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digital-dhampirs · 4 minutes ago
Luna the Archiviste
So I was thinking about Luna the other day (Luna and Ruthven occupy about 90% of my brain’s storage space). I’ve been wondering why they were so hesitant to make Vanitas and Mikhail into their kin.
Maybe the process would be painful? Maybe they didn’t want the kids to be rewritten or lose their humanity? Maybe they thought that with great blue moon powers comes great responsibility?
or maybe...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What if Luna didn’t want to make Vanitas and Mikhail their kin because they didn’t want to invade the boys’ memories?
When talking about turning Vani and Misha into their kin, Luna states that “it isn’t a method I want to use”. I first thought this meant the process of turning Misha and Vani into Kin would be dangerous or painful. But then I started to think... left untreated, Vanitas and Mikhail would end up dying a horrifying painful deaths anyways. Could the process of turning them into Kin be worse than the fever and bleeding Mikhail starts to show when he deteriorates, or the terrifying scenes of how the other “pseudo- kin” children died in Moreau’s lab?
But what if the process of turning the boys into Kin wasn’t painful or dangerous? What if it was something very simple— something that Luna didn’t want to do because it conflicted with their morals? And, if Noé is anything to judge by, the most immoral thing to do as an Archiviste is drink someone’s blood— invade their memories— without consent.
Just like Noé, this seems like the sort of thing Luna would object to. They hate the idea of it so much that they don’t tell Mikhail about it until he’s on his deathbed.
Another point towards this theory is Vanitas’s preoccupation with protecting his memories. When Noé attacks Vani in chapter 50, he recalls someone saying “I beg you, XXXX. No matter what, never let anyone take your memories”. This sounds likel,etching Luna told him— we know that they call Vanitas “XXXX” or however you spell his name, and the only people around Vani who care about him enough to beg him to do something are Luna and Misha.
moving into crack territory, the implications of Luna being an Archiviste
So Luna told Vanitas to protect his memories. Why? We know something happened to Mikhail’s memories on that day, making him unable to remember anything that happened beyond begging Vanitas not to leave him. Was there some sort of entity out there that could take Mikhail’s memories?
If Luna is an Archiviste, and Luna is somehow related to Faustina (even though they look nothing alike, they have the same hairstyle so that’s gotta mean something), and Naenia is Faustina as a malnomen
What if Naenia is an Archiviste too?
It would explain how she’s able to know about Chloé’s past with Jeanne despite probably not being there. It would explain how she’s able to show vampires visions of their worst nightmares and offer them their greatest desires. And maybe, just maybe... maybe Naenia can also take away memories. Maybe that’s why Mikhail can’t remember what happened on “that day”— maybe Luna, Vanitas, and Mikhail got into an altercation with Naenia leading to her taking Misha’s memories. Maybe this is why Vanitas is so interested in protecting his memories and so furious when Noé asks to drink his blood. Maybe this is why Vanitas recognizes Faustina when she starts to stabilize.
Tumblr media
As always, this is just my interpretation of the manga and is probably very wrong on many fronts, so please take it with a grain of salt! The second half of the theory takes a very rapid descent into crack territory so please take it with some extra extra tablespoons of salt. It’s very very possible that Naenia just has magic queen vampire powers and Luna just didn’t want to rewrite Mikhail and Vani. I really hate the idea that Noé is somehow related to Naenia/ Faustina and Luna, but now I’ve seen it and I can never look away.
Thanks for reading this post!
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the-wandering-whumper · 18 minutes ago
This isn't aimed at anyone in particular, but I hope you don't mind if I vent my frustrations a little?
I don't know if I'm just imagining things, but it feels to me like in terms of whump OC content, these days it's really almost exclusively long-term captivity, especially the sort of "human pet" type thing, and if you want anything sort of more like your typical action story, people getting hurt in fights or just getting caught in storms or falling off cliffs and breaking bones somewhere in the wilderness, its really hard to find unless you go looking for fandom-based content for fandoms where that kind of thing works well with the setting. And it's just kind of frustrating to me because the slavery/human pet stuff practically never appeals to me, and I'm rather picky with other sorts of long-term captivity as well.
Obviously I realize that it's not my place to police what is and isn't done by other whumpers, and trends change in the whump community as with all other sorts of fiction. I don't mean that anyone should stop writing what they enjoy! I'm not really hoping to change anything with this, I certainly don't want to make anyone feel bad about the content they create, you do you! But idk it's just kinda frustrating to me personally and sometimes you need to vent a bit, ya know?
I do know, quite well in fact. I too have nothing against the OC whump side of the community or the human trafficking/captivity/torture that seems to be so prevalent over there right now. I’ve cultivated my Tumblr experience very carefully around it by not following blogs that create that type of content. I would read the heck out of some OC whump that didn’t involve box boys, etc. tho! But unfortunately, you hit the nail on the head, it’s just not around that I’ve seen.
I made an OC once and created a blog for him so I could start something similar to what you are looking for, but I never kept it up ( @the-moorephire-chronicles ) but maybe someday I will. I think you and I might be the only two interested in that side of things these days.
But yeah, you are not alone in your frustrations and you are always welcome to come by my ask box to vent. I appreciate how well you phrased your comments. I also love and support the entire community, I just gotta skip over the captivity/torture/dehumanization stuff to maintain my mental health :)
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alvfr · 23 minutes ago
While we write into a void, we edit into a universe.
- Susan Bell, The Artful Edit
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kimjongdaesthickdick · 24 minutes ago
dick blog, even baekhyun is doing rock now, when will jongdae :( i'm not even asking for an album?! just one song, a tiny one. it can even be a collab, like baekhyun did.
I’ve got good news for you Anon because he has both a rock song and a tiny one! 🙃
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cherryhichew · 27 minutes ago
any pronouns | 18 | call me mori
Tumblr media
more info: tme, white, adhd, bi
My horror sideblog: @showahorror
Standard DNI.
Tumblr media
“🌸" - pink, but not neo y2k?
"🍒" - food/candy 
"🧃" - merch & toys
"🍋" - nature?
"🚃" - street photos
"🌐" - tech/neo y2k/video games
Tumblr media
fandom tags:
"jjk" - Jujutsu Kaisen
"naruto" - Naruto
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editoress · 36 minutes ago
In regards to that redemption arc post, here is today’s “say what you mean” directory.  There’s no such thing as deserving redemption, so that’s a moot point.  And any character, no matter how heinous, could have a redemption arc.  When arguing against a redemption arc, if you mean one of these instead:
I want the character to stay evil because villains are fun
This character’s redemption wouldn’t fit with the themes of the story
Choosing to be better would be out of character for them
Or for some flaccid, lukewarm takes on this site:
I personally dislike the character so I want to see them suffer
The idea that people can improve doesn’t fit into my black and white system of judgment
Then just say that.
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jay4firefic · 37 minutes ago
TRAPED-IN-FICTION said: I don’t know if your taking fic requests but it would really be interesting to see a story line where this was involved. Like Not the major plot point but just like a side thing of like, “your with this guy how often and you’ve never noticed?” Like Eddie knows, because he thought it was PTSD and asked because that’s what he’s seen and is familiar with, but the rest of the team, including Maddie, never realized/made the connection. And maybe 51 are all aware because he was diagnosed while there.
Hey, boo! So i’m actually planning on including bipolar Buck in a couple of my fics already, most significantly the Chicago 9-1-1 series. I was plotting out where and how his symptoms are going to start showing up just yesterday (though some have definitely already made an appearance). BUT no diagnosis for him for the foreseeable future. Maybe I should write something where he’s been diagnosed and is working on it but I’ll have to think about what I would do with that.
I’d also say if/when he does get diagnosed I doubt it’s something he’d broadcast even to most of 51. Adjusting to a new diagnosis can be really hard and feel super vulnerable and we know Buck isn’t good at sharing his pain. But I think you’re right, it’s pretty likely the 118 won’t pick up on it - most people aren’t super familiar with the symptoms of bipolar disorder and, unfortunately, there’s so much stigma around bipolar that a lot of people assume folks with bipolar are essentially nonfunctional/obviously significantly impaired in everyday life and don’t think someone as relatively successful/able to maintain a veneer of “normalcy” as Buck could be bipolar. And the 118 pretty clearly just assume Buck is an irresponsible asshole in early s1. (I say this as a person who has been living with Bipolar II my entire adult life - there is almost no way someone in my workplace is going to pick up on it, especially when I’m medicated!)
I’m not sure what you mean by Eddie thinking it’s PTSD but let me know because that could be fun to explore.
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musicfeedsmysoul12 · 42 minutes ago
I headcanon that most of class 1A might have internalized qurikism wheather it be towards the quirkless or villainous quirks or weak quirks or even weak quirks that they will have to go therapy for because these mindsets could be potentially dangerous in there heroic careers
 I would say that it’s... more casual stuff. Like someone comments about how they feel sorry for the Quirkless for not being able to fight back or like just minor shit.
 One time when revealing I was autistic, they made a comment they felt bad for me because my brain wasn’t normal.
 Very much not okay, but like it isn’t internalized? Kirishima, Kaminari, Bakuou and Todoroki are the only ones I can see like internalizing it.
 The other’s it’s more casual and just... society in general. How homophobia, racism or ableism is so... casual and just like there. It’s not internalized but it just... happens.
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backbitr · 44 minutes ago
there’s  an  entire  deleted  song  from  the  musical  called  pick  a  side  where  luke,    clarisse,    &  silena  discuss  the  war  between  the  gods  &  who’s  side  their  on.    it’s  ironic,    considering  silena  joined  kronos  as  a  spy  &  pretended  to  be  clarisse  in  the  battle  of  manhattan.    in  the  bridge,    luke  sings  it’s  their  fight,    why  bother  &  i  would  never  help  my  father,    foreshadowing  his  allegiance  with  kronos  &  the  titans.
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raspberrysflavour · an hour ago
All for Outsourcing
Alright  so, this post is going to be a long mess. I was just thinking and asking myself why does this panel trigger something in me. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What we see clearly explained is that a. AfO wants to hijack Shigaraki’s body after All Might has destroyed his; b. AfO wants OfA; c. AfO has incentivised Shigaraki’s hate and rage for all his life in order for Shigaraki to actually be able to undergo his transformation into AfO and to overwrite the will of OfA souls in order to take possess of OfA; d. AfO has understood that he, in his body, could never actually take possession of OfA on his own (because he likely missing in his soul); e. Emotions play a big factor in the Quirk activation/strength. 
I talked about AfO and his mask, and shallowly about his character right at the beginning here. But Hawks's remark about him not stopping smiling even for a second, and the hypothesis that maybe AfO does not feel hate (or anything for that matter) spiked my attention even more, because this is the sort of further proof that AfO, in the end, has worn his mask in so long - that he likely dissociated from his persona as a Shigaraki.  In particular, this paragraph (taken from the linked post) writes:
[...] However, there are some clues here and there which tell us that as powerful and atrocious AFO may have been in the past (even more than now), he is not only a big mastermind but he is obsessed by certain ideas and values and he has warped them so much that behind that mask of villain, of AfO, there is nothing left of human in him. That he is unredeemable and that the loss (or lack) of his facial features [potato face] might be an externalisation not only of the experimentation and the salvaging that the Doc has done on him, but as well of the blurred line between his human part (older brother who wanted, even with the abuse and the abominable things he has done, to ‘save’ his little brother) and the part that defines him as AfO.
Indeed, it does not make sense that AfO, with his 'dream' being becoming the next Demon Lord, would need a piece in order to accomplish his goals. It does not fit the thematic of AfO being selfish and caring only about his own interests (argument which I am afraid can be debunked by his life long partnership with Ujiko and the fact that despite he inhuman treatment he subjected Yoichi to, he still gave him a stockpiling Quirk, however weak and controversial they might be).
AfO is like a circle: he begins and ends with himself.  It is abundantly made clear how he does not care, not really, about what is on his path: he didn't care about mistreating his brother, he didn't care about saving Shigaraki, he didn't care about All Might surviving their encounter -  because it all defies his personal view of the world as his playground.
Tumblr media
Of course, this reasoning comes back to Hawks argument: that he does not feel anything (nor hate, nor love - he does not have any morals) and that's exactly why his Quirk is the only thing he relies on. AfO knows perfectly how other than that, there is nothing else to him: he just wants, he just needs and it is others' responsibility to satisfy his needs (if he cannot strive for it alone, as in the case of OfA).
The fact that it took AfO so long to realise that he had to use a vessel to accomplish his mission, might have to do also with the fact that the ones holding onto the power the longest were Shinomori (who held it for 18 years, hiding) and Toshinori, before passing it to Izuku. Which means that the power had been transferred to individuals in rapid succession, and AfO had little time (or will) to investigate on how to obtain the power (without forcing it through his Quirk) and rather focused on eliminating the threat OfA as an embodied power represented. In this case, it is highly likely that it is after or during Nana's period that AfO realised how important emotions were, and how family could be such a perfect emotional ploy (and this was likely due only to the fact that Nana tried so hard to hide her family). After all, he, as himself, as a Shigaraki, did not feel anything in the first place - and he likely thought that what he was doing steamed out of brotherly love, or concern - while in reality AfO has been weaving the threads of his egoism since the beginning. An egoism born out of the only possible concern that he might had experienced: the one for himself. We see it in the simple statements he makes throughout the manga; he is never shown angry, pissed or disappointed - but instead he has a serene, mysterious aura around himself reeking of devil intent.
What is worse in this scenario, however, is that AfO throughout identifies with his quirk.
And on a personal level, I think that point e, has all to do with this identification. The thing is, AfO's Quirk presupposes (but does not limit) him to be selfish. After all, even the name is just a short story on how AfO's like might have been since the beginning and how he adjusted to the pace of wanting to have it, and then having it - having power over someone else, and have nothing to account for/to.
As AfO is not a man anymore, and does not feel anything unless it is related to the quirk, he becomes his figure and shadow. It has no limits and bounds when it comes to darkness: a lost figure in his own ideals and principles (maybe dreams) that have nothing to appeal to but his villain side, because there is nothing left. And as Horikoshi is a man that lives for the sake of a (questionably) good parallel, it is not far-fetched to see how since the beginning Izuku should have served a foil, and also as a contrast breaker with AfO. More than AM, Izuku embodies the unselfish desire to save others, to give (contrasting to take) and to trust. AfO is the epitome of taking for himself, and to destroy for a personal reason - being trusted and revered. Furthermore, Izuku is himself a vessel for OfA, and his other Quirks open him the world of heroics, where on the other hand - we see AfO being the one taking other Quirks for the selfish reason to take, and that's all there is to it.
Tumblr media
Another parallel - which comes across as fitting, even if for a mere split second, is the one with Muscular. Muscular - or Gotou Imasuji - has nothing else but his bloodlust, his will to live at his prime and the will to express his aggressive vein in the most destructive way possible. But even on this account, Muscular appears way too emotional for AfO (and maybe this could be one of the reason AfO does not have any need for him? Because he does not have a higher goal, and there is nothing which AfO might offer him, which he couldn't obtain by himself or through his quirk?).
Tumblr media
Coming onto the main point of this post: if AfO needs Shigaraki for the only reason to steal OfA, because he himself cannot possibly accomplish it and the conversation among the Top 3 hints at the fact that this might have to do with something missing in his soul (or in my guess, emotions - on which Quirks highly depend) which prejudices his possibility of hijacking OfA, thing that he hadn't realised until OfA stabilised itself in Yagi - (and here my best guess is that AfO entirely lacks the emotions of empathy, compassion and love, passing through the possibility of Alexithymia, which would be interesting to explore, in regard to how Quirks affect mental health of every individual) - and taking into consideration how unaffected AfO is by the external conditions that he experiences, and the fact that hate is one of the strongest emotions which can be felt, as raw as it is (and we know how AfO groomed Tomura into festering the negative emotions because he needed them to be strong enough to overwrite the positive feelings on eight people at the least) - it is safe to assume that AfO's downfall will be tied to his soul-missing piece and to his former identity as a Shigaraki? Is this a very complicated foreshadowing to tell us that, contrary to other villains and especially Tomura, AfO is bound to go down exactly because he has never experienced negative feelings, (hate, pain, despair, rage) and has never touched his hand (sorry, I did not intend the pun) how there is something desperately wrong with the world he lives in?
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butch-lin-beifong · an hour ago
good lord I guess there’s some kind of resurgence happening. If you support pedophilic ships please unfollow me; we are not about that in this house and I will not hesitate to block if I come across it.
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quotes-of-dreamland · an hour ago
King Dedede: Congratulations on receiving the "Most Secretive Guy I Know" award
Meta Knight: I can't tell you how much this award means to me
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mrsmarymorstan · an hour ago
I have so many screenshots of Kyo’s feet on my screen now as I tried to find the right ones for that post I’m gonna look like I have a fetish..... 
I also kind of hate myself a bit for knowing which episodes were most likely to contain good shots of his feet...... 
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iamnmbr3 · an hour ago
WAIT. So In Thor 2011 Thor refers to Loki’s magic as tricks. So what if when the Asgardians say Loki is the god of mischief they actually mean he is the god of magic?! 
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lorelei-4 · an hour ago
Why Jon Snow shouldn’t be called Blackfyre
There's this latest trend of calling Jon a Blackfyre, which makes me wonder where this notion has come from. I believe that there're two possible interpretations of the word itself:
1. The name acquired by Daemon Waters, son of Aegon IV after a famous Targaryen family sword. In that case name Blackfyre refers solely to Daemon and his line. Trying to attribute it to Jon as to a son of a Targaryen prince born out of wedlock is ridiculous and inaccurate. For example, Brynden, Aegor and Shiera were never Blackfyres and Jon has nothing to do with Daemon's ancestors.
2. Word Blackfyre being generalized and used to describe a bastard brother wanting to usurp a trueborn heir's right. In that case Jon is compared to Daemon Blackfyre and Aegon, Rhaegar's son, takes the role of Daeron the Good. But these two situations have almost no parallels, except for the two brothers having different mothers. Why call Jon a Blackfyre when Bloodraven who was loyal to King Daeron is just there? Why even accuse Jon of rebelling or usurping his brother's rights? He's ambitious yes, but did he ever thought of harming Robb in any way? No, he almost broke his vows to go to Robb and fight next to him. He was thinking of naming his son after Robb. When Stannis offered him a Stark name and Winterfell, Jon declined, judging his duty more important than that. But at the same time he was going to risk his position to save Arya. It's clear that his family is far more important to Jon than any ambitions he might ever have.
Why on earth one would accuse Jon Snow of being someone he is not?
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tyrannized · an hour ago
Tumblr media
the taken
it was a rough ride over and you have the scrapes to show for it. they ripped you from your bedroom and locked you up in the highest tower. you never felt like yourself at home, but you were loved. whenever you vanish, they stay out all season looking for you. but what does that matter to you now? for now, you have altitude sickness. for now, all the stone walls are closing in. for now, you can feel the heat of its breath right above your spire. friendless and bored is the worst thing for you to be. when this is all over, they’ll tell stories about your rescue. but nobody ever asks what those long months in shackles felt like for you. hang in there, jailbird! your knight will come eventually! / / personality: fun-loving, youthful, naive / / counterpart: the omen
tagged by - @bloodmakeup​ (Thanks also love!) tagging - Whoever wants to do it!
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tigereyes45 · an hour ago
You Didn't Catch That?! Episode 12 - SPN S4
Castiel’s introduction was fun, but the angels really come off as cops in season 4
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sokkastyles · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I love the scene where the combination of Zuko and Aang's bending causes an explosion which throws them both, which is what happens when fire gets too much air.
Just like when Katara and Zuko's fight creates steam, it's an awesome animation detail that connects to the theme of elements combining and coming together, sometimes destructively, and the idea of needing to restore balance and figure out how to work in harmony.
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milfgrievous · an hour ago
hey so remember how sabine's father was a revolutionary artist? what are your thoughts on that like. how would mandalorian art in particular serve as a weapon against the empire
(i haven’t seen rebels yet so pls correct me if i fuck up the lore!!!!)
i think art as a means of resistance is soooo sexy and i wish they’d more more of it in other media. i think (from what i know abt sabine n her family) that art is probably a really natural way to express intent to resist. mandalorian culture has built in symbols of ideology via armour, inheritance, storytelling - sabine kinda seems like an extension of the prerequisites of her culture.
looking through the wiki this quote stood out to me: “the armor I wear is five hundred years old. I reforged it to my liking, but the battles, the history, the blood all lives within it. And the same goes for every Mandalorian." Her art represents both a pre-imperial history that is still important to her bc of her identity, but also represents an opportunity for change! and i think as a weapon against the empire, the mandalorian art pieces she creates symbolise that change. they repurpose bits of various imagery (like the dejarik board etc etc) AND mandalorian culture through her armour, for example, to symbolise the metamorphasis that the galaxy is undertaking. it’s like,,, the opportunity for change is also an opportunity to be hopeful; to not forget the past, but take the best bits with us. which is like the opposite of what the empire want, which is to forget hope and the past and trust fully in their plan for galaxy wide domination.
as a complete aside, i like how the resistance symbol looks a little like the jedi order one, but it’s blockier, simplified for ease of painting and different enough to only be familiar to those who might recognise it. interesting to use jedi symbolism as a means of resistance also,,, when they were complicit in the actions of the beginning of the empire, to me it seems like misplaced nostalgia? either way, veryy interesting
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