the fact that a lot of the statements from asks that you're agreeing with come from a heavily uneducated viewpoint. And like I said, I don't think that's your intent. But that is the way it's coming across.
Also I saw a lot of questions about how people knew for sure he liked it because he agrees with it. Jamie follows Candace Owens, or at least did at the time of the incident.
Additionally this isn't the first time Jamie has ruffled some feathers. He made a pretty insensitive joke about keeping who you vote for to yourself in a time where talking about voting and campaigning was crucial, especially so for marginalized groups, trans people most certainly included.
I don't mean to say this to sound rude, but you're really giving Jamie too much credit. He's human before anything else, and humans are pretty fucked up. He isn't some great person to be praised and go without criticism. No hockey player is. Jamie and his fans are not the victim in this situation. Jamie will never be affected by people talking shit about him, and for his cisgender fans such as yourself, you can just hit a block button and decide to ignore issues on transphobia if you want. Trans people are the victim. These issues can't go ignored, and you hurt trans people more than you realize by continuously following him blindly and sticking up for him, when he doesn't even deserve that much. Please take all the effort you've put into defending Jamie and agreeing with this covertly transphobic anons into not only reading up on transphobic issues, especially in sports because there are bills about that being voted on as we speak, but also advocating for trans people and becoming a better ally. Intent doesn't at all matter, you can unintentionally be transphobic, so I'm hoping this ask more than anything helps you better reflect and understand the issue many people are having with what you've posted. You don't even have to post it publicly if you don't want, I don't want you to do that just because you feel obligated. I just ask that you take it to heart and actually reflect on the situation from a different perspective. I know it can be easy to get defensive from a cis person's viewpoint when stuff like this happens, and it can be overwhelming.
So I want this ask to be a reminder to check up on how some trans people feel about this. If you need references, there is catboygretzky and jamesvanriemsdyk, I'm pretty sure sortagaysortahigh made some posts, moritzseider, probably a lot more I'm just blanking. But please don't just circulate the same opinions from cis people, do actually look into this issue a bit deeper than that. I don't think you're doing that intentionally but I think maybe you don't follow enough trans people to see these posts. I'm also pretty sure catboygretzky made a trans blog masterlist back when he addressed transphobia in the hockey community, so that may be worth checking out.
I don't want any of this to come off as rude, not the intent. But I want it to come off as crucial. Piece of shit athletes will still be here at the end of the day. Trans people whose lives are on the line across the nation because of transphobic lawmakers which are heavily supported by Candace Owens might not.
I thought that I would use my day off to come up with the perfect words for the perfect response to this and I'm realizing that it's not possible. People are going to feel the way they feel no matter what I say. I can only be me and I can't control how people perceive me no matter what I say because I am not on their "side", and it's sad that there are sides to this.
A hockey player liked a video and everyone blew it out of proportion. That's how I feel. I'm not saying these issues aren't important but the energy going towards this is going towards the wrong person/people.
I'm certainly not claiming anyone is a victim here because I don't feel like there's been any wrong doing. I DO feel that the harrassment and the bullying that has come out of it is wrong, no matter who is doing it.
I hate that people are hurt. Of course I don't want that. But we can sit here and talk back and forth about who is right and who is wrong and never come to an agreement on anything so I'm not even going to try.
This is the last I'm going to be addressing it. It's enough already.
Also that voting thing was a comment on all of the pictures of people with their I voted stickers and had nothing to do with discouraging people to vote. People always look for reasons to cancel someone and it's sickening. If you wanna sit there and make yourself miserable then go ahead, don't bring others down with you.
And, yeah, I know this message isn't going to come off the way I'd like it to but I can't help that.
I appreciate you coming to me without attacking me and I wish I had better words but I don't.
Any more asks about this will be deleted.
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bisluthq · 3 months ago
It's NOT okay to be shitty. Are you expecting a shitty pass because you are a jew? // Way to twist someone's words... That's not what Nat was saying. She's saying someone being a shitty person isn't linked to them being a minority. It's really weird how you pointed out that TMZ is Jewish owned as if that has any correlation whatsoever to them being shitty...
Too often, society likes to focus on the bad people within minority groups and try to link their behaviur to them being a part of that minority, and they'll then try to use it as a justification to be discriminatory which is really messed up.
This is why it pisses me off so much when I see people being racist to people like Candace Owens, antisemitic to people like the Kushners, homophobic to Perez Hilton, etc. By all means, call them out for their behavior, but you don't get a free pass to be bigoted just because they're a bad person. And them being bad people has nothing to do with them being a part of whichever minority group they're in
Thank you for articulating it for me really nicely.
That’s exactly what I meant.
Like we had this discussion with Alex Soros right - he legit fucked Taylor over. It’s not antisemitic of her to be fucking pissed at him. Not that friendships excuse -isms and hatreds but she has TONS of Jewish friends and clearly has no problem with Jews on the whole. But she is allowed to hate particular Jews.
When calling him out, using a dog whistle was irresponsible.
Does that mean she hates Jews? No she didn’t think properly. Does that mean she’s not allowed to be fucking angry at Alex? Of course not, he screwed her over!
Linking people’s shittiness to their minority - or in the case of gender oppressed - identity is fucked up.
Anyone can be shitty.
Anyone can be nice.
Behaviors aren’t linked to identity.
That’s also where hard identity politics get fucky because BEING OPPRESSED DOES NOT MAKE YOU NICE. Like you don’t have to be cool with every single oppressed person, because shitty people exist.
But they’re shitty because that’s them ya know not because of their identity.
In the case of privileged identities people often are shitty because of them. Again, not every privileged person is shitty but privilege allows us to erase nuance and makes it easier to be shitty. Like as a cis white allo educated economically comfortable thin woman like... yes those things can make me blind to certain injustices and ergo be shitty.
I can also be shitty just in general.
But it’s never because I’m a queer Jew ya know?
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spideyspeaches · 4 months ago
Valentine ↬ p.p
A/N: this is so self indulgent and also happy Valentine's to the EST/PST timezone!!
If you saw me reposting this because I posted only half of it, no you didn't 🤔😘
Wc: ??
Warnings: mentions of gummy bears (the one with cannabis), smut (mentioned) Mopey Peter XD
Summary: Peter Parker wanted to spend his Valentine's with the most beautiful girl in his college. But him being him, he chickened out last minute from asking you out, completely ruining his mood. Thank god for his roommate though and his girlfriend though. (This fic makes no sense nsdjjsjfj)
Pairing: College!Peter Parker x Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
Cutie potatooie
Tumblr media
Peter looked at the window outside of his room, the pitter patter of rain reverberating in his eardrums as he sunk down the soft mattress with a sigh.
One could say his sullen mood was because of the dull weather outside in New York city, or it could be because he didn't have a date for Valentine's.
It wasn't often that one caught Peter Parker sulking because he didn't have a Valentine date, it was a rare sight.
There was this one time he had asked Gwen Stacy out during the senior year of high school, but she ended up moving out to Oxford before they could celebrate the fourteenth of February. Things didn't really work out with Liz because of her dad and MJ, well he ended up becoming her awakening factor about her sexuality. He respected that, absolutely, he was even honoured that he was the reason she had the guts to come out as bisexual.
So he didn't really keep his hopes up in the dating department, up until he met You in college. MIT had a huge campus, and Peter Parker was ready to kiss the fates just for making him bump into you, the most beautiful girl he had ever come to know.
Call him dramatic because there are of course, other girls who were just as beautiful and attractive as You, but in his eyes, You were the most beautiful human to have ever walked earth. It was the sway of your hips and flick of your wrists that had him, capturing his heart enough for his brain to malfunction in your presence.
It was a shame that he hadn't asked you to be his Valentine for today's party. In his defence though, You didn't really know him well other than as a classmate, or your roommate's boyfriend's roommate, and he was a naturally shy person. He barely had the guts to talk to you when you were sitting right besides him during class.
"Come on man, how long are you going to sit there moping? You know I would ditch today's plans for you right? Claire would understand." His roommate, Cade said.
Cade had always been his best friend next to Ned (no one beat Ned in this race, god he fucking missed him. He missed May and Tony and Pepper and Morgan and Rhodey and the list went on and on, he was sad for another reason now).
"Okay Candace." Peter muttered, not looking up from his bag of gummies. He had a feeling they were stoner patch ones, but he didn't care. It wasn't like they were going to affect his metabolism anyways.
What he did care about was that he wasn't on a date with you today and it was completely his fault. He had been a bumbling bambling baffoon when he had gone to ask you out in the least cheesy way he could think of, and had ended up stuttering something along the lines of "roommate" and "date", just as the bell rang, cutting him off like the little gremlin it was.
"You know that's not my name Pete." Cade muttered, stealing some of the gummies before scrunching his nose and spitting them out with a muttered curse.
"Do I look like I fucking care?" Peter grumbled, wiping the lenses of his glasses on his sports t-shirt, nearly chucking them across the room when it just smudged the stain, wiping it with his cotten bedsheets instead.
"Well you gotta get up anyway, Macy's is having a special offer for the singles tonight." He said, snatching the bag from Peter's hand, who's scowled at him before flopping on his bed with a groan. He was definitely starting to feel the effects, but he knew it was temporary, probably would last an hour before he was back to his mopey self.
"Why do you have to remind me that I'm single when you have a girlfriend yourself?" Peter groaned, dragging a hand across his face, a murderous expression on his innocent little face.
"Sorry man I'm just trying to cheer you up! You know what? Come with me, I'll take you to Claire's dorm and then you can have a sleepover with Y/N, you can even play doll dress up but for the love of god, get up from that bed. How long has it been since you washed those sheets? They stink!" The darker man said, his voice taking a higher octave, pulling him by his leg to drag him out of the sheets.
Being the little shit he was, Peter scrunched his fists in the sheets, nearly tearing the seems off.
"I'm not five that you're setting me up on a playdate with your girlfriend's hot roommate."
"Well you're acting like you're five right now, and I will call aunt May if you don't get out of here right fucking now!"
"Okay okay jeez Candace calm your man tits will ya." He rolled his eyes, sitting up with a wince as his head gave a pound, the aftereffects already setting in.
And that's how he found his way through the girls dorm, with his roommate by his side as Cade navigated through the empty hallways, eerily silent in contrast of the loud banger music playing in the club below.
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Peter whispered, clutching onto his friend's hand as if his life depended on it, the smell of wet grass and mud distracting him from his thoughts. The girls dorm had a really pretty garden, and he admired it as much as he could from his window without feeling the judgmental stares of the girls thinking he's another one of those pervs.
"Your over thinking is going to give you premature ulcers." Was his only response, flicking the doorbell you had installed in your dorm.
He swore his breath stopped when he heard the tell tale click of the door hatch clicking open, your face peeking out of the door as you let them both in.
You would be lying if you said that your heart didn't speed up when you saw Peter Parker standing outside of your dorm.
You weren't the kind to get jealous easily, but you were envious, maybe even a little (only a little, a little pinch) jealous of your roommate for having a boyfriend. You didn't usually pay attention to your relationship status, but you were only a little salty about the fact that you would not be spending the day of love with the person you've been in love with since you entered the campus of MIT.
You had thought of asking him out several times, saying fuck to gender roles, only to back out last second because you were not sure you would last a second without melting just by looking at his brown puppy eyes.
You gave yourself and him a last chance, hoping either of you would make a move to at least ask each other out on the fourteenth of fucking February, only to be disappointed when that didn't happen.
So you were excited when your roommate told you that your long time crush Peter Parker and you were going to be in the dorm together (alone), heart beating erratically as you saw his face come in your view.
"Hi." You said shyly, pursing your lips to suppress a chuckle as you saw his cheeks heat up, rose red blush rising up in the cutest way possible.
"Hi." He responded, his breath stuttering in the empty dorm.
A few minutes went in silence, him shifting awkwardly in his place as you tried not to look at his body. You couldn't believe the nerd was hiding all of this underneath hoodies and sweatshirts.
Damn, he's hot. You thought, realising that you said that out loud when he stuttered you a look.
"I didn't mean to say that out loud." You said, opening your mouth to apologise again, before he cut you off with a kiss. You were startled by the sensation of his soft lips, surprise leaving you too petrified to move your lips.
You counted up to five before you heard his trademark Peter Parker stuttering apology.
"Oh- I'm I'm so sorry I you don't have to kiss me this is my fault oh god I'm so stupid-"
And it was you who kissed him this time, mystified by the way your lips fitted with his perfectly, like a lock in a key ready to open.
In the end, your impatience won out, his wandering hands on the bare skin of your waist enough to send fire up your veins.
Your hands were all over him in a matter of seconds, your legs straddling his thighs as he kissed you ferociously, messing up both your and his hair.
"Here's to a happy fucking Valentine." You muttered against his lips, smiling as he snorted a response, tickling your slides with his slender fingers.
"Happy fucking Valentine to you too sweetheart." He whispered back, picking you up with ease and throwing you to the nearest bed.
"I hope this isn't going to be a one time thing." You said, watching him undress as you yourself removed your top and your shorts, leaving you in your undies and his in his boxers.
You knew he was muscular, but damn there was a whole another story going on under those clothes. Your mouth practically watered at his chisled abs, his smirk making your patience wean out as you scrambled to being him closer to you.
"I wasn't hoping it would." He said, kissing you softly this time, punctuating each word with a soft kiss. You gave a breathy moan, digging your fingers into his back muscles, realising in the way they moved, the thin chain now exposed as it sat cool on your skin.
"Good, cause I really really like you, Peter Parker."
"I really really like you too, Y/n, L/n."
Tumblr media
A/N: what have I written 😪🤚
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Californian Dream (Pt. 04 of 11)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Billy Hargrove X Reader
Word count: 3 K
Summary: Being part of one of the richest families of California doesn't mean you're happy. Your life is boring, and you're surrounded by meaningless people and their meaningless talk. Even during Summer, with the break you have from college, there's nothing good going on. Nothing but the new pool guy, Billy, the most handsome man you ever saw. You were successfully avoiding him, not wanting to act like an idiot in front of the guy until Billy accepts to be your date for a fancy gala you're forced to attend. The night was going well, even better when he sneaked you out to go to the beach. But a gang of criminals breaks into the party, kidnapping the heirs to the wealthiest families, which includes you. So, for your safety, your parents want you to stay with Billy, living in his apartment until the criminals are caught. And that could take weeks, maybe even months.
Warnings: Light violence
<- Previous part (03)
Next part (05) ->
{Stranger Things Masterlist}
{Dacre Montgomery Masterlist}
In the morning, you tiptoe to the living room, but everything you find of Billy is a small note left on the kitchen table. He's at work and must be back by 5 or 6 pm. He said you can make something for lunch, and that he'll bring dinner. So, now that you're alone, you can't help but think. The names of those who died to keep playing back, and Gisele's is the one that comes louder. You feel bad for all the times you were mean to her, when you left her talking alone, storming away. But it's useless to feel this way now. It won't bring her back.
You're pacing around the living room, the news channel on, as they repeat the same things over and over. When you put both hands on your head, out of desperation, you feel as Billy's shirt lifts a little, exposing your thighs. And you realize you'll need clothes. And all your personal stuff. “Ame.” You mutter, going to the phone and calling home. As usual, it's Amelia who answers, and she squeals, happy to know you're fine. After telling her everything that happened and where you'll be staying, you start giving the instructions. Well, she's the one to point out what you'll need and how to cover up who you are.
The goal is to remain hidden, but you won't be stuck inside the apartment. So you need to look different, and for that, Amelia advises you to buy new clothes, normal clothes, instead of using the ones you have. And she kindly offers to buy everything you'll need and bring them over later today. She'll also bring all of your personal stuff. And money. Amelia tells you to keep some money with you, in case you need it. You're not sure what for, but you agree.
She gets here after lunch, with three huge pieces of baggage, and she helps you drag them to Billy's bedroom. Then, after you change out of Billy's shirt, she shows off the last part of her plan. Amelia wants to dye your hair and cut off a few inches. You don't think it's necessary, but she's worried about the situation, and for the sake of the woman who raised you, you let her do it. Once she's done, she helps you clean the bathroom before leaving, giving you a tight hug and asking you to keep in touch and be careful.
Then the rest of the day is pretty boring. You do give some trips to the bathroom, just to check the hair. It's nice having your natural color back, but you never thought it would be in these circumstances.
You're watching the news again, seating on the couch, when the door opens. Turning your head, you give Billy a small smile. When his eyes find you, he furrows his eyebrows. It takes a while for you to understand why the confused expression.
“Oh! It was Amelia.” Quickly, you explain, standing on your feet and noticing the pizza he brought. “I called her and she helped me get some stuff done and well...” You gesture at your hair. “I've been bleaching it since Elementary school so I bet nobody will recognize me now. Amelia is probably the only one who remembers my natural color but... This is it.” You're speaking too much, and maybe a little too fast, but you're not sure why. “What do you think?”
He squints his eyes, moving to put the pizza on the table. “I think you're already planning on going out.” Well, obviously. He can't possibly expect you to stay locked up in here.
“I was talking about the hair, but ok.” Shrugging your shoulders, you gesture at the pizza. “Can I eat it?”
“Yeah. I'll take a shower.”
“I'll wait for you then.”
“Alright.” Billy stands there for a few seconds, awkwardly, before walking to the bedroom. “The hair is good, by the way.”
“Thanks.” You mutter, smiling a little.
“(Y/N)!” He calls out suddenly, startling you. “Why is there a bag full of money on my bed?”
“Oh!” Rushing to his bedroom, you find a very confused Billy. You left the dark blue bag on the edge of the bed, and you completely forgot about it. “Amelia said I should have money with me, just in case I need it.” Running a hand through your hair, you sigh. “But, uhm, if you need or want to buy something, you can, I mean... It's fifty-seven thousand dollars.” Reaching out inside that bag, you take one of the many piles. “Every pile has one thousand... So if I fall and break a bone you can use it to pay the hospital.
“Break a bone? Should I worry about that?”
“Just trying to light up the mood.” Giggling, you glance at him. “I won't jump from the window or anything. And those are my things.” You gesture, at the pieces of luggage. “Amelia got me new clothes. Normal clothes, not the expensive ones my mother makes me buy.”
“Amelia has everything figured out.”
“She does... I'll let you do your stuff.” Nodding to yourself, you walk away. You can't help but feel a little weird with all this, and the sensation of being nothing but a bother to Billy is starting to kick in.
You patiently wait for him, watching the news again. And the content of the tape was finally made known. And it's not good. Everyone was expecting a normal rescue. They'd say how much they want, get paid, and let the kids go. But apparently, that's not how it'll be.
“(Y/N).” The mention of your name startles you, your heart skipping a beat, and that's when you notice how focused you were. “Everything alright?”
“No.” You breathe out as Billy turns the TV off. “They have thirteen kids, right? It means they want thirteen parts. They'll let the media know how much, and when they get paid, they'll release one. Whoever they want. It doesn't mean that the Whaylands will get James out if they pay up.”
“These guys know what they're doing.” Billy looks down, thoughtful. “This will create chaos between the families.”
“Yeah... I'm even glad I'm stuck here because I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that mess.” Standing from the couch, you move to the kitchen table. “Can I?”
Drumming your fingers on the table, you sit down, thinking about everyone they got. Alice, James, Daniel. Melissa, Candace. Michael, Antony, and Ryan. There are more... But you can't remember. Where are they now? Are they hungry? Are they being treated nicely? You doubt it. By the violence those men showed, they're not being nice. It could've been you, who knows where now, maybe starving, terrified... They're not your friends. They're just people you know, but still, you want them all back, alive and well. You want to hug them, to talk to them again, even if it means being part of their superficial conversations. You just want to have the chance to.
“Hey,” Billy calls, and you snap out of your thoughts, noticing you were biting your lip too harshly. “You ok?”
“Yeah.” Muttering, you take a slice of pizza, taking a bite.
“What did you have for lunch?” The question comes in a careful tone. Low and steady. He knows what you're thinking about.
But you can't answer it. It only hits you now that you haven't eaten anything all day, and the pain in your stomach is only surrendering because you're eating now. So you clear your throat, giving Billy a look. “Uhm... I haven't.”
“What?” He puts his slice down, a serious face on. “Couldn't you find anything you like?”
“That's not it I... I was watching the news all day and the police did next to nothing.” Gesturing at the TV, you sigh. “And I just can't understand how those big ass vans just disappeared into the night. It's just... One of the three people who were in the hospital died. Five of those working in the kitchens died in the explosion. They found the bodies today, and I just... I just wasn't hungry...” Maybe you should just say the last part. Billy doesn't need to know how desperate you feel.
“(Y/N), you gotta eat. What would your father say if he knew–”
“Billy, I need you to stop thinking about my father.” Cutting him off, you push some of your hair back, out of your face. He has to stop doing that. You don't want to be a job, you don't want him to see you as someone he has to look after. “What? Do you think I'll give him daily reports on my routine?” Making a pause, you take another bite, now a little annoyed. When you swallow it down, you stare at Billy again. “Day one. I woke up in Billy's bed, wearing one of his shirts. He left a cute note. I spent the whole day watching the news, freaking out a little, crying a little. Them Billy came back and brought me pizza.” You make sure to sound as annoyed as you feel. “Day two...”
“Maybe you should do that.” He says, those blue eyes locked on yours. Why is he staring at you like that, so intensely? Is he doing that thing again, trying to understand you? Because he always succeeds.
“Maybe you're crazy.” Shaking your head, you focus on the pizza again, silently finishing your slice. It might be so weird for him. Billy doesn't bring girls here, and here you are, invading his private life, stealing his bed. “The bed is yours today.”
“Yeah...” As you take a second slice, you remember the gala. From the moment he picked you up until right before the explosion. It was easy talking to Billy, you didn't have to think before speaking. It was... Good. Effortless. You couldn't stop smiling, and you did wish you could hang out with him more. You felt free from all the rules and regulations, finally able to be someone genuine. Not the fake version you present to people.
But now... It's weird, uncomfortable. You did expect it to change as the days go by, but it didn't.
You started to count, obviously. Day three, day four... And it only got worse, if that's even possible. He always brings something to dinner, and you eat silently on the kitchen table, only to sit on the couch for a while, as far from the other as possible, and watch TV in silence. It's like two strangers sharing a roof, and you slowly give up the idea of this being something good. It isn't. Billy doesn't want you here, that's pretty clear. And it got even more obvious after the weekend. You told him he could go out if he wanted to, but he didn't. And it was just the same. Few words were spoken, a cold distance kept. He's like someone else entirely, not the same Billy from the beach.
And on the eighth day, you had enough. So you wait for Billy to go to bed, since it's his turn, and wait an hour before tiptoeing to the phone. Amelia is the only one you can talk to, whose advice you trust. So you call the private line she keeps in her bedroom, nervously biting your lip as you wait for her to pick up.
“Hello. Who's this?”
“Ame. It's me.” You whisper, giving the hall a look before turning around, leaning against the wall. “I'm sorry to call so late but I needed to talk.”
“Of course, honey. You know you can call me whenever you need.” When you were at the house, you used to bug her even late at night when you needed help, or just to rant about something. She was always there. “What's going on?”
“Uhm... Ame, this... This isn't working. Living with Billy is... Complicated.”
“Why?” You hear something in the back, maybe a glass being put down. “I remember you were getting along just fine since the day he saved you from drowning.” She giggles. “I saw you going around with him, laughing and chatting.”
Sighing, you shake your head a little. It was different back then. You don't know how, but you know it was. “Yeah, but he just... It just...” Damn it. Of all people you know, if you had to pick someone to do this, as crazy and insane as it is, you'd pick Billy. In any other house, those mansions, you'd have to act on your best behavior, participate in those formal rites for every meal, be always polite and kind. Here, you thought it would be better. You thought you'd have fun, as you used to on those days, with funny comments and quick remarks. Now... You don't know. “Billy doesn't want me here.” You burst out, keeping your voice low.
“Why do you think that?”
“He's just... Distant. Cold.” Why does it bother you so much? The Billy you met before was the one treating you as his boss. One of the owners of one of the houses he works on. What did you think? That he'd keep the act? “I'm an inconvenience. He's just doing that because my father will pay him in the end and no, I have no idea why it bothers me so much, but I just... I thought it'd at least be nice, but it isn't so...”
“(Y/N), Billy is a guy. I'm sure he's just making sure you don't feel uncomfortable.” She speaks slow, and you start bouncing your leg nervously.
“Amelia, I don't want him to fall in love with me, ok? I just thought we'd become friends or something like that.” The words come out fast, and you're a little pissed. “Billy doesn't want me here.” You repeat.
“Why does it bother you so much?”
“Because I had a nice time with him.” You burst out, throwing your free hand in the air. “He's so different from the idiots I'm surrounded by. I don't have to fake it, I can just say the stupid things that come to my head and I never had anyone I could be myself with. And God, I was so stupid to think this would be fun, or...” Taking a deep breath, your voice fades as you collect your thoughts. Moving from the wall, you start pacing around. “I'll just look for some apartment to rent, Ame. I don't want to be–” The sentence is cut short when you see a figure standing by the end of the table. Your eyes go wide, a hand on your heart as you recognize Billy, arms crossed, his eyes on you. “Ame, I'll have to go. Talk to you tomorrow?”
“Alright, honey. Try talking to Billy before making any decisions.”
“Ok. Good night.” You mumble before hanging up. Swallowing hard, you step back, leaning against the countertop. “Did you... Hear anything?” That's a stupid question, of course he did. He wouldn't be looking so pissed if he didn't. But it doesn't matter. This gotta be over soon, so you both will feel better.
“From the very beginning.” He says, tilting his head at the phone. “Heard you talking to someone and decided to check.”
“Ok.” Nodding to yourself, you look down at your feet. “I was thinking and I believe it will better if I look for some place I can rent around here. But don't worry, I won't tell my father so you'll still be paid.” As you speak, you make your way back to the couch, but Billy grabs your arm, forcing you to stop.
“So you think I don't want you here,” Billy mutters, his face lit up by the bluish light coming from the TV. He's gorgeous, so gorgeous that it's hard to say something to his face.
“That's crystal clear, Billy.” Giving your arm a pull, he let it go. “You said it yourself, you don't bring girls to your place and you were forced into having me here and I totally get that you don't like it.” Turning your back at him, you sit on the couch, eyes on the TV, but not paying any attention.
“You got it wrong.”
“I don't think so.”
“I just...” He makes a pause, so long it makes you look up at him. “I'm trying to give you some space.”
“Well, you gave me so much space it actually feels like I'm living alone.” Angrily, you move to lie down, fixing the blanket on your legs. “It'll better if I just move out.”
“Listen, I know you don't like this place.” Billy turns the TV off, and if it wasn't for the dim light coming from the street, you'd be in complete darkness. “It's tiny, your bedroom is bigger than this apartment.”
“How could you possibly know that?”
“Remember when the railing of your balcony was broken by a storm? I fixed it.”
You remember it. There was a huge summer storm, and a branch was ripped from a nearby tree, knocking down half of your railing. When you came back home on the next day, it was fixed. But you'd never guess it was Billy. “Thanks.”
“You don't have to thank me for doing my job.”
“Goddamn it, Billy.” Kicking the blankets away, you stand up. “Stop treating me like some rich chick! Stop putting words in my mouth and stop saying I can't thank you for doing something!” You're yelling, despite the late hour. The neighbors won't like it. “You never asked me what I think about your place so you can't possibly know if I like it or not. And yes, thank you for fixing my railing, thank you for keeping my pool clean, for cleaning the leaves, for... Hell, for sheltering me! But it's getting tiring. I thought you'd treat me like a normal girl like you did on the beach, but I get it now that it was just an act so I'll just leave.” That said, you're already in motion, not sure why. But you're unlocking the door and storming out, furious, easily finding the stairs and rushing down.
“(Y/N)!” Ignoring Billy, you don't stop, wiping some tears that escaped when you push the building doors open, the fresh night air making your breath in deeply.
You're overwhelmed. There's nothing new about the kidnappings. The criminals asked two million dollars for the first kid, but that was it. The police can't seem to get any closer to finding them, and the same goes to the many private investigators on the case. And the only good thing that came out of this shit, being with the only person on Earth with who you felt like you could be yourself, backfired. You feel stupid, deceived. Walking down the sidewalk, you roll your eyes when you hear the building doors banging, quickening your pace.
“You wanted to give me space. Then give me some freaking space.” Your voice is cracking, which only makes you feel more like an idiot.
“Alright. I'm sorry, ok?” He raises his voice, and soon enough he's grabbing your arm. But you push him away until he let it go. “I shouldn't assume you would turn out to be like the other girls. You're not like any of the rich kids I met.”
“You don't have to do it now. You made everything very clear.”
“Would you listen?” Billy furrows his eyebrows, stepping back, a hand on his head. “I have this habit of expecting the worse, it always kept me from being caught with the guard down. But I'll admit I was wrong about you.” Avoiding his gaze, you pace around, not sure if you want to believe it. “I had a nice time with you too. That was the worst party I've ever been to, but it was good to know there's someone from their world who isn't completely rotten on the inside.”
You don't know why but the insult makes you giggle. But it's only because he's right. The fact that they're being held hostage doesn't change how some of those people are mean and rude. Their situation doesn't change who they are. And, being born into what Billy called ‘their world’, made you see the worst side of everyone. Money corrupts weak minds, you've seen it. The more they have, the more they want.
“Fine then...” Finally turning to face him, you sigh. “What now?”
Billy reaches out his hand, and you look at it, not moving yet. “First, let's get inside. You're in pajamas in the middle of the sidewalk.”
That makes you laugh, looking down and taking in the leggings and the baggy shirt you're wearing which leaves one of your shoulders exposed. “My mother would literally squeal if she saw me now.”
“She doesn't have to know.” That makes you smile even more, and you feel like you just got a glimpse of the Billy you were with at the beach. So you take his hand, breathing in, and letting him guide you back inside.
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clansayeed · 5 months ago
I have a question about well everyone if they are so wrapped up on trying to find out if Candace is Cynble why don't they just look at his brand. P.S you don't half to answer this if you don't want to
Lmaoooo so I can totally answer this!
It’s basically a big “the evidence is right in front of us but the reality is so shitty we don’t want to face it.” Well... for everyone but Valdas and Isseya.
For them it’s more like “we’ve been at this for 100 years it can’t be that easy, it can’t be, look at that NERD that’s NOT our Tree.”
There was initially more depth on that in part of the Circumstance epilogue, where I ended up possibly TOO vaguely implying that Carlo had gathered information on that brand in particular and what it meant — but that’s the point in which Cadence later tells Nadya “I’ve known for some time, I just didn’t want to accept it.”
But I think I was too vague there reading back on it so that’s something to work on when I do the initial editing and rewrites.
So yeah in the end it’s all very “the evidence is right in front of everyone” but for various reasons for/against Cynbel’s death, it becomes a matter of mental ability and willful denial of the obvious.
And I intended it that way because I didn’t want to explore the story of the discovery so much as I wanted to explore the results of it. Their character designs are the exact same that’s no trick.
But Kamilah thinks of what that will mean for peace, for the world. She remembers the periods through her life filled with catastrophe and knows he was likely behind it. Serafine thinks of her own failure — and everything she sacrificed only to falsely believe she won, and learn that she didn’t avenge anyone at all.
Valdas and Isseya see their own failure, too. They see a lone man after 100 years, after 2400 years of being united and as one, and think ‘how could we possibly have missed him?’ especially given that they were in New Orleans at the same time Cadence was when they sought out the Fate.
Everyone’s reactions, for selfish or altruistic reasons, are hinged into their personalities and, as a result, show who Cynbel is (before Choice, when he isn’t a character so much as a symbol or a figment) through the eyes of others. So then when he was introduced it could be decided for the reader whether or not he lived up to the hype so to speak.
TL;DR everyone just wanted to pretend they couldn’t see anything because they’re all kind of weird and selfish
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galaxina-the-pyro · 5 months ago
[yes i shall do another: i hope you don't mind!!] vanessa doofenshmirtz
Absolutely! XD Vanessa needs some love on this blog anyway.
1. Sexuality Headcanon: She’s a bisexual who mostly just prefers guys. She gives me that vibe more than Candace does, actually.
2. OTP: Montessa. I like Ferbnessa, too, but Montessa is just so...sweet. I really like all their interactions and stuff, and kinda wish they did more with the Montessa arc as a whole? Monty’s a good character imo, but just doesn’t get the chance to mesh with everyone else. The show kinda changes a bit when he’s around, which is both very interesting, but also something I can see being a turn-off to other fans - which makes sense. But like...Vanessa goes well with a lot of people, it’s insane how compatible she is. But ye - Montessa steals my heart.
3. brotp: I already talked about her and Candace, so let’s talk about her and Perry’s very wonderful little friendship they got going on. Perry’s always got Vanessa’s back and stuff, and Vanessa seems to understand Perry on a similar wavelength to Doofenshmirtz. We should’ve had an episode where Vanessa and Perry REALLY teamed up, and the episodes where they could have were such missed opportunities, because I feel like Perry and Vanessa would be unstoppable.
4. NOTP: Hm...I don’t really have one for this. Gonna have to go on my phone for this
5. First Headcanon That Pops Into My Head: Vanessa becomes the first female president of the United States - prove me wrong.
6. Favorite Line From This Character: “Curse you, unknown rocket-helmet-transportation thing! (the Inator drops her at her house) Oh, sweet, I'm home. Never mind, unknown rocket-helmet-transportation thing!”
7. One Way in Which I Relate to This Character: I get annoyed with my dad, but ultimately hold him very close to my heart because he’s an awesome human being.
8. Thing That Gives Me Second Hand Embarrassment About This Character: know how the only time in Milo Murphy’s Law that she shows up is to reprimend her dad for not talking to Perry? Trying to tell her dad that Perry can’t apologize because he can’t talk, even though Perry literally wrote to him saying that he misses him without actually apologizing for wronging Doof? Telling her dad he’s being unreasonable when Perry legit was in the wrong in this situation and, again, didn’t bother even saying/writing that he was SORRY, which honestly would’ve saved the tone for that little arc? Yeah.
9. Cinnamon Roll or Problematic Fave: Neither. She’s too badass to be a cinnamon roll, and is the least problematic character in the whole show. I’m guessing cinnamon roll fits her more in this case, but like...she’s a badass. She’s her own category.
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nanicles · 7 months ago
Just the Two of Us (22)
Candace laid back on her bed and laughed as she scrolled through the pictures I've of her girls sent to her. She had been laying low in the Artesian on Jim's dime of course. Jim came out of the bathroom fixing his tie.
"What's funny?" He asked going to sit on the side of the bed. Candace handed him her phone telling him to look for himself. "And this is?"
"It's Alaina's salon. Its fucked up. You're welcome."
Jim frowned still looking through the pictures. "Remind me who Alaina is again and why I care."
"Alaina is my adopted sister, the one dating Charles. Get her," Candace explained sitting up, "Get Charles too. Job is done."
Jim smiled handing the phone back. "Lead with that next time. Speaking of that though, I need to call and check on that favor. See how it's going."
"Well I'll do that for you. I've got to meet with Mitch later on today. Cause you've got more important things to do right now."
"You're right I do. But you make sure you call me and tell me what he says."
Lainey, Marcie and Melissa had settled into their cleaning after getting to the salon a couple hours prior around 6am. Melissa was in Lainey's office sorting through all of the paperwork that had been thrown around the salon as her friends brought it to her. Lainey and Marcie were in the main area of the salon sweeping and picking up debris.
Caleb, his sons, Charles and Oliver had met up at the hardware store to pickup their order. Bishop was were he usually is, watching out for his sister at a distance until the others makes got there.
"Benny, has that boy been to work?"
Benny shook his head at his father. They stood outside their vehicles as they waited for their order to come out. "Nah. But he been working though. Secretary said he has her bring anything that needs to be signed to his house."
"When the last time you saw him?"
"When I beat his ass." Benny slapped hands with his older brothers and smirked. "He don't wanna get his ass whooped again. But last I heard he been spendin a lot of time at his family's bar and that hotel down by River Street."
"Astoria?" Zion asked quietly.
Charles answered before Benny could. "Artesian. He was there last night too. Meeting with Candace."
The siblings and Caleb turned their attention to the governor. His answer was just above a whisper but they heard him.
"How do you know?" Cameron inquire rubbing the top of his head.
"I have eyes and ears everywhere," Charles explained flashing a big smile, "They've been talking a lot on the phone as well. Mitchell is also very sloppy."
"How so?"
Charles shrugged, "He takes the same routes every day, makes calls from his actual phone and he takes meetings in public places. He clearly learned nothing from Mama Rose."
The men talked a little longer until their order came, they helped get it all loaded up and left. When they got to the salon Bishop came over to help them unload everything.
Charles snuck up behind his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her as she was explaining something to Marcie. She jumped a little then turned in his arms.
"What are you doing here? And dressed regularly."
Charles kissed her chuckling softly. "Good morning to you too, beautiful. Me and Oliver came to help."
"Charles, baby, you didn't have to."
"Like hell they didn't," Marcie laughed, "Which of us was gonna pick these heavy ass chairs up."
"Exactly. Now where would you like me and Oliver to put the supplies we got?"
Lainey stared at him for a second. "I ... put them in the reception area. Thank you, Charles seriously. And Oliver too."
Oliver smiled standing in the doorway. "Its no problem, I don't mind helping out. Just show me where you want me to start."
Lainey hummed looking around her boyfriend, "Can you and Charles get these chairs outta here? They're all busted."
Oliver nodded telling her he was going to grab the toolbox. Marcie stood off to the side watching the couple talk.
"Yes, good morning, Charles. I'm great and you?"
Charles laughed going to hug Marcie and kissed her cheek. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Good morning, Marcie. I'm good, I'm glad you are too. Cameron actually asked me to send you out there. Said he wanted to ask you something."
Lainey watched her friend leave the room all giddy then looked at her boyfriend. "What did he want with her?"
"Nothing," Charles laughed, "But he was talking about her a lot so was doing a friendly favor."
"Charles, he's gonna get you." Lainey laughed.
"It got you to laugh that's good enough for me. How long have you three been here?"
"Umm a lil before six this morning."
He nodded looking around at the progress they'd made, "Okay, you're not staying past 6pm."
"Says who?"
"Says me. Its gonna be dark, I don't want yall here after dark."
Lainey folded her arms, "You are not my daddy."
Charles smirked, "That's not what you said a couple days ago."
For the next few hours they all did their part to start fixing up the salon. Once the chairs were out of the styling area and in the garbage, Charles and Oliver went outside to help her brothers and father.
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justahopelessssromantic · 7 months ago
A/N: Thank you all so much for all the love on this story! It really means so very much to me! I’m so excited to share more with you ❤️ Here’s part 2! I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think ☺️
Tumblr media
Angel never really knew about Monica growing up. Sure they grew up in the same town but with the five year difference between them he never really knew who she was, that was until he began prospecting for the Mayans MC.
The first time he saw her he couldn't take his eyes off her. She was beautiful and he swore his heart skipped a beat when she looked his way and smiled but maybe that was just his inner hopeless romantic talking.
He wanted to ask her out, hell all the prospects did and Taza knew that. It was like he could read their minds or maybe it was just because this wasn't the first group of prospects who had their eyes on the Mayan's princess.
Stepping up behind them he clapped Angel and Gilly on the shoulders holding them tight. "Beautiful isn't she?" He never gave them a chance to answer. "I know what you're thinking, don't. She's off limits boys. Now get back to work." He finished with giving them a shove in the direction of the line of the bikes to be washed.
Angel wasn't stupid. He knew to listen to the older Mayan. If he wanted any chance of becoming a full patched member then he had to focus on the club and try to keep his mind off her, but damn was that hard.
It became a little easier once Derek entered the picture. Monica fell hard and fast for him, Angel could see why, he was a great guy. He treated her well and respected the club. He was good to her and that’s all he really cared about. Then seemingly out of nowhere they had broken up. Monica never spoke about what happened between them but Angel could tell whatever it was wasn't good.
It was only about a little over a year after that that Monica got pregnant. She never told anyone who the father was no matter how much they asked. All she told them was that it didn't matter, she was determined to raise her on her own.
She had the club to help support her, that was enough.
After a while everyone just stopped asking. It didn’t really matter in the end anyways. Soon it wasn’t even a thought. Maddie had her mother, grandfather, and she had all her tios within the club. Maybe she didn’t have a conventional family but she did have a family who loved her and would lay their life down for her.
That’s all anyone really needs.
Angel just finished his shift at the scrapyard for the day. He traded his work shirt for his kutte on his way to the clubhouse. He got to the door just before Monica and Maddie as they just arrived. Holding the door open for them he entered behind them.
“Thank you Angel!” Maddie smiled back at him before running off towards Hank, Bishop, and Taza sitting in the back of the room.
Angel smiled watching Maddie run off. He glanced over to find Monica doing the same thing. God, was her smile breathtaking. He then glanced down to the purple backpack in Monica’s hands. He nodded down to it once she turned her attention to him. “Maddie staying with Hank tonight?”
“Yeah she is, It’s just easier for party planning.” She explained. And she had her blind date tonight but she didn’t want everyone to know that. Monica placed the bag down onto the table besides them making sure Hank saw where she placed it. “I’d love to stay and hang out but I really better get going. I told Vicky I was going to stop by before heading home to check out the cake.”
Gilly was listening in to the conversation from where he was behind the bar. “You’re leaving already? Can’t you at least stay for one drink?” He pulled out a beer waving it at her. He could usually convince her to stay for one.
“No, unfortunately I can’t. Next time I will.” She promised. Gilly pouted making a show of it as he cracked open the beer for himself. Monica rolled her eyes laughing before reaching for the door knob which Angel had already had being one step ahead of her.
“I’ll see you tomorrow Maddie.” She called out to Maddie who was now playing cards with Riz. “You be good for grandpa and make sure you keep these guys out of trouble.”
“Okay!” Maddie called back with a grin. “Love you!”
“Love you too!” She called back blowing her a kiss which Maddie dramatically caught.
Angel opened the door for Monica seeing her out. He followed her to the steps where he stopped to light up a cigarette He watched her walk away just as Coco pulled back into the yard. Coco gave her a nod and she gave him a wave as they crossed paths.
Coco parked his bike and slipped his helmet off shaking out his hair with his hands a little after doing so. He met Angel on the top of the steps who had a cigarette extended towards him.
“Everything good?” Angel asked him. He watched Coco light up his cigarette and take a drag before he answered.
“Yeah, everything’s good.” Coco replied plainly. He just got back from the other side with the rebels.
“Good.” Angel nodded, taking another drag of his own cigarette.
The two leaned against the railing looking out around their home. They both knew getting involved with the rebels was risky but it was a risk they would have to take for their club, their family.
Monica watched Vicky leaning against the counter as she smoothed the white icing around the cake. Vicky was making a special unicorn cake with blues, pinks, and purple colors for Maddie’s birthday. One thing many people didn’t know about her was she was an excellent cake decorator and made the very best cakes in town. She was also just an excellent baker in general.
Monica smiled watching her in awe. “That looks amazing Vicky. Maddie is going to love it.”
“She better.” Vicky teased. She finished smoothing it out before stepping back to admire her own work.
Next to the cake was a tray of vanilla cupcakes, some with purple icing and some with pink icing. Reaching over Monica grabbed for one of the purple ones earning a swat to her hand.
“Don’t even think about it. Those are for the party and you know better.” Vicky scolded her. Sometimes she still saw that little girl from all those years ago.
Monica pouted. “Can’t I just have one? Please.” She begged, folding her hands together.
Vicky rolled her eyes. “Some things really never change.” She mumbled under her breath. Taking the cupcake Monica was after she handed it to her. “Fine, just the one.”
Monica peeled the wrapper away. “That’s all I wanted.” She happily took a bite giving a moan of approval as she sat back. “This is delicious.”
“I know.” Vicky smirked.
Monica sat enjoying her cupcake as her mind began to wonder. The other night’s conversation with Maddie kept finding its way into her mind. She looked down at the cupcake for a few moments fiddling with the paper around it. Sighing, she looked back up at Vicky.
Vicky wiped her hands off on a wet washcloth. She sat down next to Monica placing her hand on her shoulder, she knew that look. “What’s wrong baby?”
“Maddie asked me about her father last night.” She blurted.
“Well you knew this day would come eventually. You and Coco both knew that.”
Vicky was the one and only person who Monica told about Coco being Maddie’s father. Vicky was like a mother to her, she always knew she could trust her with anything. She needed just one person to know and there wasn’t anyone else she would have rather shared with. It was only right, Vicky was the one who was there for her for everything while she was pregnant.
“Yeah, we did.” She knew that. “I was just hoping I would have a little more time I guess.”
“That’s the wonder of children.” Vicky laughed lightly, “They always keep you on your toes, making you deal with things you don’t want to or don’t think you are ready for.”
She had that right.
“Ooh cupcakes!” Lydia came in behind the two diverting their attention from the conversation to her. She grabbed a cupcake for herself grinning.
Vicky smacked her arm playfully. “You two can’t wait one day?”
Monica and Lydia made eye contact before bursting out in laughter. “Nope." They said in unison.
Lydia and Monica became fast friends when Lydia first started working for Vicky. The connection was instant between them. It was as if they had been friends forever. Vicky used to tease them for being inseparable.
“Vicky these are the best things I’ve ever tasted.” Lydia said through a mouthful.
“Thank you.” Vicky smiled leaning into Lydia’s kiss to her cheek. “You two flatter me.”
“I keep telling you you should open your own bakery. People would pay good money for these.” Monica held up her cupcake motioning to the cake beside them. She scooped some frosting on her finger.
“And I keep telling you I don’t want to kill my hobby by trying to profit from it. I love it too much to do that to it.” Vicky looked back at the beautiful cake. “Getting to bake for my family is good enough for me. I love being able to share with you all and getting to see your smiles, that’s payment enough for me.”
“Well Maddie does have the most rewarding smile. You’re sure to get that tomorrow.” Monica always thought Maddie had Coco’s smile. Every time she smiled it would take her back a minute. “It’s a shame it’s all going to be destroyed tomorrow.”
“That’s what pictures are for!” Lydia piped in after she finished her cupcake tossing the wrapper. “Thank you so much for the treat Vicky and the company ladies. I’m afraid better get going though.” Brushing her hands off she then gave Vicky a hug before Monica. “I’ll see you two tomorrow.”
“You’re not working tonight?” Monica asked before she could get far. As far as she knew Lydia had to work tonight. That’s why she couldn’t help Monica with party set up tonight.
Lydia cursed herself. Putting on a smile she quickly found an excuse. “I did but then Candace wanted to trade the nights with me. I guess she has to take her mother out of town to a specialist on Monday.” It was complete bulshit and Vicky knew that. Lydia tried to keep her eye contact on Monica and not look to Vicky. “I can still come over tonight if you want.” Lydia offered knowing she really couldn’t. She hoped Monica would pass her up on that offer.
“No, that’s okay.” Monica gave her a smile. She would much rather ditch Luke for Lydia but she wasn’t going to be that person. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good night Lydia.”
“You too.” Lydia blew a kiss in their direction before disappearing out of the kitchen.
Vicky watched Lydia through the doorway until she was completely out of sight. When she turned back to Monica Monica had her arms crossed and eyebrow raised.
“Are you going to tell me what’s going on there? Because I know for a fact Candace didn’t ask Lydia to switch.” She just talked to Candace the other day. Her mother was doing fine. She would have said something but she wasn’t wanting a confrontation with her tonight.
“What do you think it’s about? It’s a man, like always with her.” Vicky tried to wave it off.
“She hasn’t said anything to me about a man.” Monica frowned. She thought she and Lydia shared everything.
“That’s because she doesn’t want you to know because she knows you wouldn’t approve.” Vicky didn’t even approve of Michael but trying to talk sense into the young vibrant girl was impossible.
Monica huffed sitting back. “Well if I wouldn’t approve then she knows she shouldn’t be wasting her time.”
“She’s in love Monica, you know what that’s like.” Vicky didn’t approve but she also knew she couldn’t police who her girls spent time with off the clock.
“In love?! Fuck, how long has she been seeing this guy?” Lydia couldn’t be in love. She would have said something to Monica. Monica would have noticed some change, she would have. “Who is this guy?”
“He’s a client. A pretty, rich boy.” Vicky had met Michael plenty of times as he came through. He started off as a regular with Sierra, then he started seeing Lydia and made it a point to only come to her. Shortly after Lydia started seeing him outside of work. It was a disaster waiting to happen in Vicky’s opinion. She tried to warn Lydia but she just didn’t want to listen. “She’s been seeing him outside of work about a couple of months now.”
Monica let out a bitter laugh. “A client? Of course he’s a client.” She huffed rolling her eyes.
“I know, trust me I know.” Vicky sighed. She grabbed Monica’s hand in hers. “Now isn’t the time to lecture her. I already tried.”
“She’s gonna get hurt and I’m gonna be the one left cleaning up the mess.” Monica muttered. It wouldn’t be the first time Monica had picked Lydia back up after a man broke her heart.
“She’s very lucky to have you.” Vicky tried to comfort her and gave her a warm smile.
Monica glanced back at the clock on the wall behind Vicky. She didn’t have time for this. “There’s nothing I can do about it now plus I really need to go or I’m going to be late.” She stood from her seat followed by Vicky.
“Late?” Vicky asked, quirking an eyebrow.
“I may have a date tonight.” Monica said quietly looking at her feet. She looked back up to Vicky who was standing there with the biggest smile on her face. “You can’t tell anyone.”
“You never have to worry about that.” Vicky grabbed Momica’s arm as they walked towards the front. “So, a date? With who?”
“Alex set me up on a blind date. If I didn’t agree I’m sure the next step for her would be to sign me up for Tinder and there is no way in hell that is happening. The last thing I want is to see all the guys from the club on there.” Monica laughed. She didn’t know if any of the guys had Tinder but it wouldn’t surprise her. “Or for them to see me on there. His name is Luke, he’s handsome.” They stopped at the door and Monica showed Vicky a picture of Luke that Alex had sent her.
“He’s not just handsome he’s hot.” Vicky smirked holding the phone so she could get a closer look. “Where are you going?”
“Just the cute little italian place downtown.” The restaurant was casual enough but also nice enough for a first date. Not too much but just right, at least that was what Alex said.
“And what are you going to wear?”
Monica chewed on her lip. She hadn’t exactly thought that far ahead. “Um, I’m not sure.”
“Wear that little black dress you picked up the last time we went shopping.” Vicky suggested. “And the gold hoops I gave you for your birthday.”
Monica smiled giving Vicky a hug. “Thank you.” She mumbled into the embrace.
Vicky held her tight a moment before pulling back holding her a little longer as she took in the beautiful young woman before her. She was proud of Monica for actually going out on the date. “Good luck, he’s not gonna know what hit him when he sees you.”
Monica’s cheeks heated up as she smiled. Her confidence about the date improved a little with Vicky. She always knew just what to say to her to make her feel more at ease in any situation. “Thank you mom.” She murmured leaving a kiss to Vicky’s cheek. She then headed for the door to head home to get ready for the night. Thankfully she was a little more prepared now.
Back at home Monica checked her reflection one more time as she slipped the gold hoop earrings in. She had curled her hair letting her dark locks lay down and loose. Her makeup was light. She opted for just the basics, a little foundation, blush, mascara, and light gloss on her lips. She looked good, not too overmade up but still enough to notice.
It was just one date she reminded herself. She had been on plenty of dates before, this was no different.
Except it was.
She hadn’t been on a real date in at least two years now. She tried to date after Maddie was born but each man left after finding out she was a single mother and that Maddie would always come first. It was frustrating but Monica had gotten used to it. At the end of the day she’d rather have them run off before she or especially Maddie could get too attached. That would only make it more painful.
She stepped back from the mirror and smoothed out the little black dress Vicky had suggested. It was flowy, light, and flattering. The material moved with her as she walked down the hall. Slipping on her black flats at the door she grabbed her purse and keys before heading out locking up behind her.
Monica sat at a back booth in the small restaurant. She ran her finger around the rim of her drink as she waited. She checked her phone and huffed. She had been there an hour now and Luke so far was a no show. She knew she should have never agreed to being set up on a blind date.
Monica sent another text to Alex. She would give him another fifteen minutes but after that she was done.
The kind young waitress stopped by her table for probably the fifth time now. “Can I get you anything else?” She asked.
Monica hated the pitying look the girl wore. She needed to get out of here.“No, thank you. I’ll just take the check please.” She said politely. She had enough. It was time to just face it, she had been stood up.
Thankfully the girl got the check to her rather quickly bringing another loaf of bread with her for Monica to take home, on the house. Monica finished off her drink then made her way straight for the exit after paying. She couldn’t wait to be home.
Monica looked over to the waiting area where she heard her name come from. That’s where she found Angel. “Angel? What are you doing here?”
Angel looked over Monica in her dress and all made up. She looked beautiful. “You on a date?” He couldn’t see why else she would be all dolled up. He wouldn’t lie to himself, the thought of Monica being out with some other man made him insanely jealous. He wanted to be the man taking her out, the man she dressed up for, the man who would treat her like the queen she was.
“Yes, I was, but he never showed.” She admitted. She felt like an idiot. “Are you?” She asked eyeballing his outfit. He was still in his usual attire, kutte and all.
Angel felt a little guilty for how relieved he was to hear the fucker didn’t show. He hoped she couldn’t tell. At the same time he was pissed that anyone would leave her waiting like that. “His loss,” he gave her a smile. He watched her tuck a strand of hair behind her ear as she gave him a small smile back. He couldn’t help himself, he found his gaze lingering a little too long on her neck.
Angel cleared his throat gathering his thoughts, “Nah,” he said, licking his lips, “just picking up some food, gonna take it over to Pops and have dinner there.” He tried to play it cool.
“That sounds nice. The bread here is fantastic.” She commented. She would know, she only had about two loaves as she waited on Luke.
“You’re more than welcome to join us.” Angel offered. “We ordered plenty of food. Pops and EZ wouldn’t mind.”
“Thank you, Angel. That’s very sweet of you.” Monica knew what he was doing. She appreciated it but she didn’t want to be pitied anymore. She would much rather go home and wallow in the embarrassment there. “But I think I’d rather just go home, run a bath and listen to my favorite true crime podcast or something. I still need to prepare for the party tomorrow anyways.”
Angel nodded. He understood her not wanting to but he had to offer. “EZ and I are going to bring the play set over in the morning. We’ll help set it up before the party.” For Maddie’s birthday everyone in the club pitched in to get her a play set fully decked out with a swing set, slide, and jungle gym for their backyard.
“Sounds like a plan.” Monica gave him a smile, “Maddie is going to love it.” She then leaned in to give him a quick hug before parting. “Have a good night Angel and tell Felipe and EZ I said hi. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“You too, querida.” Angel got out just before Monica exited the restaurant. He watched her all the way until she got to her vehicle before realizing the hostess at the front had his food ready and waiting for him to take home.
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woulddieforbillcipher · 8 months ago
I was plotting out ideas for a hypothetical Phineas and Ferb/Gravity Falls crossover over on @woulddieforperrytheplatypus as I was watching it, and now that I've finished the show, I obviously have to finish the crossover idea. I figure the old post was long enough as it was so here's a new post instead bc why not, right? and obviously spoilers for Gravity Falls ahead
We know Danville is part of the tristate area, but we don't technically know where the tri-state area is. It's within driving distance of both Mount Rushmore and the Atlantic Ocean at the same time which isn't geologically possible without any supernatural interference. That's why I propose that the tri-state area is located somewhere around Washington, and that Danville and Gravity Falls are neighboring cities.
I don't know how the kids meet. Maybe while Stan is taking the kids around to sabotage the competing tourist traps, they end up at the Flynn-Fletchers' house because of whatever crazy thing they built. Maybe It's About Time lines up with The Time Traveler's Pig and Phineas, Ferb, and Candace meet Dipper and Mabel in dinosaur times. Maybe the PnF gang's adventure in De Plane! De Plane! or their trip around town in the bubble during Bubble Boys ends in Gravity Falls. Pick your poison, idk.
Phineas and Dipper hit it off immediately because duhhh two loud genius bois. Mabel immediately befriends Isabella because girls stick together, and she's obviously gonna hit on one of the boys so I vote Ferb because Ferbel >>> But basically the important part is that they're now friends and they travel between towns to hang out a lot. Dipper eventually shows the journal to Phineas, who declares with absolute certainty that they will track down the author no matter the cost.
Meanwhile, Doof runs into Stan somewhere (maybe he sees Stan shoplifting and decides he likes that guy idk) and they hit it off in a not-hitting-it-off way, which results in a friendship born of competitions and bickering. I don't know what they'd do as friends at first because tbh the biggest thing they have in common is just that they hate the family they grew up with and they love their kids, but maybe Doof starts telling one of his emotionally scarring backstories and Stan relates to it more than he's related with anyone in a very long time. He doesn't say that obviously because he's Stanford Pines goddammit and Stanford Pines is a cocky son of a bitch with no emotions, but it's a fundamental building block of their relationship nonetheless. Eventually, Stan asks Doof for help with the portal, and they finish that together (which gets OWCA involved with the shutdown but fortunately Dipper blasts Monogram's memory too and all is well in the world).
Now enter the real Stanford Pines.
Doof doesn't consciously decide he likes Ford more, but he's thrilled to finally find someone who understands his science background. There aren't a whole lot of scientific geniuses in the tri-state area, you know? He tried hanging out with Old Man McGucket but that got real old real fast; if Doof is not the eccentric one in the relationship, there's a problem.
And, at the same time, Dipper is overjoyed to have finally found the author of the journals. Phineas was getting so invested in that journey, too, that this is a big moment for both of them. Dipper is a total nerd and Phineas (and Ferb; he joins them too) are amazing inventors, so the four of them start working together — usually when Doof's not around but occasionally also when he is, which stresses Perry out to no end but what can he do other than follow the kids to the basement and sit in the corner? And that's only if Mabel doesn't steal him away and force him to have tea parties with her and Waddles.
Stan, of course, is fuming — his brother won't give him the time of day, never mind a thank you for the devoting the last three decades of his life to saving the guy, and now he has the audacity to steal the affection of both his only friend and his nephew? And, just like in the show, he's starting to feel like everyone likes Ford more than him, which is just as detrimental to their sibling relationship in this as it is in the show.
And now, of course, Bill Cipher appears. I haven't put much thought into where everyone is for this part yet, if I'm being totally honest. Maybe Candace was taking either Vanessa or Stacy and Jeremy to the Mystery Shack to show her how dumb this stupid tourist trap is, and they end up hiding out there with Stan and half the town. Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet would head there too once everything goes to shit because they expect to find Phineas and Ferb, and while that doesn't happen, they do get shelter, too. Phineas and Ferb are probably with Dipper and Ford, so they get to see Ford turned to stone and they have to make a run for it, hiding out together and trying not to fucking die for the next few days. For the sake of plot, I'm gonna say Perry is mid-thwart at Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, so they're obviously gonna stick together and try to stop this, probably by tracking down Ford. Obviously, in the show this wouldn't be possible because Bill and his henchmaniacs are all bound to Gravity Falls, but for the sake of plot and of fun, Bill's bound to the tri-state area instead, so DEI can be included and Doof and Perry have a reason to head into the shit hole.
Eventually, they all end up at the Mystery Shack, which is really fucking bad for Perry. His orders are to stop Bill, but he can't do that with Phineas and Ferb around, so he's stuck in mindless platypus mode. It's not easy, but he manages to keep his cover, and eventually, it's time to do the banishing spell. I'm a little conflicted on how this would go, and whether it should be Stacy and Jeremy because supportive friendships or whether it should be Vanessa and Roger because Wendessa is iconic and we love some good brotherly drama. I'm leaning towards the latter, so the circle looks like this:
Tumblr media
Obviously the GF characters already have symbols, but idk what the PnF characters' symbols would be. I'm thinking Phineas would be a lightbulb because he has all the ideas? And maybe Ferb is a hammer because he does a lot of the manual work? Isabella could he a fireside girl patch? Perry could just be a duck bill because that gets the point across pretty well. Idk what Vanessa would be. Candace could be a cellphone. Heinz could he a crudely drawn inator. Roger could be a scroll or something idk that sounds material. Baljeet is something nerdy, obviously, and Buford might be a fist because bullying?
But there's a bit of a problem because how is Perry going to hold their hands? Phineas says it best: "he's just a platypus; they don't do much." And there are two ways it could go from there. Option one is that somewhere along the way, one of them — probably Dipper — realizes that Perry's not just a mindless pet, and he has to figure out how to talk Perry into revealing his identity (with no idea what Perry's identity even is; for all he knows, Perry's the bad guy) while surrounded by eighteen other people who think he's absolutely bonkers. Option two is that Perry makes up his mind to reveal his identity in his own, so he stands up, puts his hat on, and stands on his spot. Either way, this probably results in a fight between Phineas and Perry.
Meanwhile, Ford and Stan have their fight, too. Roger makes some remark about how Stan's overreacting and that he really needs to shut up and grab his stupid brother's hand already before everyone dies, and Heinz is furious because even though he's been hanging out with Ford for half the summer, he's really starting to see where Stan is coming from duh they were both the neglected child and it's so typical of Roger to decide the brother that's been wronged needs to move on without acknowledging that the "superior" brother fucked up, which results in yet another fight.
Naturally, Bill is incredibly amused because these stupid mortals can't stop telling at each other for two fucking minutes. But hey, who's he to complain?
It probably ends the same way it does in the show idk I haven't thought that far ahead, but in the end, everyone makes up. Phineas and Perry are friends again. Ford and Stan agree to travel the world together. And, because it's my fanfic idea and I choose the comfort friendships, Heinz and Roger settle their differences, too. Wendy and Vanessa 100% get together by the end too because they just should.
I'd like to think that one day I'm gonna write this, but knowing me, I'll probably forget. If anyone else is inspired by any part of this though please write it I will owe you my life 🥺
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The Perfect Bad Boy (Pt. 03 of 18)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Billy Hargrove X Reader
Word count: 2.9K
Summary: Working as a lifeguard in the Hawkins Community Pool, you try to fit in after moving from New York. Things were going pretty well when you notice you've been under someone's stare. Billy Hargrove, Hawkins' bad boy, has been staring at you since day one. You never intended to have anything to do with him, judging by the reputation he has. But Billy won't leave you alone, determined to show you his feelings are different this time...
As if your heart flooding you with confusing feelings wasn't enough, there are weird, strange animals lurking in the woods... But those have to be just part of the wild live of the woods surrounding Hawkins... Right?
<- Previous part (02)
Next part (04) ->
{Stranger Things Masterlist}
Like a Damn Train
You're walking back to where the guys are with your milkshake in hand, side by side with Monica. The day was calm, and this is a good way to end it. You're at this cute snack bar, all painted in pastel blue and pink colors, and some lights to match. It has two different spaces, but the inside is almost empty since it's a bit hot today, so people rather sit on the outside. But despite having enough empty tables for everyone, you're all leaning against the cars, chatting and laughing. You're a party of ten people, double the number of those who came with you, the others just stopped by.
You do feel a little cast aside since you don't really know the people or situations they're talking about. But Monica is kind enough to stand by your side, being sure to explain what's needed for you to engage in the conversation. Her cousin Jason is here too, as is her boyfriend, Christopher, who has always an arm around her shoulder.
“I'm telling you. That girl is trouble. She's a compulsive lier. I can't believe I dated her for almost a year.” Clark complains about his ex, who decided to use her spare time this summer to try and get back with him. “She called me once, in the middle of the night, crying, saying she crashed her car and was bleeding to death. I almost crashed mine trying to get to her as fast as possible and when I did, guess what? She was completely fine.”
“I always warned you about her,” Monica says, and the others nod.
“I should've listened.” Clark nods to himself. “From now on, I will listen to Monica.”
“Always listen to Monica.” She repeats in a meaningful tone, looking at you and raising an eyebrow.
“What?” You shrug your shoulders, sucking on your milkshake.
“Nothing." She dissimulates.
“It's about that Billy guy, isn't it?” Jason asks, gesturing his soda can at you.
“Yeah, you've been talking to him a lot lately.” David, one of those who stopped by and decided to join the party says. He's been giving you glances since he got here, but you're pretending not to notice. He'll get the hint soon enough and let it go.
“We're friends.” You simply say, leaning against Monica's car. David was at the pool today, you remember because you had to tell him not to dunk his friend. And that means he probably saw when you stopped by Billy's chair to ask him if he saw your whistle, which he had found on the floor near the girl's locker.
“Friends? With Hargrove?” David laughs. “Not possible. The guy only thinks about one thing. I doubt he even has a brain.”
“Well, he gave me a ride home when my car wouldn't start, so... He's not that much of a jerk if he bothered to help.” It's not your intention to defend Billy, but it feels wrong to let David say these things when Billy has been so nice to you. You know you have to keep an eye open just in case, but so far, it's being as he said it would be. Just two people who work together trying to get along.
“And why do you think he did that? I assure you it wasn't out of kindness.”
“She's the new girl in town. Maybe he thought she lived too far and offered help.” Christopher says, shrugging his shoulders. “You can't read minds, David, you don't know what inside people's heads.”
It's clear David isn't very welcome here. People don't seem very comfortable around him, and all his comments get some kind of snap. “Are you kidding me? It's Hargrove we're talking about here. He never talks to a girl unless he wants something. And we all know exactly what that is.”
“Since when you're the expert?”
“Since I know how guys think, Monica. Don't act like you got everyone figured out just because you're coursing Physiology.” He says, and his tone makes Christopher shoot him an angry stare.
“Mind your tone when you speak to my girlfriend, David.” He mutters, and David rolls his eyes. It's cute to see how he defends Monica, and it makes you smile. They're a freaking power couple, looking so good together.
“I'm just saying–”
“I know this sound.” Jason cuts him off, making everyone shut up to listen to... God knows what. “The car. There's only one car in Hawkins that makes this sound.”
“Billy's car.” Mon states and everyone looks at the street at the same time, and seconds after his Camaro speeds through, like a lightning bolt. “There he goes.”
“Was he looking over here?” Candace asks.
“At that speed, everything he sees is a blur.” Her sister Alice mutters.
You're not really paying attention, eyes glued to the now empty road, not sure why.
“I can't stand him. His presence alone makes me sick, the bastard.” David continues, crossing his arms over his chest. “You can do better, (Y/N), trust me.”
“You're envious of him.” Candace states and her sister follows with a laugh.
“Why in the hell would I be envious?”
“Because he's way hotter than you are.” The words come out of your mouth before you can think. “Basic psychology, isn't that right, Mon?” You elbow her, who giggles and nods.
“Couldn't agree more.” As she speaks, you hear the car again, as if it's coming back. The same noise they said belongs to Billy's car. But since you're not the expert here, it could belong to any other car, so you don't give much thought about it.
“No shit.” Jason mumbles.
“What a way to ruin the night,” David complains, rolling his eyes. His dirty, greasy hair sticks to his forehead, and he pushes it back.
“Unbelievable,” Monica says, looking at something behind you.
No, no. It can't be him... Right? You don't move, looking at your milkshake, completely ignoring how everyone seems to be staring at you.
“Hargrove.” David hisses, in a low voice.
You turn your head to see if this is really happening, and the moment you spot him, you look away. He was in a hurry to be somewhere, what is he doing here?
“Go talk to him,” Monica tells you.
“What makes you think he came here to talk to me?” You're quick to snap back, sucking what's left of your milkshake and putting the empty plastic cup on the hood of her car.
“Because he's coming this way and you're the only one here who speaks to him.” She speaks fast, wide eyes.
“Fine.” You raise your hands in surrender when she starts pushing you away from her car. “I'll go and say hi.” You give two steps backwards, shrugging your shoulders, and making sure everyone notices how casual it is. Then you turn on your heels, walking towards him, but slower, just in case he'll walk right past you. But he doesn't, he stops when you do, not quite keeping the distance he should. “Hi,” you mumble, suddenly very much aware of the eyes on your back.
“Hi.” Billy flashes his bright smile, the one that makes you think he's happy to see you. As if he hasn't seen you in a very long time. “Hanging out with your party, huh?”
“Yeah.” You gesture at where they're standing, trying to get a grip of yourself. C'mon, to hell with what they say. Or think. “I needed a night out. What about you?” You take a look at him, trying to be quick about it. He's wearing a black jacket and a dark red shirt underneath, which is unbuttoned. “Judging by the clothes and how fast you were going, you must be heading to a date. Or a party.”
“Second one.” He looks at something behind you. “Decided to stop and get some fries. Join me inside?”
“Mmm...” You're not sure if you should leave Mon and the others, so you take a look at them. And you see David's face, shamelessly staring as if it was his business. “Oh, we were just talking about you.” You raise your voice a little, and you both make the way to the small group of people. Monica has a funny look on her face. “Right, David?”
“Only bad things, I hope,” Billy says, eyes quickly scanning through the party. He knows he's not welcome, but he doesn't seem to care. Why would he? He just walked in like he owned the place. “I have a reputation I'd like to keep.”
The expression on David's face is priceless, and some people cover their mouths, hiding a laugh.
“Let's get those fries,” you say, pulling Billy by his jacket. “But only if you're paying.”
“Obviously.” He gives one last look, straight at David, before following you inside. Only half the tables are occupied, so you pick one on the back, next to the window. “I'll make the order.” He says as you take a sit. Through the corner of your eye, you see the crew moving more to their left, just where they can have a better view of your table. Looking at them, you wave, smiling. Monica won't stop talking about it tomorrow.
“So. What kind of wild party are you going to?” You ask when he comes back, seating across from you.
“Tommy's. Wanna come?”
“No. It's not my kind of party.” Monica told you about Tommy, that in some ways he's far worse than Billy. Guess you shouldn't judge this Tommy only by what you hear, but since you have nothing else to compare it too, you'll stick with what you've heard.
“It figured.” He shrugs his shoulders, penetrating eyes burning thought your skin.
“Let's eat quickly then. So you can go to your party.” You don't understand why he came all the way back here. Just to eat fries? He was going to a party and stopped for some fries? You'll have to ask Monica about it. Maybe there's a psychological explanation.
“I'm not going anymore.”
Okay. That's even weirder. “Why?”
Billy only smiles, and you're starting to notice it makes you feel funny. You don't like staring for too long, so you have to find something else to focus your attention on... But there's nothing so you just look down at your hands. “You know that David guy is into you, right?”
“What? Of course not.” You take a look through the window, catching some of them staring. Monica is one of them, obviously. “I mean, he was staring, but... I don't know. I'm the new girl after all, and in a small town like Hawkins I get that people are a little curious about the outsider.”
“That wasn't a curious look, believe me.”
“You can't really talk about it, right? You're the heartbreaker of Hawkins.”
Billy leans forward, and when the waitress comes with your fries, he doesn't even seem to notice. You don't get why he's staring for so long, like memorizing a map. “I will be straight forward with you, (Y/N).” He starts, his voice suddenly darker, as if the game was over and whatever he's about to say is a matter of life and death. “I like you.”
That makes you giggle, completely ruining the atmosphere. “Okay. You like a lot of girls, Billy. I thought you said just friends.” You're a little disappointed. Guess you were just a little bit excited about maybe, just maybe, befriending Billy, not sure why though.
“No. I don't have to like them to–”
“Let me stop you right there.” You burst out. “I don't need the details.”
“I never liked any of them. Why do you think I never met any girl more than twice?” What can you say to that? Shrugging your shoulders, you keep your eyes on the fries as you eat. You have no idea where this is going. “But you, you hit me like... bang.”
“Like bang?” Raising an eyebrow, you repeat and giggle again.
“Like a damn train.” He's not joking, he's dead serious. “Since the day you walked into the pool, I couldn't help but stare.”
“Billy, I–”
“I always hated when girls started talking about their lives, their friends, their families, but you... I want to know you. Your favorite color, your favorite hairstyle, your favorite ice cream flavor.” Drumming your fingers on the table, you give a quick glance at your friends, looking for Monica as if you could send her a message through your mind, asking for help. “And it's so freaking bizarre because I never thought it could happen to me. I thought about approaching you as I usually do, try to seduce you. It would be so much easier if that was everything I wanted, but it isn't.”
“Uhm...” Okay, you're completely lost here. More than you were on the first day at the pool. “Pink. I like to let my hair down. And chocolate.” You try to remember the order he spoke, despite feeling like this is the stupidest thing to say right now. But you don't know how to react. Nobody was straight to the point like this, all of them always had some kind of game. Pretending they don't care, acting like they're superior, acting like they're stupid... Everyone who ever tried something with you had a strategy. But this guy, town's bad boy, who leaves a long trail of broken hearts wherever he goes, he's just putting all the cards on the table. And you were caught off guard.
“I noticed the first two.” He gestures at you. You're wearing a pink shirt and your hair is down, flowing down your shoulders.
“You don't know me enough to like me, Billy.” You sigh, not sure what do say next.
“Only time will tell.” Billy smiles again, biting on a frie. “Just give me a chance.”
“What about the 'just friends' agreement? I was totally down for that.” Friendship is easier. So much less complicated... And it would give you a one hundred percent security that Billy wouldn't hurt you. Not that you'd ever allowed him to get close enough to do that... Right? Right. “Friendship always comes before any... Romantic relationship. It's just the natural flow of things.”
“If that's what you think, we'll start off as friends then.”
Damn it. The smile again. What the hell is wrong with you today? Monica is getting to your head with all her 'mission' thing. “Friends,” you repeat because it would be so mean if you just backed off now. He did help you when your car wouldn't start. And he's paying for the fries.
“(Y/N)!” Someone yells and you immediately look through the window. It's Jason. “Let's go, we're leaving!”
You mean... Great. You need to get home to think. “I have to go,” you say, standing up after grabbing a few more fries.
“I can take you home.” He offers.
“I'm not sure. Wouldn't it be a little mean to them?” Part of you wants to go home, leave Billy and this whole talking behind, get back into reality. Get a grip on yourself and think this through. But there's something else, a tiny piece that lit up when he offered you a ride.
“You already came with them. I don't see why you can't leave with someone else. I will let you ride shotgun.”
“You really think I'll go with you just because I'll ride shotgun? I can call shotgun with them, you know?” You giggle, eyes suddenly locked on his.
“With them, it's just a possibility. With me, it's a fact.” The guy is cocky, no doubt about that. “Would it change your mind if I say please?”
“Begging doesn't suit you, Hargrove.” You snap, smiling. “I'll let them know.”
He winks at you before you turn to leave. You change your mind a couple of times before you reach Monica and the others. But now you're sure. You want to go with Billy. You haven't finished the fries yet, anyway.
“Guys, you can go. Billy will give me a ride home.” You say as some of them get into Candace's car.
“Ok,” Mon smirks, giving you a look that means she'll want all the details later.
“What?” David speaks up, a humorless laugh leaving his lips. “Monica, I thought you said your friend was smart.”
“Are you calling me dumb?” You gasp, unable to believe your ears. Who the hell does he think he is? The guy doesn't even know you.
“If you're really considering letting him–” He gestures at the snack bar, straight at your table. “–take you home, yes, sweety, you're pretty dumb.”
“David shut the hell up.” Monica has a finger on his face.
“Who do you think you are to put of your nose in my business?” You raise your voice, stepping forward. You're not the one to be insulted and keep quiet. “This is my damn life and I do whatever I want. You're not even a friend of mine so back the hell off.”
“I'm trying to put some sense into your empty brain and you're turning it on me?” He looks around as if searching for support. But half the group is by Candace's car, and those who are closer don't seem to back him up.
“The hell is going on?” Billy yells startle you a little and you turn your head to see him coming from the snack bar.
“Isn't it obvious that nobody here wants you around?” David barks at him, making an abrupt gesture towards Billy.
He stops by your side, towering over you.
“David here just called (Y/N) dumb,” Christopher says in a provoking tone. “Right, David? Do you have anything else to say or did the last sentences drained out your intelligence? The tiny little bit you have of it.”
“You called her what?” Billy steps forward, slightly hiding you with his shoulder. He's angry suddenly, raising his voice.
“Drop the gentleman act, Billy. Everyone knows what you want.” David comes forward too, throwing his empty can on the floor. “But if she wants to go from the new girl in town to another of Hargrove's sluts, that's all her choice.”
You're about to speak up when Billy moves, closing the distance between him and David, pulling him by the collar of his shirt and punching his jaw hard. You heart skips a beat and your stomach burns. David falls to the ground, a hand coming to his chin. Everyone gasps, hands covering their mouths. You see when Billy is about to move again, so you grab his arm.
“I told you. If you didn't quit being an asshole someone would put you in your place.” Jason says as he speeds away in his car, giving Billy a thumbs up.
But you barely notice the commotion, trying to understand what just happened.
“Call her that again and I'll make sure to break your nose the next time.” Billy barks, looking down at David, who awkwardly crawls backwards before standing up and walking away.
“C'mon.” You start pulling Billy, noticing how the muscles on his arm are tense, even through the jacket. “Let's go.” You move to stand before him, seeing the anger in his eyes as he watches David stumble to his car. Why is he so pissed? “Bye, guys. See you tomorrow.” You say, pushing Billy's chest, sighing in relief when he finally gives up and starts walking back into the snack bar.
Your heart is beating so fast you can feel it pounding against your chest. Billy gestures for you to walk in front of him as he gives one last glance at David's car as he speeds away. Running a hand through your hair, you notice how people are staring as you sit back on the table.
“That was unnecessary.” You burst out, still feeling hot from all the sudden commotion. You have your eyes set on Billy as he sits across from you, anger still clear on his expression.
Nobody ever did that for you. And you have dated before. Only two guys and for a short period of time, but still... You're surprised he'd go through all that trouble because of you, a girl he barely knows. “But thank you.” He's still so mad, like he's caged inside his rage. He keeps staring through the window as if waiting for David to return. “Billy?” You call him, standing up and moving to seat beside him, touching his shoulder. It seems to drag him out of his thoughts, and he looks at you, the anger vanishing, turning into something else. Something you can't name. “Thank you.”
“David is an asshole.” He simply says.
“He is.” Your eyes fall on your arm, still on his shoulder, so you move it away. “Nobody ever stood up for me like that. It's not that I can't deal with an idiot like him, but... It was nice.”
“Whenever you need, princess.”
The name and the smile make your stomach burn again, and you look down just in case you're blushing. As much you appreciate what he just did, you can't let any kind of feelings build up. “So...” You pull the plate with the fries closer, taking one and biting it. “You gonna be my bodyguard now? Beating up whoever calls me bad names?”
“I will if you want me to.”
You know he's smiling even though you're not looking. Biting your lip, you clear your throat. “I think that's ok. But I doubt David will cross my way again.”
“He better not.”
The rest of the night goes by calmy. When you're done with the fries, he gets you another milkshake even though you tell him you already had one. You stand by his car until the milkshake is over, and that's when you finally head home.
His car is do damn fast. Way too fast. You're looking at the road ahead, wondering how the hell he can drive at such a speed. “Billy, would you slow down a bit?” You ask, happy when he complies.
It's a little past eleven when he stops by your place, and you take a deep breath before opening the door. “Bye. See you tomorrow.” Smiling you step out of the car, walking around it. But you stop when you see he's getting out too.
“What? I'm gonna walk you to the door.” He shrugs his shoulders, and you look down as you both slowly walk to the front door. Once you get there, you awkwardly turn around, looking at him, noticing how the dim light from the porch lights up his face... He's cute. More than cute. He's... Very handsome.
Alright, stop staring now.
“Thanks again for the ride home... And for defending my honor, Billy Hargrove.” You mutter, your voice is strangely low.
“Anytime you need.”
“Yeah...” Clearing your throat, you gesture at the door behind you. “Gotta go.”
“Sure.” Billy looks down at you, and he suddenly moves closer. But before you can push him away, or even process what he's doing, you feel his lips on the apple of your cheek. It's almost unreal how his lips are soft. Billy doesn't come out as soft... He's rough, the bad guy. But this... This is confusing. You're sure you're blushing this time, frozen, as he pulls away. “Good night, (Y/N).”
“Good night,” you mumble, turning the door handle. But it doesn't open, so you try again. “Shit... Oh, it's locked.” You search on your pockets for the key, excited to get in and get the hell away from Billy. This is unfair. He knows the effect he has on girls. You struggle with the key, sighing in relief when the door finally opens.
“Did I just make you nervous?” He asks as you step inside.
“Good night, Billy,” you repeat, giving him a half-smile before closing the door.
Today's events are getting to your head. What Billy did was... Badass. Hot even. You're a girl, how are you supposed to feel after a guy punches someone to defend you? It's only natural, right? Right. Shit, you really need to talk to Monica.
Running a hand through your hair, you turn around, ready to take a shower and get some sleep. But your aunt's image by the stairs scare you, and you hit the door with your back.
She has a smile on her face, bright and wide. “Hello, honey. Who was that guy?”
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