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its-hard-to-say · 3 minutes ago
soon i’ll open tumblr to see tubbo and ranboo together and honestly i’m afraid that i might just faint when i do
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cringeavoider · 5 minutes ago
I don’t wanna be fooled by streamers again but….. two days ago Ranboo told Tubbo he should really set up the pc “today or tomorrow” implying that he needed it that soon, and beeduo is so quiet right now and the time zone math lines up…… streamers I don’t wanna be fooled again, but all the puzzle pieces are falling into place…… dare I say…… today?
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loudly--unladylike · 5 minutes ago
Being a British Bee Duo enjoyer is feeling on edge each time a plane flies by
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businessbois · 7 minutes ago
im bummed that i can’t find a clip of it, but i want all newer fans to know that the first day tommy started college, tubbo was streaming and talked about how he missed tommy now that he was at college when tommy’d only been gone for like hours at this point. that’s the clip i think of whenever someone says “clingyduo”
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grimxark · 17 minutes ago
Maybe the reason Tubbo lives so far away from the SMP, in a snowy, white desert, is simply because he has felt the burn of fire, and maybe the burn that ice causes feels different. Maybe he likes to spend hours out in the cold, just so that he won’t be able to feel his face.
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mysso · 25 minutes ago
tubbo is picking ranboo up from the airport as i speak
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Talk to your friends before your farming utensils
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saltysaurous · 28 minutes ago
Tubbo dagger design
Tumblr media
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sapphicdeath · 42 minutes ago
the amount of fucking dectective work i just did to see if it’s possible for ranboo to be in the uk rn is DUMB (it is possible with when he ended stream and the breakfast restaurant timframe tubbo mentioned)
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stealer-of-names · 43 minutes ago
Dandelion moobloom tubbo and allium moobloom tommy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@hereissananxiousmess @thatbassistbitch @travesty-majesty :3
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cringepig · 44 minutes ago
it's really up to you to decide. you either make wilbur enlist his seven year old in the military, or you make george murder a civilian! (george is a war criminal either way since I am pretty sure that counts as "Killing or wounding a combatant who, having laid down his arms or having no longer means of defence, has surrendered at discretion". also the entire affair definitely falls under "Killing or wounding treacherously individuals belonging to the hostile nation or army") - ⚙️
I think both are fun scenarios to play with in terms of a plot, though personally I'd lean towards interpreting it as george killing someone just bc we have plenty of reasons to call wilbur a villain, but george has so little lore going on as is, it's much more interesting imo to give his character something gritty that matches with the surrounding ones, because just about every character has got something of that calibre under their belt that makes them technically a terrible person
I know im gettin derailed again but i love that every character on the smp is so very flawed and awful somewhere, but you still love them for all sorts of reasons. They're so complex even though some plotlines are literally just like "tubbo has nukes now bc ???? He just does???"
And somehow as a whole, the partially absolutely WILD storylines end up fitting together bc every now and again its just like that and we go along with it bc its fun to watch
Old storylines may seem a little bare bones when compared to newer ones, but it's all unfolding from those beginnings, plus if you're like "a drug van and hating americans is silly" but tubbo randomly having nukes and Tommy's hotel are Serious Lore?
Like, for one the nuke thing is so over the top if you think about it for a moment and the hotel was one big animal crossing joke that is now just part of the story
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marvinmakesart · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“Your Tubbo" Consider following me. I enjoy clout and making art
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tiredconn · 53 minutes ago
Tommy: have you guys tried eating vodka out of its shackles
Ranboo: Tommy are you okay?
Tommy: god has banned me from drugs but the fate does not (don't do drugs kids)
Tubbo: hell yeah cheers to that
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gloomyislame · 55 minutes ago
dsmp au where it's steven universe future...
and ranboo is steven...
and tubbo is connie...
and phil is gregg...
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jadetuin · an hour ago
my spidey sense is tingling. beeduo meetup in progress rn
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orphictubbo · an hour ago
Lmao the dream and tubbo tweet was dream tweeted a bunch of underscores and tubbo, whos minecraft name is Tubbo_, responded with yellow, a common way of missaying hello (usually used when answring the phone). Mans was responding to his last name being called
no im pretty sure he was just saying the colour <3
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sapphicdeath · an hour ago
30smp!tubbo’s three hours ends before the sever does and everyone dies while he’s away. he’ll come come back and no ones there, what does he do when the clock resets, new people come and take his friends’ things.
they take down charlie and wilbur’s graves, they put up their own. tubbo’s mob grinder gets more use, they never ask to use it. when he’s sleeping, they steal out of his chests, even his souvenirs. everything he owns, they take, not once did they ever ask. any remain of his friends have gone to them by now, wether it’s from his chests or their own
sometimes when it gets late he wonders what happened when the clock hits zero. wether his friends left him bc the border opened like tommy dreamed or wether they all died like phil feared. maybe they did all join jack in the end, he never will find out. tubbo can’t figure out if not knowing what and how they left is better than actually knowing
no matter how hard he tries to stay till the clock ticks down to zero, he always manages to find himself waking up to the mocking copper 30
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