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#;sending my personal favorite flavor uwu
Tumblr media
Pringles are going to super hell for being a gay snack!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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clockworknights · 2 months ago
Unusual asks: honestly can I just say all of them? They’re to great to pick. Or can you pick like your favorite five? I’m sure there’s got to be a few you want to answer. :)
OOF OK let’s do thisssss !
Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? (ALL THE WAY)
is your room messy or clean?
Ummm if I have to be honest I've been a bit too depressed to keep it clean :)
what color are your eyes?
Blue! Mostly, but it also kind of has gray and honey on them? And when I get water on them they turn turquoise!
do you like your name? why?
I didn't use to? But since everyone tells me it's beautiful and uncommon, I started to believe it myself and somehow I kind of like it now. But Lolo is better lol!
what is your relationship status?
I'm single! So feel free to hmu ;) jkjk I'm happy as I am,,, for now
describe your personality in 3 words or less
Genuine, clever, kindhearted
what color hair do you have?
I'm a redhead!
what kind of car do you drive? color?
I don't drive lol
where do you shop?
Zara and a national brand for clothing and then Fila mostly for shoes? And literally anywhere for other stuff
how would you describe your style?
I'm not sure cause I have like different syles depending on the day lol. Sometimes it's light or dark academia, sometimes it's casual streetstyle/sk8r boi with mom jeans and big hoodies, sometimes it's plain casual (just something combinable that I put together from my closet), sometimes I dress up real fancy, sometimes it's ALL black clothes. So yeah, idk lmao
favorite social media account
Tumblr duh! (I can't say anything else cause she's gonna hear me, she's not blind!)
what size bed do you have?
Maybe full??? I have no idea
any siblings?
A brother :)
if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?
London, or England in general, cause I've been there only once and I felt like I belonged there, I fell in love <3
favorite snapchat filter?
Uhmm, the one that's kind of an orange or the black & white one, both with the date
favorite makeup brand(s)
I really like Maybelline, but um also Sephora, MAC, and Nars
how many times a week do you shower?
I'm honestly not gonna answer this lmao, too personal
favorite tv show?
Avatar (both ATLA and LOK), Brooklyn nine nine, Lucifer, Zumbo's Just Desserts, Julie and the Phantoms, Alexa & Katie, and um The Haunting of (both Hill House and Bly Manor)
shoe size?
Like a 4 in the US size type
how tall are you?
sandals or sneakers? def
do you go to the gym?
... nope
describe your dream date
Uhh! It would be a whole day... We would go to a brunch picnic at a park, then to an art museum, have a walk through the city, then we'd cook together at home, go to a carnival, and finally stargaze :D
how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment?
I have no clue, I'm too lazy to check
what color socks are you wearing?
I'm not wearing socks rn but I definitely should cause I'm really cold
how many pillows do you sleep with?
Only one
do you have a job? what do you do?
I don't have a job but I'm kind of into a work thingy, maybe it'll go somewhere idk
how many friends do you have?
If we're counting both on and offline, then like at least maybe 15, 20?
what's the worst thing you have ever done?
Ummm, I really don't know
what's your favorite candle scent?
Vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and coconut... Oh and peach
3 favorite boy names
Alex, James, and Will
3 favorite girl names
Alex (lol), Lyra, Isabelle/Rose Isabelle/Audrey Rose
favorite actor?
Tom Holland :)
favorite actress?
Lily Collins, Anne Hathaway, and Zendaya
who is your celebrity crush?
Umm, to say someone close to my age, Louis Partridge
favorite movie?
Love, Rosie and Happy Death Day
do you read a lot? whats your favorite book?
Yep! Umm, fav series are: TSC, TFOTA, SJTR, Shatter Me
money or brains?
do you have a nickname? what is it?
how many times have you been to the hospital?
Many... Many times (nothing serious tho lol)
top 10 favorite songs
1. Navy blue- Charlotte Lawrence
2. INC.- Dori Valentine
3. Wondering from the HSMTMTS soundtrack
4. A little wicked- Valerie Broussard
5. Money run low- The Score
6. Fallin’ (adrenaline)- Why Don’t We
7. Do I wanna know?- Arctic Monkeys
8. Talk too much- COIN
9. VICES- Mothica
10. Is your bedroom ceiling bored?-Sody, Cavetown
+ All from the Positions Deluxe album by Ariana Grande
do you take any medications daily?
Yep, not gonna specify :)
what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc)
Mixed I think? Mostly dry tho but yeah
what is your biggest fear?
Failure and losing my loved ones
how many kids do you want?
I'm not sure if I want kids but if I did, two at MOST
whats your go to hair style?
Wavy, unbound, styled curtain bangs
what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc)
Average I guess
who is your role model?
Ariana Grande, I think... Also, Lily Collins
what was the last compliment you received?
I ummm... I think that I was the pretty and cute mutual from a colour ask :) I think it also was from you so ty ily uwu
what was the last text you sent?
'okk perfecto' (lmao)
how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real?
I think I've always known? Like ever since I grew conscious?
what is your dream car?
I really like Jeeps cause they're cool for road trips with friends so yeah lol
opinion on smoking?
Don't like it, don't wanna try it. And don't wanna tell you what to do but pls don't smoke, for yours and everyone else's sake
do you go to college?
Nope, not yet
what is your dream job?
Actress or author, CEO sounds cool tho lmao
would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs?
The suburbs !
do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?
No but my mum does lol
do you have freckles?
do you smile for pictures?
For selfies mostly I don't but for pics others take of me, I try to
how many pictures do you have on your phone?
18.640 goddamn lmao
have you ever peed in the woods?
do you still watch cartoons?
yEA :D
do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds?
None but Wendy's if I really have to choose
Favorite dipping sauce?
I like sweet&sour and ketchup
what do you wear to bed?
have you ever won a spelling bee?
I've never had to do it but probs would cause I'm really good at it
what are your hobbies?
Reading, writing, listening to music, doodling, baking, doing some graphic designing...
can you draw?
Not for the life of me lol no, but I like doing it !
do you play an instrument?
I used to play the flute at school but now I don't play any
what was the last concert you saw?
Dangerous Woman Tour, on 2017
tea or coffee?
Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
do you want to get married?
I don't really care but if in the future, let's suppose I'll have a partner, if they want to I mean, sure
what is your crush’s first and last initial?
I don't have a crush :(
are you going to change your last name when you get married?
Probably not unless I like it more than mine loool
what color looks best on you?
Blue and black
do you miss anyone right now?
do you sleep with your door open or closed?
do you believe in ghosts?
I like to believe they exist
what is your biggest pet peeve?
Having so many pet peeves to begin with lol
last person you called?
Umm, a friend I think
favorite ice cream flavor?
Cookies & Cream
regular oreos or golden oreos?
Regular but the golden ones a pretty good too
chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?
Rainbow :)
what shirt are you wearing?
I'm wearing pijamas
what is your phone background?
My dog <3
are you outgoing or shy?
100% introverted
do you like it when people play with your hair?
Yeah but only if we're really really close
do you like your neighbors?
Not much lol I don't really interact with them
do you wash your face? at night? in the morning?
Too much to ask... I do it when I remember to
have you ever been high?
have you ever been drunk?
Nono I'm a child of God
last thing you ate?
Buttered bread
favorite lyrics right now
I stay up late and I talk to the moon And I can't stop tellin' him all about you Wonder if you do the same thing I do And these four white walls, they know more than my friends They watch me type messages I'll never send This is the place that I just can't pretend to be alright
Is your bedroom ceiling bored like mine Of you staring at it all the time? 'Cause it's seen so many nights where I cry and I yell at the sky For not telling you how I feel Is your bedroom ceiling bored Like mine?
I get up early and talk to the sun I ask her for guidance but she ain't got none
summer or winter?
day or night?
dark, milk, or white chocolate?
favorite month?
January bc it's either holidays or holidays
what is your zodiac sign
who was the last person you cried in front of?
My therapist lmao
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shinsotired · 4 months ago
Hi Ally!! Hope you’re well today; I saw you were doing match ups and thought i would send u one :3 My pronouns are she/her; I’m okay with either gender! I’m a pisces and ISFJ personality type. I really love playing games, hanging out with my partner, and trying new snacks, LOL. I’m a bit introverted so I tend to need a lot of alone time too. I have like an athletic but not slim build with hazel eyes and brown hair medium lengthish hair and that’s all I can think of to tell you JSJSJD You can do the fandoms: BNHA, Fire Force, and Haikyuu! Any single one or all, whatever you’re feeling! Have fun! :)
eee Lily!! I was so excited to get a message from you uwu
I have found your matches!! I pair you with...
Tumblr media
Eijirou Kirishima!!
Okay BNHA was kinda tough because there were so many that came to mind when I thought of you. Ultimately though I decided on the boy with the best dye job!
Kiri absolutely loves your hazel eyes. He thinks they’re just so unique and he swears he sees a different color every time he really looks at them. He also quite adores your athletic build, find it very appeasing to the eye.
He favorite way to spend time with you is to play games with you and your friends. Him and Bakugou get a bit too competitive, but you don’t seem to mind. Of course if he notices your social battery is about empty, he quickly makes an excuse for you both to go home so you can recharge and not get overwhelmed.
Of course, he understands your need for alone time and totally respects that! When he sense that you would like some space, he is perfectly capable of occupying his time doing something else. He knows that you’ll reach out when you’re ready to be social again, and doesn’t worry or get upset by the distance. If he gets lonely and wants company, then he’ll go hang out with Bakugou or Denki to pass the time.
Your defender personality type is perfect for pro-hero Kirishima! Your kind heart and lovable personality makes it easy for anyone to fall for you. Kiri knows he hit the jackpot when you agreed to go out with him and he cherishes your relationship very much. He is extremely protective of you and if anyone hurts your feelings then he’s quick to problem solve.
A perfect date I feel like would be a nice night in! He’ll order your favorite foods for takeout and you can stay cozy at home while you eat before playing some co-op video games together. Kiri knows he doesn’t have to do anything super extravagant to convey his love to you, which is another thing that makes you so great for him!
Tumblr media
Maki Oze!!
Gorilla Cyclops Girlfriend!
Maki was honestly surprised that you even wanted to date her. Her poor self image makes her believe that she doesn’t deserve you, despite how many times you tell her that’s simply not true! You are both kind hearted and caring. She definitely is a hopeless romantic though and is unafraid to show you love for you both in public and in private.
Her favorite thing to do for you is to find new snacks for you both to try! Whether its a limited edition flavor and a special seasonal treat, she’s become a pro at hunting down even the rarest of foods. She loves watching your face as you try them, and gets a good laugh if you don’t like it because of the expression you make.
Maki is very fun loving so she definitely would want to take you out around the town. She likes to keep you to herself mostly, so she probably wouldn’t invite anyone else. Though she would definitely try to buy you anything you want, even if you protest.
That being said, if she senses you want some alone time, then she knows to distance herself. Though she’s not as good at being away from you, she knows that being too clingy isn’t good for any relationship. During those times she tries to train or maybe hang out with her coworkers at the 8th. Anything to distract her from how much she misses you.
The perfect date for you both I believe would be a carnival! You both play games to try to win the other prizes, and you love to try all the different foods that are available. Both of you have a lot of fun and its not something you’ll ever forget!
Tumblr media
Kenma Kozume!!
Okay but having a pro-gamer rich boyfriend would be such a dream
Kenma also adores your eyes, though he never really says it. You just often times catch him staring, lost in thought of how you ended up with a guy like him. He is incredibly grateful to have such a loving girlfriend with the same interests as him, one that he knows for sure isn’t just after his money.
Though the go-to couples activity is game playing, Kenma is extremely competitive which can sometimes be a bit annoying. He is not the best loser in the world, but he won’t throw a temper tantrum if you win. He’ll just see it as a reason to get better and try again. He’s always looking for a rematch and you’re more than happy to oblige him!
Luckily, with his incredibly busy schedule, it is easy for you to find alone time. Kenma is the type to also need time to himself to recharge, though occasionally he doesn’t mind sitting in the same room as you. You are the kind of couple that can be content with sitting next to each other but doing two entirely different things. Just your presence is enough to bring him peace.
Kenma doesn’t show a whole lot of emotion, but that definitely doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel any. You are able to read him perfectly so he doesn’t have to say exactly how he’s feeling all the time. You naturally pick up on when he’s feeling down or maybe needs some extra love and encouragement. He’s very happy to have a partner that is able to do that for him, as others simply though he was cold and distant.
Perfect date? I’d say going to the arcade and playing on retro machines together! You can do fun co-op games or even verses. He’ll rent out the entire arcade so that no one else will be there to bother you besides staff. Unlimited game play with your boyfriend? What could be better than that?
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genesisrose74 · 5 months ago
Christmas With the Karasuno Boys (HC’s)!!
Part 2: Kageyama, Hinata, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, Kinoshita, & Narita
Part 1 (Daichi, Suga, Asahi, Nishinoya, Tanaka, & Ennoshita) here!
A/n: Tumblr said my word count was too much so I’m splitting this bad boi up into two parts :p Enjoy!!
This boy has a secret soft side for Christmas istg
He HATES showing it to other people on his team and shit
But holy bejeezus he is mesmerized by the holiday in every way possible
Lights, sweets, snow, just like,,, the general magic of December is the most awe-inspiring thing to him
Since he is still a sporty and pretty active mofo, you decided to fuel that on your holiday-themed date as Kags had noted that he’d never gone sledding before
Your jaw was on the FLOOR when he first told you because he would 10000% enjoy the hell out of it
And so you dragged him out to this popular sledding hill that you frequented as a child and taught him what to do
Not gonna lie, he was kind of nervous
“Well you’re experienced at it. I don’t wanna mess up”
🥺🥺🥺 bubby
“You won’t, Tobio! I can already tell you’re gonna be a sledding pro”
Feels a little better after that, but he asks you to help him out for his first run down the hill
He sits behind you with his arms secured snugly around your waist and his head nestled on top of your shoulder
Which would probably seem really funny to passerby because this boy is tol and intimidating in most other situations
As soon as the sled started down, Kags tightened his grip and made this cute little yelp of surprise
But you were laughing insanely hard at the combination of going really fast downhill whilst also having your boyfriend cling to you for dear life
And then when the sled stopped safely at the bottom he started to chuckle
That shit is rare
Y’all stayed at that hill for half the day because it was so fun
You got him a new, very high quality athletic roller for Christmas because his old one was just not cutting it anymore
And you also gave him this really cute bracelet with a volleyball, his jersey number, and a little strawberry milk set of charms attached to it
It matched this really pretty and subtle chain he’d bought for your birthday
His blueberry eyes got all wide with affection dfjdskfjsdk—
Got super blushy and couldn’t get a handle on his speech for a fat minute
He thinks you’re the coolest person ever no I do not take criticism
Geez you’re both adorable together, ideal “stoic boy becomes warmer during the holidays around his love” movie plot and I love it
He is all in on Christmas. Not a chance this boy doesn’t get excited as hell
Will openly go into holiday mode as soon as November is over
Was secretly already listening to his Christmas playlist before then
He is one of the sweetest gift givers, that is FACTUAL
If you want something really badly, he will take notice and get it as your present immediately
He’ll also gift you an extra thing that’s handmade 🥺
Like some pastries that his mom helped him make, or a specially made basket of soaps with your favorite scents in it
It’s absolutely adorable and you cherish those ones especially
Is happy if you simply get him something; mans doesn’t care what it is
New practice volleyball? A brand new sweatshirt? Elated either way
You had seen an advertisement for a friendly match between Japan and Poland’s men’s volleyball teams, so you waited online on the ticket sales website until the minute it opened
Spoiler alert: you got some banger seats 😌✨
Shoyo may or may not have tackled you when he read the ticket details, letting out his excited giggle (you know the one)
“I can’t believe you got these, angel! You’re coming with me, right? You’ve gotta! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Gives you sweet little kisses between each individual ‘thank you’
“Of course I’ll go with you, Sho! I’m really glad you like it!”
He will give you the brightest smile of all time — that shit makes Christmas lights pale in comparison
“Have I told you how much I love you?”
Hold his hands to warm up together when temperatures drop pls :)))
It’s become a weekly December tradition to watch a Christmas movie with Natsu at the Hinata household
She’ll sit in your lap while the three of you are cuddled under a blanket together, and Shoyo will lace his fingers with yours all discreetly
In conclusion, I am a sucker for holiday Hinata 🥺🥺🥺
His room is decorated to the very minimum simply because his mom and brother had insisted on him being festive
You know those holiday instrumentals that are really calming and jazzy and stuff? Yeah, that’s the only Christmas music he will tolerate in his house
While he’s still got his usual icy demeanor, this blond bitch does get slightly less snippy with the Karasuno boys
Is always on the nose with getting you the exact thing you wanted for a present
You don’t even have to bring that shit up beforehand, he just KNOWS
“Tsukki, how did you—?”
“It’s pretty obvious, with the way that one ad kept showing up on your phone.”
b r u h
How does he pay such good attention without even letting on??
As for his own present, you’ll usually get him two: one gag gift and one more serious gift
His dino plush collection size is partly due to the former’s contributions this time of year
Yes the dinos have names
You exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve with all the team (you made him go) and he saved your more serious one for last
It was a scarf that you’d gotten custom made, which had a Spotify code knitted into the fabric
Scanning the code opened the app to a playlist you’d created especially for him
He got pretty quiet when figuring it out and scrolling through the playlist
Would let out a certified Tsukki Nose Exhale™ when he came across certain songs
The more subdued reaction was expected because it’s Tsukishima
His little chuckles and warmer eyes were enough of a giveaway to tell you he very much enjoyed your gift
But on the walk home, he took the scarf and wrapped it around you both, and then brought his arm around your waist
“Thank you.”
You deadass almost combusted because it was so unexpected??
“You’re welcome. Merry Christmas, Kei”
Way to respond calm and collected 😌👍
But on the inside your body was in freak out mode
He wears the scarf all the time jdfsklfjdsk
Take the most tooth rotting fluff you could imagine
And then double that and put a fucking cherry on top
That’s the equivalent of what Christmas is like with Yama Yama
Y’all are like kids in a candy store — literally
For your Christmas dates it’s all about sweets and shared giggles, so frequent trips to the candy and baking isles of the grocery store is a must
Making gingerbread houses, peppermint tasting (mostly trying those different and wild ass candy cane flavors), you name it and it’s there
Stomach aches? I don’t know her
Yeah you do but they go away with enough butterfly kisses 🥰
Tadashi is exceptionally good at decorating gingerbread houses for whatever reason
He put a poll on his instagram between yours and his final products and he won by a landslide
It’s not like yours was necessarily bad, more like he’s just an icing master
You also might have eaten too many gumdrops which left your rooftop lacking in ✨spice✨
But it’s okay because Tadashi donated some of his leftovers to you
He’s such a sweetheart uwu
Please for the love of everything get him something heartfelt as his present
You know those long distance bracelets for couples?
Basically if your s/o taps the icon on the bracelet it’ll send a little vibration to the other person’s as a notice that you’re thinking about them
This boy seeks constant reassurance, and you love to give him his deserved love and validation, so it was the perfect present
It takes a second for him to figure out what it is, but after reading the directions and testing it out, the most adorable smile erupted on his face
And then since you already had yours on, he tapped the little icon again with a giggle
“Hey there”
It becomes common habit to tap it at least once every couple hours
He is just so soft this time of year, give him all the love and he will return it tenfold ☺️
This boy is absolutely an awkward cutie and an avid romantic
Give him the cliches and he will eat em up, no doubt
It naturally gets more apparent around the holidays
He’ll take you on pretty winter walks, give you lots of little gifts (while blushing a hell of a lot), and is just a professional at stumbling upon some mistletoe
Wow wonder how it got there, Hisashi
He’s quite a bit more confident when simply alone with you than in a crowded space
And that definitely shows when he takes you out on a secluded sleigh ride around town
Yeah you heard me
A fuckin’ sleigh ride
Horses and blankets and everything
Don’t even ask how he managed to pull it off, because he loves watching the cogs turn in your head and simply will not give you a straight answer
Of course there’s the nice driver guy who’s there, but in the back alone Kinoshita’s confidence goes 📈📈
Lots of flirting, tons of skimmed touches and shared giggles throughout the ride
I legitimately simp really hard for him
Anyways it was a gorgeous ride through town and super fun
On Christmas Eve you both exchange gifts together and tbh whatever you got him will leave him happy and flustered regardless
But when he opens the wrapping paper to find an entire set of vintage VHS tapes, he’s stunned
He owns a VHS (actually canon!) and honestly loves it to death, and the fact that you’d get him tapes of pretty high quality for his collection meant a lot
Gosh he’s so underrated but a definite sweetheart, give him all the holiday love
Another underrated bby 🥺
He’s so chill and is pretty open to anything during the holidays, so long as he gets to spend ample time with you, his friends, and his family
Definitely more of an indoor person despite being accepting of most situations
Hence why you thought a cute little indoor winter picnic would be right up his alley
Which it absolutely was 😌✨ nice work
You’d made plans while in secret communications with his family members about the whole thing
He’d been pretty stressed lately with trying to handle his schoolwork, while also helping out others with theirs
Despite being a wonderful tutor, it was clearly becoming a bit overwhelming as he tried to grapple with so much at once
So when he came home one day to find a pristine house with you settled on a blanket in his living room, he was quite surprised
There’s a cheese plate, soda cans in a cute ice box, sandwiches, snacks, a presparked fireplace — you and his family went all out
Really adorable I cannot lie
“I thought you said you were going gift shopping today?”
“I might have maybe lied :P”
So he gives the sweetest little smile and sits across from you
Y’all stay there and talk for hours
After finally getting through everything previously laid out on the blanket spread, you slid him a little rectangular box that he looked at curiously
“Already? I haven’t wrapped yours yet!”
“Mine can wait a bit! Just open yours”
And so he does, and you watch with a face-splitting grin as he looks down in awe
You got tickets to see his favorite rock band in concert while they were on tour
He sprung onto you and pulled you into the tightest hug ever
“Holy shit you’re the best I love you so much how do you get even more loveable every day—!?!l”
It’s a jumble of words but you’re able to put it together and it makes you giggle
He deadass sprints upstairs to go get your gift and make sure that you feel as equally appreciated as he does
In simple words: wholesome holiday sweetness 🥰
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dongiovannaswife · 6 months ago
Would it be overkill if I asked for all of them?
How about 1, 3 through 8, and 11, 12 and 13? Oh wait, is that too much? Sorry if that's too much! ( > w < ') (I just love you and GioGio together❤)
It’d be a shame if I answered them all right here right now, during my break *eyes emoji* *eyes emoji* *eyes emoji* 
Thank you so much for sending this in! ily friend. ♥♥♥ 
@star-birthmark said: Alright so I'm gonna pull a Lena and just ask for all the questions. Is that good? Great. Love ya
I was just thinking about you doing the same to me so HA I read your mind. ASAsask. Thank you so much <3 
Under the cut for those not interested :D i did not proofread bc my head hurts ;w; 
1.       Does your F/O have a birthmark? (or any type of freckles or beauty marks?)
Beside the glorious star birthmark (which I know I have a spicy hc about uwu) Gio has this super curious and small birthmark on his back, it’s not that noticeable unless you see him closely uwuwuwu.
2.       Is your F/O the type to volunteer to their community?
I mean, he’s,,, literally a mafia boss. His posture on Passione and his work is far from honest, but I feel like he’d actually would open shelters or donate to good causes, and since I hc him as a lawyer, perhaps he volunteers from time to time so he can help people with cases, obviously he doesn’t accept any money from them, as he knows what it’s like.
3.       Does your F/O the type to be giving or to take?
Younger Giorno (I’m not talking from a romantic aspect, calm down please), is the one to always give and get surprised when he gets something in return —the adult Gio from my ship knows how to give and receive equally.
What I’m trying to say is yes, but I don’t know where yet, haven’t thought a lot about that.
4.       Does your F/O have any battle scars?
Better yet —is GER able to regenerate cells fully? That would make him like a super cell, you know. No but seriously, say GER is able to do so, and Giorno wouldn’t have any scares from the events of VA; but what if his moral called for him to do so, to let his skin carry some of them. Say, a scar from Narancia’s last moments on his chest, unnoticeable now due to the tattoo on his chest.
5.       Does your F/O wear make up? (Do you think they would be open to wearing makeup if they don’t wear it daily?)
I feel like he’d wear the casual lipstick from time to time, but not really always. Unlesss someone *wink wink* convines him to do his makeup one day so he can try it.
6.       Has your F/O ever dye their hair or worn a wig?
7.       What is your F/O fashion taste?
ignore the boob window and think about luke Hemmings or this. Exquisite, would give him kith.
8.       How tall is your F/O?
1.98 cm uwuwuwuwuw
10.   When if your F/O birthday?
9.       What is your F/O’s blood type?
April 16. ♥
11.   Does your F/O know how to cook? If so are they good at it?
He knows how to cook, yes, but he’s not that good —somehow I feel like his coffee would taste LIKE HEAVEN.
12.   What is your F/O favorite flavor?  (sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami (savory))
Sweet, definitely. When he’s a bit tired from it, though, he goes for bitter things.
13.   If your F/O could be a fan of any video game what do you think it would be?
Metal Gear Solid 4.
14.   What type of aesthetic does you F/O have?
The sense of freedom when you glance at the sunrise. If that makes sense of course.
15.   What color if your F/O eyes?
Turquoise! So pretty aaaaa uwu.
17.   If you could matching tattoos what would it be?
16.   Does your F/O have any tattoos? If not do they like or hate the concept of tattoos?
An owl on his chest, a vine on his index from his left hand and a sunflower on his ring finer; he’s thinking of getting something for the twins, but he’s not sure about what yet. 
A small Aloe Vera potted plant on our necks (based off an ask I remember getting a while ago —if that person is still around, your idea might come true buddy).
18.   Does your F/O have any piercings?
I die for the thought of him with a lip ring. But I don’t really think he has any of them, the lip ring is a matter of,,,, other impulses akdjslkd.
19.   Is your F/O a cake or pie person?
Both. Both is good. Has a leaning to pie, but loves both.
20.   Is your F/O a morning or night person?
Night person.
21.   Is your F/O a coffee or tea person?
Coffee, I don’t think he likes tea *that* much.
22.   Is your F/O half empty or half full type of person?
I’m not sure, tbh.
23.   Does your F/O have a pet? If not in canon what do you think they would have if given the chance?
Listen, a panther would make the best pet for him. But I think he’s a cat person. Not like he doesn’t like dogs, but a cat is probably something he enjoys most.
24.   Is your F/O the type to want to live in the city or live out in the country?
25.   Does your F/O like to swim?
26.   What harry potter house would your F/O be in? (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin)
Nah fam, I’m not really interested on HP, sorry.
27.   If your F/O was in “avatar: the last air bender” what type of bender would they be? (air, water, earth, and fire)
Some of you will kill me for this but I haven’t watched it, ever. :D
28.   Is your F/O LGBT+?
Nope, at least not for me. You are free to headcanon him as you wish. Pleadon’tstartdramathisisnotmeanttooffendanyone.
29.   Does your F/O have any artistic hobbies? (Knitting, drawing, painting, etc)
Drawing, but it’s most for stress relief.
30.   What’s a piece of clothing your F/O is never seen without? (glasses, a necklace, hat, etc)
The arrow he hangs around his neck or just carries around hidden.
31.   What type of scent does your F/O remind you of?
There’s this perfume I absolutely love and I can’t really describe it, but it’s WildCountry.
32.   What’s something you see often that has little to no relation to your F/O but always reminds you of them?
Flowers and vines :,)
33.   Do you have any silly nicknames or pet names for your F/O?
34.   What does your F/O house/apartment look like? (or what do you think it looks like)
If we talk about his years of “I live alone yeee” then pretty much no decoration, excepts for the plants or books he keeps —overall, what you could call monochromatic. Once we get married, we pick a style, with classical sculptures and roman like architecture
35.   What season reminds you of your F/O? (winter, spring, summer, fall)
36.   Have you ever had a dream with your F/O in it?
Yes uwu.
37.   Does your F/O play any musical instruments?
No really.
38.   What’s a song that reminds you of your F/O when you hear?
Gold by Prince.
39.   What is your relationship like with your F/O?
We,,, in love,,,, yes.
40.   How long have you been with your F/O? (or at least been interested in them?)
Interested in him,,,,,, I’m not sure if one or two years?? But in the “”””storyline”””” seven years.
41.   Where is your F/O from? (as in born)
42.   Is your F/O the type to read reviews, or just go with their gut
Better yet, contacts.
43.   What does your F/O’s Saturdays usually look like?
Some paperwork at home studio, comfy causal clothes (black jeans and white tee, barefoot).
44.   What is your F/O’s most valuable possession?
The arrow lmao.
45.   What’s a fad you can see your F/O taking part of?
Analyzing music together!! :D
46.   does your F/O prefer to work alone or with a team?
47.   How well does your F/O know tech? (such as computers, smart phones)
I feel like he knows a lot asdkad.
48.   What’s some advice your F/O would tell you?
“Stop thinking you are not enough, stop thinking no one loves you, stop thinking you are worthless; stop with all your self-destruction.”
49.   What animal reminds you of your F/O?
Lion!! :D
51.   What’s the most interesting fact you know about your F/O?
50.   What color reminds you of your F/O?
Gold AND turquoise
Canon or made by me?? The first would be his favorite musician, because OH I like that musician too, even before knowing him. The second it’s about his scars.
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secret0rose0garden · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh hey fam uwu I just wanted to make another post about Kencko smoothies (not sponsored???) because I can honestly say, I think a great deal of my latest weight loss success has been because of these bad boys. NOT that like, there’s some magical ingredient in them that makes the pounds melt off, but more that... they’ve just revolutionized my breakfast game, and I’m not blowing 500-600 calories on BREAKFAST any more, while still feeling full and satisfied. 
Alright, so what are they?  They’re these little packets of freeze dried fruits, vegetables and spices, that you just add to milk or water, shake up, and go.  There are currently about 15 flavors (all based on colors), so you’re BOUND to find a few that you like.  My personal favorites are Yellows and Pumpkins.  Each flavor is supposed to have a special benefit but honestly I just pick the ones that taste good.  Some are best mixed with milk (I like unsweetened vanilla almond milk) while some others are better mixed with water or juice (I use a combo of water and diet cranberry juice for those).  They range from about 70 to 90 calories, and have no added sugar or anything else.  Also! Those little packets they come in are compostable, so there’s no need to worry about single use plastic!
Now, to make mine a little more satiating, I typically add 2 tablespoons of vanilla protein powder (what’s ur favorite brand of protein powder, btw? WW is alright but I’d like to explore my options), a teaspoon of milled flax seeds, and 3 psyllium husk capsules from Pure for Her (about 1.5 grams of fiber).  And finally, I know Kencko markets itself as like, instant smoothies, and yeah sure you could go ahead and mix it, shake it, and drink it right away, but I much prefer to make them the night before, and let them sit over night in the fridge to really let everything hydrate, and let the flavors get to know eachother.
So, the stats on this Kencko Yellows smoothie, with all of my add-ins: 170 Calories, 10 grams of protien, 22 grams of carbs, 9 grams of sugar, 5 grams of fat.  Plus lotsa vitamins and minerals.  Oh and it’s also 5 points on WW Green. Paired with an apple before, and a low calories coffee right after, I feel totally find until lunch uwu
Listen I know it’s “so easy” to just make a regular smoothie but I ain’t got time to buy and chop up all that fruit, and also I don’t own a blender.  This is way easier, and I personally think they’re all delicious.  You can always add some splenda or something if it’s not sweet enough for you.
You can buy like, a little 7 flavor sampler, and they’ll send you a free bottle uwu!
Full disclosure, if you buy some using this link, I think I get $10 off of my next box:
And if you DON’T wanna use that link, you can just check them out here:
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miekasa · 7 months ago
iced tea
Tumblr media
+ pairing: levi ackerman x reader
+ genres and warnings: college au, levi is the best not yet boyfriend au, erwin would definitely be an insufferable project partner to have but you gotta love him au
+ summary: there are three rules of night class. come on time, come prepared, and come with snacks. you forget about rule number three. luckily, levi’s there to save the day.
Tumblr media
There’s only one appeal to signing up for a three-hour night class, and it’s that you only ever have to muster up the will to attend once a week. It’s a sacrifice, but it definitely cuts down on the temptation of skipping like you would a normal, one-hour section course. Just one and done.
Plus, you have Erwin with you in this class. Is he a little bit of a professor’s pet and consistently overly chipper every class despite knowing he’s about to endure 180 minutes of lecture? Sure, but at least you don’t have to suffer alone.
Really, it’s not as bad as it sounds, especially if the course is interesting enough, or easy enough, and luckily for you, yours is both. Not to mention, your professor is brilliant, actually entertaining, and does her best to keep the class engaging—she’s funny in the dorky, lovable professor kind of way. And she gives you short, ten to fifteen minute breaks at every hour mark just to make sure everyone doesn’t completely lose their minds.
It’s a commitment, but you’ve grown to actually enjoy it. As long as you follow the three rules of night class: come on time, come with your notes prepared so that you don’t get upstaged by Erwin, and come with—
“Fuck,” you curse, watching as Erwin pulls out one of his many, tiny, organic, boxed juices. The ones meant for children with soy sensitivities that Erwin claims are packed with more nutrients.
“What’s up?” He questions, more shocked than concerned, at your sudden profanity as he sets his juice box in the right corner of his desk.
You pout. “I forgot to bring snacks.”
Come on time, come with your notes prepared so that you don’t get upstaged by Erwin, and come with snacks. Those were the only three rules of night class, and you’d completely forgotten about the most important one.
“Oh,” Erwin grins, pulling a chocolate bar from his lunch bag and taunting you with it, “Sounds like a you problem.”
You snatch a piece from the top corner, stuffing part of it into your mouth to spite him; but you regret your choices as soon as it melts on your tongue.
“What the fuck—is this mint chocolate?” you complain, swallowing the rest of the sweet with disdain.
“Yes it is,” Erwin huffs, grabbing the remaining stolen bit from between your fingers and popping it into his mouth, “And it is delicious.”
“You’re an actual menace to society.”
Erwin crinkles his nose at you, “A menace to society with snacks for the next three hours.”
His comment makes you groan, albeit a little dramatically, and you slump back in your chair to debate your options. Class doesn’t start for another twelve minutes; you could try and run to the student center quickly to buy some last minute snacks, but the line was probably already lengthy with students of similar trains of thought, meaning you’d be late if you stuck it out, which would leave you violating rules one and three tonight. Erwin makes you sit in the front row with him, and you were not willing to take the late walk of shame with an armful of snacks in tow.
You could wait it out until the first hour break, but they’ll probably be sold out of anything good by then, not to mention the race to beat out the line again. If you played your cards right, you could order food during class and time it so that it was delivered during your break, but that was risky.
Alternatively, you could try and sprint to the concessions stand near the library, but going there and back was so much further away than the student center; you’d probably end up late, too.
“Hey,” you call to Erwin, refraining from rolling your eyes as he sets all six thousand and twenty eight of his colored pens on his desk for the evening, “Is Hange still on campus?”
“No, they have work today.”
You groan. Why did Hange have to be so responsible and good with their time-management skills. They was your last hope. Unless—
“Do you think Levi will bring me Starbucks?”
“Probably,” Erwin shrugs, humming to himself; but then he thinks it over, replying again with a knowing smirk on his face, “Actually, definitely. If he’s still here, but he probably is. You know him.”
You pout, the possibility of Levi being home is high, but so is that of him being cooped up in his favorite library. Either way, he would likely be studying right now, and you’d hate to disturb him, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 
[sent 6:47pm] you — leeevaaaaaaaaai are you still on campus
[received 6:47pm] leeevaaai — yes — why, what’s wrong
[sent 6:47pm] you — uwu — wanna bring me something from starbucks before class — i have my 3 hour lecture today and i forgot snacks :—( — and erwin won’t share his organic $1500 whole foods gummy bears with me
[received 6:48pm] leeevaaai — i told you i don’t like the smileys with the noses, they’re ugly — should you even be drinking coffee this late, you’ll be up until the ass crack of dawn
You scoff audibly, and Erwin takes this as an invitation to peep at your screen. Your comment about his snacks does not go unnoticed, as bitterly munches on his (yes, in fact, organic and gluten-free, as if it being mint flavored wasn’t criminal enough) chocolate bar.
[sent 6:48pm] you — that’s RICH coming from you mister
[received 6:48pm] leeevaaai — you’re being awfully rude to someone you expect to buy you a $7 drink
[sent 6:48pm] you — hehe sorry i loooove you leeevaaai — venti iced chai latte — light ice
[received 6:49pm] leeevaaai — do you think i don’t know your overpriced starbucks order by now
[sent 6:49pm] you — uwu :—)
[received 6:49pm] leeevaaai — but you’re getting a grande, i’m not made of money — and it’s punishment for sending another ugly nose smiley
[sent 6:49pm] you — un-uwu
“I don’t blame him,” Erwin chuckles, scrunching the wrapper from his now finished bar between his fingers.
You flick him away, ignoring the turning heads of your classmates as Erwin’s pens fall in the aftermath. It’s seven o’clock on the dot when your laptop pings loudly with an incoming message from Levi—and a subsequent groan from Erwin, who breeches your personal space once more to press the mute button on your keyboard.
[received 7:00pm] leeevaaai — where are you sitting
[sent 7:00pm] you — front row to the right — erwin’s idea not mine
Levi spots Erwin’s bright blonde hair before he sees you, scoffing to himself as he makes his way to the front of the room; a tray with three Starbucks cups, and a plastic bag in tow. Erwin sees him first, too, waving at him as he crosses from the left side to where the two of you are seated.
“Aw, Levi, you brought me one!” Erwin all but squeaks, reaching for one of the other drinks with grabby hands after you take your iced drink from the tray.
But Levi pulls one hot drink from the tray for himself, and pulls the remaining one out of arm’s reach. “As if,” he grumbles, bringing his own cup to his lips. 
“You’re the best, Levi,” you smile, sticking your tongue out at Erwin. Levi only offers you a small nod as acknowledgement. He extends his left hand now, the plastic bag sliding off his wrist and onto your desk, silently.
Confused, you lean forward, setting your drink down to open the contents of the bag. Inside, there are two granola bars, a bagel, cream cheese, some kind of sandwich, and a small Nutella to-go cup with mini breadsticks attached. When you look back up at Levi, he simply shrugs, sipping on his drink again while a light pink dusts over the tips of his ears. 
“You said you forgot your snacks,” he explains, “I knew you’d text me the whole time, bitching about how Erwin wouldn’t share his zero-calorie lemon rinds if you didn’t have your own.”
You take note that the chai he brought you was, in fact, a venti, and not a grande like he’d threatened, and that the granola bars in the bag are not only your favorite flavor, but from your favorite brand, too; and you find yourself smiling as you decipher the very clear message underneath Levi’s less than poetic words.
“What’s in the other cup?” Erwin asks, pointing at the remaining drink. Levi carefully lifts it from the tray, and sets it down on the other corner of your desk, a safe distance away from your laptop.
“Tea,” he says shortly, “So you don’t lose your mind after inhaling your coffee.”
“This is tea, too. Chai is tea, Levi.”
“Tea without milk or six kilograms of sugar,” Levi corrects you, “Or ice.”
“Iced tea is tea, you know.”
Levi doesn’t respond to that with anything but a glare. You smile at his stoicism. Erwin thinks the whole exchange is kind of weird, and wonders where you possibly get the gall to make fun of his taste in snacks when you can’t even realize you’re in love with a man who refuses to identify iced tea as a valid form of tea. 
“I better go before she starts,” Levi speaks, a single hand referencing to your professor behind him, who looks just about ready to begin class for the evening, “Call me when you’re done, I’ll drive you two home.”
“Oh, you don’t have to, Erwin and I usually take the b—”
“Brat,” Levi cuts your words short, “Call me when you’re finished. I’ll be in the library.”
You throw daggers at him with your eyes, but your resolve is waning, once again, as you closely read at the implications of Levi’s promise. You accept, and Erwin is more than happy for the free ride.
Levi hums. “And eat the bagel before the Nutella.”
“You’re annoying.”
“I’m a saint,” Levi deadpans, placing the palm of his hand on the top of your head affectionately, “Call me.”
He walks away before you can debate again, just as your professor speaks into the microphone to grab everyone’s attention. You scrunch your nose, hands flying to your hair to smooth out the aftermath of Levi’s playfulness, before opening your notes for the evening.
“You’re really dense aren’t you?” Erwin asks, one eyebrow raised, but the overall look on his face is more than fond, “It’s kind of cute.”
“Huh?” you question, cheeks stuffed with food as you bite into your bagel, “Dense about what?”
Erwin shakes his head, turning back to laptop with an exasperated expression, the fondness in his eyes fading quickly. “Hopeless,” he mumbles, “The both of you.”
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knightofameris · 7 months ago
NOOOO WAIT I HOPE U DIDNT TAKE THE 17 PPL THING WRONG FNDNDJ it’s a joke i do bc i ~cant count~ I SHOULDVE ADDED ON “that’s a lot of people” IDK DHSKDND it’s midnight and i’m stupid fbdjdj but i’m super duper proud of u and will def do ur event after your midterms (GOOD LUCK ON THOSE BTW!! you got this hehe) and maybe i will try those flavors soon enough >:O gotta get out the comfort zone u know?
also!!! bundled, fresh air + pie for the ask game? 🤲🏼 -🧸
OMG NO I DIDN’T TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY DONT WORRY AHHHHHH. and no its okay I like to say I can do math fast but I can’t guarantee it’s right. GO TO SLEEP IT’S MONDAY TOMORROW. 
but thank u ommmgg ;-; AND THANK YOU AHHHHH I hate everything
and yeah! I've been doing more different drinks after graduating high school cus I was like why not owo
and uwu thank u for sending in stuff for the ask game <3
Bundled - describe your ideal date.
hmmmm tbh I just like being able to relax with them. either sit in silence or chill at home and watch stupid stuff or do stupid stuff. i’m a pretty lazy person tbh. otherwise even just going out for a bit (like for dinner or whatever) then coming back home to relax is nice! or spontaneous dates too omg. 
if I want to be real cheesy, then stargazing LOOOL. 
Fresh Air - what's something you're thankful right now?
HNNG.i’m really really thankful for my close friends, my siblings, everyone I talk to on here, and everyone on @\renesis-jj’s server. i haven’t talked much about it on here and if I did I deleted it right away, but the past two weeks have been super rough and I don’t think I would’ve gotten through it without everyone I mentioned. i mean overall the pandemic has SUCKED but the two weeks have been particularly hard and i’m glad I know I have people to lean on when needed. 
Pie - what's your favorite type of pie?
It used to be pumpkin pie but I think I like pecan pie a lot now! but also I don’t eat TOO much pie in general loool
ask me things while I do hw!! (ask game list)
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ready-to-obeyme · 8 months ago
Hiii!! Boba dates with the undateables please? Have a great week, and don't forget to eat proper meals and drink water! (And if you're going out) please wear a mask and have sanitizers/alcohol in your bag! Thank you! Love your works josdnsdsjdofhsd
Prompt: Boba Dates with the Undateables + Boba Drinks
//Heyy, thanks for the kind reminders (and for liking my work hehe)! I always have a few masks in my car just in case so don’t you worry about that! Here’s the Boba Date with the Undateables! TY to A for helping me with this one!!
Fruit teas: mango green teas, peach black teas, citrus & passionfruit teas—always goes for the fruit ones
Except for this time he wants to switch orders with you
At first, you’re taken aback. The Prince of Devildom is trying out your drink? But he loves trying new things and taking your drink is just a way for him to get to know his favorite exchange student better
If anything, he’ll unabashedly take a sip of yours (if you’re okay with that) and grin and tell you he might get your order next time
Suggests that the two of you take your drinks and stroll around because just hanging out at the boba shop is not enough 
If your hands are cold because of your drink, he has no qualms in asking to hold your hand so he can warm it up with his 
If you had a hot boba drink, he’d cheekily ask to hold your hand and comment on how very warm it is
Either way, you end up holding his hand as the two of you stroll through town and to a park bench where the two of you can enjoy each other’s company-- count on being seen and watched by people as you hold hands with the crown prince of the Devildom
Date always ends at ‘dusk’ when your drinks have been finished ages ago and Diavolo offers to walk you back to the House of Lamentations
Honey Chrysanthemum tea with honey boba-- it’s a sweet and simple drink, but rare enough that he gets excited when he sees it on the menu
Tries to research the place beforehand to give you some recommendations (with some advice from Luke of course)
Always ends up sending you the picture of the menu and asking for your advice if his favorite drink isn’t on there
Prefers to drink at the boba place, at a table where he can talk to you face-to-face and enjoy the ambiance of the background music plus the slight intimacy of his conversation with you being unheard by the people around you 
Definitely the type of person to take a sip at the same time as you do-- and it’s cute the way the two of you look at each other and laugh
Takes a cute picture with you so he can show it to everyone back at Purgatory Hall
Asks you to teach him how to use Devilgram to document the date (might turn into a foodie devilgrammer, who knows)
Orders something to bring back to Solomon and Luke always, but it gives him a chance to invite you back to Purgatory Hall to spend more time with him 
Knows that the nutritional value of boba is pretty low, so he tries to limit his invitations to boba dates to you once per week
[insert flavor] black tea
Every time he gets boba, he just tries different combinations with the same base
You tend to order together, trying to switch off between who pays for who, but for some reason, he always finds a way to distract you or to pay for your order when you run to the restroom
He always knows your order-- down to the sweetness and ice levels before you’ve even told him anything
“And for the toppings--” “Yes, I got you honey boba.” 
It becomes a thing with the two of you: he gets your order perfectly right and you spend the next hour or so trying to figure out how he figured it out
Ends up being completely flattered because you realize how perceptive he is and how much he pays attention to the things you say, even if you feel like you’re rambling sometimes 
He tends to not start the conversations, but he always adds to them with his witty/dry humor-- he finds that he likes listening to you talk, but if the two of you are comfortable just being with each other, he’s fine with that too
The type of boba date to walk around with the drink and sightsee, pointing out a nice building, people-watching, or cloud-gazing; it isn’t often he gets to relax like this, but you always seem to evoke a sense of calm with him
And if your hands eventually find each other on your walk, he gently holds you until he walks you back to the House of Lamentations
Oolong milk tea with grass jelly
He orders this every single time, and even if you make fun of him for never going for something different, he’s unabashed about it
Will unashamedly ask to try your drink and playfully take a sip of it even when you bluster because he likes to rile you up 
If you complain that he should get his own drink, he’ll tease you saying, “Didn’t you want me to try something new?” 
Also the type of person to challenge you who to finish their drink first (and this always ends badly, but the two of you are not one to back down)
Boba dates are usually the dessert after the two of you go out to eat dinner or lunch, and he’s the type to ask you to split a food dish with him
There’s a shared intimacy when he gets to see what you enjoy eating and drinking, even if he never tells you this-- he’d rather have you think he likes being cheeky 
Conversations with him are always full of banter and time always seems to go really fast, which is why the two of you end up going to multiple places before either of you feel satisfied 
The two of you might be on a sugar high after chugging your drinks down, so you end up walking around aimlessly, chasing each other down and laughing about it (if you can handle it); maybe fool around with magic and get in trouble together, who knows uwu 
Luke (platonic date, mind you) 
Any type of QQ drink-- Loves all the toppings that come with it
Will ask you to come to the Purgatory Hall kitchen to attempt making your own version
After getting your drinks for inspiration, you head to the grocery store to collect all the ingredients
You two make big batches of drinks and toppings, enough to satisfy Beel
Make your own boba bar for everyone!
Do you think you might have a food coma after drinking all this? Probably, but it’s okay, seeing Luke super happy after all this was Worth it. 
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vampexx · 11 months ago
If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let's get to know the person behind the blog ❤
Ooohhhh first ask ❤❤❤
1. I LOVE peaches...anything peach I am very likely to LOVE. Peach tea? YES MA'AM. Peach cobbler? BISH WHERE? PEACH COBBLER WITH CINNAMON AND VANILLA ICECREAM ON TOP!?!?! DEAR GOD YES QUEEN!!! etc :3 ❤
2. I LOVE coffee, ESPECIALLY starbucks!!! Its like my blood type ❤❤❤ drinking my signature order right now ;3 what is that you ask? GET READY BC IM THAT BASIC BISH LMAO : Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha with Almond Milk (no whip), 2 pumps vanilla and an extra shot of espresso 💖💖💖💖 ugh its got such a sweet, yummy flavor but a nice espresso kick/ coffee bite so its no overly sweet. 😍👌
3. favorite color is black mainly and like dark muted colors....but idk why I have this like love for yellow/gold with like a dark indigo or navy or like black, white and yellow color schemes is just 👏👌idk why, I have a thing for yellow, like its totally out of left field for someone like me who doesnt typically "do" color lmao like a daffodil in a graveyard 🤣🤣🤣 its just so cute uwu
Thanks @captainchocolate29 ❤
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anakinskyiwalker · 12 months ago
If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let's get to know the person behind the blog!
uwu thank you karolina ☺️💞
i have green eyes
my star sign is leo
my favorite icecream flavor is cookie dough
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leerongrong · a year ago
of broken arms and annoying neighbors.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Donghyuck x Reader
Word Count: 1.9k
Summary: In which your summer isn’t filled with adventures and laughter but more of annoying neighbors and falling from windows.
Requested: yess from this drabble game. feel free to send a request! // babysitter!au + enemies to lovers +prompt 37 with hyuck or jaemin,, i cant really decide,, thank you and i love your blog uwu xoxo
Tumblr media
Summer started just over a month ago, prompting all school kids to lay back and enjoy the sun, ditching school work and forgetting homework. Sunshine shone from above, shinning on your uncovered head while you’re walking to the house address on your phone.
While your friends had all went away to vacation; some going to Bali for a summer tan, others going to their grandparents’ house in the suburbs, you had decided to stay put in your house, prompting to get a job and gather up money for a brand new speaker you’ve been eyeing since last week. The gadget had been just a bit expensive, your money lacking and your parents won’t give you any of theirs, telling you to work for it instead.
The neighborhood you’re walking through is one of the high end ones; flashy marble white buildings owned by the likes of business men, and women. The first time you walked through, you’d felt a little awestruck at their infrastructures, even at their too big swing set just by the park. You guessed this was what people meant when they said that grass is always greener on the other side.
You, yourself came from a humble back ground. Your dad a small office worker with 8 to 9 hours of work, while your mom’s a stay at home wife who cooks and sells some of her paintings as a hobby and now to add to the addition, you’re a babysitter who works for a well off family with 2 adorably well mannered kids. You had started working just over two weeks ago, along with taking care of kids, you had to do a little house work but all and all you love the job that you have.
Although the one thing you can’t stand about the job is one little thing, or should you say person. He goes by the name Lee Donghyuck.
The neighbor next door who made it hell even on your first day of work, breaking one of the house owner’s window, as a welcome gift. Your first encounter hadn’t been good to start with, more so when you threatened to call the police on him. Ever since then he’d always get on your nerves, pressing on the house’s doorbell multiple times and fleeing when you came to open the door.
You hadn’t been innocent yourself, you had purposely baked a chilly and pepper pie that smelled like strawberry and jam, pretending to put it out on the window to cool it down. You had the best laugh of your life when you saw him eat it and cough his guts out.
The steady pace you put on proved to be a hassle. You’re sweating buckets by the time you reached the Smith’s front door, the sun’s still beating down on you while you’re twisting the door knob, eyebrows furrowing when the door won’t open. “Sam? Lynn? Guys it’s me, open the door!”
“Nope!” Two heads pop out of the kitchen window, both kids laughing and smiling at you. Sam’s the 7-year-old brunette with his two front teeth missing, while Lynn’s the 6-year-old blonde with pigtails. The two kids have been a wonder for you to babysit, both of them following your every rule and staying out of trouble. That is until today.
“Guys, c’mon,” You groan, “The ice cream I bought is going to melt if you don’t let me in.”
You’re suppressing a smirk when both kids pop up at the sound of ice cream, the two having a secret little meeting while they go on to discus about their multiple favorite flavors. “What flavor did you bring?”
“Rockyroad.” The sweat sliding down your neck has you desperate to get out of the sun, desperate enough to send the kids your best puppy dog eyes. Little Lynn’s eyes waver for a small moment that has you hopeful, only for that hope to be crushed when Sammy shakes his head and locks the window from the inside.
You’re scoffing at your fate while Donghyuck’s having the time of his live, hand propped up to hold his phone onto his ear while his eyes take in the way you’re jumping and trying to climb your way up to the second story window. The line on his phone finally connects and he’s spewing comments the moment Jaemin’s voice breaks through.
“Bro, she’s climbing up a window!”
“What do you mean you don’t believe me?”
“Come over here and see it yourself, then!”
“Are you a burglar or something?” His eyes are scanning your form, taking in the way you’re climbing up swiftly as if it isn’t your first time. He’s taking in the way your shirt and shorts ride up every time your hands reach up to grab at a ledge. “You’re hot tho.”
“What’d you say, Hyuck?” Donghyuck almost flings his phone out the window when he hears Jaemin’s voice on the line, only remembering too late that he hasn’t pressed the end call button just yet, finally realizing that Jaemin probably heard him calling you hot.
The multiple excuses on the tip of his tongue are pulled to a stop when he hears your scream from outside his window, and it takes everything in Donghyuck not to scream too because an arm shouldn’t be bent that way.
He’s sprinting to your side in seconds, and Hyuck crouches down slowly when he sees you’re still looking at your arm in a daze. “Hey, are you okay?” He’s refraining from slapping himself because you’re most definitely not okay.
Your eyes are focused on him for a minute, head bopping down to look at your hand. The adrenaline in your system is slowly wearing off, a sluggish feeling seeping into your bones and pain shooting up your arm. The scream that escapes you not only make Donghyuck jump but also make Jaemin come running from three house down.
“Oh My God.” The three words come pouring from your lips like a prayer, repeating it again and again while your eyes are still focused on your arm and the way it’s bent, some places slowly turning a smudge blue and purple. The tears start falling down in a quick pace and the way you’re looking at Donghyuck, makes him want to cry too.
“Don’t touch your arm!” Donghyuck all but screeches when he sees you reaching down to your weirdly angled arm, “Are you stupid!?”
“There’s a spare key under the bench,” He screams, “How did you not know that? Even I knew about it!”
You aren’t sure who calls the ambulance, your vision blurring until all you can see is black. Your ears only comprehend Donghyuck’s screams and the sound of sirens invading your senses. “Don’t you dare die, you hear me?! People are going to think I’m the one who killed you!”
Tumblr media
“Get a summer job they said,” You grumble, “It’ll be fun they said.”
“Well they didn’t say anything about falling out a window and breaking an arm!”
The next few weeks are spent in your bedroom, based on doctor’s orders. You thought your summer would be filled with adventures, laughter, and maybe a hint of love and you’re still bitter that yours has been filled broken arms and annoying neighbors so far. Although you can’t complain about the later, since the incident, Donghyuck’s been visiting you in his spare time along with Jaemin and the two of you could now be classified as best friends, although you’re not sure what you and Donghyuck are.
The lingering touches and affectionate teasing are too much for you to think of.
Three knocks are heard and your door opens to reveal your mom with a batch of cookies in her hands, a smile spreading on your lips when another head pops into view. “You have a visitor, sweetie.”
The first few moments with Donghyuck alone in your room is awkward, both of you shuffling around while no one utters a word. The sun’s still bright outside, some of its rays shinning in through your opened window and into your room. Donghyuck shuffles closer to you when the sun’s rays hit him on his face and you’re snorting at the view.
“Are you Dracula or something?”
“That’s rich of you to say that,” He snorts back, “As if you don’t look like a mummy right now.”
The awkwardness bursts when you both start laughing, Donghyuck even going a degree of falling off your bed. The air is calm for a while, Donghyuck helping himself to a few of your mom’s cookies while he also passes you some. It’s only then do you see the sight of a black marker in his pocket.
“What’s that for?” Donghyuck’s half way to taking a bite from his cookie when he stops for a moment. A sight of red covering a bit of his cheeks, and you’re squinting to see if he’s blushing or if you also hit your head when you fell.
”Ya know- I haven’t written anything on your cast.”
“Hyuck,” You groan, “It’s being removed soon.”
He’s shrugging his shoulders and you’re trying to see his hidden intentions when he twirls the marker between his fingers, the motion capturing your attention instead. “Still want to sign it.”
“Fine, But if it’s something bad I will literally throw you out my window.”
His body covers your cast from view, completely blocking you from seeing what he’s scribbling on your hand. You’ve only seen Donghyuck serious a handful of times, and you didn’t think he would look this serious if he’s only signing your cast. “Why’re you taking so long?”
“You remember that time you fell really hard and broke your arm?”
Of course it’s like him to answer a question with another question, one of his traits you’ve seen countless of times back when you two were still enemies trying to spite each other. You know he’s been trying to do it less since you cussed him out for it but you know that old habits die hard.
“Of course,” You roll your eyes, “How could I forget?”
“Well I kind of fell that hard for you too.”
Your head shoots up the second the words leave his lips, and your eyes bug out when it registers in your mind that Lee Donghyuck just used a pick up line on you, it just registered in your mind that Lee Donghyuck, your previously annoying enemy, may have a crush on you, just like you him.
And it only registers in your mind the words he wrote on your cast may be the sweetest thing he’s ever asked to you.
“Do you wanna go on a date with me?”
Bonus Scene:
“It’s totally clear you didn’t come up with that pick up line all alone.” The two of you are laying on your bed, Donghyuck’s head on top of your lap while your, now free, hand tangles themselves in his hair, softly tugging at the roots and giggling when he groans from your actions. “It totally reeks of Na Jaemin.”
“Well, didn’t you want to know how i feel?” He’s propping himself up on his elbows, pouting exaggeratedly in a mock cute fashion. “Besides, I said it. Me.  And you liked it. Does it even matter?”
The slight red on his cheeks make you squeal and you’re flopping on top of him. Donghyuck lets out an oof when you wrap all your limbs around his, his mouth curling up into a smile when you press a sweet kiss onto the edge of his lips.
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yoongsgguktae · a year ago
50 questions tag
I’m avoiding doing any real work, so here it goes! 
Tagged by: @yoonkitty​
What colors is your hairbrush? I actually only brush my hair in the shower with a clear pink wide-tooth comb (curly hair ftw)
What food would you never eat? I actually really hate dimsum because I don't like the food at all, you will never catch me at one again
Are you usually hot or cold? my hands and feet are typically always cold, but my face is usually always hot
What did you do 45 minutes ago? I was on a conference call with some of the girls at work, we have Friday morning breakfast calls now that we don’t see each other in the office due to quarantine, we chat and eat breakfast together uwu.
Favorite chocolate? DARK CHOCOLATE with almonds preferably 
Have you ever been to a professional sports event? Yep I’ve seen the national soccer team of Brazil play Mexico a few years back, I’ve also seen every New England team play: Red Sox (baseball), Patriots (football), Bruins (hockey), and Celtics (basketball) but I assure you that I am not a sports person. They're just a fun way to hang out and drink with friends or co-workers
What was the last thing you said out loud? ”I’ll take care of it” I told my husband as I was talking about cutting my dogs nails
Favorite ice cream flavor? avocado 
What was the last thing you drank? my smoothie? does that count? I have the same smoothie every morning (almond milk, blueberries, kale/spinach, oatmeal, flax seeds, almonds/walnuts, peanut butter, cinnamon, and banana)
What kind of wallet do you have? a small one that just fits my cards and cash, I don't like carrying around a purse
What was the last thing you ate? again, my smoothie?
Did you buy clothes last weekend? no, I don’t really buy clothes
What was the last sports event you saw? hockey, it’s my favorite sport to watch live, there’s a lot happening at once, it’s never boring
Who was the last person you texted? my son
Do you like camping? I love it, haven’t been in a while. I usually only do one-day hiking trips
Do you eat vitamins? I guess the foods I eat have vitamins? so yes?
When was the last time you traveled? traveled.. you can say I travel all the time in the city and whatnot, but purposefully traveled would be my vacation last August to the White Mountains.
Do you like sunbathing? not really, only for short amount of times
Asian or Italian food? I prefer Asian, there are a wide variety of Asian foods
Do you drink soda? I actively try not to, and if I do it’s ginger ale
What color socks are you wearing now? cute ones that are white pink and blue
When was the last time you were speeding? because of quarantine, I can't remember that last time I drove, maybe last week?
What are you afraid of? temptations
What can you see if you turn left? my basement tv (i’m in my basement)
What kind of housework you like the least? gosh I hate putting away laundry with a passion. the only way I get through it is if I have the office playing in the background.
What is the first thing you think of when you hear someone talking in a language you don’t know? I find it beautiful that we can communicate in many different ways, yet we’re all human just trying to do our best.
Do you sleep on your back or side? usually on my stomach or on my side. I only sleep on my back when I have insomnia which for some reason helps?
You crave fast food, where do you go? chipotle, vegan friendly
What is your lucky number? I don’t really have a lucky number? but my favorite number is 4 (yes I know, possibly the worst number since it signifies death in many Asian countries)
Who was the last person you talked to? minha mãezinha (my momma)
Do you eat meat? I was pescatarian for a few months and it was hard to go over a friend’s house and such. So when I decide what to eat, it’s vegan/pescetarian, but when I go over people’s houses or places with no vegan options I just get the least harmful non-vegan thing. So very occasionally I have meat (but when I do it just hurts my tummy)
What was the last song you listened? I listening to a random playlist on Spotify so that last one I heard is “no importa” by Aliana Castillo
Last book? The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
What is your favourite day of the week? saturday, weekends in general
Do you know the alphabet song backwards? nope
Favorite coffee/tea? I’ve been digging blueberry acai tea lately, but my go-to is chai
Favourite shoes? it was these amazing ankle boots, they were so pretty. then my dog chewed one of them!!!!!
When do you usually go to sleep? I’m an old lady, I get into bed by 9 and read until I get tired which would be like 10 or 11 depending on the day
When do you usually wake up? my body automatically wakes up at 5 every morning, even on the weekends, please send help
Sunrise or sunset? oooh I find them both incredibly beautiful, I can’t choose.
Do you like your bed soft or hard? medium, not too soft but not a rock either
Describe the plate you are eating from? I’m not eating from a plate at the moment, but I guess I can say I don’t like flat plate, I like large bowls? because with a plate, the food falls off the edges (or maybe I’m just a child)
Your favorite type of alcohol? tequila when I want to have a good time, but whiskey and bourbon or my go-to. i’m also loving soju. always have it in stock now
Do you like board games? LOVE BOARD GAMES, I just finished a campaign with some friends for Betrayal Legacy. Catan is always played at our house, and many more
If you had a car, what kind would it be? as eco-friendly as possible, I kinda really want an electric car
Do you know how to change car tires? yes, thanks to watching my husband many times
Dream country? a borderless one
If you could choose from any jobs in the world, what would you like to do? astronomer
What would you like to try to do? And what is stopping you? I’d like to study for the 6 architectural exams to become a licensed architect, but honestly, life just gets in the way.
I’d like to tag: @dollwithluv @meowxyoong @starlightseoks @interludemoonchild @jiminsfault @out-of-jams
Feel free to do it or not
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