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#Welcome Back
ask-hex-and-whitty · 16 minutes ago
They take a few of the blankets off of Whitty “I am going to feed these to Moths :)” - Worm Anon
"Moths eat clothes??"
Hex sighed in disappointment.
"Yes, Whitmore. Yes they do."
"Oh- Well, I'm free- Now I got these two sweaters.... This grey one looks even bigger than mine. Huh."
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dude-trust-the-cloak-draws · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Some doodles that were… doodled, while listening to WTNV. Honestly, drawing while listening to a podcast is such a nice experience. So expect more, mdrrr
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brekkerherondale24 · an hour ago
The batfam members as random unhinged things my friend has said, pt. 3:
Tim: Did you know that if you die in the hospital of which you were born in, your average velocity is 0
Dick to Babs: You’re controlling and it’s toxic
Babs: So you choose your friends like you choose your dad
Dick: *chokes*
Steph: The Irish...? I get it. Straight up died after a potato famine. Yeah I get that.
Jason, on the phone with Alfred, the same day as he got in a car wreck/got beaten up (my friend had been in a car wreck but we’ll go with whatever the hell red hood had gotten into that night): hold on Alfred I’m gonna burn myself
Alfred: maybe... don’t do that?
Jason: no it’s fine I knew what I signed up for when I decided to cook this meal
Alfed: Master Jason, your body has already been through enough this week. you just need to chill
Jason: nah it’s fine
Alfred: your hand has already been literally burned from your incident
Jason: nah it was just having a bruh moment
Duke: what would tony the tiger say right now
Damian: it’s not malpractice if I meant to do it
Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy: Don’t threaten me with a good time! (ironic)
Batman, The Dark Knight, the embodiment of Vengeance: Don’t threaten me with a good time! (serious)
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lnniter · an hour ago
this may or may not be a hot take but i think the main reason a lot of people get kinda nervous about content creators potentially interacting on here isn’t because they’re breaking boundaries or being fucking weird but because here is where a lot of people allow themselves to unmask and be overly expressive about their interests and thoughts in ways that other people not on this website may consider “cringey” and the idea of people we look up to/content creators seeing that side of ourselves is scary because if i were to actually interact with them irl i would attempt to be much more composed and not as rabid as i allow myself to be on here. send post.
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learningtobalance · 2 hours ago
Oh hey there beautiful stranger! ☺️
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ceruleanharley · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
oh?? welcome back you're free to film here anytime you want we need the money 😂 and i like pointing at my tv and screaming croatia!!!! so there's that
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Cecil, why don't you take a couple days off and go hang gliding?  It's good weather for it: no wind.
Bugs Bunny
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shit fuck fuck yknow what im thinkin that on certain days being called he/him doesnt vibe with me
like i still like he/him but they/them sounds better sometimes
but then most days im over here like "if you call me anything but he i Will Spontaneously Combust" so im worried
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insanityclause · 4 hours ago
He is wearing watches again!!! Last time was at Early Man promo I think.
'Twas indeed.
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blisterinballista · 5 hours ago
wwhy do i feel like them chocolates are symbolic
ooc; oh I Dont know, random anon that I absolutely also do not know at all 👀
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wildshq · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
— “Rise and shine. We’re in Hell.” Welcome to WILDSHQ. Here’s what you need to know in order to prepare for life on the island. Have fun and remember: exposure is the enemy.
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appropriatelystupid · 7 hours ago
So we all agree that “welcome back, Kara” should definitely be read sarcastically because people outside the tower crew will definitely have things™️ to say about her absence??
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nightjaroracle · 10 hours ago
I've been up since 1:30 in the morning because of a depressing dream I had and now I can see why my nerves have been racking up for weeks! Expect nonsensical posts and overly philosophical astrology essays for a while. RIP sleep.
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formidxble · 10 hours ago
Hi I’m back
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