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#but all that does is get the sibling killed in the storm never to return
itslaniquelove · 24 days ago
Book: An Offer From a Gentleman
Pairing: Sophie Bridgerton (Beckett) x Benedict Bridgerton
Rating: General Audience (Fluff)
Word Count: 1039
Author’s Notes: Story is inspired by characters that originated in the Bridgerton series of novels (now a show on Netflix). Bridgerton Masterlist
Sophie sat on the carpet, the skirt of her gown was fanned out around her. The fire softly crackled in front of her. She’d usually never sit so close to the flames, but the house had become quite chilly. A storm was raging outside, as it had been for days. The branches of the tree tapped on the windows and the wet leaves stuck to the glass. Regardless of the rather eerie surroundings, Sophie had a large smile on her lips.
Her eyes were glued to the leatherback book resting on her lap. She was halfway through the story. The suspense rattled her, and she audibly gasped at the romantic tension between her new favourite characters. Sophie kept telling herself ‘one more page’ and then she’d go get ready for bed. Yet the pages continued to turn, and she stayed in place in front of the warm fire.
“Still reading I see” Benedict entering the room, softly planting a kiss on her forehead.
“I enjoy reading,” she said as she turned the page. “Amongst other things.”
"Other things, you say? Care to provide a demonstration?"
He draped a blanket over her shoulders. Without looking away from her book, Sophie smiled when he stroked her cheek. Benedict sat the tea cup and saucer beside her on the carpet.
"If you allow me to finish," Sophie teased, "perhaps I will be included to indulge you later."
“You’ve been reading since you returned home. I hope that gossip hasn’t tainted your mind.”
She snapped her head around to look at him. Sophie’s blonde hair nearly fell from the pins keeping it up. “I’ll have you know, I didn’t purchase the book the other ladies did. Violet did seem excited to read it.”
“So you're saying my mother has been corrupted? I cannot wait to tell her you said that.”
Her eyes softened as she giggled. Sophie lifted her book, doing her best to ignore her hovering spouse.
Benedict peeked at her book’s cover before sitting back in his chair by the fireplace. “Folklore has piqued my wife’s interest.”
She happily sighed, holding the book to her chest. “The story is quite entertaining. I think you would enjoy it. The writer describes a world so distant and alluring. You can almost see it if you close your eyes.”
Benedict listened to her with a raised brow. He sipped his tea, a loud slurp to mock her enthusiasm.
“Hmm, it sounds to me like you wish to sleep alone tonight.”
Benedict’s expression turned serious, stern. “Is that a threat, Mrs. Bridgerton?”
“Not at all,” she giggled. “I'm simply pointing out the obvious.”
He subtly rolls his eyes, a soft grin playing on his lips. “What is the tale truly about?”
“A man has used machines and random parts to create a life. But everyone else has deemed the creator a monster. I am currently at the part where the town’s people have expressed their fright of the creator. I believe they’re preparing to kill him.”
“I never understood a person’s fear of new things.”
“Everyone does not have your passion for adventure and art.”
He smiled. “It's a good thing I married you then.”
“You act as if there were other options.”
Benedict struggled not to show emotion, but his expressive features gave away his shock. "I had plenty of options for a bride."
"Of course you did, my love." Sophie couldn't help laughing as she lifted her hands, covering the top half of her face. "I do believe I was your other option as well."
He shook his head, mumbling under his breath. It was bad enough his siblings had been teasing him for not recognizing Sophie from the masquerade ball. Now, he had to deal with his wife's occasional mockery. He prayed the children did not catch on.
"As far as your book," he cleared his throat, eager to change topics, "I do not agree with producing a creator in a laboratory. A new life should be created the old-fashioned way. Toying with what the Gods want is not natural.”
Sophie smirked. “And what pray tell, is ‘the old-fashioned way’? You speak so fondly of it. You must know a thing or two.”
His cheeks flushed and he tugged at his collar. “Sometimes I forget I married a woman with such a sharp tongue and wit to match.”
“I thought that was exactly why you married me.”
“Amongst other reasons.” Benedict slide out of his chair to sit beside her on the carpet. “This novel seems rather dark.”
“I suppose it is. A little.” She shivered at a gush of air.
He adjusted the blanket around her. “And you continue to read it?”
She smiled and nodded.
“Are you trying to get scared?”
Sophie pondered his words for a moment. “No. But I do not plan on stopping my read until the book is finished.”
“You are a puzzle to me, Sophie Bridgerton.”
“That’s what makes things more exciting, Benedict Bridgerton.”
Despite the chill in the air, his neck and face felt warm. “I suppose I should read with you.”
“You are curious.”
“At least to get a better understanding of the nightmares you will be awakening me with tonight.”
He shifted closer, wrapping them both in the blanket. She giggled at his remark and leaned back against him. Sophie turned back to the first page. His breath was warm on her cheek as he read aloud the words on the page.
They both took turns reading a page out loud to each other. Sophie playfully changed her voice for different characters. Benedict joined in and even complained his characters did not sound exciting enough. Back and forth they went, hardly reaching the second chapter without yawning. The book soon hung from Sophie’s hands. They dozed off peacefully right there on the carpet. She had turned and nestled into his neck. Benedict had his chin resting on top of her head. 
A violent chill passed through the room, and he stirred awake. The fire had flickered out without their tending to it. He carefully stood, cradling his sleeping wife in his arms, and carried her off to their bedroom.
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lottiebagley · a month ago
Traditions- Draco Malfoy
The girl can't help the scowl on her face, her eyebrows raised and her jaw set, a glare that would strike fear in even the bravest man shooting from her eyes.
"What's got your wand in a knot?" Blaise's voice questions as he drops onto the bench next to her.
"Nothing," she mutters, not bothering to pull her eyes away, he scoffs following her line of sight to see what's upsetting his friend.
Draco Malfoy had been her best friend since she was 6 years old. Her mother had been friends with Narcissa her whole life and when her family moved back to England, as their oldest child was starting Hogwarts, from their Parisian home they had moved into an equally large mansion next door the Malfoy Manor.
Being excited to see her oldest friend her mother had happily dragged her two daughters and her son along with her to the afternoon tea Narcissa had invited them too on their first full day in the new home.
The pair of friends had been overjoyed to throw their son and youngest daughter into a living room and watch them become best friends.
They had been inseparable ever since that day and even now considered each other the best thing in their lives. Not that they ever said that it was just a given, it was an unspoken fact they both knew, there was a lot of those in their friendship. She was starting to wish she plucked up the courage to say something.
"Oh I see, Parkinson is your problem," Blaise smirks. Eyes scanning the way Draco and Pansy flirted, sitting much too close together and leaning into each other's touch.
"It's not Parkinson it's Dray," she shrugs, aware her voice sounds bitter as she turns back around, rolling her eyes at the pity in her friends eyes.
Blaise Zabini considered himself vastly lucky for the things in his life and that had always included his friends. Draco Malfoy was his closest friend and he was a good friend despite his obnoxious and self centred personality. Y/N Y/L/N was like the sister he never had and he could read her like a book. That's why he was so aware of the feelings they each held for each other. He wasn't alone in being aware of course, the whole world seemed to know, the only people blind enough to register their feelings were the two people who needed to be aware of them the most. Blaise was just unlucky in that he had to listen to them both pine after each other. He was glad when Draco seemed to realise his feelings for the girl were way more than platonic but she was yet to have the same epiphany.
"And what has Draco done?" Blaise questions
"Abandoned me!" She lets out dropping her head to the wooden table, her dramatic flare definitely something she picked up from her best friend. "Draco and I have these unspoken rules, we meet in the common room and get breakfast together every day. We always have. 8:15 on the dot. And yet, when I arrive in the common room this morning I see him clambering out of the door and get here to see he's sitting with pug face," She expands, although she has no doubt that Blaise knows all of this.
"It's just one day," he counters with a mile "chin up buttercup," he grins.
"I'm fucking freezing," she complains, trying to contain the shiver threatening to take over her body.
"Not surprised," her roommate smiles sympathetically, eyeing her long sleeve top "you should have brought a jacket or a jumper at least," she reprimands gently. Her eyes flirting between the angry girl next to her and the quidditch game in front of her.
"Yeah. I should have," the girl mutters
"Where's Draco's? Doesn't he usually give you his jumper to watch quidditch in when you go wish him luck before the game," The roommate questions her friend, well aware of the tradition the pair of best friends share.
"I didn't catch him before the game," she grumbles
"With Parkinson again?" The sympathetic smile is enough to make the girl feel like she spoke about this whole situation too much
"Yup," she nods, regretting looking for Pansy in the stands immediately as she sees a jumper she recognises as Draco's hanging from the brunettes body.
She can't really explain why it hurts so much. Watching how Draco's arm holds his girlfriend close to him by her waist, pressing a kiss to her cheek.
It did though. It killed her when she would be forced to spend time with the couple, when her one on one time with her best friend felt like a rare occurrence. Maybe that's why it hurts so much this time.
She storms through the common room, past the couple who are surrounded by their friend group, the group she should be sat in, blinking back the tears in her eyes. Vaguely aware of her friends calling out to her but not stopping for a second. She can hear someone following her to her dorm, she can tell by the voice calling to her that it's Draco.
The door slams behind her as she locks it in a rush.
"Alohamora," she recognises come through the muffled wood, the lock easily moving.
"Do not come in here!" She shouts, her voice easily giving away that she's crying
"What? I can hear you're crying, darling, of course I'm going to-" she cuts of his call
"No! I'm serious Draco! Just- just leave me alone!"
"Why are you so mad at me? You never don't let me in," he reminds "I can't help you if you won't let me," he adds. His hand is pressed in a fist against the door. His head resting against it, he hates that he can hear her muffled sobs. He is angry a lot of the time but seeing the look on her face so briefly made his blood boil, ready to kill whoever hurt his best friend.
"Just fuck off back to Parkinson. Clearly you are too busy with her to care about me anymore!" She's trying to sound angry but they can both hear how hurt she is. It's when the realisation hits him. It's Wednesday. They study together ever Wednesday night in the library, they always have, and he missed it.
He lets out a sigh. Turning so his back is pressed against the door, she hears the way he sinks to sit with his back to the door and does the same. Neither of them can stop themselves from thinking, one piece of wood is all the keeps them apart.
"Love, I am so so sorry I missed out study session," he admits. He wants to scream, he can hear a whimper from her at the reminder. "I'm the worst best friend ever. I know that,"
"You're not, just a bit shitty sometimes," she returns, she hates how he always puts himself down.
She was always too forgiving, Blaise told her all the time that it was why people treated her like shit. That's why she had to tell him that she was mad.
She hadn't even meant to forgive him that night but the next day he had seemed so upset that she couldn't not give his cheek a peck and squeeze his shoulder on her way past after breakfast to assure him they were okay. She spent the whole day wondering if he had even noticed they don't eat breakfast together anymore.
She pounds on the door with a heavy hand. Leaning against it to support her intoxicated body, god there was no way she would be doing this if it wasn't for the spiked punch she had been downing for the past three hours.
The sound of a girls giggle makes her body feel cold as the door is pulled open, she stumbles into Draco's chest after the support of the door is gone, he's quick to grab her and steady her.
"Wow love, how much have you drank?" He questions gently, unable to stop the warm feeling in his chest as he pushes some hair from her face.
"No! No don't you call me love and play with my hair!" She demands, stumbling into his private dorm. Ignoring Pansy who is sat on the green leather sofa, clearly fresh from making out with Draco.
"What do you mean?" He questions, reaching out for her, heart breaking at the way she turns away.
"I'm mad at you Malfoy! And I needed you to know! I will not let you treat me like shit! I will not be too forgiving! You're a rotten best friend and I'm mad!" She shouts. He feels his heart break as he looks at the love of his life with tears in her eyes.
"Pansy you should leave," he states, looking at the sour girl on the sofa
"No. Stay. I've said all I want too," the girl cuts, before leaving, the door slamming on the way out.
Her finger pressed against the door bell tentatively. Having woken up tucked in her bed, unaware of how she actually got there she had avoided Slytherin's newest couple like the plague, sitting with her Ravenclaw friends on the train and leaving the platform as quick as possible.
But now, three days into summer break she couldn't deny how much she was missing her best friend. She wanted this whole thing behind them.
"Good morning miss y/l/n," a house elf greets, after the door is pulled open.
"Oh y/n, I didn't know you were coming over," Narcissa's familiar voice calls as she enters the hall from drawing room.
"Hey Aunty Cissa, I'm sorry for dropping by uninvited,"
"Nonsense, you're always welcome here sweetie, not that I've seen you yet since you got back," she assures, wrapping the girl in a warm hug.
"I was hoping to see Draco, we got in this silly fight and I wanted to come and apologise," I explain surprised he hasn't mentioned the fight to his mother.
"I'm sorry dear, Draco isn't spending his summer here, he's at his girlfriends, Pansy I think her name is. Did he not mention it to you it's been planned since may," she informs. Her heart drops at the news.
"No. No, he- he must have forgotten to mention it. I'll just be going then,"
"Nonsense, lets me and you have a catch up, you can tell me all about this fight so I can lecture my son for whatever stupid thing he's done," she smiles, the girl nods in agreement and allows Narcissa to lead her through to the conservatory.
Clad in a tshirt that belongs to her brother and a pair of pj shorts with cupcakes on. The girl lets out a groan as she drops back onto the bed behind her.
Reaching for the book on her bedside table, opening it and beginning to scan the page, re-reading sentences as she gets distracted in her own head, only minutes later  interrupted by a knock at my door. She is surprised as none of  her siblings or mum ever knock and she assumes the house elf will be preparing dinner. Perhaps it's her dad, he knocks whenever he comes in but it's rare he's not at work, maybe her mum mentioned how little she'd  left her room all summer.
"Come in!" she calls, placing a book mark in her book and tossing it to the side
"Hi," the familiar voice sounds. Draco stands in front of the girl looking nervous as he closes the door behind him
"Hi," she states back, aware how scruffy she looks and not sure why she's embarrassed.
"Think we might be way overdue on a chat," he comments
"Shouldn't you be at Parkinson's?" She snaps
"I was hoping you would guess Zabini's," he comments
"Your mother told me," the girl informs, standing up and crossing her arms over her chest
"She mentioned she'd seen you,"
"Don't avoid the question,"
"Look Pansy doesn't matter right now. What matters is us. What's happened love?" He questions, moving closer
"Are you kidding me?"
"We've drifted so far apart, I don't know why, are you mad at me?"
"Yes I'm mad at you! When did you become a fucking idiot!" She shouts
"Why? Darling, what have I done?"
"You want a list! Cause there's a lot!" She's practically growling and he can't help but feel the temper rising up in his chest despite only really being mad at himself for hurting her.
"Oh go ahead!"
"You stopped waiting to go to breakfast with me! You stopped sitting with me at meals! You stopped meeting me before your quidditch games and left me to freeze cause I thought I'd be getting a jumper! You stopped coming to Wednesday night study sessions! You stopped dragging me away from our group to get butter beer when we are in Hogsmede! You stopped saving me the seat next to you! You stopped telling me anything! You spent the last night of term with her when we always spend it together! You stopped caring Draco!"
"Merlin, I got a girlfriend that doesn't mean I stopped caring about you!" He shouts back, he's walking closer to her, barely any space between them "why doesn't all that stuff matter so much?"
"Shit- Draco- I- it- I think I love you Draco and it fucking kills me to see you do all our stuff with her!" She admits, her eyes are teary as she stares at the floor, refusing to look at him.
It's instant, his heart erupts with joy as he takes her face in his hands, pulling her to him and pressing his lips on hers. She kisses back instantly, arms wrapping around his neck as he gently guided her back to press her back to the wall, hands roaming her body, scared he may never get the chance to feel it against his own again. Her fingers tugging gently on his hair.
He pulls away for breath, his heart skipping a heat at the sight of her, lips puffy and clothes dishevelled from him.
"I never stopped caring about you. I could never, ever, do that. I watched you at every meal to make sure you were eating enough. I left you a jumper at the end of your bed before every game, it was your choice not to wear them. I missed one, I'll admit it, but I went every week after and waited for you and you never came. I couldn't exactly pull you off on our own when Pansy was right there but I paid for your drink every time even though you thought it was Blaise. I always left a seat open next to me, you chose not to take it. You avoided me so much it was impossible to tell you anything and if you're talking about me not being here for summer I did tell you. I told you when I put you in bed on the last night of term, it's not my fault you got too drunk to remember. Well, I guess it is, I should have been there. I should have done and a lot, and I'm sorry,"
"Draco Malfoy I just told you I was in love with you. You wanna comment on that?"
"Darling, how can you not realise I've been in love with you my whole life?" He laughs, his lips on hers once more
"What about Pansy?" She questions, he rolls his eyes taking her hand and dragging her to lay on her bed next to him
"You're aware it's still summer right?" He questions, pulling her close to him and wrapping his arms around her, everything fits just right, feels natural.
"I'm not stupid,"
"And I'm here, when I should be spending the holiday at-"
"You guys broke up?" She questions, cringing at how excited she sounded
"Don't sound too happy about it,"
"I just told you I'm in love it's you Dray, clearly there's only one person I want you to be in a relationship with," she smiles, rolling over to face him
"There's only one person I would want to be in a relationship with," he smiles back
"I'll let Goyle know, he'll be ecstatic to hear you feel the same," she teases. He laughs rolling his eyes before pressing his lips to hers again.
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tragicblood · a month ago
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: This contains the basics that mainly center around a more modern world. Any verse specifics can be found under her VERSES page.
The backstory TL;DR of her bio is at the bottom. Backstory tws: child/domestic abuse mention, alcohol, drugs, and death.
Tumblr media
Visuals - Tattoo and Scar Guide (coming soon)
Name: Faye Rivera
Nicknames: Red
Race: Human (most verses)
Age: 26
Gender: Cis-Female
Orientation: Demiromantic pansexual
DoB: May 3rd
Height: 5'3"
Body Type: Hourglass
Skin Tone: Tanned
Hair: Dark Auburn
Eyes: Heterochromia blue (left) & brown (right)
Notable features: Freckles over bridge of nose, beauty mark on left jaw, notch in right ear, scar across right side of neck, and small ones scattered over body
Modifications: Three piercings in right ear, five piercings in left ear, tattoos on right forearm, behind left ear, and on her left hip.
Skills: Various martial arts, marksmanship, swordsmanship, first aid, cooking, animal magnetism
Weapons: Dual swords/daggers, hidden blades, dual pistols (occasionally sniper rifle)
Likes: Cooking, eating, the ocean, space, danger, animals
Dislikes: Authority, traitors, failing, needles, spiders (borderline phobia), Ex-lover, being alone, losing her temper
Fears: Blackout darkness, claustrophobia, her father
Family: Fiona Rivera (mother), Ryder Rivera (older brother), Cesar Steele (father), Kenji Mori (adoptive father/mentor)
Personality: Faye in short is cocky, tenacious, and optimistic. She does everything in her power to live life to the fullest and is always ready for the next adventure. She doesn’t only flirt with death but is extremely intimate with danger, taking risks at the drop of a hat, only worried about the consequences when someone else is involved. And even then it’s a rare occurrence. Some say she has a death wish and others would say she’s just reckless. She’d say she’s just a girl who loves the rush of adrenaline. She always has a great sense of humor even if it is in the wrong setting.     Her mouth tends to operate faster than her mind which often gets her into some sticky situations but she’s learned to adapt and roll with the punches. Literally and figuratively. Many gravitate toward her upbeat personality but the more observant are certain to see that there’s more to her than meets the eye. It’s a side she’s sworn to keep behind closed doors if she can help it. And be warned, she has a temper that can ignite in the blink of an eye.
Brief Bio: “I guess some of us are just born with Tragedy in our blood.“     Bother her parents lived hard lives and while her mother tried to make the best of it her father went down a darker path. The two met in an unfortunate way that would lay the foundation of what would become her inauspicious life. Her father was a cruel man who had no qualms with abusing his children nor his wife. Her father, Cesar, controlled a large underground crime ring that not only respected but also feared him. What he didn’t account for was how tenacious and disobedient both Faye and Ryder would become as their fear and hatred of the man grew. Faye became more brazen with her attempts to disrupt his work and dealing which often ended with harsh and inhumane punishments that only fueled the burning fire inside her. Their mother had made several attempts to protect her children and escape but never managed to be successful with the latter and was ultimately punished.     However, when Faye was about seven her mother managed to bribe one of the newer recruits to assist which allowed the three of them to get farther than before. But, Cesar was always quick to track down what was his and was swift to act and hunt down his wife and spawn. Fiona sacrificed herself in order for her children to escape and unfortunately, the siblings had to watch as their mother was murdered. Running deep into the woods, they managed to use their smaller size to their advantage and escape their father. Assuming they’d succumb to the elements, Cesar gave up the chase and returned to his base of operations. The pair traveled, sneaking onto a train until they came to the outskirts of an old slummy town where they survived by stealing and learning from the other orphans on the streets.     A year passed when Faye attempted to pickpocket a stranger who turned out to be a mercenary by the name of Kenji. Ryder was quick to come to his sister’s aid but both were easily overpowered with little effort from the man. They expected him to turn them into the law but to their surprise found he offered something neither could resist – a new chance at life. Kenji saw something in both he greatly admired and offered to take the orphans under his wing and train them in mercenary work. The next seven years were exhausting and difficult but the pair were determined to continue in hopes of avenging their mother and taking down Cesar’s entire empire.     When their true intentions became clear, Kenji confronted the pair and had a large falling out with Ryder who refused to bow down, believing he had learned all he could from his mentor. A fight ensued and Kenji was quick to show there was still much for the 18-year-old to learn. However, this had the opposite result and Ryder took off, leaving Faye and their mentor. This hurt Faye deeply but she remained with Kenji, unable to deny that she looked to him much like a father. By the time she was twenty-one her mentor had retired from the line of work, suffering from old wounds. While she did fine on her own she craved having companionship and used her ties in the underground to form her own small company of individuals. This allowed them to take on a new variety of missions as well as ones that paid more due to the higher risk of failure.     Romance blossomed between her and one of the newest members, Ethan. She felt as though everything was finally going well for a while but soon she had an unsettling knot build inside her. Faye chocked up the feeling of dread up to the fact that the crime lord her company had recently been butting heads with was, in fact, her biological father. Suppressed memories and feelings of rage and loss clouded her judgment and she led her team straight into a trap. Things only got worse when she realized Ethan had been selling all them out the entire time and had constructed the trap, knowing Faye wouldn’t be able to resist the bait. She completely shut down at how easily she was blindsided by him and listened to her companions get tortured to death in front of her after being restrained. Her initial rage once again flared up in a violent fiery storm as she was taunted and mocked by Ethan and her father’s men.     Breaking free from her restraints, she went into a blind rage, killing without mercy and fighting like a vicious animal. If she was going to go down it was going to be fighting and she was going to take down as many of the bastards as she could. Her main target was Ethan but her rage had made her sloppy and he managed to escape but not without slicing open her throat first during their struggle. At some point a fire hard gotten started and with every ounce of willpower and strength she had left she stumbled out of the building as it became engulfed in flames. She collapsed outside, losing consciousness only to awake in a hospital. To her surprise, both her mentor and brother were there. She remained unresponsive after her initial shock and laid in the bed, forced to come to terms with the fact her actions had costed the lives of her companions – her family.     Faye soon spiraled out of control, grief and guilt-ridden. Unable to fully cope she completely cut herself off from her emotions and ties with her mentor and brother and took off, leaving no trace of her whereabouts. She continued to work, only now she didn’t care what type of job she took nor the consequences that came with it. She turned to alcohol and drugs to keep herself numb when not working as the pain and shame was too much for her to bear. For nearly a year she continued down a destructive path only to be stopped in her tracks by a woman by the name of Aria who could see through all the walls Faye had put up and to the suffering buried deep inside. Aria always had a way of finding Faye and eventually broke through to her and helped her grieve and come to terms with her mistakes and assisted in teaching her how to continue moving forward.     Aria helped Faye get back in touch with her family and eventually, the two began a romance that worked well – for a while. Enemies had been made during her shut down and they finally had a weak spot to hurt the mercenary. While Faye was away Aria was killed in their home in an attempt to force her to them. And it worked, only she wasn’t alone. Her mentor and brother were there when Faye went to seek revenge, once again blinded by her rage. Despite their best efforts to stop her from pursuing them, she managed to track them down. Prepared to die she went in and did what she did best, cut off her emotions and slaughtered anyone who got in her way. She managed to eradicate the gang of thugs but her mentor took a blow that would ultimately take his life.     Once again, she was left to realize her anger was her biggest downfall and had taken more of her loved ones from her. Her mentor held no ill feelings for her but made her promise not to lose sight of who she was. Faye mourned and started slipping down a familiar path but with the help of her brother was able to get back on her feet. She kept her promise to do what she could to not return to how she was before. Faye kept in touch with her brother, putting on a facade to make others believe everything was fine and dandy in her world. As far as anyone knew she was optimistic and someone who enjoyed taking on all sorts of jobs unaware of the night terrors that plagued her every night that she could only drown with alcohol and drugs. TL;DR: Father was a crime lord and murdered her mother in front of her and her brother as they were trying to escape. The siblings lived on the streets for a year before a mercenary took them in. She trained with him even after her father and brother had a falling out and her brother left. Eventually, Kenji returned and she ended up making her own little company that was then betrayed by her current lover. Her companions were tortured and killed in front of her before she let her rage take control.     She was gravely wounded and barely managed to escape only to awake in a hospital bed with her brother and mentor at her side. Afterward, she lost herself and became cut off from her emotions until she met a woman, Aria, who broke through to her. They started a new romance after she got back in touch with her family. Aria died due to enemies Faye made during her shut down. Faye once again lost control of her rage and went after the thugs. Her father died due to fatal wounds he received trying to help Faye control herself. And had it not been for her brother she would’ve slipped back down a dark path. She struggled with her demons but managed to put up a front to keep anyone from realizing just how in pain she is.
Knows a few different languages
Highly allergic to avocado
Can be quick to lose her temper despite her best efforts
Won’t openly admit she enjoys being bad
Claustrophobia and fear of darkness stems from being locked in a footlocker/closet/cellar as punishment from her father
Usually always has snacks on here
Sometimes gives people nicknames
Tumblr media
     Yo. Call me Monster! I’m just your average 25+ year old trying to survive day to day nonsense and adult responsibilities. I am female but I honestly don’t care what pronouns you use for me! I like to think I’m real easy-going and down to earth so hit me up OOC if you ever wanna just shoot the breeze or something. This is especially if you want to ship because I just think it’s more enjoyable to know the other mun so we can scream at each other over ship stuff haha. That’s about it so yeah!
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bigskydreaming · 2 months ago
I will forever squint suspiciously at a fandom that overall makes a bigger deal out of Dick Grayson expressing he didn’t want to replace his father when he was still young and actively grieving than they do Tim Drake literally hiring an actor to be his fake uncle and saying no to Bruce’s first actual offer of adoption.
Like, if you can get on board with Timothy Drake-Wayne after that, because Tim changed his mind after he was further along in his grieving process, you can get on board with the idea that at some point after the age of ten or twelve Dick similarly changed his mind about thinking a second father would be an insult to his first father’s memory.
*Shrugs* I just don’t get how hard some people go to bat for the idea that Dick never wanted or needed someone he viewed as an actual parent at any point after he was eight. Because you can’t deny that whatever Dick has said about that in the comics, he’s NEVER made it nearly AS big a deal as most fans who cite it at all do. Like, when you run with the most extreme extrapolation of that but gloss right over Tim’s far more extensive efforts to keep Jack Drake the sole father figure in his memory at first, I feel like something else is going on there.
(And I’m not trying to turn this into a Tim vs Dick thing, btw, I’m honestly just using Tim’s story there as a benchmark for how a clearly parallel sentiment is overwhelmingly referenced in regards to just one character but not another. My issues with the way people engage with this particular idea in regards to Dick like, exists without Tim being in the equation at all. That was simply an example of the fact that there IS a discrepancy.)
But point being, as all roads in this particular direction of thought almost always seem to lead to Dick being slotted into some nebulous category separating him from the rest of his siblings, where he’s only partially Bruce’s kid but not FULLY, not like the others....I am the Wary. 
Because whatever the surface intentions behind that, it almost inevitably voids some of Bruce’s responsibility to him as a parent, while at the same time making it easier to heap parental or caregiver style responsibilities for the others on Dick. If Dick’s more like Bruce than he is like his siblings in the overall family dynamic, this not only lessens the need to show him on the receiving end of Bruce being a parental figure, it simultaneously heightens the urge to make him a parental figure to the others to pick up Bruce’s slack there, because they’re more partners than they are father and son, see. So why wouldn’t Dick pick up Bruce’s slack and help him out there, and why would he need Bruce to actually be fulfilling that very role with him instead?
All the things people are critical of Bruce for in his parenting with Dick aren’t quite as bad, right, when Dick’s not fully his son or doesn’t quite view Bruce as his father....its easier to reframe it as fights between colleagues. Or recast Dick’s estrangement from Bruce as not actually a failure on Bruce’s part to reach out and cement exactly what Dick meant to him every time Dick flat out says “I want to know what I mean to you, give a name to it, give me an explanation for why you made these choices that isn’t that you don’t want me because all I see when I look at those choices is you expressing you don’t want me.” 
Because if Dick doesn’t actually want that explanation ever, if Dick doesn’t actually want that rock-solid expression of Bruce putting a name to what he feels for Dick and what he views him as, then the arguments between Bruce and Dick in his late teenage years DO become two-sided. Its just them butting heads back then. Rather than what they actually WERE in the comics, which was Dick clearly expressing insecurities about his place in Bruce’s life and Bruce repeatedly letting him leave or outright telling him to leave without actually giving it to him.
(I’m not even talking about NTT #55 for once, I’m actually talking about when Dick went to Gotham after he found out about Jason being Robin now. And as the events of that issue get referenced a TON in fandom, its HIGHLY suspect that one specific part of that issue gets rewritten in particular: where its acted like it was Dick that stormed off in a huff there or Dick who didn’t want anything more than to confront Bruce about Robin. It really doesn’t get addressed enough IMO that yes, Bruce said outright that he did it because he missed Dick....and then two panels later, Bruce literally asks Dick to go now. Says I would like you to leave now. Bruce is the one who blew up and lost his temper, literally smashing something while Dick was just heated because he was understandably upset, while Bruce somehow made it like he was the one being hurt by Dick and asking for space from him. Yeah, he said I miss you, but he never DID anything with that and in fact just turned around two seconds later and drove Dick away again, like Holy Mixed Signals, Batman! Y’know? Like what exactly was Dick supposed to do with that? “Oh, so Bruce misses me, but also he didn’t want me there, like I was literally RIGHT THERE for the first time in seventeen months and he missed me so much that....he didn’t even ask me to stay for dinner? Or call or reach out to me afterwards? conclusion is.....what, exactly?”)
Ultimately though, my big beef with the stuff about adoption or Dick not wanting to replace his father, its not even about those specifically. Its about that period when Bruce very visibly was NOT in Dick’s life....and that was BY BRUCE’S CHOICE. That is the thing that needs addressing in my book, and far too often goes unresolved. No matter what the particulars of Dick’s views or wants re: adoption, there is literally no confusion about the existence of comics where Dick is repeatedly the one to reach out to Bruce, at a point in his life where he no longer had any legal ties to Bruce whatsoever.....and clearly express in one way or another that he is there and willing to talk, that in fact he WANTS to talk about why Bruce doesn’t seem to want HIM, specifically. 
It was Dick who brought up the issue of Bruce adopting Jason but not him and asked WHY at that one issue with them at a party. It was Dick who returned to Gotham and asked Bruce WHY he made Jason Robin when he hadn’t wanted Dick to be Robin - (and for the record, NO version of events where Bruce is the one to make Jason Robin aligns with Dick voluntarily giving up Robin.....the one and only continuity in which Dick did that, HE made the choice to pass Robin on to Jason. Mixing and matching continuities specifically to make Dick unable to claim hurt or resentment for the identity he crafted for himself being given away to someone else without his approval because ‘he was the one who said he didn’t want it anymore’ is yet again, suspect, as it serves absolutely no purpose other than to lessen the hurt done to him and abdicate Bruce’s culpability in hurting him when he did that). 
It was Dick who returned to Gotham after Jason died with no intention but to express his condolences and share their grief, and it was Dick who returned to Gotham to check on Bruce after Tim said he was worried he was going to get himself killed, as well as again more longterm in order to help with Tim’s training.
And in each and EVERY one of those was Bruce that ended those encounters, and ALWAYS without ever offering Dick any actual resolution or change in their dynamic. Despite Dick’s very presence in each of these being a very clear sign that Dick was unhappy with their estrangement and wanted a change to it or else he wouldn’t even be there, he would be off being comfortably estranged somewhere else and totally content with that.
THAT’S the bigger issue and always has been, I think. That no matter how else you parse it, Dick repeatedly looked for and asked for reassurances, some kind of actual TIES to Bruce, and that Bruce for whatever personal reasons of his own, repeatedly did not give....even when Dick walked him right up to the perfect opportunity to just fucking say “I would like you to come home more, I want you here, I want you as part of my family even though you’ve already aged out of our existing legal bond.”
Bruce still just WOULD NOT SAY IT. Dick was very clear about needing and wanting something from Bruce that Bruce DID NOT GIVE HIM. Bruce gave him basically nothing to work with in these encounters more often than not. 
(In the interest of not being disingenuous here, I do admit that at the party when Dick asked Bruce why he’d adopted Jason and not him, Bruce did give a fairly touching response about how by the time he thought Dick would be open to it, he thought that Dick was too old to actually want or need it anymore. BUT, problem is, even with that it does absolutely nothing to change or address how the very fact that Dick was expressing insecurity about this now meant that Dick WASN’T actually too old to want or need it. It was literally a smack in the face that Bruce’s conclusion was wrong and not actually about Dick’s wants. And Bruce knew this, even referenced it at later points when he threw it back in Dick’s face to accuse Dick of resenting Bruce adopting Jason and not him.....which is a clear indication that Bruce knew it was something Dick still wanted or else there would be no reason for resentment, and THAT is the issue there. That no matter what Bruce said at that party about his reasons for not adopting Dick sooner, that very conversation itself should have been reason enough for Bruce to rethink his stance then there....but he didn’t. Also he ended up adopting Dick like five years later soooooo.....if he could do it then when Dick was even older, that doesn’t work as a barrier for him not doing it then.)
And that’s the troubling many people try and make that period of their lives unclear with no other visible purpose than to make the fact that Bruce WOULD NOT OUTRIGHT CEMENT DICK AS FAMILY OR ASK HIM TO STAY, like.....less problematic.
And as I’ve said before and will no doubt say again.......that logic process bugs the hell out of me, because it ultimately tries to claim the responsibility for Dick’s unhappiness in this regard back then is at least as much his fault as Bruce’s. That it was some kind of fight between equals, or that it was something Dick initiated or that Bruce had no power to resolve on his own via just his own choices or gestures.
Because it wasn’t! That’s not remotely what all of that was! And like I’m also always saying, you don’t HAVE to stick with the canon by any means. You can literally rewrite things so Bruce adopts Dick before he’s eighteen and they never HAVE that period, you can rewrite things so that Bruce reaches out and ends that period early on by DOING THE WORK of being the parent in that situation, you can ‘fix that’ by any number of means......yet over and over we see that period of estrangement repeatedly upheld as a thing that exists in the history that fics and headcanons reference having happened......but with the only ACTUAL change from the comics being that its framed as though it was just growing pains or Dick being stubborn or a dozen other things that somehow keep coming back to Dick doing something wrong there instead of repeatedly standing in front of Bruce asking for him to clarify their relationship and Bruce changing the subject or asking him to leave.
Again. THAT’S the problem.
You want Good Parent Bruce Wayne? Then WRITE Good Parent Bruce Wayne. Don’t just write Stubborn Teenaged Asshole Dick Grayson who btw doesn’t even really want Bruce to be his parent so there’s absolutely nothing Bruce could have done to bridge that gap back then anyway. 
(As that’s an equally critical part of the equation here as well. See, since Dick DID clearly express a want for a clear connection to Bruce back then, acting like Dick never really wanted a second father is a super convenient way to write over the part where Dick spelled out for Bruce how to bridge the divide between them and make things good demonstrating an actual WANT to have Dick in his family!)
But writing Stubborn Teenage Asshole Dick Grayson Who Did This To Himself.....that is something entirely different from writing Good Parent Bruce Wayne. You haven’t actually done or said anything with BRUCE’S character by just making Dick the fall guy for every conflict between them as though they were just equals all along and there was never any kind of actual parent child relationship or even a DESIRE for there to be a parent child relationship. Where the responsibility for being the PARENT like, lands on the....y’know. Parent.
And for the record, I don’t think this issue is confined just to this period of the comics, I think rather that its kinda the point of origin of a very large recurring problem in Dick’s conflicts with other people.
Because like I said, it was abundantly clear that Dick was expressing a want to be acknowledged as family, or just flat out acknowledged by Bruce at all, during this time. And if people can somehow make THAT period into just his fault.....then of course it should be no surprise that they can make any conflict he’s part of into his fault. Its a freaking blueprint for doing just that! 
And that’s exactly why this pattern recurs so damn often with EXACTLY the same fanon beats......whatever role the other character plays even in initiating a conflict is shifted onto Dick and somehow made into his own proactive choice and not something he’s actually reacting to. Thus Dick does double duty as both the CAUSE of the conflict and the resulting EFFECT - aka how he reacted to that thing that originally, he did not actually cause or initiate. While meanwhile, the other character not only gets off scot free bearing no actual, now since DICK is the one making all the actual choices in the conflict from start to finish, now the other character is actually his VICTIM in it as well.
And that’s
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hi! do you have any fic recs of like really fluffy one shots
Hiya!! yes I do!! Aren’t they just the best sometimes?? Sorry this took me a few days to do! I had over 260 fics to go through on ao3 just under fluff (I really need to tidy my bookmarks!)  💖 There’s 79 in this list so it’s a long one!! ^-^
please stay safe and read the tags everyone! :)
freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this by rosesau
Harry (not so) secretly crushes on the cute footie player and fills pages with sketches of him.
Thunder started it by booloveshiscuppycake
Harry's always been scared of thunder storms. But louis' always been there to comfort him. Friendship and comfort turn into love. (Fluffy as shit)
but he cant be what you need (if he's eighteen) by lingerielarries
“I need you to do something for me.” Harry said, pinching his bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger.
“It seems like you’re asking me to kill for you, H.” Louis laughed nervously.
“It’s nothing that drastic, I promise. It’s just. I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m not a.. normal eighteen year old.” Louis furrowed his eyebrows at that, narrowing his eyes at the younger boy.
“Are people giving you a hard time?” Louis wondered. Harry shifted in his seat and brushed some of his fringe off his forehead.
“Yeah, that’s. That’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.” Harry swallowed nervously. He could feel the sweat pooling at his hairline so he wiped it with the sleeve of his sweater. “I need you to uhm, pretend to be my boyfriend.”
the one where harry is sick of getting bullied and casts louis as the hot punk boyfriend to scare them away. louis needs harry to return the favor.
punk!louis and flowerchild!harry
the love is ours to make (so we should make it) by lingerielarries
“I’m.. Harry. I nanny? For Ernest and Doris?” Harry responded.
“A nanny? How old even are you? You look twelve.” Louis remarked. Something caught Louis’ eye, and a closer look revealed that Harry had a coat of pink nail polish on his fingers.
“Nineteen. I’m nineteen.” Harry replied.
“Right. Nineteen, wears pink, flower crowns and paints his nails. Who the actual fuck did my mum hire?”
the one where louis takes some time off from life to return home, only to be met with a strange boy in pink and a flowercrown as the nanny of his siblings.
All I See is You by ElegantSurrender
Even with the blood gushing from his nose, he couldn’t keep his thoughts on anything but the boy in front of him. He was just so… pretty. He smiled to himself, which only seemed to worry his boyfriend more.
“Why’re you smiling?” Louis asked confusedly, moving Harry’s bloody hand away, and replacing it with his, pinching his nose shut with a tissue. “You’re bleeding, and you’re fucking smiling.”
“Seeing you makes me happy.”
(or the one where Harry has a bloody nose and Louis takes care of him, and Harry really really loves Louis)
Pretty Blue Eyes (I don't care about the nightmares) by justgotowisharder
Harry has nightmares, Louis hates sharing the bed, they end up talking about dreams, they read Freud and they fall in love in the process.
Breathe by dontlietomehoney
Harry has an asthma attack and Louis is scared to death. What follows after though, scares both boys, pulling them apart and bringing them together.
with your love we could breathe underwater by luminescents
Harry’s brow furrows, a look of confusion spreading over his face. “But I am real. I exist, see,” he says, raising a hand out of the water and wiggling his fingers at Louis.
Louis finds himself relaxing a bit. Harry seems harmless really. And he’s quite cute, for something that’s not supposed to exist. If Louis is indeed having a hallucination right now, at least it’s a cute one.
AU where Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a human, and they both discover a lot more than they anticipated.
yes, you make my life worthwhile by orphan_account
Harry whispers to him that this feels like every dream he’s had for the last three years and Louis kisses his temple, behind his ear, across his cheeks and by the edge of his jaw. He runs the back of his finger across Winnie’s sleep-warm cheeks and sighs, the weight of the world finally off his shoulder.
Louis' a pediatrician, Harry's a preschooler teacher, and they're having a baby.
Weigh Us Down (We're In Love) by orphan_account
Harry’s eyes widen slightly at that. “We’re friends?”
Louis nods eagerly, smiling even wider. “Of course we are! You’re like, my first ever friend here. We just moved in, you see. Did I already tell you about that? Anyway! Maybe you can stay for dinner and I can show you my toys?”
Harry smiles. “You’ll let me play with you?”
Louis nods again, excited. “Of course!” He looks thoughtful for a moment, and then he’s slipping off the couch and crouching in front of Harry. “Oh, and Mum always kisses my wounds after she fixes them up. It makes me feel loads better all the time, so.” He leans forward and puckers his lips, pressing them over the bandage on Harry’s knee.
(harry and louis first meet when they’re eight and ten. this is their story throughout the years.)
Breathe by Jade_eyed
Can you write a Larry high school AU where Harry's a sophomore and Louis' his senior boyfriend and Harry's being bullied during class and has a panic attack and all he's saying is 'Louis' so someone goes into louis' classroom and gets him and louis' like freaking out when he finds out and just really fluffy and stuff i just need this okay
[ I changed it a bit , I'm sorry babe I tried. :( ]
Cause If You Let Me, Here's What I'll Do by stylesforstiles
Five times where Harry is Louis' baby
Zero Means Nothing When I'm With You by StripedAndBowtied
Louis doesn't know what he's looking for until he finds it.
Harry just knows he may defy his gender norms, with his height and clumsiness, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want litters of pups running around while he does domestic things all day long.
In other words, boy meets boy and no one can stop pining.
All my senses come to life by erikaeurekajoe
And it was true. Harry's senses were all coming to life, on overdrive in fact because a handsome blue-eyed stranger was holding his hands.
Because of Louis Tomlinson's Arse by AggressiveStress
One in which Harry is a clumsy Uni student that first sees Louis leaning over, picking up his things with his arse very prominent. Harry then falls down the stairs and Louis- wearing a nice little beanie- helps him back to his feet.
In All Its Imperfections by BriaMaria
From: Louis Tomlinson To: Undisclosed Recipients
I’ve asked the front desk and you lovely folks are the ones who are on the same level as me in the car park. I found a to-do list today that looked somewhat important because it has lines of poetry scribbled at the bottom that seemed like they might be for a card project. The stationary has a moose in a canoe at the top of it (and he is quite adorable). Let me know if it’s yours!
“Oh. My. Fucking. God,” Harry whispered, his eyes darting over the sentences again willing them not to make sense. They did, they did make sense. “Oh. My. Bloody. Fucking. God.”
The next thing he knew he was on the floor, staring at the ceiling, with a very concerned Liam hovering over his head.
"What happened, mate?" Liam asked.
Harry just pointed to his computer.
Liam bent over Harry’s desk to read the email. “What? This isn’t bad. Is that your to-do list? Did you finally come up with the inside text for those cards?”
“Leeyum" he groaned. “It’s what’s on the list.”
“Oh,” Liam paused for a beat. “Is it dirty stuff?”
Harry nodded.
There was more silence. And then, “Dirty stuff with Louis?”
Delirious in Love by yourpricelessadvice (orphan_account)
Louis is there for Harry waking up from minor surgery; he wouldn't miss it for the world. For two reasons.
Stars Will Align For Us by 2tiedships2
"The serial monogamist is single," Niall said by way of introduction when he sat down across from Harry in the canteen.
Harry sipped his chocolate milk. "What are you going on about?"
"Your alpha dream boat," Niall said. "That tiny little footie player? I heard from Hannah that he's broken it off with his boyfriend so he’s single and ready to flamingle. Now's the time to make your move."
Harry sipped his chocolate milk harder to keep himself from replying.
Or the one where Harry is an omega at a loss of how to get past his pining and gain the attention of Louis...especially considering the alpha is always in a relationship.
(twenty minutes later) wound up in the hospital by callmelover
“Baby, I think a quick trip to A&E might do you some good, hm?” Louis keeps his voice as calm as possible. He doesn't want to startle Harry or make him scared, but he knows that Harry’s fever is too high and he can't risk Harry choking himself into another attack when he's so poorly.
He hears a sharp intake of breath come for Harry and he knows Harry is starting to panic. Louis moves his hand from Harry's hair to his back, rubbing circles into his sweat-soaked shirt.
“No, no. Shh, don't worry, darling. Everything is okay, you’ll be okay. I just know that the doctors will be able to make you feel much better much sooner than I can...Just want you to get healthy as soon as possible, okay?”
or the one where harry has the flu and louis is a protective, nervous-wreck of a boyfriend
You live in my heart by styleztomlinson
As soon as they’re done with their set, Louis only has one thing on his mind and that’s to get out of there as soon as possible.or,Harry is sick during their performance at the iHeartRadio festival. Afterwards, Louis takes cares of his baby, and dotes on his husband.
Take Care by secretlylarry
Louis really does love to take care of Harry when he's sick.
if we got nothing, we got us by tumsa
Harry is Louis' baby and he's sick as well.
Peppermint and Lavender (and Coffee) by 2tiedships2
“He was there again,” Louis announced by way of greeting. “Lottie was right and she can never know.”
"What the fuck are you talking about?” Niall asked as he snapped his laptop closed.
“The omega, Niall. He was there today. Just sitting in the corner looking pretty. Or at least his back is. He hasn’t turned around when I’m available to see. I know he’s beautiful though.”
"Okay?” Niall questioned. “What does that have to do with Lottie?”
Louis let out a huff. "She told me I shouldn’t work at a coffee shop. She was right.”
Or the one where Louis might have met the love of his life in a coffee shop. But that’s not how it’s supposed to happen.
So Long I've Been Waiting by kikikryslee
Niall held up his glass in a toast. “Cheers.” Harry stared at Louis as he brought the glass up to his lips, unsure of what to do. It wasn’t like he could refuse the drink, but he certainly didn’t want to have any champagne. Louis monitored everyone else, and as soon as they all had their heads tilted back, drinking their mimosa, he reached out and knocked Harry’s glass right out of his hand, sending it crashing to the floor. “Oh, no!” Louis pretended to be shocked at what had just happened. “Harry, you’re so clumsy. You dropped your glass.” “Yes,” Harry said seriously. “I am very clumsy.” --- Or, the one where Harry and Louis are having their first baby, and keeping it a secret until the end of the first trimester is a lot harder than they thought it would be.
Nothing's Gonna Stop Me But Divine Intervention by kikikryslee
“So… what’s next on the soul mate search?” Louis asked. “I don’t know,” Harry answered. “Whatever I’m doing isn’t working. I’m not finding him anywhere.” “He’ll get here. I know it." “Yeah. I know he’s out there somewhere; I just have to figure out where.” --- Or, the soul mate AU where Harry overthinks everything having to do with finding the love of his life, and Louis doesn't think there's a Mr. Right for him at all. It takes them a while to realize that their soul mate is the person they want it to be: each other.
We Made These Memories for Ourselves by supernope
Breath held, Harry squints his eyes open and focuses on the first stick. A blue line. Harry breathes out an unsteady breath. He’s pretty sure he read that one blue line is a negative, but he fishes the box from the bottom of the pile just to make sure.
“Negative,” he confirms, voice echoing around the small room. “Next.”
Now that he’s feeling a little less shaky, he scans the rest of the tests at once, is met with a headache-inducing mixture of pink plus signs and blue double lines. His heart rate picks up until it’s pounding triple-time in the base of his throat and the pit of his stomach, thundering in his ears and throbbing in his temples. He flips over the rest of the boxes slowly, but he knows what they’re going to say before he even looks.
[or, Louis is a footballer, Harry owns a bakery, and they're having a baby.]
taken by the wind by scrunchyharry
When he decided to move to London with his sister, Harry thought he would finally get to learn how to control his magic. He couldn't possibly have predicted that he would fall for her neighbour.
Or the one where Harry is a clumsy witch and Louis is making everything worse just by existing.
Piece by Piece by SadaVeniren
He rubbed his hand over his lower stomach and closed his eyes. Louis was going to lose his fucking mind.
(aka Harry tells Louis he's pregnant and it goes as expected)
And We Linger On by stylesforstiles
Harry is pouting. Louis takes care of him
There's a Hole In My Soul, Can You Fill It? by stylesforstiles
Sometimes Harry is so tired. Louis always wants to fix it.
one glance and the avalanche drops by Wankerville
It's strange, honestly, having someone so gorgeous in his kitchen, and not only physically gorgeous, but, like, the everything else gorgeous. The type of gorgeous that Louis wants his life to always be covered in. The type of gorgeous he wants lying in sweatpants and an old t-shirt on his couch when he gets home from class. The type of gorgeous he wants to have shoving crisps down the front of his shirt. The type of goddamn gorgeous he wants to kiss, and coddle, and like, love.
Which is ridiculous- he doesn't know him. Pfft.
(or an au wherein louis buys a christmas tree and harry is the boy in leggings who delivers it. they are a christmas classic.)
Do Not Falter (There's a Star Ahead) by LadyLondonderry
It's Christmas Eve, and every single one of Louis' family members are crowded inside his little flat. Really, what more could he ask for on his birthday?
The present he never knew he wanted - in the form of an omega from his past - might just make this his most memorable Christmas.
Right Here Waiting by lovelarry10
Louis and Harry are expecting a baby. Harry's heavily pregnant and nesting madly, determined to make their home ready for their baby.
Blow Out the Candles, Baby by iwillpaintasongforlou
Louis' been planning Harry's 20th birthday party for weeks, and Harry's too sick to move. Louis might be the kind of sap who tries to nurse him back to health with cuddles and jokes and cupcakes for two.
Never Let You Fall by iwillpaintasongforlou
Harry slips on stage and gets a minor concussion, and Louis insists that he spend the night in the hospital just in case. He then turns into a protective baby lion because that is his Harry and he'll be damned if anything happens to him on Louis' watch. Harry rolls his eyes a lot but doesn't really mind.
Asthma and Bad Jokes by Larry_Klaine_Stylinson
When Harry has an asthma attack on stage, Louis has to go and help him. He leaves Niall in charge of keeping the audience entertained.
All I Need is Oxygen (and You) by lululawrence
There are only two ways to navigate Bloomfield High School: become popular or make yourself invisible.
With the help of his best mate Niall, Harry’s introduction to high school hadn’t been half bad. Despite being a “bandie” – the lowest of the low in the ancient hierarchy of high school –Harry had somehow managed to survive freshman year relatively unscathed. So naturally, Harry would have been perfectly happy to resume his position of invisible trombone player number four for the remainder of high school. But one day something drastic happened, something that would change the course of Harry’s entire existence (probably).
It was the last football game of his freshman year, and the band was back in the stands after performing a rousing rendition of Bloomfield’s alma mater during half time. Harry was gracelessly wiping the slobber from the mouthpiece of his trombone when he saw him.
Louis Tomlinson.
Or...a High School AU where Harry is a bandie and Louis is the epitome of cool, so naturally, Harry must find a way to get his attention and win his affections.
i’d burn this city down to show you the light by you_explode
Harry's a sheltered rich kid and Louis's a punk with a heart of gold. They meet when Louis breaks into Harry's house, Harry obtains an instant and all-encompassing crush, and they spend the summer falling into a whirlwind romance.
put your head on my shoulder by wayfared
Niall gives Harry until the end of marching season to either a) make a move on Louis Tomlinson or b) get the fuck over him. Either is easier said than done. Basically, your High School AU with a drum beat.
we should get jerseys, 'cause we make a good team by ellisaco
Harry's not very good at football, but he's aces at cheering Louis on.
Snow by hlftanna
Louis hid something from him. Harry was 100% sure of that. He knew him better than he knew himself. And. He. Hid. Something. From. Him. Harry just hasn't figured out what. Because if Louis wanted to hide something from anyone he usually succeeded because he was Louis Tomlinson.
Use Your Words by zedi
based off this prompt: collage au where jock!harry always serenades flowercrown!louis with love songs in their music class. what nobody knows is that harry actually kinda means the words he sings.
But instead it's Louis as the jock and Harry as the flowerchild because I do what I want.
see the truth (it's me for you) by orphan_account
If you asked Louis the first day of his French Literature class what he’d be doing on the last, he’d probably never have guessed it would involve helping a poorly Harry Styles study for the final exam. Good thing he’s not a betting man.
(Or the one where Louis and Harry spend an entire semester ignoring each other after a one-night stand, only to come face to face when Harry manages to catch the stomach flu during finals week. Sometimes fate is funny like that.)
calling out for somebody to hold tonight by heartinsidemine
“Dunno why I can’t sleep,” is the first thing Harry says into the still, quiet night.
“New flat, new noises,” Louis murmurs, finally setting the kettle on the stove and turning properly toward him. “New responsibilities, too, eh? Second year, you’re working your way up in the world.”
Harry rolls his eyes, shaking his head. “Nothing’s really new, though, is it? I mean, the location, but… I’ve got the same job I had last year, same basic courses, same workload…” He sighs out, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“You and me are in the same boat, though,” Louis murmurs to him. He hates seeing Harry like this, even though rationally he knows that he can’t do anything about Harry’s insomnia. “Finding it difficult to sleep myself. Was gonna turn on the telly, maybe the cooking channel until I fall asleep. Care to join me?”
He doesn’t think twice about the offer before making it; it only makes sense. They’re both exhausted and they both sleep better with a cuddle, and anyway Louis would absolutely rather have a conversation partner than only the walls of his room for company.
Running Down To The Riptide by sweaterpawstyles
"I can't give you your present yet, Lou."
Louis furrowed his brows. "And why is that, my love?"
Harry smiled at his lap. "Because your present is under my sweater," he pulled his free hand that wasn't laced with Louis' and gently laid it on his stomach. "I'm pregnant."
It's New Year's Eve and Harry has a surprise under his sweater
Song For The Springtime by sunshiner
“Cherry blossoms,” Harry mumbles. “The solution’s cherry blossoms.”
Uni AU.
the happiest place in our universe by tippytoetomlinstyles
Harry holds Louis’ hand and looks around at all the exciting and beautiful things and Louis looks at him because he finds him the most beautiful and exciting thing there is.
or the one where Louis takes Harry to Disneyland and Harry convinces Louis to wear Mickey Mouse ears to match his Minnie Mouse ears.
Made From Love by lovelarry10
It's almost Christmas, and amongst the preparations, Louis' realised something about his husband Harry.
Harry, however, seems to be oblivious.
Louis' determined to open Harry's eyes and make him realise the real magic that's happening this Christmas...
Another Constellation to Trace by screwstyles
Louis wiggles his eyebrows. “I’m winning that bet.”
“What bet?” comes Niall’s excited voice from behind them, followed by footsteps. “I wanna be in on the bet!” he shouts, prompting Harry to quickly roll down his shirt sleeve and straighten his shirt where it’s still crinkly after Louis’ hands.
Niall takes one look at them and purses his lips in a tight line. “Were you guys making out again? Isn’t the fire meant to die down a bit after eight years?”
“Trust me, the fire is still very much alive,” Louis winks at Harry. “One could even say it’s cooking something.”
Mpreg AU: Louis and Harry bet on who can keep Harry's pregnancy a secret for longer. Neither of them is particularly good at it, and it doesn't help that their soulmate tattoos make it even harder.
another pair of feet by honey_beeing
where Harry is pregnant and Louis is an oblivious idiot.
We Were Made to Love by supernope  
“Everything all sorted? Need help with the buckles? I know they’re a bit tricky in this compartment.”
The voice startles Louis out of his daze, and he turns toward the voice to let him know he figured it out. When he catches sight of the owner of the voice, though, his response dies in his throat. Whatever he had imagined the conductor of a children’s train that rides around the shopping centre in Leeds would look like, this is certainly not it.
Leaning through the window, arms folded across the sill, is a green-eyed angel with cherry red lips stretched wide in a smile and dimples flirting in his cheeks. A black conductor’s hat is the only confirmation that this is not some gorgeous stranger who’s come to flirt with Louis through the window of a children’s train, but is just a man doing his job.
[or, Harry drives a kiddie train in the shopping centre for the summer and is obsessed with babies, and Louis never stood a chance.]
here comes the sun by orphan_account
“Everything’s going to be fine,” Louis promises, his pink, chapped lips moving slowly in the cold. It matches the beanie on his head—pink, because they found out this morning that they’re having a girl and that’s just.
Harry’s going to be a dad. To a little girl. Five months from now he’ll be holding her in his arms, and she’ll be so lovely and small.
They’re going to have a spring baby and she’s probably going to have Louis’ eyes. What a blessing that would be. Harry crosses his fingers on the hand inside his pocket, hoping that she does. He’ll love her either way—blue or green or even brown eyes, it doesn’t matter—but he’d really like them to be blue, he thinks.
[Harry is a pediatric specialist, Louis is a neurosurgeon. All they want is a baby.]
So Put Your Hands In (The Holes of My Sweater) by Kat_rawr
“Are you gonna kiss me then?” He asks so quiet he isn’t even sure Louis heard him.
“I think it’s bad luck if I don’t.“ Louis’ breath is hot on Harry’s skin in the cold air. They stand in the dark; Louis’ face only lit up by the yellow-ish light from the street light a few metres away. The light over the door of their building hasn’t worked in years.
“Okay,” Harry says, and of course his cheeks heat up. There are definitely butterflies in stomach and his mouth is definitely dry.
Harry and Louis go on a lot of not-dates
A Little Kind of Magic by Star55
A tiny tale of Louis' Very Important Birthday and Christmas at Hogwarts that Harry loves celebrating with his best friend whom he absolutely is not in love with. No matter what Niall says. (He's a little in love with Louis.)
it tastes like you, only sweeter by EmmyLouWho
Sometimes Harry hates being a second year, like when all his older friends get to go to Hogsmeade and he has to stay behind in the castle. Luckily, Harry has a Louis to make everything better.
For the prompt: “I’m not allowed to go to Hogsmeade but you always tell me stories about it and bring me candy from Honeydukes”
Sun-Dappled by QuickedWeen
Louis and his best friend Harry are in their seventh year at Hogwarts, facing down their future together. Louis has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember, and he begins to feel a sense of urgency as the second semester begins. Finally he hatches a plan to tell Harry about his feelings on Harry's birthday.
Sweet Like Sunshine by orphan_account
When Louis saves him from some seventh years bullying him on his lack of Quidditch skills, Harry takes offense. Louis offers to teach him to make up for it. They fall in love somewhere along the way.
Featuring one exasperated Niall, trips to Hogsmede and many flying sessions.
Follow Me Down This Time by supernope
Harry first noticed Louis in his second term at Hogwarts, and despite three years of inventing ways to stumble across Louis, he's never managed to actually work up the courage to speak to him. Also known as, self-indulgent Hogwarts AU, because every fandom needs Hogwarts AUs.
For Reasons Wretched and Divine by panicmoonwalk
Niall’s head was sitting in the fireplace, wide grin lighting up his features as flames licked the bright tips of his hair. Louis promptly dropped his tray at the sight.
“Bloody hell!” He yelled, half at the sudden appearance of Niall in the fire and half at the scalding cocoa he’d just dropped on his bare foot. “What are you doing?!”
Niall just continued to grin, clearly highly amused by Louis hopping on one foot and desperately trying to search for a weapon he could use to beat his friend’s head out of the fireplace.
“Well,” Niall began. “We’re going on an adventure!”
Or, the one where Louis and Harry’s Christmas holiday at Hogwarts is rudely interrupted when they’re dragged off on a tropical wizard’s vacation, featuring some angry centaurs, a spell gone wrong, and the ‘weirdest birthday anyone’s ever had. Ever’.
Loving with a Little Twist by hrrytomlinson
“What are you going to do?”
“I don’t know Niall! I just promised my mother I’m bringing my boyfriend - a boyfriend I don’t have - to Thanksgiving dinner. What should I do? I can’t call back and be like, ‘Oh yeah mom, that boyfriend I said that I have, I don’t actually have. Sorry to disappoint you.’ My life is ruined.” Harry returns to suffocating himself with the pillow.
Niall laughs and Harry growls at his best friend’s unwarranted happiness in this life-ending situation. Harry is fucked. Fuck. He needs a boyfriend. Fuck.
(or a thanksgiving themed fake/pretend relationship au)
everywhere (i wanna be with you) by itiswhatitisbutterfly
Harry and Louis meet because they have terrible friends, they fall in love because something feels right in a world of uncertainty and shifting grounds. Louis is an actor and Harry is a model at the top of his game, the best things in life are the most unexpected ones and the things that hit you when you are least expecting it.
Featuring winter in London, nights in Paris, early mornings in New York, burning heat in Monte Carlo and an enduring love spent transcending four corners of the globe.
on a wednesday, in a cafe by wreckedboyfriends
“What can I get for you today?” he asked without looking up, arranging the last of the pastries.
“Have any recommendations? Never been here before, actually.” Harry hit his head on the top of the case in his haste to look at the source of the voice. It was a really beautiful voice, small and high and just lovely, if a voice could be lovely. Harry thought so. “Alright, mate?” the man asked when Harry finally composed himself, rubbing the top of his head as he took his place at the register.
Harry opened his eyes, and fuck. If Harry had thought his voice was lovely, the man himself was on a whole other level. “Alright, mate?” He repeated and shit. Harry had been openly staring for quite awhile, hadn’t he?
“Yeah,” Harry replied, and it came out sounding like a semi trailer running over gravel. He cleared his throat. “Yeah,” he repeated. “Um, the cherry danish is quite good, I think. ’S my favorite.”
The man smiled. “One cherry danish it is, then.”
OR Harry’s spent the last year with six locks on his door, a pair of too-flamboyant boots buried in the back of his closet, and insecurity issues the size of a mammoth. Louis changes some of that, but Harry changes the most.
I Long For You by AnotherAnonymousWriter
Thirty minutes later, he's sat on a bench in Hyde Park with a book in his lap and a travel mug with hot tea in his hand. Not far from where he's sat, a group of boys are playing football and a bunch of children are chasing each other. Life is good.
Or at least, life is good until he hears a familiar “LOOK OUT!” and sees a football flying in the direction of his face.
And then everything is black.
(Harry gets hit in the head by various objects and falls for a boy with blue eyes.)
Let It Snow by thebrainisafunnyplace
Bakery owner Harry Styles is always cold, until he hires local university student, Louis Tomlinson to work as a cashier. When the storm of the year hits, the boys find themselves stuck together inside the bakery the night before Christmas Eve. Luckily, they have each other to keep warm.
everything i can arrange, every part of me you change by orphan_account
“Don’t you try that shit with me,” Niall spits the second he reaches Louis, pulling off the hood with force. “What the hell is this?” He plops down next to Louis on the empty bleacher and unceremoniously pushes a sheet of crumpled paper in his face.
Netflix and Chill Buddy Application
It’s like no matter how hard Louis tries, he can’t seem to run away from this stupid fucking flyer. All the girls (and some of the boys) in every one of his classes have been talking about it all week. It’s on every wall of every building on campus. Louis went for a jog last night and he nearly tripped and died over a loose one on the football track.
[Harry needs a big spoon and Louis refuses to let anyone steal his position. Based on this post.]
No words by becharlatan
Harry is a music student who never talks because he's a total introvert. Louis happens to bump into him by accident and as if like the constellations, the two have aligned their paths together despite their differences.
Sun Emoji Moon Emoji by mybeanieandme
For the prompt:
University!au: Harry works at a cafe as the busboy and Louis just really wants to get to know him. (Louis pines for an insecure Harry for a semester)
nonstop earthquake dreams of you by lumineres
And there's heat behind it, blazing, plasmatic, like stars crashing together, like an explosion in space, like a supernova, like a black hole--everything else sucked out of existence. There's no bed and there's no pillow and they're not lying down, just floating somewhere, somehow, and there's no room and there's no X Factor house and there's no Niall snuffling or Liam's deep, even breathing and there's no wind or traffic outside and there's no hum of the heating unit and it's all just Louis. All encompassingly Louis.
or, harry falls hard and finds louis already at the bottom
Kiss From A Rose by lovelarry10
Harry is the quiet one in the office no one ever notices. Until Louis does, that is. When notes start appearing on Harry’s desk, he ponders who is behind the kind words, oblivious to Louis’ attempts to get his attention...
Black Cat by lalune15
Inspired by this tumblr post (not asked or requested): fic where louis works at a haunted house jumping out at people and harry’s friends drag him along even though he doesn’t really like haunted houses. when louis jumps out to scare their group, harry freaks out and accidentally jumps into louis’s arms. louis just squeaks. harry ends up sitting there with louis the rest of his shift and totally doesn’t come back every night after that.
Be Mine, For Always by zams
Louis is happy when Harry is happy. That's what Louis wants, and so when Louis starts feeling weird when Harry cuddles with Liam, Zayn, or Niall instead of him, he keeps quiet. But the burning, uncomfortable feeling Louis gets deep in his stomach when he sees Harry contentedly nuzzling Liam's neck, or Harry's arms and legs tangled around Niall like an octopus, or Harry's face smushed in Zayn's stomach as Zayn plays with his hair only gets worse as the days go by.
Loosen Up My Buttons by softfonds
The beautiful man opened this bakery about a year ago. He remembered the exact day he came: a glum, rainy morning in the middle of February, which instantly turned brighter the minute he saw him. The man had come in with some paint buckets and tools, and Louis doubted he would be able to fix up the drab place all by himself. But as he walked down the stairs at the end of the day and saw the man standing there in the middle of a gorgeous pink and white shop, clearly proud of his work, Louis fell in love at first sight. If only he knew how to talk to him.
Usually, Louis knew how to flirt. He prided himself on it. But every time he looked at the beautiful man, he completely forgot how to form sentences, and there was no way he could go up to him only to make a fool of himself. That was the last thing he needed.
Or, Louis owns a tattoo shop called Pretty in Ink, Harry owns a bakery called Rolling Scones, they haven't been introduced, and Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect opportunity to finally talk to the man Louis has been pinning over for the past year. And they both end up with more love than they bargained for.
Coffee Cups and Football Boots by kimtaedumb
Harry’s stood behind the counter again, but this time he’s painting his nails. Louis strolls up to the counter and, thanks to his no brain-to-mouth filter, blurts out, “Isn’t that a little girlish, Haz?” leaning closer to inspect.
Harry lets out a little huff as his hand slips, “Oh, damn, now I’ve messed it up,” he pouts and turns to Louis, “Why should making myself feel pretty be girly?”
Louis holds up his hands in surrender, “’M not judging, jus’ curious is all.”
(The entirely cheesy and cliché Christmas AU, in which Harry doesn’t give a damn what people think about him – mostly – and Louis may be a little bit in love.
Alternatively, the one in which Harry owns a café that’s barely scraping by and Louis is a footballer and he takes Harry away for Christmas.
Featuring Zayn as a cocky little shit that most definitely needs to be put back in his place, Niall as the loveable Irish dude who drinks too much and flirts with Zayn more than the average girl, and Liam who loves everyone but hates them all at the same time.)
you make my whole world feel so right when it's wrong by orphan_account
“Curly?” Louis says, stepping into Harry’s sight. “You okay?” Harry looks up from where he has two things in his hands, a thick winter coat sized for a newborn, and a sweatshirt fitting a grown man such as himself. He looks up at Louis, stricken, and holds them out for him to see. “They’re the same price,” he says. “They’re both forty dollars! Forty dollars for such little material.”
(or, Harry is pregnant and stops at the mall to buy cheap baby clothes. Louis has extra money from working a long shift, and he can't think of a better way to spend it than on him.)
you were the ocean, i was drawn into you by by orphan_account
where harry takes pictures and worries too much and louis plays guitar.
i'll be your sunflower by scagnetism
“What do you think’s gonna stop us now?” Harry says cheekily, laughter in his voice as he looks up at Louis. “Something’s gotta get in our way like always, doesn’t it?”
“Ha,” Louis grins, kissing his cheek and holding open the door for him as they make their way toward the car. “Nothing’s gonna interrupt us this time. ‘S gonna be perfect, just like Pumpkin.”
Or, a few interruptions aren't going to stop Harry from having a perfect pregnancy and having the family he and Louis have always dreamed of.
Send Me Your Pillow (The One That You Dream On) by flowercrownfemme
Harry is embarrassed to realize he's nesting but can't stop stealing Louis' things for his nest.
Short fluffy o/o gaybo drabble with lots of cuddles and softness and sock stealing <3
As one we are everything/We are everything we need by louloubaby92
Harry finally marries the love of his life. He's got the mating mark, he's got Louis' ring on his finger.
And now, he's on his honeymoon. Louis is but a door away, waiting for him.
Honestly, he doesn't understand why he's nervous.
only guilty of loving you by sweetrevenge
After Harry gets set up with his co-worker's alpha friend Louis, he's expecting some pleasant conversation, free dinner, and maybe a new friend. What he doesn't expect, however, is that Louis' arrival in his life begins a life of crime Harry never knew he had in him.
A You've Got Mail!AU with a twist.
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benichi · 3 months ago
I played Chou no Doku (so you don’t have to) - True Route
This is the BIG SPOILER route which reveals all the secrets. I decided to post this before anything else though because Majima’s route splits from this one and is easier to understand after knowing everything. Also I actually quite like this route so this post is more on the serious side, but with that out of the way we can have a good time with all the other ones later lol.
The route splits off after Yuriko’s mothers death. If you’d like to read what has happened before check out these posts: (Prologue 1) (Prologue 2) (Mizuhito’s Route 1) (Mizuhito’s Route 2)
Yuriko finally gets the hint that the Chinese Bellflowers are connected to everything that’s been happening. She decides to visit Lady Kyoko, since she’s an old friend of her mother and might know more about the situation than she lets on.
She asks if Kyoko knows anything about Chinese Bellflowers and if they have any connection to her deceased mother. The Lady states that she may know the answer, but in order to be completely sure of her suspicion she asks that Yuriko find her Mother’s diary. Kyoko concludes that the diary must still be around since it held great importance, but is likely hidden somewhere in the Manor.
At home Yuriko immediately starts searching the storehouse...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
... and ends up finding some pr0n.
As she’s about to give up and just settle for the pr0n she’s found Yuriko spots a small hamper which, hidden among Kimonos, also holds her Mothers diary.
The diary is from 25 years back. Shigeko writes that she’s in pain, but not unhappy since due to her condition her Brother visits her a lot. Though she also wonders what he thinks of her inevitable marriage. A little later she writes that she misses her Brother and that he will be married soon as well.
Tumblr media
There’s more talk of Shigeko being courted by Yuriko’s father and her hate towards the woman her Brother will marry. Eventually she says that she will have to leave her home to visit a “Villa”.
Tumblr media
Sweet Home Alabama
Yuriko notes that some of the pages have been ripped out, specifically those about Shigeko’s time at said Villa...
Speaking of Brothers! Mizuhito shows up and asks why his sister decided to pay Lady Kyoko a visit. Yuriko tries to dodge the question, which leads Mizuhito to reveal that the Lady is bisexual and especially interested beautiful people - Yuriko to be precise. He warns that Kyoko isn’t as nice and innocent as she appears. Yuriko ends up getting mad since she clearly needs Kyokos help, so she storms out of the room saying that she’ll definitely be visiting her again the next day.
Tumblr media
Mizuhito’s turn to get dragged.
On said next day Lady Kyoko starts to read through the diary, stating that she finds it hard to believe Shigeko would rip out pages herself. The women conclude that whoever is responsible for the missing pages did so in anger, and that they never wanted for anyone to find out about what happened at the Villa. Kyoko exclaims that she’s figured out the connection between the Chinese Bellflowers and what’s been happening - but also suggests that Yuriko find out the truth herself by visiting the Villa.
Once Yuriko arrives at the Villa she asks if there is someone that has been working at the place 25 years ago. It appears that the last person, called Kikuya, who fits that description left the Villa recently but lives nearby. Once at her house Kikuya immediately recognizes that Yuriko is Shigeko’s daughter since she looks just like her.
Kikuya was actually tasked with looking after Shigeko’s brother Kazukiyo and states that the sibling were very... “close”. Yuriko proceeds to ask about what happened 25 years ago which shocks Kikuya. The old women says that Yuriko’s father asked her the exact same question. He came 15 years ago with fire in his eyes, scared of what he might do to her Kikuya told the truth - something she was never supposed to tell anyone. The women can’t bring herself to say it again, which leads to Yuriko stating her thoughts - that her Mother gave birth in that Villa.
Kikuya confirms her suspicion and exclaims that Yuriko’s dad looked like a demon after hearing the truth. Terrified she told him the whereabouts of the child - which had been raised by a Maid like he was her own. The name of that Maid was Kikyo (Chinese Bellflower). Kikuya also confirms that the child called Kiyoshi was indeed born from an incestuous relation between Shigeko and her Brother. She goes on to explain about hearing a rumor that the entire family of said Maid disappeard...
After returning Yuriko decides to finally confront the killer of her parents. She heads to the Servant’s room (alone, of course) to speak with...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Immediately starting off strong. But I mean we know by now that Yuriko has a thing for calling guys she’s into “Brother”. Majima initially tries to laugh it off but stops once he realizes she won’t let things go.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m not sure if he means Mizuhito or Kazukiyo but either way he be dragging.
Yuriko tries to exclaim that all the time they’ve spent together couldn’t have been a lie - but Majima states that it was exactly that. He says that Yuriko must have come for a reason, which leads to her saying that she wants him to atone for his crimes by surrendering himself to the police. Majima remarks that he himself has not killed anyone but only pulled the strings. He goes on, wanting to know exactly how Yuriko figured out he was the child born in that Villa 25 years ago.
Tumblr media
Please don’t go there.
Majima states that he smells like rotten fruit and that the scent becomes even thicker when he sweats (what am I writing....).
Tumblr media
Yuriko remarks that it must come from their Mother’s lineage and that they probably couldn’t smell each other since they have the same odor. Finally the conversation shifts away from the scent talk and to what motivated Majima to commit these crimes. He refuses to reveal exacly what Yuriko’s father did however, stating that his revenge is done.
Tumblr media
Majima says that he would have killed Yuriko if she had stayed ignorant and innocent. But he can’t bring himself to kill her who’s come alone to his room to face him head on. He states that Yuriko might get in trouble if she doesn’t get rid of him, which she rebukes by saying that killing him won’t bring her happiness. This leads to Majima saying that happiness doesn’t exist for him since he’s dirty. He says that he won’t be a threat to Yuriko anymore and that he’s going to leave the Manor. The two of them embrace and... I’ll spare you Round 2 of their scent talk.
Tumblr media
Asgsjskdkl. Anyways after getting a whiff of Majima Yuriko once again has to point out that he really is her older brother.
Tumblr media
Afterwards Majima says his farewell and Yuriko cries as she silently whispers that she likes him, knowing they will never meet again.
A few years later. We learn that Yuriko is working as a editor at a publishing company now but also solving cases that Kyoko introduces to her as a Detective (which is pretty cool tbh).
Tumblr media
... and that Shiba is still trying to woo her. Ugh.
In fact she’s a very popular and well respected Detective. Content with her current life Yuriko states that she does not intent to marry anyone soon - or even for the rest of her life. On her way home she spots some Chinese Bellflowers on the side of the road. Flooded by memories she can’t help but wonder about what happened to “him”. The color of those flowers - Yuriko finds to be both beautiful and sad, just like the tears he shed that day.
& that’s the “true” route I guess? Honestly this is my favorite ending and I’m glad I got to experience it before the app was shut down. Detective Yuriko was a pleasant surprise. It’s a shame this game had such a bad localization because, even if the truth becomes pretty obvious eventually, the story is still quite intriguing. We can only hope that maybe someday Chou no Doku will get it’s redemption arc like Taisho x Alice did!
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hermits-that-craft · 3 months ago
Marionette Roulette - Chapter 2
TW- Mentions of suicide, implied child abuse
ao3 link in the first reblog
Sam hovers awkwardly at the door to Techno and Phil’s house, unsure as to if he should go in or not. He needs to let them know what has happened, and he needs the information that Phil could potentially have, but this isn’t his news to break.
Except he’s the only one who cares enough to tell the three people who live so far away.
“Are you going to say something, or just stand there?” Ranboo asks, his head tilted in confusion. “You doing alright Sam?”
“I need to tell you guys something. Are Techno and Phil home?” Sam asks, shaking himself out of his stupor.
“Come in.” Techno invites him in from behind Ranboo, a look on his face telling Sam that it’s going to be hard to convince him that he doesn’t know what happened.
Sam steps into the cottage, warm air washing over him like sea foam. It clings to his fur, and Sam finds himself hissing in content. Phil and Techno exchange worried looks, but Ranboo just smiles, and mumbles something to the pair.
“You said you had something to tell us?” Phil says, breaking the silence.
“You might want to sit down for this.” Sam says, taking a deep breath in. Phil, Techno and Ranboo sit around the kitchen table, Ranboo nervously looking around. Phil and Techno exchange a glance, and Techno rolls his eyes.
“Bit over dramatic, I’m sure the news isn’t that huge.” Techno says with a smirk.
“Tubbo was killed in a battle against Dream two days ago.” Sam says, his voice wavering. “Tommy is currently missing in action, presumed dead. I’m so sorry.”
The trio just stare at him, his words washing over them. Ranboo is the first to understand what was said, burying his face into his hands and sobbing quietly. Phil is the next to realise, horror and grief mixing in his eyes as he wails. A father who possibly outlived two of his sons, the only survivor sitting next to him. Techno is the last to realise, and anger overtakes grief in his eyes. Techno stands, pushing his chair over in his rush. Techno stalks over to Sam, pushing him against the wall as though that could change the past.
“You’re sure! You’re sure that Tubbo is dead.” It’s not a question but a demand.
“I’ve seen the body.” Sam says, tears dripping down his face. “Axe to the chest. He couldn’t survive that one.”
“And Tommy. He’s just missing, not dead, correct?”
“Techno, it’s Tommy .” Sam says. “Do you really believe that he would survive Tubbo’s death? After everything he gave up for Tubbo?”
Phil wails once more, keening in lament for his son. Ranboo starts to shake, as though he wants to teleport away but simply can’t . Techno lets Sam go, collapsing to the floor. It’s as though he can’t process it, as though he can’t do anything but stare at the ground. It must be hard - losing both of your siblings within a year.
“I need to ask a few questions, but if you don’t feel up to answering them then I can leave.” Sam says gently.
“Go on.” Ranboo says for the two men, not waiting to see their reactions.
“Tubbo’s family.” Sam says softly. “Someone needs to tell them that he’s died. Do you know who I can contact?”
“Captainsparklez, on Mianite.” Phil says, staring at the ground. “I- He- I-”
“Thank you.” Sam says, nodding his head at the man. “I’ll let him know.”
“When is the funeral?” Techno asks, hugging himself while he sits on the floor.
“Next week.” Sam says. “We have to-” He takes a deep breath in. “There’s no coffins Tubbo’s size, and everyone would prefer to bury Tommy with him. They were best friends, after all.”
“But there’s a chance Tommy’s alive.” Ranboo says without conviction. He’d seen Tommy in exile, he was the only person in the house who visited the teen more than once. Ranboo clearly knew about Tommy’s spiraling mental health - something that Sam only learnt about after the bombing of L’Manburg, in a quiet exchange between Tommy and Tubbo that Sam was never supposed to hear - and Ranboo clearly knew that there wasn’t any way that Tommy survived Tubbo’s death.
If the teen fell to his own hand or his enemy’s, it didn’t matter. Tommy and Tubbo could not be separated.
Tubbo barely lived when Tommy was in exile - both times. Sam had seen the teen roaming Manburg, looking as though he was barely surviving without his friend. It appeared better in the second exile - perhaps Tubbo was putting on a brave face, or maybe he was just used to it - but it was clear that he still missed the teen.
And, deep down, Sam knows that Tommy felt the exiles worse than Tubbo. After all - Tubbo had a support system. Tommy had an insane man, one who blew up his home, the other who blew up his home and killed his best friend.
Tommy was always handed the short end of the stick, and always punished for acting out because of it. It’s upsetting just how little the university seems to have cared about the teen, until after he died. No one cared for him until after he died.
“Thank you.” Sam says, pulling himself out of his anger. “I’ll message you the dates for the funerals.”
“Why didn’t you just message us the news?” Phil asks, his voice hollow.
“Because hearing that your children died is news that you should hear from someone’s mouth. Not through a screen.” Sam responds despondently. He turns, walking out of the room. How could Philza ask him that? How could he care so little for Tommy and Tubbo? Was it because Sam was the one who told him, or was it because he didn’t care for the teens.
“Tubbo wasn’t our brother.” Sam hears Techno mumble. “And both were problems who tore the family apart.”
Red flashes in Sam’s eyes, and Ranboo wails at those words. One should not speak ill of the dead. Sam lets the door slam behind him, a loud bang! that condemns the two adults in the house to a damnation that Sam can bring to their doorsteps. Dream may have taken away his right to be the warden, but there isn’t much Sam would have to do to convince the rest of the server to throw the pair into the jail for their comments.
Sam is not a vengeful man, but those children didn’t deserve death and pain. Tommy didn’t deserve to be put with that family. Tubbo didn’t deserve to be spoken about with such contempt.
Sam steps out into the snow storm, walking away from the cottage warmed by false ideals of family. Tubbo is dead, and the likelihood of Tommy having survived is so close to nothing it shouldn’t be counted as an option.
But Sam has worked under worse conditions. He’ll find Tommy - either his body, his ghost or his person. Maybe then he can help the teen.
Show him what a family looks like.
Niki looks out of the window of her and Puffy’s home, humming under her breath. Tubbo, dead?
Why would Dream kill Tubbo, when Tommy was far worse - a warmonger? It doesn’t make sense to Niki, though she supposes that Dream may have only returned Tubbo’s body to the main area of the server because Tommy isn’t worth a grave. He can rot where he lies, for all Niki cares.
Is that true though?
Guilt claws at her heart, as though she was the one who killed the teens. She never wanted Tubbo dead - Tommy was the only one that she and Jack wanted to kill. Why can’t she stomach the two teens' deaths? Why does guilt drown her as though she threw the axe?
Tubbo died saving Tommy, Dream had said. Perhaps that's why she feels as though she threw the axe. Tubbo had jumped in front of the axe to save Tommy from certain death, dying in the process.
Would he have done the same, if it were Niki and Jack throwing the axe?
Ghostbur sits in the L’Manhole, hiding under an undercroft as rain buckets down. He sticks his hands into the rain, watching as they run like watercolours in the rain. He wants to feel pain. He longs for it to hurt, for the pain to be unbearable and for it to burn like the noise it makes. It doesn’t. It doesn’t feel like anything. His skin fizzes and his hands run like paint down a drain, but he doesn’t feel any pain.
Tubbo is dead. Tommy could be dead.
“Get your hands out of the rain, loverboy.” Glatt says, making Ghostbur jump. “Tubbo is with us down there, but he’s happy to stay and rest for a while. He says he’ll be back for his funeral.”
“And Tommy?” Ghostbur isn’t able to return to the Aether, not since he made the deal with Glatt to watch the overworld for the other ghost. He could return, of course, no deal stops the inevitable, and maintaining a form is hard , but he doesn’t want to.
Alivebur is so loud there.
“He isn’t there, Wilbur.” Schlatt says, his voice more full. Without an echo. “Your little brother is alive. Tubbo says Dream killed him so that he could break Tommy.”
“No.” Ghostbur pleads with the rain, with his friend. “ No, not Toms. Not my baby brother.”
“I’m sorry, Wil.” Glatt says, pulling the tall ghost into a hug. “I’m so sorry.”
“He’s just a kid. He’s just a kid. ” Ghostbur’s eyes glow bright, angry, and Glatt looks at him with growing realisation.
“This is not a world to make into a disaster, Ghostbur.” Glatt warns. “There is more than just us here.”
“We deserve the pain.”
“Let’s go somewhere warm.” Glatt says, the bedrock glowing golden as Glatt opens a portal to the Aether.
Thats one good thing about the L’Manhole. They don’t need to beg Dream to make a bedrock portal for them anymore. They have access to enough bedrock here to keep a portal open constantly.
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annoyingwarriorsfan · 3 months ago
AU set to "SIX" from the Six musical where Appledusk had mates in all the clans because that is just how shitty he is-
He had Reedshine in Riverclan, Mapleshade in Thunderclan, three in Windclan because Windclan's territory is so large that is was easy to avoid being seen by anyone, and one in Shadowclan.
Mapleshade was pregnant this time when she is exiled from Thunderclan. She panics trying to think of where to go, and she can feel that Frecklewish and a patrol are following her to make sure she leaves. Desperate and thinking Appledusk is faithful, she starts to cross the river. There was no wave when she first crossed, but the storm was so bad that even trees where being tipped in the wind. One with loose roots fell a little ways from her and caused a wave that almost drowns her before she is saved by two Riverclan toms. Appledusk is not on the patrol. Mapleshade has a permanent scar from the rocks, on the side of her head. Luckily, she got away without any physical brain damage.
Reedshine was horrified to find out about his cheating, and asked if Thunderclan is where he's constantly sneaking off to. This is where he pathetically admits and apologizes, that he has multiple mates. He claims that when Reedshine was found to be pregnant, he began meeting with Mapleshade. He got annoyed with her because she was quite emotional, Thunderclan had just lost Birchface, Flowerpaw and their old medicine cat, all of which Mapleshade was very close to considering she had no living biological family. -- He never told her that he was the one to kill Birchface, and Thunderclan thought it was best for her at that point to not find out when they returned from the battle without them.
Darkstar is disgusted and demands that he tell Maple and Reed the names of these other cats. So he does.
Darkstar and Reedshine were always rather close friends, Reedshine having always wanted kits and helped take care of Perchkit when Darkstar had him. The leaders offers Mapleshade a place in Riverclan, even if she only wants it until she's healed and then decides to leave to live a calmer life, and offers to exile Appledusk if Reedshine wishes it.
Reedshine says no as Mapleshade shyly turns down the kind offer, and steps closer to the Thunderclan queen, resting a paw gently on her freezing shoulder.
"I love my clan, and I love my Clanmates and you, Darkstar.. but Appledusk can stay if you would want him to." She glances down to Mapleshade and gives an encouraging smile. "We're leaving. Both of us, together. Where we can raise our kits together and give them a life free of battles and fights."
Mapleshade agrees, suddenly feeling a little less freezing at Reedshine's presence.
They stay there until morning, Mapleshade feels warmer and Reedshine and her say goodbye to everyone before they leave. Reedshine is told by her Clanmates that they'll miss her, and they wish both of them good luck. Darkstar escorts them to the border. "I suppose I won't see you again, so I'll congratulate you on your kits now. I know both of you will make fine mothers."
They're crossing through Fourtrees when Reedshine, ever optimistic, gets an idea. They'll visit all the clans and find out who these other cats are, and ask if they'd like to join them! She tells a rather cautious Mapleshade that if these other cats get found out, then their leaders may exile them anyway, and they couldn't let that happen when it's all Appledusk's fault!
They visit Shadowclan first, as Windclan is where they can leave clan territory to find their own far away.
At first, Shadowclan is hostile, but they calm down when both of them swear they mean no harm and see that they're both expecting kits. They explain when the leader calls the clan together, and Appledusk's shadowclan mate is shocked. Shadowclan's leader reprimands her for having a halfclan relationship, and when other cats also begin calling her a traitor, she agrees to leave with them.
The trio heads to Windclan, where they do the same thing, saying they mean no harm and explain what happened with Appledusk. The two she-cats he had been seeing are shocked that he would do such a thing, saying that he had told them he'd loved them and that he would do anything for them. The two she-cats talk it over for awhile and after that, decide that they will leave with the other three.
The group travels, bonding into one little family on their journey and looking out for each other, each using their clan ability to find them all food and help each other out, until they find a place to call home, an open windclan-like field with flowers and a river and a small wooded shady area, the smell of rabbits and prey is strong in the air and hostile cats are nowhere to be found. The group decides it's perfect.
One of the Windclan pair has knowledge as a medicine cat, as they find out on the journey when she tells them a story of when she spent moons in the medicine den helping out because of an accident where she almost died from a wound in battle.
Soon enough, Reedshine and Mapleshade have their kits, and the litters grow up seeing each other as siblings, with all of the others being just as motherly toward them as they queens helping each other in the clans.
After settling in, they talk about Appledusk, and now they tell the story for laughs, finding it hilarious that the tom screwed up so badly and knew it the entire time, but ended up making all of them so happy in their little group together when he pushed too far with his secret.
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angelofbenignmalevolence · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thunderbirds Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Virgil Tracy, John Tracy, Scott Tracy Additional Tags: Mentions of the incident with EOS, Brotherly disagreements, Sibling fight Series: Part 4 of Bad Things Happen Bingo Summary:
John descends from on high after EOS reveals herself. A full medical scan needs to be run. And there are some words that need to be exchanged between brothers.
This is for my "Bad Thing Happen Bingo Card." The prompt here was John and Pinned to a Wall. It was requested by @kenzie-running-free​​ and @ohsheasus​​. A very special thank you to @thunderbird-one-ai​​ for the help getting out of the corner I had written myself into.
John was one of the brothers that didn’t mind visiting the infirmary so much. Alan hadn’t yet grown into hating the infirmary, since his scrapes had been relatively minor this far and thus he had only had a slightly stern Virgil and a doting Grandmother to deal with in the infirmary. Gordon tried to avoid the infirmary like the plague after his hydrofoil crash and so many subsequent instances where Thunderbird Four had gotten into some serious trouble. Virgil didn’t mind being the medic, but when it came to his own injuries, he made himself scarce in the infirmary. And Scott…well, Scott seemed allergic to the infirmary where his own injuries were concerned.
John wished that allergy to the infirmary applied to the brothers’ injuries as well. Perhaps then, Scott would not be standing across from him in the infirmary, glowering. Scott’s arms were folded across his chest, a sign that didn’t bode well for John. It was obvious that Scott was waiting for Virgil to finish full medical before giving John a piece of whatever was on his mind. John wouldn’t have needed three guesses to know what that was. Virgil stepped back as he completed the scans and battery of tests on John.
“Well, it looks like all your scans appear to be coming back normal. There doesn’t seem to be any long lasting effects from earlier,” Virgil said. John had been so close to death when Alan had pulled him into Thunderbird Three that Virgil just wanted to run all the tests again, as if he was afraid that this was some kind of an illusion and that John was still dying.
“So does that mean that I am clear to return to Thunderbird Five?” John asked. He was anxious to get back to his bird and fulfill the promise he had made to the AI that had, only hours ago, tried to kill him. Scott’s lips thinned into a line, a change of expression that Virgil didn’t miss and only barely managed to suppress himself.
“Medically speaking, I have no reason to deny you a return to Thunderbird Five, but it looks like Scott might have something to say about that,” Virgil said. John hopped off the bed in the infirmary.
“Well, he can tell me while I prepare the space elevator to take me up,” he said. If Scott was going to ream him out, he didn’t exactly want an audience. He didn’t give either Scott or Virgil the chance to protest as he headed for the infirmary doors. A set of footsteps following behind him told him that Scott had followed him. John kept walking, knowing that it was only a matter of time until Scott couldn’t hold it in any longer.
“Are you going to slow down so we can talk?” Scott asked, a hint of annoyance in his voice. John kept walking.
“I suppose that depends on your definition of talk,” John said. “I’m not in the mood for a lecture.” Scott grabbed his arm and wheeled John around. He had been so close to making it to the hangar. John could see the stormclouds in his brother’s eyes.
“What the hell are you thinking, John?” Scott asked as John wrenched his arm out of his brother’s grasp. John took a breath before answering. Getting upset was going to get them nowhere fast, not with Scott’s volatile temper and John’s penchant for glacial fury when he was pushed to anger.
“I’m medically fit to continue to do my job,” John said. “To do that, I need to go back up to Thunderbird Five.”
“Back up with that thing that tried to kill you.” It wasn’t a question.
“She didn’t—”
“Don’t you dare try to tell me that thing didn’t mean it,” Scott said. “Or that it didn’t know what it was doing. It’s made from your code. You’re the smartest person I know and the one that calculates everything in advance. Your code taught itself how to evolve to near human intelligence. It knew exactly what it was doing.”
“Her prime directive was self preservation,” John said. “The same prime directive that we all have.”
“We don’t have a prime directive! We are humans, John! And what is to stop it from resorting back to that prime directive, from labeling you as a threat?” Scott said. John shook his head.
“I managed to get through to her. She has me at her core, Scott,” John said, trying to use his cool logic to defuse the situation.
“That didn’t seem to make a difference when it locked you out of your spaceship without any supplemental air,” Scott said. The sight of John’s lifeless body on the hologram projector, the glassy eyed stare as the oxygen in his suit thinned, these were images that would haunt Scott’s dreams for too long.
“Dad would have given her a chance,” John said.
“Well dad isn’t here right now,” Scott said. John folded his arms.
“You’re right. He isn’t. So stop trying to pretend like you’ve become him. You’re my brother at home, my commander in the field, but you will never take the place of dad,” John said.
“Goddammit John,” Scott said, grabbing the front of John’s uniform and pushing him roughly against the wall, eliciting a soft oof from his brother. “You aren’t listening to me!”
“Get off me, Scott,” John said, pushing against his brother’s wrists. Scott held fast, letting him up off the wall only enough to push him back against him again, forcing John’s attention back on him.
“No. You’re going to listen to me,” Scott said. “I watched you as you slowly started to suffocate up there, because of that thing. That thing pretended to be you so well that we nearly lost you.” Scott’s voice shook with suppressed fear. “I nearly lost you because that thing isolated you from us. And once we got you out of there, you went straight back in and put your life in its hands.” John could feel his brother’s knuckles shaking through the fabric of his uniform, holding on not as a threat, but instead out of fear that if he let his brother go, it might be for the last time. John laid his hands over his brother’s wrists.
“I’m still here Scott,” he said. Scott rested his forehead against John’s.
“I don’t trust that thing,” Scott declared softly. “I don’t trust that thing with you. I can’t lose you as well as mom and dad. It would break me.” John let go of his brother’s wrists to put his arms around Scott, assuring him of his presence. After a moment, Scott’s grip on his brother shifted to an embrace.
“You don’t have to trust her, Scott,” John said, pulling Scott close to him. “Put your trust in me. Trust that I won’t leave this family…I will do everything I can to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.” Scott’s arms tightened around his brother as he heard the space elevator descending.
“Please, John,” Scott asked, barely audible over the creak and groan of the machinery. “Please…just…stay here on earth tonight…for my sake.” John pushed Scott back slightly to get a good look at his brother. His brother’s eyes were glistening with desperation and his shoulders were tight with panic. John nodded.
“Ok, Scott…I’ll stay tonight…I’ll stay…” John said. “Just let me smooth things over with EOS and then we can go relax, yeah?” Scott frowned at the mention of the AI but he nodded slowly, letting John up off of the wall. John moved over to the control panel for the space elevator and Scott let out a soft sigh.
John’s heart was far too big, and his trust often misplaced. But Scott knew his own trust in John was never misplaced, even if it meant compromise when Scott would rather exert his will to keep his brother safe. He waited until John had a brief conversation with the AI and dropped the tension he hadn’t realized he was holding in his shoulders when the Space elevator began to ascend again. John moved over and put a hand on Scott’s shoulder.
“Come on,” he said, leading the way out of the hangar. “Let’s get you to relax a little.”
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hysterialevi · 4 months ago
Eitr | Chapter 7
Tumblr media
Fanfic summary: In an alternate universe where the Raven Clan is wiped out, Sigurd ends up being rescued by the son of a Saxon ealdorman, and is tasked with being the boy’s new bodyguard. Upon meeting the boy’s father however, Sigurd soon realizes that the ealdorman is responsible for his clan’s destruction, and secretly plans for revenge while hiding behind the guise of a Norse pagan turned Christian.
Point of view: third-person
Pairing: Sigurd Styrbjornson x Male OC
This story is also on AO3 | Previous chapter | Next chapter
Sitting quietly on the edge of his bed, Sigurd stared bleakly out through the tall window in front of him as he watched people gather at the main gate and huddle together in the cold, waiting for the arrival of their beloved Thegn.
At the moment, he was fidgeting with a simple dagger in his hands and twirling the sharp blade between his fingers, silently contemplating to himself about what to do next.
He was already suited up in his armor and ready to join the siblings down at the front of the castle, but despite the urgency of the day’s agenda, Sigurd found himself completely devoid of any motivation.
He just... didn’t know what the point of this was anymore. Why was he still fighting? Why was he bothering trying to survive? Even if he somehow managed to make it through this storm that was now headed his way, Sigurd failed to see what he would gain from struggling against its binds.
Eivor was dead. Randvi was dead. Everyone he loved had been slaughtered, and damned to the icy pits of Helheim for eternity. There was no hope of ever seeing them again, and with Aegenwulf’s men constantly kicking him down, Sigurd wondered if he should’ve just given in to them.
It didn’t matter much to him if he didn’t make it to Valhalla. The rest of his family was in Hel, anyway. The only thing left in his life that carried any sort of significance was the temptation of revenge, and even that seemed far out of reach.
But... what if this was what the Nornir intended for him? What if he was never meant to reunite with his brother? Had the gods placed Sigurd on this path in order to lead him to peace? Or were they simply driving him towards vengeance?
Well, whatever the case was, Sigurd wasn’t ready to throw his hands up in defeat just yet. He still had some strength left in him, and Tyr willing, he would use it to take Algar down once and for all.
“...I’m going to kill him, Eivor...” he whispered lifelessly, gazing at the weapon in his hands. “His death may not bring you back, but at least I can reclaim the honor he stole from us. I owe you that much, after everything that’s happened.”
Slowly rising from the bed, Sigurd slid the dagger back into its sheathe and adjusted the cloak hanging from his shoulders, striding over to the door. He wasn’t eager to present himself to the judgmental eyes of Forangal’s people, or deal with Algar’s nonsense once again, but for the sake of avoiding suspicion, he simply stifled his rage and put on a neutral face, hoping to conceal the fire that burned within.
He may not’ve been in a position to do anything just yet, but Sigurd had faith that his moment for revenge would come. Things like this often came when one least expected it, and in spite of all the suffering he had endured thus far, a part of him still hoped that the gods would grant him the opportunity eventually. 
He was just one man at the end of the day, but he carried the strength of his entire clan with him. And that gave him power.
Swinging the door open, Sigurd nearly stepped out into the corridor until he noticed someone else standing his tracks, causing him to come to an abrupt halt. Their fist was raised in the air as if they were just about to knock on the door, and judging by the perturbed look on their face, Sigurd assumed it wasn’t for a good reason.
He took a step back, stopping to greet his visitor.
“Edric?” Sigurd said, somewhat surprised.
A wave of relief washed over the young man’s expression. “Ah, Sigurd. There you are. I was looking for you.”
“You were? Is there something you need, my lord?”
“No,” Edric replied, his voice gentle with care. “I merely wanted to see how you were doing. I saw Edlynne and Joseph heading down to the main gate earlier, but you weren’t with them. And you certainly weren’t with me, so I feared something may have happened.”
Sigurd threw him a puzzled glance. “...Such as?”
The nobleman leaned against the doorframe, lowering the volume of his voice. “...People have been whispering ever since Algar spoke with you yesterday. They say you stormed out of his chambers like a beast on the hunt, and even Edlynne confessed she was worried about you. Did... something happen between you and Algar? He didn’t harm you, did he?”
Sigurd shook his head. “No, no. Nothing like that. I just...”
The Norseman trailed off into silence, reluctant to say more. He did not wish to lie to Edric, but he knew the consequences of what would happen if he told the truth.
“...He and I have our own disputes to settle.” Sigurd answered vaguely, his tone sharp with spite. “It is not something I wish to burden you with.”
Edric furrowed his brow in concern and let out a quiet sigh, unsure of what else to say. He had attempted to break down the wall between him and Sigurd more than a few times now, but it was evident that the man was adamant on keeping his thoughts to himself.
“I wish Algar wouldn’t hound you so often.” The young lord said. “He has no right to belittle you in such a way, and yet my father does nothing to tighten his reins. He’d do well to remind that man of his place.”
Sigurd remained stoic. “I can handle him, Edric. Algar is no more than a snake. His time will come.”
“I’m glad to hear it, but still... tensions are high enough as it is in Wedenscire. The last thing we need is Algar striking a flame with his constant war-mongering.”
The viking almost laughed aloud at Edric’s words. If only he knew.
“Well, anyway,” the Saxon continued, “enough of that. We have a thegn to greet. Raedan and his family are nearly at Forangal, and I’d prefer not to keep them waiting. Bear in mind, though, Sigurd -- should you ever need to get your thoughts out in the open, I’m always willing to lend an ear. I know how detrimental it can be to one’s well-being when they carry such burdens alone.”
Sigurd gave him an appreciative nod. “Thank you, my lord. I’ll remember that.”
Edric chuckled affectionately. “You know you can just call me Edric, right? There’s no need for such formalities.”
“Your father would disagree.”
The young man dismissed the concern. “My father is his own man, and so am I. You may be my bodyguard, but I see no need to treat you like a servant.”
The Norseman returned the smile. “...Very well, then. Edric it is.”
“Good.” Edric replied, removing himself from the doorframe. “Well, now that that’s out of the way, shall we get going?”
Sigurd reached an arm out, gesturing down the hallway. “Lead on.”
Standing alongside one other, Joseph and Edlynne stuck together at the front of the crowd as they waited in anticipation for Raedan’s arrival, eager to see the man and his family after all these years.
Even though they feared what would happen once he learned of Sigurd’s presence, the twins couldn’t deny that they were excited to see their father’s old friend again. It had been a long time since the thegn last set foot in Forangal thanks to the troubles of the war, and his children were also good friends with the twins themselves.
On the downside though, they were well aware of Raedan’s views towards vikings. He had lost family members of his own to their raids, and they had no doubts that Sigurd’s recent promotion would strain the peace a bit.
Fortunately however, Raedan was known to be a more respectable man. Unlike Algar, he valued diplomacy and restraint just as much as he did battle-prowess. He knew when one was more important than the other, and God willing, the twins hoped he’d be able to see sense today.
If not, Lord only knew what would happen.
“Bloody hell,” Joseph muttered, rubbing his hands together. “It’s freezing. Raedan couldn’t have arrived when the sun was higher in the sky?”
Edlynne rolled her eyes at her brother’s complaints. “Certainly, if you don’t mind him being delayed again.”
“I’m just saying, I’m much more of a gentleman when I’m not freezing my balls off.”
“Joseph...!” She scolded, reminding him of his vulgarity.
“Oh, relax. I won’t speak that way when Raedan’s around.”
Edlynne humorously raised a brow at him. “But you’ll speak that way in front of me?”
“You don’t have a great-sword sitting on your back.”
“Hush, you two.” A third voice jumped in, bringing the twins’ attention elsewhere.
Edlynne glanced to her side, feeling her chest loosen with relief once she saw who it was.
“Edric! You found Sigurd.”
“Indeed. I stopped by his chambers on the way here.”
The girl turned to the viking. “And you, Sigurd? Everything’s alright, I hope?”
The bodyguard nodded. “I’m well, Edlynne. You needn’t worry about me. I... apologize if I frightened you.”
Edlynne shook her head. “You didn’t frighten me. I was only concerned about what Algar may have done to you. I know how insufferable that man can be.”
Sigurd chuckled. “As do I. Believe me.”
Joseph let out a disapproving sigh. “That bastard looked awfully smug this morning when he was waltzing around with father. I have a bad feeling about where this is going. It’s never a good sign when someone like Algar is in high spirits.”
Edric stood next to the twins, placing himself closest to the gate. “Well, it won’t do us any good to speculate based on rumors. Now be quiet, both of you. Raedan and his family will be here soon. And for God’s sake, remember your manners.”
Joseph grinned playfully. “Yes, mother.”
Taking his position among the siblings, Sigurd lingered quietly beside them as he watched Aegenwulf’s guards get into formation, surrounding the gate in an orderly fashion.
Everywhere around him, he saw banners with Aegenwulf’s sigil flying proudly in the wind as they stood tall under the great white sky, dancing wildly in the breeze.
It was the same banner that would’ve been flying over Ravensthorpe by now if Algar hadn’t kept the ambush a secret. Much like a gravestone, they seemed to tower over the entire castle like a testament to the cruelty of their ealdorman’s housecarl, and every time Sigurd looked at it, he couldn’t help but think of all the souls that were lost on that tragic night.
“Open the gate!” One of the guards cried from the battlements, breaking Sigurd out of his thoughts. “Thegn Raedan has arrived!”
Taking hold of the gate’s controls, the guards began to steadily turn the mechanism as the castle opened itself to its esteemed guest, causing everyone inside the walls to fall into silence. 
Within the blink of an eye, an entire unit of soldiers had poured in through the entrance and filled the space with an impressive display of knights, all of them dressed head-to-toe in armor. Maroon capes fluttered behind them as they rode into Forangal on horseback, and in the center of their party, Sigurd spotted Thegn Raedan himself, sitting atop his mount in a dignified manner.
Sigurd had to admit, the man wasn’t what he expected. Contrary to the clean-cut, pristine nobleman he had envisioned in his head, Raedan actually looked much rougher in reality.
He was a tall, burly Saxon with the pride of a king, and the mindset of a warrior. His hair was long, brown, untamed, and he had a bushy beard clinging onto his chin. Streaks of grey could be seen dotting the wild strands of his mane, and on his neck, Sigurd noticed a simple cross hanging from a string.
As for the man himself, Raedan appeared to be slightly younger than Aegenwulf. His skin wasn’t creased with quite as many wrinkles, but it was still clear that he had experienced his own fair share of battle. A multitude of faint scars dusted the surface of his flesh, and hiding just underneath his sleeve, Sigurd could’ve sworn he saw an old burn clutching onto his wrist.
The Saxon thegn was certainly a sight to behold, and just based on the sheer amount of soldiers that were within his company, the Norseman thought it was safe to assume that Joseph’s instincts were probably right. A war was definitely brewing behind closed doors, and Raedan was going to play a vital role in it.
“Raedan, my friend!” Aegenwulf greeted joyously, strolling down the center of the courtyard with Algar in tow. The housecarl threw a side glance at Sigurd along the way, grinning in malice.
“Aegenwulf, you old dog!” Raedan replied with a hearty guffaw, dismounting his horse. “There you are! Lord knows I’ve missed that ugly face!”
The ealdorman laughed. “And I, yours.”
The two of them met in the middle, embracing each other in a friendly hug.
“Oh, Aegenwulf,” Raedan said, his tone softened by a tinge of nostalgia, “it’s been far too long, old friend. Far too long.”
“Yes, it has. I fear I have grown weary of this war in the recent years. It is a blessing to see you again.”
Raedan separated the hug, looking the ealdorman in the vehemently eye. “Indeed. I... heard about what happened to Gareth. Terrible shame, that. He was a fine warrior. Wise beyond his years. He will be eternally missed.”
Aegenwulf’s gaze fell to the ground. “Yes. My heart still bleeds for him everyday. His loss has left a crack in the foundation of our family, but with your help, I’m hoping that a fate like his will never be repeated.”
The thegn patted him firmly on the shoulder. “Of course. My sword is yours, Aegenwulf. Always.”
Bringing their conversation to a pause, the rest of Raedan’s family joined the scene, happily walking up to the ealdorman.
“Lady Moira,” Aegenwulf said with a smile, approaching Raedan’s wife. “The years have been much kinder to you, it seems.”
The woman beamed at him. “You flatter me, Aegenwulf. It’s a pleasure to see you again. I know my children have certainly missed the familiar walls of Forangal.”
“How are Henry and Sibley? I trust they are doing well?”
She stepped to the side, revealing two adolescents behind her. “You can ask them yourself. Children, you remember Ealdorman Aegenwulf, don’t you?”
The older sibling, Henry, gave the man a timid nod of acknowledgement. He appeared to be around the same age as Joseph, and had a head of blond hair.
“H-Hello, my lord.”
Moira let out a soft tsk. “Oh, come now, Hal. There’s no need to be shy. You’ve known Aegenwulf and his family ever since you were just a child.”
The ealdorman chuckled. “The boy’s behavior is understandable. It’s been years since we last met. I fear our memory has faded somewhat. Though, it’s clear he’s grown into a fine young man.”
“Indeed,” Moira agreed. “He’s becoming more and more like his father everyday. Apart from the poetry, that is.”
Aegenwulf quirked a brow. “You write poetry?”
Henry knotted his hands together. “...I-It’s nothing special, really.”
“Take pride in your passions, young man. They are the things that define us, after all.”
The ealdorman brought his attention to Henry’s little sister, Sibley. She was a young girl -- roughly a year or two behind Edlynne -- and shared her father’s hazel-colored hair.
“And Lady Sibley, how do you fare in these trying times?”
“I’m well, considering the circumstances.” She replied. “I think me and my brother are both just shaken up by the Danes we encountered yesterday.”
Aegenwulf shot Raedan a concerned glance. “You encountered Danes?”
The other man crossed his arms. “Not quite. As my messenger told you, we saw them wandering around in the woods near Agenbury. They were a little too close for comfort, but fortunately, they seemed to be too preoccupied with other matters to notice us. However, I did note that they were heading this way.”
The ealdorman rubbed his chin in thought. “Is that so?”
“Yes. You were wise to call for me, Aegenwulf. I fear that trouble will soon be knocking on your door.”
“Hmm. Then perhaps it’d be best if we got to work as soon as possible.”
Raedan held a hand up. “Hold on a moment, old friend. Aren’t you forgetting something?”
The ealdorman paused. “Am I--? Oh! Yes.” He turned around to face his own family, guiding the thegn to the crowd that stood before them.
“You remember my son, Edric.” Aegenwulf said, gesturing to the young man.
Raedan laughed in disbelief, eyeing the boy from head-to-toe.
“Edric? Is that you, lad?” 
The nobleman smiled at him. “Hello, Raedan. It’s good to see you again.”
“My God,” Raedan remarked cheerfully, patting Edric on the shoulder. “Look at that beard! And you’ve become so much taller as well. You’re growing far too fast, young man. You and I will have to spar sometime.”
The thegn brought his focus to the twins. “And Joseph and Edlynne. My goodness... the last time I saw you both, you were no higher than my knees. Now look at you. Standing tall and proud like a true set of nobles. Aegenwulf must be pleased.”
Edlynne’s expression radiated at the compliment. “We missed you, Raedan. And your family as well. It’s been so long since we last had the opportunity to get together.”
Raedan nodded. “Aye. Feels like an eternity ago. I trust you and your brother are staying safe?”
Joseph shrugged. “As safe as we can be, my lord.”
“It gladdens me to hear it.”
Letting his gaze travel further down the crowd, Raedan suddenly came to an abrupt halt when he noticed Sigurd standing at the twins’ side, studying his every move like a wolf watching from the woods.
Neither of them said anything to each other, but purely based on the slight shift in Raedan’s mood, everyone could tell that a sense of unease had settled into the courtyard.
“...You have a Dane with you?” Raedan asked, his tone completely devoid of any warmth.
Aegenwulf walked up to the two of them, hoping to calm his friend’s nerves. “He’s a Norse, actually. This is Sigurd the Lone Wolf. He joined us recently.”
“Yes. He is the one responsible for protecting my children.”
Raedan tilted his head. “A Norse bodyguard? In Forangal? Are you certain that’s wise, old friend?”
The ealdorman didn’t appear bothered. “Sigurd has yet to give me a reason to distrust him. In fact, he’s been quite efficient in his duties. He’s a skilled warrior, and he knows the consequences he will have to face should he betray my hospitality.”
“I certainly hope so. Norsemen are formidable warriors, yes, but they don’t like to be ordered around. Trying to control them is like trying to tame the ocean. It’s an endeavor doomed to end in futility.”
Raedan stared into Sigurd’s ice-cold eyes, deciding to let the matter go for now. “...But I trust your judgement, Aegenwulf. If you feel this man is no threat to us, then I shan’t press any further. Though, a little caution would not be ill-advised. There’s a fire in this one. You’d do best to put it out.”
Aegenwulf took his friend’s opinion to heart. “Oh, believe me. I shall.”
Putting the subject aside, the ealdorman led the thegn away from the crowds and guided him into the castle, eager to carry on with their day.
“Come, let’s take this to the war room. We have much to discuss. Your family can get settled in their chambers in the meantime. My twins will show them the way.” Aegenwulf glanced back at his children. “Edric! I want you to join us.”
The nobleman stepped forward. “And Sigurd? What about him?”
“Let him stay. This conversation is for our ears only.”
“...Very well.”
Following his father to the war room, Edric swiftly strode away from the crowds and tagged along with the two Saxons, sticking close to them as Algar tailed them from behind.
Meanwhile, Sigurd remained with the twins and silently clung to the shadows, unwilling to open himself up to conversation. He had been in a foul mood ever since his exchange with Algar the previous day, and he had no interest in socializing at the moment.
“Joseph, Edlynne,” Henry said shyly, approaching the twins. “I’m glad to see you two are doing well after all these years.”
The girl returned the gesture. “And you, Hal. I have to admit, part of me was worried when we heard why you were delayed. Hopefully you didn’t run into too much trouble on the way here?”
Moira jumped in. “We’re quite alright, Edlynne. We arrived unscathed, thank the Lord. These Danes were not so aggressive as the others we have seen in the past. Though, I must confess, I am somewhat...” her gaze traveled to Sigurd, “...skeptical, shall we say, about your new friend here.”
Edlynne looked up at the Norseman, placing a friendly hand on his arm. “You mean Sigurd? Have no fear, Lady Moira. He won’t harm you. Unless, of course, you give him a reason to.”
“Is he Christian?”
The twins paused at that.
“No,” Joseph answered. “Why does it matter?”
The expression on Moira’s face said it should’ve been obvious. “Well, it’s difficult to trust the word of a heretic. If he has not converted to Christianity yet, I’d suggest working on that as soon as possible. I’d feel much better knowing that your safety were in the hands of a God-fearing man rather than a heathen. It’s just easier that way.”
Sigurd already grew tired of the woman’s imposing nature. “Leave me to my gods, Saxon, and I shall leave you to yours.”
Edlynne felt her heart skip at the viking’s dismissive response, attempting to reconcile with the noblewoman.
“Erm, w-what he means is, he may not be a Christian himself, but he bears no ill will towards those who are.”
Moira let out a breath, clearly somewhat offended. “...So I see.”
Joseph hurriedly switched topics, hoping to ease the tension between them. “S-Shall we show them to their rooms, sister? They’ve had a long journey, after all. Perhaps now would be a good time to let them rest.”
“Yes,” Edlynne fervently agreed. “Follow us, Lady Moira. We’ll show you where you and your family can stay. In the meantime,” she glanced at Sigurd, “maybe it’d be best if you stayed here...?”
It didn’t take long for him to catch the hint. “If that’s what you wish, my lady.”
“Very good. We’ll see you later then, Sigurd.”
Rushing Moira and her family away from the main gate, the twins eagerly separated them from the bodyguard and brought them into the castle, leaving Sigurd all by himself in the courtyard.
If the man was being honest, part of him felt relieved that Joseph and Edlynne left him behind. He didn’t wish to create conflict between Aegenwulf’s family and his new guests, but he feared he was on a short fuse today.
He just couldn’t stop thinking about Eivor. Algar had yet to be forthcoming about the details surrounding his death, and thus, Sigurd had been left to the cruelty of his imagination, forced to come up with his own conclusion.
Anything could’ve happened to the man. For all he knew, Eivor could’ve died honorably as a warrior worthy of Odin’s halls just as Algar said, or... he could’ve died in a pile of ash, forsaken by the gods and desecrated by the housecarl’s atrocities.
Whatever the case was, Sigurd feared that he was falling into a darkness similar to the one that loomed over Aegenwulf. An insatiable desire for revenge burned deep within his veins, and he felt as if the world was swallowing him whole. A grief unlike any other relentlessly consumed his thoughts, and the harsh reality of his isolation in Forangal only made matters worse.
He was the only Norse here; the only one to fight in Odin’s name. Everyone else in the castle viewed him as a mad heretic, and even with those who may have been more cordial, Sigurd still found himself unable to be completely truthful.
He was no more than an outcast inside these walls. Aegenwulf’s children may have treated him with respect, but in the end, Sigurd knew this place would never be his home. 
His heart remained lost somewhere in the depths of Norway, and he wanted nothing more than to return to its icy shores. A voice more ethereal than that of any skald’s called him home, and he longed desperately to break free from his chains.
“Ugh, those Saxons...” a stranger suddenly said in Sigurd’s ear, “...always bleating like sheep. Is it any wonder that their kings have fallen so easily in our presence?”
The viking exchanged looks with the man at his side, confused about his remark. Much like Sigurd himself, the stranger was also wearing a suit of Saxon-made armor, and yet, he spoke in the language of the Norsemen.
“I’m sorry, what?” Sigurd asked.
The stranger lifted the visor of his helm, revealing a face marked with Nordic tattoos.
Sigurd’s eyes widened in realization. “...You’re a Norse...”
The man nodded, smirking subtly at him. “So are you, it seems. Convenient, don’t you think, how the Nornir have brought us together today?”
The bodyguard stumbled over his words, unsure of what exactly was going on. “I-I don’t understand. What’s Thegn Raedan doing with a Norse in his company?”
“Oh, he doesn’t know we’re here,” he explained. “That’s the whole point of the helms, you see.”
“We?” Sigurd caught. “There’s more of you?”
The man slid the visor back down, concealing his identity. “Indeed. So it’d probably be best if you avoided drawing any attention to us, lest we start a war with these sheep, yes?”
Sigurd lowered his voice, admittedly intrigued by the stranger’s motives. “Who are you? What are you doing here? What is it you want?”
“Before I answer your questions, allow me to raise one of my own.”
The bodyguard sighed. “Very well. But make it quick. I haven’t much time before those ‘sheep’ return.”
The man flicked his head from side-to-side, checking to make sure no one was listening. 
“Your name is Sigurd, yes? That’s what the ealdorman said? Well, I’m curious, you wouldn’t happen to be the son of Styrbjorn, would you? The drunkard king?”
He froze upon hearing the question. “...How do you know my name?”
A chuckle escaped the stranger’s lips. “So that’s a ‘yes,’ then. Good. I’ve traveled a long way to find you, Sigurd. You’re not an easy man to locate. Though, I must admit, I expected to find you in the dungeons, chained as a prisoner. Not standing among Wedenscire’s nobility. You’ve certainly climbed up in the world, haven’t you?”
“They don’t know who I really am,” he said. “But set that aside for now. Why were you looking for me?”
“Because your brother asked me too.”
Sigurd shot a bewildered glare at the other man, unable to stifle the flame that flared up inside him.
Did he just say Eivor sent him? What sort of ruse was this? There was no way he could’ve been telling the truth. Eivor was dead -- Algar had made that quite clear. 
He instantly grabbed the stranger’s collar and pulled him close, leaning into his face. “What do you mean my brother sent you? Is this meant to be some sort of jest? Explain yourself!”
“Easy, drengr...” he soothed, holding onto Sigurd’s arm. “Your brother’s in East Anglia at the moment, under Oswald’s care. He arrived with your wife about a week ago, not too long after the ambush. They were both wounded and in need of help. Sadly, your wife succumbed to her injuries. Eivor, on the other hand, remains alive and well.”
The news hit Sigurd like a sword to the chest. He figured Randvi was dead along with everyone else, but that didn’t make her death any less painful. 
“And how do I know you’re telling the truth? What reason do you have to help us? Who are you, anyway? You still haven’t told me your name.”
“My name is Gjuki,” the man replied. “Your brother freed me from slavery when he launched an assault on my master’s clan. This is the least I can do for him after everything he’s done for me.”
Sigurd loosened his hold on Gjuki’s collar, shocked by what he just heard.
Could it be true? Could Eivor really still be alive? Had Algar been lying to him this entire time?
It would explain why the housecarl had yet to give him a straight answer. Up until this point, the Saxon hadn’t been able to provide any details pertaining to Eivor’s death, and if Gjuki spoke the truth, it would answer many of the questions Sigurd had floating around in his head.
Algar knew Eivor was alive. He knew he failed to carry out Aegenwulf’s orders, and that was why he was so intent on keeping Sigurd under his boot. Just like anyone else who was familiar with the two brothers, Algar was aware of the feats they could achieve if they put their heads together, and he wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be able to fight back.
Still, in spite of the evidence Gjuki presented, Sigurd couldn’t deny that part of him remained in disbelief. He had spent so long wondering about the circumstances of Eivor’s death, that he never stopped to question whether or not it actually happened.
He truly believed he had been left all alone in this world, and -- given enough time -- he would’ve even accepted it. But now that he knew the truth of the situation, Sigurd felt a newfound strength igniting inside him.
“...My brother’s alive...” he whispered under his breath. “Eivor is... alive. There is hope...”
Gjuki nodded. “Yes, but hope alone will not be enough to save you. If you truly wish to put an end to this ordeal, you must kill those responsible for the attack in the first place. Problem is, Eivor and I still don’t know who that is. That’s why he sent me to investigate.”
Sigurd’s face lit up with an idea. “I might have a lead. There is a Saxon here. His name is Algar. He is no more than a lapdog for the ealdorman, but I get the feeling he knows more about the attack on Ravensthorpe than he’s letting on. He knows something that Aegenwulf doesn’t.”
“Then it would be wise for you to remain here. It’s clear that you have the trust of the Saxons in Forangal -- to a certain extent, at least -- and you can use that to your advantage.”
The viking was hesitant. “I suppose you’re right, but not all the Saxons here are driven by deceit. Some of them have honor. I do not wish to betray their trust. They saved my life, after all.”
The bard didn’t share Sigurd’s confidence. “Yes, but for whose benefit? Do not let their false sense of camaraderie fool you, Sigurd. You have been here naught for a fortnight, and they have already taken the liberty of putting a leash on you. You are nothing more than a tool to them. Trust me. I would know.”
Gjuki turned on his heel and began heading towards the main gate, anxious to reunite with the rest of his men.
“I will leave you for now, Sigurd. Our time is running out, and I do not wish to raise anymore suspicion. I will send one of my men back to Elmenham and inform Eivor of what we have found here. In the meantime, I shall remain in Wedenscire and continue with my investigation. If you ever need to contact me, head to the abandoned pier just south of Forangal. There is a brazier there that stands right next to the water. Light it, and I will come.”
Sigurd gave him a nod. “I will, Gjuki. Thank you. For everything you’re doing.”
“Do not thank me yet, Lone Wolf. If our plan is going to succeed, we will both need to stay alive. So play along with these Saxons’ games for now. Let them think they’re in control. Then, when the time is right... we will bring unto them the wrath of Thor himself.” The bard chuckled lowly. “They won’t even see it coming. Oh, what a sight that will be...”
Gjuki mounted his horse, waving goodbye to the bodyguard. 
“Until then, stay safe, Sigurd. Your brother is on the warpath to avenge your clan, and I shudder to think of what he’ll do if he loses you too. Do not disappoint him.”
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pefenseas · 4 months ago
the golden age aka my manifesto.
due to the fact that cair paravel was not inhabited before the pevensies, and was, in fact, not even walked in before peter touched the gates and opened them two days before their coronation, after their coronation and all the celebrations, the narnians all just……..left. no one was formally, properly, given any actual job in cair paravel, no one (besides the pevensies now) lived in cair paravel, and they all had homes to get back to. the winter was over, and they had lives to see to.
so the pevensies woke up the day after their coronation to see a mass exodus from cair paravel. not out of rebellion or anything like that, but because all the narnians had homes and lives to get back to; cair paravel didn’t mean anything to them outside of being a symbol of hope that they now had no need of.
it’s important to note that the narnians didn’t hate the pevensies. quite the contrary, they were very grateful for their help in defeating jadis and ending the winter (which, as is implied in lww by the beavers, narnians have been trying to do themselves). but the century long tyranny had left all of narnia divided, and suspicious of all monarchs, even aslan. dwarfs should rule dwarfs, centaurs should rule centaurs, etc, they saw no reason to pay any special mind to a bunch of children (children of a species that’s no longer in narnia on top of it and was, in fact, all murdered by jadis before she put up her magic that made it impossible for anyone to get in or out of narnia) just because a talking lion decided to give them a crown. some narnians hated the pevensies, some (like the beavers and mr. tumnus, though i see them all leaving cair too at this point because, again, they have homes to see to) loved them, but the vast majority simply didn’t care much.
so, the first year or so of their reign was spent traveling across narnia, getting to really know their people and land.
because the weather was warmer, all of that snow and ice that was building up for one hundred years was finally melting. floods were extremely commonplace and dangerous. not only that, but the weather, in general, was messed up. hurricanes were common, storms, tornadoes, etc. there was a point where no one was quite sure what season it was because the weather was so erratic (narnia was isolated from the outer world for one hundred years, and now narnia was trying to catch up to the rest of world’s seasonal patterns). because the weather was so bad, food became an issue: there wasn’t much opportunity for anything to grow, and what did grow wasn’t good. this lasted for a few years until (finally) everything settled. jadis may be gone, but narnia still wasn’t safe. much of what the pevensies did while traveling through narnia was help narnians in one way or another — an action that received mixed reactions. if the pevensies weren’t helping the narnians, then they were fighting them one way or another. plenty of narnians assumed the pevensies being close meant they were going to hurt them, and reacted violently. others blamed them for everything that was currently happening, and reacted violently. some, such as dwarfs, didn’t want anything to do with them and wanted to be left alone. peter ended up having to wrestle the chief dwarf of this one clan and winning, thus establishing their loyalty (and, yes, this is the clan he does eventually get adopted by, and this chief ends up being particularly close with peter). there were some creatures, like the talking lions, that automatically were loyal to the pevensies. really, it was a mixed bag, but generally speaking narnians had spent so long divided and afraid, that they clung to their suspicions and kept themselves isolated because that was a guaranteed way to remain safe.
of course, not only was the weather a problem, but the remains of jadis’s army were a particular nuisance as well. the police force were especially vengeful, holding a grudge against peter for killing their captain. so, no matter what the pevensies were doing, no matter where they were, they were in danger. (peter eventually ends up slaying most of the police force, which really solidifies the whole wolfsbane title). at one point, peter was kidnapped by a group of ettin giants who saw narnia as rightfully theirs since jadis worked closely with them to take over the country; he was almost eaten, but was saved.
after the first year, the pevensies gain legitimate loyalties in narnia, but also some legitimate enemies. at one point, a group of archens (including king lune) made an expedition into narnia (narnia, which was really just a fairytale to them, and has only now just become accessible to them now that jadis’s force is gone). the narnians did not react well to this (the pevensies being the first humans majority of narnians have ever seen, period), and a small skirmish broke out. the pevensies managed to mitigate and stop anything worse from forming, but narnia’s first contact with archenland was not a positive one (though it could have been much worse — keep in mind, this was the first time the pevensies learned that there were other countries in this world).
after about one year and a few months after the pevensies’ coronation, the time of all hallows’ eve rolled around. this is the time of year when the veil between the worlds was at its thinnest. the tree of protection that was planted at the beginning of the world was planted in order to protect narnia from jadis (and, by extension, her forces). in order for jadis to come into narnia, jadis had to cut down the tree. jadis was gone, but so was the tree. for the next couple of months (about eight-ten i would say) narnia was haunted by the ghosts and spirits of jadis and her forces.
while this was awful, something narnia has never seen before, it did bring narnia together. everyone was gathered in cair paravel for their safety. hags, and other alive jadis supporters, capitalized off of this and made it worse, made the spirits even more dangerous. peter wasn’t about to leave his siblings to go on a quest for an apple when narnia was under attack from within, edmund was incapacitated due to jadis, so it was susan and lucy who went on the quest to go find the garden and retrieve the apple to replant the tree. while the haunting (and it was called the haunting, but it wasn’t just ghosts; jadis’s living supporters were taking this opportunity to 1) try to bring her back 2) enact revenge and 3) attempt to take over narnia again) was happening narnia was still dealing with unfortunate weather and food shortages. however, this was the first time in over a century where narnia has come together, and the only way for them be victorious was for everyone to help one another.
if the haunting hadn’t happened, uniting narnia and all of her diverse creatures would have been much more difficult.
but susan and lucy return with the apple, they plant it in the garden of cair paravel, and just like that the evil spirits were kept at bay. it was as if the tree of protection did more than just keep evil spirits at bay, because shortly after that the weather began to slowly settled and for the first time they had a good (but small, it’s always too small) harvest.
so, naturally, that’s when the plague hit.
with the weather settled into normalcy, the fact that majority of narnians have only ever known winter began to show. their bodies didn’t know how to adjust to the prolonged warmth, and that, mixed with poor food, created an outbreak of illness. sadly, this set some narnians back in terms of loyalty to the pevensies (jadis was evil but we at least didn’t deal with this under her — was a common thought), some attempted a coup, while others tried to assassinate the pevensies (the more paranoid narnians wondered if the girls carried back a poisoned apple and released this plague into narnia). all of that was taken care of, however, and the plague was seen to until it vanished (there were many deaths, sadly), but the discontent among the narnians was still simmering. it’s around this time that peter, desperate, bound himself to narnia in an attempt to win back loyalty.
which didn’t not work, but remember that archen expedition? well, they returned, this time with more people, but you know who also came? a telmarine expedition from the west (telmar existed at this point, but it was quite small, yet there was great promise of growth what with the gold mines they had there). word of narnia coming back into existence spread these years, yet the rumors of the pevensies existence were only that — rumors. they weren’t seen as a threat, and everybody wants a piece of this land to expand their kingdoms and grow crops.  
so, long story short: war breaks out between narnia, archenland, and telmar. once peter and king lune of archenland sit down after peter defeats his force in battle, they eventually come to an accord, lune coming to narnia more out of curiosity than desire for expansion (although he wouldn’t have said no to that). telmar, however, proved to be a tougher problem to settle. unbeknownst to the pevensies, along the far western border of narnia, telmarines had hunted talking animals for food (in their defense, they did not know they were talking animals just like they did not know they crossed any border) and in retaliation the western narnians began attacking whatever telmarines came close. there was blood to be answered for, and soon a full scale war with telmar broke out.
while peter dealt with that, back in cair a proper sort-of routine began to develop: people lived in cair now, the pevensies (well, ed and lu) were given tutors, and slowly but surely plans for the future and everyday life began to form as susan took control of cair paravel.
peter eventually won the war against telmar, expanding narnian borders, and returned to cair paravel. now that the world was certain of the pevensies’ existence, people began to flood cair paravel’s ports: galma, an duchy just off the coast of narnia, pledged their loyalty to narnia and offered up their ships, which became the first of narnia’s new navy (which narnia was known for in the past. a group of pirates eventually pledge their ships (and gold) to narnia, as well, which helps establish their navy and economy). dwarfs were now able to mine, people were allowed to be, and trade began to occur.
see, the reason the golden age becomes known as the golden age is because the pevensies had no ambition for themselves: they just wanted to serve narnia. they expanded narnia to the likes of which haven’t been seen before or since. narnian culture flourished, because each species were allowed to honor their own individual cultures, they brought back and strengthened narnia’s devotion to aslan, they got rid of old, bloody laws (such as the one where traitors would be crucified, because that was once commonplace !) and created more merciful, fair laws. they allowed their citizens to keep their individuality while uniting them under common and beloved monarchs who didn’t try to enforce themselves on their people (the pevensies came from another world, it would have been very easy for them to enforce their views of things onto narnia and the narnians, but they don’t. instead they listen to their country and work from there). busybodies were promptly thrown out; narnia is a monarchy, but only technically — the pevensies are the only ones that hold the titles of ‘duke’ and ‘count’ and the like; it’s impossible to have any backstabbing, game of thrones-esque political chess game in narnia, because in the vast majority of cases, the leadership positions during this time were voted upon or received upon merit (such as knighthood). the pevensies took the various cultures within narnia and respected them, nourished them, and used them as basis for their governing, and narnia prospered.
other events that took place during the golden age that i don’t have exact timelines for:  peter unites the four centaur clans under him, stopping their fighting (think of daenerys uniting all of the dorthraki under her, except without the gross racist implications); differences between clans and various species are settled once and for all; the lone islands are reconquered, freed from calormen rule, and the slave trade there abolished — which then leads to a naval war with calormen that narnia eventually wins (they would not have, at that point, if they went against calormen on land, although ‘wins’ is a bit of an overstatement as it’s more of a stalemate); the seven isles are reconquered as well (called the seven weeks war); terebinthia, for the first time in history, is conquered; there are several skirmishes with ettinsmoor until the time of horse and his boy when they go to war where peter conquers ettinsmoor by defeating the chief giant in single combat; called the demi-gods trails, the various demi-gods in narnia (the river god, the wood god, bacchus, etc) “challenge” the pevensies rule/worthiness, and the four are put to a series of tests to prove themselves; jadis’ old castle is destroyed, and with it whatever remains of her army; the narnians that sided with jadis are pardoned by edmund and given a chance to assimilate into narnia; and then smaller things like systems being put in place to help orphans and veterans from all the wars, the education system being remodeled, old holidays and festivities being brought back, the restoration of old narnian monuments and castles, etc; skirmishes, and then eventual alliance and peace, with the mer-people; various quests to uncover old narnian relics and treasures, etc; various assassination attempts, and so on.    
you get the idea. it was an extremely busy time.
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twoidiotwriters1 · 4 months ago
Pure Blood 33 (Sirius Black x F!Oc)
Words: 1,841
Warnings: Saaaaad stuff
Chapter 32:  Chapter 34
Tumblr media
"Sirius, I'm not in the mood for your jokes," I say following him through the trees of the forbidden forest. Thunder echoes warning us a storm is coming.
“It's not a joke. Trust me.”
The moonlight no longer illuminates the path, I stop.
"Sirius, I really don't want to keep going,” I say nervously.
I hear him sigh.
"We're almost there, just a few more feet, Percy."
"I can't, let's go back please!” I feel my lower lip tremble.
He reaches out and touches my cheek.
“I know you don't feel good. I just want to show you something that will make you forget all this, even for a few minutes. It’ll be fine, do you trust me?"
“…Yes” I whisper.
Sirius takes my hand again and we continue walking. I don't know how he can go on without having light, but I just follow him. On one side are two trees thicker than the others, only a few meters apart from each other. We stop and he turns.
"I know it's weird, but you have to follow the black dog,” He says with a mischievous little smile.
I nod, unsure of what he means.
Sirius walks away and goes behind one of the trees. He returns as a huge black dog and signals me to follow him. Carefully, I obey by stepping on various branches and dry leaves. Passing the two trees is a cobbled path. Sirius and I walked over it until we reached a clearing; an expanse of land where herbs hurt my knees.
Sirius stops in front of me and makes a sign that I understand I have to wait. The dog runs to the center of the field and I lose sight of him for a few minutes. When he returns, his tail wags from side to side. He makes me follow him to the center of the clearing and I sit crossing my legs.
"Now what?" I ask him.
He cocks his head, turns away a little and starts barking. I look at him confused, until his barking echoes all over the place and little yellow lights stick out of the grass. I look in amazement at the fireflies that go up until they disappear in the trees. I smile when several approach me.
"You like it?" I jump when I hear Sirius's voice and turn to see him.
"It's beautiful," I whisper. He comes closer, wraps his arm around my shoulders, and draws me into his body.
I hear his heartbeat, feel the grass below me, and breathe in the cold air. Only until the thunder is more continuous does the rain fall uncontrollably, but we don’t move to avoid it.
The fireflies hide and everything goes dark.
The memories return and my heart races along with my breathing. My smile disappears and my tears mix with the rain. I bend my legs to my chest and hug them hiding my face in them. My shoulders shake from my sobs. Sirius hugs me and rests his forehead in my hair.
"I'm sorry,” He whispers in my ear.
"I don't understand,” I say. I raise my voice so he can hear me through the rain. “What else do they want from me? They know that I’m miserable there, with them, with those obligations. They have four other kids that they can use! Why do they keep insisting on me?" I scream angrily.
"I don't know," Sirius replies. “I'm sorry I don’t have the answer. I'm sorry I can't do something to make you feel good. I'm sorry I can't protect you as I would like…”
"That's the worst! It's not your fault, or the other boys' fault. Not my brothers and sisters. It’s my parents and all that garbage they have carried for generations. They want me to continue, but I can't. I don't want to!" He hugs me tighter.
"Sorry, Percy."
I hide my face on his neck, breathing in the scent of him. I cling to him like my life depends on it. But something distracts me, something familiar.
"You smell like a wet dog.”
“I think it explains itself, don’t you think?” He replied in amusement.
Wet dog. A horrible scent that I had smelled before. In potions class, when Slughorn showed us the Amortentia potion.
"I could tell my parents that I’ll stay with you for the wedding arrangements?” tries Jenna.
"No, I don't want someone else to get involved," I say.
I rest my head on Sirius's shoulder. His hand squeezes mine.
"I don't want to leave you alone.”
I look up and see my best friend's look of empathy.
“I won't be. I wrote to Apollo.”
"Do you think he can do something?" Remus asks.
I shrug. "It's the only thing I have left"
The compartment is silent. No one knows what to say or do. There are no more plans or easy ways out. At one point I fall asleep, Sirius wakes me up when we get to the station and this time, my mother and Juno are waiting for me.
My friends say goodbye to me and I promise to communicate in some way.
“Anything, please, you must tell me. I don't know if there are any muggle phones close to your home, but you can find one. James's parents have one,” says Sirius giving me a paper with the number. “Take care,” He whispers in a broken voice and hugs me. My eyes water. “I wrote to my uncle Alphard. Maybe he can help you.”
"Thank you Sirius,” I clean my cheeks. I look at my mother and sister. They watch carefully. I look down at the ground.
If this continues, if I have no escape. I will not be able to continue with the life I had, which I finally managed to be happy with.
I return my gaze to Sirius and take in every detail of his face. His gray eyes, the unruly hair that falls on his face. I touch his cheek to feel his smooth skin. I kiss his lips, savoring every moment.
"I love you Sirius,” I whisper and pull away a bit. He looks at me in surprise and tries to speak. I sigh and walk to my family without waiting for an answer.
"And what did you expect me to do, Prongs?" I growl looking at my best friend.
“I don't know, mate. I have no idea what we could do, my brain ran out of ideas.”
I walk back and forth in James's room, pulling my hair in desperation.
"I want to help her, I want her to run away just like I did.”
“It's not easy, but it’s better, it will be better–”
"If we go to her house maybe she can run away without anyone noticing–“
"Sirius!" James stops me. “She’s not like you. They’re not the same families and it’s not the same situation.”
“And what should I do? Stand by and do nothing? Waiting for an invitation to my girlfriend and younger brother’s wedding?"
"No! But whatever idea you have may make it worse!”
"How the hell can it be worse?"
“She can get hurt. It’s worse than your situation with your parents, Sirius. And she has more siblings against her.”
I clench my hands into fists.
"I want to help her, James," I say in a cracking voice.
“I want that too, Sirius. But we can't do anything, not for now.”
I walk towards the window, I see the sky waiting for some owl with news that will improve everything. A letter from her saying that everything was canceled and that she’s on her way. That she’s safe.
“I can't lose her, James. Not again.”
"You won't, mate" My friends comes over and hugs me.
"Boys?" James's father enters the room. "What's wrong?"
Fear creeps through, James's hand on my shoulder squeezes.
"They may be able to help, Padfoot.”
“Dear," says Euphemia. "What happened?"
"I don't know what to do,” I reply.
"Tell us.”
"What other cards do you have up your sleeve?" I say sitting in front of my father's desk.
"You don't have an idea, little one," He says, resting his elbows on the desk.
"And I have something to do with your future plans?"
“You're the star.”
I let out a sarcastic laugh.
“Wasn't it enough for you to want to force me to kill innocent people? Organizing a wedding that I disagreed on… twice. And now you tell me that I must delay my studies to graduate with Regulus and be the happy couple that we aren’t and will never be.”
"It's something simple, but you always manage to make it all so dramatic…”
I know what his game is. He wants to break me once and for all.
"I won’t do it. I will not be one of your puppets. It works with other people, but not with me.”
“And what will you do about it? Tell Alphard Black to save you again?" He smiles. "Did you really think I wasn't going to find out?"
“Leave the Blacks alone. Forget that family, cancel the engagement.”
"Look at you, defending other people,” He laughs again. “Now you’ll tell me that you’ll do whatever it takes to make me leave them alone. Didn’t you just say you don’t want to be my puppet, dear?"
"Not everything is strategy.”
"Life is a great strategy and at this point you should know better.”
"Why don't you focus on your other children and forget about me?"
“Oh no, I could not abandon any of my children.”
"You manipulate them.”
“You are the real problem,” He stands up and circles the desk. “Listen, you will marry Regulus Black, have his heirs, and both of you will be the dark lord's most important aides. Don't worry, after all this is over and the traitors surrender, there will be nothing left of what you used to care about.”
"What do you mean?"
He puts his hands on my shoulders and squeezes hard.
“Lily Evans, Marlene Mckinnon, Jenna Parker, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, James Potter and Sirius Black… That's what I mean.”
My father returns to my desk and smiles satisfied with my reaction.
“It does not matter if you are of age, you, Persephone Amelia Singh, belong to me. You are my daughter and you must follow the orders of your true family. You cannot run away and no one can help you. Don't count on Alphard or anyone else. Your hands are tied and it will be easier if you give up now.”
After working on everything that I’ve achieved, on the new family that I have created, on everything that I’ve discovered, lost by a few simple orders. A war in the near future and I’m destined to be on the wrong side. Suffering in silence.
“No," I pull out my wand and hold it tightly. "I won’t give up. Never,” I clench my teeth and stand up. “You're no longer my family.”
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nukeli · 4 months ago
My Alfred J Kwak ships + why i ship them
Some of these are jokes, but some of them are serious. I even have a name for one of them.
I never really get as... "enthusiastic" about ships as everybody else seems to. I don't really "ship" in that sense. Either i ship it because it's funny, because it would add more characterization/drama, or if it makes sense story-wise (like with the queerbaiting in Marvel, i just take it and go all the way).
Dolf x Alfred (Dolfred) - While Dolf did bully Alfred as a child, but  considering how Dolf was a child of a mixed-species family, his mother died when he was young, and his father was implied to be an abusive alcoholic, i think it was, at that point, just about being jealous of Alfred's happiness. And before his famous fascist coup season 1's last episodes, Alfred remained sympathetic or at least polite to Dolf. Alfred would try to help Dolf get by, and they would just... become a thing. Alfred would try to be there for him and he'd latch onto Alfred because he doesn't have anything else to live for. Alfred would ignore his career as a petty criminal as long as nobody gets hurt. The relationship would suffer from forced secrecy (interspecies relationship seem frowned upon) and from Dolf's psychological issues as he becomes more and more of a criminal. When he goes abroad somewhere before the Crows Party arc, he might just leave without saying Alfred anything, and Alfred would be left wondering if Dolf abandoned him or if it was somehow his own fault. When Dolf returns to Waterland with his political revelation he thinks Alfred will be on his side because he has always been, but Alfred still think that Dolf has gone insane, and he's been gone for so long that Alfred's already into the process of moving on because he didn't think that Dolf was going to come back at all. Dolf takes Alfred's refusal more personally and sees it as a great betrayal because Alfred was the only person besides his mother whom he ever loved and trusted. When Dolf actually does form NCP and goes full-on evil, Alfred still storms his office and tries to convince him to stop before it's too late, and Dolf still doesn't listen. Alfred brings up their love and tries to use it as a bargaining chip, but it doesn't work. Dolf would still have Alfred summarily arrested, but not for execution. He would want to keep Alfred around in the deluded hope that the duck would change his mind once he saw all the "good" NCP would make. Alfred would still escape with the other prisoners and the rest of the arc would be exactly the same. Dolf flees the country after NCP collapses, and Alfred would eventually move on and finds a new love in Winnie. Dolf would find out about Winnie and eventually also about Alfred's personal involvement in NCP's collapse. He would assume that Winnie had came along earlier and that she was the reason Alfred rejected him. Dolf would swear revenge at Winnie for "ruining everything" and at Alfred for "betraying" him. Alfred would be reluctant to fight -let alone actually kill- Dolf. Winnie wouldn't know about Alfred's and Dolf's past relationship because Alfred would be a little scared to explain the whole thing. The last episode(s) would be very different as a consequence, but Winnie would still get in harm's way, Alfred and Dolf would fight, and Dolf would still go to jail for good. Or maybe he could even die.
Von Paljas x Stoppel - It wouldn't be as dramatic or impactful as Dolfred, but it would not be a joke either. I just like the idea of them being together because they're both such good people and they were cute together in episode 41. Stoppel has a good marriage and wouldn't cheat on his wife, but polyamory would be an option, or an au where he isn't married. How would their society/time period -which seems to be all over the 20th century and maybe a bit from 1800's- would react to polyamory could create some drama. Or there could also just be no drama at all because it's a very fictionalized world, and nobody was ever shown having a problem with Ollie being (canonically!) transgender, so maybe LGBTQA+ people and relationships just are equal to straight people in AJK's world.
Dolf x Geppe - This is a crack ship. In the case Geppe went unnamed in you language's dub (like happened in finnish), he's the Crows Party hippo who shows up in that arc as Dolf's second-in-command. He seems to follow Dolf everywhere and generally seems very attached to him. Geppe even returned in the last episode as a prison guard and risked himself by helping Dolf escape. I originally just thought Geppe and Dolf having a thing would be funny, but in hindsight of my Dolfred plot, it could be that Dolf tries to replace Alfred and grabs a first loyal NCP member who's a gay dude. Geppe might or might not know that Dolf doesn't love him and that he's just a substitute. If he did know, he'd be in denial.
Henk x Johan / Henk x Anna - Another serious ship. Henk appeared to be very close to both of them before the series began, so he could've had a thing with either of them at some point in the past. Maybe with Anna, and they'd still be friends as exes. Or, though polyamory isn't that common, it too could be an option. They lived in a field in the middle of nowhere, who would've stopped them? It'd also be exellent at making episode 2 (where Johan, Anna, and the children minus Alfred all die) worse, as it'd hurt even more if they were more than friends. Alfred would be too young to remember his parents and siblings, but Henk would spend his whole life haunted by their deaths and thinking it was his fault because he suggested going to that town and that's the only reason why they ever were on that road that night. He keeps thinking that he should've been with them or that he should've gone first. (i do think that Henk also lives in survivor's guilt in canon, but a romantic relationship would add to the tragedy). There wouldn't be any coming-out moment to Alfred, because Alfred would have always known about it.
Rangpang x Poen van Kale Koen - A crack ship, i guess. Rangpang is the orangutan colonel and Poen is the turkey who borrows Alfred's money in episode 21 and is imprisoned by NCP in episode 21. I just randomly saw somebody's (joke?) drawing of them being together and i went like "i guess, why not?". More plot elements that don't directly involve the protagonists.
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esonetwork · 4 months ago
Timestamp #214: The Vampires of Venice
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Timestamp #214: The Vampires of Venice
Doctor Who: The Vampires of Venice (1 episode, s05e06, 2010)
There’s something fishy in the waters of Venice.
Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Part II
The Doctor gets Amy back into the TARDIS where she continues trying to seduce him. While he tries to work the console, proclaiming to be a mix between Gandalf and Yoda, Amy points out just how much a a typical guy he is.
The Doctor tells her that he just can’t see it anymore. He’s lost the wonder. Everything is just… stuff. He wants Amy to help open his eyes to the wonders again.
Amy takes this as a clue that she’s not the first companion. When she asks how many of them were girls, the Doctor dances around the question, so Amy brings up the visual records with a little trick. The TARDIS obliges, showing her only the women who have traveled with the Doctor.
The Doctor decides to go find Rory, who is at his bachelor party.
The Vampires of Venice
In Venice, 1580, Guido presents his teenage daughter Isabella to Rosanna Calvierri and her son, Francesco. Isabella is seeking entrance to Rosanna’s school, and when it is granted, Rosanna takes the young woman promptly.
As Guido leaves the room, Isabella is inspected before Francesco reveals himself as a vampire.
Four centuries in the future, Rory is enjoying his bachelor party until the Doctor pops out of a cake instead of the expected stripper. The Doctor reveals that Amy tried to kiss him, but it’s okay because she is a great kisser.
It sounded better in his head, you know.
Some time later, the Doctor is working on the TARDIS console as he offers relationship advice to the young couple. He also offers to take them to any location so they can get away together. He decides on Venice, a bit perturbed that Rory understands the “bigger on the inside” concept.
He goes on for a spell about the founding and history of Venice, including a note to avoid Casanova, before running into a guard who asks for traveling credentials in an attempt to stop the plague. The travelers use the psychic paper to bypass the checkpoint – Rory is apparently the Doctor’s eunuch – before running into Guido and learning about Isabella’s plight.
In the school’s courtyard, Francesco tries to convince his mother that they have more than enough converts, but she’s not convinced at all. He later trawls the streets looking for another victim. The subsequent screams draw Amy and Rory. After spotting the vampire fangs, Amy gives chase.
The Doctor breaks into the school and encounters a group of female vampires, impressed by their lack of reflections. They ask who he is and he shows them a library card, so they vamp out to chase him away. He runs into Amy and Rory. Amy and the Doctor are excited about the vampires, but Rory is appalled.
Amy and the Doctor strategize with Guido on how to get into the school undercover. The Doctor and Rory argue that Amy shouldn’t be the one to go in, but she spins an elaborate cover story. Rory does not like the idea of the Doctor posing as her fiancé, so Amy and Rory pose as siblings to gain Rosanna’s favor. One flash of the psychic paper later and Amy’s matriculated.
She soon finds Isabella and learns about being strapped to a chair for a procedure that she cannot remember. All she knows is that the sunlight now burns her skin. As Amy looks for a way in for her traveling companions, Guido (in Rory’s stag party shirt) takes the Doctor and an apprehensive Rory to meet her.
They talk about Amy’s relationship with the Doctor while the Time Lord shows off his huge UV light. Rory challenges the Doctor about his attitude that makes people take risks to impress him. They also discover a corpse that it completely drained of all fluids before being ambushed.
Amy gets captured and taken to Rosanna where she is confronted about the psychic paper. Amy is strapped down and bitten by Rosanna. The headmistress explains that they drink the girls dry and replace their blood with that of their own kind. Amy kicks Rosanna, exposing a perception filter and the vampire’s true nature.
Yep, they’re aliens.
Isabella rescues Amy and the travelers escape into the sunlight. The Doctor tries to go back for Isabella but is attacked by an electric shock. As the morning continues on, Isabella is forced into the canal behind the school where she is eaten alive by the males of the species who are hiding beneath the water’s surface.
Rosanna returns to her throne room to find the Doctor waiting for her. He has deduced she is from Saturnyne. She’s using a perception filter to appear human and they share a common identity as alien refugees. Rosanna’s planet was consumed by the cracks in time, and while fleeing the Silence, they ended up on Earth. Rosanna asks for the Doctor’s help in rebuilding her species, but he only wants to know what happened to Isabella. Rosanna disavows Isabella, remarking only that all traitors must be killed. As the Time Lord is escorted out, he shouts that he will stop her. If only because she didn’t know Isabella’s name.
With a malfunctioning perception filter, Rosanna assembles her girls in the courtyard and prepares to wage war. Meanwhile, the Doctor reunites with Guido and his traveling companions and hashes out Rosanna’s plan. He deduces that she plans to sink Venice and give rise to a new Saturnyne.
The “vampires” pick that moment to assault Guido’s home, forcing the heroes to flee. Guido commandeers the UV light and locks himself inside, luring the girls to his gunpowder stash which he uses to destroy the invaders at the expense of his own life.
As Rosanna begins her plan, the Doctor forces Amy to return to the TARDIS. Rory thanks the Doctor and pursues her as the Time Lord returns to the school and tries to stop Rosanna’s machine. He finds it deadlock sealed, but even the news that her daughters are dead doesn’t dissuade the headmistress.
Rory and Amy find a detour in Francesco. Rory fights him while Amy uses her compact mirror to disintegrate the alien in a burst of sunlight. Amy kisses Rory in celebration before they both rush off to help the Doctor.
The Time Lord is miffed about Rory’s change of heart, but he soon leaves them in charge of dismantling the throne as he ascends the bell tower after Rosanna. He ascends to the spire and stops the weather machine before finding Rosanna on the canal’s edge.
The matriarch’s perception filter has failed, locking her in her human form. She prepares to dive to her death, and as the Doctor rushes to stop her, she tells him that he’ll have to live with the death of her species on his conscience. She then jumps into the water and is consumed.
The Doctor, Amy, and Rory return to the TARDIS. Seeing Amy’s excitement and her apprehension about the wedding, Rory offers to break off their engagement. Amy replies that he should travel with them, and the Doctor agrees.
As they are about to leave, silence falls around the Doctor, an omen of the darkness still surrounding them.
This is a tough story to consider. On the one hand, the story is quite average with a small connection to the ongoing thread about the Doctor being the last of his kind. This story would have played well in the Tennant era which leaned heavily on the Doctor pledging to prevent another such genocide. It also plays well here, both as a counterbalance to Matt Smith’s portrayal of a younger, hip, almost laissez-faire Doctor and as a fulfillment of his promise to never be cowardly or cruel, and to never give up or give in.
On the other hand, we have some great (and tough to handle) character development with this twisted triangle. As much as I despise the attempted seduction of the Doctor by Amy, it opens the door to some dramatic friction. Amy’s attracted to the Doctor, but the Doctor isn’t interested in her. Rory loves Amy and she seems to love him, but she’s not quite ready to settle down. The Doctor’s interests reside with unraveling the mysteries surrounding these two while helping them to find each other.
But the biggest source of friction is how poorly Amy treats Rory. She seems irritated that the Doctor brought him in, but seems excited to be with Rory on a wedding-gift vacation. It all comes back to the Doctor, however, because they are there purely because of time travel and Amy immediately gravitates back to the adventure instead of guiding and mentoring her future husband.
Let’s be frank: Rory needs reassurance about their relationship and Amy is either ignorant or reluctant to provide it. She’s not holding up her end of the Pond-Williams team and effectively leaving Rory alone in the storm roiling around them.
I wish that she would treat Rory better because I really love the chemistry between Karen Gillan and Matt Smith, but that amazing connectivity is blunted by Amy’s disregard for Rory, who seems to be a really sharp and grounded character.
I loved a lot of the mythology touches throughout the episode, from the First Doctor library card to the Doctor’s continued fear of heights. A closer look at the library card reveals that it was issued to “Dr. J. Smith”, continuing the John Smith alias into the Hartnell era, and was registered to 76 Totter’s Lane in Shoreditch, London. The story also swerved into meta territory with the jokes about Casanova, which touches on both David Tennant and guest star Helen McCrory.
We also cannot forget that the Doctor has plenty of experience with vampires and blood-drinkers, including State of Decay, The Curse of Fenric, and Smith and Jones.
I bounced back and forth for a while on the score for this one, but finally settled on my modus operandi of rounding up.
Rating: 4/5 – “Would you care for a jelly baby?”
UP NEXT – Doctor Who: Amy’s Choice
The Timestamps Project is an adventure through the televised universe of Doctor Who, story by story, from the beginning of the franchise. For more reviews like this one, please visit the project’s page at Creative Criticality.
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rinnnyxr · 5 months ago
In 2020….Have you….
been into any abusive kind of relationship?
been to New York?
fractured one of your bones?
got featured in a magazine or any other media platform? tried to pet a wild animal but regretted over it later on?
got bitten by any animal or even a snake?
remained awakened for an entire night and did nothing productive out of it? broken your neighbor’s window while playing with your friends?
done any adventurous sports like sky diving, surfing, or bungee jumping?
talked to someone for more than three hours on the phone, especially when you were the one who called?
been kidnapped by someone?
been embarrassed by your parents in public? thought that you are totally going to die now but got saved at the last moment? suffered a major heartbreak? been called in the principal’s office in your school for doing too much nonsense in class?
been awarded in school or college? done someone’s assignment for money or chocolates?
saved someone’s life by risking yours?
fell asleep in a church because it was too boring out there?
befriend someone just for your own benefits?
had a major crush on one of your seniors in school or college?
been cheated on or dumped by someone?
had or have a friend whose birthday falls on the same date as yours? left your money in your clothes and washed it just like that?
gone for not taking a shower for two consecutive weeks?
sung karaoke with someone and ended up so badly?
gone for camping with your friends?
laughed so hard that tears came rolling down from your eyes? recycled a gift you received from someone by gifting it to someone else?
set a really embarrassing ringtone? seen an animal or human giving birth? gotten stitched somewhere in your body? donated some amount of your money? been the reason for someone’s smile? stayed for two days without brushing your teeth?
fallen from a moderate height?
stolen someone’s stuff?
found a wallet with money in it on the road or somewhere else and you made no effort in returning it?
manipulated someone to get out of serious trouble?
misspelled something and it turned out to be very dirty?
gone for window shopping and ended up buying a lot of stuff? bought a thing that you used never ever? broken a very expensive thing? been slapped by someone in front of your friends or family?
thought of becoming a porn star someday?
witnessed or got trapped in a tornado? caught cheating in exams?
terminated from your job forcefully?
risk someone’s life for your own benefits?
been a friend to someone who belongs to the LGBT community?
met someone who always mispronounces your name?
kicked by someone right on your ass?
got suffered from some major disease?
gone for a one night stand?
got a hickey on your neck?
been thrown into a mud pit by someone?
beaten your sibling so badly in a fight?
tried to kill yourself because of extreme stress?
seen a natural calamity like earthquake or tornado? fallen badly from the stairs?
gone for some kind of major surgery or operation?
bitten your own nails? swum into an ocean? called someone for a sleepover when your parents were not in the town?
eaten raw meat and ended up puking it?
duck tapped your younger sibling on the wall?
asked to do sit-ups as a punishment in your school?
pretended to be drunk when you were actually not?
tried to kill someone all in your mind and imagination? pretended to speak in a language that does not even exist to fool someone? sent a love letter to someone?
faked that you are extremely sick so that you can take a leave from the office?
seen the same movie with two different people/dates?
tried to eat 5 sandwiches at the same time?
come out naked from your bathroom and someone saw you accidentally? treated someone so rudely that they ended up crying out badly? eaten a whole cake out of anger?
hurt yourself by being impulsive over something? felt that you are possessed?
caught by the police for doing something illegal?
been recorded by someone while singing in the shower?
locked yourself out of the car or home?
clicked someone’s picture without their consent?
ridden some animal - like cow or elephant?
made fun of yourself in front of a lot of people to win a bet?
run out of money in the middle of the month? been assaulted by someone in childhood?
petted a dog or a cat? seen someone changing their clothes? made out while watching a movie in a theatre? dated two different people on the same day?
caught by the traffic police for breaking over the speed limit?
painted your room pink and black?
talked to yourself while watching in the mirror? taken someone’s stuff and never returned it back? gotten a jet lag?
succeeded in sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night?
met a dwarf?
tried to attempt a world record but ended up getting failed in it?
tried to run away from your house to never come back again ever?
suffered from a heart attack?
lost someone who was very dear and close to you? seen a dream which turned out to be true later on? gone shopping and ended up buying nothing? cheated on someone for someone else?
been into one-sided love? seen someone dying in front of your eyes and you could do nothing to save them?
kissed a celebrity’s picture?
dreamt about your crush? made a snow angel?
I like to consider the idea of getting a PhD. It scares me to make commitments regarding my future. Comparing myself to others is the #1 thing that makes me feel upset. I get really annoying and chatty when I’m scared. I enjoy memorizing things, be it poems, sequences of numbers, or whatever. After it storms, it interests me to drive around and see all the downed trees and damage. I imagine that ordinary things are magical and it makes life more fun. Sometimes I say things in a stupid accent for no reason. I love playing and usually win at trivia games. I am eagerly anticipating receiving something in the mail. I usually feel shitty after scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed. Sometimes after hearing a song in a movie scene, I gain a whole new appreciation for the song. I don’t like it when rooms have walls that are not all the same color. I hate when there’s a cute guy around and I want him to talk to me but he doesn’t. I enjoy cleaning out and organizing my iTunes. I prefer sociology over psychology. I would describe myself as quite quiet but friendly. I tend to have dreams where I’m intensely angry more often than I have dreams where I am scared. I am terrified to ever have to write a college thesis. Clothes rarely fit me right off the rack. It’s discouraging and annoying. I will defend the things I love TO THE GRAVE. I have played the game Skylanders and it’s absolutely adorable and fun. As cheesy as it sounds, looking into the mirror and saying positive things really helps my self-esteem. It’s easy for my imagination to get going and I spook myself easily. It bothers me a bit when celebrities get to write and publish novels. Bad writing inspires me to write most, because I think, “if people enjoy THAT, they’ll definitely enjoy what I can write.” I really never want to get pregnant. I have tried almond milk, rice milk, and soy milk. Something that bothers me more than when someone says something offensive, is when someone else defends the offensive statement. I never wanted to be a princess when I was little. I adore old houses, especially if they’re “haunted.” I’m terribly embarrassed of my past self. I love the taste of garlic in food, but garlic breath grosses me out so much. I really enjoy old horror movies. I keep on remembering songs I haven’t listened to in years because of Songpop. ^ which is the first Facebook game I have ever enjoyed… Mikhail Baryshnikov is one of my idols. English is not my first language, but usually people can’t tell immediately. I have a secret notebook which no one even knows exists and I would rather die than have anyone read it. My current roommates are the best I’ve had so far. Good posture really attracts me in someone of my preferred gender. ^ as do strong, maintained eyebrows. I can’t really function with an Apple computer, lack of experience with those. I don’t feel emotions the way ”normal” people do. I don’t own a soft wallet, mine is plastic. I tend to date men with power positions when it comes to their jobs. No matter how hard I try, I seem to be unable to whistle. Good manners are quite important to me. I was once very involved in a certain sport. I actually really enjoy cleaning my ears. hahahaha. I refuse to eat ketchup on anything. I often sigh really loudly by accident. I much prefer the colder seasons to summer. When I feel extra fancy, I fishtail my hair. It is incidentally the fanciest thing I can do with it. I am a master at getting along with people when I try, because I am very good at figuring out how they want me to react and what they expect me to say, and if I don’t care about them and can’t be bothered to interact properly, I go into that mode. I refuse to mow the grass, for some reason it terrifies me. I get pretty bad season allergies. I don’t eat pork. My blood type is O positive. I have ghostly pale skin. Singlespeed bikes are my favourite. I have never used shaving cream in my entire life. I never saw any repercussions. I feel most people I have met in my life would do better if they toughened up. I have a bigger problem with people who think that feminism has anything to do with hating or belittling men than with people who don’t identify to the feminist movement. I have struggled with drug use in the past. I have never used a credit card. This year, I will vote for something on a national level. There is absolutely no carpet in my flat. Currently, I have no interest in learning how to drive. The job I want to do after school is rather uncommon. One of my favourite drinks is Kvass. :s :s :s I cook a lot, and enjoy it very much. I am a daddy’s girl, by far. My longest relationship was a long-distance one. One of my favourite bands is Iron Maiden. I am unable to write in print, I actually have to stop and remember not to write in cursive after every letter. When I was a child, I had the ”by myself” syndrome and refused any help from anyone to do whatever. It still hasn’t changed much, haha. My computer tends to overheat quite often. Fiddler on the Roof is my favourite musical. I have an incredibly high alcohol tolerance. My phone is always dead. Indian food is my favourite ethnic cuisine. My mother works in psychology. My father works in the cooking industry. He also works in the music industry. I feel very hot at the moment, and I get anxiety when I’m too hot. I’m pretty picky about things in general. However, I refuse to pick a restaurant when asked. I don’t bite my nails. I have a piece of jewelry representing a flag on my body at all times. I seldom shave my legs, my hair grows very slowly. :P I used to be pretty active in the survey community, and only just recently came back. Only one person in my family has had a serious disease such as cancer. I have no idea how much I weigh. Or how tall I am.
1. i am currently on facebook. 2. i like the band maroon 5. 3. I have hugged some of my best buddies today. 4. I have hugged someone I like today. 5. I think Bonzai waterslides are amazing. 6. i put hair clips in my hair almost everyday. 7. Hubba Bubba gum = yum. 8. I think 5 gum is disgusting. 9. I hate when I take a shower, my hair gets my back all wet. 10. It really hurts when someone hits you with a sock! 11. dachshunds are adorable. 12. I have never played chess before. 13. I don’t really care for instrumental songs. 14. i put my ipod on shuffle, but then i end up skipping half of the songs anyway. 15. i love brother/sister relationships. 16. ^I have one with someone. 17. i’m usually invisible on aim. 18. I feel like I repeat myself on every survey. 19. Today was really fun. 20. I am messaging someone through Facebook at this moment. 21. i hate when people become impatient when you are trying to do something. 22. ^Although I do. 23. All that I wanted to hear from you, something of value, something untrue. 24. People never seem to answer on AIM. 25. My cat always walk in front of my computer screen. 26. My cat is sitting on the desk right now. 27. i don’t like it when people come and watch what i’m doing on my computer. 28. i never publish any of my entries to facebook. 29. ^I don’t understand why you would. 30. I enjoy countdown surveys.
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need-my-fics · 5 months ago
Hard Knocks: Erik x OC
Tumblr media
This image does not belong to me
Summary: set in an AU where OC gets thrown into Killmonger’s plot for revenge.
Notes: Mature Audience. 18+. Violence. Angst.
Brianna screamed into her cell phone, “He’s where?” 
“You didn’t hear this from me,” Mrs. Richardson began as she always did when she was relaying gossip, “...but I saw him hanging out on the corner, earlier this afternoon.” 
Brianna had to bite down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming in one of the bathroom stalls at work. 
Earlier on in the day, Brianna was minutes away from taking her first final when she got an urgent call from her little sister’s school, notifying her that no one had come to pick her up at the end of the school day. When Brianna’s little brother Derek, didn’t answer her calls, she was shit out of luck. Her grandmother wasn’t physically able to pick up her sister alone. So, Brianna had been relying heavily on Derek to make good on his word and pick up their little sister, Cassidy after school. When Brianna poked her head back into her classroom and spotted the professor already handing out the written portion of the final, she knew she was shit out of luck as she began to weigh her options. 
There was no way she could pick up Cassidy from school. Missing a final meant an automatic F, and Brianna refused to take this class over because of Derek’s irresponsible ass. 
Brianna was what her mama called prideful, and she hated asking people for favors but, today was no day to be prideful. And her neighbor Mrs. Richardson was more than willing to pick up Cassidy, and watch her while Brianna went to work.
With that problem out of the way, Brianna could just focus on passing these finals, but no. Here she was, back on the phone with Mrs. Richardson as she relaid the real reason, her brother didn’t pick up Cassidy from school.
Thanking her neighbor for doing her this one solid, Brianna had to end the call before she started cussing up a storm.
Brianna couldn’t wait to clock out of work. She nearly knocked patrons out of the way as she ran out of the museum.
The last thing Brianna expected to see when she hopped off the bus was her little brother hanging on the same corner he got arrested on. 
Brianna paced herself as she made her way across the street, breathing heavily as she cussed under her breath.
It took everything in Brianna not to snatch her little brother up as she approached him. 
He didn’t even see her coming. 
A few of the boys on the corny hissed, “Oh, shiiiiit.”
Once Derek spotted his older sister standing across from him with her arms folded over her chest, he knew what time it was. 
“Let’s go!” Brianna demanded.
What he said next had steam coming out of her ears. “I’m busy right now, I’ll holla atcha later.” 
This wasn’t like Brianna’s brother at all, he wasn’t the type to disrespect her, especially not in public. But once she spotted Killmonger standing in the middle of all the guys hanging out on the corner, Brianna knew what was up.
Killmonger had swiftly gained a possessive clasp over all the hustle that took place in Oakland. The violence on the streets had been spiraling out of control.  When Erik returned and word spread of his new handle, Killmonger, the moniker embodied his gun toting, trigger happy, maniacal behavior. Killmonger had everyone throughout the city shook, solidifying his violent rep. Now, the territory wars were a thing of the past.
Brianna hasn’t been fond of Erik since they were kids, so she did her best to avoid anything associated with the likes of Killmonger. The women in the neighborhood didn't get that same memo, too enthralled with his striking looks. Some found themselves entangled with the savage mercenary. The flame always blew out real quick, and Killmonger had a few begging for their lives. Long story short, one woman tried to run up on Killmonger talking recklessly about one of the many women on his roster that had stepped to her in the hair salon. Luckily for this particular lady, Killmonger's hot headed ass wasn’t in the killing mood, and decided to embarrass her instead. Killmonger wasn’t one to be trifled with and the last few women he ran through--who caught themselves catching feelings-- weren’t able to walk away unscathed.
Now, standing across from Derek with her nostrils flared, Brianna was even less impressed by the mad man himself, Killmonger. The last thing Brianna wanted was for her little brother to follow after him like these other little knuckleheads in their neighborhood.
Shaking her head, Brianna grunted, “Nah, ain’t no later, let’s go right now.” She clapped her hands for emphasis.
Derek crooked his neck to the side, “What? I said I’ma holla at you lata!” He groaned trying his best to keep up his tough guy act. As much as Brianna didn’t want to make a scene, he was making it difficult.
“Brianna, I need to talk to you anyway.” Killmonger grunted, eyes drifting from his phone over to her. He seemed visibly irritated by the bickering. His aura easily cancels the remarks and chuckles that ensued from the siblings' dispute.
Brianna stared blankly at Killmonger, never thinking she would ever hear those words come out of his mouth. All that dodging and bribing her brother with the little bit of tip money she made working at the museum, was useless. 
All eyes seemed to gravitate between Brianna and Killmonger. 
“Let’s take this upstairs.” Killmonger ordered, pushing off his black and gold Maserati. It irritated Brianna that Derek hadn’t even budge when she told him to bring his narrow behind home, but as soon as Killmonger spoke he was hot on his heels, hightailing it into their building. 
Snatching Derek by his hoodie, Brianna gritted in to his ear, “Why the fuck does this psycho want to talk to me?”
Derek sucked his teeth and yanked away from Brianna. He ignored her questioning eyes the whole time they walked through the housing projects. Brianna did him one better and let him fume in silence.
Right before they boarded the spattered elevators, a man aboard with a slimy grin, cheered, “Just the people I wanted to see.” 
“Klaue.” Killomger greeted.
Was this their ultimate demise? Brianna noted from the nonverbal head nod exchanged between Killmonger and Klaue.
Derek was visibly shaking, and all Brianna could think was he done got himself into some shit. 
The tenseness inside the elevator ride rushed from Brianna’s head to her heart. Her fight or flight raging within. 
Perhaps, scream for help once they got on their floor, but she knew once anyone got a glimpse of Killmonger they would retreat and lock their doors. Then when the detectives came to investigate, the neighbors would deny ever witnessing her last few hours alive.
Brianna thought of Cassidy, and nervously babbled, “We need to pick up my little sister.” A tremor picking up in her voice. Stalling for time could warrant an escape.
“Wait, there’s more of you.” Klaue’s curiosity only worsened the feeling in Brianna’s gut.
“Nah, she's fine where she at.” Killmonger eyed Mrs. Richardson’s door. He knew where she was and that frightened Brianna even more. Poor Cassidy, how would she fend for herself, the authorities would definitely see their grandmother as physically unfit to provide for her once they found the bodies.
Brianna stared aimlessly down the hall.
They were caged in on either side by Killmonger and Klaue. The walls were closing in, there was no way to avoid the inevitable.
“Open the door!” Killmonger barked, startling Derek and jolting Brianna out of her daze.
With shaky hands, Brianna had difficulty opening the door, once Killmonger cleared his throat she managed to finally get the key in the lock. 
The sound of Killmonger’s combat boots permeated the air as the four emptied into the living room. He seemed to occupy the entire space with his overwhelming physique, all biceps and shoulders. Klaue moved around erratically, eyeing the decor. Killmonger absorbed the space, his navy instincts kicked in. Moving painstakingly slow, he leisurely took his time to sit on the armchair. Killmonger shut his eyes for a second, the sight eliciting a fondness before a menacing look materialized.
“I re--really need to pick up--” Brianna began nervously.
“What did you tell the cops?” Killmonger inquired, his attention on Derek.
“Nothing.” He professed.
Brianna protectively grasped Derek’s hand, interlocking their fingers, his palms a sweaty mess.
“Then where is my shit?” Killmonger emerged from the couch seeming to grow even larger than his already robust stature. Maybe it was the fear or the eerie feeling that he was ready to pounce that had Brianna seeing things.
“Th—th— they took it away.”
“They got my shit?” Killmonger inched forward.
A loud crash startled Derek and Brianna as Klaue tossed a vase to the ground, thrilled as he watched it shatter to pieces.
“Dj is that you?” Their grandmother called from her room. 
Brianna winced with agony.
“Ye—yes, they took my backpack.” Derek sobbed.
“So you just let them get my shit?” He hovered over the two frightened siblings.
“I tried to stash it--”
“Then what happened?” Killmonger raised his shirt, displaying the gun tucked in his waistband.
Brianna threw her arms around her brother protectively.
“I’m sorry.” Derek wept.
“I don’t want to hear sorry, you had one job!” Killmonger shouted as his partner continued to wreak havoc on the home.
“I know You and Cassidy ain’t tearing up my house!” Their grandmother shouted helplessly.
Klaue eyed the bedroom door.
“Please!” A choked cry forced its way out. “Whatever he lost, I’ll find a way to get it back.” Brianna professed.
Killmonger laughed menacingly. “You don’t even know what you just got yourself into.” He sneered.
Brianna couldn’t think straight with Derek’s wailing and Klaue breaking any ceramic object in sight.
“What your brother lost was more valuable than both your lives.” Killmonger withdrew his gun.
Derek’s knees buckled before he hit the floor. Brianna was hovering over her brother, vision impaired with tears that never ceased. “Erik, please.”
“You don’t get to call me that!” He cocked his gun.
“Killmonger!” Brianna quickly corrected herself. “Whatever he did I’ll fix it, you have my word.”
“Your brother lost my shit and you tryna right his wrong?” He crouched before them.
“He’s my responsibility.” Brianna pleaded.
Killmonger glared at Brianna for a painfully long time. 
klaue’s destruction persisted. 
Brianna’s grandmother was shouting about the noise in her home.
“Say no more.” Killmonger stood, tucking his gun back inside his waistband.
Stunned, Brianna watched the infamous Killmonger stride out the front door with his certifiable accomplice in tow.
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sistersofthelightforce · 5 months ago
Facing Facts: The Mother
Anakin never asks about bringing his mother back. He’s not sure he could face her and tell her exactly what he’s done.
He would love to see her again, would love for her to meet her grandchildren.
Anakin watches Padme spar with Luke one day, and accidentally hitting him on the arm too hard. Luke cries out in pain and Padme immediately drops her saber, running over to him.
“Luke!” Padme kneels down next to him. “Where does it hurt?”
“I’m fine, Mother, really,” Luke reassures her. They can both see him gripping the side of his arm.
“Does it hurt here?” Padme gestures to where Luke is gripping.
Luke nods stiffly. “I’ll be fine, Mother, it’s nothing.”
“Let me see it.” Padme pries Luke’s hand off of his arm. There is a deep gash in his arm, and it must be stinging. “Oh Luke, here.” Padme places her hand on the gash, and when she lifts it, the wound is gone.
“Thank you,” Luke murmurs.
Padme cups the side of her son’s face tenderly. “If anything hurts, you tell me, and I can make it better.” None of them point out that Luke is an adult, or that he can look after himself. Padme never got to raise her children in peace, and now she wishes to make up for that.
Padme loves her children desperately, and no one would dare to take that from her.
Luke leans into her hand and smiles. “Thank you, Mother.”
Anakin watches Padme embrace her son and kiss his forehead. It reminds him so painfully of his mother that it hurts, and Anakin has to turn away.
Anakin misses his mother so much but he could never look her in the eyes and call her “Mom” knowing all the blood he has on his hands.
He’s started doing weekly “meditation sessions” with Queen Karee (please, if I can call you Anakin, you can call me Karee) now.
They’re not like meditation sessions back at the temple, sitting still and trying to become a part of the force. It’s so different. Sometimes they talk, often they do sit down (but never sitting still. Karee is incapable of that). It feels like, instead of trying to be a part of the force, walking alongside it, being a companion to it instead of being a servant to it.
“Tell me about your mother,” Karee demands one day, when they’d been sitting in silence for a few minutes. Karee had told him once before “talking about something is meditation because it lets everything you’re feeling out into the force.”
Anakin looks over at her sharply. “Why?” He knows that he can ask why, and she’ll tell him why. Karee is nothing if not honest.
“Because I know she was important to you, and I know family is important to you. So tell me about her,” Karee explains. He understands then. He’s seen her with Master Unduli, he knows that family is important to Karee, who has a kid and adores her two younger siblings.
“Well, when I was really young, it was just me and her. I was all she had and I know she did everything she could to give me the best.” Anakin chuckles lightly. “She’d always encourage me to play with the other kids, get away from my tinkering. But she’d always cover me when I accidentally took a part that was important to Watto.”
“You have a lot of happy memories with her then?” Karee asks warmly.
“Well, obviously not all of them were happy, we were slaves after all. But Watto never beat us too often, and I was too young when we were owned by Gardulla to remember much.” He looks over at Karee, who he knows understands. She was a slave herself, as a child.
“But you always knew you could be sold off at any point,” Karee mused.
“Exactly,” Anakin replies. “I know she was always terrified I’d be sold. But when the Jedi came along, told her of my potential, she thought that was where I’d belong.”
Karee looks at him gently. “Do you resent her for that?”
Anakin rapidly shakes his head. “No.” But then he thinks for a moment. “I don’t resent her for it. After Ahsoka left the Order, I was devastated, but I knew it was what she had to do. I imagine sending me away devastated her too, but she thought it was the best life she could give me.”
“I heard she was freed, and got married.” Karee studies him, watching his reaction carefully.
“I would have been delighted to hear that in literally any other circumstances, but I was fearing for her life and wanting to save her,” Anakin retorts, his voice sharp.
“My apologies, Anakin. I should have been more sensitive.” Karee looks genuinely sorry, which surprises him. She’s usually quite an off-handed person when it comes to saying something harsh.
“I suppose you want me to talk about what happened to her, and what I did afterwards,” Anakin mutters.
“Only if you want to. I won’t push you,” Karee says firmly. He knows she knows about the raider village. Padme probably told her at some point.
“I kind of regret it now, not as much as I feel like I should. But everything just hurt so much and I decided they had to pay. So I killed them all. I still hear their cries now,” he admits.
“I understand,” Karee replies softly. “I understand the anger. I doubt I would have killed them, but I certainly wouldn’t have let them get away with it.”
Anakin wonders if that moment was the start of his fall. Maybe if he’d talked to the council asked for help-
“Stop that,” Karee interrupts.
“What?” Anakin has no clue what she’s talking about.
“Stop the what-ifs. You cannot undo the past, only make up for it. And I’d say you’re doing your best,” Karee tries to reassure him. It doesn’t work.
“Why didn’t you punish me?” Anakin asks abruptly.
It’s silent for a moment.
“Don’t you understand, Anakin?” Karee replies quietly. “This is your punishment.”
“How? How is having my kids, my brother, my wife, having all of this, my punishment?” Anakin demands, not understanding at all.
“What happened the first time you saw Ahsoka again?” Karee asks.
“She ran away.” Anakin doesn’t understand how this is relevant.
“And when you saw Obi-Wan?” Karee says as if repeating something obvious.
“I begged him for forgiveness, and he said he couldn’t give it to me,” Anakin replies.
“And when you saw Padme?” Karee repeats.
“She stormed out, refused to even look at me-oh.” He gets it now, he thinks.
“The best way to punish you, Anakin, was to make you face the consequences of your actions. You had to face those destroyed bonds, and had to face that the people you love hated you. You had to become a better person for them, Anakin, and that was the best way to punish you.” Karee looks more serious than he’s ever seen her, and he once again sees the wise young leader she’s had to be.
Anakin is ready, a long while later. Karee can sense it, he’s sure, because she approaches him quietly one afternoon after a mission debriefing.
“If you like, your family can take you to Tatooine?” She offers quietly. “There will be rooms ready when you get back.”
“Yes. Please,” Anakin replies. “Thank you, thank you Karee.”
Karee smiles, and places a hand on his shoulder. “It’s no problem, Anakin.”
When Anakin returns to his rooms, his family are already there waiting for him.
Padme grabs his arm. “Let’s go, Ani.”
He doesn’t understand when they end up in the middle of a sand dune, his family appearing right behind him.
“What are we doing here?” Anakin asks quietly.
“I know this place, my Uncle Owen told me about it. It used to be a Tusken Village, then one day everyone in it was just suddenly dead,” Luke says from behind him.
Anakin looks over at Padme in both shock and horror.
“There’s something you have to do first, Anakin.” Padme holds out her hand and kneels, her other hand reaching out into the sand.
Anakin takes her hand and kneels down beside her.
“Reach out into the force, and find as many life forces as you can find. Treat them like threads, and pull them back,” Padme instructs. He can feel Ahsoka and Obi-Wan reaching out behind them. He assumes Luke and Leia aren’t trained enough in the force to help.
He does as he’s told, and he can feel the threads. He reaches out and pulls them, feeling someone help him pull them. He can’t tell who it is, but he feels their love for him, and that’s enough.
“Open your eyes, Anakin,” Padme murmurs quietly.
Anakin opens his eyes.
The village is visible again, and the inhabitants are standing once more. The villagers shriek at him threateningly.
“And with that, let’s go” Padme grabs his arm and suddenly they’re by his mom’s grave.
Luke stares at the house, and he sees Obi-Wan step over and put an arm around his shoulders.
Padme kneels down by the grave and puts Anakin’s hand on the stone. “She’s there for you, just reach out.”
Anakin reaches out, and, yes, he can feel his mother’s thread. Padme helps him grab it and pull.
When he’s certain they’ve brought her back, he still doesn’t open his eyes.
“Ani?” His mother’s voice makes him feel like he’s going to collapse.
When he finally opens his eyes, his mom is kneeling next to him, that familiar worried love in her eyes.
“Mom.” He leans forward and sobs into his mother’s arms like a child.
It feels so wonderful to be held by his mother again, feel her hush and soothe him.
When he’s finally done crying, he pulls them both up and smiles, wiping his eyes.
“Oh!” His face lights up. “This is my family.”
Anakin turns around and gestures to Ahsoka. “This is my eldest daughter, Ahsoka.”
Ahsoka waves shyly, and Mom smiles warmly. “Lovely to meet you, Ahsoka,” Mom says kindly.
“And these are the twins, Luke and Leia.” Anakin gestures to the twins. Leia waves and Luke steps forward.
“Grandma Shmi, it’s wonderful to finally meet you,” he says shyly, and Anakin almost pulls his son into a bear hug, but Mom beats him to it.
When Luke steps back, Anakin gestures to Padme. “This is my wife, Padme.”
Padme nods her head graciously. “Wonderful to see you again.”
Mom looks between the two of them. “Oh! How wonderful!”
Padme beams and Anakin smiles.
Then he turns to Obi-Wan, who had taken a step back at some point. He pulls his brother forward and smiles. “And this is my brother, Obi-Wan. He taught me pretty much everything I know.”
Obi-Wan looks over at him with a little shock (and a little of something Anakin can’t describe), then smiles and holds out a hand to Mom. “Lovely to meet you. I assure you I was not the one who taught him his reckless flying skills.”
Mom laughs and shakes Obi-Wan’s hand. “Of that, I am certain. No one has ever been quite as reckless as my Ani.”
“Except maybe Snips over there,” Anakin quips, and Ahsoka laughs.
“No, you definitely win that title, Dad.” Ahsoka comes over and leans on him, and Anakin wraps an arm around her.
Anakin sees Luke say something quietly to Obi-Wan, who gently taps Padme on the shoulder.
“We have some more people to bring back, it seems,” Obi-Wan declares.
Everyone looks to Luke.
“Could we please bring back Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru and Grandpa Cliegg?” Luke asks quietly.
“Of course!” Padme springs into action, Ahsoka dashing to be by her side.
The next moment, Owen, Beru and Cliegg Lars are in front of them. They run to Shmi, hugging her, and then Anakin goes through the same introductions all over again.
Anakin tries not to wonder how the kriff he’s supposed to tell his mother what he's done.
The moment comes a lot later, when he’s having one of his bad days. Someone had yelled at him in the street, told him he should be imprisoned.
He’s sitting in his chambers, trying to calm himself down. He just wants one day where some stranger on the street doesn’t look at him like Vader.
He understands why, of course. Anakin knows he probably ruined many people on Iith’s lives. Most of them are those killed by the Empire, seeking refuge until the Sisters can be declared to the world.
He probably put his saber right through some of them.
Anakin’s practising the breathing techniques he’s seen Padme use with Ahsoka when Mom comes in.
“Ani?” She asks, sitting behind him.
“Mom, Mom, I’m so sorry. I’m-I-” He leans on her, taking shuddering breaths.
“Ani, whatever do you have to be sorry for?” Mom inquires gently.
He looks up at her and shakes his head. “So much, Mom, too much.”
Anakin tells her everything, and her face doesn’t change, not when he tells her about the younglings, or about leaving Ahsoka on Malachor. Not until he tells her about saving Luke on the second Death Star. Then, she smiles.
“I’m gonna be better Mom, I’m gonna make up for it, I swear.” Anakin doesn’t even realise he’s crying until Mom reaches out and wipes away his tears.
“Anakin,” Mom says firmly. “I know you. I know you are doing everything in your power to make up for what you’ve done.”
“I am Mom, I am,” he promises.
“Exactly. I’ve seen you with your family. If you can make it up to them, you can make it up to anyone.” She holds out her arms. “Come here.”
Anakin falls into her arms and shudders.
“You’re getting better, Ani. And they’ll help you. We’ll help you,” Mom reassures him.
End of series
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the-jade-cross · 5 months ago
Journey to Middle Earth - Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Summary – What if JRR Tolkien never gave Thorin a love story… because the person that was meant to be Thorin’s was not yet born when he wrote the Hobbit? Sara journeys from her world to Middle Earth after an accident, with a mission. To change something about the Hobbit story… but she is not sure what. What she does not know is that while trying to prevent something from happening, something new might arise between her and the dwarf prince….even if it is not on the agenda!
Warnings – None, no explicit scenes, some kissing, violence, frightening creatures, mentions of abuse.
Pairings – Thorin Oakenshield x OC
"And you're all done for the day," the math professor announced.
Immediately, the college students surged from their chairs and hurried out of the classroom as fast as their legs could carry them. However, one particular student took her time, making sure to study the problems on the board thoroughly before packing up her things and leaving.
The girl headed out of the classroom when she almost collided with tall, dark haired, handsome James Charleston.
"Hey Sara," the boy greeted, flashing his best smile.
Sara smiled back as she shifted her backpack on her back and drew out her phone, "Hey James."
"Hey Siri," the girl said into her phone, "Tell mom that I'm on my way home."
With that, she closed her phone and turned back to James, "What's up?"
"Oh you know stuff," James replied. "I didn't fail to notice that you're excelling at all your classes."
Sara smiled, "I don't know about that but I really enjoy them."
"Still working towards a degree in medicine?" James inquired.
The girl nodded, "That's the plan. My parents told me to just try school out for the first two years before deciding on a major. So I'm just taking extra math and science right now alongside singing and art."
"You should just still with those two," James observed. "You're probably the best artist in the whole school and singing wise, it's a miracle you haven't been asked to sing in a profession album."
Sara chuckled, "Okay spit it out James. You don't usually waste five minutes of your day to compliment a girl."
James seemed stunned at the girl had guessed that but yet again, Sara was a fast learner and probably the smartest kid in the whole school. She was also incredibly observant and curious which made it hard to hide things from her.
"Yeah I was.... wondering.... if you wanted to grab coffee sometime," James pointed out.
Sara smirked, "You know I'm not a coffee drinker James. I'm short enough as it is."
That was the truth. Sara, even though her brain was full and overflowing with knowledge, she wasn't exactly tall. Barely standing five feet tall, she hadn't grown since she was fifteen.
"Yeah well," James remarked. "I was really just asking if you wanted to go out with me."
The girl turned and looked at the boy a moment before smiling sadly, "Sorry James... I don't think I'm ready to date anyone right now."
The boy's eyebrows ducked down and he huffed, "What is your problem? First you turn down Aiden Baker, then Kenny Smith and now me!"
"What if I don't want to date anyone?" Sara inquired.
James snorted, "Then how will you get married and have a family?"
Sara smiled and lifted her chin defiantly, "I'll do what my parents did: meet someone I care about, get to know them and either go through strictly professional courtship or I'll just know from being good friends with them that they're the right person."
"Your parents are weird," James snorted.
Sara was just about to defend her parents when her best buddy, Cassie, skipped over and wrapped an arm around the shorter girl's shoulders, "Sara's parents rock. It's like stepping into a who different time period! What was it that your dad was really into last year.... wasn't it the renaissance time period? It was so cool!"
Sara smiled gratefully at her best friend who was, of course taller than her with jet black hair, dark brown skin and an adorable smile.
James rolled his eyes and stormed off leaving the two girls alone. Cassie sighed and released Sara.
"Golly that dude needs to get his head into reality. Did you just say that because it is James we are talking about or did you say no because you seriously don't want to date right now?" Cassie inquired.
Sara shrugged, "I honestly don't find guys interesting in that way... I find no one interesting in that way."
Cassie nodded, "Well maybe it's because you haven't found the right one yet."
Sara smiled and hugged her friend, "Thanks again Cass for standing up for me."
"Oh don't mention it," Cassie said, smirking, "You just make sure the moment you meet a guy who catches your eye, you tell me."
Sara smiled, "Believe me Cass, you'll be the first to know."
After navigating her way through the busy traffic of Pennsylvania, she managed to get home. She noticed that her dad's car was gone, meaning he and their mom were probably still at work.
Stepping into the house, she dropped her bag off at the door, "I'm home!"
"Sara!" four year old Ryder cried, charging into the room.
His bright red hair bounced on his cute round head as he catapulted into his big sister. Sara smiled as she scooped up the boy. Even though she was seventeen and at least thirteen years older than her baby brother, she and Ryder were probably the closest, not only because they were practically identical in looks but because Ryder was of a more gentle type than the other boys.
"What's going on?" Sara asked, pulling off her shoes.
"Omar and Axel are watching the Hobbit again," Ryder admitted. "They keep telling me to go to the bathroom whenever the big white orc comes on but I already know he doesn't kill Thorin till the third one!"
Sara chuckled and picked her brother up, placing him on her hip. Her parents were huge fans of JRR Tolkien and the moment the lord of the rings and the hobbit came out, they were all over it.
"Again? Didn't we watch it last week?" Sara asked.
Ryder nodded, "Omar said that since it's Christmas break, we have to watch them again."
Sara smiled and carried her little brother into the living room. Sure enough, her three brothers were sitting on the couch watching An Unexpected Journey. it was their favorite scene: Baggend.  
Eight year old Omar was jumping on the couch while fourteen year old Axel was bouncing to the beat. 25 year old Pierce was sound asleep on the couch. Sara smiled. The Aldhard family was well known for their bright red hair and piercing blue eyes. Each of the kids were plagued with the unique, right hair and eye colors.
"Sh!" Omar hissed, "Here's my favorite part."
Sara smirked when she saw that the scene was when Thorin steps into the hobbit hole. The moment the door opens and he greets Gandalf, the two boys yell in triumph, startling Pierce out of his sleep.
"It's he so cool!?" Omar cried.
"I wish I was Bilbo," Ryder said dreamily, leaning against Sara's shoulder. "Then I would get the meet Thorin and Gandalf and the dwarves and go fight SMoog."
"You mean Smaug," Axel corrected.
"Yeah Smoog," Ryder repeated, earning a chuckle from Pierce and Sara.
Just then, the phone rang and Pierce got up to answer it. Sara sat down in his spot with Ryder on her lap and listened to her three little brothers chatting excitedly about the movie when suddenly she heard a crash.
Axel paused the movie and they all turned around to look at Pierce who had returned to the living room. His face was ashen white, completely shocked and horrified. If Sara had to guess, the crash had been him dropping the mug that their dad always placed in front of the phone. You always had to lift it up to grab the phone and from the look of it, that was what had fallen.
Pierce was listening to the voice on the phone and he looked at his siblings who were watching him expectantly.
When he hung up, he just stood there limply, unable to speak.
"What happened?" Axel asked.
Omar looked over at the calendar, "It's December Fifteenth.... your girlfriend isn't coming to visit till next week."
Pierce shook his head, "There was a shooting.....seventeen people were killed."
Sara's eyes widened, "Here? In Pennsylvania?"
Pierce nodded, "At the Christmas party."
The silence that followed was so dense that the kids could hear the CD in the disk player still spinning.
"Mom and dad were there," Omar whispered.
Pierce nodded, "The police were the ones on the phone.... mom and dad....were killed on the spot."
"Sara! My pant legs are wet!" Omar called.
Sara stopped at the stop light and turned to look at her brother. She was driving home from taking the three little boys and their dog, Mason to the park. They had just recently brought Mason into the family. He was a jet black German shepherd puppy and the boys adored him.
"We'll get dry pants when we get home," the girl promised.
She turned back around and saw that the light was green. Driving through, she soon had to pull to another stop when an intersection was blocked up from flooding. The police were directing traffic elsewhere but it was going to be a while before they could move.
Sara's phone buzzed and she flipped it open, seeing that it was from their next-door neighbor who housesat their house on the weekends when Pierce was on business trips and Sara took the kids out.
"Hello Mrs. Alman?" the girl said, brightly.
"hello Sara. I was at your house locking up... when the phone rang."
"Was it Pierce?" Sara asked. "He hasn't returned any of my calls or texts today."
"I know," the woman said. "It was the hospital."
Sara furrowed her brow, "What did they need?"
"They wanted to know when you would like Pierce to be brought home."
Sara sat there, not knowing what was going on. Pierce worked with an engineering company. What did the hospital have to do with his coming home?
"What do you mean?"
There was a pause before the woman spoke, "Sweetie.... Pierce is dead."
Sara was so glad that she didn't have her on speaker. The boys were playing with Mason in the back of the car and didn't notice their sister freeze and go pale.
"The doctor said he has been suffering from brain cancer for a while now. he said that Pierce swore him to secrecy because he didn't want you to worry. He thought he wasn't going to go till next week and then he was going to tell you."
Sara didn't know what to do so she hung up without saying goodbye and threw her phone onto the seat next to her. She stared ahead and saw that the cop was directing her to the right. She turned the car and drove off, blinded by the tears that were springing up.
"Sara!" Axel called. "Can you hear me? Sara! Mason wont sit still."
"SARA!" Omar called.
The girl was blinded.... she was in another world... all she could hear was her head drumming.... and Mrs. Almar's words repeating in her head.... the voices of her brothers and the barks of Mason in the far away distance.... then.... she felt a jolt.
Her eyes flew open and she realized they were no longer on the road. They had rolled off and were heading for a tree! Sara tried to turn the wheel but it wouldn't budge. She saw the tree nearing and the last thing she heard was her brothers calling her name.... then..... darkness.
Darkness filled Sara's vision. Her mind stopped thinking, her eyes stopped seeing and her ears stopped hearing.... it all stopped. She felt a gentle feeling rush over her like water flowing underneath her. Then she felt like something was lifting her off the ground and into the sky.
She saw stars appear below her... and above her and beyond, an endless void of stars and galaxies. She heard a gentle voice whispering to her from far off. She couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman but it kept whispering her name, telling her to wake up, to open her eyes.
Her eyes slowly cracked open and she realized she was lying on a bed. White sheets lay on top of her and a wooden ceiling above her. She didn't recognize where she was.... and the first thing that popped to her head was the crash. Was this the hospital?
She turned her head and found herself looking into the brown eyes of a young boy. He looked barely eleven years old and was smiling at her from behind a head full of blond hair. The first thing Sara thought was that his parents didn't think to cut their son's hair for it almost fell to his shoulders. Then she realized he wasn't wearing normal clothes.... but rather a brown tunic... a belt and sword? What?
"Hello," the boy whispered kindly, "You've been asleep for a few days. We found you outside the city. You had a really bad cut on your head. I'm Theodred by the way."
Sara furrowed her brow. Someone named their son after a character from lord of the rings? Cool.... and it was weird that he dressed like he was from lord of the rings too.
Suddenly, a man appeared at the boy's side. he looked to be about thirty years old and was a perfect older version of the boy. He wore a golden circlet in his hair and he wore similar clothes to the boy.
"I see you've met my son," the man said. "I'm Thengal."
Okay this is getting weirder.
The girl slowly looked around. What caught her attention the most in the large room were the windows. Unlike normal windows, they were shaped like two horse heads.... wait....
The glanced down at the sheets that lay atop her and saw that the pale green embroidery on the white sheets were unmistakably done entirely by hand...and almost looked Celtic.
"Where.... where am I?" the girl asked, deciding that if things got too much weirder than her brothers must be playing a prank on her.
"Rohan child," Thengal replied.
Sara sat up, prepared to call the name of her brothers and call their prank. However, it seemed a little too real to be a prank....this place was too realistic.... the bed felt real so it couldn't be a dream...
"What happened to me?" she asked.
"You were attacked on the road," Thengal replied. "There were no signs of hoof prints so you must have been walking.... but there were no footprints either.... it was like you just dropped out of the sky. You had a bad wound on your head but it wasn't from any weapon of our knowledge... but there were also a few cuts on your left shoulder."
Sara's hand snaked to her shoulder and lifted her sleeve just enough to see that there were three cuts on her arm. Two of them were deep but not deep enough to need stitches. The other had been stitched up and by the look of it, horse hair had been used to stitch it up. Even though it looked ghastly, it was rather good stitching work.
Her hand reached up and she touched the wounds. They were clean cuts.... then she realized why they looked familiar. When she was little, Pierce had been attempting to make dinner for their parents anniversary but had cut his hand in the process when cutting carrots. Sara had put herself to the task of cleaning the cut and bandaging it..... these looked just like Pierce's knife cut... but larger, deeper and wider.... she had been cut by a knife and obviously a large one.
'This is most certainly not a prank,' Sara thought to herself. 'It must be a dream.'
"My brothers...." she whispered.
Thengal shook his head, "There was no one with you child. You were alone... except for the pup."
Just then, the door flew open and Sara felt a small bundle jump onto her and she looked into the staring green eyes of Mason.
"Mason!" The girl cried, reaching over to hug the puppy.
Thengal smiled warmly as the young dog lapped at his owner's face. Theoden was grinning from ear to ear.
"Apparently he knows you," Thengal said smiling.
Mason sat back down on Sara's lap and looked up at her. The girl ran her fingers through his thick black fur.... yep, most certainly not a dream.... but if this wasn't a dream and wasn't a prank... then what was it?
"What.... what year is this?" the girl inquired.
"The year 2941," Thengal replied. "April 20th."
Sara groaned and rubbed her head. Wait.... why did that date sound familiar???? wasn't that when the hobbit was.... but then....what day did it.... April 27th.....holy noodles!
Sara shot up to a sitting position and cringed when the wounds on her head and her arm stung at the movement.
Okay, this wasn't a dream.... she was in middle earth!
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The Truth
Sherlock x Reader
Summary: Y/n has been keeping up the truth everyone, but one day the truth will afloat.
Word count: 4.9k (whaaat the-)
Warnings: none
GIF not mine
Tumblr media
Saturdays are meant for having fun or just staying inside your room and rest. But of course Y/n's life isn't like that. Especially she's working with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.
"You know we can just leave this case with Lestrade right?" Y/n asked the tall man in front of her.
"If you would just look up the security footage, then sure we can turn those over and continue this." Sherlock said not even looking at Y/n. John is busy with searching more about it, or trying to update his blog.
After a few, ten, tries Y/n got in the security and downloaded all of the footage from last night and prior the incident.
"It's already downloading, just wait for a few minutes." She stated standing up and went to the kitchen for some tea. But then she heard her phone's notification is blowing up. Sighing in annoyance, she placed down the kettle and got her phone.
-Mr. Blabbermouth
• Why on Earth is my brother on a case again
• Don't tell me you've downloaded something again
• Meet me in British Public Library, 20 minutes.
• Do bring your I.D, we'll be staying for a while.
Y/n read the texts and tried to choose, get rid of him and continue drinking tea, or get rid of him and continue drinking tea.
'Either way my life will still be a mess.' She thought and sighed. Getting her coat and tying her hair up, John looked up from his screen.
"Where are you going?" He asked, causing Sherlock to look also at the y/h/c girl.
"I need to go to my mum's house, she needs help with my sister." She lied, like what she's been doing for a long time.
"Well what about the footage?" Watson asked pointing at the laptop on the couch. "It'll be done in 15 minutes, after that it'll automatically leave the site." She said adjusting the timer and entering her code.
"Okay just take care." Watson said smiling at her. Nodding, she immediately went downstairs and passed by Mrs. Hudson.
"Where are you going?" "To my mum's, Mrs. Hudson!" She exclaimed leaving faster.
Walking down the streets of London, the cold breeze of the morning is never new to Y/n. It made her feel happy that she chose to change her life.
Upon reaching the Library, a car parked by the curb. The person got out and Y/n followed.
She knew this whole place like it was just the alphabet, but more on security and alarms.
She walked through shelves and shelves of books until she reached a corner, her corner. The person is already sitting down flipping the pages of a book.
"I know you did something just to help my brother again, and I would like to know what." He stated, well demanding.
"It would've been better if you were the one to ask him, Mycroft." Y/n said confidently, not feeling any intimidation from the man.
"It's better if he knows about the truth." He said proudly. "Do sit, Y/n. It is your ridiculous corner after all." She removed her coat and hung it on the chair.
"Tell him the truth and I'll visit him." "I would rather let you get hit by a train before the truth leaves my mouth." Y/n said rolling her eyes and crossing her arms.
"Any truth will be accepted." "I don't have that much of a choice." "The past or the present. You decide." "Neither, Mycroft. You're basically the British Government, so how can you not know anything about what's happening in 221-B Baker Street?!" Y/n almost shouted at the man in front of her. The man snapped the book close, Y/n didn't even flinched.
"Just tell me and we can wrap this up." He said and Y/n sighed. "It's about those random killings that don't make sense." She said rolling her eyes. "It does make sense to Sherlock Holmes." Mycroft stood up from the chair and got his umbrella.
"It's easy for you to tell me the truth but never to Sherlock." He said turning towards the aisle. "One day the truth will afloat, Y/n. Good day." He said walking away from the corner.
Y/n stared at the chair in front of her and tried not to let Mycroft inside her head.
"I made a promise to be careful with my choices and whom to trust. I can't break that." Y/n said to herself, trying to remember what happened 3 years ago.
3 years ago
'I can live by myself and made the right decision, yeah?' Y/n asked herself while the man pulled up on the curb.
'I hope so.' she got out of the cab and the man helped her carry her stuff inside the building. She paid generously and took up the boxes herself.
When she was about to get the last box, she ran into the landlady carrying a tray of tea.
"Oh hello dear! You're already here, you have your keys right? Anything you need?" Y/n smiled at the landlady's kindness.
"No Mrs. Hudson, I was just about to get the last box from downstairs." She said politely and got curious about whose tea is she bringing.
"I'll see you for a while dear, I need to bring this up." Mrs. Hudson said and continued to ascend the stairs.
"You should stop hoarding books, it's gathering up dust." She heard Mrs. Hudson scold at the other flat beside hers.
"Well if you would clean up then they won't, Mrs. Hudson." A man with a deep but smooth voice said.
"I'm your landlady, Sherlock. Not your housekeeper." Mrs. Hudson exclaimed storming out of the flat and passing by Y/n.
'I'm still wondering how Mrs. Hudson never noticed.' Y/n asked herself while placing the box down and tried to search for the key to her flat.
"It's the silver key with a round head and a line engraved horizontally." She looked around and saw him.
'Sherlock Holmes'
She got the key and it fits in the keyhole. She silently chuckled to herself for being smarted up by him.
But then she realized what Sherlock Holmes would have done for the past 2 minutes she was just standing there.
She immediately went inside and closed the door. She heard about Sherlock Holmes and his talents in being a detective. Most of the policemen don't take him seriously because of his assumptions and ideas that he gives immediately.
But they are left befuddled because he is right all along.
"Great, the plan on living a new life is starting to crumble with him knowing who I am." She said face palming herself.
"As long as I'm not suspicious, he won't notice it." She said standing up and opened up the blinds.
A week
'Oh god no. Please no.' She said trying to feel every pocket and slot she has in her coat, pants and purse.
'I did forget my keys in.' she said kicking the door in frustration. She sat down by the steps and tried to call a locksmith.
A few calls later they all said they can't go to their street because it was filled with snow. They can help her tomorrow morning.
"Why did Mrs. Hudson need to leave today?" She said hugging her coat more to gather up warmth. Next week is already December and snow got here early.
She tried to pull her bonnet down more to cover her ears with her hair, but the draft coming from the upstairs and moving behind her got colder.
"At least my laptop isn't going to freeze overnight, lucky bastard." Y/n said rolling her eyes and huffing.
She heard shuffling from Sherlock Holmes' flat and saw him placing paper on the table. Sherlock saw Y/n and looked at the door to her flat.
He went closer and Y/n smiled in embarrassment, "I forgot my keys inside." She said paying attention to her gloves now.
Sherlock went back inside and started removing books and papers from the couch and placing them on the table or floor.
"You can stay here for a while. Who knows when Mrs. Hudson might return." He said leaning on the door frame.
Y/n stood up and passed by him, trying not to look like she's taking it up for granted. She sat down on the couch and Sherlock prepared tea.
Sherlock can't comprehend why he welcomed her into his flat even though he's only seen her every afternoon to get food and comeback with it.
And what disturbs him, is that he can't read her like everyone else. She's like, an unexplainable being.
Sitting down on his chair, Sherlock tried to think a way to get to know her.
"I'm Sherlock Holmes, the only consulting detective, because I invented the job. I have an older brother named Mycroft." He said as a starter and she smiled.
"I'm Y/n, I don't have a job right now but I will find one, hopefully. I actually don't have a sibling, just me and my parents." She said chuckling and Sherlock smiled. He heard the tea was ready and he asked her about what she likes.
Handing her a cuppa, she accepted it and Sherlock let her remove her coat so she can get comfortable. Y/n removed her coat, gloves and bonnet and placed them beside her.
They continued chatting, leaving unfinished experiments and paperworks in the kitchen and not noticing Mrs. Hudson got home because the road was already cleared out.
A year ago
"How did you do that?" Sherlock asked Y/n and she almost fell from her seat. "Did what?" "Getting into the security cameras of Baker Street." He said pointing at the screen.
"You won't tell?" She asked and Sherlock nodded. "Obviously I can hack into them, besides cameras are very easy to hack." She said rolling her eyes and Sherlock celebrated about learning what Y/n can do.
"This is amazing! You can help me in cases and everyone can know!" He exclaimed proudly but Y/n said otherwise.
"No one can know! You promised!" She exclaimed and slapping Sherlock's arm jokingly.
"Besides I can only be accessible within 20 meters away from you." She said showing the map to Sherlock, "Well then come with me every day but of course just stand by. Wait till I tell Lestrade!" He said and reassured Y/n that he was an inspector that she can trust.
'I know Lestrade alright.' She thought smirking on her screen while Sherlock tried to find his phone.
A month after that
"Hello Sherlock." Y/n heard a woman entering the lab and she stopped on her tracks when she saw her. "Hello Y/n." She said sadly.
It's been a month since Y/n was silently working with Sherlock. She met Molly in the process, well she was always around wherever Sherlock is.
Especially if he's in the lab.
Y/n's phone got a notification and she looked at the message.
Someone was on the phone for you.
Who was it?
Private matters they said.
'Private matters they said'
-Mr. Holmes
The car is waiting at the corner.
'Not this again.' She thought reading the message. Either she goes now or let them wait and risk getting fetched by them.
I'll be leaving for a while. Please look out for Sherlock, Lestrade.
I will.
"Sherlock I'll be going out for a while." She said getting her coat and wearing it. "Can you get me coffee?" "I can get you one." Molly intervened and both of them looked at her.
"The usual Y/n, if it's not a burden." Sherlock said looking again at the microscope.
"Oh umm, I think I'll be gone for an hour, so Molly might help you with that." She said looking at the messages.
-Mr. Holmes
The longer you take, the longer this talk will be.
"It's fine with me, what's your usual?" Molly asked Sherlock and both of them replied.
"Black 2 sugars." They said in unison and Y/n left immediately while trying to run through everything or everyone.
She saw the car and immediately got inside.
"Stop haunting me, Mycroft Holmes." She said keeping her phone away and looking outside the windows.
"It's almost 4 years now since I moved and 2 years since I started working with him." Y/n said laughing at the page she had a note on.
'Before the December morning came, a chance and a person changed the game.'
She closed the book and walked back towards Baker Street. It was almost noon and she knows Sherlock and John is waiting for her to come back.
Entering the flat, she already heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw Mycroft with John and Sherlock behind him.
"What did you do again Sherlock?" She asked trying not to look like she knows Mycroft.
"I can reassure you miss, he didn't do anything wrong. Good day brother, Dr. Watson." He said leaving.
"Lunch?" She asked the two and they nodded.
They went to a Café and started to eat lunch. Went back to Baker Street and John took a rest for a while. Leaving Y/n and Sherlock continuing to solve the crime.
"It doesn't make sense! He's just killing random people!" Sherlock exclaimed looking at the wall. John is still asleep on his chair, covered with papers.
"Maybe you just need to look at the minor factors they have. Maybe they all have something very important that the killer would want." Y/n said getting through the files about the case. Sherlock stared at the girl in front of him.
'How can you be so smart at the same time be bossy?' he thought returning his gaze at the wall.
They continued their work and John woke up an hour ago. Until it was night time and Mrs. Hudson brought them tea.
"Sherlock, why is there a big toe on your sink?" She asked rather disturbed. Y/n laughed at Sherlock's constant behavior of experimenting with things.
Sherlock's phone rang and it was Mycroft. He sighed and answered the phone.
"What is it Mycroft?" He said dropping the papers he was holding on the table.
"What?! An emergency? Where?" He exclaimed causing the three to look at him. "What's the matter, Sherlock?" Mrs. Hudson asked walking nearer.
"We'll be right there." He said dropping the call and got his coat. "What the hell is going on?!" John exclaimed trying to get Sherlock's attention.
"A family is now on ransom and Mycroft thinks it's the killer." Sherlock said wrapping up his scarf and the two wore theirs.
"I don't get it? A family? How are they connecte-" "The father is an official in the government, a close person to the royal family." He said climbing down the stairs with John following.
Y/n got stuck on the doorway and processed what Sherlock just said. She got worried and immediately went down the stairs.
They got a cab and they reached a building. Police and a few government employees were there to plan out.
"Sherlock! In here." They saw Mycroft went inside a vehicle a few feet away the commotion. It was filled with monitors connected to the cameras inside.
"An empty building perfect for a murder isn't it?" Sherlock said rather excited and John nudged him not to be happy.
"Any news from the inside?" "No, the killer won't let anyone in. He's controlling the entrances, except for the cameras which is odd." One of the men said showing the doors.
They stayed there for almost 10 minutes without any movement from the killer. They found him sitting on an antique chair looking at his phone and wearing a ridiculous mask.
The television beside him lit up and the camera couldn't clear out what the television is flashing.
"This is the Y/l/n Family, if you still want to see them alive. You know who you are, give me what's so precious to your family." The killer said laughing under his mask.
"That is the live stream, we can see them here on camera 16, inside a room tied up. The same as the television is showing." The men said but they noticed something blinking at the middle of the chairs the family is sitting.
"And there's now a bomb planted. Call the bomb disposal team!" They tried to contact people from the outside to find a way inside faster.
Because there's a bomb on the middle of the room, and it wasn't making the job easy.
"I just need to talk to youuu~" The guy sang and laughed like a psychopath. He stood up and started dancing.
"Sherlock, anything?" John asked the man scanning around the monitors and starts to get frustrated. "Are you sure all of the exits are closed?!" He exclaimed and they nodded showing every camera angle of the exits.
Y/n opened up her laptop and plugged in a USB. Mycroft noticed and he looked at her telling no. But her eyes said it was the only way.
After transferring files from the USB, she took out her phone and connected it to the laptop. Before finishing up and shutting her laptop, she typed something on the notes.
'Might be the best time to say it then.'
She closed her laptop, stood up next to Mycroft and handed him her phone. He was confused on why she gave him her phone.
"He'll think I might call the police if I brought my phone with me." "Well you're already with the police." They whispered at each other. Y/n started to leave the vehicle and Sherlock noticed.
"Where are you going Y/n?" "Outside, I need to speak with them. I'll be back." She said hopping out of the vehicle and closing it.
Grabbing the chain that she got from the inside and locking it, she made sure they'll be safe. In case the killer notices her trap.
Sherlock's POV
Y/n left a few minutes ago and she still hasn't returned. The Y/l/n family is still inside and the killer kept repeating the phrase.
"I just want to talk to youuuu"
"Why can't anyone enter!" I said frustrated and ruffled my hair. Trying to think a way inside. "Vents?" "What's that, Sherlock?" "The vents! Is there any vents?!" The men showed me and there weren't any vents big enough for a human to fit in.
"Great." I said and they returned the monitors back to the cameras we were monitoring.
"Aha! I knew you'd come my dear!" We heard the man say and he pressed a button on his phone causing the doors to open.
Third POV
The doors opened on the main entrance, Sherlock and the others were glued to the screens.
Y/n entered with no hesitation and the doors closed once she was in. "Y/n?!" Sherlock exclaimed and went towards the door. It wouldn't budge and John started helping him.
"Did she locked this after she left?" John asked Sherlock and he nodded. They went back to the monitors and she was standing at a safe distance from the killer.
"Isn't this nice, Y/n? You and me seeing together again and talking." He said followed by a laughter that echoed through the whole hall.
"It's nicer if you didn't do any of those killings." She said standing there feeling the gaze of the camera towards them.
"I thought I would get your attention." He stood up immediately that surprised Y/n and made her back away. "And it did!" He said laughing like a maniac now.
"See this red button on my phone?" He asked and Y/n nodded. "Well, It's connected to the bomb. Just give me what I want and I can forget about pressing this." He said placing the phone on the table and handing out his hand.
Y/n looked at him seeing any tricks with this. Her eyes lingers on the screen and she saw her family, tied up inside the room and starting to panic.
The killer saw this and laughed, knowing this is going to be fun. "Need inspiration? I'll give you one." He said getting his phone and pressing a button that made her family look behind the camera.
"Say 'hi', they've missed you so much." He circled around her and she started to take the risk.
"No, Y/n don't do it!" Mycroft yelled at the monitors that made Sherlock look at his brother. "Getting attached?" John asked and Sherlock shook his head in disapproval.
"He knew Y/n all along. Don't you brother?" Sherlock asked and Mycroft nodded. "Before she lived in Baker Street." He said earning a laugh from Sherlock.
"So is there anything I should know about more?" He asked Mycroft and he nodded. "A lot." He stated not removing his eyes on the screen.
They continued watching the scene and Y/n is starting to take something out her pocket.
"If you have tricks on your sleeves, you know what will happen." He stated reclining and looking at her.
She raised up her chin and took out a phone. But it was a different phone, different from her day to day phone. She looked at it and handed it over to him.
"Why does she have another phone?" John asked the two Holmes, Mycroft looked at Dr. Watson and pointed at Y/n's laptop.
"How do you think she has access with every security and anything the government controls?" "That's a government phone controlling the security, data, archives and information about the whole United Kingdom." Sherlock intervened looking at his phone trying to call Lestrade to get them out of the van.
"Thank you for giving this Y/n." He said looking at the phone checking any tricks. He gave back the phone and showed her the lock screen. "Open it." Y/n swiped up the phone and unlocked it with the pattern.
Mycroft seeing the lock, he got confused. Sherlock noticed it and asked him. "Government phones don't unlock with patterns and pins. They rely on fingerprint and facial unlock." He said getting the phone Y/n gave him.
He turned it on and swiped up the lock screen. "Just like that?" Watson asked and Mycroft nodded. "She switched the phones." He said in disbelief and laughed. He grabbed the radio and started giving commands to get ready at the entrances.
"Thank you for unlocking it." He said standing up and circling her again. "You know your parents are very disappointed but relieved that they won't get blown up." He said laughing maniacally going through files.
"But I must say, they, especially Sherlock Holmes, still don't know the last thing you're hiding." He said pointing at the camera and opening his arms.
Y/n turned around and looked at the camera. "I don't know what he's talking about." "OH! That's a good one. Tell me more jokes!" He exclaimed laughing, Y/n is on the verge of punching him.
"You're a psycho." She said making the guy stop in front of her and smiled. "Well I thought you loved psychos, hence liking one of us." He said leaning towards Y/n and raising his eyebrows.
Y/n noticed the camera moving and pointing at the door and back at her. She sighed and bowed her head.
"I'm right, am I? You looove psychopaths!" He said and Y/n shook her head.
"Sherlock Holmes isn't a psychopath, he is a high functioning sociopath." She raised her head smirking at him, "And the only consulting detective with that title." She punched him through his mask that caused him so much pain and police started to enter the room.
They started to surround the guy and picked him up. They handcuffed him and gave back Y/n's phone.
"Before you take and lock him away-" she said getting near the guy, "I never knew you'd take it this far, Kevin." Taking of the mask, 3 men entered the room and going behind Y/n to back her up.
"B-but how did they entered the room! I have the controls over the entrances!" Kevin said and Y/n smirked. She waved her hand and the police took him away, yelling about how she did it.
The 3 men behind her looked at her proudly. She looked behind them and saw her family getting untied and the bomb was inside a case now.
Her family looked behind the camera and smiled. Mycroft handed her the phone back and took off the case to place it back on her phone. The television turned off and they heard people assisting her family.
"I know you two have a lot of questions, but I can summarize everything." Y/n said looking at them and sitting down on the chair.
"I made a deal with my family to live a normal life in exchange to continue hiding who I am.
Growing up behind doors was never easy because you can't make friends or learn social skills. Only few close family friends and the Royal Family knows who I am.
My brother and two sisters can live a normal life because they attended private schools which only rich people can attend. But I can't have that because I'm the first ever child of them and it would be a great plan to kidnap me right? In exchange for files.
But when I attended college, It was a private school and people don't care who you are anymore, and that's where I met Kevin.
He was nice and sweet just like how I thought all of the world's population is. But I was wrong.
Then that's when we broke up. A few years just living inside the house again not going out.
Then almost 4 years ago, me and my family agreed for me to leave and live somewhere and make sure that I'm safe.
And I am safe, especially having Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as my neighbors and friends.
Having meetings with Mr. Blabbermouth, a.k.a Mycroft Holmes.
And having this phone with me that helps my family to know where I am."
She finished up but the three men are still confused. She understood why and she chuckled. Looking at the camera, the men followed her gaze and she stopped at the sign beside the chair.
"He was sitting near this sign and the phone's reflection is seen on the camera. I tried to make out his layout of the controls with the doors and placed all of it in folders."
She explained and opened the phone, "With every click of a folder, a door opens." She clicked one and they heard a door opening upstairs.
"I forgot to mention, I also studied with hackers and security when I was in college and living with my parents. That's how I learned it."
She said keeping the phone in her pocket. John smiled at her and looked at the two men. "And what was about the whole Sherlock Holmes thing?" He asked and Y/n sighed. "That was nothing." She said standing up and walking pass by them.
They exited the building and stood near Lestrade's car. He was assisting the family and talking with them.
"My name on your contacts is 'Mr. Blabbermouth'?" Mycroft asked and Y/n laughed.
"Don't worry, Mr. Sociopath and Mr. Oblivious aren't left out." She said walking away and nearing her family.
"Mom, Dad." She said hugging them almost crushing them. "I'll leave you lot to talk for a while." Lestrade said smiling at the scene before him.
"I knew you had a way, but I never thought you can pull that off!" Y/n's father exclaimed patted her back.
"She's a Y/l/n, she can do anything." She heard her brother and she ruffled his hair. "But of course, don't forget to introduce us your boyfriend." One of her sister said and she rolled her eyes.
"You can go back to them, we'll be okay." Her mother said but Y/n shook her head.
"I don't think I can leave you guys again." "As long as you can be safe and keep that safe, we'll be safe too." Her father said and her sibling nodded.
"Just remember to visit us on Christmas Day, okay?" Her younger sister said and she nodded. Tears brimming her eyes and she sniffles while trying not to burst out.
"I will always visit you lot." She said hugging them all, causing her to be surrounded by blankets that covered up her family.
Standing up, she waved good bye and walked back towards the car.
"Shall we leave?" Lestrade asked getting his keys. "Yes, let's go." Sherlock said opening the door for Y/n and she entered.
Their ride was quiet until they reached the apartment. "See you three tomorrow? Well if we have a new case for you three." Lestrade said and Sherlock nodded, getting inside first and leaving the door open.
"Yeah, see you Lestrade." Y/n said waving and entering the building.
John got to sleep immediately when he entered the flat, leaving Y/n and Sherlock.
"Well, erm, I guess I should be go-" she was cut off by Sherlock's mumbling. "I'm sorry, what was that?" "That's why I couldn't analyze you. You are unreadable and amazing at it." He said still staring at the fireplace.
"Yes, because of being able to hide from people, I'm never showy with anything." She said standing up and nearing the door.
"Good night Sherlock." She said turning towards her flat. "And yes, I like you. For almost 3 years now." She said never turning to look at him, and entered her flat.
She should've turned, because she never saw the smile Sherlock had hearing it from her. He leaned on his knees ruffling his hair. He continued smiling and sighed.
"Likewise, Y/n. Likewise." He said leaning back on his seat and stared at the ceiling.
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muertawrites · 5 months ago
Two Halves - Chapter Seventeen (Zuko x Reader)
Chapter 16 - Part 1 - Part 2
Word Count: 2,130
Author’s Note: All I’m gonna say is that I think my exposition sucks, but here it is, the plot has returned (Alexa play Edge of Seventeen)
Tumblr media
News of your newfound comfort with your husband sweeps silently and swiftly throughout the palace following your return from Ember Island, the sideways glances you receive from diplomats and servants alike impossible to overlook. Those mulling about the corridors gawk as you leave your quarters beside Zuko each morning, whispers muttered over the scandal that you now sleep in the same bed; eyes widen when you brazenly peck his lips in the company of others, and cheeks redden when his hand is spied resting shamefully low on your waist. Neither of you mind the reproachful attention, however - you want your love to be seen. 
Of course, it’s a short matter time before the council gets involved in the affair, your advisors calling a meeting less than a week after your return to berate you about the newest stain on your public image. 
“It’s disgraceful!” rages one of Yong’s aides, tossing his arms about as he shoots himself out of his seat. “The Firelord and lady are figures of authority - not foolish teenage lovers! Do you have any idea how idiotic this makes you look to the nation? To the world??” 
“Hakoda loved his wife publicly,” you flatly answer, taking a tauntingly unbothered sip of the tea laid out before you. “He’s still a very respected leader, both in the Southern Water Tribe and in other parts of the world.” 
“Chief Hakoda’s wife held no power,” the aide spits. He leans menacingly over the table towards you, clenching his fists. “You are no longer a weak, sheltered Water Tribe woman. You’re queen of one of the strongest governments to ever exist - you need to damn well act like it.” 
You shift your gaze towards the man, fixing him with a subtle, cutting glare that makes him pale. You feel the weight of your betrothal necklace at your throat, the force pushing you upward to stand at eye level with him. 
“I was never weak,” you state. “I was never sheltered. I watched Fire Nation soldiers murder my parents when I was six years old, and supported an entire village in my siblings’ absence when they left to fight with the Avatar. I willingly left my home to marry a stranger for the betterment of my people; do not call me weak for learning to love him.” 
A heavy silence falls over the room, a dozen sets of eyes trained on you. You stand, unwavering, unblinking, staring at the aide who challenged you; he sets his jaw, refusing to lower himself. Yong comes up beside him, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. 
“What Jenshi means,” she sternly justifies, “is that there are still many people in the Fire Nation who are loyal to Ozai, who are used to a Firelord and lady that operate as a political alliance rather than a traditional marriage; those people may view your affections as a sign of weakness and attempt to take advantage of it.” 
“Yes,” Jenshi mutters, lowering his shoulders as he calms himself. “And with all due respect, my lady, we still don’t know who we can trust. The threat may still very well be within the palace walls.” 
You and Zuko turn to each other, sharing a noiseless, worried look; he takes your hand, squeezing it tightly as he addresses the entire room, lowering you back to his side. 
“What do the other sectors have to say?” he questions. “Military?” 
“The general consensus so far is that the military doesn’t care,” answers Counselor Chin. “Your superior skill as a warrior is revered, and the Firelady has proven a great leader in regards to our decolonization efforts. Your personal lives are of no concern to us, and we are primed to defend you against all existing dangers.” 
“Ethically there are a few problems,” chimes Advisor Shi, head of the Integrity Committee. “Your actions go against what has been culturally accepted since before Sozin’s reign; a Firelord and lady aren’t meant to be publicly affectionate with one another, no matter how they may feel for each other beyond the nation’s eye.” 
Zuko hums, nodding. 
“I understand,” he responds. “But we are trying to move away from the traditional monarchy. We’ve already established that we don’t want any children we have to be forced into their roles, and public reception was relatively accepting. What could it hurt for us to be honest about our feelings for each other?”
“It brings us back to concerns over dissent,” Yong interjects. “As Jinshi said, we’re no closer to understanding who was behind Counselor Fen’s murder or what their intentions are; we can’t let them use your emotions as leverage.” 
“Has word really spread that quickly?” you ask her, fear beginning to quake in the center of your chest. “They’re talking about it outside the palace?” 
“No,” Jinshi replies, “but it will soon. If there are actors within the palace, we assume they already know and will attempt to play your intimacy with each other to their advantage.” 
Zuko’s body stiffens, the corners of his lips turning downward into a grave, shadowed grimace. He nods in concession, but doesn’t let go of your hand. 
“We’ll watch ourselves,” he affirms, clutching your palm tighter within his. “In the meantime, I want everyone within the palace’s actions to be heavily monitored. No one is safe if we’re not.” 
Tumblr media
After the meeting, you and Zuko take lunch together, choosing the unromantic and relatively public setting of a stateroom outside your private wing of the palace. Anxiety causes your stomach to churn like the ocean in a storm, hindering your appetite so that you only pick at your food - you notice that Zuko does the same. 
“... I visited the physician this morning,” you tell him, breaking the uneasy stagnance. “She said the medicine worked - I’m not pregnant.” 
“Good,” Zuko murmurs. His hand is raised to his chin, his voice distant as he keeps his pensive gaze aimed at an empty space on the table before you. “One less thing we have to worry about.” 
“What’s on your mind?” you ask.
“The attacks,” Zuko relays. “They’re not… normal.” 
“Normal how?” 
Zuko sighs, folding his arms in front of him as he continues to ponder, his brow furrowing in search of the correct words. 
“... They’re not what my father would do,” he says after a pause. “He wouldn’t utilize outsiders like the Dai Li, or kill an indirect target just to make a statement. That’s what Azula would do.” 
“... So you think she was behind it?” you guess. “They could have been her ideas, but the fact that she took herself out means that there had to have been someone else.” 
“Exactly,” Zuko agrees. “And that’s what’s confusing. The only person she ever feared was our father, but after he abandoned her during the comet, she hated him. Everything we have from her investigation supports that. She’d never be allegiant to him.” 
“But who else could have convinced her?” you wonder. “What else? Threatening her life clearly didn’t mean anything, and she renounced her loyalty to the Fire Nation when she was arrested. Do you think that… that maybe someone told her they were trying to overthrow you? That they offered to let her take your place?” 
“Azula was like our father. If she wanted to take over, she would’ve just taken over. She never would have taken the throne if it were offered.” 
“So… she wasn’t the one leading the attacks… but her pride kept her from bending to anyone’s will but her own. What was her place, then?” 
“I think she just wanted me dead,” Zuko admits. “Whoever approached her, they asked for her help in killing me. They gave her the opportunity to exact her revenge in a way that destroyed me little by little, the way she wanted to see it happen.” 
“... But Ozai and his supporters don’t operate that way,” you recall. 
“ They don’t,” Zuko echos. “They take by force.” 
You meet his eyes, a deep, tumbling chasm bottoming out in your stomach, the shockwave reverberating through your body. Your limbs feel limp, your head dizzy. 
“It’s not the Fire Nation,” you realize.
The words come out in a quiet gasp, carried by what little breath you can manage to force from your lungs. Zuko’s expression falls gravely blank; he reaches for your hand, bringing your knuckles to his lips without thought or care to who could see. 
“It’s not the Fire Nation,” he repeats. “Which means… there might be no one we can trust.”
Tumblr media
The door to your bedroom slides open and sputters shut behind you, indicating Zuko’s entrance; bent over, fumbling with the ties on your robes, you don't turn to greet him, but instead share the message you got that afternoon. 
“Toph is coming,” you announce. “She heard about Azula and is worried about our safety, so she's bringing a group of-” 
You cease completely as you face the man standing in front of the doorway, horrified to find that he isn't your husband. 
“I must say, you really know how to upset things,” Advisor Xiang sneers, pacing slowly towards you. 
You take a few steps back, cornering yourself back against the nearest wall; in the waist of your robes, Suki’s fan presses harshly to your side, too hidden for you to reach without alerting your intruder.
“Get out,” you quip. “Get out before I call the guards.” 
“Make one sound and this knife will end up in your neck,” Xiang threatens. He raises a blade from his hip, holding it menacingly level with your throat; as he closes in on you, he lets it graze your skin, his gaunt, sunken face glaring down at you like a demon summoned from the darkest corner of hell. 
“You were supposed to run, little girl,” he drawls on. “You were supposed to die in Ba Sing Se. None of this - this love you have for the Firelord, your flirting with the possibility of continuing his bloodline - was ever supposed to happen. And we can't let it happen.” 
“Who is ‘we’?” you demand. You try to make your voice firm, unshaken, but it quivers in your mouth, causing Xiang to release a belittling chuckle. 
“You won't find that out,” he taunts. “I've come to discuss the terms of your punishment. You see, since you defied everything we expected of you, we’re going to make you do what we planned to do months ago - you're going to kill Zuko.” 
Bile rises to the back of your throat, your gut seizing in a panicked, terrified hitch. You shake your head, quickly and minutely, tears starting to sear the corners of your eyes. 
“No,” you detest. “I won't do it. We’ll stop you.” 
“You will do it,” Xiang hisses, “because if he isn't dead within the next seven days, your entire family - that bumbling brother, his wife, your sister and her precious little family, even your father - will die instead.” 
He removes the dagger from your neck, grinning tauntingly, maliciously, as he slips it into the loose breast of your robes. His touch sickens you, but you're too petrified to force him back. 
“And don't you dare try reaching out for help,” he snarls. “We have informants throughout the palace - we’ll know every move you make, and if anyone gets word of this, your loved ones will all perish, and this time you’ll have no one to take you in.” 
It's only when Xiang releases you do you realize he had a hold on your wrist, gripping you so tightly that he leaves flaming red marks on your skin. Tears bubble down your cheeks, a sob lodged in your throat that you refuse to let go. 
“Why are you doing this?” you plead. 
You don't know why you expect him to answer honestly - you don't know why you expect him to answer at all. He smirks, showing the ugly, yellowed points of his irregularly sharp canines. 
“Because Zuko would have been better off dead when Ozai gave him that scar,” he replies. “His is a family of sociopaths and murders, my dear - we must end the cycle before it repeats itself.” 
Xiang slips through the door he ambushed you from, and you're left alone in your terror. Fingers shaking, you take the knife from your robes and hide it under the mattress, your mind racing as you try to figure out what you can possibly do to save the people you love. 
You're in bed by the time Zuko returns, the lights turned out and your body hidden beneath the blankets, too shaken to face him. As he lays down beside you, wrapping his arms around your waist and nestling into the comfort of your body, all you can feel is the blade beneath you, slicing your side as ruthlessly as if you were the one sentenced to death.
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