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superdogbiter · 47 minutes ago
Loki:”Welcome to fucking Applebee’s brother. You want apples or bees?”
Mobius:*Walks out of the kitchen vigorously shaking a jar of bees”
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Mobius:”We need to get you to a doctor,you have 69 stab wounds”
Loki,bleeding to death:”Nice”
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unclepietro · an hour ago
since loki wrote this .. what i’m getting is that he wants mobius to call him handsome
Tumblr media
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alexjcrowley · an hour ago
I am now realising the Lokius community has, I believe, completely ignored something from episode 2.
We know, Owen Wilson is Texan and is mostly associated with cowboys, so some of us (me in particular) started associating Mobius with the cowboy character, but I just remembered something from episode 2, something that has been ignored.
In episode 1, we saw a scene (not greatly executed, I have read on the internet, and I must admit, if you compare it to the scene in Latin, this is true) in which Owen Wilson speaks French. He speaks, I believe, at least a decent French (I am not French so I shouldn't really be the judge of this). Most of us have simply thought "Okay, it is probably required to TVA agents to know a lot of languages" (for example, in the same scene a Minuteman says he speaks French too). And it ended here, right?
Au contraire, my fellow Loki fans. "Au contraire" is also the French expression Mobius uses deliberately during his conversation in the cafeteria with Loki.
Which should lead us to believe Mobius, during casual conversations, could slip some French (and also other languages') expressions.
Honestly, Mobius using some casual French expressions and petnames with Loki (such as mindlessly calling him "chéri", "mon amour", "mon coeur") would make me so happy! I think it would be very sweet.
(By the way, the problem I had with the scene in French is just that at some point Owen Wilson switches back to English in front of the kid when he says something like "That demon is afraid of us", but the child shouldn't be able understand him because he is speaking in English. Don't @ me for this, please. But @ me if you can provide some useful information or an insight for the language that was used in that scene, I am curious to understand if it was accurate or not.)
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superdogbiter · an hour ago
Loki:”So wait when salads or jet ski’s are involved you can do complex math in your head?”
Loki:”How much is 19154 divided by 61?”
Mobius:”314 jet skis””
Loki:”What if they were donuts”
Mobius:”Hmm.....carry the 4........
Mobius:”Nope,doesn’t work”
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pygmallionne · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
love that loki finally got a well-deserved trip to sleepy time junction... so uh... whens triple m gonna get his TVA sanctioned nap, huh?
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alexjcrowley · 2 hours ago
I was reading a Lokius fanfiction on ao3 ("Not so forgotten birthday" by Mercury_writer), which is about Loki's birthday and how Loki has always celebrated his birthday the day he was taken by Odin, but Mobius, having seen his whole life, knows when Loki is actually born.
Do you think Mobius, even before meeting Loki, had a little celebration for his birthday? Let me explain myself.
It's like when you celebrate the birthday of a fictional character. You know, when you post an insta story or a Tumblr post for a character you really like. Mobius could be considerated an expert in Loki (you know, like an academic who is specialized in a determined time period/author), and, as he declared in the first episode, he was really fascinated by Loki's character.
Because now I have this image stuck in my head of Mobius, on the day of Loki's birthday, simply taking a sweet from the cafeteria at lunch- like a slice of cake or a cupcake. You may say he uses Loki's birthday to treat himself, and I would be inclined to agree, because, you see, in the second episode we see Mobius at lunch. When Loki goes to Mobius to talk about his theory, Mobius is having lunch alone.
Now, I don't know how lunch break works in the TVA, but it is a pretty sad image, if you think about it, the one of Mobius eating alone at the TVA for all the time he was here. You may say that the show didn't say Mobius always eats alone, but we also see Casey eating alone in that scene. And he and Mobius, who are coworkers and should know eachothers, don't even think of sitting at the same table just for the sake of company and "there are literally two people in this place, might as well chat otherwise the situation would be awkward".
So yes, I am assuming Mobius always eats alone. (And I am assuming most of TVA employees eat alone too). And I am assuming, on Loki's birthday, Mobius takes something that could sweeten his lunch, which is mostly boring and lonely. And before eating that piece of cake of cupcake or whatever, he mentally says "happy birthday, Loki".
Consider this an excuse to eat some cake or a genuine bond he feels with Loki (like the one an academic feels for a figure he focused his studies on), Mobius celebrates every year Loki's birthday.
Alone and in secret, in a way. He may thinks "I am eating this for you too, buddy" or something like that, but still, it's kind of melanchonic image for me.
Every year, while Loki was growing up, was fighting, was being controlled by Thanos, was pretending to be Odin, was hurting, was lost, in a place far, far away, an old looking man is eating a piece of cake, murmuring, in a way no one can hear him, "Happy birthday, Loki, whatever age are you turning now".
He is alone in a sad cafeteria, he eats his cake thinking he probably shouldn't eat that much sugar at his age, but he is probably immortal, so he shouldn't get diabetis (he hopes).
And then, years later, he finally gets to eat with someone (an overexcited norse God who makes him almost regret eating alone, at least he could eat something and not get his salad ruined by salt, pepper and milk).
And it would be cool if one day Mobius brought two slices of cake to their table and when Loki would ask "what are these for?", Mobius would smile softly saying "Well, for you. Happy birthday, Loki, finally I get to tell you."
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Mobius:”Just try to be nice to Loki.He has........feeling’s”
Hunter B-15:”Are you positive this is the person for you”
Mobius:”That is exactly the type of thing i don’t want you to say in front of him”
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walkingnightmare · 2 hours ago
just had the AMAZING thought we need mobius to see loki in his female form but like him not a variant and in a smoking hot dress and mobius just start foaming at the mouth
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Mobius:”If global warming was a person it would be you”
Loki:”What,worsening day by day while getting ignored by millions of people for the sake of their own happiness and peace?”
Mobius:”I was going to say because you’re hot but ummm-”
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superdogbiter · 3 hours ago
Mobius:”It’s not gay if i want to date Loki in a best friend way right?”
Ravonna:”I am no expert,but that sounds pretty gay”
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imposterogers · 3 hours ago
someone pointd out on twitter how Loki looks at Mobius before they separate in the roxxcart store aaahhhh
Tumblr media
not loki walking backwards so he could watch mobius longer.........babe you are NOT slick
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sambucky-stupidity · 3 hours ago
Mobius brings Loki a different type of sweet every time that they meet, Mobius‘s excuse is that he‘s making up for the fact that there was no candy in Asgard but the truth is he loves seeing the dopey little smile on Loki’s face every time he receives these little gifts
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superdogbiter · 3 hours ago
Loki:”I think we should adopt another kid”
Mobius:”Because by “kid” you mean “snake” and we already have 13 of those”
Loki,unzipping his jacket:”14″
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imposterogers · 3 hours ago
the idea of mobius and loki riding a jet ski together (in their suits preferably) is something that’s become so personal to me
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imposterogers · 4 hours ago
Oh, for the tie scene, in one of the dubbed versions in my country, the line translates to "it's cute that you think you can sway me." You can hear Loki say 'cute'.
Was talking about it earlier with someone who understands the language too.
The main verb has been used many times in famous songs with a romantic context :)
the dubs for other countries: yknow what. the og scene wasn’t gay enough. we’re gonna add a lil something something
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secretlifeoffangirls · 4 hours ago
Another 1x02 prompt (spin-off of on my "body-snatched Mobius" idea)
What if Hunter B-15 allowed Loki and Mobius to team up during the Roxxcart investigation, making Mobius the one ending up body-snatched by Sylvie. 
What changes and what differs? Does Loki stay with Mobius and let Sylvie go? Or does he follow her because hes upset she got the jump on Mobius?
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whispering-about-loki · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Click here for Part One
Pieces (Rob Thomas)
Didn't I tell you you were gonna break down * Didn't I warn you, didn't I warn you * Better take it easy, try to find a way out * Better start believing in yourself
Ghosttown (Madonna)
Tell me how we got this far * Every man for himself * Everything's gone to hell * We gotta stay strong, we're gonna hold on
I Want Love (Elton John)
I want love, but it's impossible * A man like me, so irresponsible * A man like me is dead in places * Other men feel liberated
All This Time (OneRepublic)
Take all the time lost * All the days that I cost * Take what I took and * Give it back to you
Different World (Alan Walker)
And even though we might have lost tonight * The skyline reminds us of a different time * This is not the world we had in mind * But we got time
I've Loved You Before (Melissa Etheridge)
Did I cling to every moment with you, * In every parting glance? * An accidental touch, * Did we ever take the chance for more? * I know I've loved you before.
I Found (Amber Run)
And I'll use you as a makeshift gauge * Of how much to give and how much to take * I'll use you as a warning sign * That if you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind
Before It's Too Late (The Goo Goo Dolls)
I wander through fiction to look for the truth * Buried beneath all the lies * And I stood at a distance * To feel who you are * Hiding myself in your eyes
All You Wanted (Michelle Branch)
I didn't know that it was so cold and * You needed someone to show you the way * So I took your hand and we figured out that * When the tide comes I'd take you away
Starlight (Starset)
At night the Earth will rise * And I'll think of you each time I watch from distant skies * Whenever stars go down and galaxies ignite * I'll think of you each time they wash me in their light
I have added all songs to my existing Lokius playlist (below)
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twynte · 5 hours ago
I don’t know why but all night I’ve been thinking about a fic idea that the TVA not allowing romantic relationships (especially not with variants) but then when Loki and Mobius confess their feelings to each other, they can only openly love each other behind closed doors. And they keep up a charade of bickering and such to cover up the fact that they love each other. But although they argue like an old married couple, they still work super well together.
Oooohh. Yessssssss. Workplace romance policies are juicy. And honestly, I don’t think Lokius would love each other just behind closed doors. No, they would definitely risk everything just to hold each other’s hand in some of the most inconvenient of times.
Fingers threading together as they walk down an empty hallway, quick pecks on the cheeks and/or lips before entering a room, soft whispers of encouragement, stolen kisses in the elevator that aren’t so stolen because the other pulls them back in for another, and another until something sweet and soft unfolds between them — and then the elevator opens. Partnered lunches where they knock their shoes together, library dates where they giggle at each other in between the shelves and sit beside one another at desks, bumping shoulders, leaning on each other just for reassurance that the other is there, silent except for small puffs of exhales, focusing on an old newspaper but still just there. Preforming missions together where the risk is large. Working excruciatingly well together that the adrenaline is almost too much, neither of them managing to wipe the permanent smiles off of their faces because when they’re put in difficult situations where one of the highest chances is death, is when they really feel the magic between each other, the promise of forever. And the charade of bickering isn’t even a charade, it’s their love language, a time where they can snark and snark and snark, and only receive love back (in the same form of snarky remarks lmao) — All the while, they try their damn hardest not to get caught, because only the time lizards know what would happen to them.
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