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redwingedwhump8 minutes ago
馃惏馃惞 for Audren and 馃槆馃樁 for Nessia!
Audren and Nessia are from Heir of the Sword
Under a cut for TW: suic. ideation to escape torture, torture discussed, death mentions
Do they think there鈥檚 any way their situation could get worse?
Audren doesn鈥檛 know what he will do if he鈥檚 forced to choose between hiding the location of his family鈥檚 sword or saving his friend Tasgal鈥檚 life. Tasgal has begged him not to give in; asked that Audren let him die to protect that secret. But Audren doesn鈥檛 know if he can do that to his friend who is like a second Father to him.
If they got to choose how they would be whumped/punished, what would they pick?
Well Audren would like to just go home and rule as a tributary monarch so he could keep looking after his people even if Guernion does rule their kingdom now. But out of things he thinks Nessia would actually allow, he would ask her to just execute him and get this over with. He knows she fully intends to kill him, and would rather she not take her time about it.
What鈥檚 a line they won鈥檛 cross?
I really do not know if there are lines Nessia would not cross. She is a brutal warrior queen and has committed plenty of atrocities. She intends to break Audren鈥檚 will until he gives her what she wants- his family鈥檚 legendary sword. There鈥檚 little she won鈥檛 do to destroy him.
Do they have any regrets related to whumpee?
Nessia regrets very little in her life. She blazes through determined that what she wants, she will get. To regret requires that you feel you could or should have done something else, and she is always sure she did what she wanted to do.
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tortilla-of-courage32 minutes ago
the crimson loftwing is big and red. therefore its name should be Clifford the Big Red Loftwing (like Clifford the Big Red Dog) /hj
Tumblr media
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galarianace33 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I just played around w some art I already had laying around to put together a quick reference sheet, but here we go! A simple ref sheet for Kira!
Swatches, body shape, clothing, etc etc, for those who want to know - whether for art or for thread purposes!
Links will get added聽 as they come:
聽how to draw her hair聽
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tears-of-faeries50 minutes ago
You ever read a fanfic and it starts psychoanalyzing a character, but then you suddenly realize that every word is describing you?
Then they proceed to describe what is a normally frustrating problem in the most chaotically positive way that your usual negativity just taps out and lets you accept the compliments because damn, the whole point is to feel better about yourself, and if you won鈥檛 let yourself have this moment what disrespect are you showing the author? What disrespect are you showing yourself?
But then again, fuck you fic. How dare you make me feel better about myself. What bull are you spouting that makes the weight on my shoulders temporarily lighten? Jerks.
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lesbeancoffee59 minutes ago
I made a thing yay
Ao3 link
Summary: Oh my god they were roomates magical college au edition
Violet and Shadow have started college! Learning about the world and enhancing their magical studies are the least of their worries, when while practicing a warding spell, Vio accidentally (magically) locks out his hot (demon) roommate.
The sun barely peeked out any light this early in the morning through half shuttered blinds. Only the third shifters and crazy students up all night were awake at this hour. One such student in a dorm room in fact. Enjoying his time, comfortable a month into this school year already. Not a soul knew his secret and he intended to keep it that way, not even his roommate. Which was surprising to him, considering how damn smart and observant he was. Not to mention it was literally an academy geared towards the magically inclined. Classes didn鈥檛 start for another three or so hours but it was past the quiet hours restriction. That was about to be used to his full advantage.
聽聽聽 鈥淕otta kiss myself I鈥檓 so pretty!~鈥 A tall young man sang to himself, hubriously in the mirror. While applying eyeliner expertly. Hiis phone blaring obnoxiously and unrealistically loud with the song it played having no opinion for who it bothered. It鈥檚 not that his voice was bad, it was just five in the morning. No one should have that kind of energy at five am, regular schedule or not. He fluffed the vibrant purple hair, soft as sin. Gorgeous sun kissed skin with freckles that ran everywhere possible. An almost inhumanly pretty boy, with dark blue eyes once described to him as being deep inside an ocean without knowing which way was up.
聽聽聽 Suddenly, the mood was ruined as his almost trance-like state of looking at himself in the mirror was interrupted with the assault of several pillows to his head.鈥淲hy? Every fucking morning.鈥 There was that roommate. His voice was husky from being asleep and just woken up. Shadow would deny up and down that it had sent a shiver down his spine and somewhere else nearby south. 鈥淵ou are insufferable.鈥 There was no real heat to the words, as a lanky blonde male appeared in the mirror behind him. The musical fiend turned around to face him now. His hair was a hot mess, having gone to bed with it wet, and his shaded irises were darkened and not fully awake. Surely more berry wine than the usual vibrant violet. 鈥淗ow are you always awake? You are so lucky I like you,鈥 Vio yawned out the ending sounding more like nonsense.
鈥淕ood morning to you too,鈥 He reached over and hit pause on Spotify as it began to play something a little more inappropriate yet appropriate to what his hormones were getting up to. 鈥淚 picked up our shit yesterday, whatever you ordered came in; it鈥檚 on the counter next to the coffee maker.鈥 Formulating full sentences even.
聽聽聽 鈥淚 have a class early today, sorry.鈥 Shadow鈥檚 voice softened sympathetically. 鈥淲asn鈥檛 trying to wake you up.鈥
鈥 鈥楽 fine.鈥 the other grumbled, joining him in the room and pulling out his toothbrush, starting his wake up routine. Once he was up, there was no going back to sleep. 鈥淪tart some tea?鈥 Vio rubbed his eyes in between actions. Shadow nodded and stepped out to do so. Thankfully they had similar tastes in tea. A nice dark english breakfast, or honey green-jasmine.Shadow typically preferred coffee, but easily gave in as an apology.
聽聽聽 They shared hot tea and sleepy stories until Shadow had to leave for class. He departed with a silly salute and wink. It definitely didn鈥檛 make Vio smile when he wasn鈥檛 looking.
聽聽聽 Vio opened his delivery while the other was out, smiling. 鈥淔inally!鈥 he hummed, he鈥檇 been waiting for a while for this. He pulled out some fresh sage and the candles. It took forever to get this approved, fire hazard and all. Not every student was allowed to use magic in their dorms, but being the good little bookworm who never got caught had come with privileges. Vio tucked hair behind his long ear as he rolled up his sleeve. Revealing some arcanic symbols that curled up his pale arms like vines. He hasn鈥檛 shown many people his tattoos, or what they mean. He never got much sun because of it, afraid to show anyone. He was usually the palest in the room. Shadow was one of the few to have seen them, but he hadn鈥檛 known their meaning and didn鈥檛 really understand when Vio tried to explain it. Although Vio has always had a hard time 鈥榙umbing鈥 things down for people.
聽聽聽 The young warlock laid out his supplies and materials, now was as good a time as any. He said his prayer and lit the candles and sage inside the shell. He made a few motions with his hand, the symbols on his arms glowing with magic, vibrant violet swirling around him. He held it in his hands and stood up. His eyes glowed softly and much more alert. The purple smoke and energy followed him from the light candles and sage as he walked around the little dorm. Vio returned back into his first position closing the spell with a satisfied and relaxed look. His shoulders seemed less set and tense as the last of the sage burned out. The symbols still glowed softly on his arms, from his use of magic. It smelled like sage and lavender throughout now. He hadn鈥檛 been able to practice magic without a sufficient barrier created so as to not bother other students sensitive to its use. It had never bothered his previous dorm partners before, as long as the smell of sage or weed didn鈥檛. He left for his own classes that day much more visibly relaxed.
The blonde also got back first, having less hours today than his other. The door was left open to air out the strong scent lingering. He was sitting in his usual chair reading when it happened.
聽聽聽 Shadow returned from his last class of the day, texting on his phone. He was not looking up when he attempted to enter. Vio looked up when a loud thunk hit his pierced ears, as if he had not just walked into an open door. 鈥淔uck!!鈥 his phone was on the floor, and the pretty boy was holding his now bleeding nose. 鈥淲hat the fuck?鈥
鈥淲hat? What did you do?鈥 the blonde immediately accused, assuming he had run into the doorframe or something similar.
聽聽聽 鈥淲hat did I do? What did you do??鈥 Shadow rubbed the sore spot on his face staring. This time with Vio paying full attention he attempted a second try at entering the threshold to no success. It was as if he was actually walking into a closed door.
聽聽聽 Vio snorted. 鈥淥h come on. Stop fucking with me and get in here, I want to show you what I got today.鈥 he rolled his eyes, getting up and shutting his book. He placed it on the side table approaching the other. He still had his sleeves rolled up with the faint magic remnants. For all he鈥檚 researched he sure didn鈥檛 realize what was happening. The taller boy glared, though half heartedly.
鈥 聽What magic thingy did you do?鈥 he insisted again. Shadow seemed serious enough, but Vio was unconvinced.
鈥淚 did a cleansing ritual today. So I can practice my magic without alerting or bothering others, or inviting unwanted things in. Are you- stop it would you? This is getting old Shads.鈥 he crossed his arms, with a defiant look in those gorgeous eyes, while the other leaned on the invisible barrier.
鈥淔uck.鈥 he ran a hand across his face. 鈥淵ou have got to be fuckin鈥 kidding me.鈥 Shadow growled deeply, only just audibly. That certainly got his attention. 鈥淟ook- can you-- break it? Please?鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淲hat?? Break it!? Why the hell-鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淛ust do it and I鈥檒l tell you when you let me in.鈥 The dangerous boy scowled and interrupted him. Tiny fangs gritting his teeth together. Vio was lost in them for just a second making the other huff. They stood there staring each other down for a few moments before the blonde slowly let it down. He stumbled when it released, falling and catching his footing into the room. 鈥 Thank you,鈥 Shadow sighed in relief. He still seemed uncomfortable in the space.聽
鈥淲hat exactly was that all about? If you don鈥檛 like the smell you don鈥檛 have to be that dramatic about it.鈥 Vio narrowed his eyes at the other.
聽聽聽 鈥淣o-no. It鈥檚 kinda nice actually. Just-鈥 he rubbed the back of his neck, purple locks shifting as he brushed past them. 鈥淚鈥檓 kinda- 鈥 He stopped and then looked around, before shutting the dorm door. 鈥淥ne of those鈥. 鈥淏ad things鈥 you鈥檙e trying to keep out?鈥 he gave him a sheepish grin, little fangs poking out charmingly. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 say anything- I鈥檓 only telling you because I trust you!鈥 He pauses. 鈥淎nd because I want to sleep in my own bed, but still!鈥
聽聽聽 鈥淲hat exactly does that mean?鈥 he wasn鈥檛 asking a question, his tone wasn鈥檛 giving him an option to not answer. Vio looked him over with scrutiny attempting to determine what or who exactly his roommate really was.
鈥淵ou learned about Twilins in high school right?鈥 Shadow looked at him cautiously. 鈥淲ell- I have that blood in my line. Which is why my hair is purple- don鈥檛 give me that look.鈥 he huffed. 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 lying when I said it was my natural color! I can still prove it but you鈥檙e a prude.鈥
鈥淚 am not!鈥 he protested, blushing. He really wasn鈥檛 but it was the thought of seeing Shadow more than half nude that made him flustered and shy. He had seen the boy in boxers and t-shirt more than enough times to know he was packing. And looked a few more times than he really should have. 鈥淎re you really?鈥 he hesitantly reached out and curled some hair around his finger. As soft as it looked. 鈥淚 guess I believe you.鈥 and his expression became just as soft as the lock in his hand.
聽聽聽 鈥淧lease don鈥檛 block me out again.鈥 Shadow grinned cheekily. 鈥淓ven if I wake you up too early.鈥澛
聽聽聽 鈥淗mmm no promises.鈥 Vio smirked up at him, but it fell when the other gave him a warm hug. He wasn鈥檛 expecting physical contact, it sent electricity up his spine. Shadow had to be very comfortable with someone to even consider something small like an arm pat.鈥淎h--oh.鈥 he hugged him back slowly, enjoying the moment. Shadow nuzzled his cheek to his head a little before letting go. Vio鈥檚 head spun when he did so. A wave of the subtle cologne he hadn鈥檛 been close enough to notice before washed over his senses.
聽聽聽 鈥淪orry..鈥 He didn鈥檛 look sorry at all. There was a spark of deviousy in those eyes. Shadow knew exactly what he was doing, allowing such a rare touch to occur. Vio punched his arm playfully before retreating back to his book and chair. 鈥淚鈥檒l put on some tea?鈥 That was the second time today that he鈥檇 chosen to indulge Vio鈥檚 preference for tea over his own for coffee. It did not go unnoticed.
聽聽聽 鈥淭hat would be nice鈥 thank you.鈥 Vio watched him for a little too long before pretending to read once again. He hummed softly to himself, unfocused on his page. Maybe, just maybe, this year wouldn鈥檛 be so boring with him around.
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noones-moonan hour ago
Tumblr media
6 of Spades
Year 2 Day 101 of the New Normal
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made-of-rain-and-velvetan hour ago
Tumblr media
shoutout to the time my bruises became a pawprint
also you're gay now
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theblackbookofarkeraan hour ago
Book of the Grey Dawn
There are two authentic copies of this book in existence and I know the location of both, pay no heed to the sorcerers that claim it is in their possession. The Book of the Grey Dawn is a powerful grimoire of destructive and world ending magick from Hykraelia, land of the northmen and the red tribes. The northmen say that the rituals in this book when cast in the proper order will open the gates to the netherworld summoning a race of long dead nameless titans. These titans will do battle with the gods and Vejazatha the white dragon of the north. In the book it is written that the outcome will be determined by the strength and will of men.
"The snow will turn crimson and the glaciers will melt away. The sky will open and the Black Masters will return with eyes of ice and hearts of ebon fire. In that hour the strength of man will fail and there will rise the Gray Dawn."
-Book of the Grey Dawn
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theblackbookofarkeraan hour ago
Pajak Torin
The Pajak Torin can hardly be called a lodge but rather a wild band of swamp savages foolishly dabbling in blood magick. The sorcerers summon forgotten beings from primeval times who gift the sorcerers with ancient plagues. Hunted by local witch hunters the Pajak Torin are always on the run from those who justifiably want their heads.
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tortilla-of-couragean hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Poopoo the flying garbage can
(i hope you dont mind i put them in the same ask!)
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theblackbookofarkeraan hour ago
Starless Triune
The Starless Triune are the alien gods worshipped by the Pyramid Men of Huria. They are strange entities that exist on the fringes of Arkera鈥檚 divine sphere cloaked in mystery. This cerebral and distant trio are not forces for good, they are playing their own game and no one seems to know the rules. Their teachings are mysterious though it is said they desire to bring all humankind under their rule in a great conquest known as the Starless March. In art the Starless Triune is depicted as a trio of tall gaunt men with obsidian black pyramids for heads.
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hotdamnhunnaman hour ago
He Calls Me Honey Tits
Part 1 | Part 2
A/N: Here鈥檚 Part 2 of you and Arthur being lovers during his time in the whorehouse of Camelot*! In which this cheeky sneaky bastard dips into your honeypot 馃構馃嵂 (*I get that the brothel isn鈥檛 actually in Camelot (or I don鈥檛 think it is?) but I like the sound of it, and I don鈥檛 know if 鈥榖eekeeping鈥 was a real thing back then (they had to get their honey somehow I guess?), but like whatever this is fanfic and I鈥檓 too lazy to research all that business 馃ぁ)
Pairing: King Arthur x Reader Warnings: smut, swearing, Brothel Boy Arthur being a cheeky little shit and not even caring
Tumblr media
鈥 Continued from Part 1 [Read Here]
He鈥檚 such a whore.
He knows it and has lost count of the lovers he has pleasured in his bed. Yet few if any ever got stuck in his head. His time with you fills him with something strange he鈥檚 never felt before.
Taste of you lingers, on his tongue and on his fingers, hours after you smile back at him as you head out the door. Struck somewhere deeper in his heart, that aches whenever you鈥檙e apart. It鈥檚 not a feeling he can easily ignore. Nor does he want to. Makes him feel rich though he knows that he鈥檚 piss-poor. And that鈥檚 a feeling that he鈥檚 desperate to cling onto. One he鈥檚 dying to explore.
Arthur feels guilty for the clients he鈥檚 declined, in these few months since you and he have gotten more deeply entwined. The women in this house who view him as their son know that it鈥檚 all because there鈥檚 someone on his mind. They鈥檇 never hold such love against him鈥攖hey鈥檙e too kind鈥攂ut Arthur feels an endless debt to all these women who have raised him. Fears that his payments have fallen far behind.
Refuses now to take the money that you offer. You鈥檙e not just another lover. What you share beneath the covers... it鈥檚 too precious to be priced. Profit is nice. But profit cheapens. Pales against the worth of passion as it deepens.
Now you鈥檝e left your piggish husband to be with him and the stakes of love have steepened.
After what happened you鈥檝e nothing to your name, but sin and shame; the trappings of your married life are all that stupid pig鈥檚 to claim. And Arthur knows that he鈥檚 to blame. Wishes that he could offer you safety and wealth and a whole motherfucking kingdom. But alas this humble brothel is his home.
Part of him can鈥檛 help but regret the sorry day when you first came. And yet... part of him knows the kingdom of his bed, his home, is where you鈥檒l always want to come.
Recalls the day when you first met. Sticky and wet. He calls you honey tits because of what the two of you had shared on that sweet day. From the damn start, you made your home in Arthur鈥檚 bed and in his heart, and here he prays you鈥檒l always stay.
Your old pig of a husband keeps bees.
Every morning you come to market to sell honey, but seldom return home with very much money. The sweet sticky stuff is a luxury nobody needs.
Every morning when Arthur passes through the streets, you鈥檙e the loveliest damn thing he sees.
Tumblr media
And you notice him too鈥攂ut of course you do鈥攂right eyes so blue, your heart can鈥檛 help but seize. Who in heaven鈥檚 name is he?聽Stuns you with his smile from afar, and you start seeing stars, all your senses gone dizzy. Just keep your head down and聽keep busy...
鈥淗ow much for a taste, honeybee?鈥
He鈥檚 right there, pearly grin and gold hair, as you raise up your gaze and fall into the sapphire haze of his stare. A god, truly.聽鈥淓xcuse me?鈥
Tumblr media
Nods down at the jars that you鈥檝e come here to sell. As per usual, not selling well.聽鈥淛ust a spoonful? No doubt it would taste lovely coming from someone so beautiful.鈥
That gets you giddy. Dismissive of all sense of conjugal duty and dignity鈥攐nly fair given your marriage of late has been shitty.
This bastard who just praised your beauty must be聽the most beautiful thing in this whole fucking city.
You struggle to keep your composure. It鈥檚 nearly impossible as he steps closer.聽鈥淚鈥檓 afraid, sir, that you鈥檒l have to buy the whole jar for a taste of the flavor.鈥
Tumblr media
His luscious pink lips turn down into a pout. One you鈥檇 very much like to suck off of his mouth.聽鈥淪o no special favors?鈥
鈥淚 promise the product is well worth the price.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 doubt it.鈥澛燞e burns you with those blazing eyes blue as ice. Dips a sneaky forefinger in one of your honeypots and you鈥檙e so dumbstruck you can鈥檛 do a damn thing about it.聽鈥淢mm, that鈥檚 very nice.鈥
Slurps the sticky sweet off of his fingertips. Golden slick gleams on his lips.
鈥淭hink I鈥檒l take the whole jar now that I鈥檝e had a taste. You can come collect payment tonight at my place.鈥
Flashes a wink, now that he鈥檚 ravished you with the filth of that聽smirk on his face鈥攁nd before you can blink鈥攙anished聽without a trace.
And he鈥檚 taken the honeypot.
Something compels you to reach in your pocket to find that he stole even more, while you stupidly stared up at him like a whore; those slick sticky fingers of his also swiped聽all the money you鈥檇 got.
It would be a lost cause to seek out such a thief, you had thought. But much to your relief, you find that he is famed, in these mean streets of Camelot. Not by his name, but by his reputation as a golden god and a glorious fuck. Makes his home in a brothel that happens to be not too far, from the spot where you are, come to market your jars. Just your luck.
He鈥檚 an actual man-whore. It鈥檚 so fucked it鈥檚 funny.聽You鈥檙e smitten with a little bastard who shags for money, snagged your honey, and wants you to grab your payment in a goddamn bordello and good lord you don鈥檛 even care anymore.
There you meet him this evening. A beekeeper鈥檚 wife setting foot in a whorehouse is shameful beyond believing.
But the son of a bitch had told you to collect payment here after all, and till he鈥檚 made you whole, you are not fucking leaving.
He鈥檚 already screwed you in more ways than one and you can鈥檛 let that go any farther...
鈥淵ou鈥檙e here to see Arthur?鈥 the madam greets you with arched brows, as you enter the whorehouse.聽鈥淗e鈥檚 presently occupied with another鈥斺
Tumblr media
鈥淪o I was,鈥 a familiar voice interrupts, as the scoundrel emerges from one of the rooms hastily pulling his breeches up.聽鈥淏ut I鈥檓 free now the honeybee鈥檚 come by to buzz.鈥
Before he鈥檚 fully pulled up his breeches you catch a quick glimpse of how damn big he is鈥攁nd he notices鈥攐f course he does.
Arthur notices every damn thing. He鈥檚 a brilliant, bright little idiot, beacon of virtue despite being such a boldfaced piece of shit. He鈥檚 the boy-whore who no one yet knows will soon be the damn king.
For now the once and future king is just the thief who stole your honeypot.
Tonight he鈥檒l make it up to you in sweet and sticky ways that will have you feeling like the luckiest slut in all of Camelot.
... To be continued in Part 3! 鉁
I know this was short and cuts off at the good part of the story, but I just really wanted to post what I鈥檝e gotten so far lol sorryyy 馃檭
Tag List 鈥 Join Here!
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softheartedsadistan hour ago
Family Hijinks
Friends, Enemies, Strangers... we are gathered here today in remembrance of the time... the time when my little sister was shorter than me... the time when I realized I was a head taller than my grandma... the times when I argued with mom and stepped on her feet because she couldn't accept that I am taller than her....
Friends, Enemies, Strangers...
My little brother is the same height as me.
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tortilla-of-couragean hour ago
AKHGIUDEILKSG Okay wait, hijacking riding the cowboy Groose idea... Ghirahim looks at cowboy Groose and still doesn't say anything but the next time Ghira shows he has tassels on his outfit and everything continues as normal.
Tumblr media
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tortilla-of-couragean hour ago
Groose is wearing a knight uniform because he crammed out all the studying of the retaken year while Link and Zelda were gone and convinced the instructors to give him (and maybe a few others?) another exam and he passed since he actually focused on it instead of trying to compete against Link and for Zelda UwU. (Would his uniform still be green because it's technically the same year?)
o驴JASNDFK you go back after a few dungeons and groose is wearing a matching knight's uniform
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