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desamot · 13 minutes ago
BOW - Hello. Amazing show tonight @newworldwrestlingextreme ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #instagram #prowrestling #wwenxt #nxt #lifestyle #picoftheday #photooftheday #wwe #smile #workout #training #gym #cute #beautiful #bodybuilding #followforfollowback #model #fitness #follow #love #health #fitnessmotivation #motivation #photography #happy #instagood #fashion #fitnessmodel #workout #ootd #fitfam (at Woonsocket, Rhode Island)
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writtingrose · 26 minutes ago
Irish Lovers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SUMMARY; A threesome between Fergal Devitt, his girlfriend, and Jordan Devlin
WARNINGS; Pure smut. 
REQUESTED BY; technically; no one. Those it does tick the box for @sophiewolfheart-blog​
CO-WRITTEN BY;  @new-zealand-chic​
GIF CREDIT; unknown
*All GIF credits to the rightful creators. If they are not tagged it was because I wasn’t sure who it was. If it is yours  or you know the creator please let me know. I would be happy to tag them as credit or replace the gif.*
When Y/N’s boyfriend Fergal asked if she had any problems with Jordan Devlin coming to stay with them both while he did some work on NXT USA she couldn't say No.
The two of them had been friends for years. Finn had trained Jordan in Ireland as a teenager and it would be nice for Fergal to have a fellow Irish country man there considering he couldn't go back to see his homeland recently. 
Y/N had only met Jordan a few times in the past, mostly by video chat.
His character on screen was just as smug and cocky as Fergals Prince but extremely talented in the ring. He was almost a second generation Prince, there was something very captivating about him. 
The three of them  got on so well and it was nice to hear Fergal happy and even his thick Irish accent coming back.
Jordan would love to help her in the kitchen. He was very relaxed and comfortable doing the dishes while she cooked. 
Every so often he'd flirt a little with her; whether it was just compliments about her appearance , a meal, swatting her with the tea towel as he cleaned up, or gently brushing hair out of her face while she worked.
Jordan was younger than her, and it was sweet and flattering. Yes, she did feel a little attracted but she'd never make a move; especially since he was her boyfriend's friend. 
Finn saw the little interactions between the two of you and while he wasn't jealous he wasn't intimated to show Jordan just who you belonged to. It almost seemed like a game of one upmanship.
It only added more fuel to the fire that was your hormones. 
Finn had been at the gym for most of the day. That evening, she stood in the kitchen preparing dinner. She never felt Jordan sneak up behind her.
He playfully pinched her sides causing her to jump.
"OH Jordan" She squealed, swatting him away, "Seriously you're the worst."
His cheeky smile seemed to disappear into a deep evil like smirk. He pinned her against the kitchen counter top before dipping his head into the base of her neck. He took a deep inhale of her sent; giving her goosebumps .
"Ya know, if I was Ferg, I wouldn't leave you alone, especially with me." He chuckled devilishly as a finger ran down her check and traced the outline of her lips.
"Such a pretty little thing aren't you?" 
She took a deep breath, staring at Jordan's piercing blue eyes. His lips inched away from hers as they both moved; the door handle turning as Fergal walked into the house. 
All hot and flushed;  she quickly stepped away fast trying to compose herself..
Jordan lets off a little chuckle knowing that he's rattled her. 
"Good session eh mate?" He asked Fergal, totally stepping past her like he had no interest in her.
Jordan had wound Her up. Even during dinner, she could feel his foot grazing over hers and up her ankle, teasing her slowly.
Normally, he’d never been this forward. However, now it was full of mischievousness and she worried what would happen if Finn found out. 
Tossing and turning in bed that night; she couldn't sleep; Jordan's actions burnt into your head.
After some time, she went downstairs to get a glass of water. 
As she tiptoed down the stairs, Jordan came round the corner.
His shadow in the moonlight caught her off guard before she realized he was completely naked; his perfectly toned body in front of her. 
She tried not to look, but it was to no avail. As she took him in her mouth felt dry. Surely there was something they put in Irish waters, she thought, because he was just as gorgeous as Finn and just as well endowed. 
He glanced at her and licked his lips seductively.
"Sweet dreams Princess." He cooed, giving her a quick wink as he walked past; keeping his eyes locked on her the whole time. 
The next morning, she woke feeling so restless and frustrated.
She let out an irritated huff as she tossed the blankets off. 
She didn't want to tell Fergal because he would get mad, or upset, but she couldn't go on with this.
"Hey babe," she sighed, tapping Fergal. "We need to talk.” 
She was right; he wasn't happy and even promised to talk to Jordan (and try not to kill him). 
That night, when she came home from work, the house was empty. She was happy to be able to relax without the threat of anything happening. 
Entering her and Fergal’s room, she slipped off her shoes. She had just started unbuttoning her top when she heard a growl from behind her.
"You’re home." 
Turning round, she  almost squealed.
It wasn't Fergal, as she thought, but Jordan instead; his eyes scanning over her half naked body.
"Now, now, now lass, why go covering all that up?" He asked, walking towards her as she found herself backing up against the bed.
"There's no denying that there's something going on here," he smiled. "Maybe, you crave a real champ to get the job done for ya." 
He pushed her down on the bed  before climbing over her.
"Jordan," she pleaded, trying to disguise her moan of surprise. "This isn't a good idea. What if Fergal comes in?" 
"I'm already here love,” Fergal smirked as he suddenly came from the shadows of the room. “ Jordan and I had a wee conversation while we were out and we've got a little proposal for ya, if ya interested." 
Her eyes flicked nervously between Jordan and Fergal.
“What are you talking about?”
She bit her lip, trying to ease the ache to arch into Jordan’s body.
Finn tutted his tongue as he made his way over to the bed, sitting beside her. 
“Don’t try to play coy, Y/N. I’ve seen the looks you give him.” He nodded to Jordan curtly. “The way you flush whenever he’s near.”
Suddenly, Jordan’s teeth bit into her shoulder teasingly. Y/N gasped, a small cry leaving her mouth.
Fergal did nothing but chuckle as he watched Jordan.
“I told you mate, no matter what you do she’ll come back to me.”
Jordan growled as he looked up at Fergal.
“You’re wrong, mate.” His hand slid up her side, goosebumps forming on her skin. “By the time we’re done, she’ll be begging me to take her home wit me.”
Y/N moaned as her hand reached out for Fergal. Her body betrayed her waring mind as it arched up into Jordan. Her eyes rolled back as she felt his hard length press against her.
“I know you feel it too, lass. And ol’ Ferg is all for it.” He chuckled as he pinned her hands above her head. “So ye might as well give into it.”
Her gaze snapped to his eyes, searching for any sign of trickery; but there was none. She let her body relax as she licked her lips, eyes hardening.
“Do your worst, Devlin. I know who I belong to.”
Jordan growled, his grip on her hands tightening as he kissed her roughly. He ground himself against her, forcing a whine from her lips. He just chuckled, suddenly pulling back and removing his body from hers. However, it was only to pull her pants down, followed quickly by her underwear and, then, his clothes. 
“Look at that.” He licked his lips as he eyed her glistening slit. “For someone who doesn’t want me you’re fucking soaking.”
 She glared up at him for a second, but it soon dispersed. He moved over her and pushed her legs further apart; nestling between them. 
“Goin to feel so good wrapped around my cock princess. Stretch you better than he can.”
“You can’t do sh- ah!”
Her insult was cut off, pulling a cry from her lips as his cock plunged into her. 
“Fuck, mate.” He sucked in a breath as her warm, slick tunnel enveloped him. “Her cunt’s like a vice.”
She has forgotten, for a second, that Fergal sat right beside her. Her head turned to look at him before she gasped.
Dark, stormy, blue eyes met her gaze as his hand worked his freed cock. His gaze stayed locked on hers as he moved. Turning carefully, he made his way toward her, stopping when his cock stood right in front of her face.
“Gonna suck my cock, sweetheart. Need to feel your hot little tongue.”
One of Jordan’s hands moved to cup her breast, allowing Fergal to move closer as her tongue slid out and mouth opened wide. 
“Desperate little thing, isn’t she? Just can’t wait to be filled with Irish cock.”
“Shut up and stick to fucking her.”
Y/N moaned, her pussy pulsing around Jordan’s thick length at the same time her mouth sucked Fergal’s in. 
They were right, she was desperate. She had been a dripping mess since Jordan arrived; going as far as to relieve the pressure in the shower a few times. However, she never thought she’d be in this situation and, if she was being honest with herself, it was mind blowing. 
Her head bobbed as Fergal’s cock slid into her throat and back out, over and over. Her eyes watered as he used her. Above her, Jordan fondled her breast, rolling her nipple between his fingers as his cock surged deeper into her. 
“Take cock so fuckin’ good, princess.” He growled and released his hand before grabbing her waist. Fingers dug into her skin, no doubt leaving bruised, as his cock jerked inside her. “Wanna see you drippin’.” 
To her surprise, Fergal chuckled, his own cock swelling in her mouth. “Fill her, Jordan. Pump her greedy little cunt full.”
Y/N’s eyes widened as a moan vibrated down Fergal’s cock. Fergal was known for his dirty talk, but he’d never mentioned anything about that. 
Vibrate eyes met hers, a knowing smirk on his face. 
“What? Didn’t think I knew, sweetheart? Ye talk in your sleep, my love.” He groans suddenly, hand moving to cup her jaw and keep her head still. “I know you want to be fucked full. Wanna watch you swell with a baby.’
Jordan’s hips stuttered. A devilish, devious smirk crossed his face as he bottomed out inside her. His hips stilled as warm cum filled her. Y/N gasped, Fergal moving away, as she cried out; her own orgasm rocking her body.
“Jor- Fer- Fuck!”
Her hips came off the bed as Jordan moved back and off. Fergal’s body quickly replaced it as his hands grabbed her hips.
“So pretty when you cum, mo ghrá. (my love)” Slowly, he slid himself inside her; afraid that if he moved too quickly, he could cum before he wanted. “Need you to give me one more, yeah?”
His hand moved to cup her jaw again as he angled his hips and thrust into her. He quickly set a frenzied pace as he groaned; breathless as sweat pooled on his chest.
“Wanna start a family. Goin’ to fill you over and over, mo ghrá.” He let out a long, throaty moan as he struggled to keep his pace. “Know you want it too. Need to hear you say it.”
Below him, Y/N moaned, her hands resting on his shoulder, digging into the thick muscle as she nodded.
“P-please, Ferg. Want you to fill me with a baby!”
Her voice grew higher as her back suddenly arched. Around him, she pulsed before gushing. The force of her orgasm triggers his as he buries himself inside her. His fingers dig into her thigh as his head lolls back, filling her with rope after rope.
Several minutes later, he finally falls beside her and pulls her into his arms.
“I hope you enjoyed it, lass. That’s the only time it’s ever happening.”
Y/N chuckled as she rested her head on his chest,her arm draped across him. 
“I did, my love. But you are all I need.”
This was mainly written, and mostly @new-zealand-chic’s idea. I only wrote the smut part. However, I really hope ya’ll like it! Super proud of this one.
Much love, Rose xx
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saralsmoak · 44 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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wrestlingdiscordhq · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tonight is Wrestlemania: Backlash! As such, we’d love to see people on tonight’s card join us such as:
Asuka, Bianca Belair, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Robert Roode, and more!
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desatascos24horas · an hour ago
Don't miss A&E's original Biography: Shawn Michaels tonight 8/7c on A&E
Don’t miss A&E’s original Biography: Shawn Michaels tonight 8/7c on A&E
Don’t miss A&E’s original Biography: Shawn Michaels tonight 8/7c on A&E. Stream WWE on Peacock in the U.S. and on WWE Network everywhere else Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action! Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Check out for news and updates: Watch WWE on Sony in India:…
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strictlyfortheculture · an hour ago
PAUL HEYMAN gives tribute to NEW JACK, on WWE Talking Smack.
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desatascos24horas · an hour ago
Jinder Mahal Returns to Raw with Veer & Shanky: WWE Now India
Jinder Mahal Returns to Raw with Veer & Shanky: WWE Now India
Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal makes his return to the red brand in a grand way and introduces the WWE Universe to his new associates, Veer & Shanky. Stream WWE on Peacock in the U.S. and on WWE Network everywhere else Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action! Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Check out for news and…
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old-no7 · an hour ago
Could you please write HBK and Taker with their child watching a disney movie together, with uncle Kane and Daniel? The daughter is so cute!
(I just love writing about their new daughter)
The Gang Watch Rapunzel with Quinn
Fluff below the cut.
- Quinn loves all Disney movies, with her favorite being Hercules because Hades reminds her of her Papa and Uncle Kane in one person.
- Though Kane insists on showing Quinn all the Star Wars movies, Undertaker and Shawn decide she should watch some princess movies before she watches a man get cut in half.
- It just so happens that the same night all of them are together that Quinn demands they watch Rapunzel. She keeps seeing the cover of the DVD and needing to have an example of why she doesn’t need Papa to cut her hair every two weeks.
- Taker and Shawn sit on the couch, with Taker’s arm around Shawn’s shoulders and Kane and Daniel sitting on the floor. They’ve piled cushions under them, and Quinn sits between them, all watching with rapt attention. They all have the same large blanket wrapped around their shoulders.
- Kane immediately starts yelling at Mother Gothel for being a terrible guardian, and Quinn points to Rapunzel the moment she appears with her long blonde hair and exclaims: “She doesn’t cut hair!”
- “Watch to the end of the movie,” Shawn says, and the other three men shush him harshly.
- “Spoilers!” Daniel exclaims.
- Undertaker is on snack duty, bringing popcorn and cookies to the group on the ground. 
- Although, Undertaker falls asleep halfway through, and then Shawn falls asleep curled up in his lap. 
- Kane and Daniel are just as invested as Quinn is.
- “Flynn’s kinda cute,” Daniel says, and Kane pouts. “Not as cute as you, c’mon!”
- Quinn decides that the chameleon is just like Daddy, and neither Kane nor Daniel deny that fact.
- During every chase scene, Quinn holds Kane and Daniel’s hands, and they assure her that everything is going to be okay.
- Quinn asks Daniel if he will let Kane and Quinn put flowers in his beard like they put flowers in Rapunzel’s hair, and he has to agree when both pout at him at the same time. 
- Undertaker wakes up towards the end to Kane, Daniel, and Quinn all crying as Flynn makes his final wish known to Rapunzel.
- “Woah, woah, you said no one dies in this-”
- He is violently shushed by everyone in the room, minus Shawn who is still out like a light. 
- By the time the movie is over, Quinn decides that she does want to get her hair cut to look like Rapunzel, and also that when she grows up she’s going to marry Flynn Rider. 
- Daniel also says he’s going to marry Flynn until Kane swats him in the back of the head.
- In typical child fashion, Quinn demands they play it again immediately, then falls asleep about ten minutes in. 
- Undertaker carries Quinn, and Kane carries Shawn, as they all head upstairs. 
- Undertaker lays Quinn down gently in her bed and tucks her in, along with his and Shawn’s shirts that she likes to sleep with and the teddy bear Kane got for her. 
- “Goodnight, Rapunzel,” he whispers, kissing her little forehead. 
- That night, when Kane and Daniel go home, they search for the movie and end up watching it a second time alone, crying just as hard as they did the first time.
- Undertaker and Shawn are now doomed to listen to a toddler’s rendition of ‘When Will My Life Begin?’, with most of the words missing because Quinn doesn’t know all of them yet.
- “Next time, we let her watch Star Wars,” Shawn groans at the thirteenth verse that comes out of Quinn’s excited little mouth.
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mcreigns-enthusiast · 2 hours ago
something needs to change in the wrestling community, ESPECIALLY on wrestling twitter. people are so casually transphobic and they need to be called out.
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plataneprofessor · 2 hours ago
//lol omg those are the years between when i was on... was here in 2014&15 and 2020-now lol. Wild. Well your writing is fantastic, cool to see you around! :)
LOL go figure! But thank you so much! You, too! If ever you wanna RP, hit me up!
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toothlesstim · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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viciogame · 2 hours ago
🎮 Queen of Queens (PC-FX)
Complete Gameplay:
#Viciogame #QueenOfQueens #PCFX #Gameplay #日本電気 #Walkthrough #Wrestlemania #NEC #Playthrough #Wrestling #LutaLivre #Longplay #WWE #ピーシーエフエックス #LetsPlay
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cheaptoyman · 2 hours ago
Lost 2017 Topps Wrestling Pack from Big Lots Yields Ember Moon Rookie Ca...
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heel-rollins · 2 hours ago
Just gotta say,,,, Indie Mox was a total switch. The dog collar match 🥵🥵🥵
Calling him your dumb mutt as you pull him closer by a leash to eat you out - Nightmare anon
i feel like even when he has his subby moments, he’s still dominant. he doesn’t know how to fully submit.
even if you’d have him by a leash, forcing his head into your cunt, he’d be grabbing your thighs and pinning them down to the bed.
“awww look at you, my dumb mutt. making me feel so good.”
he’d just respond with “fuck doll, you taste so sweet. i love eating your pussy. love being your mutt.”
and then when he gets tired of you being in control he’d take the leash off and tie your wrists up with it.
“my turn doll.”
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