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sexynugget · 32 minutes ago
im new here what is the significance of “s👀n” I’ve seen a few people mention it
dan uses it whenever he talks about a project that he's working on. and soon could mean anything from a few minutes to a few months when he'll release it to the world, so the word is a bit terrifying lol
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sexynugget · 34 minutes ago
dan has become the bf that repeatedly hints at his bf that he wants to get married but is pretty bad at it
(x) that reminds me when people were saying dan was hinting at phil that he wanted a ring when devan exchanged promise rings lol we might have been right 👀
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absolutely love that you tagged this dan and phil art. legend behaviour
asdhaksdhkaja i didnt mean to i think i accidentally clicked it lmaooo
im gonna keep it though, no harm no foul
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yall dont see!!! whats right in front of your eyes!!!! the incident phil is recovering from!!!!! is dans death!!!!!! WAKE👏UP👏PHANNIES👏 the truth is right there!!!!!!!
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just remembered that dan is a member of phil channel…….
capitaLester strikes yet again, who will he spare? n o . o n e
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deadandphilgames · 5 hours ago
I had a dream where we got a video where we got to see a few rooms from the house and we went from the room with the green wall to a green kitchen and then I was mad at them for having the green kitchen that I want >:|
smh how rude of them
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feelingofcontent · 6 hours ago
DNP Rewatch: ENVY
Tumblr media
Date video was published: 11/02/2012 (X)
DNP Main Channel Rewatch: 154
This was Dan’s first video after he hit 500,000 subscribers! (And Phil congratulated him, of course.)
0:00 - lounge background again. He films a lot of videos sitting on that beanbag chair! Also I love the carved pumpkin in the wasn’t carved in the baking video, so they must have carved it after that for Halloween. 🥺
0:02 - thanks for that clarification, Dan. lol
Tumblr media
0:25 - his delivery of “according to Wikipedia” for these definitions is great 😂
0:29 - he talks a bit about this same thing in YWGTTN! (only with the addition of how to manage that feeling better)
0:40 - the bedroom furniture has moved again it seems, with the bed pushed all the way to the wall now.
0:41 - laughing that he had to ask someone to actually text him that and reset their name in his phone for this scene. I hope it was Phil, hahaha.
Tumblr media
0:55 - somehow I can’t see Dan actually doing this
1:09 - “I hate that wombat” this example is great purely for that sentence
1:31 - educational!
1:48 - I guess it’s good for it not to be in an evil way?
Tumblr media
1:58 - another fantastic random Phil appearance in a Dan video! He’s been having little cameos in a lot of the recent ones. 😊 (also, lol at Phil tweeting to be jealous of his cupcake!)
Tumblr media
2:10 - yeah, that seems to be what Dan is saying now about this time in his life...he didn’t know when to stop pushing for “success” and career achievements
2:30 - more clone editing again. (also so many cushions on the couch...I want to believe that is Phil’s old heart-shaped cushion from HAYFEVER SUCKS!)
2:47 - ooooo that’s bad...and something I might have done when I was young with my sibling 🤐
Tumblr media
3:01 - “so I don’t need to see a therapist” oh, Dan...
This is one of Dan’s more “educational”-style videos, I guess? It still has a common setup with the skits and everything to all of his usual videos.
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sexynugget · 12 hours ago
listened to moving mates again and i had forgotten how out of NOWHERE dan brings up marriage like wtf. the question was literally just who's more likely to dye their hair :) and dan was like why am i not married? great question! he came into these stereos READY to overshare and by god did he commit
you are so right it really was out of nowhere like none of us could ever even imagine that happening. we would never even CLOWN about it. fanfic could NEVER.
he really went from hair dye to "what if i spontaneously got married literally everyone wants to know that right now" and then phil said "yeah" and played a voice memo
this is the fanfic we live in yall, someone pray to the author that we dont get heart attacks again. i cant tell if this fic is well written or a crack fic at this point. and well written fanfic.
the question is just always gonna be did dan plan on talking about marriage and he just needed to slip it into the conversation or was that his first time being spontaneous ever.
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spacephrasing · 12 hours ago
I’ve figured it out “some guy” is more endearing bc we all fuckin know who he’s talking about. at this point phil could say something as generic as that and we know it’s dan bc they’re still danandphil this many years later
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sexynugget · 15 hours ago
what are we going to clown about next? we already manifested hair cutting video… perhaps the gaming channel returning next? WDYT
i just want a house tour. or like a tour of a single room. even if it's just phil's video set up
ive been trying to manifest truth bombs with martyn and cornelia for years hope it pays off one day
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sexynugget · 15 hours ago
why are these two acting suspicious this days I can’t put my finger on what it is….
what do you mean they've always acted sus lol
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phan-at-my-chemical-boy · 16 hours ago
i got vaccinated today, and they also put it pretty high on my arm (like they did with phil)???
anyone else???
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luminouslucy · 17 hours ago
No one talks about how CUTE it is in Sims 4, episode 55, when Dan helps Phil promote his merch 🥺
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queercomesthesun · 18 hours ago
The worst feeling in the world is saying the phrase "ill have my usual" to someone and have them look at you blankly in response. Everyday weekday for 5 months I got the same thing, from the same barista, and she didn't notice. To add insult to injury, I had never seen a single other customer come into the cafe that early in the morning. Like, it wasnt like i was a face in the crowd. I was the only one. And it was just a regular latte, the most boring order ever. And she still didn't have a clue :( its literally my goal in life to have a usual order somewhere but I dont think im ever going to get up the nerve to say "the usual" ever again so its just pointless now.
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