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#bilbo baggins brainrot hours
i dont know why i thought sketching every adaptation of bimbo was a good use of my time but i did it anyway
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the 1968 bbc audiodrama is objectively the best adaptation of The Hobbit bc in every scene where he's running they have Bilbo wheezing like he's gonna blow a lung, which for a genteel hobbit with tiny legs is exactly how it should be
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Tumblr media
no coherant post, these two just make me so fucking 🥺
(on that note, can anyone recommend some good fics of Bilbo raising Frodo that aren't Thilbo/Bagginshield?)
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How about ol' Bilbo for that character ask?
!!!!! My fave!!! Thank you ❤❤❤
Favorite thing about them: I love that he's an anxious mess but ALSO a true adventurer at heart. Like he's realistically terrified of the situations he finds himself in, but he always forges on ahead and does what needs to be done anyway. It makes the journey that we follow him through so much more poignant when you know at every step there's a very real urge to stay where it's safe, but also a lust for adventure and for the unknown.
Least favorite thing about him?
I don't know!? I've honestly been sitting here racking my brain trying to come up with something i dislike but I got nothing. Comfort character since I was like 7 don't judge me.
Favorite Line: well the one in my header, obviously, but also:
“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending!”
Bc its just a pretty badass line. See also: every stanza of "A Walking Song" otherwise known as "Edge of Night"
BrOTP: Elrond! I just love how these two have developed this teasing "grumpy old man bffs" relationship by the time we see Bilbo in Rivendell. And later Elrond is like "oh i can't NOT take this rude little bitch to the undying lands with me". It's beautiful.
OTP: none! I firmly headcannon Bilbo as Aro/Ace
NOTP: Thilbo/Bagginshield. I really really don't get the appeal. If it's bookverse (and let's be real it never is) I'd be more willing to tolerate it but movie Thorin uhhhh sucks and most of the time Bilbo is completely wiped of personality in a variety of gross ways to fit fujoshi shipping tropes
Random Headcannon:
Bilbo is a clean freak but NOT an organized person. He keeps piles and piles of papers and maps around bag end, but it's organized chaos. He can't stand having mud/dirt tracked in. Frodo the chaotic tween did it often just to test his patience.
Unpopular Opinion: I don't think I really have any, other than the Thilbo one- that's unpopular enough. I will say 2012 Bilbo is not my favorite portrayal of Bilbo, but it's not my least favorite either.
Song I Associate With Them:
Come Along - Cosmo Sheldrake and
Things That Stop You Dreaming by Passenger
Favorite Picture of Them:
Tumblr media
Definitely this scene at the end lf BotFA, I really like the costuming choices here. Still, most of my favorite Bilbo pics are from book inspired art, like this amazing piece by Jason Caffoe:
Tumblr media
Or this one by Justin Gerard (plz check out all of his Tolkien illustrations they're incredible);
Tumblr media
Thank you for the ask!! This was super fun!
[Request another character]
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when you think about it, its kind of funny that we don't really get an update on bilbo throughout the end of lotr. Like the dude really just said "im too old for this shit" and vibed out in rivendell while the world went to shit around him. King.
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blessed things each of the different hobbit adaptations added to bilbo's characterization:
2012: martin freeman's entire spectrum of befuddled/annoyed/terrified expressions (he's just great for the role in general)
2003: bilbo being a ginger. Fingerless gloves. Honestly the whole outfit was a banger.
1977: the buckteeth and giant belt buckle thing. His weirdly apathetic cadance asjdjs
1968: the flummoxed stammer and also the running joke of bilbo being clearly asked what species he is and instead panic spelling his last name out: ("Baggins. B-I-double G- I-N-S")
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i want to find a way to incoporate bilbo's "i am the cluefinder, the webcutter, the lucky number" quote into an embroidery design, bc its one of my favorite scenes in the book but its so long my god this bitch got high off his own fumes there for a minute
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bilbobagginsbrainrotblog · 2 months ago
My favorite thing about Martin Freeman as Bilbo in the Hibbit trilogy, despite my many problems with those movies, are that at all times he has one of three facial expressions on;
1. Bitchy
2. No Thoughts Head Empty
3. Extreme Anxiety™
Which considering the narrative voice he writes the book in, is 100% in character
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