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#fantasy tropes
pearl-diiver · a day ago
battle couple battle couple battle couple battle cou-
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Ah to be forced into living with my rival where we slowly fall in love amid banter, angst and past family trauma, accidentally falling asleep together which ends up being the best sleep either of us have had in a while, jealousy due to his ex who comes back into town and comforting each other by silently sitting next to each other letting the other cry.
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bixisarusher · 3 days ago
*sneaks unto your dash*
Appearantly I'm part of a team developing a queer fantasy TV show.
*whips out notepad*
Which tropes should we destroy? The top of my list is "sexy woman = bad woman", now you go.
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penstricken · 6 days ago
Fantasy Clichés and How to Avoid Them
Fantasy Clichés and How to Avoid Them #amwriting #writing #fantasy #fiction #stories #writetip #writingtip #amwritingfantasy
Originally published 18/11/2018 Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a series of posts on any subject (in fact, I think the last one I did was the ever popular series on Non-Human Characters [2] [3] [4], way back in 2017) so I decided it was about time for another one: this time focusing on all your favourite genre clichés and how to avoid them. So to get us started, I’m going to be looking…
Tumblr media
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joycrispy · 7 days ago
The only thing better than a character development haircut is a character development loss-of-limb.
Luke Skywalker getting a robot hand? Fuck yes. Finn’s arm being torn off? Fuck yes. And now, in Fantasy High, Fabian’s eye being ripped out so that his appearance mirrors that of his father...I have ascended.
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allie-dn · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SURPRISE! Allie's assassin friend Phantom, aka Kalæl Rodevinh, is a literature teacher at Wyrmlair High! Who would've thought?
(Ok but in his defense: imagine finding out the weird poltergeist girl -with a bounty on her head- you regularly meet in a sketchy tavern in the slums attends the same high school you work at? Yeah)
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metellastella · 9 days ago
Does this qualify as an ask game?
Normal Question: “What superpower would you want?”
My anxiety-ridden brain’s question: Would you want to be super-powered in a way that enables you to not get so injured (for example Spidey and other heroes have super strength and resilience even if it’s not on par with stronger heroes, in addition to his spider specific abilities)
Would you want resilience in the form of not having to eat or sleep or do other annoying self-care things? (for example, vampires or other fantasy spirits or creatures)
It’s not like I haven’t started three separate novels that make fawning reference to this ability.
Is there a term for it?
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sukagrana · 11 days ago
New York Times Bestselling YA Fantasy starring a white girl protagonist who ‘reluctantly’ has to enter a world of danger, intrigue, and pretty dresses in order to save the people she loves. These people are promptly forgotten about as she makes fast enemies with a white boy she has nothing in common with, and they seem to hate each other right up until they’re making out, because all that animosity was actually love, apparently. Oh, and rebellion or something is also happening.
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rainbowhappypotato · 11 days ago
The How to Train Your Dragon book series and fantasy as a genre
!!Warning: Spoilers!!
After finishing the last book something came to my mind. I was reading this for more than three years and I have never noticed the parallels between the story’s characters and the ones you typically see in a fantasy tale. It’s a children’s book after all. You could even see some resemblance to fairy tales even. Cressida clearly took inspiration from other stories, like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter (maybe not?) and even from sci-fis (she said the inspiration for Alvin came from a Doctor Who villain).
I have read some articles about typical fantasy characters and the realization weirdly came from a popular Japanese manga series, Berserk (that has nothing to do with httyd!). The first character is the Hero Of course it’s the main character, Hiccup the Third. He’s an unlikely boy, who starts as a wimpy child but becomes the king at the end (wich is a historically accurate thing). He has the attributes of a children’s novel protagonist, and has the characteristics of a fantasy hero. He’s brave, likable and proves that the most unexpected thing can save the day at the end. He even came from a wealthy “royal” family, making him a prince like figure. (He’s even a chosen one type!) The next needs to be the Hero’s best friend, the Sidekick  In other name the Supporter, the brave and thrustworthy friend of the protagonist. These type of characters usually have a personality that complements the main’s and is great alone too. The best example is Sam from The Lord of the Rings, but in Httyd, it’s Fishlegs. He’s always on Hiccup side and he can always count on him. Fishlegs is a great friend too, wich makes him a second most important character. He gave Hiccup his necklace that eventually solved everyting in the end. He also has big Luke Skywalker vibes with his relation to Alvin the Treacherous.  The third one is the Other Hero These characters are very much like the Heroes, and act like they are the protagonists too. They have fun personalities and likely will stole the show. Who could be if not Camicazi, aka "best girl". She’s an amazing sword fighter and thief with cleptomanic tendencies, that makes her stand out. She’s also a supporter both emotionally and physically. It’s questionable if she could also fit into the Love Interest type, because that trope is so weird in this series that is hard to find a stable example. She also a princess and for nearly a whole book she becomes the Damsel in distress. This one is tricky: The Friendly Creature and the Monster  Taking place in a world full of dragons, we learned that they might be pets and hunting companions but they are far from innocent. It’s good to see a children’s book that’s not black and white, making it a young adult novell at the very end. The first one that came to mind is Toothless, who wholeheartedly fit into many category of the cute a cheeky creatures of the fantasy genre, who also happens to be the best friend and companion of the Hero. He’s lovable and mischievous, but helps where he can. What I like about him, that Toothless is not annoying like many figures of this trope. The others are more like the monsters with some exceptions. Furious is more of a Monster and less a Villain, but it’s really where you view him from. The Mentor Just like the previous one, the mentor type is complicated too. What makes someone a Mentor? Should they stick around from the very beginning to the end? Should they always be there? And how many of this type can starr in a story? Knowing the story, I would say it’s multiple ones. Hiccup’s grandfather is one, but the most important is Wodensfang. He’s wise, old and he guides Hiccup through the last books. But unlike most mentors, he hides an ugly secret, that may couse trouble for the boy. In a way, he is a bad guy too. This one is a personal favourite: The Reluctant villain  The Antihero type of person, usually very popular amongst fans and writers equally. These guys are cold and hard on the outside but keep a good heart and they are not so gritty actually. You get the picture, they are broken people. Some may failed a promise or came from an abusive family. They seek power and because of that, they team up with the main villain. They most of the times there from the start to terrorize the protagonist, cousing any kind of troubles. Here we got Snotlout who is shares nearly every aspect of the character. He wanted to be someone who he could not be due to his place in society, making his tragedy even more saddening. He slipt into the dark side losing control over his whole life. This type of characters have the heroic death somewhere near the end, sacrificing themselves for the greater good. again, Snotlout got that too. They were very popular in acient Greek stories (usually tragedies). And The last is The Villian Who yould forget the big bad guy? Who takes everything into motion. Maybe they have somebody who helps them achieve their dreams with a whole armada of henchmen. This story has the same exact one: Alvin the Treacherous. He was the puppeteer, he coused everything, and at his very end, it all crumbled onto him. He had no heart and his humanity was so broken that he hardly recognized any feeling, and only cares about himself, placing him into the Pure Evil trope. While he was rotten to his core, Alvin managed to not just causing Hiccup's birth, but being not so different from him. They had the same goal, but they executed it differently. I would totally read a spin-off about him!
There are other tropes that I could talk about with other characters, but I think it’s enough. I hope you liked my little essay about these characters. i really enjoyed writing this. Maybe I will write something like this, but that would mean I'm overcomplicating a children’s book, and that is a weird thing. Sorry if I made a grammatical mistake, English is not my first language. Thank you for reading!
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dmdumouchel · 12 days ago
The thing about Shadow and Bone is it’s so similar the kind of thing I’d write as a teenager. Like there’s similar tropes and types of characters and dynamics. And the dialogue is unnatural seeming somehow. Like it doesn’t even come off scripted (as in making me very aware of the script), it just makes me think of the stories I’d write in high school lmao. And then I need to take a step back and remind myself this is based off a young adult series from 2012 and it makes sense
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christinaroseandrews · 14 days ago
In response to this Post:
Tumblr media
That’s what I’ve heard!  Which is one of the reasons that I’m willing to keep going. 
Nalini Singh isn’t a bad author. And tropes aren’t bad. Let me repeat that Tropes aren’t bad. Archetypes aren’t bad. They are tools. It’s all in how they’re used.
My problem, and it is my problem, is that I’m both an editor and have been around for a long ass time. Which means that I’m constantly comparing books I read to other books I read as well as looking at little details.
The first Urban Fantasy I read was probably the Diana Tregarde Series by Mercedes Lackey (The first book came out in 1989). Reading it now, I can see and pin point a lot of things that are now common in Urban Fantasy. The series doesn’t continue past the 3rd book (despite the hint of an arc villain) because the series didn’t sell well. From there, Soon after, I got into the Shadowrun books along with stuff by Neil Gaiman and then Laurel K. Hamilton.
And for all of the crap that people give LKH - most of it deserved - she absolutely changed the face of Urban Fantasy. The first Vampire Hunter Book came out in 1993. She was one of the first to have a long running romance series. She was one of the first to merge vampires, shifters, and other supernaturals in one universe. But even more she popularized it. Made it marketable. Where Mercedes Lackey failed just a few years before (the last book came out in 1991) she succeeded. and it paved the way for Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, and a whole host of others. 
To put it in perspective...LKH likely had the story completed in 1990 or 1991 depending on how long finding an agent/publisher took her. Christine Feehan’s Dark series didn’t come out until 1999. And Twilight wasn’t until 2005. Singh’s first Urban Fantasy (which is Psy Changeling) was in 2006 (she’d published contemp romance in 2003). Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which people think started this all, isn’t as relevant as people think. The movie came out in 1992 (and bombed) and the TV series wasn’t until 1997. By then LKH had 5 books out. And a lot of authors used her success, and let’s be honest, copied a lot of what she did. Much like what happened post Harry Potter or Twilight...
So this is what I mean when I say that I can see the influences of those who came before her in the work
Note: minor spoilers for all of the series (but since they’ve been out for over a decade I don’t feel too bad)
Tumblr media
I’m only looking at the similarities between Diana Tregarde and Anita Blake and Elena Devereaux’s backstories. Notice that other than the appearance, Elena is pretty much in lock step with Blake.
And so when I see this, the editor in me kicks in and goes... hmmm... this is a little too close. Can we change some of this up? Like for instance, Maybe have a happy childhood? Or maybe not reject their innate gifts with problematic results? Because there’s a million and one “The chosen one goes to a special school and confronts an ancient enemy story” it’s all in how the story is told but get too close and people will notice.
And this is just me making a quick list for books that I read over two months ago (or more).
The thing is, you can absolutely love these books. Love them. Treasure them.
But they aren’t perfect.
And that’s okay. I love the problematic as fuck Merry Gentry series. I adore David Eddings. I still like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But I recognize when someone brings up a fault that they do have a point. And they aren’t necessarily wrong. It’s okay to like imperfect things. It’s okay to like things that some people call problematic. But it’s also okay if people don’t love those things. And they don’t have to have a “good” reason.
I don’t hate Singh’s writing. I don’t read whole series by authors whose writing I hate... I literally do not have time for that. But I’m also not going to sugar coat if there’s something I disliked about a book. Or if there was something I didn’t totally love. As evidenced by what’s going on with Lauren Hough on Twitter/Goodreads, a Four star review isn’t bad. It just means it wasn’t perfect in that reviewer’s eyes.
I tend to go into WHY a bit more than some reviewers, But ultimately, I liked the book.
A long answer but hopefully it makes sense.
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christinaroseandrews · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
In a world where angels and vampires exist, The world has been divided up amongst several dominant archangels. They are served by vampires. Vampires which only angels have the ability to make. But when a vampire goes rogue they called in the guild hunters. Enter Elena Deveraux--guild Hunter extraordinaire. A hunter who has been born, not made. A hunter who can scent vampires with an unerring degree. When the head archangel of Manhattan, Raphael, contracts to a secret job her she enters a world of angels and vampires such that she’s ever known. Together, they must work to find an archangel gone bad... before that archangel becomes too powerful and destroys the world.
It’s a race against time and passion.
Tumblr media
Several of my friends have recommended Nalini Singh to me and so during the never ending lockdown, I decided to check out the e-book from my local library. I’ve long been a fan of urban fantasy, going back to the 1980s... yes, I’m old. And while I liked the book, I’m not really sure it’s the best urban fantasy I’ve ever read.
But it’s nowhere near the worst. I mean, it’s not bad. I can definitely see influences from others in urban fantasy. The book has a lot of the same beats as many other Urban Fantasy novels that have come before. And definitely a lot of the same character archetypes and tropes. This book would appeal to those who like the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, but got sick of the ever expanding harem of doom.
Tumblr media
The writing is okay. There are some places where I felt things were under described and I felt lost. And there were several places where I had to go back and reread because serious plot relevant information was sort of shoehorned in amongst a lot of other stuff.
I did like the characters for the most part. Elena is very very very reminiscent of a lot of heroines in the urban fantasy genre. She’s headstrong, with a broken family history, without a traumatic childhood event that shapes her, and who’s pride often gets in the way of her common sense. If she sounds familiar, then congrats... you’ve read a lot of urban fantasy that has the “strong female” as its lead.
I was not a fan of Raphaël. And that’s actually the reason I’m really knocking this down a star. He was an alpha-a-hole. A character who is so far removed from humanity that he’s cruel and hurtful. Like he straight up mind-rapes Elena early on and is not the least upset over this. While there is some character growth throughout the book, there were too many times where he overstepped the bounds, IMHO, and he didn’t grovel nearly enough.
Tumblr media
I think my favorite characters will probably Sara and Ransom, and I hope to see more of them as the series progresses. The story is entertaining as is the overall hunt for their quarry. It’s a fairly solid hunter pursues the hunted with a lot of politicking overtones behind it. But there were things about this that I did not like. While I know this was written prior to the Me Too movement I am very not fond of the hero being completely dismissive towards the heroine especially in their wants and desires. There’s some dubious consent in here and while it is rightfully called out in several places it’s not called out enough.
Tumblr media
I also didn’t love the random British slang but kept slipping through the editing process. You would think that the publisher would have a better handle on that. Look I get it, this is an alternate universe.. but this is also New York. Use the vernacular.
This was an okay start to the series, and I liked it enough to check out the next book in the series from the library, that means it gets:
Four stars
Tumblr media
If this is your jam, you can get it here.
If you like these kind of honest reviews, please consider supporting us here!
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lordhavemerthy · 15 days ago
Hey! Can someone recommend me some found family tropes?
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a-wild-bloog · 15 days ago
Another trope I'll never get tired of: the stealthy character who somehow manages to sneak up on people or vanish completely unseen and unheard. I love it so much and yes I unabashedly used it in my work.
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nairdde32 · 17 days ago
Alright so here's my 100% original fantasy novel pitch: a young barmaid in a medieval european town is walking home when she finds her parents murked, and then a wise wizard shows up and is like "hey you're the heir to lost kingdom and also we need to this magic artifact to kill the dark lord across the sea who is totally super evil because he made a deal with the devil and also killed your parents with magic but you're super good because you're the chosen one!" And then the rest of the book follows the heroes journey EXCEPT...
It goes by super fast. Like, weirdly fast. Any roadblock or character growth moments are bypassed by the wise wizard and his magic and anytime out heroine wants to stop and help people because "that's what the chosen one should do" the wizard just brushes past it or solves the problem for her. By the halfway point of the book the heroine is literally having private dinner with the dark lord, who takes off the helmet to reveal that she's actually a lovely young lady ("Draklordd" is just what they call their democratically elected head of state) and is actually... Pretty chill? Like, she's got an intimidating presence sure, but she's not evil, she was elected due to her kind heart and stance on rehabilitation.
The heroine finds out that this country's citizens aren't actually taxed into the dirt (the progressive tax only affects the really wealthy, and funds things like public utilities and universal healthcare), magic is only banned because the entire country is a wild magic zone so casting spells is super dangerous (and if a mage is found they're given a full ride scholarship to a premier arcane university of their choice), the "deal with the devil" is actually just an injoke about law school, and the horribly violent blood sports are actually fake, it's all special effects and acting.
"Wait, so you're not a horrible monster who kicks puppies for a living?"
"No, who told you that? Also you're staring again, but I don't mind..." winks
"Uhhhhhh" lesbian.exe has stopped working "Hahaha anyway, guess I don't have to use this thing!" pulls out ancient artifact
"Um, where in the hells did you get the magic equivalent of a thermonuclear warhead???"
"Wait, this doesn't summon an angel of light to defeat evil?"
"Angel of death more like, that thing could glass half the continent, give it here." destroys it with antimagic "Whew, who told it was a holy artifact?"
"The same person who told me my parents were killed using magic... by people who don't use magic."
The rest of the book is basically "oh great, turns out Gandalf is a bastard and we have to kill his lich ass."
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