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jutsuuu · 2 hours ago
I may or may not (totally am) making a playlist of all the gay ass songs present mic dedicates to Aizawa on his radio show because the man only knows how to pine in the loudest way possible. Any song recs?
Sorry I’ve had all of 20 minutes to myself so far today so I only got around to seeing this question now and I don’t have a dedicated pining playlist so I’ll have to pull these out my ass. In repayment for having to wait I’ll give you some deets on them
One of my favourite things about pining erasermic is that there’s so many variations to it. Teen years, early pro years, current timeline, mutual, one sided, the flavour is immaculate. Anyway here they are
(Also please note I don’t pay attention to pronouns in songs whoops) (it’s all about the vibe)
Everlasting Friend by Blue October
This is definitely a song for when they’ve lost contact for a while, things are a little shaky between them. Eraser’s been distant doing his underground work but he’s at least trying to see Mic occasionally. Mic knows that even when they go for a few months without seeing each other, Aizawa always listens to his show during patrols. He’s sticking around longer and longer with each visit and Mic wants to just ask him to stay.
Still Into You by Paramore
This is the kind of erasermic that is so close everyone thinks they’ve been dating for years. Teacher era. Very much reciprocated pining. These mfs will sit together after class, taking turns putting their heads in each other’s laps. Mic still gets this warm glowy feeling every time Aizawa leans against him and dozes off, or casually makes an extra cup of coffee for him in the teachers lounge. They’ve worked through some old grievances between them but it’s been so long that he’s almost happy to stay as friends because they’re so close.
All I Want by Kodaline
This is early pro hero era, Aizawa’s still basically off the map. They don’t talk much because they’re Going Through It. Mic tried moving on, dated a few people, it it just makes him miss Aizawa more. He’s very much holding a candle for the boy Aizawa was before they graduated and before Oboro but he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get him back.
Let’s Fall In Love For The Night by FINNEAS
This is friends with benefits with feelings erasermic. Mic wants to be more but good god he can’t bring himself to actually bring himself to try and be more so he’s settled for pretending that its enough to just be with Aizawa occasionally.
Karen, You’re An Angel - Sleeping in the Aviary
This is like.. teen Mic daydreaming about what he wants them to become. The first half of the song is how they are currently, a couple of goofy teens fumbling through having feelings for their best friend, the second half is Mic hoping that they’ll be together in the future.
You And I by PVRIS (either the original or stripped)
This is once again Mic settling for pining after Aizawa while he’s still kind of distant. Doing his own thing. I don’t have much to say I just really like PVRIS
Trouble by Cage The Elephant
Ohh this is specifically pining after the kurogiri reveal. I think these two have a lot to work through but they’re still scraping through life by the skin of their teeth. All they’ve got is each other (and kayama) and honestly shit is HARD to get through and they’re kind of stumbling through the days not sure if they even have the energy to deal with feelings when there’s always so much else for them to try and process.
This Side of Paradise by Coyote Theory
This is a staple of almost all my playlists because it’s a lovely song. Teen erasermic mutual pining.
Sports by Beach Bunny
Late teen/start of being pros mic who is in love but also absolutely sick of waiting around for Aizawa to see that just because they lost Shirakumo doesn’t mean that they can’t be happy god DAMN IT AIZAWA JUST LET HIM LOVE YOU
Hopelessly Devoted to You by Olivia Newton-John
Man is gay. End of explanation.
These aren’t my top erasermic songs or anything but I’ve had a very long day so I hope these give you some ideas(:
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bronzeagelove · 3 hours ago
I’m a bit sad I won’t be able to play MELE for at least another month or two, but I got some graduatin’ to do.
For now, I have decided to blacklist the #mele and #mass effect legendary edition tags so I can experience it for myself when I get to it.
The only thing I’d be happy to know is how it performs when played with mouse and keyboard. So if anyone playing it on PC with mouse and keyboard could give me feedback on that, I’d be super happy! Otherwise, I’ll see you all in October or so and I’ll join the squealing and excitement then :)
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jessiejamesdeckers · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
jessiejamesdecker: Smooooches. Over lining lips can make em look way bigger!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Melody Maker, October 1988.
(From Uncut, The Ultimate Music Guide, R.E.M. special. Released spring 2012)
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proxypunch · 7 hours ago
(´ . .̫ . `)
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jessiejamesdeckers · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
jessiejamesdecker: Mornin
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cmipalaeo · 9 hours ago
A seriously underrated U2 song: Fire. It’s one of those nobody ever really talks about, the band have been kind of snide about it in later years, but... jeez, it’s solid. The way the album version starts off with the ethereal “ooo”s and then builds in to this sort of spongy, slower rock song, yet the live versions were kind of sped up and made this awesome rock track, the simplistic-yet-hauntingly-apocalyptic imagery... back when I was first diving into U2 this was THE track from October for me.
The weird chant-like “calling, calling” backing vocals, Bono’s cosmic apocalypse in “the sun is burning black / the moon is running red / the stars are falling down” lines — for the lead single off an album that is quite unambiguously a musing on spirituality and mortality, it’s a properly Revelatory hymn of the post-apocalypse: cosmic Signs and Wonders coupled against this simplistic child-like-early-U2 lyric of “when I’m falling over / when I fall down” (thus tying lyrically and conceptually into I Fall Down and Rejoice [and thus I Will Follow by extension]), and building a fire — a brilliant spiritual metaphor of a “fire inside” on this unabashedly religious album, but also making use of this sparse image of building a simple fire out of necessity for survival in a setting that is clearly in ruin based on the bad cosmic omens repeated through the song — fans (and honestly the band too) want write off Fire as a silly early song that doesn’t go anywhere but it’s brilliant!! Maybe it doesn’t even mean to be, but everything in it thematically meshes, even the “I’m going home,” which could seem a little odd and basic as a lyric but, again, functions dually as a metaphor for finding spiritual belonging amid both a fire of fresh belief and a world of troubles, plus as a narrative stance of determination in the “apocalypse” storyline the song naturally presents!
Ultimately, Fire is not only a musically interesting track (I love Edge’s little guitar rise-and-fall-chime behind the “fi-iii-re” lyric) that fits, in its slower album incarnation into the vein of later songs as Elevation as a spongy slower rocker (only with far better lyric), and in its faster live versions into this sort of frantic fervor of faith and devastation, but also provides surprisingly deep lyrics that can be read a narrative that addresses death (one of October’s two key concepts) in an apocalyptic setting, or as a symbolic religious Revelation (and thus October’s other key theme).
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sp-ud · 9 hours ago
There are probably fans who have no idea how giving tubbo horns started.
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randomestfandoms-ocs · 10 hours ago
When exactly does Liz find out about the twins?
Probably in 4x12 but I might push it back even further!  Jess definitely never tells her (he absolutely doesn’t want her in their lives) so she only finds out because of actually going to Stars Hollow!
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thetombrady · 11 hours ago
my parents are finishing brba tonight 👀
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heartonthefloor · 11 hours ago
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lifeafterministries · 11 hours ago
Worshiping Mormon Prophets
 May 15 – Worshiping Mormon Prophets. Isaiah 29:13; “¶ Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men.” (more…)
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