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#tv series
tvserie-film · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Title:  Wicked Science (2004-2006)
Season: 2
Vote: 7/10
Interesting series that looks a bit like Weird Science, even the title looks like it. Nice and without too many pretensions. 
The characters are interesting and developed if a little stereotyped and the idea of ​​the accident making they smart must have been every high school student's dream.
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rickchung · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Nevers (prod. Joss Whedon).
HBO’s Victorian-era steampunk sci-fi drama musters some magic despite confounding its inconsistent yet familiar premise of ordinary women mysteriously imbued with various supernatural powers (”the touched”) being hunted and cast out of London society at the turn of the 20th century.
Whedon’s high and low tendencies set against a historical fiction backdrop has all the usual themes of persecution starring a group of British outsiders assembled in an orphanage. There’s not enough fully realized wonder to its sense of female empowerment with an array of opposing bad men who run this fantasy world.
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promosbrasil · 10 hours ago
The Rookie 3x12 Promo (HD) 3 temporada Episódio 12 Promo
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thecrazediguana · 13 hours ago
About your post on the difference between Leah and Sam, it reminds me of something. Someone pointed out how Leah told Bucky she was reading his mind and he said "Don't" while next episode Sam actually asked Bucky what "goes on in his cyborg brain of his." Hhe answered it was computing . The difference here was consent. It must be important for Bucky who had people doing things to him, including playing with his mind, without consent
Hmmmmm I think the lines are a little different, where Bucky says “you don’t wanna know” and Sam is talking about computing, but I still think that you are right! There is a difference between Bucky’s reaction to Sam’s joke and his reaction to Leah’s. Not that either Leah or Sam would be able to actually look inside of Bucky’s head in real life, both of them were joking. But yes! Bucky obviously felt more comfortable bantering with Sam, responding with a petulant “I hate you” and was able to make light of the situation despite its sensitive nature. In Leah’s defense, she barely knew Bucky and couldn’t have known the significance this statement held for him. Still, it stands that Bucky was at ease with Sam.
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feminist-study · 15 hours ago
I swear Line of Duty will be the death of me. You cannot beat British police drama 😮
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Tumblr media
Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter).    The villain has a lucky escape from Wonder Woman.
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capitalism-and-analytics · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Amazon Prime Video Original Series (based on comic series)
I’m not huge into animated series, but this is definitely one of the best series outright now. Definitely, better than any other superhero series outright now...
And yes that includes DC Animation...
Definitely recommend it for anyone that enjoyed Deadpool or prefer more mature superhero series.
Disclaimer: Mature Audiences
PS: Make sure you watch the whole first episode, it REALLY picks up towards the end.
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