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survesanika60 · 37 minutes ago
Sebi tweaks delisting rules to make process transparent, efficient
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This comes after the board of Sebi approved several amendments to delisting norms in March to make the process more transparent and efficient
To enhance transparency and efficiency of the delisting process, Sebi has said independent directors will have to give reasoned recommendations on such proposals, while the promoters need to disclose their intention to delist the firm through an initial public announcement.
To give effect to this, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has amended delisting rules, according to a notification dated June 10. This comes after the board of Sebi approved several amendments to delisting norms in March to make the process more transparent and efficient. Under the new rules, timelines for completion of various activities forming part of the delisting process have been introduced or revised to make it more efficient.
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survesanika60 · 49 minutes ago
Markets regulator Sebi revises eligibility criteria for regulatory sandbox
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The revision has been done in order to enhance the reach and achieve the desired aim, Sebi said in a circular
Markets regulator Sebi on Monday came out with revised eligibility criteria for the regulatory sandbox, laying down requirements to apply for the two stages of sandbox testing. The revision has been done in order to enhance the reach and achieve the desired aim, Sebi said in a circular.
Besides mentioning that all Sebi-registered entities are eligible for testing in the regulatory sandbox, it added that the entity may apply either on its own or in partnership with any other entity.
In either scenario, the registered market participant shall be treated as the principal applicant and will be solely responsible for testing the solution, it added.
During the stage-I testing, the applicant would use a limited and identified set of users; while in stage II, there will be a larger set of identified users. In both stages, there will be a maximum cap on users based on the requirement of the applicant duly approved by Sebi. For stage II, an applicant will be eligible after completing a minimum of 90 days in the regulatory sandbox testing.
Laying down the detailed eligibility conditions for stage-I, Sebi said there needs to be a genuine need for tests and a genuine need for relaxation.
The solution should offer identifiable direct or indirect benefits and the solution should either be a new innovative one or should improve the existing processes or facilitate inclusion.
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sadahaqnews · 2 hours ago
12 arrested for violating Covid norms in Kashmir: Police
12 arrested for violating Covid norms in Kashmir: Police #sadahaqpb #sadahaqenglish #sadahaqurdu #saaddahaqnews #sadahaq #saaddahaqpunjabi #saaddahaqurdu #saaddahaqhindi #instagram #youtube #facebook #twitter #linkedin #google
Srinagar: As many as 4278 people have been fined while a total of 12 persons have been arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police across Kashmir for violating the Covid norms in the last 24 hours. A police spokesman in a statement issued to the news agency, said that during the last 24 hours, Police have arrested 12 persons, lodged four FIRs and also realized fine to the tune of Rs 6,87,255 from…
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crypticgimmick · 2 hours ago
being recently back on this site I am not at all used to the whiplash of seeing a pretty and innocuous pic of some, like, flowers or something and having it be captioned/reblogged with (a) the longest DNI list I've ever seen or (b) a horrible event in someone's life and request for financial assistance
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arco-pluris · 4 hours ago
denormatizing/antinormatizing can be a way of normatizing something
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lesbianrey · 9 hours ago
just like how gay relationships can still be abusive despite not having the direct weight of hetero/patriarchal dysfunctions, polycule arrangements can also be just as fucked and abusive as monogamous ones. having a relationship that is less normalized by society doesn’t make that relationship any less inherently susceptible to pain and abuse.
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goblimcore · 9 hours ago
“Pasión de gavilanes”: Mario Cimarro and the reason why he stopped attending the last recordings of the program
“Passion of Hawks”, The story of almost two decades ago was based on the Reyes… - Read more here
Hastags - #Attending, #Cimarro, #Colombia, #FinalScenes, #Gavilanes, #JuanReyes, #Mario, #MarioCimarro, #Netflix, #NormElizondo, #Pasión, #PassionOfHawks, #Polemics, #Program, #Reason, #Recordings, #SeriesTV, #Stopped, #TVSoaps
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goldenrose19 · 10 hours ago
When I get married, I'm wearing a wedding dress
Fuck gender norms
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jacketbones · 11 hours ago
Underfell Toriel: I didn't expect it, but you've gotten happier with Sans. You're practically glowing!
Y/n: Oh thank-
Underfell Sans: (absolutely hammered) they make me glow too!
Underfell Toriel:
Underfell Sans: ...cause of my magic dic-
Y/n: We get it.
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seoafin · 14 hours ago
Are you into Dorohedoro by any chance? I think its really interesting how jjk took off like it did but Dorohedoro has more of a niche, smaller fanbase yet they both have the whole sorcerer thing going on and both are pretty dark. Tbh I think tik tok is a major reason why Akutami is in his bag rn because I dont think jjk would be as popular as it is, if it was made like 15 years ago.
I LOVE DOROHEDORO!!!! hands down one of my favorite dark fantasy mangas!! i watched the netflix anime and didn't think it warranted that much criticism over the cgi, like the manga art is so incredibly detailed i doubt animators could have animated it in the traditional manner
you're right i def agree that tiktok has played a huge role in jjk's popularity 😭 now that i think about it, i'm pretty sure the reason why dorohedoro didn't gain much traction is 1) the cgi 2) the aesthetic is a lot more grittier/bloodier/violent than jjk 3) it's not as aesthetically pleasing aka there are no typical bishonen characters that are classically attractive. also 15 years ago jjk would have been competing with the likes of naruto, one piece, fairy tail, bleach, etc so you're right about that! jjk is undeniably built on its predecessors (something akutami has also repeatedly stated)
i've also heard ppl say that the art turns them off which is shame because i love the art so much!!! dorohedoro is one of the most original and unique mangas i've ever read in terms of art, plot, characters, world building, power system, etc.
i'd also say that while jjk is also pretty grim, it still manages to keep that "shonen" feel within the lines of one piece, bleach, naruto, etc while dorohedoro throws all of that out the window. dorohedoro is a lot more darker and unapologetically violent. jjk's premise isn't the most original thing either, but hey i can't really say anything considering relying on the typical shonen structure (granted it's a little more well thought out and nuanced) has ultimately worked in its favor
anyway if y'all like jjk (which you should considering ur on this blog) give dorohedoro a chance!!!
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eliberitanum · 23 hours ago
Why can't I like.. hate food?
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dccomicsnews · 23 hours ago
Review: Superman #31
Review: Superman #31   [Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers] Writers: Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Sean Lewis Artists: Scott Godlewski, Norm Rapmund, Sami Basri Colours: Gabe Eltaeb, Ulises Arreola Letters: Dave Sharpe   Reviewed By: Derek McNeil   Summary Superman #31: “The One Who Fell” part two! Thought to have been defeated long ago by Superman and his allies, the ancient Shadowbreed…
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aefward · a day ago
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Marble 'Plinth' By Norm Architects for Menu
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Casting Goals: A Little Night Music
“A weekend in the country.”
Helena Bonham Carter as Desirée Armfeldt
Patti LuPone as Madame Armfeldt
Norm Lewis as Fredrik Egerman
Brittney Johnson as Anne Egerman
Erik Martenson as Henrik Egerman
Raúl Esparza as Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm
Nikki Renée Daniels as Countess Charlotte Malcolm
Kathryn Allison as Petra
Matt Greenberg as Frid (Henrik u/s)
Chrystyna Dail as Mrs. Anderssen (Desirée u/s, Charlotte u/s)
Michael Maliakel as Mr. Erlanson (Carl-Magnus u/s)
Monté J. Howell as Mr. Lindquist (Fredrik u/s, Frid u/s)
Caitlin Finnie as Mrs. Nordstrom (Anne u/s, Petra u/s)
Sumayya Ali as Mrs. Segstrom (Petra u/s)
Ellen Harvey as Standby (Madame, Nordstrom)
Eryn LeCroy as Standby (Anne, Charlotte, Anderssen)
Laird Mackintosh as Standby (Fredrik, Carl-Magnus, Erlanson)
Teri Bibb as Standby (Desirée, Segstrom)
Usman Ali Ishaq as Standby (Henrik, Frid, Lindquist)
Honorable Mentions: Ashley Park as Anne Egerman Katrina Lenk as Desirée Armfeldt Megan Hilty as Countess Charlotte Malcolm Michelle Pfeiffer as Desirée Armfeldt Ramin Karimloo as Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm Samantha Hill as Mrs. Nordstrom (Anne u/s, Charlotte u/s)
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