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graphicpolicy · 2 hours ago
Freak Snow is an explosive, chaotic, and violent ride
Freak Snow is an explosive, chaotic, and violent ride #Comics #ComicBooks
Straight out of the maniacal minds of Happy Tank publishers Kevin Roditeli and Rob Cannon, Freak Snow is an apocalyptic gun-slinging jaunt where complete chaos reigns supreme. Described as a frozen apocalyptic story in the spirit of Mad Max, Fallout, and Borderlands meets Tarantino. Freak Snow #1 begins with Berny, a psychedelic addict surviving in a glacial wasteland. A fight with brutal…
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wonderwomanfantasy · 3 hours ago
Angel on earth
Tumblr media
I think we all need some fluff
Alpha!Todoroki x Omega!Reader
warnings: none!
Word count: 1,000 (about)
Summary: Todoroki never thought he could love anyone more than you, but then you’re daughter was born and damn if she doesn’t give you a run for your money.
Soto crept through the house quietly. You hadn’t been there to greet him when he came home which could only mean one thing, the baby was asleep. He loved the little child the two of you had created, the little devil’s sleep schedule? Not so much. Shoto followed your scent and opened the door to the nursery and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. You were fast asleep curled up in your nest next to the crib your daughter Hana asleep on your chest a fist full of your shirt tucked into her little hand. 
His heart melted, how had he gotten so lucky to have such a beautiful mate and such a perfect baby girl? Shoto crept closer and knelt down, poor things too tired to even get to the crib, you’d probably brought Hana into the nest to calm her down for bed but then you’d both just fallen asleep. He laid down beside you pulling you close to him and holding you and the baby in his arms. 
You made a small noise before settling against him. He wasn’t tired but he stayed with you just enjoying your calming presence. You were such a good parent. Shoto had been a little scared that he wouldn’t know how to be a parent but after a lot of encouragement from you and a couple of parenting classes he felt more confident in himself. 
Hana had taken after him, with red hair and gray eyes. Most parents thought their children were the best in the world, but he was sure that his daughter was the most perfect little girl in the world. Just as he was thinking that her face screwed up and she started crying. 
“Oh shh angel don’t cry,” he whispered pulling her off your chest and quickly getting to his feet. 
“Sho?” you croaked your eyes opening suddenly, jolting awake at the sound of your baby crying. 
“It’s alright Love, I’ll take care of her, you can go back to sleep,” he assured you, taking Hana out of the room patting her back lightly until she burped and her cries stop. 
“There, that wasn’t so bad was it Angel?” he cooed whipping the tears off of her plump cheeks. 
“Is she okay?” you asked cautiously, coming up behind him. You trusted your alpha wholeheartedly, but it was still a little tricky watching someone else take care of your pup. 
“Fine, just a little fuzzy after her nap,” he assured you, showing you her happy face, she was giggling now and clapping her hands, bouncing happily in her dad’s arms. You smiled. 
“Awe you’re so good with her sho, Even I can’t make her smile that quickly,” you said Shoto blushed bashfully,
“I’m sure that’s not true,” he said but secretly he was preening at your praise. It made him feel so warm inside when you told him he was a good father. 
“How was today?” he asked as you lead him to the living room so Hana could play with her blocks, currently she was very into building towers then knocking them down. 
“Not bad, we went to the grocery store,” you hummed leaning against him as he set Hana Down and sat down on the couch watching her. 
“How did she like that?” 
“I think it was fine she didn’t through a fit or anything,” you sighed dropping your head to his shoulder. You’d scent had changed ever since you’d gotten pregnant, you’d always been his sweet little omega but now even more so. 
“Are you tired love? I told you I’ve got her if you need a nap,” 
“No, I’m alright,” you said through a yawn. 
“Okay lover,” he said wrapping an arm around your shoulder pulling you close, and kissing your cheek. He knew you were pushing yourself a little bit recently, you’d gotten it into your head that Hana wasn’t getting enough enrichment she was almost 18 months and still hadn’t said her first word. 
You fell asleep on his shoulder and Shoto watched his daughter play and squealing with joy as she threw blocks then stumbled over herself as she walked clumsily. Hana stumbled over to the couch and hand him a block
“Thank you, Angel,” he said taking it from her and balancing it on his knee, as she ran off to get him another block. 
“She’s going to throw it at you,” you mumbled against his chest, so you were only half asleep. 
“I know, but I think I can handle it,” he hummed kissing your cheek again. 
“Do you want me to go make dinner?” you asked. Hana turned and with a cackle and threw the block at him hitting him in the shin. Shoto gave her an exaggerated gasp like he’d really been hurt and she laughed even harder. 
“Not really,” he said to you, and he didn’t want to you leave. He’d been away from you all day and he didn’t want snuggle time to end, dinner could wait. 
“She’s going to get cranky if she doesn’t eat soon,” you sighed detangling yourself from him getting up to go to the kitchen. 
“We can snuggle after she’s in bed,” you teased, correctly guessing why he didn’t want you to leave. Shoto smiled softly to himself, watching you leave. At least he could still get some bonding time with his pup. It was good to be home
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alaxamber · 4 hours ago
How about we get you out of that broken helmet♡♡♡
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ana-benn · 4 hours ago
Yes, yes I know it's his neice, just play along okay? Sheesh. It's a big man with a baby.
Tumblr media
Jamie Benn Mother's Day HC
Pure fluff under the cut. It takes place in my telling Jamie your pregnant series.
He'd definitely have his own mom under control, which was a load off your plate.
But he'd also want to spoil you, so for weeks he'd take your boys on secret shopping trips.
He's be the type to get you flowers for both special occasions and just because, but also any chance he had to celebrate you as a mom? He'd go all out. He'd have a huge bouquet with the flowers for each of your kids, mixed with your favorites and some that held special meaning that he would explain.
On the day specifically he'd be extra affectionate. Kisses and cuddles constantly, just wanting to be close to you.
He may even get emotional at the thought that not only did you become a mother, but through that you made him a father.
He'd be almost reverent with your children on mother's day too, a physical reminder of not only your love, but also just the fact that they're half you.
He loves being a dad, and your kids but he's always your husband first, so no matter what you need he's there.
He'd be totally behind a big family barbeque if it worked with the hockey schedule.
If not he'd make sure you felt special and important.
But he lived for family gatherings. He'd plan the whole thing with Jordie and his dad, making sure everyone had their favorite foods, and that there'd be a family picture taken.
He'd be out playing tag with with your boys and Jenni's daughter.
You'd just be free to talk and enjoy the time.
Either in Dallas or Canada, it didn't matter really. You were together as a family and everyone was getting good time together.
Jamie still would make sure you knew how grateful he was that you'd brought two healthy little boys into your family.
But he would be more than willing to keep trying for a girl.
He would spend the day dropping both neices off in your arms with a wink.
You'd laugh and roll your eyes, but the reality was seeing him be such a good dad to your son's you wanted to see him with a little girl.
And when he presented you with a beautiful necklace that held a charm on it from each of your son's you knew you not only love Jamie and the two boys you'd created, you loved being a mother and all that came with it.
So when the night came and you'd tucked your boys into bed and slid in next to Jamie you knew you were ready to try for a third baby.
Jamie would be totally on board the moment you told him.
And he would definitely start right away, making you laugh at his enthusiasm
Definitely by the next mother's day you'd be swollen with your third baby, eagerly awaiting the next chapter of your family. Now including a daughter.
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catboyjack · 6 hours ago
not me overthinking Turn Left again but
Rose wasn't a dream or a ghost or the 'bad wolf' or anything, she was there with Donna in that alternate universe. In the Turn Left universe, Gwen and Ianto die saving the world and Jack is captured for obvious reasons.
Does this mean Rose knows?? Did she know??? What she did to him??? Please bbc I just want answers
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renee-writer · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Arranged Chapter 38 A Bit of Justice
“So it is true?”
“It is. He is definitely infertile. No doubt.”
“The bloody bastard lied, had the results changed somehow.” Jamie fists his hands. Were the man near before him now…
“Aye he did. But is found out now. Dougal made it clear he knew what he did without saying as much.”
“Good. What now Geillis?” Claire asks.
“Same as you. He will be re-assigned. Already is in the process.”
“That is delicious! Let him experience the  consequences he is due.”
“Just so. A grand thing.”
“Will they want to retest Claire?”
“Will they?” her hand falls protectively over her abdomen.
“No. Dougal made sure of that. It will be assumed you are both sterile.”
“Thank God!”
“Do you think I would let something happen to my niece or nephew?”
“I know Geillis it is just… How much of this can you control? Or us?” Geillis sighs. She is right. Getting Frank to reap what he showed is one thing. Seeing Claire through pregnancy and hiding a baby, quite another. She is still working on that problem.
“I will do what I can.”
“We know. It shouldn’t all be on you.”
“It isn’t. I will protect you and the bairn with my life.”
She reaches for his hand and gives him a smile. “I know, my love.” She thinks of something and turns back towards Geillis. “He won’t be assigned housing here, will he?”
“No, he will be on High street. Will have to work up to here or a flat like it. He won’t be a professor, not as a nonbreeder. So, he will have to get a job and save.”
“Not at the warehouse!”
“Nae mo ghrá. Colum won’t hire him. We have already discussed it.”
“Thank Christ!”
“As you will be staying in soon, you won’t even see him.” Geillis offers.
“That would be good.”
“Don’t worry hen. Jamie and I will see you and the little one, safe.” She hugs her. “I must be off. The prince will need feed.  One suggestion though. Get married, however it is done here. It will help.” She hugs them both and leaves.
“I would prefer to propose and not Geillis but she is right. It will help.”
“So you wish to marry me because you knocked me up?” She teases.
“No! I wish to marry you because you are the love of my life. Because I don’t want to spend one second of my future without you. I love you beyond words. Will you join with me in hand fasting, binding yourself to me?”
“Yes Jamie! A million times yes.” He lifts her up and kisses he
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kevkebus-subh · 10 hours ago
"Nüfusun: %1'i Dünyayı yönetir... %4'ü kukladır... %90'ı uykudadır... %5 ne olduğunu bilir ve %90'ı uyandırmak ister... %1, %5'in %90'ı uyandırmasını istemez..."
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binonjay · 11 hours ago
All I'm saying is if victor did make Agape a sister she should be named Storge. It means "familial love". Gotta keep up with the theme.
That is such a beautiful and sweet idea!! I was actually playing around with the idea of him making a second creature and my original idea was to name her 'Eos' as in 'dawn,' but I love that idea too!!!
It's funny you send this ask now though - the next two segments I want to write are A. Finishing the 'What's In A Name?' bit with Ags finally getting his name, and B. Writing a little bit of sad/angst (as a treat) that may or may not include Victor making A Decision(TM) that is very much related to making a second creature 👀 So be on the lookout for those relatively soon-ish.
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Tumblr media
A little mother’s day doodle featuring Irene (my oc), Fizzy Pop, and their kids!
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unofficialdicemember · 13 hours ago
I have this headcanon that some background character knows that Sailor Moon is Usagi but no one believes them
Tumblr media
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shelovescontrol91 · 15 hours ago
Romesh talking about Cinderella and Camila
“What was required was sort of nuanced R&B vocals which I just didn't have... Camila Cabello is playing Cinderella, they play her a bit, she sounds amazing, [amazing voice she has] and then they play my bit, it's really embarrassing.”
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