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#born madly
My band director assigned us a horrible, horrible assignment. 
We have to wake up and play the Star Spangled Banner, between the hours of 8 and 9 AM, in our front yard (or equivalent). And record it. 
Torture that he’s going to regret. See, he forgot a few things, namely the fact that...
I own a piccolo. 
I have no sense of self preservation. 
I live a five minute’s walk from my band director’s house. 
(insert evil laughter here)
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pbandjk · 6 hours ago
Alpha Jeon 9
Genre: Werewolf au /angst/ fluff/ smut
Pairing: Jungkook x f. Reader
Word count: 7.1k
Warnings: loss of virginity, fingering, oral (female receiving), bumpy first time sex, unprotected sex, knotting, a tiny sprinkle of dirty talk, unintentional edging?
Summary: You’ve been raised to be a Luna since you were born. You’ve always had an idea of how your future would be, there was little room to imagine anything different. You’d meet your mate and fall madly in love, and the two of you would take over for your parents once they got older. But what happens when a certain wolf comes in and throws all of your plans on their head?
Part: 9/10 Series Masterlist
You sit alone in Jungkook's office, which he has stopped calling his own, but you refuse to accept when a knock interrupts your reading. You’ve grown to recognize who’s on the other side of the door by the sound of the knocks. Just now, you can tell Namjoon’s on the other side without seeing him, and you call for him to come in.
“Luna.” The worry in his voice makes you look up from your reading.
“What is it?
The deep frown on his face makes your heart rate increase. These days it seems like the only news is bad news. “The rogues.” You swear your stomach drops out of your ass. Somehow you already know what he’s about to say. “They’ve hit your parent’s village.”
You’re out of your seat in a second, brushing past him. “Does Jungkook know?”
“I sent Jimin to go tell him.”
Namjoon follows your hurried steps down the stairs and out of the pack house. You aren’t sure where you’re going, but you couldn’t sit still. Your family, are they hurt? Injuries aren’t uncommon in these attacks, especially for the pack leaders. Thinking about the people you’ve spent your entire life preparing to protect in danger makes you dizzy.
“Luna, we aren’t sure where they went after the attack,” he calls after you. “They could be waiting in these woods in between, ready to strike our village.”
That last part causes your steps to stumble. You have at least double the amount of patrols than you did the day of the previous attack, so everyone should be fine without you if you went to check on your family. Even still, you would feel bad abandoning your pack that you’ve sworn to protect. Your duty lies here now.
“Do you know if anyone was hurt?”
“We haven’t got a report back, one of the patrols just spotted the rouges escaping the village.”
Your heart is begging you to go and check on your family, but you know you can’t abandon your people so soon, not if they plan to hit your pack next. You signed allegiance to them, and to Jungkook. What kind of Luna would you be if you ran away now?
“Send someone to get a report.” You reluctantly turn around and head back towards the pack house.
Namjoon bows to you. “Yes Luna.”
You’re running on pure adrenaline at this point as you decide to head towards the village homes and find Yoongi who’s on duty. He looks up at your presence, and you must be showing your emotions on your face because his also contorts in concern. You’re already messing up, you’re supposed to be the steady rock for your people to lean on in times of crisis. “Send everyone inside, and make sure they don’t come out until I give the signal.”
He gulps, glancing around. “Are we under attack?”
“Not yet.”
You quickly make your way to the market and find Taehyung who helps you escort everyone there safely back to their homes. You try your best to bury your nervous energy so it doesn’t radiate to everyone else, but it almost feels impossible. You’re not sure how Jungkook remains so unfazed all the time.
Speaking of, he comes jogging up to you from somewhere calling your name. You wait for him, leaving Taehyung to handle things. Instead of stopping in front of you, he scoops you up in his arms, cradling you close to him. “Have you heard back yet?” Others may have not recognized it, but you can see the worry in his stoic face, and you can hear it in his voice.
You shake your head, pulling back from him. If you let him hold you for any longer, you might break down. You send him a tight smile to let him know you’re not okay, but you don’t want to talk about it until anything’s confirmed.
Once everyone is safely inside, you pace around the empty village, as if waiting to spot something.
“Luna.” A man comes jogging up to you out of breath. Once you realize he came from the path leading to your parent’s village you freeze with bated breath. “A few villagers were injured trying to protect their property, but they’re in stable condition. Your family was unharmed.”
Finally, you let your shoulders sag a little, and allow yourself to breath again.
Jungkook had wandered off, but he finds you soon after. “Did you hear?”
You nod quickly, and before you can stop it, tears of relief flood your face. He steps close to hold you, but you push him away. You need to collect yourself.
He gulps, trying to hide his hurt. “The pack members who reported the incident are waiting in the conference room for a briefing.”
“Let’s go then.” You turn and walk a little faster than normal, as if to keep a distance between you two. You know it’s hurting him to not be able to comfort you, but you need to deal with this situation with a level head. Jungkook wouldn’t let his emotions get in the way of being a leader when his pack needs him, so you aren’t either.
“While we were patrolling, we caught a glimpse of the rogues leaving the raid of Alpha Doh’s pack.” The two young men giving the report are clearly younger than you and Jungkook, but old enough to be out of school.
“How many were there?” Jungkook asks.
The boys glance at each other, and one of them decides to speak up. “I don’t know the exact number, but I know if they were to come up on one man, he’s a goner.”
The thought makes your stomach sink. You hate that all of your closest friends will be the ones on the front lines, and that you’re having to put young people like these two out there to risk their lives. They probably feel like they have to in order to protect their pack. No one should be forced to risk their lives like that, especially so young. They should be off having fun with their friends, not patrolling for hours on end, probably scared to death.
The thought of this makes you even more emotional, which makes you frustrated. Clutching your fist tightly under the table you turn to Namjoon to say, “Tell the patrols to stick in pairs, not too close, but in eye range of each other.”
He nods, writing down your instructions.
This is all you can do for now. Wait like sitting ducks.
Everyone in the meeting dismissed themselves, and you go to follow but a hand pulls you back. “Y/n.” You don’t like the way he says your name, like you’re a little kid who’s pretending they didn’t do anything wrong, and he’s the parent trying to get them to confess.
“What?” You pull your hand away and try to turn away from him, but he grabs your arms, holding your in place.
“I know you’re not okay.”
Your throat burns when you speak. “I’m fine. My family is okay, so I’m happy.”
He sighs, and before you can realize what he’s doing, he’s got you wrapped tightly in his arms, your face buried in his chest.
You bite your lip hard, but the tears still escape.
“It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot going on.”
You want to say, “I’m not overwhelmed”, but all that comes out is a choked sob.
You’re not sure how long you stay like that, holding onto each other tightly. Once your tears subside, you lean up to look at him. “How are you so calm?”
He offers a small smile. “I’m not. I’m just not good at showing my emotions. I guess that includes when I’m worried.”
It gives you a weird sort of peace to realize he’s also worried. You should probably wish he weren’t for his sake and the pack’s, but selfishly you’re glad that you can feel a little less like a failure.
No one gets much sleep the next few weeks. Jungkook leaves early in the morning to go patrol, and you’re a nervous wreck until he gets back. You both are rarely at home because all your time is spent at the pack house or in the village in case an attack were to happen. Namjoon brings you food that Yunseo prepares for you guys, but you can hardly get yourself to eat.
You have people patrolling all borders of the village, day and night. You know your people are exhausted, and you almost wish they would just attack already.
Maybe they aren’t attacking because they’re scared of your patrol, and they’re waiting for you to let your guard down so they can strike. Regardless, it leaves your people in a state of constant worrying and caution.
It’s gone unspoken, and you’ve been too afraid to confront Jungkook because you know what kind of reaction he will have, but you both know your resources won’t get you through the winter. You’ve yet to go trade at the capitol, and it’s costing you. Whenever you bring the subject up, it elicits the exact response you expected from him. He shuts you down right away.
“You know how good this will be for us,” you attempt to persuade him once more.
He doesn’t bother looking up from where he sorts through the papers in his office. “Doesn’t matter.”
“It’s been weeks!” You throw your hands up in exasperation. “Could the rouges seriously sit out there that long, undetected and still be ready to attack?”
He makes his way to another stack, still not looking at you, as if this conversation doesn’t deserve your undivided attention. “It makes no sense why they would skip over our pack. It’s still dangerous out there.”
“We’re gonna have our first snowfall soon, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. And then what?”
He suddenly turns towards you, and you flinch back at his hard stare and tone. “Nothing in this world is worth the risk of losing you. Don’t you get that?”
That definitely wasn’t the response you were expecting. You don’t really have a response, so you let him walk away. You’re frustrated at how every option you’re stuck with seems to come with a risk. If you go, there’s a chance you’ll be attacked. If you stay, there’s a chance you won’t be able to make it through the winter.
You’ve fought off rouges before, you should be able to do it again, especially if you take some of the guys with you. You laugh at how much you’ve started to sound like Jungkook
You’re ready to argue about it again when you finally return home, but Jungkook beats you to it. “I’ve decided that i’m going.”
You stumble a bit, trying to process what he just said. “What?”
“I’ll go do the trade. I’ll have a better peace of mind about you being here, with everyone to help you. This way I won’t have to travel with as many people either.”
You let out a humorless laugh. “So you get to tell me what to do to keep me safe, but I can’t do the same with you?”
“No,” he says as if it isn’t absurd. “I’m sorry, but I just can’t send you out there into their trap. I’ll do whatever to keep you safe, even if that’s neither of us going, and having to ration.”
“You don’t get to tell me what I can’t do. This isn’t a one way leadership.”
“I don’t care if you get mad at me over it. I’m not budging on this.”
Taking him up on his bluff, you storm out of the cabin, heading to Jenni’s. Hoseok lets you in, and you plop yourself onto her couch in a huff.
“What’s going on?” Jenni asks from the kitchen.
“Your brother's being an ass.”
Hoseok nudges her to let him take over, and Jenni comes to sit with you in the living room. “Do you want to talk about it?”
You hesitate, but you figure it might be helpful if you get her on your side. “Jungkook said you have an annual trade with the capitol at this time of the year.”
She nods.
“Well, he doesn’t think it’s safe for me to go because of the rogues. He wants to go himself, and leave me here.” The last part slips out, and you aren’t sure if she picks up on it or not.
“Why don’t I just go?”
You immediately roll your eyes at her, shutting her down. “No.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s not safe.”
She lets out a laugh, and you notice the irony as well, but you don’t care.
“Maybe we can just put off trading for a little while. I’m sure they’d understand.”
“We can’t. They have a strict schedule, there’s no way they’d be able to fit us in for a long time if we miss this meeting. Plus, their stuff is first come, first serve.”
“They won’t meet with just a pack member will they? Even someone like Namjoon?”
You shake your head.
“Do you feel like Jungkook will handle things better here if you go?”
Your head jerks to her in surprise. “What?”
“It seems to me like it really boils down to who you think can run the pack best, under a possible rouge attack.”
Jungkook is used to doing this by himself, you aren’t. The idea of being left in charge of the whole pack by yourself, is the most terrifying thing in the world. Hundreds of people relying on you.
At least now the responsibility is evenly split, maybe even more towards Jungkook. It’s hard for you to admit, but recently you’ve realized just how much you rely on him as a crutch. You could maybe use the excuse that it’s because he knows the town better than you, but you know there’s more to it than that.
“I’ve never ran a pack by myself.”
She nods, understanding the unspoken words. “Maybe you should tell him how you feel.”
You nod like you agree, but inside you’re thinking you probably won’t tell him that. He should be able to trust you to run things on your own, but you can’t. You’re ashamed of yourself.
It’s late when you return back to your cabin. A few candles are still lit, but Jungkook isn’t in the living room. You decide to take the couch for the night, not wanting to be the first to break your silence. You didn’t think he would either, but you’ve only lied down for a few minutes when you feel another body slide in behind you. He tries to burrow his face in your neck but you pull away, and he lets out a noise that's close to a whimper.
“You’re not gonna give up on this, are you?”
You shake your head.
He sighs behind you. “If there was one thing I understood about my parents' failed relationship, it was that he put his duty first, and she didn’t. I want to put you first.”
That wasn’t what you were expecting him to say. You feel for him and his worry about repeating his parents’ mistakes but, “This isn’t that. I made this decision, that you know someone is going to have to do. I made a promise to take care of this pack the same as you did. And I plan on honoring it, by my own will.” You turn to him finally, and you immediately want to erase the worry creased on his face. “As much as I want to honor that promise, I’ll also try my best to not let it come between our relationship. This situation though, is completely out of our hands.”
He doesn’t say anything, so you continue. “It’s also not just because I’m trying to put myself in the more dangerous position to save you.” You gulp, trying to voice your insecurities in the most logical way possible. “I think you will do much better guarding the town here. I would be absolutely lost on how to handle everything if an attack happened.” You’re their leader in their eyes and I don’t think I would make them feel safe, are the words you keep to yourself.
“That’s not true.”
“It is! You’re so calm and collected, and seem to have every procedure memorized, but I know nothing about that stuff. I wouldn’t be able to protect everyone as well as you could.”
“You can learn.”
You nod. ‘Okay, but it will take a while. We have to decide something right now.”
“It’s not that much-”
“Jungkook.” Your call of his name catches his attention from whatever rant he was going to do. “There’s no arguing. You’re better at handling things here, and I’m clearly the better trader.”
He goes to say something again, but he slowly realizes what you said at the end and his eyebrows furrow. ”What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It’s true! I’ve been doing it for years.” Because you found the out of the serious heavy talk, you keep running with it. “Plus, you’re terrible at bargaining. I could have scammed you before and you’d be none the wiser.”
You’re poking succeeds as he looks completely offended. “Hey!”
You laugh before you can stop yourself and Jungkook, as a defense attack, goes for your weak spot. He attacks your sides, tickling you. You gasp for air, begging him to stop which he eventually does, after tears are running down your face from laughing so much.
You can’t find it in yourself to be annoyed at him because of the laughter from both of you, you feel a little bit lighter than you did before.
His wide smile slowly fades as he grows serious. “Fine.” You’re confused until he continues, “But, you have to take at least two of the guys with you, and at least four patrols, maybe more depending on-”
You don’t let him finish his sentence because you’re pressing your mouth over his. He whimpers against your lips before sayin, “I can’t handle you being mad at me.”
You suppress a giggle at his childish pout, and he tugs you tightly into his body.
You inform everyone of your plan the next morning, and Jungkook decides to send Jimin and Yoongi with you. You can tell they’re having similar thoughts to Jungkook, that it’s high risk. But, they don’t express these worries. Instead they show support and nod at whatever Jungkook tells them to do.
“I’m excited.” Jimin bounces up to you after the meeting. “I haven’t left the village in forever.”
You try to smile back at his optimism, but you can feel worry radiating off of Jungkook and it’s affecting you. Although he agreed to let you go, that didn’t mean he was feeling good about it. His foreboding makes you feel like you need to fix it.
Jungkook is quieter than usual on your walk back to the cabin. You don’t regret your decision to go, but you still feel like you need to cheer him up. You don’t have much meat to spare, but you know you’ll get some on your trade, so you decide you’ll cook up his favorite dish to lift his mood.
However, you don’t make it very far inside because he wraps you up in his arms, his mouth finding yours in a desperate, almost sorrowful kiss. You reciprocate the desperation, as if trying to show him that you aren’t going anywhere. At least not for the night.
He’s the first one to pull back, your head still reeling from the kiss, he mutters against your lips, “I love you.”
You stiffen up in his arms, trying to let his words sink in. The words travel from your ears, leaving a chill all the way down to your toes. After being met with silence, his eyes wearily glance up at you. You can tell he’s starting to panic, so you jump into action to reassure him.
You’re not able to express how you feel with words, so you kiss him again. You can feel his relief in the kiss. His hands grip your waist, pulling your body flush against his. Yours travel up his arms, one stopping to grip his shirt, the other finding purchase in the hair on the back of his neck.
You’ve both been so tense and had too much on your mind to be intimate with each other. The last time you felt this fire in you was weeks ago.
He ducks his head down to suckle at your neck, and you lean your head back for him. You let out a whine when he reaches a particular spot, your grip on each other tightening. When you make the noise again, he hoists you into his arms and stumbles towards the bedroom.
A little clumsily, he sits you down on the bed. His eagerness to touch you is exactly what you wanted from him last time. Now, you can tell he’s not hesitant at all, he’s not in his head or overthinking anything.
He lets his body guide him as he leans in for another kiss, letting his hands travel freely on your body, tugging it into his hands and closer to him. Somewhere along the messy make out, he wiggled his way into laying between your legs, and your hips keep seeking that sweet friction of rubbing your bodies together.
His mouth leaves yours and he breathes hard above you. “Are you sure you wanna do this?”
Your brain is so mushed and glossed over with his affection that you have to think hard what he’s referring to. “Yes. Are you?”
He lets out a laugh. “What do you think?” He leans up to sit on his knees, and without losing eye contact he rids himself of his top. “I wanna touch you this time.”
You want to tell him that it can be both, but words are lost when he has your shirt in his hands, lifting it off you. He freezes for a moment, just staring. He acts like it’s the first time he’s seen you naked, but recovers quickly by leaning down to kiss your neck again. He doesn’t spend long there however, leaving a trail of hot kisses on his way to your collarbone, then your chest, leaving marks along the way.
He kisses his way around your breasts before ultimately taking your nipple in his mouth. His mouths gently at your breast, the other getting attention from his hand. Once he learns how you respond, he gets carried away with making you feel good. You let out a whine when he sucks your nipple in his mouth, laving his tongue around, even nipping with his teeth before he eventually switches to the other. Your hands search for something to grip, settling with one in his hair, and the other in the sheets.
He must have noticed how desperate your center is for attention because of how it keeps seeking anything to touch, your back arching, your body in search of his. He reaches down to undo the laces of your pants and you help him tug them off, not even caring when he chuckles at you.
You notice a moment of hesitancy again and quickly grab his hands to tuck into the band of your underwear. He gets the hint and removes them as well, leaving you completely naked now.
Despite taking your pants off, he returns his mouth to a similar place. You’re about to request something different when he begins kissing his way down your body, not leaving an inch untouched. When he reaches the top of your pubic bone, he glances up at where you’re waiting with bated breath.
“Is this okay?” You’ve never nodded so quickly in your life. Your legs are still spread from where you were holding his hips, and he glances down at you for the first time. He licks his lips like he’s looking at a meal, and you can tell from the way he gulps and his hands stutter that he likes what he sees. His fondling of your breasts was enough to make you leak all over the sheets.
He doesn’t make anyone bold moves at first, just kisses around like he did on your chest. You let him nose around, exploring your body, content with just having him so close.
He sucks a bruise onto your inner thigh, and you lean a hand down to touch his face, grabbing his attention. Admittedly, your patients are running thin. “You don’t have to. I’m ready for you now.”
You know those words go straight to his dick, but he decides to ignore it. He kisses your thigh again, but this time he moves closer to where you’ve wanted him ever since he put his mouth on yours.
You really weren’t expecting him to dart his tongue out, licking up your slick. You cry out in a gasp, the sound clearly encouraging his actions because he does it again, and you can’t help but lean your head back against the bed. The noises that escape are completely at their own free will.
Just like you did with him, he learns what you like by how you respond. His confidence grows more and more, and soon he has his mouth completely buried in between your legs. You don’t even know if he means to keep paying attention to your clit, but boy does he. He works his muscle against you, and sucks back up your juices and his spit, the lewd noises shoot straight to your core. Maybe you’ve envisioned this scene before in your head, but nothing compares to how it actually feels to have him there. Glancing down, you notice the way his hips grind against the bed, and you love knowing that he's getting pleasure from pleasing you.
You miss kissing him, and touching him, so you drag him up to you. His mouth finds yours again, and you feel obscene, tasting yourself on him. Wanting to return the pleasure, you run your hands down his toned chest, the hard muscle flexed beneath your hard, before ultimately gripping him through his pants. You don’t even have to take his pants off, because he does it quickly, letting his cock spring free.
You’re sure you’re returning the same gaze he gave you earlier, and you can’t keep your hands off him, gripping him in your hand like you did last time. He grabs your hand from him, and you’re afraid you’ve done something wrong when he brings it up to his mouth. You’re startled when he licks a stripe on the palm of your hand, but soon understand when he brings it back down to his length. You swear the groans that he lets escape as your hand works him are more powerful than his touch. He lets his head hang, settled into your neck, peppering kisses there.
He suddenly leans back, his own hand traveling lower. You feel his fingers prod at where his mouth was earlier. He seems apprehensive, so you use your own hand to guide him. You’re already wet enough that his fingers glide in easily, making you gasp at the feeling.
“You okay?” he asks and you nod again, whining when he starts to move his fingers. He watches you as he experiments with moving his fingers. He pulls them upward, and you let out a groan, your back arching in response. He has a smug smirk now, and you would be annoyed if it didn’t feel so nice. “You like when I do this?”
“Jungkook.” You plead his name, but you’re not sure what for.
You feel like you’re being teased endlessly, so you grab his hand to stop it. “Just fuck me now.”
He pauses and your face flushes with embarrassment. You’ve never talked like that before, and you know it catches him off guard, but you also notice the growing hunger in his eyes. Instead of settling between your legs like you expected him to, he lays back, pulling you so you’re straddling his waist.
“I don’t want to hurt you,” he explains. “I’ve heard it can hurt.”
A small smile plays onto your lips. It’s endearing that he’s concerned about you. You’re sure most guys, alphas especially, would not be so considerate.
Impatiently, you take his cock in your hand again, doing your best to guide it to the right place. When it finally gives way, you stutter your movement for a bit, trying to adjust to the stretch. He groans beneath you, his eyes squeeze shut. It’s a dichotomy of uncomfortableness and pleasure, but you know it feels good for Jungkook, so you keep going for him. Slowly, you sink him further into you until your body rests atop his.
He swears and it’s your turn to chuckle a little at him. He glances up suddenly, as if remembering something. “Okay?”
You nod and steady yourself with your hands on his chest, and he helps guide you with his hands on your hips. You can only go slow at first, trying to get used to the feeling of him inside of you. There’s a small amount of pain, but you try not to concentrate on the good feeling instead.
You take your time once you start gliding yourself up and down him in a motion you think is right. “Does this feel good?” You’re worried he’s not enjoying it because he’s not saying anything.
“Yes.” His grip on you tightens, and his hips suddenly stutter beneath yours, causing his cock to hit a new place at a different pace, and you lean forward in pleasure.
He apologizes but you shake your head. “Do it again.”
He does so, and you meet him halfway, your rhythm becoming more impatient than you were before.
You lean yourself up so you can kiss him, feeling your pleasure building up, almost reaching its crest. You hold your body over his in the exact position you found feels the best as his continues to pump into you from below, his cock gliding along your walls that keep trying to tug him closer. You’ve never been so close with another before, but somehow you want to be closer, trying to press yourself firmly against him, take him in further. You gasp when your pleasure reaches its peak, you tighten around him and grip onto the sheets, groaning as you lay your head on his chest.
Your body sings with pleasure as he still moves beneath you. You’ve shown him with your body how you feel, but you realize you still haven’t said it aloud yet. Sitting up, you can tell from his face that he’s close. There are words that you’re dying to spill, so you don’t stop yourself. “I love you.”
He grunts and his rhythm stutters, then he pauses beneath you. You feel his seed spill into you, but unlike last time, it keeps coming. You feel like you’re growing fuller, almost like his cock is growing inside of you.
“Jungkook,” you whine out when it feels like you’re going to burst.
His eyes are still shut, and you’re not sure if you’re imaging it until he says, “Does it hurt?” He’s been groaning beneath you, like he’s still coming down from his own high.
You ignore the question, not wanting to answer until you find out, “What’s happening?”
“It’s called knotting. It only happens with alphas.” Knotting. You had read about it before accidentally in your search for answers about mates. “It’s to increase chances of getting pregnant.”
Oh. “Well, I definitely won’t be pregnant. Unless my medicine is faulty.”
He nods like he understands, though you feel like you sense a little disappointment in him.
The tension finally releases from inside of you, and you feel his cum start to drip out of you, mixing with the mess you already pooled around his torso. When he returns to normal, you roll off him, causing him to slip out of you, both of you letting out a noise of disappointment at not being attached anymore.
He pulls you into his side, not wanting to lose touch. You rest your head on his chest that’s still breathing hard. There’s a comfortable silence, and you almost fall asleep until he says, “Do you want children?”
You’re confused. He’s acting like you have a choice. “Of course. It wouldn’t matter anyway. We’re expected to continue on the family line.”
“I don’t expect anything of you.” He brushes his finger along your jaw to get you to look up at him. “Y/n, you’re more important to me than expected rules and regulations. All I want is for you to be happy.”
His words squeeze at your heart. You aren’t sure how you got so lucky to end up with someone like Jungkook. A lot of Alpha’s expect their partners to follow the same rigid pattern they’re expected to take. And maybe you were one of those people at a certain time, but having to wait for your relationship with Jungkook has proven that things work out on their own time and you don’t have to rush them just because you want them badly.
“I do want children,” you let him know so he doesn’t get your feelings twisted. “Just not right now. What about you?”
You brace yourself for his answer since it’s not a conversation you’ve had yet.
“Yes. I’d have children with you right now.”
You let out a laugh, unknowingly feeling relieved. Since you've always wanted kids, you had a slight worry Jungkook would just agree to having kids because it was his duty, but you can hear the earnest longing in his voice. “I think that’s just the hormones talking. I want to wait until I feel certain I’ve settled into my role. When we do have kids, there’s gonna be times when I won’t be much help.”
You still have a lot to learn about being a leader before you decide to put your job on hold to become a mother. You’re not in any hurry, even if Jungkook’s eagerness is a little tempting.
“How about, I raise the children, and you can run the town?” He proposes.
You giggle again. “I’m sure we can work something out.”
You mindlessly trace a pattern on the bare skin of his chest, causing goosebumps to form on his skin. “We need a bigger house if we’re gonna expand,” you think out loud.
“That won’t be a problem. We can have one built.”
The idea of having your own home together, with your future children in mind feels like the ultimate step. Sure you’re already married and live together, and you had an idea that you’d have children, but a house...that was something tangible.
You decide to put food on the back burner and settle for something quick so you don’t have to spend much time apart. You can’t keep your hands to yourself the entire night, alternating between having your head between each other’s legs, or having him inside of you.
Eventually, he makes you go to bed, saying something about needing your rest for the trek tomorrow.
When you wake, you glance behind you to see Jungkook’s already up, but he remains wrapped tightly around you. “They’ll probably be waiting for me,” you say when he doesn’t let you wiggle out of his arms.
“They can wait.”
He guides his hard cock that was pressing against your back, down to settle against your heat. His hand around your waist drops to rub slow circles until you’re groaning, pushing your body back into him. You’re the one to take a hold and guide him into you.
He lets out a grunt, and you groan, pressing back until he’s fully settled into you. Neither of you move for a moment, just embrace each other.
“I love you.” His voice is gruff in your ear.
You return the sentiment and he finally starts to move his hips, and his hand moves to hold you by your breast.
You hear a sniffle behind you, and immediately turn. The sight shatters your heart. “Don’t cry.”
“I’m not.” He denies despite obvious tears running down his face.
You cup his face, and kiss his tears away. “I’ll come back to you. I promise.”
As expected, everyone is waiting for you at the border.
“We had people already scope it out. All’s clear.” Namjoon lets you know when you arrive.
Along with Jimin and Yoongi, there’s already a group walking ahead of you, and some walking around the perimeter of the path.
Now is the part you dreaded the most. Saying goodbye.
You’re not sure if they’re intentionally doing it, but the guys scatter and leave you two alone. You’re the first to move, and you embrace him in a hug, holding him tightly. You’re also the first to kiss him, but he responds back with vigor, almost pushing your head back with intensity.
You pull back eventually, and he rests his forehead against yours. “I love you,” you say first. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He kisses you again, and you let him do it as long as he pleases. Hesitantly, he pulls away, leaving you breathless. “I love you.”
With that, he steps away from you. You try to make your steps away from him sure and confident, as to not give him a reason to worry or regret this. You want to show him he made the right decision. You keep glancing back over your shoulder, and Jungkook is still standing there, until you walk out of sight.
A few minutes into the walk, something white comes into your peripherals. Soon after, they start falling faster and tiny clusters of white are dancing all around you. By the time you make it to the village, the ground is completely coated white, and your feet trudge through the gathered powder.
After an agreement is made at the capitol, you’ll both gather your things and meet halfway on the trail for a trade off. That means it’ll be a few days before you get the actual goods, but you think you can make it till then.
The capitol is as busy as ever, you have to weave your way around the people who are unfazed by the crowd. Your group stands out, not only with the uncertainty of the crowd, but also looks. The capitol always has a new sort of fashion that your pack doesn’t.
The pack house is situated in the hub of the town, and you have to crane your neck to see all of it. It’s at least three times the size of yours and you do your best to try not to feel intimidated. You’re greeted at the door and directed down a long hallway of doors.
In a second of uncertainty, you wish Jungkook were with you. Not only because you miss him, but because you tend to hide behind him in all business sorts. You’ve never fully trusted yourself to be the one to take charge. Instead, you usually sit back and let Jungkook take over, only adding your opinion where you see fit.
But, you made this decision, and you have to see it through. This decision you made to come you think will be for the greater good of the pack, and you let yourself feel a little proud of yourself.
The pack members of the capitol could be what your father would call “stuck up”. You suppose they reserve the right to be as such, they always have their shit ahead of everyone else.
Before stepping into the meeting room, you swallow your nerves and put on an air of confidence. Right now, you’re not only representing yourself and Jungkook, but also the rest of your pack.
The trade goes pretty smoothly, your years of experience come in handy, and you do your best to not let yourself be scammed. You can’t help but imagine what would have happened if Jungkook had come instead of you. Surely, he wouldn’t be as negotiable as you. It’s another small thing you let yourself take pride.
“We have made new advancements in medical supplies,” one of the lunas adds on as you’re trying to wrap it up. The thing about the capitol is, it’s run by multiple alphas and lunas who rule over their own sectors of it, but come together for things like this.
“We didn’t come for medical supplies,” you respond as politely as possible.
“Still, you can never be too safe when it comes to saving lives.”
She’s got you there. Plus, you figured it wouldn’t hurt to get something beside meat. You’ve already traded enough to be good for the winter.
You arrange a time to meet for the final trade, and at sunset you make your way to your rented cabin for the night. The room is two beds, and Jimin has the pleasure of staying with you. It also seems that Jungkook has assigned people to watch guard outside of your room, and you know it would be useless to try and get them to leave and rest.
The night is unsurprisingly sleepless. With being in a new environment, worrying about what’s happening back home, and being separated from Jungkook are enough to keep you from sleeping all together.
Jimin apparently couldn’t sleep either, and to entertain yourselves he started telling you embarrassing stories about Jungkook, some of which had you clutching your stomach with laughter, and you would momentarily forget where you are and what you were worrying about.
Hoseok was going in for his morning shift of monitoring the isolation cabin, cursing that guy for making him have to do this everyday on top of his other duties.
He walks up to the cabin with his head down, his hands going out to undo the lock out of habit. His body freezes when he finds his job already done for him, the metal lock hanging open loosely. Swearing, he yanks the door open and his eyes nervously dart around, but he finds the single room cabin empty.
His heart feels like it just dropped out of his ass. It technically didn’t happen on his watch, but he knows Jungkook will find a way to fault him for it. He groans, rubbing a hand down his face in frustration.
He wants to throttle whoever’s turn it was before his, but he knows they’ll hear enough from Jungkook. He just hopes the guy ran away instead of toward the village.
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poetryofmayhem · a day ago
⠀ ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳ *・゜𝑟𝑎𝑐ℎ𝑒𝑙 𝑎𝑚𝑏𝑒𝑟, modern!LIS
daughter of the da, straight a student and student aid to mr. raymond wells at blackwell academy.
madly in love with chloe, but she intrigues her and brings out her inner rebel, but cheated on her with frank.
perfect girl with the perfect life, but her family life isn’t so ideal as you may think.
aspiring actress, acted in the tempest.
18-19 y/o, born in Long Beach, CA. a Cali girl.
Best friends with Nathan Prescott, with an understudy being Victoria Chase.
loves firewalk, and is a kindred spirit until she rebels against her father and mother.
enemy to Damon Merrick, due to her being James Amber’s kid.
Tumblr media
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hailthyprince · 4 days ago
I am Prince Nathaniel R. Canovas. My name may seem a little fancy as some people have said but it is sort of special to me. "Prince", was given to me by my mother and she got it from her childhood favorite book, "The Little Prince". While my second name was derived from the bible which means "god given". I am now at the age of 16 and was born on 17th of September, year 2004 and I live with my parents in Kawit, Cavite. I also have a brother who I love dearly.
Growing up, I have always been fond of reading books. I treated literature as a huge aspect of my life. I got my obsession of reading from my mother and my aunt who are the greatest bookworms I know. Classical stories like Grimm's Fairytales were the first books I liked to dive into because of how fascinated I am into fantasies and magics but now that I am older, my preferences kind of changed into loving the Sci-Fi and Young Adult genres. My all time favorite book is The Fault in the Stars By John Green.
Aside from that, there are a lot of things that I like and don't like. I love hanging out with my friends because I feel like I am having the best time in the world when I am with them. I also like to play badminton and play chess. In terms of my taste buds, I am madly in love with pizza and chicken salpicao. The things I don't like are raisins on basically anything and when my plans are cancelled all of a sudden. Another thing that gets to my nerve is when people lie to me and they break my trust.
Throughout the years, I have faced challenges along the way. There were things I thought I would not get through. I experienced a lot of rejections especially in school. I have failed people's expectations multiple times. I also faced betrayals from people I trusted the most. These experiences really put me in such discouraging situations and have affected me deeply. But despite all that, I have learned that going through obstacles is part of the journey and you just have to always trust the Lord because he will not send those problems our way if he did not know that we can handle them. I learned to forgive not only those who have done me wrong, but also myself.
Now, I am filled with ambitions and hope for my future. I am now giving the best efforts in my studies. I am currently a Grade 11 HUMSS student in Governor Juanito Reyes Remulla Senior High School. I aspire to take Psychology in college and soon get my masteral and doctoral degrees. It is also my dream to own and build a Publishing Company to publish my own-written books and to hopefully help schools who lack educational materials. I believe in the power of education through books. Just like what the strong message that my favorite quote carries that goes, "A library is like an island in the middle of a vast sea of ignorance, particularly if the library is very tall and the surrounding area has been flooded".
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lcnelyheartss · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
{ josefine frida pettersen, cisfemale, she/her } i’m sure you’ve seen ( annie cartwright ) around ivywood.  she is ( 24 ) years old and are a ( production assistant ).  i’ve heard a rumor that she is a huge fan of ( science fiction books, marvel, game of thrones ) and have a tendency to be ( organized & helpful ) and ( impatient & soft spoken ).  
born in norway, annie was raised by two artists madly in love. her parents were good to her and her older brother. always supportive and kind, no matter what crazy thing one of them cooked up to be interested in. though from a young age all annie wanted to do was work in the music industry.
growing up annie loved concerts. she attended many with her friends, always well impressed with the theatrics of them all. she wanted to do that -- she wanted to create experiences for thousands of people to enjoy. 
after finishing school annie moved to the united states to pursue her dream. she went off to school in new york city where she studied music production. and annie was good at it. by the time she had finished university, she had many a job offer to work for all kinds of artists.
she accepted the job from pretty venom however, and quickly relocated to ivywood. she has a lot to live up to after their last tour, but she’s looking forward to creating some more amazing shows for them, if they can ever get out of this damn town again.
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shemakesmusic-uk · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
London rapper Little Simz is releasing her new album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, the follow-up to 2019’s acclaimed Grey Area, in September. We’ve already heard its urgent, dramatic quasi-title track ‘Introvert,’ and now she’s sharing another track, the smooth, sighing ‘Woman,’ which features guest vocals from Cleo Sol. “Ain’t nothing without a woman, no/ Woman to woman I just wanna see you glow,” Simz raps on the track. “I love it when I see women doing their thing and looking flawless; I’m here for that!” she adds in a statement. “It’s empowering, it’s inspiring; I wanted to say thank you and I wanted to celebrate them.” Little Simz directed the song’s video herself. Shot in lavishly appointed rooms, the clip features women like Jourdan Dunn, Joy Crookes, Denai Moore, Sienna King, Zeze Millz, Kesewa Aboah, and Simz’s cousins Paik and Caroline looking powerful, confident, and glamorous as hell. Watch and listen below. [via Stereogum]
YINYANG is a force to be reckoned with. The Irish hip-hop riser refuses to bow down to the rules, a brave and singular voice with a punk-like sense of rebellion. Take her new single. 'Poison Darts / Boyish Charms' is laden with lyrical barbs, while its exuberant sense of colour nods towards M.I.A. and Santigold. A takedown of certain men in her life, 'Poison Darts / Boyish Charms' is delivered with a snarl of independence. Following her recent viral single 'Black Mamba', it proves that her potency remains undiminished. As she puts it: “There’s no cool or deep meaning for the song. I just had a few things to get off my chest, and now I feel much lighter for it...” [via Clash]
South African-born, Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and rapper AdELA is an impressive triple-threat talent. Her parents escaped apartheid in South Africa in the ’90s and first settled in Miami. With such a wide range of cultural influences surrounding her, it’s no surprise that her sound manifested into something truly unique. With three EPs already under her belt featuring heavyweights such as Fat Joe, and Royce Da 5'9, the certified Gold Songwriter on Meek Mill's Wins and Losses are early signs of an artist whose career is still on the come up. AdELA’s newest release ‘My Green’ with producer Ms Madli and artist Alonda Rich, is an empowering female anthem with the utmost fierce energy. The song and the associated music video highlights her lyrical talents by challenging complacency in an unapologetic manner and motivates women to get to the bag. [via Earmilk]
Multifaceted Tāmaki artist PollyHill aka Paloma Schneidman has shared a new first class track ‘Chilly’. As a director / film nerd herself, PollyHill uses ‘Chilly’ to drive home the truth that it’s actually cool to be your weird little self, and incredibly uncool to regurgitate and imitate and be “repeating things like deep house”. 'Chilly' is the last single before dropping her sophomore EP Post Humorous. [via Under the Radar]
Emerging UK rapper and songwriter Wohdee shares the visuals for her new single ‘Vain’—an ode to self-confidence. Bolstered by the lush and bouncy Afrowave production by Sammysoso, Wohdee displays a wide range of emotions and versatility as she switches between rapping and singing. As an emcee, she is more than adept as she is unapologetic about self-love and her verses are littered with uplifting and motivational gems, especially for those who might not feel confident. For the music video, Wohdee links with video directors Jay Parpworth (Dizzee Rascal, Stefflon Don, Not3s, Fredo) and James Agbona (Yxng Bane, M Huncho, Nafe Smallz) for a glorious visual affair that brings the track further to life. The track is all about feeling good with oneself and there is no better place to start than with the artist herself. The central focus here is Wohdee and the use of warm and somewhat hazy lighting works well in her favor augmenting her stylish and confident demeanor. [via Earmilk]
Bay Area rapper Saweetie, who is good at her job, just released her Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1 EP a couple of weeks ago, and her supremely catchy Doja Cat collab ‘Best Friend’ is currently the #16 song in the United States. Now, Saweetie has let a new banger out into the world: A kinetic dance-rap track called ‘Fast (Motion)’ that has an effects-heavy and eye-grabbing music video. She’s trying to make a hit with this one. ‘Fast (Motion)’ is a rubbery, energetic track. The beat, from production team the Monarch, sounds like supercharged and streamlined hyphy. Saweetie raps over it with understated panache, projecting sass everywhere. Lyrically, the track is a simple flex, and Saweetie excels at simple flexes. The hook — “Lo! Comotion! We causin’ a commotion!” — might get stuck in your head all day. For the video, director James Larese films Saweetie as she accomplishes heroic feats in a bunch of different sports: Track, soccer, football, MMA. She also turns into a giant and dances on the side of a building like she’s Spider-Man. ]via Stereogum]
Nowadays, it’s hard to move through social media or dig through a list of today’s most popular acts without running into Coi Leray’s name. After years of working on her craft, the 23-year-old New Jersey rapper is finally relishing her moment under the spotlight. While her rise is certainly one to take notice of, it isn’t a sign for Leray to take her foot off the gas, something the young act is aware of as she returns with her new single, ‘Bout Me.’ On it, she questions why she’s the focus of haters. Leray makes it clear that they won’t learn much about her by watching the rapper’s every move, so paying extra attention to her is practically pointless. [via Uproxx]
Detroit rapper Kash Doll is back with ‘Thumbin,’ a CoalCash Blac and Knox This That Wave-produced cut featuring the ‘Ice Me Out’ hitmaker flexing her wealth, success, and even more. Adding in a sample of crisp dollar bills flapping as she counts her dough, she flosses without apology on the track's irresistible hook. With its addictive chorus and copious amounts of quotable lyrics, the track has the right formula to easily become the next big hit on short-form video sharing platforms like TikTok and Triller. [via Hot New Hip Hop]
Young M.A has lately been embracing Brooklyn drill aesthetics, and that sound fits her punchy, nonchalant delivery perfectly. On ‘Hello Baby,’ she teams up with Brooklyn drill star Fivio Foreign, and she eats his lunch pretty easily. It’s a deep, spacey song with a beat from New Jersey producer Mike Zombie, the guy who produced ‘Started From The Bottom’ for Drake, and M.A sounds effortless on it. Along with dropping ‘Hello Baby,’ Young M.A just announced that she’ll follow her 2020 EP Red Flu with a new album called Off The Yak, which is set to arrive in a couple of weeks. [via Stereogum]
Cleveland’s Nnena is the first musical artist to sign to Loud Robot, the record label from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions. Her latest track ‘Rewind’ is a popping, smooth R&B track that features warped doo-wop-y vocals and shimmering production elements. The low bumping bass and snapping drum hits create catchy pockets for Nnena to effortlessly switch from a crisp flow to velvety coos. The accompanying video is a quirky, funny play on reality TV shows; she’s cooking one minute and then showing us rare dinosaur eggs in a nod to MTV Cribs the next. [via Flood]
East London rapper/writer Chante Paris drops her latest single 'Michelle Obama'. Growing up, Chante was influenced by many UK and US rappers such as Nas, Eminem, Kanye West and Monie Love. Chante has been obsessed with lyrics, wordplay, catchy flows and hooks which is demonstrated in her songwriting and music. Chante’s tone and style has been compared to the likes of MC Lyte, Remy Ma and Lil Kim. Chante is also working on expanding her sound by introducing more melodies and singing into her new music. 'Michelle Obama' is a representation of a strong independent woman who strives for the best in all forms, from music to business as well as being a role model to all women and girls following their dreams.
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inu-yasha · 4 days ago
Headcanons of Inukik if they got reincarnated in modern era and met and having a nostalgic feeling?
“were born to meet each other."
"Kikyo was sitting in the park, with earphones in her ears, listening to the new music video of her favorite band SPYAIR. Her friend Sango joined her with drinking. They both waited for Miroku and his lost friend and Miroku went to look for him. Sango gave her friend a drink. He got lost because he came from his hometown of Kyoto to Tokyo, so he didn't know the city well enough yet that he might not get lost. " Miroku: We're here
Sango threw herself on his neck and they kissed. Kikyo was still sitting and turned her head towards the boy. At her and Miroku's side she saw a black-haired man with long hair and yellow eyes. They both looked at each other surprised. Kikyo felt as if she had met him once. He had the same feeling. Their hearts beat in one beat. Kikyo stood up without taking her eyes off the boy. InuYasha was doing the same, he couldn't take his eyes off her, he watched her every little move. He felt his heart fill with a feeling of happiness and a strange teenager. Miroku tore his mouth from his girlfriend for a moment and with his hand said "This is my friend, and this is Sango's friend" and they went back to kissing.
Both: We have names !! InuYasha and Kikyo sighed heavily because they were totally ignored. Inuyasha told them to stop kissing, but he was ignored a second time. He got pissed off at Miroku and grabbed his clothes. Then Kikyo saw him as a white-haired man with dog ears and red clothes, shook her head and the image disappeared. “Inu-Yasha?” She said to herself. She didn't know where from, but that name popped into her head. She said it softly, but Inuyasha had good "dog" hearing. He left Miroku and approached the surprised woman who was special to him. It's quite strange, they met for the first time and yet he felt that he knew her all his life. "How do you know my name? I didn't introduce myself to you" "That's true. I don't know, it's just that word came to mind, weird right ?!" Kikyo closed her eyes and smiled slightly. Inuyasha's eyes widened in surprise and saw Kikyo as a priestess of "Kikyo?" He said it. "Oh!" Surprised Kikyo shouted "That's my name! How do you know?" She asked "I .. I don't know .. the word just came to my mind, wierd right?" They were both silent looking at each other, then they started laughing. Kikyo suggested Inuyasha would show him something, so they and Miroku and Sango split up. They talked as if they had known each other all their lives, and the feeling of teenage feelings grew in their hearts. "We're!" Inuyasha saw a flower-shaped fountain from the openings, water was pouring downwards, forming hearts. "Wow" he said surprised "Yes. It's my favorite place. I like to come here alone and think," She said "Yes, it's a great place," He Confirmed "Inuyasha, isn't it weird that we both knew our own names?" She glanced at the boy's angle He turned to her and grabbed her hand blushing. He couldn't hear his own thoughts, his heart was beating madly. Kikyo tried to keep her mind alert, but she couldn't, her heart was beating so hard that she couldn't hear her own thoughts either. She tried to control it. "K-Kikyo. I have the impression that we met and the more I talk to you, the more I become convinced of it." "I have this feeling too. Feeling happy and teasing and the feeling that this is not our first meeting. It's strange, but it's like we met in a past life."  she wanted move him away, but he held her hand tighter, making it clear that he wasn't letting go of her hand "Inu-Yasha?" She timidly looked into his eyes raise his head slightly. Inuyasha placed his forehead on her forehead. "You're not talking stupid. I feel the same so we're both fools." "Um .. Yes"  She replied and squeezing his hand that he was holding. Inuyasha thinks, "I have a feeling that Kikyo and I were born to meet each other."
Anon thanks you for that. I had a great time writing this. I hope you like the content and the form. I'm sorry you waited so long.Hope you didn't mind that I added the title, but I couldn't help it.I also wanted to develop this feeling of nostalgia a bit and I hope I did it well.
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nonconstories · 5 days ago
History of Pack Noctifer
Caelum Harrowick, Jasper St.John, and Ronan Dell are born into Pack Zenith, a werewolf isolationist pack that believed their species should rule supreme and enslave other monsters while farming humans for food.
In their teenaged years, their pack was broken up by Monster Slayers (super powered humans tasked with keeping peace between humanity and magic; I'll explain more about what they are next time I write about Alice and EJ) While most of the pack had to be killed to protect the human populace and maintain secrecy, they were "just kids" and were let go.
Pack Noctifer is fonded: Caelum is Alpha, Jasper is beta, and Ronan is omega.
While working as a bouncer at a private club, Jasper throws out a few mafiosas for groping the wait staff. Avery Cook, a low level but effective enforcer is set to crack his skull. Despite being only human, Avery came armed and ruthless; Jasper falls madly in lust and Avery takes the bite. He replaces Ronan as bottom of the pack.
Pack Animus (Jeremy's pack!) moves into the area; for the first time since leaving home, a rival pack is within 100 miles of them. What's worse? Animus, unlike Noctifer, thinks of humans as "people" with "rights" and "feelings", meaning an inter-pack war isn't impossible.
Caelum begins looking for a replacement for fresh blood for the pack, thinking that four is too small given the presence of Animus. Ronan's connections bring him Kase, who accepts the bite and replaces Avery as Omega.
Asher Wright is bitten by an unknown wolf and flees his hometown in terror and confusion. After months of wandering, he has gained little control over his wolf. He is found by Jasper and replaces Kase as bottom of the pack.
Kase's rapist, Pike Orton, is captured by Noctifer and is offered the bite. Whether or not he survives taking it remains to be seen.
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heyitsirislove · 5 days ago
i never asked for this / narcissa malfoy
[a look into narcissa malfoy’s life]
takes place during the sixth book
summary: cissy reflects on her life and how she has ended up where she is now
warnings: cursing, mentions of death, mentions of going crazy
word count: 929 words
author’s note: i hope y’all enjoy this!! i haven’t written in a hot minute and this is my first time writing fanfic!! i was inspired while reading the sixth book last night. i would love to do more writing and will be taking requests if that is something y’all would be interested in. please leave a comment with your thoughts!!
I never asked for this. I was never given a choice. When I was born, my family already had my life planned out for me: school, career, everything. All my life, I have been a passive bystander, decisions made for me and things handed to me on a silver platter because of my name. They didn’t even know if I was a witch, they had just assumed. Of course, how could I not be: the latest product in a proud pure-blood family. It means something to be a member of the Black family. It’s a prestigious club coveted by many. Except I never asked to be in it in the first place. Bella, well, she is a different story. She was perfect in my parents eyes and she left a hell of a lot to live up to. Bella has always been straight up cruel, bad for the sake of being bad. Bella wants this. Bella wears the Black name like a badge of honor. Most Black’s do, with the exception of a few blood-traitors. I may not have asked for all of this but I would never betray my family, my blood. I never knew my other sister, Andy, very well. She was always out of place in the family. She didn’t believe in our pure-blood status. Eventually, she ended up being a filthy blood-traitor, tainting the precious Black blood.
By the time my Hogwarts letter inevitably arrived, my family was counting on me being sorted into Slytherin, just like Bella and Andy. They wanted to make sure I knew to run with the right people, other pure-bloods, other witches and wizards with comparable status. When I was eleven, that summer before my first year, Bella introduced me to Lucious Malfoy, a boy in her year. I remember everything about him: his shocking white blond hair, his pale complexion and striking features. Most importantly, I remember falling absolutely, madly in love with him the moment we met. He was similar to Bella in that he was truly evil, yet when it came to me, he would always seem to… soften his edges a bit. He treated me like a delicate flower, he treasured me. My first day, as I sat upon that stool in front of the entire school, he was the one cheering loudest as the Sorting Hat called out my house. I couldn’t help but think that maybe he loved me too.
When my parents found out how Lucious and I were getting along, there was no doubt about it: I would be spending the rest of my life with this man, even if the feelings eventually faded away. Yes, I love him, but still, it didn’t matter to them what my feelings were: Malfoy was a well-off, pure-blood. I should be proud he has ever even given me the time of day. I had no say in the matter: my parents had already decided for me. Our marriage felt almost like a business transaction. I knew he loved me, but feelings were second to upholding our highly respected family names. After our marriage, it was like my parents had handed off the decision making to my husband. 
Lucious was an adamant supporter of the Dark Lord and expected me to be just as loyal, the token trophy wife. The Dark Lord also believed in the preservation of pure-blood, but he was merciless to those who disagreed. The Black family simply disowned those that disagreed with the superiority of the pure-bloods, but the Dark Lord killed those who disagreed. Hell, the Dark Lord kills for the fun of it, he kills because he can. And now my baby, my only son, will be following in his dad’s footsteps, in the Dark Lord’s footsteps. I’m beyond proud, of course, that he has been chosen, but I can’t help but feel that this is the Dark Lord’s revenge against Lucious. My son, he is not ready for this, I am not ready for this. If Lucious had fulfilled his duty and just gotten the damn prophecy! Now, Draco is in the crossfire. The Dark Lord is sacrificing my only son to get back at Lucious. I never asked for this! I never asked to be married to a Death Eater. I never asked for my son, my baby, to be paying for his father’s mistakes. How could my boy, my sweet, sixteen year old boy possibly murder the great wizard that is Dumbledore? The Dark Lord is incapable even of killing such a great wizard!
Oh God, oh God, I never should have even thought that. I take it back! There is no wizard greater than the Dark Lord himself. He could take care of Dumbledore but he chooses not to. This is just a chance for Draco to prove himself to the Dark Lord. I must be going crazy without Lucious, but still… I can’t shake the feeling that there is more to this than meets the eye.
Am I crazy? Bella thinks so. She sees this purely as opportunity. She will follow the Dark Lord with a blind eye to her death. In her eyes, there would be no greater honor than dying for him, for his cause. And yet, as a mother I can’t shake this feeling of despair.
I feel like I’m losing my fucking mind, I can’t think straight.
This is all my fault.
I can’t protect my son.
We never stood a chance.
I never asked for this, I never had a choice.
And now, my son will die because of it.
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30, 25 (Another World, Another Time), 18, 4
For the behind the scenes ask!
30. Tell us an idea for a longfic you want to write in the future.
Weirdly enough, you were the one to give me this idea through a post of yours about a youkai-themed Gravity Falls AU!
The story would be that the twins (Maiko and Masaru) would come to live with their great-uncle “Ken’ichi” who’s running a shrine (…mostly to scam tourists, actually). While exploring the woods behind the shrine, Dipper/Masaru then finds a journal about local youkai, written some thirty years prior… along with the ghost of the guy who wrote the journal! The ghost in question doesn’t remember anything about his past, not even his name or appearance, but he does know he had six fingers on each hand when he was alive.
So Dipper and the ghost (nicknamed “Roppon” by Dipper) go adventurin’, trying to piece together Roppon’s missing memories by studying the creatures described in his journal. So each adventure would be centred on one youkai and one recovered memory in particular.
…my only problem is that I have no idea what Stan and Mabel could be doing at this time, let alone other characters like Soos (Kousuke, or Kou-san) or Wendy (Yuki).
25. Which idea came to you first in Another World, Another Time?
Hmm, the confrontation between Bill and Stan in Chapter 15, and Ford meeting the Axolotl in Chapter 17. The whole story was written so I could get to those scenes. It’s as dumb as that. In every longfic I write, there is at least one or two scenes like that, sort like a linchpin to the whole story.
 18. What is a line/scene you’re really proud of? Give us the DVD commentary for that scene.
The chapter where Ford is lost in time and sees parts of Stan’s life (Chapter 18). It came really late in the planning of the story (originally, the Axolotl was supposed to have visions of Dipper and Mabel talk Ford through his issues).
But I kinda thought, well, they always say you should show, not tell, right? So I rewrote the entire damn thing. Since the main theme of the story is that the core of your personhood rests on the actions you take, not what you were born as, it was important to have Ford confronted with the kind of person his brother had become… aka just an average guy doing his best, messing up at times, but still remaining devoted to his family (in a way that’s detrimental to his own mental health, even).
The part I had the most fun writing in this chapter was Ford seeing the day of his and Stan’s birth. It was also a way for me to show him getting closure about the other members of his family (his mom, Shermie, his dad).
 4. Do you outline before you start writing? If so, how far do you stray from that outline?
…more or less?? I do have a general outline that I plan in my head (I never write it down for some reason), mostly so I know what clues I have to place early ‘n stuff. An outline is also a must if you want to attempt something approaching a character arc, I think.
That said, I tend to write my scenes out of order (I often start a story by writing the beginning and end, plus important parts in the middle). So to make that all fit together, my outline does have to be flexible. But, writing by the seat of one’s past is not an enjoyable experience, so I wouldn’t recommend it (pretty much the whole subplot of the gang that remained in Gravity Falls in AWAT was written that way and, oh my god, it shows, it shows so damn much).
I do have a fond memory of struggling to resolve a plot point in an earlier story I wrote, and just waking up with a grin one day thinking, ‘oH! I juST haVE to kILL THaT ONe charAcTEr, thAT’s iT’, and laughing madly in my bed.
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How wasn’t Linda immediately madly in love with Lord Merlin?
In her head Lord Merlin exploded into Louisa’s coming out ball in a sexy hedonistic spectacular. That’s how she first saw him in her heightened fantasy which was born from the reality of showing up as London aesthete who, along with his party, made the stuffy old people react they way they did. As a sheltered girl he had to be the sexiest man she’d ever seen in person (if not ever)
And then that sexy and single man,with a title, invited her along with her mother and cousin over to his house for lunch. And after lunch he singled her out and gave her special attention.
He spent the day opening up her world by teaching her about art and music and literature. Which is sexy itself. And when it was all done as the sun was setting they stood on a bridge over a lake and he talked to her about being a romantic person.
Seriously. How wasn’t she in love? Especially at that point in her life. Why wasn’t she fixated?
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welcome aboard, naomi garcia, student #12. we are excited to set sail with you !  has anyone told you that you look like selena gomez? according to our records, you hail from santa monica, la, prefer she/her, are cis female, and are here to study law. we also see you received a spot on the ss university because of your money— we won’t tell anyone. during your first few weeks here, other students said you were affable, alluring, but also passive. it sounds like you spend most of your time at the sundeck. upon checking your luggage, we noticed your late mothers wedding ring. hopefully your roommates don’t steal it!
Tumblr media
tw; mention of death/murder.
hi lovelies, i’m p & i’m from the gmt timezone. i’m still working on my theme so please barewith but here’s my little intro for my baby naomi and i’m going to include some plot ideas below - if you would like to plot, please give this post a like and i’ll message you. ♡
━━ ❛ BIO.
naomi was born into a seemingly perfect family, from the outside it looked like her parents were madly in love and their little family was complete when their daughter was born. however this facade they had managed to keep up for their duration of their marriage soon crumbled under the pressures of raising a child, finally separating when naomi was seven years old. the bitterness of the divorce left the brunette somewhat scarred and she found it hard to believe in love - often resulting in having friends with benefits and never being in a long term relationship.
when naomi was fifteen years old, her mother was found murdered with the police never finding out who it was who had taken her loving mother from her life. this was a pivoting moment in her life that made her strive to wanting to make sure other families got the justice they deserved - hence her passion to studying law began.
━━ ❛ STATS.  ❜
name: naomi. nicknames:  mimi, nomi gender: cisfemale. pronouns: she/her. orientation: heterosexual.
━━  ❛ physical attributes. ❜
face claim: selena gomez nationality: american. height: 5'6. hair color: dark brown/black. eye color: hazel. dominant hand: right. scent: miss dior. fashion: jeans and crop tops when casual, usually dressed to the nines.
friends w/benefits. - preestablished plot with kian.
childhood bff - preestablished plot with tyler.
the first love. they would've dated freshman year of high school. ━━ the best friend. i imagine them to go as far back as the sandbox. they grew up together on the same street. ━━ the fling. a purely sexually relationship. they have chemistry in the bedroom and the bedroom only. ━━ stars in the sky. someone who she sneaks out with to watch the stars and talk absolute nonsense. - liam ━━ music buddy. they create each other mix tapes and playlist on spotify that they chill & listen to together - bonding over their love of music. -  ━━ the secret/forbidden. although they have both been told they aren't supposed to be together, by their friends/family - they can't help but be attracted to each other. this leads to them sneaking around and trying not to be caught.
roommate- ryan
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About Me || 4th Team
Sabrina rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she walked into the room that video diaries were to be done in. Yawning, she walked over to the camera, turned it on and sat down in front of it and plastered a smile on her face. “Hey there, I’m Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter and I was born on May 11th, 1999. I am 21 years old and my zodiac sign is a Taurus. I am an actress and singer and currently taken and madly in love with Bradley Simpson of The Vamps.” Her smile grew as she talked about Brad. He was such a light in her life that the simple thought of him could brighten her darkest days.
“I was born and raised in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and I grew up with my parents and my three older sisters. My aunt is Nancy Cartwright and if that name doesn’t sound familiar to you, this one will, Bart Simpson. That’s right, my aunt is Bart Simpson and it is so cool.” Sabrina said with a smile. “I never went to an actual school, I was always home schooled and at the age of ten I began putting videos on YouTube and my dad built a recording studio for me as well. The recording studio worked really well because I placed third in a contest called The Next Miley Cyrus Project. For those of you who are unaware of who I am, I played Maya Hart on Girl Meets World and being on that show changed my life.”
“I currently have four full length albums out and my most recent song, Skin came out in January of this year. Also in January of this year I signed with Island Records and I am having a lot more fun with them than I was at Hollywood Records. Not that HR was bad, it just wasn’t for me.” Sabrina shrugged and looked around the room as she thought about what else to say and when she couldn’t think of anything she said, “Well, that’s all folks.” She laughed at the bad joke. “Good luck to everyone though. This isn’t an easy challenge to want to win.” She turned the camera off and left the room.
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Tumblr media
@deputyfangs ​ ——  ' god damn it, ash, i could have had those fuckers if you just let me take the shot! you think i'm gonna sit here and let them say the shit they said to you? ' ( for part of our vampire excursion plot?? )
Tumblr media
     𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐀𝐂𝐇 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐀𝐑 𝐔𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑 𝐂𝐎𝐎𝐋 𝐑𝐀𝐈𝐍, 𝐂𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐕𝐄𝐒 𝐎𝐍 𝐀𝐑𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐃 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐌 𝐀𝐒 𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐒 𝐁𝐔𝐈𝐋𝐃, 𝐔𝐍𝐂𝐀𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆, 𝐔𝐍𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐄.   world spins madly on.   it’s not a matter of  if  the powder keg’s gonna blow, but  when.   ashley digs the key fob out of his pocket, car beeps, doors unlock.   they stand, facing each other,  waiting,  almost,  and what he wants to say is,  get a fucking hold of yourself.   to the both of them, really, but what comes out is, his voice low, regulated   ——   “ I don’t need you defending me. ”
     pulling christian away from gathering crowd, out of the bar,  was no easy task.   it was a reminder of what they both were.   tapping into the things they’d despised each other for.   christian, tapping into the strength he was born with, and ashley, into the strength that’d been injected, instilled in him.   his vice grip ripping christian away from the folk who didn’t take too kindly to ashley’s presence, deputy or not.   former  slayer or not.   vice grip remaining until he’d put himself between christian and the locals, his back to the kind he’d once hunted, the look in his eyes saying all that needed to be said.   a silent  we’re done here,  we’re leaving,  painfully  final.
     and here comes the part where he has to look christian in the eye again,  mismatched meeting amber,   “ —— I can handle myself just fine.   I don’t care what they say to me. ”   a lie, truly  ——  but he had his facade to maintain.   was he supposed to expect otherwise from them, stepping into a dominantly supernatural bar, still wearing his stake holstered on his hip, the air about him unbothered at the sight of blood, too-sharp canines, his gait, the same as their’s  ——  was he supposed to expect they’d be as unbothered as he acted?   there were things he signed up for, and things he did not.   insults, he expected.   pulling his partner away from angry locals before things got bloody was  not.
     “ I don’t need  you  picking fights for my sake,  alright?   if I want to handle it,  I’ll handle it. ”   threat lays heavy, it lands like a warning shot.   see: bruised knuckles, fading scar above brow, all the evidence of past scraps, all won by his own hands, lastly, the stake on his hip.   rain falls a little harder.   anger doesn’t dissipate, but it no longer feels like so burning hot.   fear subsides.   fuse dies before detonation.   rain falls.   gaze remains locked on christian’s.   “ get in the car. ”
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The Taichi-Naoyasu Situation
Tumblr media
Taichi and Naoyasu are half-brothers and here's how lol
Taichi's mother and father had both met in their birth country of Germany. However, his grandparents on his mother's side hadn't approved of his father. The two had then decided to study a good amount of Japanese before saving up for plane tickets and running off to Japan. They changed their last names and had a completely fresh start. The two were madly in love, or at least that's what Taichi's mother thought. She had figured out she was pregnant, with who we know as Taichi, and she was ecstatic. She quickly told Taichi's father and his reaction was the exact opposite of what she expected. The man was furious and didn't want anything to do with the woman or baby. After hours of begging and yelling the man had left the German woman to fend for herself and her unborn baby. She picked up a few different jobs at small stores, extra shifts and she would make good friends that were more than happy to help her, two of those friends being the Shirabu's who also had a baby on the way. Her life in Japan was getting better. And on April 15, 1995, her baby Taichi, was born. She had changed her name after the "Love of her life" had left. Her last name was Kawanishi. And now, all she had was her, her friends, and her beloved baby.
Meanwhile, almost exactly 4 months before Taichi was born. A small, fragile, pale woman, had been another victim of the man. She had found out she was pregnant by him during January 1996. The woman was, just like the last, left soon after. The woman was young and hadn't even been in Japan for too long. She had came to Japan from her home country of Finland due to that fact that it had always been a dream of hers to move in with her grandmother, who moved to Japan when she was two. She was intelligent though, and knew languages like Finnish, Slovak, German, and Japanese. She could also keep up a normal conversation in English and Danish. She was confident in her ability to take care of a baby and she studied extra hard, wanting to be able to get a decent job for her and her baby.
After graduating from college, she was now about seven months pregnant. She lived with her grandma and she was working as a translator for people visiting Japan. She had, who we know as, Naoyasu Kuguri, not long after. However, the older he had gotten, his mother had taught him more Finnish, Slovak, and German than Japanese. He knew some Japanese, of course, they lived in Japan. However his mother thought that all he needed was her and the only person he should feel the absolute need to talk to was her.
Multiple years later and Taichi is now seventeen with Naoyasu being sixteen. STZ was having a practice match against Nohebi and they were having a small break between the first and second set.
"Kawanishi-Kun~...doesn't number twelve over there remind you of yourself~ hehe~"
Kawanishi turned to the place his upperclassmen, Tendō Satori, was pointing towards, curious as to what he was talking about.
Taichi scanned the other team until his eyes landed on number twelve. The boy had a lean, yet muscular build, his height similar to Semi's. He had a bored expression on his face and a water bottle in hand. His eyes were pointed at the end, very similar to Taichi's. The only difference was that number twelve's eyes rounded into the point. Taichi's were more of a obtuse angle that lead to the point. Their eyelids were both very pointy. His eyebrows were thicker than Taichi's and his pupils were a lot bigger and more circle shaped, compared to Taichi's oval shaped pupils. Taichi's eyes were silver gray, number twelve's eyes seemed to be green with a hint of grey. Taichi's hair was a darker ginger, thick, and messy. Yet number twelve's hair was...interesting. His hair was a blonde mixed with brunette, leaving him with a very light brown bedhead. However his eyebrows were darker.
"He does look...kind of like me..."
"Kind of", was a bit of an understatement, Taichi could go around telling his team that they were related and they'd most likely believe it, except for Kenjirō of course, who knew the whole situation with Taichi's family.
"You should talk to him! You two seem equally as uninterested."
Some of his teammates laughed at Yamagata's joke but Taichi, for once in his life, actually considered going up to the boy and talking to him.
As if God himself had granted him an opportunity, Nohebi's captain walked up to the team, his hand placed on the back of the stoic winged spiker.
"Hey, sorry if I'm interrupting anything, but would any of you mind helping Kuguri-Kun here find the restroom?"
The captain, who they knew was called Daishō, patted the boy's, now known as Kuguri, back twice. Kuguri didn't react though, he stood there beside his captain quietly, slouched and staring at the ground blankly, his hands stuffed into his volleyball jacket pockets. Before anyone could speak, Tendō, not surprisingly, did.
"Oh! Well our dear Kawanishi-Kun would love to escort Kuguri-Kun! Right Kiwi?"
Kawanishi looked at Tendō with an expression that said "are you serious?" but Taichi wasn't one to go against an upperclassmen's wishes, especially Tendō's. Taichi sighed.
"Yes, Tendō-San."
Daishō smiled a snake-like smile, however Taichi didn't think he could help it, and walked away leaving his teammate with the monsters known as Shiratorizawa. Taichi could tell he was uncomfortable so he quickly walked past him towards the exit.
"C'mon, Kuguri-Kun."
He said, his German accent slipping a little. He glanced behind him and saw that Kuguri was sauntering behind him. Taichi stopped, waiting for the slightly shorter male to catch up with him and began to walk at the other's pace.
Taichi got to the door first and held it open for the brunette. He glanced up at Taichi and nodded. However Taichi could've swore he saw the other's eyes widen for point two seconds before he looked back down and walked through the door way. Taichi, even though it was barely audible, heard Kuguri speak.
"Thank you, Kawanishi-San."
The thick, obviously European, accent was clear in his words. Taichi could tell that it was slightly German, but it just had to be another Northern European accent. Taichi quickly shook it off and nodded. They silently headed down the hall, the occasional Shiratorizawa student walking past them. Suddenly, and surprisingly, Kuguri spoke.
"So...where are you from?"
Taichi was taken aback, the other's accent was thicker now. Taichi seemed confused but figured the the other thought he was from somewhere else due to his accent.
"Oh, um, I'm from Japan. It's just that my mother is German and...I knew how to speak German before Japanese."
Kuguri nodded.
"Oh. I was just asking. I spoke Finnish, Slovak and German before I spoke Japanese. I'm still not as good as I should be at it."
Taichi understood. Japanese was no joke, and neither was Finnish, Slovak, and German.
"Well, if speaking in German makes it easier for you, then I don't mind."
(Bold + Red = Speaking in German)
Kuguri smiled happily. It wasn't the biggest smile, more of just the sides of his lips curling upward, but still, a smile.
"Thank you...Naoyasu Kuguri."
Taichi smiled back, a similar smile to the one Naoyasu had shown him before.
"Nice to meet you...I'm Taichi Kawanishi."
The two smiled, happy that they had someone that they could relate to.
"Anyways, I didn't see you on Nohebi last year, are you new?"
"Yeah, I'm a first year..."
It was now the end of the match and Nohebi was about to get on their long trip back to Tokyo.
(I looked it up and from Miyagi to Tokyo is 4-6 hours 👀)
The two teams thanked each other for the practice game, all waving as they piled into the bus. Naoyasu was the last one to get on. He turned around and waved at Taichi one more time. Taichi waved back and watched happily as his new friend had drove off. He was glad they had exchanged numbers.
"So you really did make friends with him?"
Taichi looked over at his teammates.
"Yeah. He was pretty chill."
They nodded.
"Did you catch his name?"
"Yeah. Naoyasu Kuguri."
The two boys ended up being good friends. They didn't get to hang out as much as they wanted but it was good enough for them due to the fact that they weren't very social people anyway. Though, when they found out that they both got to go to the same training camp, they were excited. In the training camp you actually got time to lay back and chat with people from other teams, giving them the chance to hangout with each other.
The thing was, at this training camp they allowed parents and/or siblings to come. The parents would come watch their children play, help with lunch and dinner, and help with other fun drills and activities, and if they had younger children they were allowed to bring them. That's how a lot of the parents and siblings made good friends with the others. Taichi's mom, Annike, had always come, due to the fact that, 1) she loves and wants to support her son, and 2) she was great friends with most of the moms of his teammates and other teams. She would always bring Taichi's little six-year-old half sister, Takara, who enjoyed playing with the other little ones. She was the result of of Taichi's old stepfather. He was a cool guy and him and his mom were on good terms. Taichi never really gave him a chance though. However, Taichi would never deny the fact that he adored his little sister.
Once they arrived, Taichi quickly scoped out his teammates and joined them whilst his mother conversated with the other parents.
The coaches informed everyone that they would take the first day to let everyone get settled in, eat, and conversate.
Earlier into the day, Taichi heard his name being called.
"Kawanishi-San. Hello."
Taichi turned around, already having an idea of who it was.
"Hi Kuguri-Kun, how've you been?"
"Alright. You?"
"Fine, thanks."
"Naoyasu! Don't run off like that."
(Bold + Blue = Speaking in Finnish)
"Sorry ma."
Taichi looked a little behind Naoyasu and saw a short, pale woman with blonde hair that fell beautifully over her shoulders, he could've swore she was made of glass. She had on light blue jeans and a grey shirt on. Her eyes were the same color as Naoyasu's.
"Who's this?"
Taichi had no clue what she was saying, considering she was speaking in Finnish. Suddenly Naoyasu moved to the side, so that he wasn't between the two and they could meet eyes and Taichi didn't only see one half of her.
"Ma, this is Taichi Kawanishi, a friend of mine. Kawanishi-San, this is my mother."
Taichi remembered that Naoyasu only had his mother and knew that she knew and taught him German, plus Naoyase was just speaking to her in German so he responded in German.
"It's nice to meet you Kuguri-San. I'm good friends with Naoyasu-Kun."
Taichi stuck his hand out. The woman grabbed it, firmly shaking his hand.
"Nice to meet you Taichi-Kun. You can call me Aino."
Taichi looked behind him to see that his mother had come up behind him. She walked up beside him, a smile on her face, Takara beside her. Taichi's mom had curly, long, ginger hair that was pulled into a ponytail. She had on jeans and a t-shirt just like Miss Aino. She turned over to Aino and now the womans' jaws dropped.
Taichi and Naoyasu looked confused while Takara didn't seem to care all the much, only hugging her big brother's leg. Taichi patted her head, still not taking his eyes off of the two women.
Now the boys were beyond confused. They knew each other. Both the women nodded to each other and began to walk away. Taichi tried to call out to his mother.
"Watch your sister Taichi. I'll be back soon."
Naoyasu tried too.
"Mom where are you-"
"Stay with Taichi, help watch the girl."
Taichi and Naoyasu both looked at each other, shrugged, and looked down at the little girl, who was now looking up at Naoyasu.
The two were behind the building now, staring at each other.
"It's been a while."
"It has."
They both were quiet for a few seconds.
"Is that...his son?"
Aino nodded.
" is. Naoyasu is his. I'm sure Taichi is his, correct?"
"Yeah, he is."
The two women chuckled.
"They're half-brothers."
"Yeah they are. They deserve to know."
Annike nodded in agreement.
"Yeah, I can't lie to Taichi any longer."
The two talked more. Catching up with each other and talking about their respective sons. They were nervous to tell their sons, yet excited and happy that they at least had met and are good friends.
Both Taichi and Naoyasu were now sat down on the curb of the parking lot near the building where the training camp was being held. The women were leaning against the Kawanishi's car, both smoking a cigarette. Takara was being watched by some of the Shiratorizawa moms.
Annike dropped the cigarette onto the asphalt and stepped on it, putting it out.
"We have to tell you something important."
The two boys nodded.
"I don't think you both realize how much this will affect you both. This will shock you both tremendously."
The two were hesitant, but nodded. The two women looked at each other and Aino gestured for the other to go ahead and tell the two.
"You two are half-brothers."
The two brothers paused completely. That was until Taichi slapped his thigh and stood up.
"I knew we looked alike!"
He didn't say it in German, causing some other people to look at the usually quiet boy out of curiosity. Taichi bowed towards them apologetically before returning to the situation at hand.
Naoyasu was in shock. Half-brothers? He was just being told now? He assumed that they had the same dad. He wasn't stupid. He put two and two together.
Naoyasu stood up beside Taichi. The two looked at each other not exactly knowing what to do. However, Taichi, who was already a big brother, now of two, had his instincts kick in. Whenever his little sister was confused and was completely lost on what to do, he comforted her, so that's what he did to his new, well new in his life, little brother.
Taichi wrapped his arms around Naoyasu tightly. Naoyasu seemed genuinely scared at first but calmed down quickly. He hesitantly wrapped his arms around Taichi, resting his head on Taichi's shoulder.
The two women smiled gently at their sons, both extremely pleased that the two seemed happy. Taichi pulled away and patted both Naoyasu's shoulders.
"Let's go introduce you to your new little sister too."
Naoyasu looked confused.
"But...I'm not related to her."
"You're part of the family now. No escaping."
Taichi and Naoyasu both laughed and began to make their way to the little girl. The moms watched before Annike started walking too. She noticed that Aino wasn't following her and turned around.
"You too, Aino. You're part of the family too."
Aino couldn't even fight the smile creeping onto her face and dropped her cigarette, stepping on it. Annike reached her hand out and Aino grabbed it.
They both rounded the corner and smiled widely when they saw Takara walking between her two big brothers, holding both theirs hands and talking about something with a big smile on her face.
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wiildflvwer · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
* ◜ danielle campbell, cisfemale & she/her◞ * according to their signed nda , that’s olivia henderson walking on the golden sands of koh yao noi with their cosmo from the beach bar. rumor has it that the twenty-four year old model is worth 19 million. they definitely belong to the one percent. they’re known for their hazel eyes, but we cannot forget about that scandal that brought them here to khai mook. you remember , right ? the headlines couldn’t stop talking about how she slept with her married agent so he would get her the best shoots.
olivia was born into a seemingly perfect family, from the outside it looked like her parents were madly in love and their little family was complete when their daughter was born. however this facade they had managed to keep up for the duration of their marriage soon crumbled under the pressures of raising a child, finally separating when olivia was seven years old. the bitterness of the divorce left the brunette somewhat scarred and she found it hard to believe in love - often resulting in having friends with benefits and never being in a long term relationship/running away when things began to feel more ‘serious’. after the separation, things had turned super toxic with her parents .
she had always been interested in modelling but decided to try and base a career around it when she was 14, only taking it more seriously when she  turned 18 and by 21 she got her first big break.
please see some plot ideas below, if you would like to plot then just give this post a like. :)
━━ the first love. they would've dated freshman year of high school. 
━━ the best friend. i imagine them to go as far back as the sandbox. they grew up together on the same street.
━━ the fling. a purely sexually relationship. they have chemistry in the bedroom and the bedroom only. 
━━ stars in the sky. someone who she sneaks out with to watch the stars and talk absolute nonsense. 
━━ music buddy. they create each other mix tapes and playlist on spotify that they chill & listen to together - bonding over their love of music. 
━━ the secret/forbidden. although they have both been told they aren't supposed to be together, by their friends/family/management - they can't help but be attracted to each other. this leads to them sneaking around and trying not to be caught.
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