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asiame1 · an hour ago
See: Jason Momoa vs. Dave Bautista in the Epic Season 2 Trailer; release date - MeriStation
See, the hit post-apocalyptic series by Apple TV+ starring actor Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of… - Read more here
Hastags - #Bautista, #Date, #Dave, #Epic, #Jason, #MeriStation, #Momoa, #Release, #Season, #TRAILER
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cluboftigerghost · 2 hours ago
just trying to make beats on a regular. hoping to inprove etc. cheers
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off-and-odd-again · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
bruhhh I was gonna answer an ask that asked me to draw fundy with the “what I gain I lose” palette but I accidentally deleted the message agh
anyways here’s the fox man
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deercryptid · 3 hours ago
Something's wrong with me, just saw an image that was just two hands gently holding each other on a table and I almost collapsed
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oimoi-op · 4 hours ago
It truly boggles my brain how so many LGBTQ+ folks under 30 just unknowingly regurgitate terf rhetoric all the time bc nobody told them that most terfs aren't as on the nose as "I hate trans people" and that they often employ much subtler methods to cause harm to the marginalized groups they despise.
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tankor · 4 hours ago
🌺send this to ten bloggers you think are wonderful. keep the game going🌺
aaaaahhh thank uuuu🥺
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golgibodyodyody · 4 hours ago
My friends: haha lol im Naturally Gifted with above average Abilities. im just great at everything i care about and also thousands of people love and adore and admire me no big
Also my friends: :(( i didnt do Amazingly Above Average at This One Thing. im so stupid and bad at everything omg :(((
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neromia · 4 hours ago
JSJSFHDHSHS i was getting rlly depressed all of a sudden and then my mentally ill brain said to me "call that a subdrop" and now im cracking myself up, im not sad anymore, actually im hilarious
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beru-m · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
horny grip
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flamingcreature · 4 hours ago
sorry my mildly weird interest in von richthofen makes it so my brain goes :D i KNOW that person! i can RECOGNIZE a PICTURE somewhat reliably!
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aromanticzuko · 4 hours ago
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untitled13418 · 4 hours ago
Icon @villanaart threads vintage icons and @homevestures #iconic polished #peacockchairs #epic #epiccombos #everyhomeshouldownatleastone #epicart #juxtaposition (at New Jersey)
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mango-dolphin · 5 hours ago
I love your new icon mango!! It took me a second to realize it was you because I'm used to your old icon but the new one is so nice!
HEHEHE TY!!!! i'm super duper proud of it actually, i also got the size right on my desktop so now it isn't WEIRD and BLURRY!!!
(sorry i didn't respond to ur last message btw, it feels so incredibly validating/vindicating to be seen and recognized positively and i care you SO so much,)
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