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Fun Fact
There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
#also i still don't know if it is
ourstarscollided · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
if i didn’t know better (i’d think you were singing to me now)
Julie Molina didn’t think that she’d have to go through one of life’s biggest milestones without her mom, but here she is, standing in front of the window wondering what it would be like to have her mom by her side. Little does Julie know, Rose has always had a plan for her daughter’s wedding day. It just might take a little bit of searching and time. 
“When Julie had gone to pull the wedding dress off the closet door, she hadn't originally noticed it. But as she went to pull the garment off the hanger, her eyes zeroed-in on a cream coloured something. She felt her breath catch a little as she placed the dress back down onto the bed. Quickly reaching to flip it around, she had instantly recognized her mom’s writing scrawled across the little piece of paper and pulled off the key that was taped to the back. Grabbing the note, and ignoring the shouted questions from Flynn, she ran down the stairs to find someone,  anyone, who could give her answers.” 
trigger warnings: mentions of canonical death (julie’s mom) and overall a lot of thoughts/feelings about Rose’s passing
word count: ~ 10,200 words
Happy (early-ish because I can’t post during work tomorrow and also timezones) birthday, @tangledstarlight! 
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thisismyobsessionnow · 3 hours ago
It’s been almost a week and my list has been shuffled some, I think it’s time for an update!
I was going to reblog the post from last week and add to it, but it got so long. I’m making a new one. Here’s a link to my top 10 a week ago.
Norway (+1) This was my instant fav after my first listen and it’s back at the top. I just love it soooo much and if you don’t that’s fine but I don’t want to hear your thoughts on that.
Latvia (+12) This also spoke to me instantly. There were a few parts that annoyed me though, I’ve since gotten over them and it’s now in my absolute top.
Iceland (+5) This. Is. So. Good. That’s all.
Italy (+6) This was “low” last week because I had so high expectations but I’ve since made my peace with it. It’s an amazing song.
Malta (+2) I love this, it gives me energy and I’m always here for a song with this sentiment.
Belgium (-5) Look, this topped last week. I still love it a lot. I just, I don’t know, it’s tough competition.
Bulgaria (-3) Still giving me all the feels. I think it’s beautiful.
North Macedonia (-5) Okay, this is like a baby to me, I’ll protect this song with my life. I love it, I’m weak for songs like this. It hurts my soul that I can’t place this higher.
Lithuania (+2) This was actually in my top 3 a few days ago. It’s going up and down every other day. This is very much a mood song for me, I need to be in the right mood to really appreciate it.
France (-4) This is such a beautiful song and I kinda wish I could place this higher too.
It’s such a tough year, there’s so many songs I just absolutely love and there’s only one song I find my self skipping in my playlist. 1 out of 39, that’s insane.
Here’s the ones that just missed out on top 10:
Romania (this has grown so much on me!! It started out somewhere between 25 and 30) Ireland (This is also so good, but other songs are just starting to speak to me more) Finland (I’m still a bit disappointed by this one, but it’s growing more and more on me) Croatia (It’s a bop, I really like it) Israel (First; she’s soooo beautiful!! and I really like this too, always find myself singing along to it)
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david-watts · 14 hours ago
imagine yelling at me because I used the dryer for like... fifteen minutes because ‘you’re wasting power don’t you care about the environment’ but the second it’s a little bit cold they have to have the aircon on full blast on so hot that it starts making me feel dizzy and get full-body pangs telling me that I’m overheating get cool immediately, but no they can’t just wear a jumper
#I'm in the coldest fucking room of the house with a broken window and the back door has to be open from eight am til eleven pm#because the dog 'might want to go out'#and I am not wearing a particularly warm jumper and I'm still debating taking it off because it's a little warm#probably not helped by the fact I had to stand in there for a bit#I'm just saying it's not that cold what the fuck#I'm gonna gloss over the fact that she likes to yell at me for destroying the environment because she doesn't actually care#case in point the times I have told her actual facts and she yelled at me because 'those aren't true'#she votes liberal because she thinks scomo is a 'nice young man'#but god she yelled at me at least thrice over the summertime for having the fan on 'because it'd wear out the motor'#guess which fan is running in her bedroom that will not be occupied until eleven pm tonight#and then she yelled at me because I wanted to have the aircon on because I don't remember I was really hot#anyway my point is she's being a huge fucking hypocrite and I'm not even allowed to talk back 'because that doesn't work'#actually sometimes with a gaslighting narcissist you do need to challenge those fucking behaviours#though you wouldn't know because you play the victim and refuse to admit you're exactly the same as her WOULD YOU.#also she vacuumed today being upset at me for not doing it#because apparently I didn't do it literally yesterday even though. she saw me doing it.#it's almost as if anything I say is immediately dismissed because what do I know#not like I do those jobs every week and she has never done it in the entirety of the time I've lived here#and yet she still acts like she knows the best way to do it#I hate it here I just wanna bash my skull in with a rock
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rubberbandballqueen · 15 hours ago
watching leftist youtube videos like “can i send this to my parents? wait nope youtuber mentioned they’re trans. wait nope youtuber explicitly supports sex workers. oooo this one focuses on the historical use systemic racism against chinese as a point of comparison against our current focus of systemic racism against latine people-- oh wait nope youtuber used internet slang i don’t want to explain to my parents”
#it's like 'hmm don't wanna have to argue w/my parents abt Whether Trans People Exist or why sex work is real work'#n how doing it doesn't make you dirty or a bad person or anything bc we all have to survive under the crushing weight of capitalism somehow#might still send the video i'm watching to my mom but i also don't want to have to talk w/her abt it afterwards#it's like i think my dad would really enjoy some of the stuff brought up by philosophy tube n contrapoints#but they're openly trans and i don't know how that will pan out with my dad like he'll probably still listen to the ideas#since he's generally pretty good with that sort of thing but i still can't help but get the sense he won't take it as seriously#n also he wouldn't rlly understand the humor they employ since a lot of it relies on heavy internet literacy which my dad is not#with my mom i think english is like her fourth language? after a family of like four different chinese dialects#but she's also not at all literate in internet culture also i meant three different dialects in the prev tag#but my mom's also like a lot more stubborn with her ideology. like she has a masters in philosophy apparently. and for this?#n i have to take very very careful consideration into her very strong national pride as taiwanese which i get i feel it too#but she grew up in the militarization era of taiwan when china was undergoing the cultural revolution#so lately i've been peeling back at the layers and going 'wooow so this is what you voted trump for? are you serious?'#//i'm never not gonna be salty over that she voted trump bc she thought he'd be harder on communist china WHAT THE FUCK MOM THAT'S ALL??????#the good news is that the video i'm watching is critical of biden which i think she'd respond well to#and again brings in a point of empathy with the racist anti-chinese immigration laws that kickstarted the concept of illegal immigration#and it cites its sources like all good youtube videos so like. maybe. maybe. maybe.#the worm speaks
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hua-fei-hua · 18 hours ago
but like, isn’t it?
isn’t it scary to fall in love?
why aren’t we allowed to control our feelings like that? or am i just too young? can you control with whom you fall in love?
isn’t it scary to lose control?
what do you do with all those feelings building inside? pack them away, shove them down, feel them to the end?
because i never asked to have them. not like this. not with such intensity. not for you.
why, why, why are they there; why, why, why can’t i do anything to quell them? why, why, why?
there’s so much we can’t control, but why, why, why couldn’t this have been one of the things we could?
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fala-alfredo-pasta · a day ago
One of my favorite rarepairs is komamiki (Nagito and Mikan) I think you might have drawn art of them before? But I feel like post game they both would feel very odd man out, like they can't heal/move forward like the other remnants and would find solace in each other. Plus Mikan patching Nagito up when his luck gets him hurt.
~ ✿ ~
Fun fact: komamiki and komanami are both tied for my second fav Nagito ship juuuuust behind komaegi.
There’s just so much Nagito and Mikan have in common and in all honesty I can see them getting along pretty easily--especially post game. Considering their intense pre-existing self esteem issues (and close connection to Junko--at least on Mikan’s side, Nagito’s can be debated but if the anime is anything to go by I’m sure he feels particularly guilty for not being awake to notice the literal despair trap they were going into), I agree that they’d feel (and try to be) detached from the others more so out of guilt than anything. I’m sure Mikan and Nagito would be very harsh on themselves in particular, but wouldn’t be anywhere near judgmental towards the other since they understand that what happened was basically out of their control. The result would be them showering the other with encouragement, reassurance, and kindness (because the other deserves it unlike themselves) which would eventually evolve into a stalemate where in they agree to try not to be actively self-depreciating (“if I have to start forgiving myself then you do too’’) that then becomes the two of them finally being able to really move on from what happened together. It’ll be a slow and hard process, but they’ll have each other to lean on and grow from. Plus, yeah, Mikan will always be there to help Nagito with his injuries, and Nagito will always be there to remind her how important and necessary she is.
Imma end it here anon because I can just keep talking about these two for so long--I--I just love them both a whole lot. I know I haven’t drawn them all that much, but I have so many doodle ideas for them, rest assured there will be komamiki content in the future 🥰
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midnightcowboy1969 · a day ago
There is a scene in A League of their own (1992) where the girls's (all white baseball team because it's the 40s) ball ends up where some black women are standing - it looks like they might just have been to church - and one of these women throws the ball back to them after Geena Davis says "here" or whatever and then the music kind of swells as the women nod at each other, mind you no person of color has said anything in this movie and none of the black women, not even the one who throws the ball back, says anything in this scene, not even "is this yours?" or "who should I throw it to?". It's just, the ball gets thrown back to the main white character by a voiceless black woman and there's an "understanding" between them as they nod at each other ("it's the 90s our discrimination was/is the same fellow woman") and I- the movie makers really thought they were doing something with that scene. I can feel it. There's nothing here. Don't give yourself a pat on the back, you gave nobody nothing with that scene.
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michaelgovehateblog · a day ago
basically all the tags on the ask i got about the prince philip worship cult are people also going "what the fuck" and i'm just glad to see we're all on the same page about this
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espisayer · a day ago
Heads up for unfinished thoughts about this... But if you’re reading/watching/absorbing something in the realm of psychological horror/fuckery, is it worse to have an ending that explains nothing or an ending that goes “oh it was all a dream... but wait maybe it wasn’t” ?
asking for a friend
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