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#mcu memes
musical-broken-heart · 29 minutes ago
Bucky: I'm going to kill you
Peter: I'll get another egg
Bucky: I get to kill you
Peter: I'm getting another egg
*egg gets thrown and both freeze*
Bucky: oh my god we just hit Natasha
Natasha: *knowing the two are having idiot bonding time* I got egged
Peter: I am so sorry
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realmofmarvel · an hour ago
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oddlysimplestars · 5 hours ago
Loki “spoilers” but with zero context
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Tumblr media
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cicaklah · 6 hours ago
Thoughts on Sam/Steve 👀
Surprised it's not a bigger pairing tbh? Like, I only recently caught up with mcu but that whole 2 years that they were trying to find Bucky, someone rec me all the 200k slow burn globetrotting masterpieces because I have not found them.
They've got a great dynamic even if I am not much of a Steve girl I still have a wip of it. Mostly because I like the confounding factor of Bucky on a doomed relationship.
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rubixburd · 9 hours ago
the press finds out when peter is an adult that peter like inherited a good portion of stark industries and the explanation is that wow yeah he was just SUCH a great intern but all the other actual SI interns are internally like we have never even MET peter what is this intern bullshit???
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charliethechocolateeater · 10 hours ago
Me after carefully curating my tik tok fyp to be exclusively loki content:
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mischievous-thunder · 11 hours ago
Mobius: *Checking in on Loki from time to time, making it seem as subtle and casual as he can*
Ravonna: What are you doing, Mobius?
Mobius: Just working...
Ravonna: On what? An article about "How to make your crush your boyfriend"?
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marvelxs-universe · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
ms. keisha? ms.kEISHA?! omfg she fucking dead 👁👁
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likea-black-widow-baby · 11 hours ago
Coulson: Superhero scenario: You’re fighting a criminal, who you realize is your dad. How do you handle the situation?
Daisy: Well, first, I would be like “Dad, you’re alive?”
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marvelxs-universe · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
and in a weird way they are both right about this
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