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fugandhi · 4 months ago
OoOoOh! CORNBREAD for Kwanzaa!🌽🍞🤤💖😃
So, if you don’t already know - I kinda have a thing for FOOD (it’s true....True LOVE! HA!)! I also have a thing for Good Vibes - and Kwanzaa is All Good Vibes!
TOTALLY a brief, but FUN video here just to encourage & spread awareness for the good holidays we celebrate in America at this time of year. It’s fun to learn, and it’s REALLY FUN to EAT, but most fun of all is to LIVE & CELEBRATE LIFE (with Much Respect for African Heritage & cultural roots of African-American Traditions & Values).
Support GOOD VIBES! Have a HAPPY KWANZAA in 2020!
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mbeatty1 · 9 months ago
3 Simple Food Rules
1. Eat real food that your grandmother would recognize
2. Eat small portions
3. Eat mostly plants
-”Source” by Michael Pollan
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fugandhi · 10 months ago
Don’t Stop or We’ll Die
“...It’s just another Friday night.. I’m eatin’ Tacos with my wife!..”
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lavendersdays · 11 months ago
I need to lose weight so i'm going to set up some rules for myself. i'm sorry if anyone gets triggered by this
• no breakfast, maybe a rice cake or frozen fruits but not over 50 calories
• a warm lunch but the portions have to be moderated and no second dishes. try to avoid eating out or ordering food
• for dinner a salad or a slice of bread or 2-3 breadsticks with hummus but not more
• 1 snack a day. try to avoid snacking on high calorie food
• 750 cals max a day
• no sodas or sweet drinks
• only water, tea and coffee are allowed. no sweetener. almond milk is fine too
• try to exercise as much as possible
• try to restrict carbs
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before you eat
- drink water
- smoke
- brush your teeth
- look at your body and recall your weight and your goal
- wait thirty minutes
if you eat
- make or order less than you want to
- share the food
- drink water after every bite
- chew for a prolonged time, try u u savour every bite and eat slowly
- pause after half the meal and reconsider if you need to eat all of it
disclaimer: not encouraging smoking, it really isn't worth it and doesn't do much for your appetite, it just makes me dizzy and that distracts me
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h3a1thy1ivin9 · a year ago
Food Rules for the week:
Post every meal. If it enters the body it enters the post (besides water)
Full bottle of water before meal
No ice cream or muffins! (That's a hard one for me 😄)
NO STRAWBERRIES!!! (They are my FAVORITE... but I'm super allergic so NO)
1 dessert per day
1 cheese related item/meal per day
Only eat between the hours of 12-6
Only 1 diet soda a day.
No negativity, recognize the failures and do better. Dont take it out on your body, just make it work.
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aspiringskinnyslut · a year ago
me bitch
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loveoftheanimes-blog · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
When someone is about to eat the last donut
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1. No ice cream, what so ever 2. If out to eat and there aren’t any calories listed, Salad. Only. 3. exercise everyday. 4. Nothing but water and Tea and the low calories water flavoring. 5. Track everything you put in your mouth
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