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rottentiger-art · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Loki, in the background: I wanna be a cowboy babey~
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hobblywobbly · 10 hours ago
What is Love (don't hurt me now) - Lokius
Loki's crush on Mobius is obvious to everyone except himself and self-assigned romance expert Casey decides to step in. (ft. nonbinary casey, casey pov, trashy romance novels, and two idiots trying to figure out what love is)
There aren't many things that Casey knows- the cons of living a life behind a desk. Quite literally. Things like fish, trees, rocks, flowers were all abstract terms only ever heard in passing, but if there was one thing they knew it was this. "You're in love with him!"
"I beg your pardon?" The god's brows furrow as he halts his movements, sandwich halfway to his mouth. Casey never thought they'd ever become friends with the guy- heck, they still weren't fond of him! He got their cart pruned, and threatened them! But Loki was definitely interesting and, despite everything, he actually cared. He would sit and listen as Casey rambled about work or their coworkers and always took the crust from Casey's sandwiches or brought him an extra juice box when working 'late.' Yeah, they'd consider Loki a friend.
“You are!" Casey repeats this time with more vigor. "I knew I wasn't just seeing things!"
"What are you talking about?" Loki sets his lunch down and sighs. "
You and agent Mobius! You two are in love with each other!"
"No," he holds up a finger. "No, you're getting it wrong. We are partners- coworkers- how do you know love, but not know what a fish is?"
"Oh, that's easy!" Digging through their satchel bag, Casey sets down a novel onto the table. "So remember how I told you some of the stuff that gets brought in we can keep?" "You'd be surprised just how many of these are brought in!" Casey beams. They watch Loki take the book reading over the cover curiously.
"To Tame a Variant?" Loki reads out loud, the bewilderment clear in his voice.
"That one Mobius lent me-"
"It's a good book!" The book is, rather carefully, laid back onto the table, three fingers perched on top, piercing blue eyes squinting at Casey.
"Horrible tastes aside-"
"This-" he taps the book. "Is not what love is. It's what bored, suburban middle-aged women going through a mid-life crisis read."
Casey takes a moment before realizing the jab was directed toward them. "...hey, what does that mean-"
"And for that, I have decided this cheap excuse of a meal from the vending machine is much more engaging than whatever conversation you are trying to drag me into." Casey watches Loki lean back triumphantly in his chair.
He sips his water.
"So you're in denial!" Casey shrinks away when the water is ungracefully spat out across the table. "You almost got that on my shirt!"
"Me?" Loki coughs and gestures to himself. "In denial?"
"Yeah? It's called pining! You have all the signs! Just the other day you wrote him a letter, and got embarrassed when he read it out loud!"
"First of all, it wasn't a letter. It was a memo. Strictly professional! And I was /not/ embarrassed." Loki crosses his arms. Now, Casey isn't stubborn, nor do they strive to always be right, but if there is one thing they don't like it's when a love story's slow-burn goes on for too long. And sometimes one must take matters into their own hands.
"Whenever he leaves a room, you always sigh." Loki raises a brow.
"Am I not allowed to breathe!"
"Yes, but it's always so-" as an example, Casey sighs, mimicking Loki. "Wistful! Like that!"
"...that doesn't mean anything." Despite his words, Loki seems engaged, or at least taking Casey's observations into consideration.
"You two tangle your legs together under the desk all the time!"
"That's because Mobius has no regard for personal space."
"And you let him borrow your jacket!"
"Mortals get colder easier than gods."
"And the way you say his name it's so-"
"I can tell you this, Casey," Loki begins. "Is that, with all certainty, I am not...'in love' with Mobius, or whatever you believe."
"Have you ever been in love before?" That has him visibly stop. Casey wonders if they said something wrong until they can see the gears turning in his head. Almost giddy, Casey leans over the table, trying to get Loki to look over. "You haven't, have you?" Loki huffs and turns away.
"I don't see how this has any relevance."
"This changes everything!" Casey beams. "Think about it!"
"...well," Loki starts staring past Casey at the wall in thought. "I...I haven't had role models when it comes to the 'romance' department. So I guess I'm just as lost on the subject as you are."
This is much more exciting than any paperwork, and they hadn't even known that was possible!
"So maybe it isn't love just yet. Not all romances begin with love at first sight, you know! Maybe you just have a crush!"
"A...crush." He rolls the word around on his tongue, face pinched. "I...guess crush would be the word."
"Crush what?" A third voice chimes in causing Casey to shriek and nearly jump out of their seat. A hand grasps their shoulder, steadying them. "Sorry about that." Loki seems dumbstruck. It's the closest Casey can get to. He is just staring wide-eyed at Mobius as if seeing him for the first time, eyebrows lifted just the slightest. "I just came to get Loki. We have an emergency, and I thought you might enjoy the trip."
"Don't think I haven't forgotten my plan on burning the TVA down," Loki says as if nothing had ever been wrong, grabbing his jacket off the chair and standing. Casey takes note of the fond smile he sends toward Mobius who returns it. "Thank you for the talk, Casey. It was...enlightening."
"You still haven't said what you plan on crushing." Casey hears Mobius saying as the two head toward the cafeteria doors.
They walk side by side, Loki's head tilted and their shoulders nearly bumping with each step. It was as if they had been sucked into their own little world. Loki says something and Mobius laughs, shoulders shaking with mirth, head turned up to him. And Loki smiles back, relaxed and staring at him warmly. Casey tucks their book back into their bag.
At least this time lunch wasn't a complete disaster.
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alexjcrowley · 19 hours ago
To @loverstarker , who likes Lokius/Ineffable husbands parallel.
To face a greater enemy, two people have to work together. One is a retro man apparently soft, but with marvelous wits. The other is a genderfluid mischevious fellow who can turn themselves into a snake. The first man works for a group of people who says they represent the greater good, even though most of the employees there have no actual idea of what the greater good is, since their bosses are appartently still working on it and they aren't really that clear on what should or should not happen. Beside some initial bantering, the two characters I have previously nominated start developing a strong bond. They both make the other doubt the side they are on, and the mischevious one would like to simply screw the entire " very important secret greater plan" they should be working on to go away with the other, but the other declines, because all his life has been built around the part he serves. That doesn't mean he doesn't have an insubordinate side, but he tries to hide it as much as he can. The mischevious character is considered by most a villain, but they are not, and this is very clear to the first character, who sees good in them, even though the mischevious one would never, ever admit that they are, in any way, nice.
Who am I talking about, Lokius or Ineffable husbands?
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alexjcrowley · a day ago
So, let's talk about the real revelation of episode 2.
Loki and Mobius can have pretty dates during apocalypses, like those pictures "5 seconds before a disaster".
This basically means:
Tumblr media
Mobius: So, where should we go?
Loki: Titan's destruction!
Mobius: Again? We have been there, like, five times already.
Loki: I want to see Thanos's home planet getting destroyed. Again.
Mobius, sighing: Alright, let's go. *takes a picnic basket*
Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.
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alexjcrowley · a day ago
Thor: Are you telling me you have been working with my brother and he hasn't stabbed you in the back once?
Mobius: He tried to, but only figuratively.
Thor, weeping: Oh, true love can reduce a warrior like myself to tears.
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pattinsonsupremacy · a day ago
“mobius KINDA loves loki” - tom hiddleston
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ririsasy · a day ago
I have a bad feeling that Mobius x Loki relationship will end in catastrophe.
Like Finally loki put his trust on Mobius and keep his words to not stab him in the back only for Mobius to be revealed at the end that he did have an ulterior motive and used Loki to his advantage.
I smell fishy thing with how good Mobius plays the nice guy for Loki. What is his biggest goal he wants to achieve through using Loki?
Mobius : *stab loki in the back*
Loki : when I thought about you stabbing me in the back, it's certainly not like this.
Mobius : oh, no hard feeling darling. I only learned from the best.
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alexjcrowley · a day ago
~Spoilers from the second episode~
That scene where Loki is sleeping in the table while Mobius reads? Domestic AF, my heart can't take it
I can just imagine Mobius takin Loki's jacket from the chair and covering him with it asdfghj, please the need of fluff in me is insatiable
Agreed! I loved the domestic side.
Also because now I am thinking of Loki waking up, just to find Mobius still sleeping (he tried to continue their work, fell asleep again) and the jacket on his shoulder.
"Variant" he thinks "A good joke".
Not really, it hurt him, but he won't accept this thought.
Mobius is sleeping with his head on the table, the arm he used to rest his chin on is now covering the various documents Mobius was working on.
Loki tries to take a look at the document Mobius must have been looking at before falling asleep. It's half hidden under Mobius's arm, so he can only make out a few words from his perspective. Another apocalypse, apparently.
"2016, the election of Do" something, the rest is hidden.
He doesn't want to risk waking Mobius up, so he doesn't try to grab the whole paper. And he doesn't want to risk it...just because. He can be a nice person, he doesn't need a reason for not wanting to wake people up. Also, if Mobius is sleeping in front of him...a mischevious smile creeps on Loki's face.
One should never fall asleep in front of the God of Mischief.
But, what should he do, what evil trick should he play on Mobius?
Loki falls back on his chair, with his arms crossed. Then, he leans back on the table, unti his face is just a few centimetres of distance from Mobius's one.
"He looks so tired, even when he is sleeping. Would his face looks more beautiful if he was rested?"
No, wait.
Loki did just not think that. "More beautiful". Mobius isn't beautiful. He is...not ugly. It would be a lie to blatant even for the God of Illusions. Loki admits, with sincerity, some could find Mobius attractive, very attractive. He is not among those, though. He doesn't simply look at Mobius and thinks "Oh AllFather, what a man". No, no, that's not Loki's style and that's not what he thought when he first saw him.
Which reminds him, the first time they saw eachothers, Loki was incredibly vulnerable and Mobius had the upper hand.
Now it's the opposite, now Mobius is vulnerable and Loki should definitely do something. He has the upper hand!
That's when he notices Mobius is slightly shaking.
Is it cold in there? He wouldn't know, he is a frost giant, "cold both inside and outside", he reminds himself.
But Mobius is...human? He looks like it. He doesn't look like a cold-blooded creature, even though the Space Lizards who created him are.
And then, Loki has a brilliant idea. A mischevious, very mischevious idea.
He stands up, walks to Mobius and puts his jacket over him.
"Ah!" he thinks triumphantly "Who's the Variant, now?"
Always him.
On Mobius, it looks just like they printed the wrong writing on the work uniform.
But at least now he seems to have stopped shaking.
Loki smiles before he can stop himself.
Mobius looks particularly endearing when he sleeps. And he looks like an heavy sleeper. Someone who wouldn't just wake up if they were to be talked to or touched.
Loki blames this on his mother. He has a hidden caring attitude and he took it from her.
His mother, who always used to sing to him and tell him stories and use her magic to create small illusion to make him laugh when putting him in bed.
And always, always kissed him good night. A kiss, on his head.
The library is empty, anyway.
So Loki leans in, and he just place a small kiss through Mobius's hair. It's's just a good night. And the whole seeing his mother die has shaken him, it's also a way of remembering her, her sweetness, her care.
Mobius suddenly jerks awake.
Oh, fuck. He is not an heavy sleeper.
Loki is still half leaned on when Mobius snaps his head up and their faces are, once again, just a few centimetres from eachothers.
"There was a fly, I was just trying to... shush it away" Shush? What a silvertongue you are, uh, Loki? "You can thank me. I am going to get myself a cup of coffee."
And with that, Loki leaves. Feeling like a fool.
Mobius is not a heavy sleeper, but he has just woken up, he has only understood half of what Loki has said and he is not sure it makes any sense.
Then he notices the jacket.
"Variant" he chuckles.
It suits him really well, actually. It's a nice jacket, it doesn't make the same offect of a cloak, but it's not like Loki needs good clothing to make an impression. That guy is just...he is a one man show, walking around, causing mischief, creating nexuses.
But he also puts jackets on men who should stop thinking about how sweet is to be shown that sort of care.
He is very sleepy and his mind is very vulnerable to run through fantasies he wouldn't allow himself in the morning.
He looks at the papers in front of him and at the clock on the wall (yes, it looks like it makes no sense with all those numbers, way more than 12, but after a while it comes easy to interpret).
When Loki comes back, the desk is empty.
Well, not completely empty.
His jacket is there. No trace of Mobius, though.
Loki sighs, really hoping the fly story made sense, and takes his jacket.
He is not cold, but he wears it anyway. They want to remind him he is the Variant? He is not going to let them forget it.
The moment he puts his hands in the pockets, he feels there's something in one of them.
In the right pocket, a tiny piece of paper, with something written in pen.
"See you tomorrow at 8 o'clock, partner (when the green hand falls on the 8). Thanks for helping with that fly."
Loki this time doesn't care feel ashamed for smiling.
"Damned flies" he thinks to himself "they are going to be all over the place these days. Won't be easy to shush 'em all away."
Sorry, this wasn't going to be a fanfiction, but it got out of hand.
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alexjcrowley · a day ago
I absolutely love the concept of Loki and Mobius falling asleep at library doing researches.
They are woken up by the librarian, who tells them it's "morning" (assuming morning exist in the TVA). They suddenly run off to work.
They are both tired, they wear the same clothes as the prior day, just way more wrinkled, and they try to explain they "spent the whole night studying documents, together."
After the mission, Ravonna calls Mobius in her office.
"I told you, you were on thin ice with bringing Loki here. I am going to assume he used one of his tricks to lure you, but if I am once again told that you and the Variant slept together, I will have to reset him, no take back. At least try to be subtle, for the sake of the Time Keepers!"
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adhd-castiel · a day ago
y’all if Loki and Mobius aren’t a thing then why the fuck do they always stand so close
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ririsasy · 2 days ago
Why is Loki episode 2 so soft? Why Mobius looks like he genuinely care about Loki.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Holding him on his back when they walk in the rain.
Tumblr media
Giving him things
Tumblr media
The leaning on the wall waiting for your crush in the locker room??
Tumblr media
Some angry little heat pointing finger moment
Tumblr media
Getting close to his face for no particular reason when talking
Tumblr media
The Dating at the cafeteria??? Flirting with feet entangled under the table and talking about dreams and stuff and how the universe bigger than they are ????
Tumblr media
Bonus :
(Some fun happy go lucky moment together)😭🙉❤
Tumblr media
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rottentiger-art · 2 days ago
So apparently someone (idk who) thought this episode would inspire Loki x Loki fanfiction (which I get it, self love lol) but this episode made Lokius my Loki OTP and also made me add The Other Variant x mobius (which, if it's really Lady Loki, it'd still be Lokius), so I'm sorry to disappoint them, but they shouldn't have spend so kich screen time of Lokius boyfriend behavior if they didn't want me to ship to 🤷🏽‍♂️
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rottentiger-art · 2 days ago
For real, I did not expect to ship them so hard, or the ship would make do much sense.
But I am, and it does.
They're what the other wants and needs. Mobius is tired of his boring life, he wants fun and adventure and he won't admit it but he wants free will. He's also soft and caring and seems genuine about wanting to help Loki.
Loki won't admit it, but he wants that help, needs it. And also want that free will because he just doesn't like what the Time Masters (was trust their names?) have planned, for him, for his people (he definitely won't admit he cares). And he needs to have someone's trust, he may think is for the sake of his next plan or something, but deep down he wants someone to see him for what he is. And with no mother or Thor around, who's the only one that seems to more in him that he lets on? Mobius.
Their dynamic just works. Loki gives Mobius the excitement he was looking for (+he was helpful this episode, despite everything going to shit at the end) and Mobius gives Loki the sympathy he can't admit he needs and is able to see through him when he's lying.
So I think if developed this ship could be more. They could fall for each other given the chance.
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alexjcrowley · 2 days ago
The whole Mobius's "90s nostalgia" makes me think this man probably drives home listening to "1985" by Bowling for soup and knows by heart the lines
"Looks at her average life and nothin' has been alright
Since Bruce Springsteen, Madonna
Way before Nirvana
There was U2 and Blondie
And music still on MTV"
I can picture this sad image of this tired, tired man, who dreams of a jet ski and listens to dad rock and a bit of Blink 182 and such. Comes home, has dinner alone and then he does it all over again.
Until a certain Variant ends up in the Gobi desert.
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lokiqueerasineffyou · 2 days ago
fic I very much want to read: Five Times Loki Went Utterly Feral Protecting Mobius, and One Time Mobius Went Utterly Feral Protecting Loki.
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alexjcrowley · 2 days ago
Hi! This fanfiction is based on an idea by @idrilearfalas , she wrote the entire concept and the iconic/important lines you'll find in this fanfiction, check out her blog, she is great.
The Pompeii mission, Mobius thought it would have been an easy one. Everybody knows what should happen in Pompeii and it's usually all natural. You just have to make sure someone dies- eh, sorry Plinius- and someone lives.
It's an easy mission, normally, but not when you have to handle a certain norse God of Mischief. One who likes to throw a tantrum on every other occasion.
It's usually nothing more than bantering, playful and witty at its best, sharp and bitter at its worst, but it's something Mobius can handle. He can even enjoy it, when he makes a stupid joke and Loki tells him how stupid it is and they both chuckle. Loki has to learn something new about being a TVA agent and most of the times he makes a fool of himself before getting the thing right, so Mobius can tease him a little and Loki will respond sharp as ever, but with a sort of...endearing note in his stubborness.
Those are good days, days Mobius comes back to his apartment with a smile and when he closes his eyes he can still hear the God's laughter at whatever funny thing happened that day, or replay the moment when they looked into eachothers' eyes and they suddenly understood what to do with the mission, with a single glance.
Today was not a good day. He didn't know the reason. Maybe Loki woke up on the wrong side of the bed, maybe Mobius accidentally made an unpleasant comment, but the norse God started their mission with a pout you could see on the face of a child when they don't get the Christmas present they wanted.
"Oh well" Mobius had thought. Oh well, it's just another bad day, a day in which he had to watch his mouth, because you don't want to deal with an angered God. The general mood was low, the Minutemen looked already tired before the mission had even started and Mobius knew from the moment he passed through the portal he wanted to come back home as soon as possible.
But this wasn't an ordinary bad day. Mobius was prepared to deal with a bit of coldness, with a lack of enthusiasm from everybody, what he wasn't ready to deal with- he didn't want to deal with Loki acting like an asshole.
"And that's it? Really?"
"What did you expect me to say, exactly? You brought me here, you told me I was living a delusion and you gave me no choice other than being your hound. I apologise if I can't think of you as one of my dear friends."
"One of your dear friends? Who would the others be? Just curious, because I have seen your entire life and there is not one person, except maybe Thor, you actually build this strong and trusting relationship with-"
"Wonderful, so why did you expect you'd be the first one I'd decide to grant the gift of my friendship to? I am not even your colleague, I am subjected to this stupid organisation and to you in particular. We are not friends, we forcibly work together and that's it."
Mobius and Loki had been speed walking during the entire discussion, but Loki stopped for a moment.
"You can't fool me, I know very well I am not anything more than your ticket to the Variant. I'll be damned before I put my trust in you, we both know, after all of this has come to an end, nothing will be between me and that resetting stick."
You see, on an ordinary bad day, this would have never happened. On an ordinary bad day, Mobius wouldn't have seen all of his efforts to build a decent relationship with Loki shattered. Was he used to a suspicious Loki? Yes. To a Loki who said that trust is for dogs and children? Also yes. He had been used to that Loki since he first opened up his file. But he had also started being used to Loki's rare moments when he opened up, to his hidden heroic side which desperately seemed to call for attention, to his awkward, genuine reaction when he was showed any form of affection. Mobius had seen Loki spitting his "trust nobody" one liners with less and less convinction everyday, and then they were only mumbled comments to keep up a façade, and then they had become whispers, and then eyes rolls, to the point that Mobius had thought Loki had started warming up on poeple- warming up on him. But he was wrong. Just because Loki didn't voice his dissent, it didn't mean it wasn't there.
It didn't mean he saw Mobius as more than just enemy, even after everything they had been through, even after Mobius took on himself the risk of whatever would have happened to Loki and because of Loki, even after the trust he had shown him, even after the laughters and the lunches and the jokes and the stolen glances- now, look at who was the delusioned one.
Did this upset Mobius? Absolutely. But it also fired him up. Frustration, anger, embarrassment, Mobius erupted with a fiercety matching the volcano explosion just minutes ago.
"Do you really think I would just let them reset you?"
Although shorter than the God, Mobius stood up in front of him looking him in the eyes.
"After all I have done to keep you alive, after all we have been through, do you believe I'd just abandon you to your de-"
"What else would you do? Keep me with you, as your 'friend'? What, you took pity on me and were planning to give me a desk so I can spend the rest of my eternity working for the same people who robbed me of my future?"
"Now stop it, you two, the passage is open, we need to leave" said Hunter B-15, but Loki and Mobius didn't seem to have any intention of listening to her, so she just signed at the rest of the group.
"Come on, hop through it, they'll come when they're ready" she ordered. She waited for the Minutemen to go through the passage, she looked once again at Loki and Mobius and she shook her head, following her collogues back to the TVA. She closed the passage, aware that Mobius could have opened another when he wanted to.
"Just because you are a selfish, uncaring bastard it doesn't mean we all have to be. Is it so difficult for you to accept some people care about you? Like your mother or your brothe-"
"Don't you dare talking about them, you know nothing about them-"
"I literally know everything about them-"
"And stop pretending you care about me or trust me, I am the God of Illusions, I know all your stupid tricks, I used them before-"
Loki and Mobius were shouting very loud, they barely heard the footsetps of someone approaching. A Variant, not the Loki Variant, another one, an enemy of the TVA, probably.
Mobius noticed them in the corner of the eye and turned around fast enough.
Loki was not minimally done with the discussion, but if Mobius was looking away from him, something must have happened.
Loki has been in battles. Battles on Asgards are usually more "traditional" than what you see on Midgard. Sure, they can use magic, but it's mostly swords and axes and arrows and, sometimes, good old-fashioned punches. When he had been on Midgard, Loki had learned war had incredibly evolved. The glorified Midgardian technology changed the face of battles. He had seen a few of the new weapons, nothing that impressive, incomparable to magic. But he remembered them very well, he knew he was not a good idea to underestimate them. So he remembered the sound of a bullet. It was loud, violent, fast. It lasted a few seconds, and then there was silence. If you aim right, your enemy is not just wounded, he's already dead.
They both turned to see the Variant pulling out a gun, and then Loki heard it.
The sound of a bullet.
He shoved Mobius away, before the agent could do anything about it. Mobius heard the sound of a bullet as well, he heard Loki moan in pain and he knew he hadn't been fast enough. But he made up for it pulling out his gun as well, shooting the Variant right in the chest, it only took one bullet to kill him.
Mobius was suddenly grabbed by the arm by a bleeding Loki, who was trying to stand up in vain.
Mobius kneeled next to him, holding him and putting his head on his lap.
Blood. So much blood. The bullet hit the stomach. A normal bullet? You take him to the hospital and chances are he'll be fine. A bullet like that, with a venom release? Kills you in a matter of minutes.
'He is not going to survive' a voice declared in Mobius's head.
He had seen scenes like this too many times to ignore the truth, even if he was desperately trying to. So many missions ending up with corpses, Mobius had witnessed so many deaths like this. It was useless to try and save them, the most merciful act was to immediately reset them to spare them the pain.
But not with Loki. Mobius had already started pressing on the wound, trying to stop the blood.
Useless, all of this was useless.
Loki was uttering verses more than words, normally at this point he would have neen already unconscoius, but the whole being a God must have come with some sort of enhanched healing capacity.
"I am not...ugh, not surviving this?"
"No, no, you are, I just have to take you through the passage-"
"I am...the God of...lies, I know one when I" Loki coughed.
No, no, no, one thing was seeing Loki dies in a stupid video, another was to witness him dying between his arms, Mobius thought. He couldn't bear this.
Loki looked so scared. He didn't even have the strenght to talk to pretend he was fine with this, he accepted this death. He just looked pained and frightened. He tried to tighten his grip around Mobius's arm, but he couldn't, he was loosing too much blood too fast.
"He looks so young, God, he looks so young" was all Mobius could think. He had seen Loki die, he had seen him a hero, a son of Odin, a troubled man with a controversial life, but this Loki, he was too young. He was just learning what his life could amd couldn't be, he still hadn't make up with Thor or heard his father tell him that he loved him. There was an entire future for him ready to be rewritten, he couldn't die in that moment, he couldn't die on him.
"Aren't tired of die..."
"You are not dying, Loki, we just have to press on the wound for bit longer, enough for it to stop bleeding, then I'll take you through the passage and-"
"It's pathetic..." Loki coughed again "of a scene..."
Mobius looked around him for another piece of cloth to press on the wound. He had already sacrificed his jacket, but, in absence of anything else, he ripped part of the sleeve of his shirt and pressed it on Loki's stomach. The white cotton was soon impregnated by dark red blood.
"At least...both times...I died for someone I-"
Loki coughed again, exhaling his last breath.
Mobius stopped pressing on the wound. He stared at Loki's corpse in a silent horror.
His body wasn't cold yet, the blood was still flowing, but he was dead. Loki was dead.
Mobius conceided himself a few seconds to fully realize there was nothing left to do. He wanted to scream, but his mouth didn't emit any sound.
His hands still rested on the wound, wet woth blood.
"It should have been you, is that what you're thinking, isn't it?"
Mobius reluctantly teared his gaze off Loki's corpse, to meet the eyes of another God Mischief, one alive and on the run.
Towering over Mobius with his dark cloak, the Dangerous Variant casted a shadow on the two TVA agents. He then kneeled beside Loki's corpse.
Mobius looked at him is disbelief.
"Why are you here?" was all Mobius managed to say.
Why are you here now? Where were you five minutes ago, when Loki was still alive, when you could have done something? How are looking at your own corpse- they were, after all, the same person- without any anger, or surprise or shock?
Mobius wasn't scared of the Dangerous Variant, on the contrary. Although TVA insisted on branding him as this big enemy, he had on several occasions helped him and Loki out, even saved them from some very bad situations. He had never constituted a threat for him or Loki. Sure, he was a mass murderer, but that was kind of a Loki characteristic in general.
"Okay, here's the deal" said the Variant, without looking away from the dead body "You use your...your- ah, what's its name, the- the remote to go back in time, I'll take his place and it's happy ending for everyone. Except for me" he mumbled "but that was mever in the plans, wasn't it" he smiled bitterly, pushing a lock of the dead Loki's hair away from his face.
"What?" Mobius exclaimed.
"Just do as I say" the Variant kept looking down at the corpse "You turn back time, I take the bullet, you two live, I die. It's easy, Mobius."
"How the hell should this be easy?" Mobius shouted, prey to grief and confusion "Why would you do that? What's- what's the meaning of this?"
The Variant had been willing to lend a hand in moments of need, but he was no suicidal.
Finally, the Variant pried his eyes away from his other self and looked at Mobius.
"You asked me once why I was doing what I was doing, remember?" he began.
Mobius slowly nodded.
“Killing TVA officers, trying to destroy the system" the Variant continued "It was just... revenge. Against the TVA. For taking away the thing I cared the most about."
He then looked Mobius in the eye, with a strange intensity, some sort of regret.
"...I was that Loki"
He looked once again at the corpse.
"Then they killed you." he paused.
Mobius didn't say a word, but he kept looking at the Variant astonished.
"And I decided it was time to stray from my written path again. Because nothing else mattered anymore, except making them pay for what they did and making sure what happened to you in my past... did not happen in your present."
The Variant idly run a bony finger over his other's self pale cheek. He then raised his eyes at Mobius.
"I will take his place because he still has you" he then declared "and he still has time to accept" he made a small gesture with his hand, encompassing his dead alter ego and Mobius "whatever you’ve got going on."
Mobius looked at the Variant ever so bewildered, but the Variant simply closed his eyes for a few seconds, looking for the right words.
"He still has time to tell you...all the things I never said." 
The Dangerous Variant was on his knees, teary eyes and a lump in his throat, but he then stood up and cleared his stance. Despire the shaken voice, he proclaimed with all the courage he seemed to own: "I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious purpose." He screamed that to no one in particular, or maybe just to himself.
Mobius had been shocked into silence until that moment. Still looking at the Variant, he stood up too, hesitated for a moment then extends his hand to Dangerous Variant. The other one looked at it for a moment, and then firmly grasped it, shaking it.
Mobius was still very confused over what has just happened- what was going to happen.
"Are you sure?" he asked "You...would die. For good. I- I don't think there's a way everybody can get out safe from this- even if you consider time travel and-"
"I know. That's why I am doing it. So that you two get to live, you still has reasons to do it." the Variant said, no hesitation.
"I was right, you know," Mobius said, still reluctant to leave Loki's hand- the moment he did, the Variant would have to die. It was still hard for him to sentence someone to death. But his lips curled into an almost amused smile, even though with a note of sadeness "You're not a villain."
The Variant snorted- oh, Allfather, he had missed Moby's antics- and rolled his eyes, then looked at Mobius again, trying to hide his amusement. You had to have a sense of humour to live his life, Loki thought, there weren't many moments to laugh in his existence, he had to learn to appreciate rare moments like those, when fate graced him with the last sight of the love of his life.
"Turn back the clock, Mobius."
After a slow nod, his hand still in Variant Loki's, Mobius did as he was said.
Two days later those events, ut was a good day. In the previous two days, the TVA had finally declared that one of his most wanted Variants was not a problem anymore. Mobius simply stated he had "been cared about", with a hint of sadness nobody cared for. Loki had been quite shocked to witness his death, he had tried to do something for him, but Mobius had looked at him the way he rarely did- with resignation. Nothing left to do. He had offered Loki to spend some time together after the whole thing, to buy him a drink if he needed, to simply listen to him or leave him alone, if he wanted to. It wasn't easy to be a spectator of their own death.
Loki had recovered quicker than Mobius would have thought. Sure, you could still see Loki lost in his train of thoughts when he was left on his own, but he had seen himself die once, he could handle twice.
"Paperwork. To distract you. As a treat." Mobius put on his desk a stack of papers the size of an encyclopedia.
Loki frowned: "And you call this a treat?"
"Well, you can always go help Casey cataloguing the infinity stones, if you like it best" Mobius chuckles.
Loki mindlessly started playing with the Tesseract on his desk- yes, they let him keep it. After all, it was no more than a glowing blue lamp at the TVA.
"Mh, whatever" Loki sighed, picking up a paper, still glaring at Mobius.
"Oh, you have to file these for the end of the day, which gives you around...hmm, something between one and four hours in earth time, I don't remember now. Good luck." Mobius added before starting to walk away.
An irritated "what" that was probably heard in the entire pocket reality of the TVA made him stopped in place. Mobius couldn't help but smile, but he didn't turn around.
"You must be joking! This is- this is unacceptable! What is even supposed to mean between one and four hours? I may have king ambitions but you are the real tyrant!" Loki shouted.
"Oh, Loki" said Mobius, finally turning to face the God "This is very flattering, but I am no more than a mere bureaucrat."
"Yes, and the worst kind." the other replied. He then looked around him, noticing that everybody has stopped whatever they were doing to listen to his shoutings. With a faint flush on his face, Loki sat back in his chair, just after glancing at the whole room and snarling a "What are you looking at?"
He then looked back at Mobius, sighing a "I hate you so much".
Mobius simply smiles.
"Sure you do, kitten."
I am sorry for the spelling mistakes, I tend to make a lot of them and also I am not a native english speaker, so I hope I everything I wrote makes sense.
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lokiqueerasineffyou · 2 days ago
Hunter B-15: You need to control your Variant.
Mobius: If I could control him, I wouldn't like him enough to want to. He's a wild stallion, untamable, born to run free. A spirit that cannot be broken.
Loki, in the distance: I will tear into your chest and pour acid into your heart as it beats, you vile, pathetic insect -
Mobius, shaking his head in awe: Amazing.
[dying screams in the background]
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Thor realizing Loki fucked the Grandmaster: :||||| wtf. Weird. But he’s rich and powerful so it’s ok I guess.
Thor seeing Mobius and realizing Loki just has a type: OH NO-
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Nearly made one of these a few times for 1 of my (many) other ships/fandoms but never quite got round to it. But here's my first playlist, and surprise it's Lokius! 😂
(FYI already made an edit with one of these but oh my Odin I can see me making one with each of these bloody songs)
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alexjcrowley · 3 days ago
We're all on the same page on Loki having a praise kink and everytime Mobius compliments him (which is quite often), even though part of him keeps saying "he is your enemy, he's trying to tear down your walls", Loki automatically goes ☺☺☺, right?
He tries not to show it, but he is not used to receive compliments, so he always gets a bit excited whenever Mobius pays him some. He is slightly embarassed that a simple "good job" or "you've done great" has the potential to improve significantly the mood of his days, but that's simply how it is.
And when the compliments come from Moby, well, let's just say he remembers to appreciate his frost giant nature for covering most of his blush.
It's just that after a certain amount pf centuries spent as "the bad guy you should never expect anything good from", being treated with kindness and respect and a little bit of flattery (that is to blame to Mobius's quite obvious crush on Loki) is very satisfying.
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