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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 9 minutes ago
Idk if anyone will have said this,,, but in the GiH au i think it would be really neat for Tommy to try n sneak a cow into Hogwarts (i just miss Henry)
He would. He would do that :)
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dragonpebble · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Any people from the UK please sign this petition
It's disgusting that this is even a debate
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vanillawaiver · 12 minutes ago
feral boys btr au but it's some of the people not in the band. bench trip are career actors who live at the palmwoods here are their intro cards
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(the running bit is that dream's identity is a secret, but it's not, really. no one puts two and two together and realizes that maybe dream, friend of the feral boys, is also dream, the producer of the feral boys)
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 12 minutes ago
I think it’d be funny if gih!tommy was just completely immune to the imperius curse since he’s already immune to the one mind-controlling thing in the smp.
Purpled would probably be resistant but not completely immune. Like he would be affected for a second but snap out of it pretty quickly.
And then since it triggers the enderwalk (or something similar) for Ranboo, Tubbo would be the only one in the group affected normally by it.
Tommy is just straight up immune to it. Just goes and says no and now everyone is even more convinced that the Gremlins are somehow just higher beings.
Purpled being somewhat resistant? Poggers. Ranboo having his enderwalk trigger? Not poggers. Tubbo being the only one normally affected by it? Also not poggers.
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night-and-dae · 13 minutes ago
vein!Tommyinnit AU. that's it that's the prompt
It was an bit odd, the life of an vein was.
At first, he was just like the other veins. Working in Jack Mainfold's entire being, keeping the rather gangly teen alive.
Then, he realized he had a personality-or as much of a personality as a vein could have. Granted, he wasn't an human being, but he had enough life in him to set him apart from you everyday vein.
So, he named himself. Tommy.
Tommy had no desire to stray away from his host, because well, he would die, and also, the life of a vein was quite comfortable. You sat until some emotion or physical straining in Jack called for him to pop out.
Now, Tommy realized something. He had an deep, intrinsic, need for attention. But, there was only so much attention you could get from your other fellow veins, and that left Tommy feeling quite inadequate and nowhere to outlet his need for love and attention.
From listening in, he learned that his host, Jack Manifold, was an influencer. He broadcasted his life to thousands of people on 'twitch' or 'youtube' where it could be viewed thousand of times.
This was more than just interesting, this was an new revelation for him. If he would be able to get himself out there, he would be viewed by thousands of people. He would be known all over the world-he would finally obtain the attention he needed.
Ambition flared up within tommy, pulsing through his vein-y being. He knew what he had to do.
From what he knew, veins could only come to the surface when they were called. They couldn't just pop out at any old time, only when they were needed.
Of course, he didn't always come to the surface. Other veins nearer to him would sometimes be called out to instead. That was an bit of an roadblock in his plans.
So either he would be comitting some vein-murder to lower the chances of other veins being called out and potentially stealing his spotlight, or he had to devise some other less blood-shed inducing way.
That's when another revelation came to Tommy. He didn't have to kill other veins, he could simply just. Make himself prominently larger than the other veins on Jack's head. He would put himself on his forehead, in an open area where people could see. He would make himself an eyesore.
It was around that time that Jack had some friends over, one of them his other fellow influencer, Tubbo. The two planned to 'vlog' later that day at an golf course. Tommy didn't quite grasp the concept of what an 'vlog' was, but all he knew was that this 'vlog' would be put on the 'internet' where those thousands of people would flock and watch that video.
So Tommy put his work in.
He started working out, doing vein pushups and sit ups, trying to make himself the largest and buffest vein in all of humankind. He stole the nutrients from other body parts to benefit himself-although as of late there wasn't nearly enough water and mass amounts of alcohol entering Jack's system- slowly making himself larger and larger.
And then the fateful hour came. His keen vein-eye spotted the small black square in Tubbo's hand which they called, "Jack Mainfold's Phone' again, not entirely sure what it's purpose served, but all he knew was that it was another means of getting attention.
It was about an hour in when Jack crouched down on the faux-grassy golf course, out of breath despite seemingly doing nothing. Tubbo's camera was pointed right at him and-
This was it.
Putting all his strength and mental effort, Tommy physically felt himself getting pushed to his absolute limit, every fiber and atom within him ripping as he yanked himself closer to the surface level.
And then-in one last final push, he arrived atop Jack Manifold's bald head.
If Tommy could laugh or cry (or had an mouth or eyes, for that matter) he would've done so at the moment. The feeling of the black square hovering above him, the warmth of the sun spilling onto his veiny self signified his accomplishment. Soon, the whole would know of Tommy the Vein.
"Oh, look, Jack!" An voice broke Tommy out of him basking in his glory, amused and eccentric and polished with an british accent, "Lookit the vein that's popped out!"
It must be Tubbo, Tommy deducted. He's caught tailends of the boy's voice, and it matched up to his memory.
"Oh Christ," The next voice Tommy would recognize that voice anywhere-his own host. "Not this again, why are they so thick?" He felt Jack's hand prod him-which he did not appreciate.
"You got big veins, Jack, like an big man." The camera zoomed in closer on Tommy. Jack swatted him away.
"No, they look unattractive. What will the ladies think?"
Unattractive? Unattractive? Tommy, being an vein, had never encountered being offended before, but he assumed what he was feeling right now  was exactly that. He put all that hard work into being called unattractive?
To put even more fuel to the fire, Tubbo laughed, an gust of spluttered air that passed through his mouth, "Everyday, Jack, you sound more like Tom."
Tommy was not prepared for the dead silence that instantly poisoned the air.
Jack inhaled sharply, cutting through the silence. From the amount of other veins popping out left and right on Jack's head, the tension had made itself abundantly clear. Tubbo had clearly stepped on an landmine.
Tommy, absolutely bewildered, offense momentarily forgotten, listened as Tubbo instantly blanched, stumbling over his words, "I-no, sorry, that was the wrong choice of words I-"
"Why are you apologizing?" Jack's voice was strung tight, "It's not like he wasn't your friend too."
"Yea, I know, but you.."
"I what?"
"..You smell a lot like alcohol these days, Jack." Contrary to Jack's tightly coiled voice, Tubbo's was unraveled, spilling out agonizingly.
The veins beside Tommy became even more prominent. "That-that's just-"
Tubbo's voice was stilted as he asked, "Should we cut the cameras here? I don't want you to have to send this footage to your editor-"
What? Nonononono, do not cut the cameras, that is a terrible idea, and if you do that I will come out this body and stab you
-Is what Tommy would have said if he had a mouth, which would have been very appreciated at the time.
"No, no." Jack responded, sounding old and weathered beyond his years, "I'll just edit this part out myself, it's fine."
The tension taut in Tommy went as soon as it came. Crisis averted. Although this 'Tom' guy had momentarily caught his attention, if he was going to throw Jack into that sort of adittude, Tommy wasn't sure how he felt about him.
Still, the tension hadn't left both Tubbo and Jack. There was an strained sense to the rest of the fleeting attempts at conversation; an damage torn into the dynamic that was irreversible.
Not too enticed on the prospect of having to listen to the rest of salavaged small talks, Tommy tuned the two out.
Who was this Tom guy, anyways? From the minimal data he had collected, he was A.)Tubbo and Jack’s friend and B.) evokes very negative emotions when his name is mentioned. 
What happened to him? Was he killed? Murdered? From what Jack and Tubbo said, it seemed like he was dead. 
Tommy paused his thoughts, bewildered. Why did it matter so much to him, anyways? His main focus should be getting that video out so his veiny glory could be witnessed by all. 
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 14 minutes ago
Ello! I woke up this morning and my brain instantly said gremlins in hogwarts AU. Ok so I’m not sure how long the gremlins stay in the HP world after the final battle, but one of them absolutely takes one look at Harry saying he wants to be an auror and goes fuck that. I feel like it’d either be Tommy or Purpled who says “why would you wanna do that? You enjoyed teaching the DA. Be the new DADA professor now that the curse is broken. There ya go.”
We’re rewriting the whole books boys. We’re rewriting the whole books and now we’re going to go and have Harry be a DADA professor instead because he needs that
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trickszie · 16 minutes ago
i cant believe i actually have to say this, but it's so fucking funny to me that people are attacking tommy for not knowing what conversion therapy is instead of, i don't know, focusing on the fact that he knows what it is now and he's trying to help/he educated himself? like holy shit, i'm so sick of people expecting cc's to know everything because they disregard the fact that; hey! people grow up in different environments, and hey, most people on the dream smp are cishet white men and they will grow up extremely fucking privileged/won't have the access to knowledge like that because they grew up privileged, but that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things; what matters is that they get out of that privileged mindset of ignorance and educate themselves, and that's really all that they can do. twitter has this funny little thing they do /s, where they focus on the fact that somebody was ignorant in the past rather than the fact that they're actually trying to educate themselves in the current time. it's needles negativity, there's no need to drag it out because you're just painting a negative image of this person in your mind when they're trying to educate themselves. people are getting after him because he didn't give enough resources, but you wouldn't have fucking. ten thousand resources about something you'd just found out about, and if you're so hung up about resources literally. look them up yourself. it's not that hard. google is free. stop getting after a kid for not knowing something and instead focus your energy on, i don't know, actually helping the real world problems that put many minorities in danger that are going on today? he's trying. putting cc's on pedestals and expecting them to know everything about everything/know how to handle everything is only gonna let you down in the long run because they're privileged cishet white men, and they're gonna be ignorant but the importance is that they're trying. and they are. so shut up. jesus.
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 17 minutes ago
Ok, so for the Gremlins in Hogwarts AU, my brother just reminded me of Peeves existence. Imagine the chaos he and Tommy would cause together, or even the chaos he and Tubbo would cause.
Yes. Absolutely. There will be now so much chaos. There will be so much and no one can stop them. You can not stop chaotic gremlins.
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 19 minutes ago
Hogwarts au here: ok just imagine gremlins being friends and bonding with others
like: imagine Ron,Lavender and Tommy(i would love that trio ) in their 1-2 years Lavender and Ron dont date but are close friends! Lavender and Tommy encouraging and congratulting Ron cause he us pretty insecure!Lavender and Ron comforting Tommy in gryffindor when gremlins are not around.Ron and Tommy saying that Lavender doesn’t need a romantic parnter to be happy and she needs to learn how to love herself(Ron and Tommy too actually) And even when Ron was virgin shamed by Ginny he would not date Lavender(it was pretty toxic and unhealty realtionship but they are close friends !)
ranboo and Luna friendship! Both are “ weird“ by standarts. Tubbo and Luna friendshiP! Both are straightforward and tell others what they think! Both are smart and chaotic(yes by my opinion book Luna was chaotic and kind and would argue) maybe with Book Ginny they would cause chaos or just be cool(Ginny was popular and strong and independent girl at school!)
okay he would LOVE the slytherins (that are not jerks!) i can see Astoria and Purpled being all that cool together Blase and Purpled having mutual respect for each other PURPLED AND PANCY BEing little shits to Draco! “I hate you two,,”
awww,is little Draco being annoyed? Will u tell your father about this huh? He will hear about this wont he?
Purpled Scolding Draco for saying slurs ( yes let’s not preten by “his mudnlood~” that’s literally a alur and racist and rlly hurtful towards muggleborns) theodore and nevill dynamic with purpled ir ranboo? Yes.
Purpled and Colin working togethe.Colin taking photos and Purpled buying or exchanging it with him for sabotage? Yes absolutely
Gryffindor dorm
tommy: hey colin where do you keep all this photos of yours?
Colin: oh! purpled said that he will use them for something!
tommy: that—,,, hey colin next time u see him say that he should pay for the photos!
colin: who siad that he doesnt pay?
colin: i have blackmail on all of you, I literally can make your school life hell
colin: :D
tommy: good job
On the angst side >:))) Purpled blaming himself for Colins deatg thinking that he could not safe him just like others and all of his friends are getting hurt.Maybe it would be better if stayed alone like in smp,,,
Tommy and Ron missing Lavender and celebrating her b-day together amalslakslslals
✨a n g s t✨
They’re going to go and just slowly make friends with everyone else as time goes on and as they go and just relax into the environment. Love that Colin and Purpled are friends. I love that so much.
And then angst. Oh god. That hurts so much. Oh god. Thanks. Fuck. Ouch.
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rainecreatesstuff · 21 minutes ago
“Tubbo holds the brain cell!” “No, Ranboo holds it!” Fools, the lot of you. The Bench Trio had a brain cell for about two days, before promptly dropping it and forgetting to pick it up. They’re all certain somebody else did but they didn’t. None of them have realized yet.
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goathorn--doodles · 23 minutes ago
weird fluffy headcanon that i've thought about a lot: c!tommy really, really likes holding people's hands(PLATONIC)
hugs are often too much for him since he squirms a lot and doesn't like being that vulnerable most of the time, but he does like contact and he needs something to grip so he can focus so
hand holding
you have to be a certain level of friend to hold his hand tho. tubbo? absolutely, hundred percent, if they're standing next to each other, their hands are intertwined. wilbur? used to be so, but not anymore. it makes tommy uncomfortable to hold revivebur's hand and ghostbur rarely stuck close enough to hold his hand. dream? in exile, tommy would be desperate for contact and try to hold dream's hand, but the green bitch always shoved him away. ranboo? slowly but surely getting into hand holding zone, he kept reaching for ranboo's hand when they had the confrontation with wilbur, but always moved back at the last second
this has a lot of angst potential
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kesteral · 25 minutes ago
i have never wanted to be a cishet man so badly in my entire life.
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scrumptiousblazedelusion · 25 minutes ago
Here! take some cartoonish O!Tommy and some ranboo!! Dont mind the arms of the second pic they were done hastily!! I’ll draw the design better soon :) he has a cape to hid his lil wings cause he’s self conscious about them :(
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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birbvin · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
another sad-ist redraw!!! wasnt a major frame but still such a good expression
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 28 minutes ago
I’m really feeling the Jack and Tommy friendship/found family dynamic in this chilis tonight, so imagine Jack in the GIH au coming to Hogwarts during the whole world bleed mess and being just amazed by everything. Tommy is dragging him around by the arm showing everything off with the proudest look in his eyes and all the teachers are privately thinking that Tommy seems happier in the company this Jack person than either of his actual brothers. Ghostbur is nice, but he’s also kind of depressing, and Techno isn’t... on the best of terms with him.
Tubbo introduces him to the Weasley Twins as his nuclear partner in crime and they immediately try and get him into their prank war. As a legal adult, he’s the person they go to to try and get slightly more dangerous items for their joke shop.
(bonus points if they’re trying to drive Umbridge out of the school. double bonus points if her Black Quill doesn’t work on Jack for the same reason death didn’t. He just looks at it and goes “no <3” and nothing happens when he starts writing with it.)
Jack and Tommy friendship will be here and I will die on this hill if it doesn’t happen. It will happen and I refuse it to have it any other way.
We’re going to get a brotherly relationship between them and it’s going to be amazing and at some point they’re going to go fishing because why not!
Also yes. Found Family and sibling relationships here because yes.
Jack being apart of the prank war as he’s a legal adult is great. I love it. And then we got the Black Quill just doesn’t work because he says no and that’s great.
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helloivyandavandrawsstuff · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My HC based on Tommy saying his character was made in a lab.
If you listen to the full clip he says that they were trying to ‘make the perfect man’
Who does Tommy look like that he calls perfect? Philza. Tommy is a clone of Phil.
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