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hostilemuppet · a minute ago
do you think hbomb is like punz where people are really mad at him for a week then move on or do you think hes like eret where people are never going to forget it
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cedarous · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i wasnt happy with the last drawing
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phogay · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
dsmp sona trend kinda fun here’s a literal fucking dog
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jinx-png · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
vig!tommy from eneli’s fic “tommyInnit's unbeatable method of avoiding sudden death” !!!! lil gremlin child up to crime >:)
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hostilemuppet · 6 minutes ago
wish there was a button i could push thatd automatically block everyone with a feral boys name in their @ or dn
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crimeparrots · 8 minutes ago
i am jack manifold, running after a beaconless tommyinnit, yelling “boots” every 10 seconds
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420technoblazeit · 8 minutes ago
actually calling somebody your 'little meow meow' is using outdated terminology that is no longer politically correct. the correct term these days is 'discord kitten' please educate yourself on the topic before addressing it sweaty ^-^ 💖
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king-of-minecraft · 10 minutes ago
He’d have severe freakouts from the trauma he experienced with Jschlatt, but his fiancés didn’t care. They were there to help him. They never asked why he reacted that way. They just helped him. And it was amazing.
He hasn’t realized he has started crying until Karl was awake.
“Q— Quackity?” Karl gently touched him.
Quackity smiled, sitting up. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to start crying. Just, just thinking about how happy I am to be with you guys.”
Karl gave him a soft smile, sitting up as well, which made Sapnap groan, waking up himself.
“Just, really, I’m so happy to be with you guys. You make me feel so loved without even doing anything,” Quackity wiped tears from his face. “And I was just thinking about it, and it just, I guess it made me cry from joy.”
“Of course, that’s because we love you,” Karl said sweetly.
Sapnap, still half asleep, sat up and rubbed his eye. “We lovin’ on Q?”
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king-of-minecraft · 13 minutes ago
“Look. I don’t fucking need to explain myself to you of all people.”
Sapnap scowled. “What in the world is that supposed to mean?”
Quackity ripped off the rings and threw them at the ground, not thinking about his actions at all. “The wedding’s off, it has been for a long while, Sap.” He stormed through the portal, leaving Sapnap without letting the other even respond.
He heard shouting, both from Sam and Sapnap, but he didn’t listen. He exited the prison in a rush, trying to get to Las Nevadas as fast as he could. He needed to get away from all this. He barely made it to the area before he broke down and just collapsed. He couldn’t produce any tears, but he shook. What had he done? What had he fucking done?
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sweetsmalldog · 14 minutes ago
We still don’t know why C!Bad was so forceful that Eret in particular come to the Red Banquet
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ariapmdeol · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i just realized i never posted these anywhere so!! here's my DSMP/MCsona!! c!Aria is a fae, who found her way to the SMP looking for a bit of fun! for the DSMP, she would have joined just after the elections were complete Ft. @nohr-and-thirst and my friend gil!
Some fun facts about her:
psychic (accidentally)
disguises as a more humanoid form (yellow hoodie) most of the time! her twin, in contrast, has no wish to disguise herself in any way
the Mom Friend(TM)
shes the one you go to when you fall for a prank that puts you in the end
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Follow if you want the same picture of Benson every day
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ciph3rrr · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
revivebur my beloved 
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imnotentirelycertain · 19 minutes ago
AHHHHH every time mcyttwt does this I want to lose my fucking mind. Tommy didn’t do jack-SHIT, he educated himself WITHOUT BEING PRESSURED TO DO SO and tweeted about it. And somehow, that’s wrong, and that’s bad. What do they WANT from him? Seriously?
He isn’t at all like Dream. Dream takes every accusation and goes out of his way to debunk it. It doesn’t get to him, doesn’t get in his head. But it gets to Tommy! We’ve SEEN it before, when the ‘KSI transphobia’ thing went down. As shown by his initial apology, he didn’t even understand what he did wrong. He thought he made a transphobic joke himself. He didn’t even understand but felt terrible, like he wronged people. It wasn’t his fault but he took the damage from it anyway.
He’s young, and doesn’t know everything, and he’s privileged, which isn’t any fault of his either. He’s genuinely trying his best and you can see that. They can’t... keep punishing him for trying to learn and help? He learned about conversion therapy, was repulsed, and tweeted about it. Spreading awareness. Not one lick of his behavior on the subject is harmful. 
Please, like, I’m begging all of these people to fucking refocus their efforts. Why are they getting mad at a 17 year old boy who PLAYS GAMES FOR A LIVING for not just... knowing about this terrible thing going on already, when they could be mad at THE PEOPLE MAKING IT HAPPEN?
I hate this, I hate them. What the fuck? 
You all know how Wilbur has his no reply email that he checks sometimes, for people to just send him nice shit and stuff? I wish Tommy had something like that. God, I fucking wish. I just want to let him know that he shouldn’t be subjected to this fucking bullshit, and that there are in fact people who don’t think he’s a cunt for trying. I just want to have some- ANY- way to reach out to him. Because I’m scared he’ll take these things too hard. And he doesn’t deserve to bear the weight of the absolute bullshit mcyttwt piles onto him daily.
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inniterhq · 19 minutes ago
𝑭𝑨𝑵𝑻𝑨𝑺𝑻𝑰𝑪𝑨𝑳 𝑪𝑹𝑬𝑨𝑻𝑼𝑹𝑬 | 𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Summary: you've gone your entire life only hearing and reading about them, but for once, you spot this fantastical creature. Genre: idek fluff AND angst but not really either Warnings: cursing Pronouns: they/them Note: technoblade but merman. idk how this came to be, it's mer-may and i saw art. this isn't proofread so-
⋆.**⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ☾ ⋆»»————- ★ ————-««⋆ ☽ ⋆.**⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆*⋆.*
You knew that much of the dark, indigo depths of the oceans were undiscovered. It made you wonder what lurked in the murky waters, just beyond where the sunlight could reach.
All your life, you had heard legends of fantastical creatures that lived in the seas surrounding the island you called home. Often the product of fisherman seeing something in the dark, and wanting to give their crew a fright. The stories would spread from person to person until they reached you.
But you didn’t care for the monsters that would capsize ships. From a young age, you found yourself fascinated by merfolk. You spent many afternoons borrowing books about them from the local library, reading them all later that evening. Back then, you were positive you would see one.
Now, not so much.
Still, you fantasized about spending a night at the beach, feet sinking into the sand, and noticing the moonlight reflecting off their iridescent scales in the water.
You knew that, if they really did exist, merfolk would want nothing to do with humans like you. For centuries since these tales were born, people would scour the oceans, looking for their vibrant tails. Selling merfolk would earn someone immense wealth, and most people are greedy or poor.
Sighing, you closed the book you had been reading and walked over to your window. It was a full moon, the beach by your home lit up in the pale light. The breeze was warm with remnants of heat from the summer afternoon.
As usual, you tug your sandals on and walk over to the beach.
Laying against the sand, you closed your eyes, trying to declutter your mind. It was a part of your daily routine.
The sound of something hitting a rock forced your eyes open. You looked around, wondering if someone had walked over and fell.
The beach was empty, aside from a few broken planks of wood and yourself. Turning your attention to the sea, you grazed at the open waters, waiting for a sign of life.
Out of the corner of your eye, you could have sworn you saw pink. You whipped your head to the right just in time to see the water splash behind a large rock, the disruption causing small waves. Kicking off your sandals in an effort to be quieter, you carefully stepped over to the rock, holding your breath in a mix of anticipation and fear.
You didn’t know what you expected, but it certainly wasn’t this.
Clutching onto the rock, his back turned to you, was a merman. You could see the faint outline of his tail, and water muffling the scales which were painted in various shades of pink. His hair was long, reaching just past his mid-back, and pink like the rest of him.
You didn’t speak, you tried not to breathe either. All you could really do was stare.
He turned around to face you, distaste evident on his face, “What the fuck are you staring at? Weirdo.”
He pushed off the rock, disappearing into the water, and you stumbled back a few steps.
“Damn, I should’ve taken a picture. Who's gonna believe me now?”
⋆.**⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆ ☾ ⋆»»————- ★ ————-««⋆ ☽ ⋆.**⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆*⋆.*
taglist: @dysfunctionalcrab @sleepysoupi @basilly @yamturds @dreamsfoot @dream-of-eros @bunnyl00 @kai-was-here @bugthegremlin @dilucs-cum-sock @siriushxney @b3l0v3ds @dawn-808 @multifandomgirl94 @dreamiewrites @froggerspoggers @acatstalkingyou @forutheworld @ialexabsuniverse @sapnapity @ohworm-writes @victory-is-here
*bolded means you couldn’t get tagged!! send me an ask, a dm, or reply to this post to get added to my taglist :D
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notplanningshit · 19 minutes ago
too much reader crying from being overwhelmed w love and not enough quackity crying from being overwhelmed w love.... /lh
(not a request just thinking)
cause like we know alex loves with his whole chest but maybe he hasn’t had that reciprocated?? like he’s not good at showing tenderness and letting his guard down 100% because he’s just so used to having this sheen of protective humor over everything he does- fair enough- but like, there’s two stages to letting your guard down?
there’s letting it down and enjoying quiet company with someone, not having to fill the silence or entertain. and then there’s letting your guard turn to literal nothing, the impossible elimination of matter, where you exist so comfortably and wholly with your person that nothing is too sacred to be shared. when you press kisses into soft skin just because you can, when you thread your fingers in their hair even though they’re asleep because they like it when they’re awake, when you murmur declarations of love unprompted because you feel it so vividly at every moment you spend together-
and just. like. imagine rolling over onto alex- half-asleep, maybe he’s wearing shorts and a hoodie- and snuggling into his chest, he easily slings an arm around your lower back, humming contentedly. all par for the course. but maybe you start scattering kisses to the center of his chest, through the thick fabric of his hoodie but sending tingles throughout his body nonetheless. and you keep going, heading up towards his jaw, not sexual or trying to lead to anything else- just kissing because you can, and it’s there, and his skin is soft and warm and smells like him. and you shove your nose into his jaw, mouthing at his throat half-heartedly as he giggles.
and you shift around a bit, slotting a leg between his and resting your head on his collarbones, staring up at the lines of his jaw. you trail a finger up to glide along the edge, soft, just feeling. maybe you coast it over his pretty lips, too, smiling when he huffs a little laugh and the warm air washes over your skin.
“i love you,” you murmur, words a bit slurred with sleep. “love you s’much.”
he quirks a brow, a little puzzled, and looks down at you with almost... hesitance in his gaze? “what’d i do?”
“exist,” you answer simply, letting your hand drop to rest at the hollow of his neck, fingers just barely brushing against his adam’s apple- not holding, just resting, gentle. “love you a lot, y’know?”
he shakes his head a bit disbelievingly, and you feel him swallow heavily from where your hand rests on the column of his throat. he clears his throat as if something was caught in it, the vibrations discernible by your hand. “m-kay.”
at the way his voice catches you pause, fingers tapping a rhythm on his skin, now. you go back to your ministrations, starting to trail your hand all over the skin of his neck and collarbones, nails just barely scratching at the surface, soothing and sweet. his chest rises and falls a little bit irregularly as you make your way over to his shoulder- slipping your hand underneath the hem of his hoodie to trace along the cut line of the top of his shoulder. he’s even warmer underneath the clothes, skin so smooth and perfect. you just pet him for a while, not trying to start anything, just enjoying how he feels underneath your hand, and enjoying how he hums in appreciation whenever you inch back up towards his neck.
you conclude your mission by turning so you’re laying with your head nuzzled into his chest, one arm reaching up and slung around the back of his neck, fingers tangled in the longish hair at the nape of his neck, threading and scratching how you know he likes. and you pretend not to see him wipe a few stray tears away, sniffling quickly- but you smile where he can’t see it. he better get used to this. 
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citrustaz · 20 minutes ago
oi. oi. oi. oi.
“Dad? I’m sure this must be a disappointment.” Wilbur interrupted Phil’s racing thoughts, his raspy voice dripping with self deprecation. He barked out a dry laugh. His eyes darted across Phil, as if savoring his reaction.
God, it took every ounce of self control to not run forward and wrap Wilbur in his arms like he was just his kid again. Despite the hours he had spent preparing for the worst scenario possible, his brain seemed to have short circuited when faced with a potential threat who was also his son.
A newly revived Wilbur arrives on Philza's doorstep, and he's worse than Phil had hoped for. After they get lost in the tundra, they must find a way to reconcile with each other.
rating: teen chapters: 2/4 characters: wilbur soot, philza
also forgot to clarify this is about the characters, not the real people. rpf is unswag
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