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cosmonauthill · 3 minutes ago
One thing I always wonder about (especially American) English-speaking authors using words from other languages as place and character names… do they understand how accented letters work?
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raeathnos · 3 minutes ago
#gonna be real for a second#the main reason I’m hyperfixating on Loki?#I’ve been questioning if I was nonbinary for several years#realized I identify as being a demigirl very recently#I think I may also be bi or pan but like#I’m married and it doesn’t change anything so what’s the point right?#didn’t tell anyone but it’s kind of been bugging me because it’s who I am#finally told the husband about the demigirl part and he’s accepting which I knew he would be#he’s actually being really cute about it- anytime we’re in a store and there’s something pride related he’s like LOOK#I haven’t told any of my friends and idk if I’m going to#I feel like there’s really only one (and a cousin too) who would care#I’m not that close to a lot of people#I also haven’t told my parents and I think I’ve decided I’m not going to#our relationship has grown more and more strained recently and though I think they would be accepting#I don’t know for sure and I don’t want to strain things any further#but it hurts you know?#I’ve always kind of felt like they’ve never known me really#they’ve always swept the parts they didn’t like under the rug and presented this clean sterile version of who I am#we’d go to see relatives or family friends and I’d get a talking about how I needed to not be weird#because they were embarrassed of me#so like I feel like this would fall into the same category#I feel like we’d go to visit family or something and they’d be like they don’t need to know that you’re a demigirl#it kind of just all ties back into me being an inconvenience#it’s only ever been about how I’m a burden to them heh#so idk#the scene where Loki and Sylvie are talking about it is kind of comforting#it’s not a big deal it’s just part of the conversation#it was nice to see#it was nice to see a favorite character be able to openly say it and not hide who they are#meanwhile I’m over here hiding bits and pieces of myself because I’m so used to being seen as a burden
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facebass · 3 minutes ago
Follow me for more bass for your face. Way It Goes (feat. Flawless Real Talk) by Justin Starling, Flawless Real Talk
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abombihoney · 5 minutes ago
No offense to the people that felt that way, but I’m honestly not sure how you can get bad vibes from Bianca: she just seemed very nice to me. I like to imagine that, even if she can’t feasibly be motherly to all the bees, Bianca tries her best to love them like a mother should: she just had trouble tending to individual issues, like with Vi. On that note, do you have any ideas for less tragic fics? Obviously it’s your stuff, do what you want, I’m just curious. Thanks for answering, by the way!
oh yeah bianca just cant be a good ruler and a good mother at the same time. theres too many kids and not enough time. and she obviously loves and cares for every single on of them. but loving someone doesnt mean you cant hurt them.
and on ppl not liking bianca even tho shes rlly nice. do u remember that bit after you save the factory? where u interrupt bianca chewing out a guard? and then she immediately does an about face when she sees the team?
on one hand, this a queen whos upset bc her ppl and her guests had their lives threatened.
on the other you have her yelling at someone for a disaster no one could predict.
sorry if u didnt want an explanation, i live to talk but i tried to keep it short and sweet
i do have story ideas that arent nearly as sad!
sveral short little things abt day to day things that i think would be cute. exploring the relationships that team snakemouth has with NPCs (ex: leifs friendship w that guy who really likes food)
i also have another post game one. where team snakemouth is sent to escort hb, hawk, neolith, and crow to snakemouth den so they can do research on all the roach stuff.
and basically exploring things abt leif that didnt much screen time. like that he can read roach. that he lived before the roaches disappeared. and how he would explain these things.
and then in the labs, having the scientists be able to help him understand whats happened to him. what he is exactly. hiw he works and what he can do to take care of himself since hes a little different from everyone else. maybe even seeing if theres a way to help the other cordyceps in the lab! they obv have the potential for sentience.
and dont forget that leif has to reveal things abt himself for this.
oh and i have a post abt it somewhere a zombie prince au. a fairy tale esque one where leif stays awake and doesnt age. he locks himself in with the other cordyceps. partially to keep bugs safe and partially to keep the other cordyceps safe.
as the most intelligent: leif and zommoth 'rule' the other zombies. tho its more that theyre just in charge and keep the other zombies alive and as happy as they can be.
but then we have baby kabbu and vi who are playing explorers in the outskirts. and stumble into snakemouth den, cause kids can always get into things that are forbidden. esp if they are small and like to explore.
and leif finds them and of course theyre terrified lol. but he befriends them, mostly so he can get them out of here and then prevent them from getting back in.
and he does get them out and block however they got in. but they keep coming back and leif gets attached despite working very hard not to. just classic monster man is adopted by precocious children plot
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banavalope · 6 minutes ago
How to pronounce banavalope? Bahnahvah lope? Bana valope? I read it in my head as bah nah (one word) vah loh pey (like key) (second word)
Tumblr media
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ramseymarcelloneworleans · 10 minutes ago
How to Market Your Properties by Finding Your Unique Selling Point
A unique selling point (USP) is crucial if you want to succeed as a landlord. Defining your USP is the best way to set your property management business apart from the competition and give potential tenants compelling reasons to choose your business over others. from The BiggerPockets Blog | Real Estate Investing & Personal Finance Advice via IFTTT
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kasuaalipelitelevisio · 11 minutes ago
If i ever have kids im not gonna let them get married before they turn 21.
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lipsofash · 11 minutes ago
that moment when u realize everyone related to you has mental illness and they all reinforce each others illnesses. like, oh. OH. thats why they act that way
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satwell · 12 minutes ago
227 Hillcrest Dr Ashland City TN 37115
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spilledsinnamontea · 16 minutes ago
Do You Have a Membership?
Levi went to a convenience store, and he was welcomed by a dazzling cashier. [LH Modern AU]
Words: 2081
A/N: A Oneshot that was Inspired by a real life event that my friend had experienced. It was so funny and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Hence, I want to immortalized their story by turning it into a Levihan fanfiction.
Levi had visited this gas station a few times before, but he had never bought something from the convenience store. However, one day, when he was driving Isabel to her university, he found himself in needed for gas. At the same time, he had also promised Isabel to buy her snacks for her faculty camping trip. Hence, to save some time, they decided to go to the convenience store after filling his car with gas.
Well, at least, that was the plan. But he should have known that Isabel is far too rebellious for his plan, no matter how simple it is. Because, in a quick motion, Isabel unfastened her seatbelt and went straight to the store, leaving Levi to queue for the gas alone.
Few minutes later, after he got what he needed, he parked the car in front of the small store. From the look of it, the store seemed to be vacant. Levi opened the glass door and heard a bell ring.
"Welcome to Rose Mini Mart!"
Additional voice was heard alongside the ringing of the bell. Levi was quite taken aback by a cheerful greeting that he got, which was a bit jarring from the usual greeting that he got from tired and underpaid retail workers.
Levi threw a quick glance at the cashier and glanced away. However, soon enough he found himself glancing back at the cashier. It was proven to be a bad decision because he locked eyes with the person. In an instant, he glanced away and walked further inside the store, focusing on his task to find a teenager with bright red hair. Fortunately, the store was small, so it was not hard for him to find her. She was standing in an alley that was filled with snacks and candies.
"Jesus, Isabel. Do you want to rob the entire shop?" Levi commented as soon as he saw Isabel—who was trying to fit various selection of potato chips into her hands.
"What do you mean? I just want to be prepared. What if I got lost in a forest?" Isabel replied nonchalantly as she grabbed another bag of potato chips.
"Don't be over dramatic. It's a fake forest, a playground for adults. You have to be stupid enough to get lost in there." Levi took two pairs of potato chip bags from her before putting it back on the rack. "It's only three days, Isa. Just buy what you need."
Isabel pouted and reluctantly put back most of her snacks, muttering under her breath as she did that. Levi insisted that he would not pay if she bought a lot, but Isabel kept persuading him to let her to buy another package. After throwing arguments back and forth, in the end, Isabel's haul consisted of a bag of chips, a bar of chocolate, two cartons of strawberry juice, and a package of dry toasted almond.
"Wow, you got a lot in there." The cashier remarked with a chuckle when Isabel put her snacks on the counter. "You're going somewhere?" She asked Isabel.
Isabel then proceeded to tell the cashier about her faculty camping trip. The cashier nodded to Isabel's story as she took each item and scanned it.
Now that Levi stood near the cashier, he was able to scan her appearance. She was wearing a long black sleeves shirt and a green apron. Her hair was knotted into a messy updo from which a few baby hairs could be seen coming out. She also wore rectangular glasses that sat on top of her roman nose.
There was nothing special with the way she dressed or styled herself. Nevertheless, Levi was somehow captivated by her, and he did not know why or how it happened. Was it because she looked so genuine when she smiled? Was it because the way her auburn hair shines from the sun that peeked through the store window? Was it because her genial attitude toward Isabel? Or was it because she looked—
"Alright, that will be $20.50, sir."
Levi was brought back from his stupor to meet a pair of sweet chocolate eyes. He blinked once as he muttered, "Ah."
"Will that be cash or charge?" She asked.
Levi took his wallet from his pocket and grabbed two pair of 10 dollars bill and a coin. "Cash." He said as he gave her the money.
"Do you have Rose membership?" She inquired when she took the money and count it.
"Do you have coupons?"
She nodded, "alright, you paid exactly $20.50 so there will be no change." The cashier clicked a few keys on the keyboard, put the money on the register, and gave him the receipt. "Thank you!" She said with the same smile that never falter since the beginning.
After making sure the receipt was right, Levi took Isabel—who had already put the snacks inside her canvas bag—by the elbow and led her outside.
"See you again." She told them before they left.
Levi started his car and drove his car away from the gas station. However, he found himself lost in a haze of his own mind. He could not even focus to hear Isabel's rambling because his thought was filled with a certain someone. It was strange, because he did not even know her name, but she had caught him by surprised.
Levi thought that maybe it was because he did not expect someone like her to work as a cashier in a gas station convenience store. Granted, nothing is wrong with the job, but Levi had never met a cashier that… that is… that is so…
Levi jolted in his seat from the sudden loud voice that came from the girl that seated next to her. He looked on the road, expecting the worst, but luckily nothing happened. For a second, he was scared that they would die or something. After regaining his composure, Levi furrowed his brows at her and exclaimed, "What the fuck, Isabel?"
"I had to scream because you didn't respond!" She said in her usual high voice. However, Levi noticed a hint of urgency on her voice.
Levi sighed and clicked his tongue. "Sorry."
"Yeah, yeah, apology accepted. Now that we have made our peace, I want us to go back to the store."
"Huh?" Levi could not believe her request. He was barely driving for ten minutes, and she already want to go back? Well, it is not like he did not like that idea…
"We need to go back." She repeated as she sat awkwardly on the seat. Her countenance was nothing out of ordinary, but there was a sign on her forehead that said, 'something is definitely not right'.
He narrowed his eyes, scanning her suspiciously. "What do you mean we need—"
"I HEARD YOU!" He replied in an equally loud manner before lowering it again as he asked, "Why? You forget something?"
"Not really..." Isabel muttered before finally looking at Levi with much seriousness in her face. It was rare for her to make that face, so whatever this thing is, it must be so important. "Okay, listen Levi. I need to buy a tampon."
Levi raised one of his brows. "What? How could you forget something as important as that?"
"Well, I didn't know I got it until now." The words easily flew from her mouth, almost like she just told him about the weather today.
Levi paused before his face finally turned horror as he glanced at Isabel with bewildered eyes. He opened his mouth and asked in a low voice, "… Are you freaking serious?"
"No, it’s a prank."
"OF COURSE, IT’S NOT. I'M SERIOUS, LEVI." Isabel grabbed his shoulder to shake him. "That's why we have to go back! Do you want me to—"
"Fuck no!" Levi shook his head in disbelief before looking at her again. "Are you even sure about it?"
Levi grunted before finally taking a turn to go back to the gas station. They parted away as soon as they arrived at the gas station. Isabel went to the toilet, walking in slow and painstaking steps. Meanwhile, Levi sprinted and barged into the store, making the bell rang loudly as he did.
"Welcome—Oh, it's you again."
Levi gave her a nod before walking to the personal care aisle and grabbed Isabel's usual choice of brand. He went to the cashier in hurry and immediately pocket his wallet from his pocket.
"You came back." The cashier remarked in a voice that was buoyant and tender.
She grabbed the package and scanned it. "Oh, seems like your sister forgot this, huh?"
"Yeah—" He answered before furrowing his brows at her. "Wait, how did you know?"
"Deduction, I guess." She chuckled as she took a glance at the monitor. "From the way you two argued over potato chips and dry toasted almond, I knew immediately that you two are siblings."
On one hand, Levi was taken aback, and a little bit impressed by her observation. He and Isabel do not look exactly alike, so there had been some awkward instances where people would mistake them as any other but siblings. Although, on the other hand, Levi was kind of embarrassed by the fact that he and Isabel quarrelled loudly in public.
"Alright, that will be $6.68." She looked back at him with gleam in her eyes. "Will that be cash or charge?"
"Cash" Levi opened his wallet, grabbed two bills, and put it on the casher table before opening the small compartment where he put his coins. Levi then grabbed a few coins and started to count it.
"Do you have Rose membership?"
"Do you have coupons?"
"Do you have a partner?"
"No— What?!"
Series of metal sound hitting ceramic was heard loudly on the quiet store. Levi stared blankly at his coins that scattered all over the floor. Then, he heard a feminine laughter coming from the cashier. Levi's started to feel his cheek burning from the event. He immediately crouched down and started to collect his coins.
"I'm sorry." She said before leaving the register and went to kneel in front of him. She helped him to grab some of the coins, she even willing to grab the coin that got stuck under the table. He was grateful for her help, but she just could not stop laughing while doing so, and it made him even more self-conscious.
Oddly enough, he was able to let it slide. He just could not find himself angry at her, not when she laughed like that. Her laughter was so sweet, so enchanting, and so addicting. So much so that he let the corners of his mouth lifted for a second.
After making sure that she did not miss any coins, she stood up and returned to her post. A few coins on her hand and she counted it. Then she grabbed the money that he had left on the counter and said, "six dollars…" before showing him the coins that she had on her hand, "…and sixty-eight cents."
“Ah, yeah—" He muttered in a croaky voice, a clear sign that he was being betrayed by his body. He cleared his throat and repeat his sentence in a clearer voice. "Yeah, thank you."
"You're welcome." She giggled and gave him the receipt.
Levi nodded as he took the receipt and the item. He glanced at her and at the door, contemplating on what he should do. In the end, his pathetic self decided to nod at her again before turning his body to the door.
"I'm Hange, by the way." She suddenly told him in a soft voice, almost like she was hesitating to speak it.
Levi halted on his step and returned to look back at her. A subtle flush could be seen on her cheek and Levi had to mentally stopped himself from staring at her like an idiot. He rubbed his nape and said, "Levi."
She was beaming with joy at his response. "Then, see you again…?"
Unlike the one that she said to him and Isabel, this time she voiced it more like a question than a statement. Levi smirked before he walked to the exit and answered, "only if my sister forgot something again."
Well, if there is one thing he knew about Isabel, she tends to forget things.
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curtainjeans · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
this is the ideal form and i will never be content with my appearance until i look like this
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ledhope · 17 minutes ago
let  the  record  show , hilltop chose maggie , not because of loyalty or because they felt like they owed her something .  but  because  she  showed  up  for  the  community  ,  she  was  there  when  they  needed  her  and  needed  someone  to  lead  and  keep  shit  in  order  during  one  of  the  darkest  times  for  them.  they  fought  with  her  because  she  cared  and  they  all  saw  that.  and  when  it  was  all  done  ,  they  CHOSE  HER  TO  BE  THEIR  LEADER  !!  and  also  jesus  was  his  vice  prez  and  no  one  can  convince  me  otherwise  thank  u  v  much
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queenlua · 17 minutes ago
i’d vaguely heard stuff about how “research that proves being overweight isn’t actually that bad for you” is a Thing, but i’d never looked into it past that
and uh.  this account of a full-on scorched-earth holy war against a researcher who, like, did some math and published a paper to that effect sure is something:
“Our article attracted attention because it appeared to be inconsistent with the dramatic conclusions of the 2004 Mokdad et al. article. I fielded dozens of press calls as soon as our article was published. To my surprise, after the first few hours, many of the journalists who called me had already spoken to a professor, Walter Willett, (let's call him Professor 1) from a prestigious school of public health (PSPH). He was not a statistician and had no expertise in estimating the number of deaths associated with obesity. Our article was not intended to have anything to do with his work. He had apparently begun pre-emptively contacting the press, inserting himself into the discussion, positioning himself as an expert, and providing negative and antagonistic comments on our article before reporters had spoken to me. He used strong language to disparage our article, describing it as “really naive, deeply flawed and seriously misleading”. At a scientific conference, a little over a week after our article appeared, Frank Hu (let's call him Professor 2), another professor from PSPH, took the unusual step of pre-empting a planned presentation by someone else to take the stage and deliver a critique of our just-published article. When I presented a seminar at UC Berkeley a week after our article appeared, an unidentified young woman stood at the door giving out a handout of 4 pages of faxed and photocopied material that included an abstract from PSPH and several news articles that discussed PSPH research on obesity.”
— The obesity wars and the education of a researcher: A personal account Author links open overlay panel by Katherine M.Flegal
of course it’s the rando Harvard prof who immediately tries to turn this into a bullying media circus instead of... you know... addressing the paper’s points directly... the way science is supposed to work... l o l
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funnywings · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
(AO3 Link)
Castiel/Dean Winchester, Eileen Leahy/Sam Winchester
Chuck may be gone, but the story isn't over yet. When Dean dies on a vampire hunt gone wrong, Cas goes against the new hands off policy to resurrect him. Meanwhile, the new order in heaven isn't all it's cracked up to be, Sam and Eileen work a case that brings up old baggage, and Dean tries to find meaning in a world that will never be free of monsters.
Maybe Dean is dead, and this is where he meets his latest reaper. Like they think he’ll fight them, still, after everything. Like he won’t go peacefully if it means not setting off the next series of un-fucking-fortunate events meant to put him in the god damn ground.
“You’re not dead yet.”
And there’s that voice again. Dean turns to see Cas standing in the room with him, or the perfect facsimile at least. He looks hesitant, unsure how he is going to be received. Too bad for him Dean Winchester’s memory is working pretty good again, and he happens to know for a fact that reapers can look like whatever they like. If they think it’ll calm down the person they’re speaking to.
“Wow. What is this the gimmick of the week?” says Dean. “You’re not Cas. Cas is dead. Not like I’ve never seen a fucking reaper before.”
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caracello · 20 minutes ago
IM FLOPPING AROUND A LOT RN F/O WISE SORY but god i like bert adn ernie so much . ffuck yes go gay little muppets please let me in on your relationship
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