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#dan howell
curldisease · 2 hours ago
Oh my gosh I dreamt dnp got tiktok last night but also reverted back to the fringes
Not sure if that’s a nightmare or the best dream ever
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404mbti · 3 hours ago
phil lester predicted dream confirmed /j
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feelingofcontent · 4 hours ago
DNP Rewatch: ENVY
Tumblr media
Date video was published: 11/02/2012 (X)
DNP Main Channel Rewatch: 154
This was Dan’s first video after he hit 500,000 subscribers! (And Phil congratulated him, of course.)
0:00 - lounge background again. He films a lot of videos sitting on that beanbag chair! Also I love the carved pumpkin in the wasn’t carved in the baking video, so they must have carved it after that for Halloween. 🥺
0:02 - thanks for that clarification, Dan. lol
Tumblr media
0:25 - his delivery of “according to Wikipedia” for these definitions is great 😂
0:29 - he talks a bit about this same thing in YWGTTN! (only with the addition of how to manage that feeling better)
0:40 - the bedroom furniture has moved again it seems, with the bed pushed all the way to the wall now.
0:41 - laughing that he had to ask someone to actually text him that and reset their name in his phone for this scene. I hope it was Phil, hahaha.
Tumblr media
0:55 - somehow I can’t see Dan actually doing this
1:09 - “I hate that wombat” this example is great purely for that sentence
1:31 - educational!
1:48 - I guess it’s good for it not to be in an evil way?
Tumblr media
1:58 - another fantastic random Phil appearance in a Dan video! He’s been having little cameos in a lot of the recent ones. 😊 (also, lol at Phil tweeting to be jealous of his cupcake!)
Tumblr media
2:10 - yeah, that seems to be what Dan is saying now about this time in his life...he didn’t know when to stop pushing for “success” and career achievements
2:30 - more clone editing again. (also so many cushions on the couch...I want to believe that is Phil’s old heart-shaped cushion from HAYFEVER SUCKS!)
2:47 - ooooo that’s bad...and something I might have done when I was young with my sibling 🤐
Tumblr media
3:01 - “so I don’t need to see a therapist” oh, Dan...
This is one of Dan’s more “educational”-style videos, I guess? It still has a common setup with the skits and everything to all of his usual videos.
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boxhowell · 7 hours ago
let me set the scene
its 4 am, i’m laying in bed watch Gibi ASMR do my brows, trying to fall back asleep, she has just finished plucking my brows and is applying oil to them, i am hit with a yawn, this is my only chance to get to sleep, so i roll over to face the darkness of my room, and there they are.
there’s my thoughts.
my brain mad dashes multiple thoughts, “i have oily skin. that oil is going to break me out worse” “gibi has a very calming voice” “my english teacher saying he doesn’t read is actually peak comedy”
my brain slows, it’s getting ready to throw a big thought at me. maybe something i need to get done tomorrow, or my 4 am random sadness thought, but no, it’s neither of those.
i hear a single sentence, loud, clear, and sounding a lot like winnie the pooh
“obviously we were more than friends, but it was more than just romantic. we are real best friends, companions through life, actual soulmates”
my body reels back, i break my headboard i’m gripping it so hard. i yell to the spirits in my head. get out of my head, dan howell. he doesn’t listen. he chuckles at me. he starts reading his book out loud to me but in a daphne from Scooby Doo voice. i’m terrified. i will never learn to trust myself again. i can never escape. then a light through a tunnel. it’s phil lester. he’s come to take his best friend, arch enemy, husband, business partner, partner in crime, soulmate, and just mate. i won’t have to deal with him anymore. i was wrong.
phil pulls out the yodeling pickle. i can’t believe he still has it. “hoarder” i whisper under my breath, phil glares. he clicks the yodel button. i shrivel down to the floor. i am but am empty husk of a man now. didn’t even make it to my 18th. they stand over my body as i am tormented with their antics. they truly are partners in crime. that much i have witnessed.
they walk away. i am alone. i am sad. i am no longer watching Gibi ASMR.
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Perhaps it happens when Dan is hosting the pride live stream or maybe there are other circumstances where he's working directly with someone. Either way the person he works with is very forward and very flirty. They keep pushing him to answer if he's single and Dan deflects the question. But he does not deflect the flirting and in fact leans into it. This upsets people.
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lovingiseasy-434 · 9 hours ago
I was doing research for my metaphysical poetry class and
Tumblr media
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spacephrasing · 10 hours ago
I’ve figured it out “some guy” is more endearing bc we all fuckin know who he’s talking about. at this point phil could say something as generic as that and we know it’s dan bc they’re still danandphil this many years later
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no-connection-found · 12 hours ago
I will always refer to Philza Minecraft as Philza or Philza Minecraft because whenever I hear just Phil my brain goes to a clip from a couple years ago of Dan Howell saying “Phil Lester! You are a genius!”
My days of watching Dan and Phil will never be forgotten
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yosexypotato · 15 hours ago
Is anyone else getting notifications about Dan or Phil adding to their story on Instagram but when you click it they haven't posted anything??
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bellesbooknook · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
So unbelievably excited for the books that arrived today and the first books I’ll be reading for Pride Month! ❤️
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luminouslucy · 15 hours ago
No one talks about how CUTE it is in Sims 4, episode 55, when Dan helps Phil promote his merch 🥺
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kaptainandy · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
every daniel howell video [156/?]
Dan Takes Quizzes About Himself
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dailydnp · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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