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#i'm done with my blues phase
chubroska · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
drew the rest of the gang again!! (+ candace, because i love her)
kinda?? a redraw of this old piece
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tssdresses · 5 days ago
What am I doing?
That's an excellent question. The short answer is as follows: I was inspired to try and create a dress based on each character from Sanders Sides, and I am using this blog to (clumsily) document my progress. For more details about my project, keep reading.
CW: some references to gender dysphoria and minorly transphobic parents, references to COVID-19, maybe some crude language.
What started this?
It started with this post, which I came across a few months ago. It discusses Janus's (Janus'? How do punctuation?) gloves, and caused me to recall that I inherited several pairs of costume gloves from the 40s. For the fun of it, I pulled them out and went through them (post detailing that here, not made yet). As my mind was on Sanders Sides already, I stared to notice that some of the gloves matched the aesthetics of a side. There were some gold ones that I saw and instantly thought of Janus, there were a few different blues that reminded me of Patton's shirt and Logan's tie. There was one pair, white with silver-y flowers, that are princess gloves if I've ever seen them-- Roman would rock them. The long silver gloves reminded me of Virgil's vampire costume from the Phases video. There was one pair that was striped and gave me a headache if I put them on and looked at my hands while moving them: perfect for Remus, haha.
I texted my friend, Indi, and we two began to talk about putting together cosplays centered around the gloves. But, as I'm sure plenty of you can relate to, the project idea fizzled out after about a week.
Early planning stage
At the time, we fanders had gotten skirt pictures for Patton and Logan. The idea for glove-based cosplays had been pushed into the back of my mind. When Virgil's skirt photo dropped, I "reopened" the idea and started working on a more realistic plan to tackle doing six cosplays, when I hadn't done one since March of 2019.
I then promptly threw that realistic plan out the fucking window and decided to create a formal (or at least fancy) dress based around each side. I was intimidated by my own plans, but I was determined to do this. I took three years of apparel and two years of design classes, and I might as well put them to use, right?
Then, the Roman skirt photos dropped, and oh. My. God. I was blown away. If you go and compare the previous (Patton, Logan, and Virgil) sides' skirts to Roman's there's a lot of differences. First, and this might just be because Roman, the skirt itself is much more complex and fancy. Additionally, we have a change in scenery, and the pictures we got were less "selfie" style and more "photoshoot."
That was my final push, and I really started working. I was going to design a line of dresses.
First pass of design ideas
I started building a template for a mood board, which I've been calling an "infoboard" because it's more of a compilation of information for each side than just a design mood board. I created one for each side, and started jotting notes of what sort of dress I wanted to do for each sides. I'll detail that in a later post, which will be linked here.
Where I am now
I'll continue to update this post as this project continues. At the moment, I have rough sketches for each of the six side's dresses, and I'm working on final sketches and pattern planning for Logan's dress.
Logan's dress
You can go to this post to check out what stage I'm at on Logan's dress.
Problems hit so far
1- I'm sure you're all aware of the global crisis which we're all stuck in at the moment. Between an inability to get to craft and fabric stores, and a lack of opportunities to go to spaces where I would cosplay, I haven't been very active, large-garment-sewing-wise. I've made tons of masks, though.
2- I'm AFAB, and on the occasion I get hit with that good ol' dysphoria, particularly in the chest area. Unfortunately, that sort of matters, when one is designing and potentially modeling dresses. Luckily, I can work with this by designing a combination of just-dresses and dresses-designed-to-work-with-a-binder. This will also add some diversity to the forms and figures of this line, which I'm excited for. For example, Logan, Patton, and maybe Janus's dresses will be designed to have a binder worn. Virgil, Remus, and Roman's dresses will not have binders.
2.5- There are some added difficulties from being a full-time student and still living at home. Parents are... not as bad as they could be, but there's still some sucky stuff going on. (I'm not in any danger. Just very, very, very uncomfortable, which is more than some trans folks I know can say.) I'm moving out in August, so that might put this project on hold for a little while. I'll make sure to update this blog with a notification when that happens.
3- Arting is difficult. Unfortunately, one of the first steps to design is to create a coquis (that's the overly thin person template that people use to draft and edit their designs). I've got the image in my head, getting it on paper is hard. Fortunately, aforementioned Indi is excellent at arting and is helping me out.
4- This blog. I have no idea and also several conflicting ideas on how to organize it. Yikes.
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icy-spicy · 5 days ago
Frustrations Running High
David (underworld) x Reader
Tumblr media
Image found on google. Credit to OG creator
"It is time that we find her, Selene! Eve must join us," David said.
"I do not know where she is. Even if I did, I would not tell you. She does not wish to be found," Selene told him.
"There are others out there. With Marius defeated there will be more lycans that will attempt to organize themselves and wipe us out. We need Eve," David tried to reason.
"My daughter does not wish to be found! Leave her out of this. The Eastern Coven will hold fast against any attacks. We have all that we need," said Selene.
"When we are slaughtered like dogs, remember that it is your fault," he seethed.
You were quick to approach him and slap him with as much strength as you could muster. Selene smiled at you before disappearing to join her Death Dealers in the locker rooms. David stared at you with his eyes turning that beautiful electric blue.
His anger did not phase you.
"How dare you speak to Selene in such a manner. She has done nothing but support you through all of this," you said.
"Do not ever presume to speak to me or put your hands on me that way again," he said as he stared down at you.
There must have been something going on that triggered such aggressive behavior from him. David was normally a rather easy-going person, but the weight of becoming one of the new Vampire Elders weighed heavily on his shoulders. He wanted to protect his people more than anything. As well as uphold his mother's name. You watched as your lover brushed past you and headed for his rooms. Figuring that it would be best to let him have some time alone, you decided to find Selene. The members of the coven happily greeted you as you passed them in the many halls of the massive mansion. Things had begun to prosper with the new elders in place. Lena, Selene, and David were excellent leaders. You found Selene resting in the library. She was surprised to see you, to say the least
"It is unlike you to not be at David's side," she said.
"He needs some time alone. Are you alright," you asked as you sat across from her.
"Yes. I'm fine. The mission was a success. We wiped out a warehouse full of Lycans. There was evidence that they were looking for Eve. David wants to find her before them."
"Hmm. I apologize for his behavior. He had no right to say such things to you."
"Do not apologize for him. He is a grown man who can speak for himself. Besides, I know that he meant no harm."
You nodded in agreement. It wasn't your place to apologize for him. Selene crossed her legs as she raked her eyes over your form.
"We miss you being a Death Dealer. You were so advanced," she said with a smile.
"Only three kills away from breaking your record," you laughed, "I miss it sometimes. I find that there's more for me to do here though."
"Mhmm. Should you change your mind and wish to join us again, let me know. It was nice talking to you. Perhaps your slap has put some sense into David and I can have a productive conversation with him tomorrow," she said before standing to her feet.
You smiled up at her as she squeezed your shoulder and left you in the library. With the comfort of knowing that Selene was okay, you set your focus on David. Slowly, you made your way to your shared room. What a sight to witness. David had just stepped out of the bathroom with a towel slung low around his waist. Steam still rose from his body as he stopped to look at you.
"I take it that you're still frustrated," you asked.
He turned his back to you and began rummaging through his dresser for clothing. You sat on the bed and watched as he slipped into a pair of boxers.
"Where have you been," he asked.
"I was in the library talking to Selene."
He tensed at those words. David cared deeply for his people. Selene was the only family he had left in his eyes. To be at odds with her was very unsettling for him. You stood from the bed and made your way over to him. His hands pressed to the dresser and gripped it tightly as you held him from behind. He groaned in contentment as you pressed light kisses to his back. Your hands slowly roamed over his abs and the expanse of his chest.
"Why are you so tense, David?"
"I worry about the safety of our people. I do not wish to hide and run from fights. The Eastern Coven will not be taken. The Lycans want Eve so that they can drain her. I do not wish to see that become a reality. It would be hard for our people. It would be devastating for Selene," he explained.
"Our people are flourishing under your rule. There has been a great reduction in the amount of Lycan attacks and sighting. The Eastern Coven has never been this strong before. Rest assured that our people are fine. Eve knew the risks when she left a few years ago. Yes, Selene would hurt to lose her. She has already lost Michael. We are her family David. Do not let the fear of her being hurt ruin your relationship."
He turned to face you. His eyes were blown wide with the normal lust that came after a mission.
"You're so wise, Baby. I will apologize to Selene, and I apologize to you now. I'm sorry for being an ass towards you," he said.
"Apology accepted...under one condition," you teased.
"You will stay at the Coven and I will go on the next Death Dealers mission. I miss the action."
"How about we both go," he asked as he started walking you backward in the direction of the bed.
"You cannot focus when I am on the mission with you," you said.
"It's because your suit fits you so well," he said as he pushed you onto the bed.
You slid to the center of the mattress and watched as he stepped out of the boxers he had just put on. He looked at you expectantly. Teasingly, you began removing your clothes. David grabbed you by the ankles and dragged you to the edge of the bed to be in front of him.
"What would I do without a mate as wise and beautiful as you," he asked.
"You would probably be dead by now," you giggled.
He only looked at you for that response. There was no denying that you had a very good point.
"That's true," he said with a slight smile.
Your giggles were swallowed up by him as he kissed you. This was sure to be a night that would be felt the next day. Now was the opportunity for him to release his frustrations, and you enjoyed nothing more than letting him release them on you.
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sirthisisa-wendys · 7 days ago
Hello there, can I request you a Reader x Getou AU fic (Geto is a teacher in jujutsu school) where Y/N is a foreign sorcerer (from another country) sent to Japan to join the school but meet Geto in the street. She is surprise to see him with curses as it’s not something common where she is from. Tho she hides her great power pretty well Geto catches her spying on him and decide it’s time to introduce himself. Nsfw ending please 👀 Thank you in advance ❤️❤️❤️
Eyes on You: Geto Suguru x Fem!Reader
wc: 832
tw: like a second of smut lol
It's different in Japan. It's not the States, that's for sure.
Curses are everywhere and you're just left watching and waiting, unsure of how to do what you've been trained for.
When you sit down at the cafe, though, it's the only thing that feels like home. "What would you like?"
"A black coffee," you state and lace your fingers together, eyeing the patrons in the shop. Your eyes rest on someone at the counter, their hands moving and working on the coffee you just ordered, but you see the curse looping around their shoulders and consider your options.
One, you could approach them and get rid of it in the middle of the coffee shop. Two, you could ignore it and enjoy your time, or...
The door to the shop opens, revealing your third option.
You feel the controlled cursed energy rolling off of him in waves. It's not like you to reel back at this - you'd encountered a few others with cursed energy before - but this was entirely different.
Long black hair and sharp black eyes roam around the cafe, then rest on the worker at the counter, narrowing in on their target. You can't approach the man without revealing yourself, but in an instant, the man addresses the worker in a friendly manner, smiling and ordering a chai without mentioning or even seeming phased by the curse twiddling about the person's shoulders. Didn't he see it too?
Your thoughts are interrupted again by the sight of the man picking up the curse off the worker's shoulders, then wrapping it tightly around his wrist.
"You had something on your shirt there," he mentions, and the worker looks over, huffing.
"Dog hairs," he mumbles, resuming his workflow. The long-haired, broad-shouldered man lopes over to the hallway to the bathroom, and you crane your neck to see what he's doing with the curse he's acquired. But he disappears, and you're left wondering just who and what he was.
"I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here at Jujustu Tech," Kiyotaka Ichiji announces, looking over the landscape from above. "This is the perfect place for someone like you to grow and teach the younger students what it's like on the other side of the world."
You have half a mind to mention the person from the cafe to your family friend, but as he rambles on, you consider just leaving it be. It didn't seem like the person had any malintent. Maybe they're a sorcerer, too, but no one really knows who they are, you reason, and tune back into Ichiji's speech.
"There are tons of friends to be made and people to meet, y/n. I know you'll do great."
As you lug your suitcase and backpack across the lawn, you eye the others around. No sight of long hair or bangs.
"Hey!" A frisbee is thrown in your direction, and for some reason, you have the foresight to dodge it before any lasting damage is done to your face. A white-haired, blue-eyed demon is running toward you at top speed, his lanky form frightening you to your core. "Hey, maybe you could grab that?"
You flinch at the way the half-human half-thing speaks to you, nervously grabbing the plastic and shoving it back toward him.
"Satoru, quit scaring the new girl," a voice calls out behind you, and you turn to face... the same man from the cafe?
"Shut up, Suguru. I just asked for the frisbee back." The man - Suguru - hefts a book in his hands, and looks at you with compassion.
"My apologies for my friend here. He's a little... different."
"I can see that," you reply and Satoru begins to spit excuses as to why he's not different, he's just better than the rest of you, but you're confused as to how all of this is happening in one day.
"Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Suguru asks, rubbing his chin. "Maybe the airport? Bookstore?"
"The cafe earlier. Where you handled that curse..." A grimace crosses his face briefly before his expression smoothes out.
"Right," he replies, then takes your suitcase from you easily. "I'd be happy to show you around if you want." You smile back at him, grateful for the kindness.
"That would be nice."
The janitor's closet is nice, too, you think as you're pressed against the wall and gripping the back of Geto's t-shirt.
"Quiet," he pants, and you stifle a moan as he pushes inside of you repeatedly, holding one leg up around his waist. "The students are right next door taking a test."
"Uh-huh," you reply, your mind drifting past the barriers of Master Tengen and into space. "Right." But Suguru's cock presses into you deeply, and you cry out, the sound covered by one of his hands as he continues his deep strokes, kissing your cervix and stroking your g-spot just right.
"Hush," he urges you, focusing his black eyes on you again. "You can take it."
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cuti3--pi3 · 9 days ago
So people seemed to be okay with me info dumping some shit on my characters so here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[IMAGE ID: 4 digital illustrations of my 4 ocs. They all have the same dark teal background in each drawing. The first one is a brown boy with vitiligo, he's made of mostly sharp shapes. He has dark brown hair in a ponytail, a small beard on his chin and blue eyes slightly covered by square framed glasses, he's slightly awkward in the picture, a small smile on his face as he looks awkwardly to the right, his eyebrows are slightly furrowed in fact. He has a chocker with a golden pendant which is moon shaped. He's wearing a blue sweater that leaves his neck uncovered and a fluffy purple jacket with golden buttons on the side and a light blue moon. Beneath him his name is written "Virgo" and under that there's a description of him in a slightly smaller text, it says "very romantic trans Mexican boy, who really likes space, like a lot, he's romantic but forever awkward" after that there's a small sad face in yellow that's looking down in despair.
The second is Archie, he's mostly made out of round shapes, he's also brown with a slightly darker skin tone, he's got a few darker spots on his skin due to melasma. He's got very fluffy dark brown hair and bangs that slightly cover his face with a small plant sprout coming out of his hair. He's chubby and is slightly overweight with a bit of beard on his chin. He's smiling slightly, looking at the viewer with his dot eyes. His ears are slightly bigger than the other characters' thus being quite visible, in fact his red and white mushroom earrings can be seen. He's wearing a white collared t-shirt with a green wool vest, on it there's a ladybug pin. Underneath him is written his name "Archie" and in a smaller font a description of him that says "Scottish boi into cottagecore, still dreaming of that #cottagelife, likes nature, sewing, and yes he likes my little pony. He's the fatherly typ and he's pretty scary. Done with your shit".
Third one is Milo, he's mostly made by round yet defined shapes. they're a non-binary. They have white skin but slightly tanned with a few red spot since they have eczma, they have brown hair and eyes, both have a redish hue. They've got a grey collar which is much more similar to the ones dogs and cats have, it has a star pendant. His t-shirt is dark grey and on it is drawn a pentacle (not to be confused with the pentagram). Underneath their t-shirt there's a striped long sleeved shirt, with white and black stripes. Milo in the drawing is looking at his right with a cheeky smile. Underneath them their name is written "Milo" and in a smaller font there's a description "pegan enby, going through a goth phase rn, likes supernatural shit and vampire simp, no one knows their tiktok".
Lastly there's Codrin, mostly made from sharp shapes. He's a very light skinned dude, with very light blond long hair since he has albinism. His eyes are relaxed looking to the right, his left eye is a desaturated purple and his left one is desaturated blue. His mouth is open, showing some visible fangs. Overall his expression is an unamused one. He has a black shirt with a red square on in, in the square "smile" is written. He's wearing a grey hoodie that reveals his shoulders. Underneath them their name is written "Codrin" and in a smaller font there's a description "Romanian bastard who likes sticking his nose where it isn't supposed to, like dark web or ttc research, has no chill and eats goldfish 24/7" END IMAGE ID]
I know ocs don't really gain attraction buttt I really like em and I think they're neat :]
By the way, they might be mine but I actually co-own em with @stale-pringles! They're all ours but I'm mostly in charge of Archie and Codrin meanwhile my partner is in charge of Milo and Virgo :0
If ya want more info on them you can read below cut, tbh I don't wanna bug y'all with a big ass post about my children ocs and tbh it's just a big infodump-
But before I do jump into that if you can please do reblog! It supports me as an artist and it only takes a click
[Reblog > Faves]
So let's start with this huge af infodump on my characters :]
I'm genuinely sorry for being this long I've hid them for 2 long and I love them-
They're all friends and they all live together! They're a bunch of losers who are just vibing tbh and I love theM 😭😭
Virgo and Archie are dating and they're adorable together
Codrin and Milo are also dating and they're the fucking worse together and I love them
Codrin and Virgo are in a qpr cause I'm in one so I'm making my own representation, they're absolutely insane-
Also here's some facts about eM
Virgo coughcoughmyfavoritecough-
he's a just a chill dude, he likes listening to space themed lo-fi when stressed or overwhelmed
He's very awkward, he tries to flirt but he isn't exactly good at it and sometimes instead of actually getting the person he wants to charm flustered he embarrasses himself
He can be charismatic tho, like he's just pleasant to be around
He's very clumsy and will knock over stuff by accident especially since he's like 5'10
He's easily excitable and will go on a rant about his hyperfixations
He'll try to stay serious but he cannot and will start laughing for no reason
He believes in soulmates and destiny and he's just very romantiC-
He's very caring and just cares a lot about his friends and family
He's patient with people and probably let's them step over him a bit to much
He can be a dramatic and sassy bastard I'm not joking omfg, but he isn't good at sarcasm, he doesn't comprehend sarcasm
He's extroverted so living with like 3 people helps him a lot
Has meltdowns and tends to bottle up
He's bisexual so obviously he does finger guns and sits awkwardly, also he's eternally confused 😔
He's transmasc!
He choose the name Virgo since he's actually Virgo and has an hyperfixation on stars
He's Mexican but he had to move to Texas when his dad found a better job
Around that time he was about to start middle school, he came out to his parents before starting it so people wouldn't know that he's trans
His parents accepted him and at school he presented as Virgo but didn't do any physical transitions until he was 1 year into his social transition
And then his body started developing and he got a binder and no one really knew he was a dude since he was naturally a late bloomer and he did some voice exercises to have his voice be deeper
He did get bullied tho but that was for his vitiligo
Also he really liked Archie during middle school and honestly he was kinda a fangirl
That's it for his identity story for now I really haven't dug deep atm they're just comfort rn
They're the only responsible one in the group
He will have to stop ww2 from happening in the kitchen
Has a secret Nutella stack cause everyone will fight over a jar
They get anxious a lot but he's good at handling it
They're quite independent
It's hard to understand his emotions, emotionally he seems opaque without trying so whenever they feel sad he just says it so that no one is confused
They're not edgy or emotionless tho, he smiles he laughs and stuff, he'll just seem a bit opaque
They're good at flirting, he loves to flirt back at Virgo cause he's not very good at it
They're the one who does the chores mostly, the cooking as well but Virgo and Codrin help him out
He sometimes likes to play music full volume when their roommates aren't around
Very good at managing his times, he's usually the one who helps their buddies organize their days and he's the one who sets up dates for themselves and Virgo
He's a great cuddler just saying
Oh also they're asexual because I'm ace and I'm self projecting
They also use he/they cause I'm self projecting still
He deals with intrusive thoughts, more on that later
He's like 5'5 and kinds self conscious about it, but they're short king
They're like a cottagecore bitch, the squad's apartment is like a absolute chaotic mixture of aesthetics and they have bunkbeds, so imagine seeing a very cute light brown bed with a bunch of small house plants near the windowsill and then boom beneath the red a goth meds of a bed
Goth bastard, like a grunge kind of style?
He's curious so he'll do dangerous shit to resolve mysteries
Basically he grew up on Scooby Doo
Like his favorite thing is to go on the dark web and shit this dude risks his personal data basically everyday
So obviously Virgo is the one that has to stop him cause istg he doesn't have a good perception of what is dangerous and what not
Look I'm ace so idk how being kinky works but he's like horny, he's probably not a virgin-
He's that one John Mulaney quote "I'm so horny and angry all the time and I have no outlet for it,,,so eggs" actually no he's that entire skit about eggs
He's like 5'4 and helps Archie not feel bad about their height
He was Virgo's first friend, they're very close :D
They like tell each other secrets and go on platonic dates and he knows how to calm Virgo down during a meltdown
They sometimes cuddle as well and Archie is cool with that cause ✨communication is important✨
He tries to act cool, he isn't, not one bit
He uses the 🥀 not ironically
Basically he types like a straight dude
Yet he's a bisexual disaster holy fuck-
Has a lot of audacity, like this motherfuckers
He doesn't eat much, usually just has a small snack when hungry
He has feminine hips and that's a thing he's sensitive about
Be dresses up femininely time to time
He totally watches friends and genuinely gets involved in all the drama
He tries to be mysterious but ends up oversharing
Shitty pick up lines that work on no one except Milo obviously
Honestly I think he kind of fits the stereotype of "the gay best friend" I'm ngl
I don't have much on him yet but he's chaotic neutral
Milo coughcoughanotheroneofmyfaves
okay so Milo is kinds too cursed, I genuinely think I'll have to leave some shit unsaid they're fucking wild
They're the stereotypical gen z, they do shit like boyfriend checks, and still says god fucking uwu
They're pegan/wiccan and they take it seriously
They're into supernatural stuff as a whole like they watched supernatural, good omens, vampire diaries
,,, and they have an hyperfixation with twilight-
They've got a poster and everything
Team Edward 🥀🥀 I'm so sorry
They're a catboy
istg I can explain
They're based on a old kinsona I'M NOT making public cause I'm not going to ruin my reputation on here
And this kinsona would sometimes pretend to be a cat and it was a inside joke between me and partner
And it's iconic so it's staying
They've got a maid dress and the strawberry dress this bitch is genuinely a gen z
They've got a tiktok and no one knows it's name which is for the better
Okay I need to talk about less cursed stuff so basically they're an artist, a freelancer :>
They've got 2 sketchbooks, 1 that everybody can see and a secret 1
They've watched anime at one point I'm so fucking sure of it
Them and Archie were friends since they were youngsters and have a weird parental relationship, Archie is kinda like a dad for him :)
Crazy loud which sends Virgo in a panic so they're learning to be less vocal
Diversity wins! They've all got skin conditions cause I think they aren't talked enough about and that people with skin conditions should be just as valued and validated as everyone!
They meet up cause they all went to the same "skin condition awareness" club
Diversity win! They're all neurodivergent
( I'm kinda scared to get hate for this so I'm just gonna address the elephant in the room
"but isn't that forced-" I'd rather prefer making characters that struggle with real issues instead of having a bunch of skinny white characters tbh, I rarely see neurodivergent characters in shows and mainstream media, so if no one is gonna give that representation I'm going to, also cause
I'm still mad about the shitwreck that "MuSiC" is
I'm probably on the nd spectrum with ADHD, I'm saying maybe cause my therapist doesn't know much about ADHD and I can't really diagnose myself, she told me I have some of the symptoms tho so again I don't wanna self diagnose
I have a few of friends that are nd spectrum and honestly I wanna give em representation)
I'm not gonna say what they have yet cause I don't wanna fuck up the interpretation, I'm still doing research and yea, I'm trying not to get information from sites directed to parents since that's quite harmful I believe. So yeA-
Sorry this is long I love these boYs
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mochikeiji · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↠ Pairing: Gojou Satoru x F!Reader
↠ Warning: mild manga spoiler mention, daddy! gojo, pure softness, hurt/comfort
↠ a/n: i love soft daddy gojo, it's my comfort piece (T^T) my baby fever flowing off the charts
↬ Word Count: 1.7k
Tumblr media
Who knew that the domestic living felt so heavenly apart from the gruesome life Gojo was raised to witness. Never did it cross in his head that he'd get married. Heck no one expected someone would last with him for almost 7 years. It was a pleasant change of lifestyle, though it had been long since you were both in a relationship, he assumed that what you did in the past was already like something a married couple would do.
While he was right, the honeymoon phase didn't pass up between you two. Gojo was still the ever loving, affectionate person he was for his age. The only thing that thankfully grew was his maturity and acts of being responsible. Your married life has been nothing but cloud 9. It reached to the point where he became speechless and for the first time, numb when another human was welcomed to his world.
He swore from the moment he saw you that he'd never spare even the slightest attention to anyone. But for the moment, Gojo feels himself fall madly in love when the small bundle of joy laid on his stiff arms comfortably. Whether it was the way his baby fits perfectly in his embrace, the tiny body protected by his scarred, large figure, or when his big thumb was grabbed by smaller ones that barely engulfed the digit. He was reborn once again. You recalled his little whisper about how it hasn't even been a second, the little girl you've given him already made him weak in the knees and given up his every thing.
You should've taken a picture. If it was possible to cry and look beautiful, Gojo won, no complaints. But also because you wanted to capture his uncovered eyes, swimming with softness behind the glassy texture. You didn't say anything to ruin the little bond he's sharing with your little one.
Now he was attached every where your daughter would be. When she slept in her crib Gojo pleaded that he'd move it closer to your bed side, claiming so that he could watch over her closer and that there may be curses lurking any where around the area. Even if he's casted a protective veil ahead of time before birth. Sometimes you'd catch him late at night still wide awake. His finger would wiggle between the bars of the crib to entertain the also awoken baby in a way to lull her to sleep.
When you're in deep sleep next to your husband, you will be awoken to the sight of your baby in between your heads. No matter how many times you scold him for placing her in a spot where maybe one of you would probably suffocate(which will not happen because his and your instincts are off charts) he'd sheepishly smile at you claiming that having her close helps him sleep more than constantly checking after five minutes if she was still there, breathing and okay. Megumi was in the same state of shock as every one was seeing how the troublemaker who raised him turned out to be a different person. Poor Megumi had to suffer not only the duo knucklehead's teasing about being the jealous child, but also the second years. 
It was a sight to behold how soft he's been lately. Attentive in every cry of needing a change of diaper, cry for milk, or a cry for attention or disturbance, Gojo would race you to it. How he balances his time in parenting and working late hours concerned you. Nothing has been the same ever since the multiple deaths of his former colleagues and teacher. To juggle around the bricks of disintegrated despair had him with a heavy heart. He doesn't know why he deserves to have the chance to have a family, but he knows it's his way of living for the those who's lost theirs and wanted the same paradise he has.
Through out the guilt and cruelty of the world that had rampaged on the innocent, there beside him fast asleep was the little one that held his existence together from falling deeper into his own melancholy with tiny, squishy hands. While you were finishing up in the showers, Gojo fights back the fluttering of his eyes, clearly in need of sleep after a long day of assisting the students and a couple of files from the pestering elders. A developed habit of his was to keeo a sharp eye on his child at all times and close to him. He's done it before with you, it's funny how it heightened more on his daughter.
Seeing him fight the slumber his baby was already in was adorable, especially when he had a protective hand on her side and kept nuzzling the tiny body to his face. "Satoru, honey, you can sleep you know." placing down the dirty laundry. "You need sleep."
Having to be woken up a bit by your sweet voice, he melts and purrs quietly having his scalp scratched by you in hopes he'd rest for the night. "I can't keep my eyes off her."
"I'm here now, I'll put her back in the crib since she's fast asleep. You don't need to worry too much."
"I don't want her in the crib." whining, his long legs curls up to his stomach forming a ball of his ball, the need to be closer to the his baby while pouting tiredly, "I feel like if I take a second away from looking, she'll be taken too."
After being sealed in the prism realm and returning to so much loss, though Gojo will never show how much this affected him. It was as if he was living the nightmare of his high school days once more. To think that having him gone would cost more than a spilled blood from a fighter, makes him wish he could split his body just so he can be there for every one. To save them.
But he has to remember his own proclaimed words that he can only rescue those who he can reach.
Your heart pinched whenever your husband would show vulnerability. He had been the loneliest for as long as he can remember to talk to someone about his own worries, "She won't be taken. She's safe here with us."
"You know I've never felt this completed in my life." having your genes and his mixed into the this very human in his arms amazes him until now, he couldn't help but trace gently a finger across from her puffed up cheek to the tiny button nose, "I've never been more terrified of the thought of losing you and her more than ever. Never been afraid of ending up lonely." he whispers in a tone slightly going higher, thinking he was also talking to the baby.
"I don't want to close my eyes or go anywhere and wake up to lose all of this."
Coming down to your side of the bed, finally having his face in your vision. There wasn't just exhaustion in his bright blue eyes that peered in adoration of your child— it more than a simple, fond fatherly look. If eyes could talk, you could understand how they were pleading for what they look at to never disappear from sight. To never become the replica of the past. He wanted to cry for mercy, to no longer take any of what was dear to him. If it means he has to give up these good for nothing abilities, he would for the sake of of all that is good.
"You make me happy— she makes me happy." squishing his cheek gently to hers, "I don't want to lose that too."
"You'll never lose us, Satoru." you cooed as you reached over to cup his jaw, stroking carefully the side of his face in process of closing his eyes, "So don't lose yourself for us. Please."
He holds onto the back of your hand in gratitude. Silently spilling an i love you for sheltering him from his conflicts. The people didn't lie when they said he had the whole world in his hands; an innocent child and a soulmate he could never be enough of. They didn't know that those were the only world that made him breath lively again.
A small whimper between you interrupted the approaching slumber he was about to achieve. "Hey, hey, did daddy wake you?" patting the distressed child by her bum, "I'm sorry, shhh." through kisses and cooing pressed on her scrunched up face, he wins over the cries of your daughter who fell back into dreamland happily. Gojo re adjusting his position in bed to stretch his arms to embrace you both, resting his hand on your hip.
With your lids feeling heavy already, you removed the hand on your hip and instead, held on them close to where your heart was beating. A reminder for Gojo that you weren't going anywhere along with the cute snores from the person between you. Gojo doesn't fall right asleep after you, he likes to take his time doing his sappy routine of watching both of his favorite girls snuggled near him. They did say you don't know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Even if he's done this all the time it never grows old. In a world where any time anyone could be taken away, every thing mattered.
He's never had one final moments with the fallen— he knows he can never laugh fully at the game of life and death. He knows he can't recover fast after losing too many pieces of the puzzle. But he can always build a new one and solve it together with what he has. The pieces cannot be replaced, but from there he knows it'll become an utterly different masterpiece. One where both heaven and earth can smile upon. You lose something, you gain something. As silly as it sounds, Gojo understood more as he held onto you and cuddling closer to the baby. It'll be okay. There's no telling when and where, but what matters most is that he still has a part of his family before and now he swore to protect.
Finally, Gojo sleeps in the hands of his world. Knowing it'll be there when he wakes up.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to mochikeiji. Please do not repost or copy, ありがとうございました!! (=^・^=)
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Rick Grimes x Reader - Longing
AN: I had this sitting in my drafts for a while now and it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done. If there are any remaining spelling mistakes they’ll be fixed asap.
Warnings: Obviously nsft content (TW: Cheating!) and language !Minors do not interact!
Tumblr media
Rick was thinking often about you, whenever he had alone time he thought about you, when he showered, waited for Lori to join him in bed. He couldn't get you out of his mind - it felt so good to think about you when he stroked his cock at night, or early in the morning.
You couldn't deny your feelings for him, there was something going on between him and you, you'd do the same every night when you touched yourself. Rick was always on your mind, you constantly thought about him, you imagined how he'd react to your touches, how he'd smell and how he'd sound.
Tonight everything you thought of was finally becoming real. You used to meet up with Rick every Friday night, you knew him since high school and were his best friend. He felt terrible for wanting you this badly.
With a groan he sat down next to you on the sofa and looked at you as you placed a bottle of whisky on the coffee table with two glasses. You poured him and yourself a glass. The drink was bittersweet and it warmed his and your body a bit.
The conversations you shared with him became a form of rant for him lately. You didn't complain about it, you enjoyed being there for Rick.
"It's a phase, that's shit couples go through Rick." you were trying your best to reassure him and took another sip from your glass. "I don't know Y/N, earlier this day she asked me if I even care about them at all." you sighed at his words and looked at him and gazed in his blue eyes "She said that in front of Carl Y/N." , "Fuck man.." you paused for a few moments and looked at him finishing his glass "Do you still care?" Rick looked at you with raised eyebrows "Of course Y/N, not the same way anymore tho." he admitted and looked down at his lap where his hands rested and held his now empty glass.
"I still love Lori in certain ways, I mean she is the mother of my child and I love Carl so much, but with Lori it feels wrong nowadays, cold you know." , "That must suck.. but I'm sure that's just a phase." you were unsure if you should touch him, you did it anyway. Your hand was on his arm and gave it a soft reassuring squeeze.
When he moved his arm to put the glass down on the coffee table you pulled your hand back and did the same, as you did your hands would graze against each other and it awoke something in you. Rick looked at you, it awoke something in him as well. It felt as if there was some tension building up in the air between him and you "Y/N.." Rick groaned when his eyes were locked with yours.
Your hand found his cheek and pulled him closer to you - His lips were soft and warm against yours, slightly chapped and he tasted like whisky. The bittersweet taste on him made you even needier for him and your free hand moved to his thigh and squeezed it. Rick whimpered in return and finally touched you, he started off by burying his free hand in your hair and squeezed your waist with the other hand.
With the help of you he pulled you on top of him and you rested in his lap where you'd grind yourself against his hardening denim covered cock. The kiss was so passionate that you two had a hard time breathing. His hands found your ass with a firm grip and squeezed it to guide you against his now stiff cock. "Fuck.." you exhaled as your lips parted to catch a breath, your arms were wrapped around his neck - Rick sighed heavily when your lips parted and looked at your swollen lips, you were soaked at this point and the way he looked at you made it even worse. You continued to grind yourself against him but he stopped you at some point, you made heavy eye contact with him throughout and had your forehead pressed against his.
He was desperate for you, you could hear the need in his voice "Y/N.. stop." , his grip on your ass was harder as you stopped "You sure?" you asked with a hint of concern and were out of breath, you two held still and it was absolute torture. "No don't." You could hear how needy he was for you and smiled at him before you kissed him again and focussed mainly on his lower lip.
Rick kept guiding you against his hard twitching cock, you moaned his name out loud when your lips parted.
He leaned his head back against the sofa and looked at you sitting on his hard, sadly still covered cock, he always thought of this happening, your thick thighs wrapped around his waist, it made him twitch. “Take your shirt off.” Rick commanded, his blue eyes were locked with yours and his stern gaze made it hard for you to read him. You did as he said and moved your arms from his neck to the hem of your shirt where your hands would take a hold of it and pull it over your head. The shirt landed somewhere on the floor - His eyes were all over your body and it made you feel so good, he was basically eye fucking you and you felt so sexy and wanted. His warm hands moved from your ass to your bra and undid it, he growled at the sight of your breasts “You’re so beautiful Y/N.” , his warm hands were on your breasts soon and squeezed them, he leaned forward and kissed your collarbone only to move to your breasts to tease your hard nipples with his mouth and warm lips.
Your body felt as if it was on fire at this point, his touches felt so good, but they weren’t enough for you, you needed more. You tugged at his white shirt with your hands, he understood what you wanted and moved away from your breasts which would probably have some hickeys tomorrow. Rick pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside, he took a hold of you and pulled you with him as he laid down on the couch with you lying on top of him. Your rather small hands were on his body and explored it slowly, you didn’t want to rush anything even though you were soaked and clenched around nothing - You wanted to feel him.
Delicate fingers grazed over his skin, from his collarbone to his scar and abdomen, you couldn’t get enough from him, you were sitting on top of him and grinded yourself against him, he supported the way you were rolling your hips against his.
Rick growled at the loss of your touch when you got off him “Y/N..” he whined and looked at you, slowly you opened your jeans and rolled them down to the point where you stepped out of them. Terribly slow you pulled at your panties, his hand was on his covered erection and rubbed it against it for comfort. “Your turn Rick.” A smile appeared on your face and chuckled “Fine..” he groaned and unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, with him raising his hips real quick to pull his jeans down you licked your lips - you wanted him to thrust in you like this so badly. But you wanted to make this as pleasurable for him and you as possible and didn’t want to rush anything.
With your lip bit you pulled your soaked panties teasingly down, his bulge was prominent and showed through more than you ever thought it would. He was so big and precum was soaking his boxers, they were too tight all of the sudden. You nodded at him and looked at his hips “Okay..” he groaned and pulled his boxers down, his cock sprung free and your clit twitched at the sight.
“Now come here Y/N..” his voice was deep and filled with arousal, a gentle blush appeared on your face as you climbed on top of him. Your hands were on his strong chest as you rubbed your clit against his erection which rested against his stomach and twitched. “Y/N..” he moaned and turned you over with him on top of you now. He laid in between your legs and rubbed the head of his aching cock against your swollen entrance “Would love to eat you out, but fuck, I need to be inside you Y/N..” , you held desperately onto his shoulders “Just do it Rick.” you barked, with the help of one hand he let his cock enter your aching core inch by inch. Your fingernails almost left scratches on his back, but he stopped you, his hands took a hold of yours and pinned them down next to your head, you were squirming beneath him. He made you feel so full, even though he was holding still you felt yourself aching around him, “Y/N..” he groaned and leaned his forehead against yours “You’re so tight, fuck, you feel so good.” you struggled a bit against him because you wanted to touch him so badly, you wrapped your legs around him and commanded him to move.
His thrusts were soft at first, you felt him grazing against a spot inside you which you didn’t even know of. His cock felt heavy and warm inside you, he left you breathless and picked up the pace a bit. Rick was panting like an animal on top of you, you enjoyed his sounds and with every pant or groan of him your walls wrapped a bit more around him. Curse words ran over his lips “Rick.. you feel so good, you're so fucking big.” you cried out, his rhythm was steady, the sounds of skin meeting skin filled the air. He kept going like this for a few more thrusts and removed himself from you “Fuck Rick..” you barked with confusion “Turn around.” he commanded and helped you to lay on your stomach, his hands took a hold of your hips and pulled them up a bit.
“You like that?” he groaned as he slipped in with the help of his hand, he was so hard, you were clenching and tightening up around him, he didn’t give you a lot of time to adjust and guided your hips against his. Rick’s thrusts were rough and steady, he started slowly but got rougher and let his hands run over your back and reached for your shoulder and pulled your body up. Your arms were digging deep in the material of your couch, with every thrust you cried out for him, you were getting much closer to your release. “Shit Y/N.. You’re close I can feel it..” Rick groaned and took a hold of your breasts and squeezed them in the same rhythm he was thrusting inside you. You cried out so loud for him that even your neighbors were able to hear you, but you did not care. Rick wasn’t quiet either, he cried your name out several times by now.
With Rick fucking you at this point you felt the knot in your abdomen forming, his right hand moved all over your body from your breasts down to your clit, his strong fingers started to draw slow circles around your swollen and throbbing clit. Your entire body tensed when his talented fingers added up to the pleasure, you felt so full already and with him rubbing your clit in circles with pressure you felt yourself tightening more around him. “That’s it Y/N.. Cum for me.” he groaned next to your ear as he leaned further in and moved his hand away from your breast and reached out for your hand and took a hold of it. He kept thrusting hard in and out of you, and moved a bit harder than before against your most sensitive spot. With a loud moan from you and the knot in your abdomen releasing your walls clenched around him and you came with him still moving inside you adding even more up to the pleasure you were feeling. You collapsed beneath him, your body was quivering and absolute jelly, everything felt unreal, the only thing Rick could think about was taking a hold of your hips again and aligning them with his and to keep moving.
Rick was close from the pleasure you were giving him and he picked up the pace once more, his thrusts were so animalistic it looked as if the two of you were two animals in heat, he hasn’t felt this good in a long time.
His hard grip on your body left several marks behind, Rick didn’t care when he held you close to his hips, his hands were holding you in place, you were squirming beneath him and you felt as if you were passing out. You were never used to overstimulation since no man has ever made you feel this good. With several curses and your name rolling over his lips he released himself inside you “Rick!” you cried out as you felt how he buried himself as deep as possible inside you and filled you up, his body was trembling and tense.
His lips were agape when he realized what happened and pulled out of you, you sighed as he walked to your bathroom and got something to clean you two up. Once you were cleaned up and mostly clothed you looked at Rick, he put his clothes on and was quiet. “Did you not like it?” you asked with concern “I did, I've been thinking about this for a while Y/N..” he paused and walked towards you to take a hold of your chin, you just put your shirt back on “I don’t think this was right.” , you looked at him and shook your head “Maybe it wasn’t but it is something I won’t forget so soon. You have to admit that it felt damn good..” you smiled softly and looked deep in his blue eyes “It did feel amazing, maybe we should repeat this..” , “I'll see you next Friday then?” he nodded before he put his jacket on and placed another kiss on your swollen red lips and left. Next Friday couldn't arrive soon enough even though Rick felt terrible. He couldn't resist you.
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ketzerhund · 22 days ago
"BK-A-01." Clarissa corners him in his own space. She's confident, obnoxiously so, that however much A-01 doesn't like her, he won't lash out at her. Hence this this matchstick of an organic walking right up to the hulking beast and staring up at him with piercing blue eyes, her expression blank save from the faintest sheen of aggravation harshening the angles of her brows and mouth. "I need your help understanding this technical issue I'm running into. My Porygon are having a hard time getting their work done bandwidth is being throttled for reasons my diagnostics can't seem fathom. Supposedly everything's fine on my end, but me assistants tell me that they feel...watched. Enough they seem scared, almost. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?"
Tumblr media
"Ah. That. That was me."
01 shrugs, but his eyes, harsh and unblinking, eager for a response, stare her directly into hers like a hungry wolf. He knows what she's implying - frankly, he preferred to cut out the middle man. Let her try to stop him. Indeed, let any of her Porygon attempt to untangle the claws he'd sunk so deeply into her systems.
[CICADA] had already completed its initial phase, feeding data into the Combat System from whatever it could infect, keeping a low profile - only watching. The impact was minimal, for now, allowing it to slip under the radar for long enough to establish his feed.
No need for aggression - not yet, not yet... Not so long as she stayed in line. At any moment he could launch phase two of the virus, deleting important files, forcing shutdown on a potentially devastating scale.
Out of all the AI to come out of Aether, HE, the last of them, was always among the most mechanical - focused, dangerous, a weapon, above all. If she was a matchstick, he was a storm.
He didn't need to lash out for the danger to be very, very real.
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let-it-raines · 29 days ago
I Hope We Never See October (8/12)
Tumblr media
When his personal life and football career go up in flames, Killian Jones escapes England for America, finding seclusion in Martha’s Vineyard in order to hide from his demons. It’s a fresh start, or at the very least a paused moment in his life, and all he needs is a few months alone to allow his heart to heal. He doesn’t count on meeting Emma Swan.
Emma’s life depends on tourists who come to the island every summer. It’s how she makes her money working in restaurants and clubs across the vineyard, but every year, she cannot wait until autumn comes and her life returns to normal. She especially cannot wait for Killian Jones to leave.
Rating: Mature
a/n: Okay, so that cliffhanger, huh? I thought our mystery guests were obvious, but then again, I'm writing the story. But We'll answer all those questions here!
AO3: Beginning | Current Tumblr: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Killian’s side of the bed is cold when Emma’s alarm goes off. She expects him to still be there either sleeping or on his phone – he seems to do most of his work in the mornings when he doesn’t want to get out of bed – but he’s not there.
She hates herself a little bit for even noticing the cool feel of the sheets beneath her fingertips.
Emma groans and stretches her legs out, wondering how much time she has to go back to sleep before she absolutely has to go into work. She squints at her phone. She’s got two hours before she has to be at work. She could definitely sleep for another hour and a half and then look like shit at work. That might be nice, actually.
But then she smells something cooking downstairs, and almost on cue, her stomach growls.
Slowly, she gets out of bed, and the floor is cold against her bare feet. She should really go take a shower before she goes downstairs, and despite the good smell, she goes into the bathroom and quickly showers, leaving her hair dry. It’s curly and a bit frizzy from leaving it wet after her shower at the Nolans’ last night, but that’s a problem for another time…tomorrow. She’ll make it look better tomorrow. Emma grabs a pair of shorts and a button-down, putting them both on, and she pulls out a pair of sandals from her closet for later. She’s not as presentable as she should be, but maybe she can stay in her office and away from customers.
Besides, this is better than what it could have been had she not at least rinsed off the remaining sunscreen and sweat from her skin.
Emma smooths down her shirt and fluffs her hair. There’s the slightest bit of red on her chest from Killian’s beard, so she buttons up one more button before heading downstairs. From the smell of it, Killian is either cooking pancakes or waffles, and she’ll take either.
As far as her seasonal friends with benefits go, Killian is definitely the winner.
For the breakfast, the sex, and maybe the conversation. She thought about that for too long yesterday, and it’s too damn early for her to be thinking about any of this today. All she wants is food and coffee, so that’s all she’s thinking about. It’s all she can.
“Damn, Jones,” Emma shouts from the top of the stairs, “something smells delicious.”
She’s at the bottom of the stairs when she hears other voices. For one brief second, she thinks Killian is on the phone, but she’d know those voices anywhere. One haunts her nightmares, the other is the voice of her dreams, and neither was supposed to be here for three weeks.
Three fucking weeks.
Holy shit.
What the hell has Neal done that he has to show up like this without even giving her any kind of heads up?
And how does she fix this? Killian was never supposed to know about Henry. He was the one question she’d never answer. He would have been her veto had it ever come up. When he got home from spending the summer with his dad in New York City, Emma was going to start phasing Killian out. They’d only ever spend time at his place, she’d never spend the night unless Henry was sleeping over at his friends. Usually, she doesn’t have this problem because the guy leaves way before this. He doesn’t have the chance to ever know about Henry, and Emma likes it that way.
The last guy that met Henry was Walsh, and that was only on accident. Or at least that’s what Walsh said, but Emma’s always thought Walsh showed up at the Blue Dog at that time on purpose because he knew Henry would be there with Emma. The guy never understood why Emma didn’t let him meet her son, but when you’ve never been able to trust a man besides David and possibly Graham with him, you have reservations.
His dad’s a full-blown asshole who has upended her life more than once, and she’s already so done with whatever bullshit excuse he’s got for bringing Henry home early.
Emma jumps in place, trying to breathe without really inhaling, and then she turns the corner into the kitchen.
The sight is as bad as she expected. The first person she sees is Killian, and if it were any other morning, this would be a good view to wake up to. His joggers hang low on his hips, he’s standing by the stove shirtless, and his hair is sticking in several directions from where her hands tugged on it last night. Then she sees Neal, who is standing in the corner with his arms crossed, frown on his face. He looks older since she saw him at the beginning of June. His beard is filled with more gray, his hair unruly in a purposeful way. He looks pissed, and Emma already knows this is about to be hell.
And then she sees Henry, and the tenseness fades from her shoulders when she sees his smile and the giant backpack he’s wearing. He’s got to empty that damn thing out.
God, she’s missed him so much.
“Mom!” he squeals, running toward her.
Emma opens her arms and embraces him, holding onto the back of his head and breathing him in. As much as Emma sometimes likes the freedom her summer affords her, she does miss her son. A lot. Him being gone is the entire reason she picks up shifts at The Oaks. She needs the distraction, not so much the money, until the summer is over and Henry comes back home for school.
“Hey, kid,” Emma laughs as she keeps hugging him. “I’ve missed you.”
“I’ve missed you too. Can I have the waffles?”
He pulls back and grins. “The waffles Killian made. Can I have them?”
“Killian,” Emma slowly repeats. She looks over Henry’s head toward Killian who is furiously scratching behind his ear, and she realizes just how much he has a deer in the headlights look going on. As confused as she is right now, she knows he’s just had a few bombs dropped on him. “Uh, yeah, why don’t you and my friend Killian eat. I’m going to talk to your dad in the backyard for a minute. Neal.”
“What? I don’t get a hi?” Neal asks.
“Backyard. Now.”
He smiles, and once upon a time, she would have found that charming. Right now, she wants to slap it right off his face. Whatever he has to say, she knows it won’t be good. Emma closes the back door behind them and moves far enough across the deck to keep Henry from hearing.
“What the hell, Neal?”
The smile falls, and Emma crosses her arms over her chest. She has to put up a barrier with him. “Why are you so angry? Are you not excited to see Henry? He has been gone all summer, you know.”
“Of course I’m excited to see my kid. But I wasn’t supposed to see him three weeks from now. And with a head’s up. We have a schedule, Neal. Like, a court-mandated schedule that you made us get, and you’re not sticking to it.”
“That I made us get?” he scoffs. “What’s that supposed to mean? If I recall, you’re the one who kept my son from me for seven years and then didn’t want to give me custody.”
How is he such an ass? Seriously. How does he still not get it?
Emma steps closer and straightens her back. She doesn’t need to make herself taller, not for him, but she does anyway. “I got pregnant with Henry when I was sixteen. You were twenty-four. Do the math on how that’s wrong in about eighty-two different ways. And if I recall, and trust me I have a pretty good memory of this day, when I told you I had something important to tell you, you disappeared off the face of the planet. That doesn’t really seem like a guy who deserves to know about his kid.”
“Oh, come on, Ems. You can’t still be mad about that, can you?”
Is it still considered assault if Emma punches someone who deserves to be punched? There must be a law making that okay.
“Why are you here early, Neal?”
She doesn’t want to get into this with him. He’s never going to understand how much he fucked up Emma’s life. There’s no need for her to try to get him to understand now when all she wants is to know why he just showed up early.
“Who’s that guy in there?” he asks, evading her question.
“A friend.”
His mouth crinkles when he laughs, and she hates it. “A shirtless friend who fixes you breakfast? I hope you don’t make a habit of this when Henry’s home.”
“You don’t get a say on my dating life. Or my parenting skills. Now answer my question.”
He blows out air, and rolls his eyes, like she’s the one inconveniencing him. “Look, Tamara wants to go on vacation before summer ends, and she didn’t want to bring Henry with us. So I thought I’d bring him back to you and it wouldn’t be an issue. I’m sure you can keep him entertained until he goes back to school.”
“Oh my God. Oh my God, Neal, are you serious? You are breaking the rules of our custody agreement because you want to go on vacation with your girlfriend? How is it possible that you’re so selfish? I mean, God, seriously.”
Emma groans and buries her face in her hands before screaming. Or at least screaming as loud as she can without Henry knowing.
“Henry is a good fucking kid,” Emma continues, slowly breathing to calm herself down, “and he loves you. He doesn’t see all the shit I do because I’ve hidden that from him, but you can’t just do this, Neal. You can’t decide you’re done playing dad and give him back to me when you nearly made me go broke fighting to keep custody of the kid I’d raised since he was born. That’s not how being a parent works.”
“That’s rich coming from the woman who has used her time away from her kid to fuck British tourists and is upset her kid is back early because her vacation has to end.”
Emma looks up into the eyes of the man she once loved, the man who gave her son his eyes, and she says, “Go say goodbye to Henry and get the hell out of my house. I’ll see you next June, if you still decide to show up then.”
It’s a dismissal, and Neal never takes those. Not sitting down at least. She’s sure there will be arguments and petty jabs for the next few months. He’ll make her life hell while playing as the good guy. He has this act where he says things like “he’s a good person now, can’t she just move on from the past?”
There’s a difference between forgiveness and moving on that not a lot of people get. They say you have to forgive to move on, but that’s not true. You can move on without forgiveness because some people don’t deserve it. At all. Sometimes all you can do is stop letting them live in your head rent free, and you have to forgive yourself for ever falling for the lies.
Emma’s chosen that route. She’s forgiven herself, has moved on with her life even with Neal constantly trying to pull her back down, and she’s not about to stand here and let him criticize her personal life when he has no business in it.
Through the window, Emma watches Neal hug Henry goodbye. It takes less than a minute before he’s gone and Henry is back to eating his breakfast. Emma would laugh, she wants to at how ridiculous this all is, but she’s not finding anything about today funny. Because while Neal will go back to New York and will be happy, she’s stuck here cleaning up the mess he just made because she has to do everything in her power to make sure her kid never knows the version of his dad she knows.
A phone call would have been nice. At least then she could have gotten Killian out of the house. She still would have been pissed, but at the very least, she would have been able to make things a little better than they are now.
“Shit,” Emma breathes out, looking toward the sky. “Shit, shit, shit.”
Emma inhales and exhales several times before forcing a smile and walking inside where Henry is eating the breakfast that was meant for her and talking to Killian about soccer of all things.
Well, not of all things. Most of the time, Emma forgets that Killian plays professionally. Hell, they talked about it yesterday, and it still isn’t at the forefront of her mind. That part of his life has nothing to do with hers…except for right now when Killian is talking to her son about it.
He still doesn’t have on a damn shirt.
“Mom, did you know Killian used to play soccer? Like, as a job. That’s so cool! Do you think he could coach my team?”
“I did know that, kid.” Emma kisses his forehead, and he squirms away. It’ll take him a week or two to get used to her kind of affection versus Neal’s, so she’s not too offended. “How do you know that?”
“I recognize him.”
“Since when do you watch a lot of British soccer? Or football as Killian calls it.” She mimics Killian’s accent, but she also knows she did a terrible job with it.
Henry shrugs and stuffs a large bite of waffle in his mouth. “Dad doesn’t have anything to watch on TV but sports channels. All I did during the day was watch old soccer matches.”
“Wait. Where was your dad?”
Henry shrugs again. “I don’t know. At work I guess.”
Neal works from home most days of the week. What an ass. Emma bets he didn’t even get someone to watch Henry. He just used old sports reruns to keep him entertained.
“Hey, kid,” Emma says, finally looking to Killian, “can you stay in here and eat breakfast while I talk to Killian in the other room?”
Emma flashes a tight smile and then nods her head toward the stairs. Killian gets the message and walks upstairs without being asked, immediately heading toward the bedroom. He stands by the window, arms crossed over his chest, and Emma watches his jaw tick, the smile he had on for Henry a moment ago, gone.
Softly, Emma closes the door behind her.
“I have my personal question of the day, Swan. You have a son?”
Okay, great, so this is how it’s going to be. Emma opens her dresser drawer and pulls out a shirt for Killian. He catches it after she tosses it and tugs it on. It doesn’t help as much as she’d like it to.
“Okay, look,” Emma begins, “you were never supposed to meet Henry. He wasn’t…his dad was supposed to have him for three more weeks.”
“The contract on my rental house has more time on it than that.”
Emma runs her hands through her hair and sighs. “I don’t know. I would have figured it out. Only go to your place, spend less time together. I mean, it’s only natural, right? Because you’re going to leave, and it would make sense for things to die down between us.”
Killian laughs, but Emma gets the sense he doesn’t find any of this funny. “Yeah, it makes perfect sense. This was only about sex, right?”
“No, no.” He holds his hand up. “It’s fine, Swan. I get it. It’s my fault for thinking we might be mates on top of that.”
“I mean, we are – kind of, maybe. I don’t know.” Emma sighs and sits on the end of her bed. She doesn’t know what to do. Even more, she doesn’t know what to say. She definitely doesn’t know how to feel. “It was never supposed to be like this. I’m usually better at not blurring the lines. I don’t know what happened with us that made me drop my guard.”
“I knew you found me charming.”
Emma laughs and falls back on the mattress. “I have a kid, Killian, and he’s back. I can’t be like I was. We can’t just fuck whenever we want or stay out late or eat pizza at three in the morning. I’ve got to make sure Henry has a place to stay and Mary Margaret is across the country visiting her parents so that’s out for awhile. And I’m still working two jobs because I thought I had time to do that. I don’t, God, I don’t know what to do about anything in my life. Plus, you know, I want to spend time with Henry, and I don’t have a lot of free time.”
“I could watch him, love. He’s a bit older than what I’m used to with my nieces, but I’m sure I can find ways to entertain him.”
Emma sits up. Her heart is beating way too fast, and suddenly, the true reality of this situation hits her.
The man she’s been sleeping with has met her son.
And he’s offering to babysit.
What the actual hell?
She needs time to think. And scream. She definitely has to scream into her pillow for at least an hour because she literally cannot think of another thing to do. This is all too much, and she needs Killian to leave. He makes this all too complicated. She needs to go downstairs and eat breakfast with Henry. That she can do. That’s not complicated. That’s something she’s done every day for ten years, even if it’s usually Pop Tarts or a bowl of cereal, not homemade waffles and eggs.
“Can you, uh,” Emma starts, biting her lip, “can you go home? I need to spend time with Henry. He won’t show it, but I know he knows why his dad brought him home early. I’ve got some crap to deal with, but I’ll text you later.”
His eyes narrow, and Emma knows that look by now. He knows she’s lying, but she doesn’t expect him to call her out on her lie.
And he doesn’t because as quickly as his eyes narrow, they widen and a slight smile creeps onto his lips. “I’ll see you later, Swan. I’ll get my clothes out of the machine downstairs and go.”
Killian doesn’t move, and Emma has a hard time looking at him until she does. His eyes are so damn blue. It’s ridiculous.
But then he moves. Leaves, actually, just like she asked him to, and she hears every single step as he leaves the house and gets into his car. Emma breathes out a sigh of relief, maybe a little confusion, and then she grabs her phone of her bedside table.
Not a single warning text or call from Neal, just like she thought. Ass.
ES: SOS. My house. 10 minutes.
RL: Are you dead?
ES: Yes, I’m texting you from beyond.
RL: I am hungover. Give me 30.
Emma tosses her phone on her bed and heads downstairs. The life she was living is over. Henry’s home, and she is his mom. That’s what she has to do, and right now, that means putting her anger at Neal and confusion with Killian behind her to go eat breakfast with her kid.
She can only partially ignore that Killian was making this breakfast for her.
For them.
“King Harold,” Ruby says when she walks through the door in her pajamas and immediately sees Henry, “welcome back to your seaside palace. Come give me a hug.”
“Only if you never call me Harold again.”
“I can’t agree to that, Harold.”
Henry rolls his eyes, but he hugs Ruby anyway. “My name is Henry.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Ruby kisses the top of his head. “You smell like waffles.”
“Killian made waffles for breakfast.”
“Killian did?” she asks, looking over Henry’s head toward Emma. Emma shrugs and cocks her head.
“Kid, why don’t you go unpack? When you’re finished, we’ll go to the beach before I have work.”
“Mhm.” Emma hums and nods at the stairs. “I told them I’d be late today. Get your bags and go.”
Henry quickly grabs his suitcases. They’re nearly bigger than him, but he manages to drag them up the stairs. Emma waits until she hears his bedroom door close, and then she moves to the kitchen and collapses on a barstool. Ruby fixes herself a plate of leftover food and starts eating. “I have eight thousand questions.”
Without lifting her head from the counter, Emma tries to answer at least half those questions. “Killian slept over and was making breakfast when Neal and Henry walked in, so they both met him, which went over as well as you’d expect. Neal didn’t tell me he was bringing Henry back early, but apparently his girlfriend got tired of having him around and wanted to go on vacation. Neal thought ambushing me was the best way to go about the situation, and then he got pissed about me having a guy over.”
Emma peaks up to see Ruby blinking. Slowly. Did she not process anything or is she just so hungover that it’s taking her a long time to figure out what to say?
“Was Neal charming or something when you guys were together?’
Emma laughs. “I was sixteen, and he paid attention to me. He might as well have been Prince Charming.”
“He’s the worst.” Ruby scrunches up her nose. “And you’re not a Prince Charming type of girl. I get more of a rebel vibe from you.”
“Yeah, because mom and restaurant manager means rebel.”
Rub leans over and pokes Emma’s nose. “I don’t think you know how badass you are, Emma Swan. Give me a minute to get some coffee and make more food because I definitely need to dissect everything that’s going on with you. Baby daddy and new boyfriend not included.”
“Not my boyfriend.”
“Oh, right. Just sex friend because you totally invite sex friends to parties at Marg’s place. That seems normal.”
Emma narrows her eyes. “I invited you here to help with a crisis. Not create a new one.”
“I’m just saying,” Ruby sighs, “Mr. Jones is a hell of a lot better than most of the guys you shack up with. Your unfortunate sperm donor included. I’d think about that if I were you. I mean, we both know you’re about to ghost him, but at least think about it, Emma.”
Yeah, maybe she will.
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s-a-b-i-n-e · a month ago
Tumblr media
But of course.
Dean runs a hand over his face, completely exhausted. He's so tired. It's nothing unusual. He never sleeps enough. But this again?
Damn it!
Where is the angel!? It's a question he has asked a thousand times, never getting an answer. Just once and then he had found him, pulled him against his chest, smiled from ear to ear, huffed in relief as he felt Castiel's rigid body in his embrace.
He had managed to ignore that Cass didn't hug back. He didn't want to think about what it meant. He didn't want to question his own motives, either. Sure, Castiel was his friend. Dean is a loyal person. But more than once, Benny had asked him, "Why?" If the angel was really worth the hassle. He had never found an answer other than a disgruntled, "Yeah."
Dean pushes up from the empty bed, pulls a shirt over his bare chest and pitter-patters barefooted over the bunker's cold floor. He'd like to call for his boyfriend, but that would wake Sammy and with him likely Eileen. She's seven months pregnant and struggles enough to get sleep with her restless legs and heartburn.
It's the fifth night in a row that Dean woke up to an empty bed. The former angel suffers from insomnia that even tops Dean's worst phases. Every night, Dean prays that his love might find rest in his arms. He's not sure who he is praying to. Jack? Maybe. Anyway, his son isn't listening. Hand's off.
Dean shuffles through the common places where Castiel usually tries to kill time - the kitchen, the library, the main room. Once, he even found him in the storage room where the Empty had taken him, standing at the exact spot where he had smiled while Dean's heart shattered into pieces. But he hadn't smiled then.
He hasn't smiled a lot since he's back. Not even when Dean had told him that he loved him, too. Not when they first kissed. Not when they first made love. He assured him that he wanted it, wanted him. And Dean decided to believe him. It would become better with time, he hoped.
To each of the few smiles that Castiel mustered, there is melancholy. No. This word isn't strong enough. There's something as heavy a lead pressing the former angel down, tinting every good emotion grey.
Dean hates it, can't shake the feeling that it's his fault. He thought he did the right thing, fighting him out of the Empty. But all he had gotten were tired eyes and a "You shouldn't have done that."
It had made Castiel so happy when he told Dean that he loved him that it was enough to summon the Empty. But now that he has him, nothing really seems to pierce the veil of darkness. It's so much worse than the worrisome, honey-collecting version of Cass all those years back. At least, he had smiled then.
It's superficial and stupid to wish for this, Dean knows that. It was just another way for Castiel to cope. He always carries all the world's burdens on his shoulder, especially Dean's crap. But it's not fair!
Dean never expected an apple pie life. Not really. But with Cass, he had hoped for a slim slice of it. At this point, he'd be thankful for a crumb.
He scolds himself inwardly for this train of thought. He's ungrateful. He falls asleep with his man snuggled against him every night. He looks in blue eyes when they make love. He holds his hand when they watch a movie. It's so much. More than he ever dared to dreamt of.
Dean's steps grow wider and faster as he nears his Cave. Maybe—yes! There are flickering lights under the door and subdued music coming from the room. Dean takes a deep breath before he pushes the door handle down.
Castiel sits in the armchair that is labelled his boyfriend's in Dean's head. He looks at the tv screen, his eyes fixed on a bumblebee collecting nectar.
Dean chuckles softly, calling attention to himself, hoping not to startle Castiel. He doesn't. His partner doesn't even so much as flinches.
"Bumblebees are funny. By all rules of aerodynamics, they shouldn't be able to fly," Dean says, hoping to pull his boyfriend's gaze to himself.
"That's not true Dean. Humans were just too fixated on their formulas for aeroplanes to see the dynamics behind the wingbeats, the vortex they produce, not to mention the joint I added to make it possible for them to kink the wings and heighten the weight they can move even further.
Dean sinks into his armchair. "You worked on creating them?" Castiel hums in affirmation. "Why are you watching a documentation then? You know them better than anyone."
Castiel is silent for a long moment and Dean wonders if he somehow insulted him. But then, there's a sound that he hasn't heard way too long and it makes his heart clench.
A chuckle.
Not as free and loud as he knows it can be, but it's there, echoing in the sparsely decorated room.
"It reminds me that my existence had meaning."
The short burst of hope crumbles to dust at these words. Dean fights against the tears brimming his eyes. Castiel saved the world, more than once, and especially with his self-sacrifice. They wouldn’t have defeated Chuck without him!
"Your life has meaning," Dean says, his voice carefully schooled. Castiel chuckles again, bit tjis time without mirth.
"I know."
It feels rehearsed, like an automatic reply to soothe Dean's nerves. No. This won't do! Dean gets up and down on his knee in front of the man he loves. He cups his cheeks with both hands, relishing that Castiel leans into the touch.
"You are important. To me, to Sam and Eileen, to Claire and Kaia, and so many more. We need you, man."
"You'd be well off with or without me," Castiel answers evenly and Dean covers the pain with anger, lets it build up in the very familiar way. He clenches his jaw and lets go of this boyfriend's face, gets up, turns, and kicks a pile of DVDs through the room.
Then he turns back, outstretched pointer hovering mere centimetres from Castiel's face.
"You have no idea!" The force of Dean's words makes Cass pull back - not in fear but in gut-wrenching surprise. "I burnt you on that pyre, spread your ashes in the meadow. I got you back just to let Chuck let us screw over once again. I'm not proud to say this, but with you gone, I thought of flipping the bird to this shit of a life and go down in a damn vampire nest or something."
"Your life is not shit!" Castiel counters, always willing to make Dean feel and think better of himself. Hell, he did it even when he thought he would die for good.
"Yes, you're right. But still—" Dean runs a hand through his hair. His brain isn't awake enough for the depth of discussion they need to have and neither is Castiel's judging by the looks of his lover's red-rimmed eyes. He takes a deep breath. "You are my home, Cass. My rock. I don't say this to make you stay or to make you put on a brave face. I appreciate that you're not acting as if everything is fine. But we need to talk about what's going on in your mind. What makes you so sad all the time. I can't—"
Castiel looks at him with unhidden fear. Hell! The man fought demons and angels, God himself. He shouldn't look like that because of a hunter who feels so many things that he can never properly put them into words.
"I can't ignore it any longer. You need help. Hell, we all need therapy. But, damn it, Cass! I want us to be happy. I want you to be happy. And don't tell me you are. You're a terrible liar."
There is another chuckle and Dean wants to cry. Because it's all too much and not enough. He can't make his boyfriend better and that sucks big time. He's a doer, a carer, a damn Acts of Service love languager. He's shitty at gifts that his man understands, he's bad with words when it counts. But he can touch, is allowed to touch now. So he does.
He pulls Cass into his arms, feels him melt against him. He brushes his hand through the unruly mop of hair. "Come to bed. Sleep. Tomorrow, we'll take care of this, okay?"
He feels Castiel's head nod against his shoulder. He presses a kiss into his hair and pulls back, scrutinising him for a long moment. There is the ghost of a tired smile on his lips. Dean counts it as a win.
He switches off the tv and leads him to their bedroom, tucks him in before he slides under the covers, and pulls him close. "I am here. And I am happy that you are here. Never doubt that," Dean murmurs. "You're the best thing ever happening to me."
"But I'm broken, Dean. I can't be of any use to you, now that I lost the rest of my grace."
Dean huffs his anger out through his nose. "If you're broken, we'll find a way to fix you. And the other bullshit—don't you dare think that's what we kept you around for. You're family. Like a brother to Sammy, a father for Claire, the man I love. Don't get pissed, but your love has always been your strongest asset. You saved me from me a million times. Hell, just think of Jack." He takes a deep breath because his anger won't solve anything. "You are love and you are loved. You don't need to be useful and still, you are. Every. Single. Second."
Castiel looks at him with glassy eyes. "I want to believe you."
Dean presses a kiss on his forehead. "I know." He brushes a strand of hair out of Castiel's eyes. "Just promise me you'll try."
"I will," Cass whispers and then he smiles. Tired, but enough to form crinkles around his eyes. And it's just a start. Dean knows that. But it's enough for now.
"Sweet dreams, honey," Dean whispers and cradles Cass' head to his neck. "I'll watch over you."
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159potterhead · a month ago
Oh! I thought I've to make up for it with a poetry. I'm sorry I didn't knew you were looking for hurt poem. You know I could never say no to you. So here it is;
I opened my dash to see someone flirting with you,
Wondering do you still love me too?
I thought I was in a queue,
With several other people and a small crew,
It was all so new and I didn't wanna screw,
Worrying if you see me as a residue,
I couldn't help myself but to argue,
I'm so sorry, Honey, I had no clue,
And I didn't thought it through,
It was all out of the blue,
I didn't knew it was untrue,
Wish I could fix things back with a glue,
So everything would be undo,
And it all happened so fast
I thought we are not meant to last.
(Idk. I just wasn't satisfied with the last poem it wasn't fitting into me yk and I had to do this again.)
HOLY SHITTT!!! YOU MADE THAT??? FOR ME??? ALL THOSE SONGS ARE IN ORDER OF THE ASK!!! ADVDAVSFVFS.😭😭😭😭😭 I'm crying...The very first song is photograph and I cant–I just cant– (previous gif if you remember) hold on a second man–hold on a second. THAT'S OUR SONG!!! And those Polaroid pictures ✨✨✨ THEY GIVE ME US VIBES!! THAT'S LITERALLY US IF WE EVER MEET! I want to stand in that kitchen beside you. I want to cuddle with you on a rainy night and fall asleep like that with our arms entangled around each other ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm really crying this is really modern version of DEAN'S TOP 13 ZEPP TRAXX!!! (I'm really crying no one has ever done anything like this for me❤️ I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH😘😘) Are you like a person??? Coz I still can't believe you exists!! Can you believe this people my gf just made me a mixtape, and I falling more in love with her!!😘🤗 Get your dress I'm marrying you righ away my beloved!!! I don't care if people won't make it to the Avenue. I'M HIGH ON YOUR LOVE TODAY!!💕💕💞💞💞💞💖💖
Anything is fine by me as long as I get to marry you!! I hope you have settled on a lovely dress but I bet everything looks perfect on you coz you're so gorgeous my love😚💕🤗😍😍
You did not just say archery!! I had this craze for learning archery coz lotr phase and I loved Legolas and elfs. I find it hot. Yeah, I know that trick I've been a victim of it too. But for Archery my parents were like learn some useful skill coz you can't run around with a bow and arrow all the time if some emergency happens. If there's a thief you can't just shoot him with an arrow.
(I was making a list of songs that you tell me about but you were one step ahead of me and I gotta say I didn't expected that. I really loveeeeee loveeeee youu soooo sooo muchh Loveeerrrr😘❤️💖💖)
🎶Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close forever and ever? And ah, take me out, and take me home, you're my, my, my, my, Looooover🎶
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok I made another one with all the songs, and left the one I made earlier for only songs with actual “dancing” vibes
*** ohhh. oh no it’s okay you don‘t have to...😬
*** wooooooah!!! babe that was deep. I still love you, and we were meant to last!!! I promise never to make you this mad again🥺
**** the last poem was iconic pls😂 I loved it. YEESSSHDHSJJXNDKD!!!! YES IN ORDER, I’M GLAD YOU NOTICED!! yeah, our song😭😭😭 OUR SONG!!!! I KNOW RIGHHTT!!!😆💞💞 I want that too🥺❤️❤️ WAIIIIT... THIS IS GIVING ME ANOTHER IDEA😳 (awwbsjsj! I’m happy i’m the first😚) idk, am I??👽🛸 OMGGG SKISOS OK BRB💖💖✨✨✨
well... I was thinking of showing up in my pj’s🤔 unless you want me to get a dress... i’ve got just the thing in mind😌✨ but no matter how beautiful the dress is, you’re gonna wear it 10x better I just know;)
another point for our soulmates bingo!! okay that is a reasonable excuse. we really should be allowed to walk around with bows and arrows.
(I read your mind I guess😏💞 ily ily ilysm ilyyyy😚😚😚)
🎶we could leave the christmas lights up till January, and this is our place, we make the rules. and there's a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about you dear, have I known you 20 seconds or 20 years?🎶💕
Tumblr media
ahah perfect reaction!! yessss I really diddd!!!🥺💞💞💞
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jademakean · a month ago
Clouded Sea
Tumblr media
JJ Maybank x Routledge!Reader
Warnings: Death, Thalassophobia.
Not edited
It had been a while since your brother’s disappearance. You don't recollect how you reacted to the newfound information, in the beginning, your overwhelmed mind blocking out the details. What you do remember is how you spent days in your room mourning until you snapped out of your trance.
Just because they didn't find the boat doesn't mean they aren't alive.
It's John B, he knows how to get out of difficult situations.
He's okay
Of course, your slight change in attitude received attention from unwanted locals, you seemed more eager to leave the house, you didn't cry anytime you came back to the Routledge house, there weren't dark circles under your eyes anymore and it wasn't too long before they understood what you began speculating.
Delusion ran in the family
The pogues were the ones to understood your situation the quickest. On the rare location, John Bs name was mentioned, you spoke of him as though he were still alive. Barely phased by the fact that your brother wasn't around anymore. They also noticed how you'd run off right home to check the mail after hanging out with them.
At that point they began to pity you, believing that you were in denial and becoming obsessed-which you were- they discussed it amongst themselves trying to finds ways to bring you back to reality.
JJ was a different story, he became more distant and quiet. Mostly hanging at his house with his god-awful father. Doing his best at ignoring you because you'd just remind him of his second greatest loss.
As time went on you got some clarity on your surroundings. JJ behavior mostly.
You weren't sure how to approach him at first, he must be having his own battles that didn't need to be brought up, maybe he'd shut you out even more if you tried to ask him how he felt. So you decided to be casual.
You remembered how you had asked him to teach you how to surf before John Bs disappearance. You never learned how  because of your fear of the ocean, and it had gotten worse due to this past event. 
Sweat began to gather on your forehead due to the blazing sun up above. You readjusted you loose shirt, hiding your plain bathing suit. You knocked on the metal door, nervously waiting for who you were looking for and as you were about to knock a second time, a very tired JJ appeared with squinted eyes as the light hit his face.
The air left your lungs momentarily. You hadn't seen his face in a long while but he was here now, in front of you.
You snapped put of it when he whispered your name "What are you doing here?"
Taking a deep inhale, you smiled charmingly. “I came over to get you. You promised me you'd teach me how to surf last year, remember?” It was your fault for holding the plans back for so long, the thought of swimming above water clouded with sand was terrifying to you.
You walked past him, grabbing the beach towel on the floor and some sunscreen. “Right now?”
You answered with a smile “Of course! Better sooner than later. I'm tired of holding our plans off, we should just get it done and over with.”
“That's not what I mean.”
You stopped rummaging through the towels. It was easy to tell my the sound of his voice that he was still struggling immensely, it was also laced with confusion on how you aren't in the state of mind he is now.
“There are barely any waves today. I checked and there aren't many people either, it might be because it's a Wednesday.” You changed the attention the topic was directed to smoothly
You interrupted him by grabbing his hand, leading him to where his surfboard was abandoned for these past weeks. “Lets go, the sun is about to set.”
As you previously mentioned moments before, the sea was still. The sun warmed up everything beneath it, almost making you excited to get in the chill water.
Once you reached the shore line JJ began making little mountain of sand beside you “What are you doing?”
“You have to practice on sand before trying the real thing." He sighed.
“Actually-” you caught his eyes “-I was thinking that maybe you could help me get more comfortable with being in the water? I feel like that's the overall most basic step, you know?” You laughed lightly trying to cover up the anxiety spiralling in your head.
And thats what happened for the next few days. You started off small, allowing the water to reach your knees then moved on to mid thigh, and that alone lasted about 20 minutes. However, you didn't mind. You were able to talk to JJ more, which was hard.
It seemed like there was something on his mind that was one fake smile away from being revealed.
You both began meeting by the beach at 4:P.M, you'd stay for a few hours before he'd start help u balance yourself on the pile of sand with his surfboard.
It was all going well. You were always a quick learner when you got excited over something. JJ on the other hand seemed to become slightly closed off, like the only thing set on his mind was to teach you surf and nothing more. Limeted physical contact, no unessesary comments, no jokes.
Oh, how much you missed jokes. You hadn't heard one from him since your brother's disappearance. Your hopes of peeping one from him was slowly dimming away.
"Alrighty! I think I'm ready to sit on the board, maybe go farther out this time. A two in one." You smiled. While pulling down your shorts you decided to keep your shirt on. You excitedly took JJ's hand before guiding him to shore.
The water was cold, as usual, but you didn't feel as hesitant to enter it like before. It was an improvement that you were glad to notice.
Since you had a later shift at work it was already 7:50 P.M and the sun was starting to set, making the sky was a beautiful mixture of gold and blue.
You snapped out of your trance once you felt JJ's hands on your waist.
You were suddenly flustered by his action, and even though he was just helping you get on the board, he hadn't been very physical with you those past days. His a action was simply unexpected.
"Thank you." You said sitting up straight.
There was complete silence between the both of you. The only sounds heard was the waves clashing together gracefully, peoples distant voices and seagulls flying over their heads. This was the normal routine between the two of you, no talking, just the patiently waiting for your fear to disintegrate into ashes until you're able to swim without a care in the world, just like all the Pogues.
You missed them, truly.
There weren't anymore meatups at the Chateau or watching them surfing from your spot in the sand, sunbathing while drinking fresh juice.
"Do ya want to make plans with the gang? We could eat dinner at the diner, and maybe sleepover my hous-"
"What is wrong with you."
JJ interrupted you with a harsh tone, causing your smile to falter. "What do you mean?" You asked, calmly adjusting your body so you could sit with both of your legs on one side of the board.
"You know exactly what I mean." He looked into your eyes this time. And it's now that you have no choice but to look at his face that you notice the dark undereyes, dry lips and messy hair.
He wasn't taking proper care of himself, he probably couldn't if he tried. It was obvious your brother's disappearance took a toll on him. "How do you do that?"
"Do what?" You asked, slightly afraid of his answer.
"How are you so okay with everything. I remember when you were locked in your room for weeks on end, and one day you just- came out. I didn't even see you and from what I heard it seemed impossible to be true. But then you just showed up at my door with no warning, with this big smile on your face and- I don't understand. He's your brother." His tone became more exasperated as he let out all the words that had been running through his mind.
"JJ, I'm not gonna stay sad all summer just because John be isn't here. I'm sure he wants me to do what makes me happy and keep taking care of myself. Plus, he's-"
"Stop talking about him as if he's alive!" JJ interrupted once again "He's dead, don't you understand? He's not coming back, or gonna send you some letter. He's dead."
His harsh tone made you feel as though he was purposely trying to hurt you. The worst part is that that's not the case. He's trying to make you see what he sees. "He's not dead."
There was a slight pause, he looked at you as if you were crazy.
"He's not. There's no body, so until I see one he's not dead. He's smart. He's got Sarah, they got away from the police and are probably in some island enjoying themselves."
"You've gotten comeplety insane! Do you hear yourself? You sound exactly like him when your dad disappeared, and you know damn well how that went."
His hurtful words ignited anxiety within your heart, making it feel heavy and sensitive. You were starting to feel too much and you didn't know how to stop it.
"I know he's alive! You'll see. He's gonna send some sort of signal, ofcourse we couldn't just show up out of nowhere when the police is looking for him. Since when does a disappearance automatically mean they died?"
JJ's eyes darkened, he was done with this game. He had to witness JJ obsess over his dad's disappearance only for him to be hit with utter disappointmen, he wasn't gonna allow the same to happen to you. "Face it. Your brother's dead, there's nothing you can do to change that."
His words hit you like a wave, his harshness making the agonizing emotion worse than ever thought possible.
It was so hard to keep hoping. It was exhausting.
"I don't wanna be alone"
Your words came out quiet and shaky. Once JJ looked back at you he took notice of the fact that your eyes were casted down, glossy and relaxed to the point where it seemed as though there was no emotion behind them.
The thought of not being able to hug your brother again- not having anymore long converstation about your future or simply seeing him from afar as he tried to outsurf JJ- was a thought that you refused to accept. However, you had begun douphting yourself and JJ finally saw through that crack.
His tense shoulders dropped, guilt sinking in knowing you were hiding the way you truly felt deep down.
"He's not dead, okay?"
JJ gazed at your expression swallowing the shame building up your throat before nodding his head. “You're right, he's not dead.”
He slowly approached you and got between your legs, wrapping his arms around you. “He's not dead.” You collapsed against him, resting your cheek against his collarbone.
Teardrops fell onto his golden skin, the feeling resulted in a shiver, running through his body as he hugged you tighter.
John Bs disappearance was harsh on everyone who truly knew him, and some learned how to hide it better than others. All that everyone slowly began understanding is that you were all one family and should watch out for each other.
“Do you wanna go grab a bite?”
You could almost laugh at his poor attempt to be casual, but you settled with a smile, pulling away from him while wiping your own tears with your arm.
JJ ran his thumb underneath your eye before kissing your forehead. “Come on, we can listen to Bob Marley on the way there if you want.” He snickered as he guided your surfboard towards the beachfront. You sighed, liking the feeling of the water moving underneath you as he pulled you to shore, observing the fish beneath you.
The sun had already set and all that was leftover of the sky was a pinkish-blue.
You could finally feel the sand beneath your feet. You watched as JJ walked off, grabbing his bag and shirt.
“Here.” He tossed over his top and your flip-flops as he slid in his. “Arent, you gonna be cold?” You asked knowing the shit that laid in your hands was the only one he had.
“What, would you prefer to walk around in your soaking wet shirt? Because I think that'd do more damage to your health than me going shirtless.” He teased with a raised brow.
You paused for a second allowing the realization that you are in fact soaking wet to sink in “Yeah you're right. Suffer.” Your approving sentence got a laugh from him.
You gaped at him. This was the first time you heard him laugh ever since go started talking to him again.
A smile made its way to your lips “Alright, I'm ready.” You stated after pulling a new shirt over your body. “My tapes are in the outside pocket.”
He pulled out the Bob Marley cassette from the bag before sharing an earbud with you. You accepted, untying your dry hair and finally setting it free.
The walk was peaceful, a comfortable silence falling over the both of you. The smell of pinewood from the trees was calming as you walked past the forestry area of the island.
You and JJ would always use this path after a beach day with the pogues. You would separate yourselves from the group so you could discuss about his job, home life, aspirations. Those were all things he never felt very safe discussing about with anyone but you. John B knew, but they didn't have the sort of relationship where they could switch to sensitive topics easily.
JJ liked how listened. You didn't look at him while he talked about such things, knowing he would feel intimidated by your gaze. The way your body slightly turned to him to show that you were paying attention. Most of all how you communicated with him first. When discussing about his father, you would ask if he needed a listener, a solution, or comfort.
Most of the time he would ask for you to simply allow him to rant, however, there were many times where he would ask for you to comfort him, just so he could receive the soothing sensation of embracing you tightly.
During every hug you shared, we're mere seconds of pure relief, relief that there was someone out there who knows about every aspect of his life and is yet to view him as weak.
“I’m really glad you got me put of the house. I hadn't surfed ever since he disappeared.”
It was as if the path you were on gave him the courage to speak with confidence. “And I'm sorry I was so harsh on you. I didn't mean to. I've just been feeling so much and I got so frustrated when you didn't seem as miserable as I am, I should've never been so insensitive.”
You knew he had a hard time apologizing to people, it made him feel vulnerable and he wants to have the upper hand in every situation. He likes being in control to compensate for the how much of it he lacks at home.
You looked over at him before smiling. “I love you too, JJ.” You ruffled his hair playfully before hugging his side as you walked.
JJ returned your smile, grateful for the fact that you resorted to a light-hearted response instead of a heavy one.
Time passed quickly and before you knew if you had arrived at the Chateau. JJ took a deep breath, his nerves increasing. He hadn't seen any of them, just as he hadn't seen you during those long weeks. How would they react seeing him there, let alone seeing the both of you together with smiles on your faces.
You squeezed his hand gently. An encouraging gesture to give him some strength.
You led him inside, the yellowish lights contrasted the night sky beautifully and as you both sat around the wooden table, you removed the earbud from your ear, which prompted him to follow your actions.
“JJ?” You heard Kie from behind you. Once you turned to face her she looked as though a miracle just occurred before her eyes.
Before your brain could acknowledge she dropped her notepad and hugged you both with the strength of an amazonian. “I missed you guys.” she mumbled into your hair.
As you were about to respond you felt more weight on you “We missed you guys.”
You giggled, now aware that it was Pope who was crushing you.
It had been so long since you had all shared such a heartfelt embrace, and you weren't going to let each other go for a while. You were all family. No matter how far you are or how long you don't speak to each other. This is what a true family was, and soon enough you were all going to be together again, as one.
“We missed you too.”
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ashyblondwaves · a month ago
Well, I had a prompt in my inbox for number 6 on the smutty one liners list but I accidentally deleted it somehow. Anyway, here's that filled prompt for you, Anon! Sorry I deleted your ask. Also, I am so sorry it took me so long to fill another prompt. Depression got me good and I spent a lot of time just not doing anything. But I'm back now!
Title: Reconcile
Sentence: "My tongue still remembers the way you taste."
Summary: Civilian!Wanda, Superhero!Vision after a whirlwind romance, Vision disappears only to turn up six months later. Wanda confronts him, demanding to know why he left and as they say, one thing leads to another.
Rating: Explicit
Tumblr media
He sat alone at the bar, his true self hidden behind a tuft of blond hair and human features that nobody would ever question while he nursed a beer that he'd never drink. He casually picked at the label with his head down as though he were hiding from something.
Wanda noticed him right away. It was almost as if she could feel him there.
It'd been six months since he disappeared. Up and left without so much as a note to explain why. It was the last thing she would've expected from him. Until then he was so attentive, so giving. They spent months together. He told her his secret. And then he was gone.
Wanda sat in a booth across from Natasha, nervously twirling her pinky ring.
"Should I go say something?" she asked, taking a swig of her beer.
"You should go say something," Natasha answered with a nod. "Want me to come with you?"
"No, I'll handle it," Wanda said. She scooted out of the booth, head held high and walked over to the bar where Vision sat.
"Funny seeing you here," Wanda said. She didn't yell, but she said it loud enough to be heard over the music that was playing. It was then that she noticed Tony Stark standing in front of the jukebox picking out music.
Vision's back stiffened at the sound of her voice, his shoulders curling up tightly. Slowly, he turned around to look at Wanda, eyebrows raised in surprise.
"Wanda," he said, almost longingly.
"What? Did Stark break up with Pepper again?" Wanda seethed, stepping right up to Vision's face. "You're here to be his wingman while he picks someone up for the night?"
Vision didn't meet her eyes, which told her all she needed to know.
"Wanda," Vision started, reaching out for her arm. Wanda jerked it away, refusing to let him touch her. "I can explain."
"Then you'd better start explaining," Wanda warned, getting loud.
"I will!" Vision yelled back. "If you give me a chance to!"
Tony was there in an instant, stepping between the two former lovers.
"Hey!" he warned, pointing out that everyone was looking at them. "Take it outside, you're making a scene."
Wanda stormed away first, making her way to the back exit of the bar. She flung the door open angrily and stepped out into the cold night air. Vision wasn't far behind, catching the door before it came to a violent close in his face.
"Wanda!" Vision yelled, making his way to the corner where Wanda was hidden. "I left to protect you. If anyone knew about you, you'd be in danger."
"I am capable of protecting myself!" Wanda retorted, a blast of cold wind cutting through her body. She brought her arms around to hug herself. "I don't need you to decide what I need protection from. I don't care what you do for a living. You're the world's superhero. Not mine."
Vision's eyes strayed from Wanda, the hurt in Wanda's words was evident in his reaction. He shifted his weight from one leg to the other and recovered.
"I couldn't bear the idea of losing you," he started.
"Well you did anyway!" Wanda snapped back. "So what was the point?"
Vision sighed and scrubbed his hand down his face. "I knew you were protected, even if it meant we couldn't be together."
"Well, need I remind you again that I don't need protection?" Wanda said, hugging herself tighter. "You should know that."
Vision noticed Wanda shivering against the cold air. He shrugged out of his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders before he continued.
"I was wrong, okay?" Vision pleaded. "Just... let me make it up to you." He took a step closer, reaching out a hand to touch Wanda's coat covered shoulder. "Will you let me try?"
Wanda's jaw tightened. She wanted to deny him. Tell him to leave her alone. But she couldn't. She'd never be able to.
"What did you have in mind?" She finally asked, taking a step closer.
Vision was quick to close the space between them and meet Wanda's lips and Wanda knew immediately that she was a goner. Any semblance of the seething anger disappeared. Feeling his lips against hers again just felt... right. She deepened the kiss, opening her mouth to allow Vision's tongue in briefly before he pulled away.
"Come by my place tonight," Wanda said breathlessly. "Make it up to me there."
Vision nodded and before he could say anything, Wanda was handing his jacket back to him and disappeared inside to finish her night out.
Back in the bar, Natasha was eager to ask Wanda what happened, but Wanda kept quiet, just telling her friend that she took care of it before slipping back into the booth and picking her beer up to finish it.
She tried to stay in the moment with Natasha. Shooting the shit and enjoying a girl's night out, but her eyes kept wandering to Vision at the bar. Sitting with the same beer he'd started with as Tony prattled on about something. The quicker she could end the night out, the better. She had to get ready for Vision's visit.
It was just after one thirty when Wanda's doorbell rang. She cinched the tie on her silk robe tight around her waist and quickly walked to the door, pulling it open to see Vision standing there with his hands in his pockets.
His eyes raked over her body, following her as she stepped aside to let him in. "You wore my favorite?"
Wanda smiled at him, pulling the collar of the robe aside to show the thin strap of her lingerie underneath. "And you smell like a bar..."
"I apologize," Vision started, cupping Wanda's jaw in his hands. "I came straight here and-"
"Shh," Wanda interrupted, pressing a finger to Vision's lips. "Just kiss me, already."
Vision was happy to oblige, leaning forward and pressing his lips to Wanda's hungrily as Wanda's hands came up to grab handfuls of Vision's shirt. She pulled him in the direction of the bedroom, only stopping when they'd reached the door.
"I want you as yourself," Wanda muttered breathlessly. "Not in this disguise."
With a nod, Vision's body glowed yellow and his disguise phased away, making way for the red and silver hues of skin and vibranium that Wanda was used to.
Their lips met again, hastily and ardently as Wanda's hands began to work on the buttons at the front of Vision's shirt. She pushed the fabric down his shoulders and ran her hands across the wide expanse of his chest.
Vision returned the favor, working dutifully on the knotted robe Wanda wore. Finally, as he broke the kiss, he undid the knot and opened the robe to reveal Vision's favorite piece of clothing in Wanda's wardrobe: her silk cami. It was simple. Blue with white lace trim, but it accented every curve of Wanda's body so perfectly, Vision had a hard time keeping his eyes off of her.
"You're stunning," Vision murmured. He brought his hands around to Wanda's ass, gently kneading the round cheeks in his palms as he guided her toward the bed.
Wanda didn't have to be told twice. She broke away, practically jumping into the middle of her bed. She settled between her pillows, hiking a leg up just enough to give Vision a peek.
Vision crawled into the bed, pants still on and positioned himself at Wanda's feet. He started there, peppering kisses on the tops of her feet and up her ankle and calf. He worked diligently, making sure not to miss an inch of Wanda's skin on his way up her leg, stopping only to change positions when he reached her thigh. He moved between her legs, lying flat on his stomach and began to kiss her inner thighs, giving them both equal attention.
As he inched closer to her core, Wanda couldn't help but squirm. She was so eager to feel his mouth on her again after months of being without it.
"My tongue still remembers the way you taste," Vision whispered, eliciting a moan from Wanda. His lips tickled her thigh with each word he uttered as he made his way to her pussy.
He started with his fingers, gently massaging between Wanda's wet folds to find her clit and following it up with the tip of his tongue. He swirled it around the swollen nerve, listening for her moans to let him know to continue.
The second time around he used his whole tongue, going back and forth from lapping at Wanda's wetness and teasing her clit and finally on the third time around he brought his fingers back into the mix. He gently inserted two into Wanda's pussy and slowly pumped them in and out as his mouth continued to work on her clit.
"Don't stop," Wanda moaned, setting her hands on either side of Vision's head to ensure he wouldn't move away. He continued his movements unyieldingly until he felt Wanda's legs begin to shake and she was unraveling underneath him.
Vision settled his head on Wanda's thigh and looked up at her, smiling proudly.
"Don't think that gets you out of the doghouse," Wanda warned, running her hand down the back of Vision's head. "I'm still upset with you."
"Good thing I'm not done yet," Vision replied. He rose to his knees, unbuckling his belt as Wanda looked on in anticipation. To her delight he worked swiftly and quietly, undoing his button and pulling the zipper of his pants down and soon, the pants came down, his cock springing free as he sighed in relief.
While Vision took the rest of his clothes off, Wanda rolled over to her bedside table and grabbed a condom, unwrapping the foil and getting it ready for Vision.
"May I?" She asked, condom in hand.
"It would be my pleasure," Vision smiled, crawling up Wanda's body slowly, teasingly until she could reach him.
She positioned the condom at the tip of Vision's cock and rolled it down his length just as slowly and teasingly as he crawled up her body, adding in a few pumps of her hand on his shaft for greater impact.
With the condom on, they were ready to continue and Vision was eager to resume.
"I can't wait to feel you again," Vision muttered, positioning his cock at Wanda's entrance. With nimble movements, he pushed into her completely, filling her with his girth. They moaned in tandem, both in relief and pleasure.
Vision began to move, snapping his hips in small thrusts to get the feel of being buried in Wanda's pussy again after so many months of only being able to dream about it. Soon, his movements became more fluid, pulling out almost completely and then rapidly pushing himself back in, their skin slapping with the friction of their bodies meeting and the weight of Vision's hips pressing against Wanda's clit with each thrust bringing her closer and closer to another orgasm.
Vision pushed the silk cami he loved so much up, exposing Wanda's breasts. He bent down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking on the bud and teasing it with his tongue.
Wanda wrapped her legs around Vision's waist, coaxing him deeper inside of her as her body began to shake again and her walls were closing around Vision's cock as her orgasm rushed through her body.
"Cum for me, Vision," Wanda said encouragingly, wrapping her legs even tighter around Vision's hips. His thrusts soon became shorter and his body was frozen as his own orgasm flooded his systems, overwhelming all processing as he pumped into the condom and moaned Wanda's name with each ripple of climax that overtook his body.
Vision pulled his now soft cock out and tied off the condom, pitching it into the garbage can next to Wanda's bed and crawled up to Wanda, wrapping her in his arms. Sleep overtook them both quickly, not another word spoken.
They woke with the sun the next morning, naked bodies wrapped around each other, a burning ache for more nagging at them both.
Wanda pressed her ass back against Vision's hard cock, reveling in the way it slipped between her cheeks each time she ground back.
"I don't have any protection," Vision said, reaching around to play with Wanda's hard nipple as their hips worked together below.
"That's fine," Wanda said lazily. "Just pull out, okay?"
Vision nodded, reaching his free hand down to guide his cock to Wanda's pussy. He slid in easily, her wetness evident immediately.
"I'm sorry I left you like that," Vision said, thrusting slowly. "I just wanted to protect you. Forgive me?"
"Yes," Wanda muttered, a moan slipping from her lips with the words. "But don't ever leave me again."
Vision bit back a moan himself and slammed into her. "Don't worry," he growled. "I'm not going anywhere again."
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hournites · a month ago
"I'm done. We're done." from the prompts please :)
Gratitude should be what she’s feeling. Beth is alive. She looks at her hands and flexes her fingers. There they are, they move. She flips her wrist to the starry sky, and sees her veins, flowing blood through her body. It flows for a reason, and it’s because she lives. Beth exhales shakily and sits in the dust. She stares at her dark dirtied boots until her vision blurs, and the ragged breathing fills her lungs with a quiet and dangerous rage. 
She hears the sweeping sound of the cape dragging against rummage and debris. 
“You took the pills.” 
Rick squats down, arms resting over his knees. It’s almost impossible to read his expression behind the black around his eyes. “You would’ve died.” 
“You took. The pills.” Beth closes her fists and swallows down her scream. “We TOLD you--” She realizes she had started to yell and evened her voice despite the way her whole body shook. “I told you those pills don’t make you rational. They’re not safe, they make you too powerful. Rick, I was scared.” 
“You don’t have to be scared of me,” he says, standing up. He crosses his arms and leans against a stop sign. “I just want to protect you.” 
“I HAD TO!” 
“You already have the hourglass, you don’t need to get any stronger than that, your dad never needed--” 
“Shut up! I’m sick of you saying shit like that! You have no right to say that. You never knew my dad!” Rick snaps the stop sign pole in half, throwing it out into the empty road. Metal screeches and scraps against the pavement. The noise crawls up Beth’s skin and into her ears. She jumps, but Rick seems barely phased.
Beth hugs her arms around herself. “I’m done. We’re done.” 
Rick’s face contorts into an expression of disbelief. “What?” 
“You have an addiction, Rick. And I’m tired of making excuses for you. You said you’d stop but that was clearly a lie. It makes me physically sick to think of what you’re doing to yourself.” 
“Beth, I saved your fucking life.” 
“Thank you,” Beth acknowledged with a nod. She turns around before the tears fall out of her eyes.“Now get out of it.” 
“You can’t do that!” Rick yells at her back as she storms away. “What about JSA!?”  
“I can do that, because you don’t get to tell me what I do. And the Rick that I grew up with, the Hourman I used to fight with, never tried to control me like you do.” She yanks her goggles from her cowl, breaking her own heart. She stops in her steps, a solitary shadow in the Blue Valley night. Looking down at Chuck, she lays him down gently. “Tell Courtney she needs to find another Dr. Mid-Nite. I don’t want to be your partner anymore. I quit.”  
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kikoqueenofrats · 2 months ago
I'm on a role today
only cuz I've already got like, 12 of these chapter written in advance- tbh I'm trying to get all of these out before I get the 13th one done hehe-
ONWARDS! To the rope swing chapter!! @toastraccoon
Tumblr media
It was dark....
Cel groaned as his consciousness slowly came back to him and tried stretching his aching limbs out.
Only to find that they were tightly tied together.
Cels eyes were slowly beginning to open when the memories of recent events suddenly hit him in the brain.
"Mari!" He gasped, eyes shooting open and beginning to frantically look around, looking for his friend...
His friend....
The friend he had ignored in favour of finding out where his...stupid game was.
"Hey look who's finally awake" a dark voice chuckled, causing Cel to tense up. As his vision finally cleared he managed to spot the stick the dark voice had come from.
They were a dark, stormy, blue coloured stick and the look they were currently giving Cel made him feel unsafe.
The storm blue stick smirked at Cels' fearful expression "Hey boss!" They called behind them, Cel followed their gaze and spotted the dark purple stick from before.
"One of the prisoners woke up, want me to put em back to sleep?" Cel flinched as sparks of electricity crackled across the storm blue sticks hand.
"Nah, he's not gonna cause much trouble, besides I wanna talk to him" the dark purple stick patted their friends shoulder before making their way over to Cel.
"YEAH BOLT! he wants to talk to the prisoner!" A light yellow stick suddenly made themselves known as they got up in Bolt's face. Bolt huffed at the yellow sticks childishness and turned away from them, beginning to walk over to dark purples side.
Cels eyes snapped towards the dark purple stick now looming over him.
"Ignore her, she's just trying to start up a fight" the purple stick sighed as she began poking Bolts face.
Bolt seemed to be staying strong however and made no move to attack her.
Though it looked like their patience was beginning to run out.
"Now" dark purple clapped their hands together, once again catching Cels attention "back to business...remember when I told you that I knew where your game was?"
Cel nodded almost buzzing in anticipation, though a familiar twinge in his stomach calmed him down a bit.
"I know where it is...because I used to live there" dark purple seemed to scowl at the memory of it, but their expression quickly changed to a muted smirk.
"I can tell you the games name if you want" Bolt and light yellow momentarily paused in their one-sided bickering and stared at dark purple in shock.
"You'll have to do something for us first though" at that the other two sticks went back to their playful fight.
"What do you want?" Cel asked, looking at the stick standing over him suspiciously. As much as he wanted to get back to his home safe and sound; He didn’t want to risk losing too much in order to get there.
For now however he was forced to trust the dark purple stick standing in front of him; maybe they would let something slip.
Dark purples grin grew at that "You know, after bringing in as many sticks as I have to this stickfight-" They pointed towards what looked like an open tab and Cels mind suddenly short-circuited.
Wait...where are we?
Cel began looking around as much as a bound stick could, but before he could figure out if they had moved computers or not dark purples voice caught his attention again.
"...become suspicious, most of the websites around here recognize me and my group as bad news, we need a new face to help us lure in sticks in order for us to meet our quota, because if we don't we'll end up in the ring instead" dark purple looked away and Cel couldn't help but feel sorry for the group.
Cel had heard of stickfight rings from Mari and he honestly did not want to get anywhere near a place like that.
Even if it meant getting back to his home afterwards.
Dark purple knelt down in front of Cel before speaking "so what's it going to be, buddy? Join us? Or end up in the ring with your friend?"
The sound of someone struggling reached Cels ears and he turned, spotting Mari trying to wriggle out of the cuffs clamped around their arms Cel had to stop himself from reaching over to try and calm his friend down.
Cel had a plan...and that plan meant keeping himself as far away emotionally from Mari as possible.
No matter how much it hurt.
"Okay, I'll join you," Cel said, trying to keep as much regret out of his eyes as he could;
Mari stopped struggling at that and looked up at Cel in shock.
Dark purple smirked "well that was easy" they chuckled before reaching into a trouser pocket and pulling out a key. "I thought you'd fight more, does that guy really mean that little to you" Dark purple looked at Cel curiously, still holding the key in their hands.
Cel swallowed down the guilty feeling, putting on his most uncaring look before saying.
"I was only using them to get back home...I don't need them anymore..."
A sob.
Then another.
Cel almost broke at that sound.
He wasn't expecting that...he wasn't expecting Mari to start crying...
Dark purple studied Cels face for a few moments before sighing and throwing the key at him.
They looked disappointed...
Cel didn't have enough time to think when a loud bang echoed through the space. Dark purple turned around to see Light yellow and Bolt fighting with each other.
Looks like both of them had some sort of power...
This was going to be harder than Cel thought it would be.
As soon as Dark purple ran over to separate the two Cel quickly went to work, unlocking the cuffs around his hands before going to untie the ropes tightly wrapped around his legs.
Cel looked up to check if Dark purple was still trying to deal with the fight, they were, before scooting over to Mari.
They looked a mess and it wasn't just because they were desperately trying not to cry. Burn marks stretched across their back, revealing a small patch of red Cel recognized as damaged code.
Cel cringed inwardly before remembering what he had to do, gently grabbing Maris arm he went to work on the lock.
Mari flinched slightly at the touch, looking up in surprise. That surprise only deepened when they saw the person currently setting them free.
They smiled in relief as Cel pulled the now unlocked cuffs off of Maris hands and began working the rope around their legs.
They both jumped, looking over to see the group of stickfigures had noticed their escape attempt.
Mari quickly tried jumping to their feet, flinching inwardly as their back flared up but quickly ignoring it in favor of grabbing Cels hand and running.
They were quickly followed by the group, who were also yelling at Dark purple for trusting Cel enough to untie him as they pursued.
Mari suddenly stopped, Cel crashing into their back as a result. Mari let out an involuntary gasp of pain at that. Though they quickly regained their composer.
"No time for pain" they thought "their catching up!"
Looking around for a way to get across the floor of code deletion Mari quickly spotted a file hanging just above it.
Smirking they quickly threw their rope at it, after securing it they turned around.
Cel was currently standing in front of Mari, readying himself for the fight that he thought was coming.
Luckily for Cel, Mari had other ideas; They grabbed Cel around his waist pulling him into their chest before stepping back and running forward.
Only just making it into the air before Dark purple could grab them.
Cel screamed, wrapping his arms around Maris neck and keeping his legs as far away from the red floor as much as possible as they swung across the pit.
As Mari was about to let go of the file Cel looked up at Them and a warm feeling suddenly made its way across his cheeks.
This confused Cel for a few moments before realization smacked him right in the face.
"Why now!?!"
Cel thought as he desperately tried to hide how flustered he was in Maris shoulder. Before he could fully process the new emotion Mari landed safely onto the other side.
Looking back one more time to see the other group quickly working on deactivating the code deletion floor Mari quickly made their way towards the WiFi icon.
Still holding onto Cel, Mari Pulled it open and jumped inside, not bothering to look back as they knew the group wouldn't get to them in time.
As they phased into the new computer Mari finally let out the breath they had currently been holding back. Collapsing onto the ground Mari buried their face into Cels shoulder.
They stayed like that for a while, slowly processing the emotions they were currently feeling.
" gave up your game for me..." Mari whispered, head still buried in Cels shoulder.
"Yeah..." Cel whispered back, head also buried in Maris shoulder.
"You're friend...I...I wasn't about to leave you in a place like that"
Mari smiled at that, they used to worry that Cel only hung around them because they were helping him find his game.
Now though they knew Cel actually cared about them.
Now they finally had their first real friend.
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powerpuffs12 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Dark Waters || ATEEZ
CH. 60 ~ Company
3rd person P.O.V.
"And after we've gotten past phase one, the ships located on the west side will— hello? HELLO?" The navigator stops for the hundredth time today to slam his hand on his Captain's desk after catching both Sun-Mi and his Captain dozing off in the middle of what he was saying.
Hongjoong, as the light sleeper he is, woke up with a startle, looking around wildly for the source of the sudden bang to find and annoyed Yeosang glaring at him. Sun-Mi on the other hand had drifted into a much deeper sleep and was lightly shaken awake by the battle master next to her.
While Captain fell asleep in his chair, the baby-blue haired woman fell into her siesta while standing— a feat that both baffled and amazed the men in the room.
"What? Did I miss something?" Sun-Mi mumbles rather adorably, attempting to rub the fatigue out of her eyes. Yeosang sighs, full of exasperation and annoyance.
"This is like what? The 10th time you two have fallen asleep in the middle of me talking? How are we supposed to get through our preparations if you two keep drifting off elsewhere?"
"I'm sorry, I'm just really tired." She apologizes guiltily, but it's not like she could've done anything about it. She's been having terrifying dreams every time she closes her eyes to sleep, it's a wonder that she was able to go that long without horrid images jump-scaring her.
"Give her a break, Yeosang. She's new to all of this, it'll take her some time to adjust." Hongjoong steps in for the woman, shooting her a small smile that's bound to arouse suspicion between the people in the room.
"Great, now we have two sleep-deprived leaders," Mingi comments sarcastically from next to Yeosang and Sun-Mi chuckles sheepishly, unsure of what to say. Yeosang elbows Mingi, seeing that he made Sun-Mi feel bad and San speaks up to change topics.
"You know, I saw you come to Captain's room last night. And he looked like he was expecting you~," San teases, nudging Sun-Mi who's standing right next to him, Seonghwa on the other side.
Both Captain and Sun-Mi stiffen up when they hear the battle master start snooping around, Hongjoong already feeling the murderous glare a certain jealous man is giving him. He puts his hands up as if in surrender, shaking his head.
"We just talked."
"Talked?" Yeosang repeats incredulously, raising a brow. "That late at night when I was so conveniently busy dealing with Wooyoung?" The pressure on Sun-Mi and Seonghwa's glaring at Hongjoong comes to its peak, suffocating both of them.
"Yes, it was just a friendly conversation. Now could we please focus on the task at hand before I fall asleep again?!" The baby-blue haired girl demands, addressing all of the men that are looking at her funkily in a stern manner.
"She's right, we need to focus since our time is coming to a close end," her Captain concedes, crossing his arms smugly. "Besides, I wouldn't betray my good man, Seonghwa, like that. We know she's yours."
Sun-Mi gawks at Hongjoong, looking briefly at the cook who's just as embarrassed as her, and averting their eyes within the same second. The other men snicker, Yeosang being the only one to bring the course of their conversation back to where it started.
"As I was saying," he clears his throat, "The ships located on the west side of the port will be the ones in charge of giving us the signal. Wooyoung and I will be on the lookout for the signal since it is an Ocleavean battle signal."
"Oh, so, your parents decided to help us in the end?" San pipes in which makes the navigator scrunch his face.
"My dad was completely on board with the idea but my mom and Mina... not so much. I had to get Seonghwa to write her a letter which eventually bent her." Mingi giggles, looking over in Seonghwa's direction after hearing this.
"Wonder what you could've possibly told her to make her change?"
"Ugh, don't even get me started," The cook complains, scowling and shivering as he remembers what he wrote. "She wrote back like 3 times and I still haven't had the courage to open her letters." That makes everyone break out into a small fit of laughter and leaves a content smile lingering a little longer in Sun-M's lips, but before anyone can bring attention to that she speaks.
"What about everyone else we've contacted? Have they responded?"
"Most of the hidden workers in Eohithra and Illoriant have replied saying they'll make preparations for us. I'm sure the other captains are doing well, seeing that they haven't contacted us, and a letter came in yesterday from The Eohithrian castle for you. I haven't opened it since it corresponds to you." Hongjoong answers her questions, pushing his chair back to open the drawer in his desk and shuffling some papers to grasp the creme-colored envelope with the red seal of the Royal Navy stamped onto it.
He hands it to her and she takes it delicately, making sure not to leave creases in case something suspicious is in there, although she's not sure there would be anything of that kind.
As she studies the said envelope, she notices the writing of the person who wrote it— Lee Ji-Eun, her step-sister.
Sun-Mi's face turns dark and her hands shake as she sees the name penned onto the material of the envelope, a name she wished never to see again.
"What is it?" Mingi pokes curiously, moving around to get a good look at it. Her response is delayed but it's enough for the men to know that it's not good.
"Could you guys give me a minute?" She excuses herself quickly, turning around and walking away from the group to open it up. The men watch her strange behavior from where they're at, speculating in silence.
"Who sent it?" Yeosang is the first to ask Captain in a hushed tone, waiting intently on his response
"A girl named Ji-Eun."
"Who could that be?" San wonders and he received no answer— none of them know who it could be.
"Hongjoong, what did you two really talk about last night?" Seonghwa finally makes the courage to whisper to his Captain.
"We talked about many things but she was most worried about the upcoming attack. She seems scared of making the wrong choices."
"Is that why she can't sleep?" Mingi pipes in and Hongjoong shakes his head.
"No, that's because she's been having nightmares, but she seemed to sleep well when she was with us just now." He pauses. "I think she just needs someone to keep her company while she sleeps." Captain finishes.
"Who's gonna keep her company?" San vocalizes and they all crane their necks, comically almost, to look right at the man who they've deemed fit for the job.
"Me?" Seonghwa points at himself perplexed. They all nod and he shakes his head. "Why would it be me? We haven't even spoken since... you know."
"That's perfect. You can tell her that you're sorry while you take her away to make sure she sleeps." Hongjoong tells him, kicking the cook in her direction with his foot.
"I can't do it. It's gonna be awkward."
"Oh my god. Are you dense? We're literally setting you two up for time alone with each other and you keep throwing excuses everywhere. If you're not going to keep her company we'll go with the next best thing and ask Wooyoung to—,"
"No." The cook rejects the idea flatly, sagging his shoulders when he realizes they're right. He can't continue avoiding her forever. Not when a battle like this one is just around the corner. And when there are still so many feelings left unsaid between them. "Fine, I'll do it."
"That's my boy," Captain cheers him on, shutting up when the cook shoots him a glare.
Seonghwa, mustering the bravery to face Sun-Mi, walks over to where she is reading her letter quietly. When he's close enough to her, he sees her arms shaking as her eyes glide over the piece of paper furiously and sets a light hand on her shoulder, startling the baby-blue haired girl.
"Oh, I didn't mean to startle you," He apologizes when he sees her jump.
"You're good," she responds curtly, going back to reading the paper and acting as if he's not there. He looks back at the men by Hongjoong's desk who watch intently, cheering him on silently.
Taking another breath, he lifts his free hand and places it gently over hers to stop her shaking. It's only then that Sun-Mi notices how hard she's been gripping the paper, to the point where she left thick creases.
Her stomach makes a little summersault when she sees the warm hand placed over hers and she looks up to connect eyes with the cook.
"You look so drained," He comments, brushing a strand of her messed up hair back while pushing his lips forward.
"I am," She admits defeatedly, closing her eyes.
"Do you want to go rest?" He offers, rubbing circles with his thumb on her skin which leaves a tingly feeling. Under his calm and relaxing mask, he's actually feeling really nervous that he'll screw up something and hurt again, which is why he's being extra gentle.
"What about the meeting?" Sun-Mi motions over to the men who pretend like their eyes weren't just glued to the pair.
"They'll understand." He reassures her and she nods, folding up the letter in her hands and excusing herself before heading out. Seonghwa follows closely after her, shutting the door and seeing Hongjoong and San give him a thumbs up while he shuts it. He shakes his head, laughing to himself before spinning around to see Sun-Mi staring seriously at the glittery waters that stretch out all around them, perfectly reflecting the mid-day sun.
Her short, baby-blue hair flows with the wind, no traces of the black hair dye she had before. It's messy and her clothes aren't the latest in fashion yet she still looks perfect in the cook's eyes. In his eyes, she's the most beautiful woman he's ever known.
"It's the middle of the day," Sun-Mi states rather obviously when she notices the cook has stepped out of the room. "Are you sure I'm allowed to sleep?"
"Doesn't matter what time of day it is. You're our enchantress and we'll need you to be at full capacity. Which includes being well-rested." He explains, stretching out his hand for her to take. "C'mon, where do you wanna go? My room or yours?"
"Yours," she answers a bit too quickly, taking Seonghwa's hand. "It would be a nice change in scenery, I guess." He smiles fondly at her, leading her down the stairs into the crew deck and to his room.
It's the last door to the right in this hall, the hall Sun-Mi remembers first hearing about Yunho's death. She brushes that aside, focusing on the man in front of her and noticing the delicateness he's handling her with. When they make it to his room, he opens the door for her, letting her in first.
She moves over to sit on his cot, looking at him as he walks across the room to put away some of the mess on his desk.
The room looks much like the sickbay only it's slightly smaller. And there are two chests for each man that sleeps in here to store their belongings. Little knick-knacks are placed around the room for decoration.
"Are you sure Mingi won't mind me here?" Sun-Mi asks to make sure and the cook nods, finishing what he was doing to sit next to her.
"Yeah, he'll be fine. He'll just take the sickbay." Seonghwa leans back so that he's lying horizontally on the bed with his feet planted on the floor. He moves his hands behind his head, taking in an exhausted breath. The air grows increasingly quiet for the two of them so Sun-Mi quickly scrambles to find something to talk about, blurting the first things she can think of.
"Why did you just decide to speak to me?" She regrets asking, knowing it'll make things even more awkward but what's done, is done. Seonghwa looks at her a bit surprised at her directness but answers her nonetheless.
"I wanted to apologize and I figured that it would be best to do it when we were alone." He shrugs nonchalantly, squirming when he sees Sun-Mi turn to lean toward him, propping herself up on one hand as he looks at him suspiciously.
"You wanted to apologize to me when we were alone? And in your bed?" She quirks an eyebrow, holding back a teasing smile that's scratching at the edge of her lips. Her hair falls in front of her face as she smirks, a sight that makes Seonghwa's heart race. "That's an odd way to apologize to someone."
"Well, when you put it that way it sounds wrong." The man looks away nervously, trying to steady his heartbeat.
"Wrong? In what way? All I said was that it was unusual." She digs further on, batting her eyes innocently which catches Seonghwa off guard, leaving him a stuttering mess. She giggles, moving herself to rest her back up against the wall the bed is pushed up against, lifting both her legs to her chest.
"I am really sorry." Seonghwa attempts to apologize a second time, looking over at the girl a bit more seriously now. "I regret yelling at you like that. And hurting you. That's— that's the last thing I wanted to do." She smiles at him, setting a hand on his arm.
"I know you didn't mean to. It's okay." She assured him. "You know, I missed talking to you."
"Did you?"
"I don't believe you," he huffs, crossing his arms. "You seemed just fine replacing me with Captain."
"That's not fair!" Sun-Mi exclaims. "I had to talk to someone!" He laughs, reaching up to poke her cheek.
"I missed you, too." He admits shyly, deciding that he should put her to sleep before she makes him even more flustered. "But before we can resume our usual conversation and banter, I think you should rest up." He tries to get up to allow her to kick off her shoes and get under the covers of his cot but she panics, thinking that he's going to leave her.
Before thinking, Sun-Mi pushes him back down by the shoulders, holding him there for a minute as she processes what she's doing. There's a moment that passes between them full of surprise and an extra fluttery feeling they can't pinpoint when Sun-Mi finally articulates what she was thinking.
"You won't leave me, right? You'll stay with me?" Seonghwa lags on his response, shocked at seeing her on top of him looking so scared.
"Y-Yeah, of course." He agrees, moving his hands slowly to rest them on hers that are gripping his shoulder tightly and then helping her get into bed.
It takes her a moment to fall asleep, fighting between her uncertainty and her tiredness, but ultimately the latter won.
Her soft breaths fill the room and she looks peaceful. Something Seonghwa wishes that she'd always feel instead of fear.
Again, Sun-Mi wakes up with a start, her heart beating erratically and her eyes fluttering all over the room to make sure she's gotten out of that terrible dream.
As she looks around the room, she notices that it's not the sickbay, it's Seonghwa's room. For a moment there she had forgotten that the cook had offered her to stay in his room for the night, in an attempt to keep her company and help her with her messed up sleep schedule.
Sadly it didn't look like it was working.
The room is dark and there's no light at all so she supposes it must be night outside. There's no sound in the room except for the sound of the ocean's water crashing against the sides of the ship and some soft snores coming from the cot next to her.
She looks over to see a figure barely outlined by the sheet of the cot, sleeping peacefully, its chest rising and falling with every intake of breath. She assumes it's Seonghwa with nothing else there to explain who it is, and she assumes he must've fallen asleep some time ago if he's snoring already.
Something in her wants to wake him up so that he can keep her company but she's unsure of what to do, not wanting to take away his sleep just because she can't. Eventually, waiting in the ominous darkness of the room gets to her and she climbs out of bed, tip-toeing lightly over to the cook before watching him while he sleeps.
The sheet is covering his body so she doesn't get a good look at him until she shakes his shoulder lightly, stirring him awake in the process. He opens his eyes groggily, turning to look at who woke him up with a frown when he sees Sun-Mi staring at him apologetically. He figures her nightmares must've returned and props himself up on his elbows tiredly, yawning himself half-awake.
This movement causes the bed sheet to fall down his upper body, exposing his toned chest. It takes Sun-Mi a minute to realize that she's staring at his half-naked body, tripping over her words. She had absolutely no idea he slept shirtless.
"I was, uh, just wondering if... I could— I can't sleep." She chuckles awkwardly, taking back her hand from his shoulder when he catches her wrist, pulling her down with him so that she lay on top of him, her face just inches away from his.
"Just sleep with me then." He says, turning her over so that she lies next to him. He lifts the covers of his cot so that she can go under them as well, extending his arm as an added cushion for her head. She doesn't protest, not minding him being so close to her, but her heart betrays her, beating rapidly and loudly against her ribs. They beat so loud she was sure Seonghwa could hear her.
"S-Seonghwa?" She calls for him and he mumbles an answer, trying to go back to his sleep as well but struggling as he realizes the situation he's put them both in. "I'm cold." She whispers, not wanting to disturb him. He thinks of how to make her warm, now that the bedsheets are failing to do that, and he only comes up with one answer.
"Come closer," He suggests, moving his hands nervously to hug her and she squirms closer to him, letting him know that he has her consent.
He steadily wraps his hands around Sun-Mi, one hand kept at her head for her to lay her head on and the other snaking around her torso to pull her closer to him. He presses his body against hers, hugging her securely. They both can feel the heat rising to their faces, grateful that the room is too dark for either of them to notice the harsh blush that had settled on their cheeks.
It takes the baby-blue haired girl anointed to relax, but when she does, she places her hands on his bare chest, melting into the warmth radiating off of it.
She can hear his heart beating just as crazy as hers, smiling to herself.
She snuggles up closer to him, digging her head in the crook of his neck when she's comfortable enough to listen to the beating of Seonghwa's heart. The sound, lulling her peacefully back to sleep, feeling secure in his arms.
The cook stays awake a little bit longer than the enchantress, too shocked at what he's done to go to sleep just yet. He rubs her back softly, calming her down and letting her know that he's right there with her in case another dream comes back.
A whirlwind of emotions runs at a hundred miles per hour in his mind and he feels a sudden warmth setting itself in his heart, one that he doesn't understand but has felt before when he danced with Sun-Mi back at Ocleavear.
A feeling so seductive that he wishes he could garner it forever. It sneaked into his heart so stealthily and only showed itself in mere instances, he was always left hungry for more.
It's only now that he's come to realize that these feelings would blossom around Sun-Mi.
The warmth that he desperately wants more of has finally shown itself in its true form. He is finally able to pinpoint that addictive drug he was under the influence of all this time, the drug that has caused him to do the most irrational things when he's around her:
That drug is love. And He's fallen in love with the woman he holds in his arms at this very moment.
Park Seonghwa loves Lee Sun-Mi.
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mrskenobi19 · 2 months ago
For You? Always.
Chapter Fifteen
Summary: Some good news and soft moments...
Word Count: 1.9k
A/N: There will be another chapter of this posted today. I've been excited to get to the next chapter and I'm not patient enough to do it tomorrow so, look out for that. Enjoy 😄
This time, Ben was still asleep when you opened your eyes. His normally fixed hair was once again in a mess, the only thing that looked chaotic. The rest of him was in complete comfort as he was sunken into the pillows. Everything about the sight of him was one of peace. Your love for him rose the longer you stared at him.
Brushing some of his hair to the side, a smile spread onto his face. Ben met you with his gaze, his blue eyes sparkling from the morning light even through the squint as he adjusted to the brightness. Even his strawberry blonde hair seemed to glow brighter. It was a sight that you adored and wished to see many more times.
Uncovering his arm from the warmth of the blanket, he placed his hand on your cheek, stroking his thumb over your cheekbone. The gentleness of it soothed you enough for you to close your eyes and lean into the touch.
Opening your eyes again, his eyes were wider and his smile was brighter. “Good morning, my darling,” he said, slightly raspy. It didn’t phase you though as you were used to his morning voice at this point. He propped himself up on his elbow to get a better view. His movement caused the blanket to slide down more, exposing his chest. This only added to the scene.
Grazing his cheek with your hand, you moved your hand to splay your fingers through his hair. With a quick smile, you pulled him off of his balanced elbow, causing him to fall onto you, and pressed your lips to his. To lift his weight, he once again propped himself up, this time on his forearms. But, you wrapped your arms around his back and pulled him back down.
Lips still connected, he laughed and mumbled, “I see you’ve picked up a new confidence.”
“Only because you make me more confident,” you replied after separating your lips, but keeping your foreheads pressed together. His eyes brightened with the smile that spread across his face. Then you added, “And I trust you.” Then, you kissed the beauty mark on the right side of his face, something you’ve wanted to do for a while but held back in shyness.
Before anything else, a knock sounded at the door. You were about to get up to answer it, but Ben told you not to, and got up, first grabbing a shirt that he left hanging open.
Opening the door, Derek was standing there, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but Claire wants to talk about business now. This visit has just been cut short.” Ben looked back to you. You were already up and nodded to Derek. He proceeded to walk away to leave the two of you alone to get ready.
When you had gone downstairs, Claire had told you and Derek that she was going to publish with you. Derek and you had been ecstatic. All of you celebrated after a small conversation of certain business details were discussed.
The next day, you were beside Ben on the plane home. Even when he dozed off, he held your hand.
Now, a few weeks had passed since that week and a bit. Ben moved in with you a week ago, the process being quick as he only really had his clothes, desk, and work things to bring in. He donated everything else to a shelter and gave any extra to the nearby thrift shop. There were a few mugs he had kept that you knew were his favourites, but that was it.
Since he had seemed to almost always be at your house, it seemed as if nothing changed. Except, now, you don’t have to ask him to stay or convince him to stay the night. This is where he will always be other than late night work sessions with Siara at her and Brian's. Plus, it helped him get closer to Brian. They seemed to talk about anything and everything according to Siara. Well, when he didn't have to work, anyways.
At the moment, well the whole day, you didn’t have any work that needed to be done. You spent the day emailing different people just to confirm events, meetings and just for the sake of talking to them. All was mellow before hearing a knock against your office door frame.
Turning your attention from your computer to the visitor, your eyes meet the gentle blue of Ben’s. You smiled a welcome as he stepped in and closed the door.
“How are you doing, darling?” he started off. There was something that flashed across his eyes but disappeared before you could identify what it was.
Standing up, slightly confused by the closed door, you walked around your desk, “I’m doing well. I can tell there’s something wrong. Is everything okay?”
Ben nodded his head before taking your hands and placing a kiss on your forehead.
“Yes everything is okay. I’m a bit stressed so I wanted to come see you to help ease my mind a little” This earned a smile from you as you rested your head on his chest. Wrapping his arms around you, he put his head on top of yours and occasionally pressed kisses into your hair.
The two of you stood together for a few moments before an idea popped into your head, “How about we have a quiet night. I have some vinyls that we could quietly play through a home cooked meal and the rest of the night. It would help you to relax.” Looking up to his eyes, he met yours with a loving smile.
“Of course. I know that I’ll have a night off from anything extra as well.”
For a few more sweet moments you dug your head back into his chest.
"As much as I'd like to stay here with you," he started when you slightly pulled back, "I still have some work to do. I'll meet you back here when I'm done?"
Reluctantly, you nodded and separated yourself from his embrace. Giving you a quick kiss, he left.
All you wanted was to go straight to the end of the day. Thankfully, it was only a few more hours until that happened.
Like he said, Ben met you at your office when the day was finally over. He offered you his arm for the walk home where a calm evening was awaiting. And it was just that.
From the moment you had both walked through the door everything seemed to lighten. You quickly made your way to your office, where your record player and vinyls had been kept, to bring it to the main area of the house.
Putting the needle down on the first record, Ben was watching while your fluid movements moved through the room.
When you moved to the kitchen, he met you there to help.
"No. You go and sit down," you told him sternly.
"Come on. Can I not help with something?" His voice was almost pleading but he smiled.
Playfully, you pushed him away by his chest, "No, you cannot. It's your turn to be taken care of." You tried to keep your face serious, but you failed when you looked in his eyes.
Finally. he sighed and sat down on one of the barstools at the kitchen island. Even though you would prefer he got more comfortable on the couch, you knew that this was the best it was going to get.
You knew, as he was a cook, it was hard for him to remove himself from doing this task. Yet, he had already made dinner for you plenty of times. Now it was time to do the same for him.
Ben, though, did like watching your process and bit his tongue whenever he thought of anything as a suggestion. He knew that this was your time to treat him.
Once the food was ready, you set the table and added a few candles to add to the slowly dropping sunlight. After placing the meals onto plates, you both took your places at the table.
Ben looked up at you after admiring his plate, “Oh, how I love you. This looks amazing.” A small blush creeped up to your cheeks. He took your hand in his and kissed your knuckles.
“And I love you,” you said while bringing your free hand up to graze the side of his face. A smile spread across his face as he leaned into your touch before turning his attention to the plate of food in front of him.
When you finished eating, you quickly dealt with the dishes and met Ben in the living room beside the record player. He was flipping through the box of records with a look of admiration when he passed by the Frank Sinatra albums. Finding the one he was hoping for, he slid it on the record player, letting ‘Fly me to the Moon’ fill the room.
Holding out his hand, you took it as he stepped forward and brought you to his chest. Slowly, he started swaying while holding you closely. His charming smile beamed as he looked down at you and placed a kiss on your lips.
The song continued as you rested your head against his chest, listening to his soft humming along to the tune.
This was how the majority of the evening went. The only time you left each other’s arms was to change the record. Each one was carefully picked by Ben to keep the mood, not disturbing the tender moments of the night.
There, in the warmth of his arms, you felt at home. It felt as if this was where you were always supposed to be. Where you should’ve been since you met him all those years ago in high school.
Time alluded you through the night, to the point that hours had gone by. Still, in Ben’s arms, he kissed the top of your head after you slightly shifted your head.
“Shall we head to bed, darling?” he asked in an almost whisper with his lips still placed against your hair. So as to not disturb the moment, you hummed in agreeance rather than nodding.
Feeling Ben smile, he slowly moved towards the record player to lift the needle and stop the turntable. Then, keeping you in his arms, the two of you slowly made your way to the room. When you had to break away from his warmth, you almost whined from the loss of contact.
Noticing this, Ben quietly chuckled as he started to change, you following suit. The quicker you were, the quicker the warmth of his arms will be back, this time to lull you to sleep.
Getting into bed, that's just what happened. Under the warm covers and the gentle hold of Ben all accompanied by his continuation of soft humming, you fell asleep. Ben had waited to see your breathing steady from sleep before letting his own mind rest while he listened to your soft breathing beside him.
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The Lost Soul
Tumblr media
6 years ago
Highschool, the time a year where all teens go through serious drama, angst, and phases you won't believe. The air was warm, and summer was approaching quickly. It was sunny, with clear blue skies. Los Angeles, the big city of California. Here in Los Angeles resided Krystal Kim. A Korean American girl who sat outside for lunch the majority of the time. She liked to sit on the grass by a tree in the courtyard.
Krystal grew up in a wealthy family. Her mother and Father opened a restaurant of their own which grew successful. Throughout the years, her parents opened 5 other locations of various restaurants for the public to eat. Her father was passionate about his career. He taught Kryssi and her two elder brothers, Daniel and Richard, how to cook. With his lessons, Kryssi learned different cuisines from around the world. She could cook traditional cuisine from Japan, Korea, China, Italy, France and Ireland. Krystal and Richard never really got along. He was always angry with her because she was 'Daddy's little princess' always getting what she wanted. While Daniel always treated Kryssi like a baby sister. He was always there for her when she needed someone. 
School was difficult for her, she was constantly being bullied, until she met a young boy. He was rather kind, gentle and fun to talk to. His name was Joshua Hong. Krystal was about 10 years old when she met Joshua. They were neighbors when Krystals family moved into the house next door. It was unfortunate that he was 2 years older than she was. But that didn't stop him from being around when she needed him. When they met, they got along rather quickly and became best friends in a day. As the years went by, they were inseparable, the only thing that separated them we're going home and their classes. 
"Hi Kryssi" I heard with foot steps stopping before me and taking a seat beside me. I looked up and saw a smiling Joshua as he pulled out his lunch box. "Hi Josh" I replied with a small smile. "What's the matter? Is someone bullying you again?" Joshua asked furrowing his eyebrows and I shook my head. "No it's just.. The year is almost over, and you're graduating in a week. Not to mention your attending college in Seoul." I answered and he sighed. "Kryssi~ its okay. Why don't you join me in Seoul, when you graduate. I'll help you get there" he reassured and smiled softly at me. "Besides, I'm sure your last couple years are going to fly by as we know it." He continued giving me a hug. I smiled and hugged back "promise you won't forget me?" I asked and he chuckled at my comment. "How could I possibly forget my best friend?" With that, we continued our week like normal.
A week had passed and Joshua was finally graduating. I took pictures with Joshua and his mother in his graduation cap and gown and smiled proudly at him. It wasn't long before he was on his flight to Seoul. It was that moment, I felt alone. 
2 years later
Joshua had returned to Los Angeles to celebrate my graduation. On the last day of school I was cleaning out my locker when I found an envelope addressed to me on the top shelf. Without a second thought I placed the envelope and my belongings in my backpack before leaving the school for good. Late that night, Joshua went home after attending family game night with My family. I was throwing out some of my belongings I didn't need anymore when i remembered the envelope. I picked it up and opened it. Inside was a small pendant with a note attached to it. "I found this and thought you might like it" the note read. I looked over the necklace and noticed it was a locket. With curiosity, I opened the locket up. Inside was another note, which i picked up, but before I could read it the room went black. 
I was sitting on my bed texting a friend from college when my mother came into my room rather uneasy. "Joshua, we have to go." She said hurriedly as I sat up. "Mom, what's the matter??" I asked looking at her, "Krystal is in the hospital." At that moment I hopped off my bed and rushed to grab my jacket, shoes and wallet. My mother and I rushed to the hospital to see Kryssi. After arriving at the hospital we made it to the lobby and found her brothers' and parents in the lobby worried for their sister. Daniel turned back seeing my mother and I walk up. Daniel walked over to us and gave each of us a hug. "What happened to her?" My mother asked and I looked at Daniel waiting for the answer. He pulled away and looked at us, "after you left, I heard a crashing sound from Kryssi's room, so I went to see what's up. When I opened her door, I found her on the floor unconscious. She was still breathing, but she wouldn't wake up." Daniel explained. My mother covered her mouth worried for Krystal, while I looked at the floor scared for my best friend. "Danny" Richard called and Daniel turned to Richard, before noticing the doctor came out. The doctor walked over to the group and took a deep breath. We have done various tests and exams but we found no sign of what caused her to black out, but unfortunately she's in a coma and we can't find a reason why. Her heart is healthy, shes an incredibly healthy young lady, and she's still breathing, so at this point there's nothing we can do. We're going to keep her here until she wakes up." The doctor explained and Krystal's parents nodded. I was devastated, my best friend was in a coma and no one knew why. After that night, the police had started a thorough investigation on what happened and how it happened. But, sadly, they found nothing. They only could wait, until Kyristal woke up. It was a waiting game from then on. 
Within a short time seeing darkness, I found myself standing above my collapsed body. I watch my brother walk into my room and rush to my body and shake me awake. But nothing worked. I followed my family to the hospital to see why this happened. Danny had called the Hong family and informed them about me. Joshua and his mother had the look of panic and devastation on their faces. But it was made clear that I wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. I waved my hand in front of my family and Josh but neither could see me. So I took an adventure to find someone who could. 
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'She was my best friend' - Stellaride
Tumblr media
Fandom: One Chicago
Pairing: Kelly Severide & Stella Kidd
Warnings: PAIN
Request: I don’t know if you still take requests but I’ll really appreciated if you write a shot about Kelly and Stella taking about Shay! It’s the only scene I wish we could see on the show - we can be pretty sure that Stella knows who Shay is but a little conversation wouldn’t kill them right?
After Casey moved out of the apartment, Kelly and Stella’s relationship only kept progressing so they decided to start looking for a new place to move in, that would feel more homey and cozy rather than the big industrial loft that still held so many of their memories for the past few years.
With moving came a lot of  packing which was the least exciting part of the whole process. As Kelly was out all morning buying some more storage boxes, Stella was left emptying a few last drawers before being completely done. She quickly came across a stack of CDs and one in particular stood out as it had the words ‘The Contract’ written on it. While usually not being one to snoop around, she frowned debating whether she should play it or not, ultimately deciding for it as curiosity took the best of her.
“Is it on? It’s on!” Kelly’s voice echoed through the room as he appeared on the big screen. “The contract, rule number one” a womanly voice could be heard immediatly followed by Kelly’s again “We promise to never get in each other’s business...Rule number two, no matter how much work gets to us we promise to never bring it home.” The camera turned around revealing Shay holding a bottle of tequila and a smile immediatly appeared on Stella’s face. She had never heared Shay's voice and the only picture she saw of her was the one hanging on the wall at the firehouse, as Kelly did a great job at burying old memories that brought him so much pain. “We should also say that no matter how much life gets to us, we should never bring it to work. Because what we do is so much more important than all this.”
“Is that it? Any other rules?” Kelly could be heard asking as she passed the bottle of tequila to him.
“Just one! That we...we promise to be there for each other...always, no matter what.”
Hearing someone clearing his voice behind her Stella jumped at the sight of Kelly standing in the doorway. He'd been there a while watching most of the CD play out.
“I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to snoop through your stuff” she tried excusing herself just to be interrupted by him. “It’s fine, don’t sweat it.” Kelly sat down on the floor next to her, letting a deep breath out and pulling a box out of the drawer filled with pictures.
“You never told me much about her...” Stella said unsure, waiting to see how he’ll react so she’d know whether to drop it or not.
“She was my best friend...the purest soul I ever met, the only person I could trust for the longest time. On her first day at 51, my roommate had just moved out and she said she was looking for a new place to she moved in with me. We just clicked, like I never clicked with anyone before then...I can’t even explain it. We used to get on each other’s nerves sometimes but at the end of the day we only wanted the best for each other...we never fully respected this contract. When I injured my shoulder once on a call, she'd give me painkillers...took them from ambo and used to blame it on junkies stealing them during inventories. She'd went through so much trouble just because I was hiding an injury that would bench me for a few months...and I was so selfish because never once did I think about the possibility of her losing her job for what she was doing for me. At some point I wasn’t far from being addicted to them...I went cold turkey and in a matter of weeks I was clean...but just because she was there for me and never let me lose my focus. Then her ex showed up pregnant out of the blue, saying she still had feelings for her...which didn’t turn out too good but after that Shay kept saying she wanted a baby so bad and I thought it was some weird phase she was going through, but next thing I know we were at a fertility clinic talking about IVF and all these other procedures, but that fell through too...and that’s one of my biggest regrets, because now I’d still have a part of her here with me. Each time we fought it was because she wanted the very best for me and I didn’t want to listen and she kept she was so stubborn. One time there was this bombing at Med, casualties everywhere and she stumbled, impaling herself in some kind of metal sticking out of the debris...she was losing so much blood but she patched herself up and kept working until she passed out...we barely kept her in bed, she wanted to go right back into the action. The days before her death we fought and we made up right before she went in that building...the building I carried her out of. Each morning after that I was waking up going to her room and hoping she'd be there...nagging me about eating her yogurt. You don't realize how many useless fights you have with someone until they're don't appreciate them enough until they're not there anymore one day. After her death I dissappeared for a while...I couldn't go back home or to work, the thought of her was too painful and apparently it still is after all these years. When she died, I know a part of me went with her...something inside of me shifted and I wasn't the same after that day. I wish you would've met her though...she would've loved you to the point where she would've tried to steal you from me." The two shared a laugh as Kelly's voice slowly became more and more shaky and Stella gave his hand a comforting squeeze.
"I wish I'd met her too...I know we would've easily hit it off. " Stella said looking at the pictures in front of her. "I'm sure if she was still here, she would be so proud of who you've become."
"She would've kicked my ass so bad, each time the two of us had an argument...or each time I remotely made you upset." He said as a small smile crept on his face at the thought of Shay scolding him when it came to relationships.
"Do you believe in soulmates Kelly?" Stella asked reciving a confused look from him in return "Because I think she was yours."
"Then what are you?" He asked turning himself around to face Stella. "Hmm, I don't know...but soulmates don't have to be lovers, a soulmate is someone who gets you and connects to you on a level you can't explain, it's someone who inspires you to be a better person, someone you can carry with you forever and no matter what happens the love you have for them never's you and Shay."
Kelly thought after all these years he'd be able to say more than a few words about her without tears immediately appearing in his eyes, but oh boy he was so wrong. Shay will forever live on in his heart and he promised himself he'd never let her memory be forgotten.
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