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#wanda maximoff one shot
jadoue1999 · a day ago
A familiar stranger
Summary: Wanda had lost her entire family, but a familiar stranger showing up at her cabin might just be the solution to her problems...
Words: 503
So, this little oneshot is a little different to what I usually write, but I hope you guys like it nonetheless!
Tumblr media
After one too many injustices, Wanda made a perfect little world for herself, with her husband, and two lovely children. She was happy, but something was still missing.
Then he came. Her brother.
He wasn’t as she remembered him, he was more delicate, never touched by war and tragedy. A smirk on his lips that was smug instead of proud. He said things that didn’t make sense, but she ignored it, Pietro was back.
Then, he mocked Vision’s death and she couldn’t take it. She sent him flying away, she wouldn’t tolerate such an awful brother. He didn’t appear again. She thought it would be the end of her problems.
But then, everything went wrong, her neighbor wasn’t her neighbor, it was Geraldine all over again.
Agatha made her relive everything she kept buried and she mocked her desperation for a replacement brother. Mocked how oblivious she was to the truth.
She threatened her children, and Wanda defended her family. She won, but her family wasn’t real, it never was.
She ran away, far away into the mountains, away from her grief. She wanted to be alone, she had lost too much.
Then, he came.
The imposter, her fake brother. He looked lost and confused. He somehow dodged her magic blasts, no matter what she tried. He truly had superspeed. He wasn’t an illusion.
He introduced himself as Peter Maximoff and her breath caught in her throat.
“How’d you get here?”
“The witch. I was home and she snatched me away, next thing I know, I’m at your doorstep.”
He was from another universe, and upon closer inspection, he did feel off, like he didn’t belong. She was about to send him away, she didn’t want another heartbreak.
But then, she looked at him, really looked at him. He was all wrong, wrong hair, wrong face, wrong memories.
But that could be arranged.
She forced a smile on her face, one she hoped looked authentic. She hadn’t had a true smile in so long. They shared a hug, and Wanda held just a little longer when he started pulling away. When she did let go, they shared another hesitant smile. The man with the silver hair seemed unsure, but his gentle nature was making him trust her.
She grabbed his hand and pulled him inside her cabin. All of his wrong features were somewhat muted by the darkness. One step closer to perfection.
Wanda closed the door behind them with a flick of her fingers. The magic seemed to unsettle the young man, but she smiled at him again as she dragged him further into her little house.
Her new Westview.
She wanted her brother back, but Pietro was gone, gone like her family. Her gaze turned to the man, the stranger, her brother from another universe. He was all wrong, with his silver hair and softer face and dark eyes, but he’d do.
She wanted her brother back, her other half, her Pietro.
Luckily for her, she had the perfect recipient to bring him back.
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mossybank · a day ago
Dating Wanda Maximoff Headcanons
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
Romance with Wanda would be a slow burn, her being too nervous to express her feelings and you the same
You'd start off as friends but Wanda would mostly watch you from afar, a distant but warm smile on her face, learning about you before making too many moves
The two of you would already be isseprable before dating, always teaming up together on missions and spending all of your time in the compound in eachothers company
If you want to know how the two of you got together, blame Scott (or, rather, thank him) because he was definitely the last straw to get you two to confess
He assumed you and Wanda were already a couple, you practically acted like one, and made a comment on how cute the two of you were and how he loved having another superhero couple around admist gushing about Hope
Once you start dating, you're 1000x more affectionate
Already attached at the hip, everyone kind of expected it
The two of you are constantly holding hands, Wanda loves to lean her head on your shoulder
As for dates, I feel like you and Wanda try a bit of everything but your favourites are movies and rollerskating
There's a local rink that has an 80s night every Saturday and you and Wanda always go, the staff know you by name, and put together some of the best outfits for it
You also got custom matching rollerskates <3
And for movie dates, they're pretty evenly spread between dates in movie theatres and dates watching movies in your rooms
I usually like to go with petnames like 'honey' and 'sweetie' for Wanda, but she'd definitely give you some Sokovian petnames too, I specifically really like 'Draga' which from my research seems to translate into honey/sweetheart
Wanda favours watching movies at home, snuggled up in bed together with her head resting on you and you playing with her hair (and vice versa)
9 times out of 10, the two of you fall asleep midway through the movie entangled in eachothers limbs
Speaking of Sokovian, you start asking her to teach it to you and it makes her heart absolutely melt, living in the US and Pietro no longer being around means she isn't able to speak her native language often (if at all) so you learning it just for her is so intensely intimate
She'd sing to you in Sokovian a lot, especially if you have trouble sleeping, stroking your hair as she lullabies you to sleep
I absolutely love domestic activities with Wanda, I want to do nothing more than cook and bake with her (which I've actually wrote a fic on here)
Constant 'I love you's and words of affirmation
Tumblr media
You definitely have a somewhat secret language where you can communicate with each other purely through looks
The avengers are super supportive of you guys but they also love to tease you a lot, Wanda getting all blushy and smiling coyly— she always looks to the floor with a smile and if you're already holding hands she gives it a soft squeeze
For the most part it's very pure relationship (but if yall wanna know about the unpure, i can do that 😈😈) and the two of you bounce off of each other wonderfully <3
To be added to a taglist, please send an ask or dm specifying the fandoms/characters you'd like to be tagged in the fics for!
Tags — @tatesimper @amourtentiaa
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arelyitsherec8 · a day ago
If you love her.
Pairings: Wanda x reader
Summary: Y/n went away for a mission, she had decided to go on her own even if Wanda had offered to go; there's where her mistake started. She finally went back to what she called her home with her family, but things with Wanda seem different now.
A/n: I'm in love with this song called 'If you love her' by Forest Blakk, I swear, it's too sweet. So I got this idea a few days ago. Like I said, I still have some requests I'm working on and I'll be posting them soon. There might be a second part to this story ;) Send requests if you have them! :)
Tumblr media
Y/n hated when she had to be away, she hated when they assigned her to missions far from the compound. She hated being undercover if it wasn’t with Wanda, more when she had to be away for more than a month. She loved her job, she loved being an agent, she had been very thankful when Natasha had helped her to get the job. But she felt lonely, even if she knew she only had to focus on her job.
But again, she hated that she had to leave and that she had to be away from Wanda, after they had been ‘together’ in a way, because y/n never got the guts to tell her what she really felt. All those nights together, all those nights cuddling, sleeping in the same bed, watching the shows she loved, watching movies y/n enjoyed, cooking dinner, or really trying to do so. But boy, did she love those times with Wanda. And she had lost them, all because of one mission; the one mission she had said no to but had ended up accepting it because no one else could go for so long.
Wanda had offered to go with her, she had offered to keep her company, but y/n didn’t want Wanda to leave everything just for a mission, she knew better than to not take Wanda to protect her, she didn’t want to leave her in a room alone all day and some nights that she had to work. She had been so stupid, she had made a big mistake and she now knew that.
She knew the moment Nat told her about Vision and Wanda, nothing official yet, but the thought of both of them spending time together and laughing as they used to, ate her alive at night. Made her regret every decision she had made, and it was too late now to tell Wanda to come with her, that she would book her a flight and she would be here the same night; it was already too late.
It broke her heart into a million pieces just by the thought of losing Wanda, what if she didn’t want to talk to her anymore? What if she went back and Wanda had totally changed? What if she hated her for leaving? They were never a thing, they never dated, they never really said anything related to love, they only seemed like a couple, but they never really confessed feelings or showed any other sign of love. At least it never came from Wanda. She hated this. She hated that she had been quiet all of this time. The mission was almost done, she was going back in less than 2 weeks, she only had one more task. And then she will be back; back to a nightmare.
She had predicted this, she knew everything had changed when Nat had been the one receiving her at the airport. Nat had even made a poster that said ‘welcome home agent’ which made her laugh a little, but inside she was still dying because Wanda hadn’t been the one with the poster, she hadn’t been here to receive her and give her one of those hugs that only she gave. She hated it so much. She hated herself for it. She thought she would be here just like she had said goodbye months ago.
“Flight FR3421 to Germany now boarding at gate 21.”
“Is that your flight?” Wanda asked as she walked with y/n, holding hands and closer than ever.
“Unfortunately, yes, it is.” Y/n stopped and looked at Wanda. “Will you be okay?”
“Of course I will. But…I will miss you.” Wanda smiled sadly as she hugged y/n. “Please be safe, okay? Text me or call me when you have the chance, do not go longer than a week without contacting me.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Y/n chuckled softly but felt tears in her eyes. She didn’t want to leave, she really didn’t. She felt Wanda pulling away and kissing her cheek softly. “Will you be here when I come back?”
“Well, of course I will be. I wouldn’t want to miss embarrassing you.” Wanda teased as she looked at y/n.
“I’ll miss you.” Y/n whispered softly and brought Wanda’s hand to her lips.
“Y/n! Look at you. Nice hair.” Natasha teased as she hugged y/n.
“Well, what can I say? After a few months, the new life changes you for good or bad.” She teased as she pulled away. She offered a sad smile.
“She wanted to come. Steve sent her and Vision for a mission, he forgot you were coming back today.”
Y/n nodded. “What a coincidence, huh?” She chuckled sadly as she shook her head. “C’mon. Need to get to him so he buys me food for doing that.”
Natasha only nodded. “He will buy us food.” She laughed as she wrapped her arm around y/n.
As sad as she was, she still felt a little happy to be back home, she had missed this place, she missed her small and problematic family, but mostly she missed Wanda, even if she knew that was already over.
Even if she thought the night would go different, she actually had fun and shared laughs with Steve, Tony, Bruce, Nat, Clint and even Peter had joined them. She only missed Thor being here with them and of course someone else that she did not want to mention or think about anymore, not when she was having a good time, even if she knew that soon it would end. They were all listening with attention to y/n’s stories and the small adventures she had around the city, everyone was laughing and joking until they all stopped as they looked behind y/n.
Y/n smile disappeared for a moment as she turned back and saw what she was most afraid of; Vision and Wanda walking into the kitchen, laughing and Wanda had her arm wrapped around Vision’s. The moment they both heard silence, Wanda looked up to finally lock eyes with y/n, her smile slowly disappearing as she noticed how quiet they all had gone. She let go of Vision’s arm and offered a smile, that beautiful small y/n had missed.
“Y/n.” Wanda simply said as she walked a little closer.
“Wanda.” Y/n offered a small smile and then turned to look at everyone. “It was fun talking to you guys and sharing these funny stories but…I am tired. The way back was long, and I do need to rest.” She nodded as she stood up and then turned back to Wanda and Vision, only nodding at them.
“It’s good to have you back, miss y/l/n.” Vision said as he offered a smile.
Y/n turned to look at him and nodded, staring at Wanda for a few seconds before she headed back to her room. She couldn’t deal with this right now, not when the pain had increased now that she had seen Wanda. She wouldn’t be able to confront her, and for what? It’s not like she had done anything wrong, she had every right. She deserved so much.
It had been a whole week since she had come back, she had joked about retiring and looking for that so wanted life she had dreamed of. Even before she had left for the mission, her life had been perfect, her life had been sweet and full of happiness, but she had lost a part of that happiness and she was probably not getting it back. She walked out of the compound trying to get some fresh air and trying to convince herself she would be okay.
“Care if I join you?” A sweet voice asked behind her, making y/n turn.
Y/n smiled softly. “Follow me.”
Wanda smiled and walked beside y/n, enjoying the nice breeze hitting her face. Y/n didn’t know what she could say, what she could talk about, everything seemed unnecessary to mention at the moment. She wished she could’ve said she wanted to walk alone but she could never say no to Wanda.
“Have you gotten enough rest?” Wanda asked finally breaking the silence, looking at y/n while they walked.
“Not as much as I’d like but enough. Time zone is really a problem.” Not a complete lie, but not the whole truth.
“They can be a pain in the ass.” Wanda joked as she smiled at y/n. “I’m sorry I didn’t go to the airport, Steve-“
“I know. Natasha told me. You had a mission, with Vision.” Y/n said coldly as she looked away. “Have you been having lots of missions?”
“Yeah, some. Mostly with Steve and Sam, others with Nat. Sometimes only with Vision, depending on how many people we need.” Wanda nodded as she looked away too. “We’ve missed you.”
We’ve…not I’ve. “Tony did say it was the last mission for me. At least for now.”
“Good. You can rest as much as you can.” Wanda bit her lip as she looked back at y/n. “Y/n…”
“I’m actually gonna head back to my room. I’m very tired and I…I really just need more sleep for Tony’s gathering.” She finally turned to look at Wanda and offered a small smile. “It was nice talking to you, Wanda.” She said before she left, tears filling her eyes as she tried to walk as fast as she could back to the compound.
It was going to be harder than she thought.
Tony had said it would be a small gathering, just them and some other people, but it ended up being a party, mostly to celebrate that y/n was finally back and that she was here to stay. She wished she could’ve stayed in her room, not exactly in the middle of the living room just sitting on the couch while she watched everyone laughing, playing, dancing and just talking. She kept looking at her drink in her hand and tried her best to enjoy the party, even if it meant she would stay alone in the couch.
She finally looked up again and noticed the sweet green eyed girl staring at her, almost as if she was debating if she should talk to y/n or not. But before she could decide, y/n decided to stand up and finally leave that spot of the couch, walking around to go for another drink, maybe a stronger one that was not soda.
“What would the lady want?” Natasha asked as she stood behind the bar, smirking at her.
“Something stronger than soda.” Y/n chuckled softly as she handed her the cup she had been holding for an hour now.
“Is it so bad? You really haven’t talked to her?”
“What?” Y/n turned to look at Nat. “How do you-“
“I’ve known you for years, since you were little basically, I know you perfectly. More than you, probably.” Natasha said as she made the drink for y/n. “I know what you’re thinking. Don’t hold it back any longer, y/n.”
“Nat…she looks happy with Vision.”
“They are not even official.”
“Even so. She…she didn’t seem as happy to see me as she did before. What if that changed? I don’t want to get in between them.”
Natasha only sighed and shrugged as she handed her the drink. “Y/n…you will only hurt yourself if you don’t try. And you willlose the chance.”
“I already did.” She grabbed the drink and left before Nat could say anything else.
After that, she kept drinking as much as she could, to get any bad or annoying thought out of her mind. She was tired of listening to her head, to listen to every bad thought that went through her mind and tried to speak louder. She couldn’t handle any of it anymore, it was enough with the thought that she had already lost Wanda.
There was a moment where she decided she wanted to finally have her own space and went out to the balcony, it was maybe 1 am already, which she didn’t even mind anymore as long as she had a drink in her hand. She looked out at the city and felt the urge to cry, but she couldn’t let her emotions get the best of her. And no one could see her like this, which she had decided the moment she heard footsteps approaching her.
“Hello, miss y/l/n.” Vision offered a smile.
Y/n turned to look at Vision. “Vision…hi. What…aren’t you supposed to be with the others?”
“Maybe so. But, I don’t really drink nor eat anything, so I didn’t find a purpose on staying when they all are…drunk.” Vision shrugged as he walked closer to y/n.
“Well…I am one of them, Vis. I am drunk as hell right now.” She chuckled softly.
Vision chuckled too but cleared his throat. “I’ve come to notice that you’ve been acting weird ever since you arrived. I must say that I find it concerning that you haven’t been yourself and it feels like you’ve been…down.”
Y/n furrowed her brows again. “You know…I appreciate you being concerned, and I am sure I know why you are concerned. But all I can tell you is that there is nothing to worry about. It’s normal to be sad, Vision. It’s normal to be depressed. It’s normal to just…” she sighed. “What’s going on between you and Wanda?”
It was Vision’s time to look confused. “I beg your pardon?”
“Yes…you and Wanda have been spending more time together than usual. Ever since I left and all I can say it’s…you got the best person. You won the lottery with Wanda.” She chuckled sadly. “Vision, she’s…she’s perfect. Like no one else.”
“Miss y/l/n…”
“Y/n…just…y/n.” She cleared her throat. “As I was saying…you need to treat her right, Vision. If she gives you her heart, don't you break it. Let your arms be a place she feels safe in. She's the best thing that you'll ever have.” She bit her lip as more words slipped out of her mouth.
“I don’t think I’m understanding what you’re saying.”
“You might not be…a human. But it’s obvious the way you see her because I see her that way too.” She nodded sadly. “But…she deserves so much better. She deserves someone like you, Vision. You need to take care of her, protect her from everything. Promise me, please.”
Vision nodded. “I will.”
Y/n nodded then and decided it was time to leave, but then turned back to look at Vision. “She always has trouble falling asleep and she likes to cuddle while under the sheets.” She licked her lips. “She loves love notes and has a hard time accepting a good compliment, but...when she doesn't notice how pretty she is, tell her over and over so she never forgets.” Y/n shook her head and sighed. “I guess you already know.” She said before she left and went back inside.
While she walked inside, she hadn’t noticed that this whole time, Wanda had been standing there, y/n needed to go to her room and disappear from the world just for a moment. She had too many drinks and she knew she wasn’t in her right mind. Maybe she wouldn’t even remember any of this, but part of her was still conscious as she said those words which she now sort of regretted saying all of that but…it was what she felt and what Vision needed to know.
Wanda walked into the kitchen breathing heavily as she noticed Natasha sitting by the dinning table. “Nat? Nat, have you seen y/n?”
Natasha looked up at Wanda, a little confused. “Y/n? Yeah, I saw her this morning, but she was in a rush. Something like a morning run or something like that, she didn’t say much. Why? She hasn’t come back yet?”
“No, I can’t find her. I-I need to talk to her.”
“It’s been already 5 hours since then, I thought she might be napping.” Natasha placed her mug back in the table and stood up. “She probably took a long path. We don’t-“
“She’s normally out for about 2 hrs, not more than 5. We need to find where she is.”
Steve walked into the kitchen and looked between Nat and Wanda. “I found a note from y/n.” He handed it over to Wanda. “I didn’t open it, it said your name.”
Wanda took the note and walked away from the kitchen and over to her room. She sat down on her bed and sighed softly as she opened the note.
I know you might be wondering why I’ve been so distant and why I decided to do this, there is not a specific reason. I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have kept it for myself. I should’ve talked when I could but now I know it’s way too late. I am so sorry I couldn’t be the person you needed, I’m sorry I left, but I know Vision would be there for you, he would know what to do. He’s a nice person, Wanda and I know why you picked him now.
I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other for a while again, maybe it’s for the best. Am I overreacting? Yes I am, definitely, but I didn’t find any other way to shut this thoughts and feelings. I needed to get out. I talked to Tony and he said it would be okay to take a break. Now I set you free from me, you don’t have to deal with me ever again. I love you, Wanda. Please know I care deeply about you.
Love, y/n.
Wanda felt tears in her eyes as she looked up from the note, feeling anger invade her body. She placed the note on her bed and walked out of her room, walking as fast as possible to Tony’s lab. Natasha and Steve called for her, but she didn’t listen, so they followed her. As soon as they got to the lab, Wanda opened the door without a word and used her powers to push Tony against the wall.
“Where is she?”
Tony whined as he looked at Wanda. “Wanda…y/n asked me not to-“
“I asked you a question, Stark.” It wasn’t common now for Wanda’s accent to show since Nat had done a pretty good job and taught her some things, but when she was angry there was no way she could hide the accent.
“You can hurt me, but I promised y/n I wouldn’t say a thing.”
Wanda let him fall to the ground as she felt hands on her shoulder. “Wanda, she’ll be okay. She just needs some time alone.”
Wanda sobbed as she fell to the ground. “I let her go again. It’s my fault.” She cried out as she felt Nat wrapping her arms around her. “She’s gone…”
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mahvericks · 4 days ago
thank you // wanda maximoff
Tumblr media
For anon
Prompt; “ I don’t think I can do this without you ”
Warnings; panic attack, mention of Pietro’s death, light swearing. This one got really personal rip.
This is the last prompt I had, now I’ll be writing the other requests I received since that writing prompts list and will also write older requests, feel free to send new ones in! <3
Hiding your feelings were something you were used to, you had been taught to do so from your young age as your parents were both Shield agents, they wanted to protect you and prepare you for how hard and cruel the world was.
Following in your parents steps, when you were ready, you joined the Shield and over the years became one of their best and most skilled agent. When the Avengers Initiative was created, you were asked to join them not long after Natasha and Clint had joined the team.
You had seen a lot and faced huge threats like an army of aliens, monsters- you had seen it all and together, you won against everything and everyone. But that, that was something else. Something even more twisted, a new kind of evil you never met before. Ultron.
When it happened, when you saw Sokovia being detached from earth, you helped the people getting on the Shield Helicarrier, you fought against Ultron and his army of robots, you gave everything you had to fight back.
But this time, the cost of winning was bigger than everything else before, there were so many lives you couldn’t save, so many wasted lives. And it had been haunting you ever since that day.
Whenever it was when you heard a loud noise such as someone knocking a plate on the ground or a door being slammed- it was enough for you to get flashes from the fight or in the worst cases, you’d see yourself on the helicarrier when Sokovia dropped back to the ground.
Yet, it was nothing compared to the nightmares you’d get almost every nights- that’s why you’d sleep as less as you could, you’d rather just take naps a few times than have a true night of sleep where everything would come back to the surface and make you feel even worse.
You never talked about it ever since it happened, or if in the very rare cases where the Sokovia Incident would be mentioned you’d stay silent and listen to the others speaking. You were pretty sure that no one knew about your trauma from that day and how it was still haunting you to this day.
The only one who seemed to understand you was Wanda, and while you never talked about how you felt- there was some kind of connections between the two of you- you understood each other.
Just like any other night, you were brutally pulled away from sleep by the same nightmare again and it was just as real as every night. It was incredibly frustrating, especially the state you were when you woke up- it was always the same, your body was tense and shaky, your heart was beating fast and your breathing was laborated.
Knowing you weren’t going to go back to sleep now, you pulled the blanket away and sat at the edge of the bed, looking at the hour you sighed- you barely got two hours of sleep.
Quietly, you went out of your bedroom and made your way to the kitchen to get yourself a glass of cold water- it helped to get your body out of the trance of the nightmare. You hated how weak your body was feeling when you’d wake up from a nightmare.
With your glass of water in hands, you leaned against the kitchen’s counter to sip your water. Your eyes lost in the darkness of the night, you tried your best to empty your mind, to not think at all, it rarely worked as you’d always go back to thinking about too many things- how you could have saved more lives that day, hell if you had been more attentive you would have noticed that little boy sooner and it maybe would have prevented Pietro’s death.
You tightly closed your eyes as a tear escaped your eyes- the flashes of that scene were coming back to haunt you. For a second or so you lost focus of everything and it was enough for you to loosen the grip you had on the glass of water that fell on the floor shattering into millions of pieces. Now you had made a mess and might even woke your friends up.
The sound of the glass shattering was enough to trigger you into another panic attack- you realized that when you started to feel your heart thumping and you could hear your blood passing through your ears.
Covering your ears in an unsuccessful attempt to stop earring that sound, you let yourself slip against the kitchen’s counter. You hated how hot it suddenly seemed to be in the room, it felt so warm that your trembling hands were already sweaty.
You were aware of the fact you were right in the middle of a panic attack, but you also knew you couldn’t do anything to make it stops. You were all alone against this. But when did you not feel alone?
“ y/n? ” asked Wanda who had been awaken by the sound of the glass of water falling. She knew it was you as she noticed the door of your bedroom was open- you never left it open when you were asleep.
“ I saw your bedroom’s door open, I know- ” Wanda stopped halfway through her sentence when she saw you shakily hugging your knees as you were sitting on the floor- your mind seemed to be elsewhere just as if while physically being there, your mind was far away.
Wanda kneeled right next to you, not caring about the shattered glass scattered on the floor. She wanted to help you, and while she had read about panic attacks, she never experienced someone having one next to her.
She wanted to tell you that it was going to be alright but she knew that it was useless, even stupid to say that as you clearly weren’t alright. That’s not what you needed to hear.
Instead, she gently put her hand on your forearm to make sure you were aware of her presence, that you knew you weren’t alone- that she was there for you.
“ I’m here with you y/n. You’re not alone. ” she gently said, hoping that her presence wouldn’t make it worse to you.
Your mind was racing, having so many thoughts at the same time, mixing and messing everything together to the point that it was making your head aches, but hearing Wanda’s voice was unexplainably comforting.
“ I don’t know if this is going to help you but try to focus on my breathing, alright sweetheart? ”
Sweetheart. You loved it when she used to call you by this nickname. It was a classic one but still lovely.
“ Breathe in,” said Wanda as she slowing inhaled air- you tried your best to copy her but not without struggling first.
“ and breathe out.” she continued, this time exhaling just as slowly as before.
This went on for minutes that seemed to be hours for you, but thankfully, with Wanda’s help you managed to calm yourself down, especially when you managed to copy Wanda’s breathing pattern.
“ Thanks. ” you weakly said, your eyes fixing your hands resting on your knees- you didn’t, couldn’t look at Wanda. No one knew about this side of you and you felt ashamed.
“ No need to thanks me. You did it all by yourself sweetheart. You did great. ” you couldn’t help but scoff, you were the one triggering yourself and you did great?
“ If only I didn’t trigger myself. God I’m so pathetic.” you sighed, rubbing your hands on your face.
“ Why would you say that, y/n? ” asked Wanda, not understand why would you think that.
“ Look at me Wan’. I’m a fucking mess. ” you deeply sighed, you were so tired- not only because your panic attack drained all strength from you but you were also tired of this way of living.
“ You’re not a mess, y/n/n. You’re dealing with a lot and it’s hurting you but you’re not a mess. And I want you to know that you’re not alone. ” gently said Wanda, as she wrapped her arm around your shoulders.
At first, you stiffened a bit, you didn’t except any physical contact even if you had been getting used to it with Wanda. After a few seconds, you relaxed and leaned against her, resting your head on her shoulder.
“ I don’t want to be a burden to you- or to anyone as a matter of fact. ” you whispered so lowly that you weren’t sure that Wanda heard you.
“ You’re not a burden to me and never will be. I think I can speak for the others on this and say that you’ll never be a burden for them neither. We’re here for you, and I for sure always will be there for you. ” you closed your eyes to listen to Wanda’s words- she definitely knew how to talk to you.
“ Why are you doing this? ”
“ Ever since that day when I lost Pietro, you’ve always been there for me without asking anything in return- you were the first one to give me a chance to prove myself and I think I’ve started to fall for you. ” acknowledged Wanda, she didn’t except to tell you about her feelings for you but it slipped so naturally.
“ I like you, too. And I never intended to get anything in return every time I was here for you. ” you smiled, which was something that became incredibly rare since the Sokovia incident.
“ I know. But I want to be there for you. ”
“ Thank you. ” you knew that you couldn’t keep Wanda from trying to help you, and after all maybe it would get better with her help.
A comfortable silence fell on the two of you as neither of you wanted to move, but the exhaustion was starting to get the best of you. You didn’t want to sleep and get another nightmare- you had to fight back the exhaustion and sleepiness.
“ You’re exhausted, zolotse,” noticed Wanda, there was no point on trying to hide your tiredness as it was probably easy to tell it, you nodded as an answer, “ give me two minutes to clean the broken glass and I’ll accompany you back to your room.” gently said Wanda as she got up to clean the kitchen’s floor.
“ I can’t go to sleep.” you sighed, you never excepted to reveal so much of you in one night, yet here you were.
“ Why? ” frowned Wanda.
“ I get nightmares,” you revealed before pausing for a few seconds, “ I get a lot of them. ”
“ Is that the reason why you were awake? ”
“ Yeah. That’s kind of the reason I had a panic attack. And I don’t want that to happen again. ” you sadly explained, Wanda seemed to feel bad for you-at least that’s what you could see in her eyes.
“ I understand, I get nightmares too sometimes. It’s hard to go back to sleep after. I won’t force you to rest but would it help if I stay with you until you wake up again? ” suggested Wanda, and while the idea sounded great, to have someone with you in case you had another nightmare, you didn’t want to bother Wanda.
“ You would do that? I don’t want to bother you. ”
“ If I suggest it, then it doesn’t bother me. I’d be happy if it can help you even just a little.” smiled Wanda. You were too exhausted to think about it that much, so you ended up agreeing.
“ I guess it’s worth a shot. ”
Wanda seemed to be pleased with your answer and proceeded to the cleaning on the shattered pieces of the glass of water. You couldn’t help but feel bad for letting her clean when you were the one who created this mess in the first place.
“ Alright, everything’s clean. Let’s go to bed. ” said Wanda as she accompanied you to your bedroom.
“ I don’t think I can do this without you. ” you lowly said as you basically let yourself fall on your bed.
“ What do you mean? ”
“ Like going back to sleep, dealing with panic attacks and all that stuff. I kept it for myself for all this time but I think it helped to talk about it. ” you confessed- it felt like a weight had been lifted from your shoulders now that someone knew about it.
“ As I said earlier, I’ll always be there for you- that means I’m here to listen to you too. When you feel ready, you can tell me about your nightmares, or about anything else you feel the need to talk about. You’re not alone, zolotse. ”
You couldn’t explain why but Wanda’s words put you at ease- enough for you to relax and close your eyes to try and sleep.
“ Thank you. ”
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lotsoffandomimagines · 4 days ago
~ sweet dreams ~
Tumblr media
@the-radio-star requested letter Z with wanda maximoff from the fanfic alphabet
pairing: wanda maximoff x reader
theme: zzz’s/bed sharing
warnings: bed sharing but that’s pretty much it. the rest is fluff
fandom: marvel
It was just your luck that during a villain attack on the Avengers compound, your entire bedroom got destroyed. In the midst of the fight, Tony got thrown into the building by one of your enemies causing the ceiling where you usually slept to collapse. Now you were left almost homeless.
Thankfully, Tony felt guilty enough to offer to repair your space for you but doing so was going to take time. Meaning that you were going to have to go searching for another bed. At first you thought the couch might be a good idea but as it turns out Thor, who was visiting from Asgard at the time, had claimed it as his own. Damn, now what were you supposed to do?
That’s where Wanda came in. She told you that you could crash in her room for a bit and out of desperation you agreed. You assumed that in this arrangement you’d be sleeping on the floor but Wanda wasn’t having any of that.
“The floor isn’t comfortable. You should come rest in bed with me. There’s plenty of room” she told you once the sun had set and the moon had risen on your first evening being her guest. The fact that she was so willing to share a bed with you was enough to make you flustered. You had tried to refuse but in the end Wanda left you no other choice. So that’s how you found yourself laying on her mattress, side by side with the person you were secretly crazy about.
Somehow there was both plenty of room for both of you and not enough room at all. No matter how easy it was for you to fit under the covers, you still felt so close to Wanda. She was so near that you could hear her soft breaths after she fell asleep and smell her sweet perfume. It was a good thing Wanda fell asleep rather quickly, otherwise she’d surely hear your heart racing.
In the beginning you opted to face away from Wanda out of fear she'd notice how hot your cheeks were but now that she had slipped away into dream world, you couldn’t resist temptation. Rolling over so you were nose to nose, you find yourself softly gasping at the angel before you. You always found that Wanda was beautiful but wow… she was gorgeous in this peaceful state.
Right when you decide that you’ve stared at her long enough, to your surprise Wanda shifts closer to you before you can think about turning away. In your shock, you can’t bring yourself to react fast enough to stop Wanda from attaching herself to you and snuggling into your chest. It feels like you can’t breathe but not because she’s crushing you or anything. You were simply unprepared for such an intimate moment.
For a few seconds you’re unsure whether or not Wanda is really awake or unconscious but after a bit of inspection you realize she did this in her sleep. Unintentional or not you can’t make the butterflies in your stomach go away. The idea of slipping away from her touch occurs to you but even considering that makes you feel guilty. You wouldn’t want to accidentally wake her up.
So you’re stuck, cuddling with the woman you had a crush on. It almost feels like you’re a couple. Maybe, since you’re trapped like this you can pretend. Smiling softly to yourself, you start to close your eyes with the thought that it would be nice to do this every night. Before you can drift off the sound of a voice suddenly makes your eyes snap back open.
“You’re so warm [Y/N]. You can sleep in here anytime you like” Wanda murmurs. She’s awake?! It’s unclear if she’s really been awake this whole time or had only recently pulled herself out of her sleep. Either way, one thing was clear and that was that you were flustered all over again. At this rate you weren’t sure if you would be exhausted in the morning or not.
masterlist | buy the author a coffee
tags: @fangirlsarah16 / @sheridans-dynamos / @shadowcatgirl09 / @jammesbarnnes / @locke-writes / @gruffle1 / @randomfandomimagine / @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @lucillethings / @scarletsoldierrr / @kaetastic / @zeldafreak688 / @thebookwormlife / @natasha-danvers / @moonlit-imagines / @bored-green / @lozzypoz321 / @captainshazamerica / @xxxtwilightaxelxxx / @schnapped / @johnmurphyisqueer / @ann-writes-things / @frenchgirlinlondon / @chxcolxtemilk / @xspideyboyx / @ofthedewthesunlight / @simonsbluee / @brithedemonspawn / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @big-galaxy-chaos / @thedarklordapproves / @parkerlovebot / @czarinera / @goldenhoney-cas / @crapimahuman / @swanimagines / @snuggly-the-crow / @teenwonder / @tvwhoresblog / @beth-winchester21 / @mangoessassafras / @akuri-shinsou / @lost-girl-of-onceuponatime
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awkwardgaymess · 5 days ago
A Look In the Compound- Chronicle Sixteen-Avengers Anatomy- 2.5- Blast injury
Tumblr media
Taglist: @madamevirgo @satxnsupreme @hallecarey1
Blast injuries were a tricky thing, at least for your state. Blast injuries were tricky to diagnose, and easy to screw up if you don’t find it in time. 
But you knew that. That’s what made you good at your job.
You take a deep breath, speed-walking past the two surgeons to your lab room, ignoring the very white walls, and the very irritating amount of people  staring at you. 
“What the hell fo you mean that she feels everything on the table?!” Alex calls out, catching up to you.”Goddamnit, Y/n, can you slow down?”
You halt your movements, snatching Alex by the ear, and Meredith by her sleve before moving to a vacant lab, tossing them in, and closing the door. 
“Okay, you promise whatever we say is staying between these four walls, no matter how crazy.” 
Alex sighed. “Y/n-“ 
“Now,” You interrupt. “Promise me now.” 
“I heard crazier things,” Meredith speaks up.”We promise.” 
You take a deep breath, looking the knob, and exhaling. 
“Natasha is resistant to all types of poisons, she’s physically enhanced.” 
“But that’s poisons, right?” Alex asked. 
Meredith jabbed the man’s side sharply with her elbow. “Think for once in your life, Alex.” 
“Posions, are deadly medicine.” You sigh. “For her, being poisons are non-existent and definitely not a problem. It evaporates in her system as soon as it enters.” 
“Meaning she can’t take anesthesia or even morphine, because it won’t work.” 
“It’s like pushing water,” You mumble. “Down a very damn clean drain.”
Meredith sighs, looking up at you. “So what would you do?” 
You frown. “Normally, we’d have a special procedure we’d use using Wanda to….put her to deep sleep, but she’s out, due to her…blast brain.”
“What can you do?” Alex asks. “Not some emo girl with powers.”
“This isn’t my hospital,” You laugh, raising a hand and gesturing to the lab room. “And this isn’t my lab, I have none of my materials.” 
“Don’t worry about that,” Meredith reassures, waving a hand away. “I have a very beautiful lab with your name on it that you can use. If you can walk me through your thought process.” 
You nod, tapping your finger against your side. “I could maybe call in a favor for a chemist to concoct a medical anesthesia that might counteract her cells.” 
“Probably won’t work, takes too long.” Alex counters. “What else?” 
“Maybe I could slap the shit out of her and she’d stay asleep?” 
Meredith chuckles. “Not worth your license.”
“You got any bright ideas?” You glance at Alex.
He shrugs. “Blood cells impact the whole system, we can’t do anything until we really see the damage from the MRI.”
“I asked an intern to handle it for both of them,” Meredith answers. “Widow went first, considering she’s bleeding from the inside.” 
“She’ll be bleeding slowly.” You mumble. “Her cells are still at work no matter what, maybe just working slowly.” 
“How so?” 
“Her enhancements impact smaller wounds, like cuts and bruises.”  You walk over to a whiteboard, grabbing a marker and drawing a circle, you take a red marker next, and draw what looks like another circle, but more messy. “This is the rupture.” You draw a bunch of lines pointing to the outer ends of the circle. “The enhancements focus on her smaller wounds, but a certain amount,” You  draw a few lines towards the rupture. “Goes to heal the parts that it can,” 
“So instead of healing, it…postpones?” Meredith asks.
“Exactly, like radiation chemo,” You smile. “It doesn’t stop the huge issue, but it makes it less.” 
“So we have time,” Alex says. 
“I’d give it four hours,” You respond. “I can work like hell to get this fixed, but I’m not-“ 
“You can.” Meredith smirks. “You will, and you better. I’ll help.” 
You raise an eyebrow, turning to Alex. 
“I sure as hell can’t do it.” He mutters. 
You smirk, turning to Meredith. 
“Lets get to work then.” 
“I’m sorry.” Natasha speaks. 
Alex looked up from his computer, pressing on the intercom, and leaning in. “I’m sorry?” 
Natahsa rolled her eyes, sighing. “For biting you, I’m…sorry.” 
Alex chuckles. “No worries, I get it, being in a hospital for the first time.” 
“Care to explain why y/n put me in a tunnel?” 
Alex raises an eyebrow, before turning to you. You take a deep breath, leaning in behind Alex, and pressing on the intercom. 
“You’re in the MRI tunnel. We’re taking pictures of your…insides.” 
“At least you’re talking to me, kotenok.” The Russian says softly. 
Your cheeks tint red at your nickname, and clear your throat. “I’d probably feel more inclined to speak to you if you didn’t act like a dumbass.” 
You see Natasha twitch from the glass, and you press on the intercom slightly. “Please don’t move, Natahsa.” 
You hear her exhale softly, before relaxing her fingertips.
“We’re about to start taking the photos now, Ms. Romanoff. Please try not to move, or…speak.” Alex joins in.
You see Natasha nod, before the machine hums. You remove your finger from the intercom button, and you lean against the wall.
Alex turns around, swiveling in his chair and facing you. “Kotenook?” He asks. 
You smile at his attempt. “Kotenok,” You correct. “It’s our thing…whenever I’m upset.” 
“Are you upset?” 
“No, I’m not. Surprisingly,” You grumble.
Alex takes note of your stoic features painting your face. There really wasn’t anger, and to some extent, no…frustration, or even a hint of worry. 
“You know, you can talk to me,” Alex coaxes, and when you sigh, he laughs. “Kid listen, seriously. You’re going to have to let it out.” 
“Not mad, “ You hiss. “I’m….annoyed.” 
“That your girlfriend acted like an intern?” 
You snort, shaking your head, and sighing. “I’m annoyed that…this could’ve been avoided. Blast belly? More like blast me up against a wall.” 
“You really haven’t changed.” He chuckles.”Boxes.” 
You raise an eyebrow. “Boxes?” 
“Boxes, you box emotions up.” He repeats.” You always did it in school, and while we studied together.” 
“Because if I didn’t, you’d probably be in a coma for all the stupid shit you did,” You giggle.
“I think trying to stop an explosion takes the cake on all the stupid stuff I did. “ He chuckles. 
The computer beeps, before an image appears on the screen. The two of you face the screen, leaning in closely, seeing the rupture in all it’s glory. You point your finger to the source, tracing the size . “It’s medium, most of it was…healed, but it seems to have slowed down.” 
“Damn..” He sighs, leaning back against the chair. “So we still have time?” 
“We do, but not too long, I’d give it…”You take a moment to think. “Two hours, at best, three tops.” 
The surgeon looks up at you. “Will that be enough time?” 
You frown. “I mean…It’ll have to be, I’ll talk to Dr. Grey and-“
“Wait,” Alex sighs. “What if you did it?” 
“Did what?” You ask. 
“ You said someone could concoct a medication to counteract the cells. What if you did that?” 
Your eyes widened. “You’re crazy.” 
“It could work.” 
“Alex!” You laugh. “Be serious!” 
“I’m serious, “ He exclaimed. “Look, you practically destroyed the other surgeons with that cell lab at Hopkins. I know you can create it.” 
“You know her body from the inside out.  Along with that witchy girl. I could do the operation, but I can’t do it without that medicine.” 
“Alex, that takes years to even produce a sample.” You sigh, hiding your blush. “It’s a great idea, and with the lab, it might be possible, but…I can’t do it alone.” 
“Who said you had to do it alone?” He asks, smirking. 
“Oh no,” You chuckle. “You know I never do interns. I taught once, that was it.” 
“Don’t teach, order around like the rest of us.”
You sigh softly, ruffling his messy head of hair. “You big lug, you mind taking Romanoff to her room? I’m going to check on that CT.” 
He nods, and you open the door, exiting the observation room. You walk round the sterile halls, tapping your finger against your thigh.
You hate that you were actually starting to get worried. It was her damn fault, like seriously, this was her damn fault. Natasha genuinely fucked up, and damnit you were pissed. They had no right to prove a point. 
You sigh softly. “Jesus…” 
You hated this got to you. 
You walk into the lab room, and you raise your eyebrow at the silence, eyeing Meredith from across the room, and the small group of interns placing. Petri dishes and small vials of chemicals, you menever  your way around the small crowd, seeing blond hair, and navy blue contrasting the pastel scrubs. You tap her shoulder, and when she turns around, Meredith gives you a small smile, handing you a pair of goggles. 
“You know I have to introduce you to the bottom feeders.” She chuckles. “You can’t just be…mystery attending.”
You giggle, placing the protective goggles on your face. “I like mystery.” 
“And I like my interns not staring at a beautiful attending and being distracted.” She speaks, turning you and her around to face the interns. “Alright, everyone. This is Dr. L/n. We are going to assist is her in helping to create a…counteractive medicine.” 
You smile professionally, before turning serious. “I know you guys are a teaching hospital, but in the lab, you need to use everything you know. We have two very…”You trail off, trying to piece a word together. “Interesting patients, that needs our undivided attention. “ 
The interns nod, and from your line of vision, you can see one of them roll their eyes, and another look a little too excited. . 
“It’d be best that if you have any ideas, tell me, but please…think. Before you speak. Don’t move unless I tell you too. If I say jump, you say what bridge. Don’t touch anything, and please don’t-“ 
You hear the sound of a glass falling and shattering to the ground. 
‘Break…anything,” You sigh, raising a hand to pinch the bridge of your nose. “Jesus Fuck.”
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the-bau-quinjet · 7 days ago
Shut Up!
Summary: request! Bucky and Y/N hate each other... or so they say.
Warnings: as Steve would say: Language!, but really it's just a bunch of fluff.
Word Count: 1798
a/n: Italics are thoughts in their heads!!
This request brought me so much joy to think about. Happy Birthday anon! Thank you so much for all the love!!! ❤️ 💕 💗 💖 💘
Tumblr media
"BARNES!" You screamed, giving him the customary warning before throwing your least favorite knife at him.
He flung himself backward, catching the knife in midair.
Damn, that's hot. You shook the thought away, glaring at Bucky as he turned to look at you.
"Did you just throw a knife at me?" He asked, incredulous.
You rolled your eyes. "You deserved it. Plus, I warned you." You bit back.
"Y/N, you can't just throw knives at people." Steve sighed, tired of the two of you arguing all the time.
"I don't throw knives at people. Just Bucky." You said his name with disgusted expression. "And he deserved it!"
"What the hell did he do to deserve being impaled by a knife?" Sam chuckled, but only to keep the mood light.
"He wasn't impaled. I knew he would dodge it." You defended yourself, sneering at Bucky's smug grin.
"Not the point. What did he do?" Steve asked again, trying to clear the air despite it never working before.
You pulled the beanie you were wearing off your head, showing off your freshly bleached hair. It was nearly white, a stark platinum blonde contrasting your typical dark style.
"You know what they say, 'blondes have more fun'. I was just looking out for your social life." Bucky smirked, enjoying the rage.
She's so cute when she's angry. He thought as he stared at you.
Sam snorted, trying to hold in the laugh under your glare.
"How thoughtful." You quipped sarcastically, leaning in to threaten him. "I'm going to get you back for this." Your words were laced with venom, the anger palpable even in the vast gym.
"Looking forward to it! Thanks for the knife!" Bucky called as you stormed away, ignoring the thoughts lingering in his head. Not cute. Hot. So very hot when she's angry.
The next few days, Bucky heard nothing from you. He didn't think much of it, considering you were likely plotting. It wasn't until you started being uncharacteristically sweet to him that he grew nervous.
"Hey, Buck, Steve." You smiled as you walked up to him and Steve.
"Hi, Y/N." Steve greeted you warmly, glad to see you at least acting cordial after the stunt Bucky pulled.
"Hi..." Bucky hesitated, unsure of what you were playing at.
He's so adorable when he's nervous. You shook your head, getting back on track.
"I brought you some drinks!" You excitedly exclaimed, handing the drink carrier to Steve since Bucky seemed frozen in place. "Protein smoothie for Steve, chocolate milkshake for Bucky."
You walked away without another word, throwing a thumbs up to accept Steve's thanks.
Steve happily drank his smoothie, enjoying the energy boost. Bucky just stared at the milkshake before throwing the entire thing away.
"Buck! Don't be a jerk. She bought that for you." Steve huffed, annoyed with his friend's childish behavior.
"I can't trust anything she gives me unless I saw it being made." He shrugged as if it was obvious.
"Jerk, she's not going to poison you." Steve rolled his eyes.
"You don't know that." Bucky shook his head, walking into the kitchen. The idea of a milkshake made him hungry.
The next day, you were back with more treats. This time a cinnamon roll for Steve, something he said was his guilty pleasure, and a chocolate eclair for Bucky. You were grinning ear to ear as Steve thanked you profusely.
She's so adorable when she's this happy.
Once again, Bucky threw it away, ignoring the glare Steve shot his way.
The next days followed the same pattern. You would seek out Bucky and Steve, giving each of them some snack, dessert, or drink. Bucky threw it away every single time, not trusting your motives.
You didn't break pattern for a solid week, watching as Steve grew increasingly annoyed with Bucky throwing away all of your treats.
"I made cookies!" You walked into the living room where everyone was enjoying movie night. You handed out cookies to every member of the team, saving Bucky for last.
As you walked back into the kitchen to return the platter, you heard Steve whisper yell at Bucky.
"Just eat the cookie." Steve glared, thinking you would be upset if you saw him through it away.
"I can't! What if she did something to it?" Bucky whispered right back.
"Buck! She gave one to everyone! You really think she would purposefully keep track of one specific cookie just to get you back?" Steve rolled his eyes, completely fed up with the situation.
"Yes! I really do!" Bucky defended.
"Eat the damn cookie." Steve spoke between his teeth, elbowing him in the side.
"Fine." Bucky hesitated in bringing the cookie up to his mouth, but ultimately gave in.
As soon as he swallowed the cookie, he knew something was off. His whole body felt tingly, but there was a pleasant warmth to it.
A sudden bright flash of light had you walking back into the room, watching as Bucky turned into a cat.
"What the hell..." Sam turned, glancing between the small white kitten and Steve's shocked expression.
He's cuter as a person. You couldn't stop the thought from popping into your head, causing you to chuckle.
Steve suddenly whipped his head to you.
"Y/N. What did you do?" He sighed, exasperated but a little impressed.
A small meow followed the question, earning various "awws" from the entire room.
"I turned him into a cat." You shrugged nonchalantly, pretending this was a normal occurrence.
"Did everything you brought him this week have the power to do... that?" He gestured to Bucky, who hissed at Steve as if to say I told you so.
"Nope." You shook your head, laughing as Bucky wobbled across the couch, not used to how it felt to move as a feline. "I knew he would think I did something to them, so I didn't. Just plain old snacks."
Damn, she is so fucking smart. Bucky's thoughts came out as a purr, startling the room.
"How long is tinman stuck as a cat?" Tony laughed, enjoying the sight.
"Just a few hours. Long enough to think about why he deserves this." You gestured to your hair.
"Can we take pictures of him in cute cat outfits?" Nat questioned, always up for blackmail material.
You pulled a shopping bag out from behind you, pulling a series of Avenger themes costumes.
"I'm one step ahead of you." You grinned devilishly, swiftly scooping Bucky up from off the couch.
"You're evil." Bucky glared at you as soon as he turned back into a human.
"You deserved it. Plus, you were so cute as a little kitten." You pouted.
That pout is doing things to me. Bucky shook his head, trying to maintain the angry facade. He ran his hands through his hair, causing your own thoughts to spiral.
What I would give to run my hands through his hair when he wasn't a cat.
"You turned me into a cat!" He yelled, chasing you down the hall back to the living room.
"You died my hair platinum fucking blonde!" You screamed right back, turning on him once you made it to the end of the hallway.
"I can't stand you." Bucky spat, while simultaneously thinking if only she wanted to touch me not as a cat.
"Yeah, well newsflash! I can't stand you either." You glared right back.
The team watched on with amused expressions.
"Who wants to see pictures of kitty Barnes in cat costumes?" You turned to the room, a wide grin adorning your lips. Without waiting for an answer, you displayed your phone on the TV screen.
He is so damn cute. Cat or no cat. You laughed as you swiped through the pictures.
Bucky tried to grab the phone from you, not wanting to give you the satisfaction of enjoying this too much.
Her laugh is like music.
"Oh my god! Shut up!" Wanda suddenly stood up, pointing at the both of you. "You two pretend to hate each other so much, but your thoughts tell different stories."
Your mouth dropped open, shocked at both Wanda's volume and words.
Bucky wore a similar expression, eyes wide and heart beating fast.
"Wanda, you read my mind?" You tried to deflect the attention.
"No. You were just thinking so damn loud it involuntarily popped into my head." She grinned, trying to impersonate your voice as she quoted your thoughts
"Damn, that's hot. He's so adorable when he's nervous. He's cuter as a person. What I wouldn't give to run my hands through his hair when he wasn't a cat. He is so damn cute. Cat or no cat."
"And those are just from the past week and a half!" She yelled at you.
Bucky grinned smugly, forgetting Wanda also heard his thoughts. "Oh, doll. Why didn't you just say you cared?" He asked in fake sympathy.
You glared at him, ready to fight again when Wanda switched focus.
"Don't start with me Barnes. You think just as loudly!" Her voice took on an exaggerated depth as she impersonated Bucky, sighing dramatically between sentences.
"She's so cute when she's angry. Not cute. Hot. So very hot when she's angry. She's so adorable when she's this happy. Damn, she is so fucking smart. That pout is doing things to me. If only she wanted to touch me not as a cat. Her laugh is like music."
"I can't take it anymore! The two of you are driving me insane." She huffed, barging out of the room in an effort to hear nothing but peace and quiet.
Everyone else quickly followed, figuring the two of you could use a minute to talk.
"You think I'm hot." Bucky stated the fact. "That's embarrassing." He grinned, slowly walking closer to you.
"Not as embarrassing you thinking I'm smart." You countered, a matching grin on your face.
"You want to run your hands through my hair." He smirked, placing his hands on your waist.
"My laugh is like music to your ears." You leaned closer.
"Just kiss already!" Sam shouted from the hallway, but the two of you were in your own world.
"Do you want to get dinner with me? Tomorrow?" Bucky asked, his forehead pressed to yours.
"I'd like that." You smiled back.
The two of you moved in tandem, pressing your lips together, fighting for dominance of the kiss.
You pulled back, breathless and needing air. "I hope you know I'm not deleting the pictures of you as a cat."
"I wouldn't think so." Bucky chuckled, pressing another quick kiss to your lips.
"You know what this means?" He asked, an eyebrow raised.
You grinned conspiratorially while nodding. "We can team up on Wilson!"
"My thoughts exactly." He smiled, pulling you into another breathtaking kiss.
Permanent taglist:
@averyhotchner @jesuswasnotawhiteman
Tumblr media
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Making a Mess pt.4
Pairings | Wanda Maximoff x reader, Vison x reader, Avengers x reader
Warnings | smut, oral sex (f-receiving), cum eating, exhibitionism
Word count | 412
Summary | Wanda and Vision can't seem to get enough
Masterlist | Part one | Part two | Part three
Tumblr media
You couldn't stop yourself from writhing under Wanda's tongue. It was such a euphoric feeling; the slim, pink muscle swiping between your folds and dipping past your entrance was indescribable.
Wanda didn't let a drop go to waste, and you heard Loki mumble a, 'fuck that's hot' as he stumbled back and out of Wanda's way as she ate his cum from your quivering cunt.
"Please!" Your voice was hoarse and strained now, weighed down with the heavy drowsiness of - how many orgasms had it been now? You could barely remember how many of the Avengers had gotten their hands on you by now.
Vision seemed hesitant at first, but the robot was just itching to join his wife in devouring you. Steve's encouraging wink was all the spur Vision needed before he was settling himself down beside Wanda on his stomach.
His hand tangled into her ginger locks, ripping Wanda's head away from your pussy to see her lips dripping with sticky cum, eyes wide and glossy as she swallowed thickly.
Vision crashed his lips to hers. Wanda moaned lewdly into the kiss and no one - including you - could do anything but watch as Vision's tongue delved between Wanda's lips.
Even though you knew he couldn't taste the cum on her lips, the erotic sight still made you squirm from where you laid above them.
Oh, and when his synthetic lips found their way to your clit? Fuck, it felt like heaven. Wanda went back to lapping at your entrance, her fingers curled into your thighs - nails creating a pleasuring bite against your skin.
Vision continued on his sucking on your clit, the action leaving you screaming from the sensation tingling through your aching body.
"Now I know why Wanda married him." Nat mumbled, fingers tracing her lips as Sam nodded in agreement.
"It's like...they're not even trying to make her cum. It's as if they're enjoying this more than she is." Sam marvelled, leaning forwards in his own seat.
When you came no one really expected it. Your release spurted from you and both of the Avengers buried between your shaking thighs were more than happy to lick it up.
"I'm going next." Both Sam and Tony claimed at the same time.
Tumblr media
Other Marvel Characters One-shots, Drabbles and Headconnons |@buckysgirl101 @quxxnxfhxll @anakinsslag @marvelhoesworld @macylawz @zaphdekota @thegirlwiththeimpala @ohmy-fandoms @prettysbliss @samira_mcd @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @dpaccione @multihoee @natasha-danvers @supraveng @cap-n-ce @sebbyxlover @jeremyrennermakesmesmile @veronicapaula @ravenmoore14 @frickin-bats @itstaylorcale @dannjulie @ChaseTheMoon
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Pairings | Wanda Maximoff x gender neutral!reader
Warnings | implied sex, aftercare, fluff
Word count | 399
Summary | you cuddle Wanda after sex
Tumblr media
Wanda is sweet, Angelic like a feather. She's soft and light and oh so floaty when she's in moments like these.
You can't help but grin down at her, hands smoothing over her long hair and down her back as the scarlet witch nuzzled against your neck.
"I love you." Her voice is so small when she's like this, dainty and faint as she falls into her sub space. You can't help but smile down at your girlfriend; the grin dopey and sure as your lips move to flutter across her sweaty temple.
"I love you too, princess." You know the name makes her heart flitter - makes her mind jump even further into that gooey stage after sex. And you love it.
She hums against you, sweet lips pressing a kiss to your throat when her fingers grasp at your shoulder like a kitten's claws.
"Hold me, please." She mumbled and you huffed a breath that was to represent a chuckle.
"I am holding you, princess." You purr, tightening your hold on the ginger as her eyes slide shut fondly.
"Tighter." She demands and you can't get over how cute her voice is.
"Okay, okay. That better?" You check in after adjusting. You allow the soft grin to return when you feel her nod against you, fingers carding through her hair soothingly as you coo.
"Thank you." She mumbles, slurred with sleep as she nuzzled against you more.
"What for, baby?" You hum, lips pressing a soft kiss to her temple as your thumb swipes back and forth over her skin rhythmically.
"For taking care of me." Wanda elaborates and you grin like an idiot - wide and dopey.
"No problem, princess. Thank you for being such a good girl. You're always such a good girl for me." You whisper back, but the words sitting in your mouth fall on deaf ears. "Princess?" You murmur, to no response.
Wanda's mouth is hanging wide open, her eyelids shut and her eyelashes fanned over her slightly pink-flushed cheeks. You smile warmly down on her sleeping form as you adjust the way you're thrown over the sofa so that you're both laying down.
You'll clean up in a moment; for now, Wanda needs her rest.
Tumblr media
Other Marvel Characters One-shots, Drabbles and Headconnons |@buckysgirl101 @quxxnxfhxll @anakinsslag @marvelhoesworld @macylawz @zaphdekota @thegirlwiththeimpala @ohmy-fandoms @prettysbliss @samira_mcd @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @dpaccione @multihoee @natasha-danvers @supraveng @cap-n-ce @sebbyxlover @jeremyrennermakesmesmile @veronicapaula @ravenmoore14 @frickin-bats @itstaylorcale @dannjulie @ChaseTheMoon
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starshipsofstarlord · 8 days ago
Water Pressure
Tumblr media
wanda maximoff x reader / masterlist
summary; a mission gone wrong requires a hand to help you unwind from the blame that you are putting on yourself. good thing that wanda is your girlfriend and has elaborate plans in her scarlet mind to help / warnings; smut, mentions of death, angst, brief use of her powers, use of a shower head, fluff
the bubbles bloated upon the surface of the water, crinkling along your skin as you soaked in the heated water. the mission had been a failure, and you needed to unwind in the tub, and soothe your mind from the screams that had riveted in your ears, and provided you with clarity over the matter of you losing the battle this time.
a hand perched around the ajar door, guilt clouded in forest eyes as they wandered along the tiles of the floor, until they landed on you, relaxing after the last strike of possible success. your lids were shut, clearly under the shadows of your closed eyes, picturing the tragedy that had unravelled, and spiralled you down into a feeling of discord.
if a hero couldn’t save someone, who could? wanda did not appreciate how you put this much pressure on yourself, it pained her to see how you blamed yourself for every small misconduct and loss. it wasn’t your fault, and she needed you to see that. you needed some relief, a distraction, another source of pressure...
the scarlet witch disrobed, the sound of her attire hitting the ground adjourning your attention, your pupils roaming upon her actions, penetrating her avidly once she was bare for you to visually lull in. she could read your thoughts, she knew what you were thinking, but she awaited for you to beckon her to join you with those adorable grabby hands that stole her heart.
wands held onto the side of the ivory tub as she delved her feet into the shallowed depths, sinking her exposed body into the luke warm verdict, her legs hiding beneath the bubbles, lightly touching your own that tensed from the contact. she eased closer, cradling your face with her wet hands as she stroked the sides of your daunting expression.
she wanted to magically smooth out the furrows bored into your face, and relax every inch of you, and whilst she could use her powers to do so, that was a big no no. your relationship didn’t need any alternating by a scientific mutation, that would not be a healthy relationship.
and so to cusp the plan ahead that was revelling in her endorsing mind, she pressed her lips upon yours, eating any worries that risked to slip out of your mouth. the kiss was sensual, provocatively intimate, her hand caressed down your throat, trailing down to palm at your breast, her thumb flicking lightly at your hardening nipple.
“wan.” you speak gently, but she quickly hushes you, her free hand gliding through the iceberg layer of bubbles, and through the underpass of water, cupping your mound as a wispy withering of her name once more leaves your lips.
“sit on the edge draga.” she aids you with hoisting yourself on the thick side of the bath, which has a window overlooking the interface of the room. no one could see in, it was too high up, but you were just in the right place, for wanda to wade between your legs, and place delicate kisses to the insides of your thighs.
your feet were still submerged, your toes crinkled as you surveyed your girlfriend reaching for the shower head, messing about with the settings for a moment, until she was pleased with the water pressure that was suppressed through the organised and strong streams.
from watching the meddling of the head alone, it had you half throbbing; her distraction was working wholesomely. wanda glanced up at you quickly, searching for silent consent, before she twisted her wrist, and angled the bathroom accessory towards your pussy, turning the water on once more.
it hit your sensitive flesh, though, as you tried to shut your legs, wanda’s left hand sparked with red completion, forcefully propping them over with her own whim. she hooked her scarlet thumb between your lips, spreading your pussy open so that her directory would be more stimulating.
the water etched upwards, bounding straight onto your clit, grasping a strong moan out from your lungs, as your hips rolled on their own accord, the feeling spasming through the entirety of your vulnerable body. a heat carved into your chest, as soft pants exhaled from your mouth.
the sensation was graphically intense, your arms reached up, clawing through your own damp hair, as your lids tethered themselves to a mobile close, a strained scream escaping you, as wanda upheld a conformed smile, basking in the lovely sight of your body succumbing to the various sensations that were drawing out upon your skin.
there was a combination of heat and coldness expanding through your vivid soul, being ordered out of the water had caused pebbles to habit your flesh, the contrast was painfully blissful. unwinding, you allowed yourself to spark to a release, your cunt surrendering to the loving ultimatum that wanda had conserved you with.
she held it steady for a moment after your orgasm, only shutting it off whence you became far too sensitive for the pressure to violate your clit. wanda put it back where it belonged, aiding you in sliding back into the water, that had turned slightly colder.
nevertheless, you seemed content to remain in the cooling temperature, your nipples were still hard, possibly more so after having experienced a breath of air outside of the tub. your girlfriend slid closer to you, combing her gentle, mistress of sorcery through your hair, tugging your face so that it rested against her supple chest.
you were still feeling guilty. the both of you knew that, and it had only been a temporary solution to rid your mind of the acts that had failed to be put into the plan, though, she didn’t want you to dwell on it.
and thus, wanda pressed a light kiss to your scalp, closing her eyes as she leaned back, allowing you to press your weight atop of her. she was here for you at all times, even through the bad, and she would continue to comfort you until you felt essentially better.
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shmaptainshada · 9 days ago
When the Stars Come Out [Wanda Maximoff]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x fem!Potts!Reader
Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Pepper Potts, Morgan Stark | mentions of Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Pietro Maximoff, Tony Stark
Words: 4.1K
Summary: After the deaths of close friends and family reader and Wanda decide that a part of their healing is taking a break and what better break to take than a road trip
Warnings: mentions of death, mourning
A/N: Okay so just a little note that either reader or her dad could be interpreted as adopted so that everyone's appearance fits! And this is the second fic of my Chris Stapleton collection based on the song by the same title, hope you all enjoy! [I’m actually seriously proud of the way I wrote this out it’s got some beautiful passages imo] [ @roger-that-cap LOOK I DID IT LYS]
Collection Masterlist
Tumblr media
Something your father always did whenever he was sad or upset would be to go on a drive. Twisting and turning through small-town roads until the feeling calmed him down.
After your first breakup, your dad took you on a drive, stopping quickly at a Mcdonald's for ice cream while he made his way to the outskirts of the city, playing your favourite music until you fell asleep, just like when you were a kid.
Your dad was gone now, but that feeling of needing to drive it seemed like when he passed it came onto you.
So when you saw Wanda, the sweetest girl in the world, hiding in her room, away from everyone you paused and thought, maybe she needed a ride too.
You would do anything you could to ease her pain, that was a no-brainer. She started as a friend, but as the friendship grew so did your feelings for her and all you ever wanted was for her to be happy. Even if that happiness didn't include you.
Gently you knocked on the door of her room, letting her know you were coming in with the soft click of the door.
"Hey Wanda," you said softly.
"Hmm? Oh hi," she gave you a small smile and you were glad to see that look on her face. "Do you need something?" she asked, her Sokovian accent still coming through whenever she'd speak. You found it endearing.
"Actually," you pursed your lips, thinking of what words to say. "Pack your bags okay? We're gonna go on a little trip,"
"(Y/N) a trip do you really think that's the best-,"
"Just a week, me, you, and the road. This place is getting suffocating, we need to get out,"
Wanda glanced around her room, eyes landing on a picture of her and her brother, and her with the rest of the Avengers before things went south.
"Okay, I'll meet you at the car in half an hour?"
"Make it an hour to be safe, I gotta grab a few things," you said with a small smile. "It'll be fun, Wanda. You'll love it, I promise,"
She nodded and you left her room to go grab a few things you had put in storage, packing them up in your SUV and then going back inside to pack a bag of clothes and other necessities.
The Avengers compound always had snacks laying around, at first it was because of your uncle Tony, but now since he passed it seemed as though your aunt Pepper decided to continue to make sure there was food.
Thinking about it more, going to visit her might be a good destination. She was a rock for you when your father, her brother, died and maybe you could multitask and do the same for two people who felt incredibly important to you.
After an hour, just like you had agreed, Wanda met you outside your car with a bag packed, ready to go.
"So are you gonna tell me where you're going to take me?" she asked once you pulled out of the lot.
"I was thinking we might go to Pepper's place, out in the woods. It's a two and a half to three-day drive there then we can stay a few days and head back,"
"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to impose."
"Don't worry it's not an imposition," you assured her. "She'll appreciate the company,"
You passed her the AUX cord that was tucked away under a few things,
"Here, you can pick the music for a bit,"
Wanda smiled, taking the cord from you and plugging it into her phone, scrolling through her playlists until she found what she was looking for, clicking on the song and turning up the volume.
Barely even a second into the song you already knew what it was, your face lighting up at her upbeat choice.
"This is our song!" you laughed, beaming at her.
"I figured you'd like it," she chuckled, continuing to sing, albeit softly along with the 80s Swedish pop band.
"You know me so well," you grinned, joining in with her, eyes focused forward on the open road.
When the song changed to another random one in her playlist, Wanda looked over and studied you carefully.
"This was one of your dad's things wasn't it?" she noted. "Driving to get out of his head?"
You didn't hesitate to nod and lean a little further towards the steering wheel.
"He used to drive me when I was upset, it started when I was a kid," you explained. "He'd do it for himself, but when I got my license we'd take turns. If I was mad or upset he would drive and if it was the other way around I would,"
"And so is it safe to assume you're driving me for those same reasons?"
You were silent for a moment, letting the music fill in the blank space before you responded.
"What would you say if it were?"
"Thank you," she said simply. "I'd say thank you,"
You reached a hand over to her and she didn't hesitate taking it, squeezing your fingers and using her thumb to ruin circles on the back of your hand.
"So you gonna make me sleep on the ground then?" she asked with a light chuckle and you shook your head.
"Actually, I brought some mats to throw in the trunk so we can lay down there with a couple of sleeping bags, maybe watch the stars while we're at it,"
"You're gonna love it, trust me the view makes everything worth it. Except for the mosquito bites. I can't justify those,"
She chuckled just as the song switched up again to something upbeat and you could help, but look over at her,
"Okay this is for Pietro," she said already knowing where you were going. "He used to love this song,"
"And you don't?" you asked cheekily, knowing very well that Britney Spears' Toxic was definitely a guilty pleasure of hers.
"Okay fine, I like it too," she nodded. "But seriously you believe me about him?"
"Oh yeah, I can see that," you nodded your head.
"I wish I had videos," she chuckled lightly. "He used to do this stupid dance he made up to it and he would always put it on to cheer me up,"
"I wish my brother was like that," you chuckled.
"Yeah, I'm lucky to have had him,"
You looked over at her and of course, there was a certain sadness to it, but she seemed more at ease with it. Like she was happy to have had the time she did with him, all the memories, all the good ones.
Since you started driving pretty late, night came quickly and you used your phone to find a nice open parking space in a field that didn't mind people camping overnight.
You and Wanda were the only ones there and she helped you set up the mats along with sleeping bags, blankets and pillows.
"You know this doesn't actually look too uncomfortable," she admitted, pulling a hoodie on to protect herself from the cold.
You were already tucked inside the sleeping bag and chuckled.
"Come on it's camping,"
"Yes a very North American thing," she said.
"Fine, fine," you waved her off but motioned for her to come and join you.
She laid down next to you, her head trailing up to the sky above, noticing all the bright twinkling lights, flashing above.
"You never get to see the stars like this in the compound," she said quietly. "It's so peaceful,"
"I know," you nodded. "You see that one over there," you pointed to a big flashing star in a line of three. "That's Beetlejuice and it's in Orion's belt. They say when it explodes it'll either destroy us or look like red fireworks in the sky,"
Wanda laughed at that,
"That is if another alien doesn't kill us first," she noted and you agreed emphatically. "Is this another one of your dad's things?"
"No this is all me," you explained. "I was actually going to become an astronomer," you said.
"What happened?" she asked, turning over to you, a small frown on her features.
"Life got in the way. Dad got sick, he needed someone to look after him, after he passed away Pepper and my brother and sister needed me," you shrugged. "Maybe I'll go back,"
"I think you should," she said gently, brushing some hair out of your eyes. "Tell me more about them, if it makes you happy,"
"Hmm," you hummed, a small smile coming across your features while you looked back up at the sky.
You explained a few things related to the more scientific side of things, astrophysics and such, how stars, planets, and black holes worked. But you really loved the mythology. How people had once looked at the stars and created stories of what they represented along with the shapes they made. It was clear they had to be very creative in order to interpret a box-looking set of stars as a bear. And what were the chances they'd find another one almost just like it but smaller? Ursa Major and Minor. Probably the most recognizable constellations.
By the time you were finished with your explanations, Wanda was well settled, eyes fluttering slowly shut.
You leaned over and pressed a kiss to her temple and whispered goodnight, your heart fluttering when you saw the small smile against her lips. If things could stay that way, the world could be kind for a day, if you could always see that smile on her face, that was all you needed to make you happy.
Driving the next few days was actually quite enjoyable, you and Wanda would switch whenever you took a pit stop, visiting the different sights along the states you went through and every night you stayed together in the back looking up at the starry sky, speaking about the past, present and the future.
"What do you want to do?" you asked her on your third and last night before reaching your aunt's home. "I mean going forward,"
"I think I realized things are always going to change," she said. "I'm always going to lose people close to me, one way or another, but I've come to terms with it. You can't stop death, all you can do is savour each moment you have. Like these past few days," she looked at you. "(Y/N) I haven't felt this at ease in ages,"
"I hoped it might help with that," you admitted. "So you're going to savour the present?" you asked.
"Yes, I think that seems like the best course of action,"
"You sound like Steve," you chuckled, rolling over on your back.
"Consequences of spending a lot of time with him," she sighed.
"Yeah it's like being around a shrink for a while suddenly you're the one with the Ph.D. in neuropsychology," you laughed.
"Do you miss them?" she asked quietly.
"Who?' you asked softly.
"The people we lost. I just... I didn't know how close you were with some of them,"
You paused a moment, "Yeah, I miss them a lot," you nodded. "I knew them all well, even though I wasn't some sort of superhero with powers like the rest of you I guess I sort of started to look after everyone. I was already doing it for my family, maybe I figured what's a few more people,"
"They all spoke of you so highly," Wanda smiled. "I remember Natasha told me when she first met you, you were still a teenager,"
"Yeah, I was maybe sixteen?" you pursed your lips. "She was on some mission with SHIELD I think, but had a cover as Tony's assistant and Pepper had hired me to be hers that summer so I could make some extra cash and throw working with Stark Industries on my college applications,"
"Didn't you figure it out? She said you almost blew her cover,"
"It was an accident, but she seemed to think I would make a good agent after that, but I never took her up on it, not really my style,"
"I can see that," Wanda nodded. "And Steve and Sam did you meet them together?"
"No I met them at two different places," you said. "I met Sam at the hospital when I went to visit Steve after what happened at the Triskelion and I met Steve in New York after the attacks. I had some basic first aid training and they didn't want to go to any of the hospitals because the cameras were everywhere so I stitched him up and we got to talking,"
"He told me once that he looked at you like a younger sister," Wanda said.
"That's funny he told me the same thing about you," you chuckled. "I mean let's be honest he kind of adopts everyone,"
"He helped me with my powers," she said. "He didn't understand them, but somehow he still managed to get me to understand myself,"
"Yeah, after my dad passed you know what he did?" you chuckled.
"Took you on a drive?"
"Exactly, I have no clue how he found out, maybe Pepper told him, but I just broke down the minute we hit the highway. And when I came back Natasha was right there with a box of tissues and Tony had my favourite chocolates... They were family,"
"I hope wherever they are that they're all happy," Wanda smiled softly. "It's nice to think there's something waiting for us after all this,"
"Yeah, a small comfort," you agreed.
"Well so much for savouring the present," she chuckled.
"Sometimes savouring the present includes remembering the past," you shrugged. "I don't know I think I'd be sadder if we didn't talk about them," you admitted. "How we handle loss is such a defining part of who we are, it shows our capacity, our ability to love, to heal, to persevere,"
Wanda turned on her side, watching you intently as you spoke.
"For some people, loss is a distant memory, but for people like us it seems to be constantly fresh, like a wound that never fully heals, it's such a universal thing, but the way we each experience it, the way we handle it is so different and subjective, to culture, personality, the emotions we choose to govern our daily lives. It's a delicate tapestry that helps us decide how we want to lead and live our lives and what kind of legacy we want to leave behind,"
There was a short silence before Wanda asked, "What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?"
You smiled softly to yourself, looking up at the starry night sky,
"The same kind of legacy all my loved ones left me,"
The next day you pulled into the driveway of Pepper's home in the early afternoon, happy to have finally reached your destination.
"(Y/N)!" you could hear Morgan squeal, even from inside the house as she quickly pushed past the door and ran into your arms, with a force of enthusiasm only a young child could have.
"Morgan! Cupcake! Look at how big you are!" you exclaimed, a wide grin plastered on your face as you tightly hugged the small child.
"Still not as big as you," she huffed, "You said if I ate my vegetables I could be as tall as you,"
"Yeah, but it's gonna take time," you told her. "But I promise, your mom's tall so I'm sure you'll be fine," you poked her nose. "Morgan have you met my friend Wanda?" you asked, motioning for Wanda to come closer which she did, waving with a smile to the small girl.
"No," she shook her head. "Hi Wanda, I'm Morgan!"
"Hi Morgan," she grinned.
"Why don't we go show Wanda around and say hi to your mom," you suggested and the six-year-old nodded.
You held a hand out to Wanda while you held Morgan against your hip with the other and made your way inside the house.
"Aunt Pepper!" you called.
"In the kitchen sweetheart!" she called back and you made your way there, smiling widely, especially when you saw your favourite dish on the stove. "(N/N), I missed you," she smiled softly and you put down the young child and let go of Wanda's hand to give her a proper hug.
"I missed you too," you sighed.
While you were having your little reunion with your aunt, Morgan tugged on Wanda's sweater, causing her to look down.
"I saw you on TV once," she said. "You have magic right?"
"I guess you could call it magic," Wanda tilted her head to the side and bent down so she was at eye level with Morgan.
"Can you show me?" she asked.
Wanda looked around for something she might be able to levitate and she caught sight of a plastic tiara on the kitchen counter. With a small flick of her wrist, it was flying towards them and she used the red whisps to place the crown on Morgan's head.
"Woah," she grinned, looking up at the toy.
Wanda looked up at you and Pepper who gave her a smile and mouthed a thank you.
"How long are you two planning to stay for?" Pepper asked.
"Just a few days, we can't be away too long," you said.
"I guess we'll just have to savour it while it lasts then,"
After lunch, you and Morgan showed Wanda around the property and got your things settled in the guest bedrooms. Time seemed to be flying and dinner came and passed and then Pepper had to put Morgan to bed before joining you and Wanda in the living room.
"Thanks again for letting us stay here," Wanda said, "I know things haven't always been the most pleasant between our two families,"
"Water under the bridge," Pepper waved, "Plus if anything I feel like I should be the one to extend an apology,"
Wanda gave her a thin-lipped smile and sipped lightly from her glass of wine.
"How are you managing?" you asked and Pepper sighed.
"As well as anyone can be," she shrugged. "The company is just crazy right now, it always has been though,"
"Do you need me to pick up some stuff remotely?" you asked. "I've got a bit of time on my hands at the compound, I mean I'm just basically a caretaker," you chuckled.
"I'll be sure to call if you can help with anything. I think you know the company better than anyone,"
"Summer jobs will do that to you," you chuckled.
"How about you two?" Pepper asked. "Just needed to get out?"
You and Wanda both nodded, looking at each other for a moment, "It's been good," Wanda said. "(Y/N) told me that driving was something her dad enjoyed so I'm happy she shared that with me,"
"Oh her dad practically lived in his car when he first got his license," she explained. "I mean I was lucky because as his little sister he had to drive me wherever I wanted to go,"
"It's so funny," Wanda said. "Growing up in Sokovia our family had a car, but my brother and I, we either walked or took the bus to places we wanted to visit,"
"Is it a cultural thing?" you asked.
"No, just my family, I suppose everyone is different," she nodded. "It's just interesting I guess I should say. Like how you say everything is subjective,"
"Mhmm," you nodded, a small smile on your face.
"I think I might head up to bed if that's okay, the driving seems to have tried me out a bit," she yawned.
"Go ahead, we'll see you in the morning you assured her and she stood up, bending down to press a kiss to your cheek before heading upstairs to her room.
"You know your dad gave your mom that exact same look before he asked her out," Pepper said quietly. "Guess it runs in the family,"
"What look?" you asked, still slightly dazed.
"That one," she pointed to your starry eyes. "Does she know how you feel?"
You pressed your lips together and shook your head, looking down at the glass filled with a small bit of red liquid.
"Let me guess, you just want her to be happy?" Pepper asked and you chuckled humorlessly and nodded. "(Y/N), when are you ever going to stop taking care of people?"
"Hopefully never," you gave your aunt a look and she rolled her eyes.
"You know that's not what I meant. I mean, you're always so busy looking after other people sometimes you forget to take the shot for yourself,"
"Any suggestions?" you asked. "How to get out of my head?"
"Well look at her, is she happy when she's with you?" Pepper asked.
"She seems to be,"
"Then I think you have your answer, it couldn't hurt to ask,"
You nodded and scratched your head sipping your wine.
"I'll keep in in mind Pep,"
"Good, now go upstairs and get some sleep, you look tired and Morgan's gonna be up at the crack of dawn jumping on your bed,"
That made you laugh and you listened, getting up and giving your aunt a hug goodnight before heading upstairs to your usual room.
The days you spent at Pepper's place in the woods were relaxing, to say the least. Morgan was constantly bubbly and happy and it rubbed off on everyone, lightning the grey mood.
When it came time to leave you couldn't lie, you wanted to stay longer, but you knew you indeed to get back so it was on the road again with Wanda for a few more days.
The first two were similar to when you were on the way here although Morgan seemed to imbue you both with childlike energy and you used to dance and sing at the top of your lungs while you sped down the freeway.
On the last night though you decided to do things a little differently, making a small fire outside of the car and curling up close to it for warmth before you would put it out and go to bed.
Wanda's green eyes and reddish hair seemed to glow under the light of the flame, she couldn't have looked any more beautiful in your eyes. And it felt right, you felt like if any time you could ask her now.
"Wanda?" you said quietly, coming to take a seat next to her.
"Yeah (N/N)?" she smiled and turned to face you.
"So I know you were going to try and savour the moment, but do you mind if I ask about the future for a second?" you asked and she shook her head. "Look, I really love living in the present, and it makes me feel at peace and well present," you rolled your eyes at yourself for lack of better wording. "But what I'm trying to say is I do see a future and... I'm wondering if you want to be in it... as more than a friend,"
Her lips curled into a smile like she had been waiting to hear you say that for ages. Her hand reached out to hold yours that were fidgeting in your lap.
"Why don't we grab a cup of coffee in the city when we get back," she suggested. "And until then maybe I could give you a little teaser of how it'll go,"
"Please indulge me," you smiled, a breathy chuckle escaping your lips.
"Well, we'll drive there obviously, maybe go to that place Steve and Sam were always talking about-,"
"They only talked about that place cause they gave Steve a seniors discount," you laughed and Wanda shook her head.
"Anyway, we'll go there, I'll get some tea and you'll get an iced coffee. Then we'll go on a walk in the park nearby and before we leave I might do a little something like this," she whispered, leaning in closer to you and lightly pressing her lips to yours. Your nose bumped delicately against hers while you couldn't help yourself by tasting her pomegranate flavoured chapstick. The kiss wasn't messy, it was simple and soft, just like Wanda, but you were sure that she had many different sides to her.
When you pulled apart, a smile was etched on both of your faces, the stars shining brightly and the fire crackling in the background, warming you both.
"Well, I can't wait for that," you whispered.
"Who knows, maybe I'll do it again, before then," she chuckled, placing a hand on your cheek. "So you can enjoy the present and not have to think about the future,"
Even if she did you couldn't help it, when you knew you had a future with Wanda everything seemed alright. Past, present, and future.
Tumblr media
permanent: @hesvoid34 @awaywithtime @mystic-writings
marvel: @kelieah @amortensie @ladyeliot @lxve-hermione @multiyfandomgirl40 @sebby-staan
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starshipsofstarlord · 9 days ago
Catch you later
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff x reader / masterlist
summary; after Thanos killed you, Wanda needed to see you one last time. the worst part is saying goodbye, she can’t stay, despite wanting to / warnings; mentions of death, death, angst
“Don’t you dare walk out that door!” Wanda gulped, trying to ignore the anger that had arose in the depths of your voice.
Both of you were in pain, implicitly suffering. The house was no longer a home, she was lost to the concept of time, having travelled back to see you one last time.
She couldn’t stay, Strange had told her that the timelines were fragile, and one error could send the galaxy hurtling into sever damage. Though, he had encouraged her to get closure.
He had said without it, she’d have made her own reality, fuelled by chaos magic, and brought you back to life. For only a moment though, then she’d be given no other option than to make the memory disappear, and she’d alternately end up on her lonesome all the same.
The stone, that was encrusted into the column of your throat, one side of the mind stone that vision was also endorsed with, blinked back at her. This wasn’t just a good bye to you, it was a bid a-due to the reminder that she did not have infinity with you.
All because of the element that had graced along space and time, you were dead. Wanda stopped in her tracks, taking a breath, before turning back to face you.
“If I stay, I lose you all the same.” She spoke, grieving that fact. “And don’t try to convince me to stay, this is not my home, and you are not the same woman that I lost.”
You weren’t, that much was even visible. The hair on your head was a different colour, the clothes you wore were strange to her, it was as though a fun house mirror had been placed on the inside of her casket and was mocking your late death.
“Then why did you come?” There was a harshness to your tone, one that she recognised from when the pair of you sided differently when the accords had been concerned.
“Because I’m selfish.” It was the truth, she had taken advantage of the time that she had with you, and in an obliterated instant, it was ripped away.
It pained her to remember how Thanos had grasped you in his lilac hold, and brutally tore your throat out. She was relieved to have turned to nothing more than ashes afterwards, though, she wished it had felt longer than five minutes.
The wound of your absence was still fresh, lingering around her like a sore subject. And it would be vastly more painful if she were to have stayed.
Time travel, it was both a gift and a curse. These last moments she had shared with you weren’t the same; this wasn’t you, it was a stranger that had the same face.
“Then continue being selfish and stay.” You out your foot down, Wanda felt guilty, as though she should never had appeared in this time. She shook her head, pursing her blossom lips, and activated the red and white suit to encase her.
“I cannot, I have my path and you have yours. I’ve been warned not to pave myself for more devastation.” She spun the cycle on the back of her hand, sending you one last smile before she vanquished into travelling atoms.
“Damn it!” You had lost your Wanda, and now once more, she was gone. The world saw her, Magneto’s daughter as a grave threat, and after much hassle, they rid her from the world.
“What is it honey?” Your mother asked, as you held the stuffed toy towards your chest, breathing in sulkily. A tear cascaded down from your eye, dropping like silk down your face.
“Wanda.” Your mother cooed at the name, as you heard the sound of shuttles dropping from the sky, destroying all surrounding homes. “She left.”
They were your last words as the sky fell around your home, crushing down on it, as you gasped your own breath. However the last thing that you saw was your father in a haze, trying to uncover your limbs from the rubble.
Wanda wasn’t the only one that would go through time, the only difference was, Cable would fix the tragedy and render it non existent.
“I’ll see you baby, I’ll come back.” He claimed that he would, but at least Wanda was obvious, not to mention oblivious to your fatal end.
Wanda lurched forward on the time machine, taking a breath as she felt broken. Stephen sent her a sad smile as he extended his arm for her to take, and as she revelled down the steps, she took his offer.
Maybe she could be happy again, she had some friends, though she wasn’t too close to them. And there was also Clint, maybe she could help him with his easing into retirement.
Retirement didn’t sound too bad, not at all actually. What did she have to lose?
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 10 days ago
Light of Love: Chapter 6
Fire Captain/Single dad Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 5 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Rumlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, pregnancy/labour, cheating, but also not?? smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, minor character death, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best. oh, and brock is DEFINITELY the worst
Chapter warnings; threat, angst, swearing, allusions to abuse
“Steve?” Y/N looked up shocked; her eyes wide and frightful as she stared at the man in front of her; Steve’s expression softening as he looked at her- his chest tightening with the familiar warmth he had whenever she was near, one that had never been replicated with anybody else- a warmth he was sure would only ever be reserved for her.
Y/N sank behind the officers in front her as the passed, trying to make herself as small as possible; eyes flickering around the room for an escape exit, listening as the station buzzed with commotion. She realised quickly that there was no way out- Brock’s words from earlier that day ringing in her ears, 'You keep your fucking head down. You don’t speak to him or any of those fucking cunts you call friends, do you hear me? That part of your life is gone- it’s dead; and you’ll find yourself and anybody else tied up to your pathetic little past in the same position if you disobey that. Do you hear me, sweetheart.”
Y/N’s nerves only began to increase as the crowd continued to part, she felt more visible now than she ever had- her eyes locking with Steve’s once again before she spoke,
“Steve- what are you- why are you here, I-“
“I came to drop off the report, hey, Bucky is here, do you- d’you wanna see him? I’m sure he’d love to-“
“No.” Y/N interjected, voice raised in alarm as she continued to think over Brock’s words, her voice returning to its normal tone as she spoke again, “I’ve got some paperwork to deal with- I can’t-“
“Y/N?” Bucky’s voice sounded from behind Steve; his body turning to look at him as Y/N stared ahead; eyes wide in uncertain fear as she watched Brock leave his office from behind them; his gaze boring into hers as she shuffled past both Steve and Bucky.
Bucky reached out to take her arm, a soft grip at the fabric of her jacket; both Steve and Bucky noting the way she flinched ever so slightly, “Doll? Hey, it’s me,” Bucky smiled sadly; the smile not reaching his eyes as he stared solemnly at his former best friend, “Y/N? Doll-“
Y/N snatched her arm from his grip; swallowing as her heart began to pound; she couldn’t put either of them at risk- for she knew the implications of her actions well,
“I can’t stop and talk, Buck. Not now. It was nice to see you, but I really have to go.” She whispered, eyes filling with tears once more as she stole a glance at Steve; heart clenching painfully as she mourned the life she once had.
Steve faltered in his step; his eyes boring into Y/N as he locked eyes with hers again for only the second time in five years; memories of the last time they spoke filtering through his mind; memories of the tender yet guarded goodbye shared before she parted- secrets kept hidden away under lock and key; never to be shared, for the consequences would be too heavy to bare.
“I’ll see you around,” Y/N mused; fingers wiping away the onset of tears quickly before she turned. Her pace slow; nervous as she walked towards Brock. Tears began to fall as Y/N tried desperately not to look at him, flinching as his fingers came to grip her chin, forcing her eyes to meet his, a forced kissed pressed to lips; the grip on her chin bruising,
Steve stood rigid; muscles tight as he watched the exchange- his chest tightening as he looked at the expression on Y/N’s face. The bright spark she once held now almost completely dimmed as she forced a smile towards Brock, body slipping past his as she darted into his office. Brock turned to face Steve, a smug smile covering his face as he brushed a thumb over his lips before he followed Y/N into the office.
Steve turned; stalking towards the exit as he pushed the doors open, breathing in the fresh air as his nostrils began to flare; Bucky following him as both their angers began to spike,
“I’ll kill him.” Steve murmured,
Bucky ignored the statement; his own anger bubbling beneath the surface at the exchange he had just watched; the sparkle behind his best friend’s eyes dimming as she fell suit to the conformities of her new life- scared and vulnerable in the depths of waters she had no chance at swimming in.
“What did he mean back there, Steve? Why aren’t you in a position to be making threats, punk?” Bucky asked, hand clamping over his shoulder.
Steve only sighed, “Didn’t mean a damn think, Buck. Just an empty threat.”
“You’re a shit liar, Steve, you know that?”
Steve too ignored the statement; his mind whirring with an onslaught of thoughts,
“He ever touches her like that again, an’ I’ll kill him. She’s too far gone, Buck. And I don’t know if I can get her back this time.”
Bucky nodded, tugging Steve around to face him before speaking, “The lights almost completely gone Steve, but we’re with her, right? Until the end of the line- you can fix it. We gotta bring her back.”
“I never wanted to let her go Buck- but I promise you, I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have a god damned choice.”
“But you’ve got a choice now, pal. It’s about time you made the right one-“
“Only thing I’ve ever done right in my life is love her, pal.”
Through heartache and pain, Y/N and Steve had tuck together. Through laughter and light, they had been together; never one without the other, always seemingly stuck by each other’s side; laughing together when they were happy until their cheeks burned and bellies ached. Crying together when tragedy and sadness struck; arms encircling one another, desperate for the need of one another’s warmth. They’d been angry at each other too; raised voices, eyes ablaze, hands shaking and bodies trembling as the volatility took hold.
By age sixteen, Steve had decided that facing the motions of life with Y/N was something he enjoyed- he realised that he couldn’t face the thought of facing life without her; it dawned on him suddenly, crashing into him like a tidal wave, and suddenly the thought of her not being a constant part of his life scared him entirely.
“Buck? you seen Y/N anywhere?” Steve asked Bucky as he passed by,
“Her and Nat have run off together somewhere,” Bucky replied, “Why? Something up, punk?”
Steve sighed, eyes lolling closed for a brief second before he blew out a breath, “think I love her,”
Bucky laughed, hand clapping down on Steve’s back as he spoke, “We all know that, pal. Go tell her before that new boy at school does. Done nothing but give her the eyes for the last few weeks.” Bucky taunted lightly,
Steve growled, pulling on his coat as he darted out the door, not caring as it slammed shut behind him; nor did he care as Winnie wrenched it back open seconds later to scream after him,
“SORRY WINNIE!” He hollered back.
Bucky chuckled in amusement as his Mom sauntered back through to the sitting room, muttering a string of curses under her breath as she did,
“What in the bloody hell could be so important that he left running like a bull in a bloody china shop?”
Bucky smiled, “Gonna go and tell Y/N that he loves her, Mom.”
Winnie let out a sigh of relief, a smile adorning her features as she laughed lightly, pulling Bucky into a hug as she did, “bout bloody time.”
Steve ventured down by the lake, knowing that Y/N and Nat would have stolen a bottle of rum from Nat’s dad, and that by hiding down by the lake they were convinced nobody could see them, (they were wrong, but nobody wanted to burst the bubble of teenage rebellion for them).
Steve crept up behind them both, coming to stand a tree as he heard Nat speak up,
“When are you two gonna stop dancing around each other and admit that you’re in love? Because if you don’t, I might have to kick it out of the pair of you,”
Y/N giggled, “Natalia, the tone you used just then was just like your Mother, you know that? And you know Steve doesn’t like me, like that.”
Nat rolled her eyes, taking the bottle of rum form Y/N before taking a swig, arms bending so she could lean back, “You’re so fucking blind,”
Steve took the moment to make his presence known, whistling once before walking towards the two girls. Y/N smiled, coming to stand before flinging herself at him, laughing as she did,
“Hi, Stevie” She whispered, eyes sparkling in complete adoration for the boy in front of her. Steve clung to her, nose coming to settle against her head as he smelt her hair.
Nat gagged dramatically behind them, standing with the half empty bottle of rum before circling up next to them. Steve rolled his eyes, pulling Y/N into his side as she laughed,
“Don’t mind me,” Nat exhaled, “I’m going back home, the thought of watching you two is making me nauseous.”
Y/N blushed; her full face turning a bright colour of crimson as she hid her face behind her hair, watching as Nat left. Steve only snorted, turning back round to face Y/N, smiling lightly as he saw her blush.
“You know I heard what Nat said,” Steve whispered, blushing too as he spoke,
Y/N’s head snapped up, lips smacking together, heart pounding, “You just gotta ignore her, Stevie, you know what she’s like-“
Steve began to shake his head, “What if she’s right though? What if I do- What if we love each other and we’re both being stupid and not saying anything because we’re scared.”
Y/N blinked up at him, head tilting as she spoke, “Steve, wha-“
“I love you.” Steve stated, smile covering his face as he said it,
Y/N looked up at him in complete awe; eyes swimming in a mixture of surprise and pure adoration, “I love you too,” she whispered.
Suddenly they were both aware of just how close they were; the air seemingly changing- Steve’s eyes travelled down to Y/N’s lips, watching as she pulled the bottom lip between her teeth; his head leaning down to capture her lips, both smiling into the kiss as their lips met, the pair pulling away as a shout broke out,
Steve groaned, moving away from Y/N before running in the direction of the voice,
Y/N watched on amused as Steve chased after Nat; finger tips coming up to brush over her lips; the kiss still burning. She smiled. Steve loved her; she loved him, and she was sure she always would. Through thick and thin, and everything in between; no matter the time or place, or the distance in-between . Forever.
Will Steve do the right thing, or will the right thing only backfire? What are we all thinking?!
@frickin-bats @chrisevansgirl34 @living-that-best-life @sarbear94 @alexrodriguez1269 @lharrietg @lou-la-lou @pspice639 @redhairedfeistynerd @givenches @gasly-kvyat @tonystankschild @austynparksandpizza @mypassionsarenysins @jade10077 @partypoison-00 @meagan-ortiz @fallenoutofrose @jesuswasnotawhiteman
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fandomout · 11 days ago
Imagine Wanda using you to bring Pietro back
Tumblr media
Warnings/Disclaimers: There is a lot angst, mentions of death and trauma, lots of grieving.
I unintentional made Wanda evil in this. Wanda Vision inspired me to give her these kind of emotions. I kind of wanted Reader and Pietro to get to together somehow in a continuation of this; however, I'm not sure how to connect everything I had in mind. For now, I hope you like the beginning of it that I wrote. If you want me to continue it or have ideas on where is could go next, feel free to suggest and recommend.
This takes place a few week after Age of Ultron and Pietro's death. Basically, Wanda found out about you power to manipulate energy, and she saw the potential you might have t create or bring back life, so she took you from you home.
Wanda throws the reader aggressively in front of the grave. She roared, “Bring him back!.” The ground shaking .
“I-I don’t know if it'll work.” You cried.
Wanda’s hands go up threateningly and she spats, “You better try.”
“I-I” You can't process the situation your in until Wanda brokenly croaked out, “You try or-or-I’ll-”
go back to where I found you an-”
“Okay! Okay! Please don’t hurt anyone.” You look at the dirt in front of you and say, “I think I need to feel the actual body for this to work…”
“Very well.” The ground rumbles once more harsher than before, You feel the ground sinking under you. You watch how painful Wanda’s expression is filled when you notice she sees a sliver of the body. Wanda throws her head into one of her arms to look back at the same time as she can’t stand the sight. Toy gag and cough slightly at the smile of the body. You see slight features beginning to rot. A blue and cold body. Wanda, now, turns around completely once she sets the body down on solid ground. It’s a coffin, but the reader needs help to open it because she’s in distress?
“Don’t try anything.” Wanda says almost out of breath, like seeing him he knocked the wind out of her.
You grabbed onto his arm, and you had to wonder what kind of person you were about to attempt to raise. His sister is seemingly dangerous and unstable. You had to wonder if he’d be the same. Not that it mastered, you were going to try and bring him back anyway. You couldn’t trust anyone getting hurt. You took hold and felt the emptiness. It almost made you sick. You felt cold yourself. You grabbed onto him and tried to do some healing first. However that just made you feel strained, but you didn't think you were actually doing anything.
“Are you even trying?” She said viciously almost foaming at the mouth.
“I am! I’m try-”
“Do you need encouragement?”
“No! No! I-” Suddenly Wanda made herself disappear. You grab his arm tighter as if that would do anything for you. The next time you open your eyes you find yourself not in the gravesite anymore, but you are in a field. Nothing around except a single house in the middle. You walk forward going in and you don’t expect to see burnt bodies. Even worse is you realize you recognize the bodies to be your loved ones. You cry out, “No. No. No.” repeatedly. A voice in your head screams out, “Bring them back!” over and dover again. It sounded like you and didn’t at the same time. It almost sounded animalistic like a snake. Overwhelmed, you burst with energy as you freak out. His house rumbles . Colorful rays flourish in the air and you crack in pain. Your whole body tenses up, and You shut your eyes tight. When you open your eyes again, you see the energy on Wanda’s brother's body now. You see a bright golden light on him before you pass out. Wanda gets close now, and she watches as the energy reconfigures Pietro’s face of it’s lost blood, tissue, muscle, and skin. He rises with the last molecule of him coming back, and he gasps for air, dazed. He tries to speak, but it mostly just grunts and moans. He starts phasing in and out like he’s trying to use his powers, but he isn’t succeeding. Trying to get Wanda gods on his face and repeating, “Pietro? Pietro, It’s okay. It’s okay.” Pietro can only cry as he sees her tears and he whimpers at her. He can't seem to form any words at the moment. After a long hug, Pietro starts to become more aware and remember. He tugs at his shirt to look at his wounds and sees the slight holes. With the remembrance, he starts to scream out in fright. Wanda tries to calm him down with words, but it doesn't work. Pietro only calms down until he falls unconscious. Wanda screams out and puts her head to his heart to make sure it’s still beating. When she realizes she can feel the beat, she sighs in relief and becomes overwhelmed with happiness, but she isn’t sure what to do. She lifts your and Pietro's bodies and refills the whole simultaneously before deciding on where to take you two, which would give her time to figure out what would be next.
Hope your day got better
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 12 days ago
Light of Love: Chapter 5
Fire Captain/Single dad Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 5 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Rumlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, pregnancy/labour, cheating, but also not?? smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best. oh, and brock is DEFINITELY the worst
Chapter warnings; swearing, domestic violence elements, threat
Then, 2007
The wind blew bleak; thin as it was, like deep, sour wine- the rain falling in torrents, small intermittent intervals, replaced with violent gusts of wind that rattled along the rooftops of the houses,
Y/N and Nat laughed as they ran through the tidal waves of the wind, arms outstretched and twirling as they sang,
“Anyone ever told you, you two sound like a pair of fucking dyin’ cats?” Bucky drawled; a laugh eliminating form Steve as he watched on amused,
“Fuck off, Bucky, I can sing how I want! IT’S NEARLY MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!” YN screamed in glee,
Nat laughed again, twirling once more in the rain as she did, watching as Steve came to stand in front of Y/N, hands coming to grab her just before she fell- Nat laughing once more.
“Hi, Stevie” Y/N giggled; eyes slightly droopy as the stolen alcohol from Bucky’s Mom she had previously consumed pulsed through her body, veins alight with the liquid and head a little fuzzy.
Steve pulled back slightly; smiling down at Y/N, nose coming to brush over hers before he spoke,
“Hello. Happy Birthday.”
“It’s not quite time, silly. We still got-“ Y/N paused, eyes trailing up towards the town clock before squinting to read the time, “five minutes.”
Steve’s eyes flickered back down to Y/N, brushing the hair from her face before placing a small kiss to the corner of her mouth,
“I’m almost all grown up, Stevie,” Y/N breathed
Steve snorted, reaching to unbutton his coat before shrugging it off, wrapping it around Y/N as she shivered against the cold, “Best start acting like one then, yeah?” Steve turned, watching as Nat continued to dance in the rain; Bucky twirling along with her as they laughed.
Y/N snuggled into the warmth of the coat, pulling the material tighter around her as she did. Eyes glimmering with mischief as she glanced back up to Steve, “I do act like an adult, Stevie”, she smiled before she threw herself onto his back, laughing as he cursed before he hoisted her up,
“You trying to kill me, peaches?”
Y/N’s eyes twinkled at the nickname, eyes drooping before she answered “Just keeping you on your toes, Mr. Rogers”
The clock chimed, Steve’s eyes travelling up towards the sky as he listened, three chimes ringing out across the town, signalling that midnight was near,
“Stevie? Was that three- oh my god, this is it. My fucking childhood is ending. Should I do something? I feel like I should be doing something! Like I should-“
Steve laughed, knees bending to drop Y/N from his back,
“Come on, we gotta go,”
“Y/N? Come on, we gotta go.” Brock’s voice pulled Y/N from the dream- flashes of the past dancing through her mind as her eyes finally opened to the present.
Y/N stared up at Brock; the fogginess in her brain suddenly replaced with the familiar anxious feeling she had whenever she held his gaze,
“We’ve got business to attend to down at the station- Captain Rogers has finally filed that report,” Brock sneered, “Who would have thought it, huh? Steve fucking Rogers- fire fucking captain,” Brock laughed.
Y/N flinched at the malice in his voice; the sound of it igniting a sudden sense of fear- a deep rooted emotion that was always triggered whenever his voice changed in tone.
Y/N went to talk; her lips smacking together, desperately trying to form a sentence before Brock cut her off, “you’d think after his old man died in the same position he’d want to run in the opposite direction. But he’s never been one to do the right thing, has he, peaches.” Brock jeered, his body now at eye level with Y/N.
The nickname stung like acid; bile beginning to rise in her throat as Brock spat the term of endearment only ever used by Steve- her eyes welling with tears as Brock reached out to grab her forearm; tugging her body up to meet his, leaning down to whisper darkly in her ear,
“You keep your fucking head down. You don’t speak to him or any of those fucking cunts you call friends, do you hear me? That part of your life is gone- it’s dead; and you’ll find yourself and anybody else tied up to your pathetic little past in the same position if you disobey that. Do you hear me, sweetheart.”
Y/N clenched her jaw; the clamp of it causing her face to ache as her eyes swam with tears. Her silence causing Brock to grip at her jaw, sneering once more as he spoke, “I asked you a question.”
Y/N nodded, a small whispered ‘yes’ enough to divert Brock’s attention; the harsh grip falling loose as he smiled, “there’s a good girl. You’ve got ten minutes to get yourself together- we’re headed to the station.”
Y/N listened as Brock’s steps retreated from the room; a gasp leaving her body as violent sobs took over shaking form.
Time seemed to dissolve; falling shapeless like the rain as Steve continued to watch the clock, fingers drumming lightly against the wood of the desk as he waited.
Bucky huffed for what Steve had counted to be the 46th time in half an hour,
Steve leans forward in the chair adjusting his boots as he did, eyes glancing over to Bucky as he groaned; raking a hand through his hair as he hummed,
“Alright Rogers, spare me the fucking speech-“
“Who said anything about a speech?”
Bucky snorted, a smirk forming at the corner of his mouth, “you’re gonna tell me to stop huffing cos it’s making you nervous.”
Steve narrowed his eyes, his brow furrowed as he spoke, “look Buck- you can’t tell me you’re feeling okay about all this-“
“Me? I’m feeling fine, I aint the one with a guilty conscience.”
Steve huffed; arms folding over one another as he crossed his legs at the ankle, “Come on punk- Nat already gave me the third degree- Wanda came clean, said she'd been in contact- Nat told me I had no right to be mad at her about it, but look- I- I didn’t go out of my way to hurt her, we just bumped into each other-“
“Mhm hmmm. I believe you, really I do. Did you know that she still talks to Wanda? Cos I sure as hell didn’t- maybe that’s because Wanda was against the whole thing, huh? Maybe it’s cos she was the only one who could see how much it was hurting her, and she was the only one not willing to go along with it.” Bucky relented, his voice rising in slight anger.
Steve stood abruptly, “Why now, Buck? Huh? Why are we having this conversation now- why not then, or after, or somewhere in between, huh?”
“You didn’t wanna hear it-“
“I didn’t have a choice!” Steve shouted, his voice raised- the room fell silent then, seconds passing by before Bucky huffed again,
“You keep saying that Steve- but you’ll never tell anybody why. What happened that night Steve- cos I aint so sure about it anymore. Only people who seem to know are you, Y/N and Peggy. I’m just trying to piece it altogether- cos Lord knows I’ve spent the last five years trying to figure out why one of my best friends stopped all contact with me.”
Steve swallowed; his eyes boring into Bucky’s, “nothing to tell, punk. I let her go. And that’s all there is to it.”
Bucky hummed once again; hands clasping together as he sat them on his lap, “If only ghosts could talk, hey pal?”
The room fell silent once more; the clock continued to tick; a persistent heavy chorus lay latent in the air, clock striking 12:30PM before Brock entered the room; the knocking of the door absent- the sudden burst of noise had both Bucky and Steve jumping to their feet.
Brock huffed out a laugh; the gun at his hip clasped in his right hand,
“Well, well, well, just look who we have here! Been a bit, ain’t that right boys?” Brock chortled, body moving to sit at the desk in front of both Steve and Bucky; the two men nodding towards one another as they sat in front of the desk.
Steve found himself gripping the wood of the chair just a little bit tighter as he stared at Brock- his heart beginning to hammer with uncertain anger; memories of the past flashing by in block colour. His knuckles turning white at the effort in which his hands were gripping the wood.
Brock looked towards him; a smug smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he spoke, “Rogers. Forgive me-Captain Rogers- I understand you have the fire report?”
Steve’s eyes were ablaze with a mixture of sadness and rage, he pursed his lips, jaw tightening as he did as he looked towards Brock; words failing him as he continued to stare at the man he despised.
Bucky looked towards Steve then; noting the way his grip on the wooden chair was beginning to splinter his skin; he sighed, reaching down to pick up the cascaded file at Steve’s feet; throwing it towards Brock’s desk- the sound of it hitting the wood of the table echoing throughout the room.
Brock continued to smirk; tutting as he picked up the report, flicking through it as his eyes skimmed over the words,
“Stark did the forensics? Tony Stark- the old guys still knocking about then, huh?” Brock laughed.
Bucky took the opportunity to talk, eyes lingering on Steve as he spoke; the words carefully chosen as he did, “Listen, none of us want to be here Brock, so if we could speed this along I’m sure we’d all appreciate it.”
Brock tutted once more, leaning back in his chair with a bored sigh, “We’re not just investigating a fire now, Bucky, we’re looking at a murder investigation. So we gotta be thorough- aint that right, Captain?” He sneered, his voice directed at Steve as he held his gaze.
Steve continued to say nothing; his grip still firm on the chair as he breathed in deeply. Brock only smirked once more, nodding before speaking,
“Two people died in that fire- and it’s my job to figure out who started it. So, you both listen here- you go back to Stark, and you tell him to bring in every source he has-“
“Who said you’re the one giving orders around here?” Steve finally spoke; the words spoken through gritted teeth.
“I’m the new detective at this jurisdiction, and sweet little ole Y/N is the family liaison officer- she’s damn good at getting people to talk. Hell she’s good at getting information- real good at giving people what they want, but you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you Rogers?”
Steve jumped up from the chair; the sound of it clattering back against the floor echoing in the room- hands reaching out to grab Brock by the throat, a hand raised in a threatening fist before Bucky pushed him back. Brock only laughed, clapping his hands together as he did,
“Phew- you still got it in you, huh? I gotta say Rogers- after five years you’d think you’d have let it all go.” Brock taunted; Steve trying to push out of Bucky’s firm hold,
“Come on pal, not now-“
“You better listen to your lieutenant, Captain. Wouldn’t wanna get yourself locked up for aggravated assault, would we?” Brock continued to taunt.
Bucky sighed, turning to face Brock once more, “We’ll have Stark do some more digging, Rumlow.”
“Very kind of you, Barnes. Make sure you keep Rogers here on a leash.” He jeered.
Steve took the opportunity to stare Brock down once more; jaw tight as he spoke, “You better watch yourself, Rumlow.”
“I don’t think you’re in a position to be making threats, Rogers.” Brock raised a triumphant brow, Steve stilling at the comment.
With that, Steve took his leave; heavy footsteps storming towards the office door before ripping it open; the slam echoing through the station as he stalked towards the entrance- eyes locked on the exit doors, not noticing as his body collided with another,
“Shit, I’m so sorry-“
Oh boyyyy; what are we all thinking? Any ideas about what went down? Brock seems to know something🤔 i would LOVE to know your thoughts!! If you would like to be added to the taglist, please don't hesitate to ask! A reminder that requests for Steve are OPEN 🥰
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 13 days ago
Light of Love: Chapter 4
Fire Captain/Single dad Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 5 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Rumlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, pregnancy/labour, cheating, but also not?? smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best. oh, and brock is DEFINITELY the worst
Chapter Warnings; hurt, angst, allusions to abuse, swearing- i think that's it??
Y/N roused from sleep; a subtle awareness of the world awakening around her as she turned over to shuffle away from the warmth of the body next to her- the familiar being of the man who occupied the spot next to her churning her stomach ever so slightly; the persistent anxious feeling she had whenever she was near him more present this morning than ever.
Brock stirred next to her, a hand reaching out to wipe the sleep from his eyes before he sighed loudly, “you woke me up.”
“Sorry, it’s just- I’m meeting Wanda today, I-” Y/N muttered, a slight tremor in her voice as she did; hand coming up to gingerly hold the sheet tighter to her body; the air surrounding the room suddenly cold. She turned, the words suddenly falling short as she went to get up. Brock’s hand caught on the edge her pyjama top; his grip harsh on the fabric, and she stilled instantly- eyes wide as her body began to tremble ever so slightly.
“Leaving without a kiss goodbye?”
Y/N’s whole body went rigid; muscles beginning to clench painfully as she forced a smile; a small breath easing its way out of her chest as she turned her head- leaning down to press a kiss to Brock’s lips, a forced smile lingering afterwards.
Brock hummed; turning away once more to shuffle out of the bed, pulling on the cascaded jeans next to the bed as soon as his feet hit the ground.
Y/N took the opportunity to leave the room, body shuffling out of the door and down the hallway to the bathroom, the door closing just as quickly as soon as it was entered. Y/N leaned back against the frame, body coming to slide down oak, knees groaning in protest as she did, body shaking once more as she drew out several puffs of air from her lungs.
The events of the last few weeks had finally taken its toll on Y/N; moving back to a city that held secrets to her shattered past with a man who played a part in her trauma was deep rooted; the roots entangling in rustic twists, paving the foundations to fractured memories.
It hadn’t always been this way, Y/N thought. Some of her happiest memories were in this town; some of her worst, too a voice mused at the back of her head; the mimicking of the statement causing her to shudder once more.
Brock her had exactly where he wanted her; trapped with no possible escape route- threatened into cohesion, fearing that if she didn’t play the part of the docile wife, the secrets that webbed her past would be displayed. She played the part well; the loving wife of Detective Brock Rumlow- a liaison officer for his jurisdiction. She suited the role; calm, approachable, friendly and compliant. In her personal life, she attended his office parties; the black tie events in expensive gowns and designer heels- she did what was expected of her in order to keep him from turning into the monster she knew he was.
She was numb. She’d been numb for the last five years; numb ever since-
“Y/N? I’m leaving for the station- you’re to meet me at seven, you hear?” Brock’s voice shattered the thoughts as they swirled around in Y/N’s mind.
She sucked in a breath, nodding before responding; the sound muffled through the oak of the door, “okay.” She whispered- listening as his steps retreated; the slamming of the front door confirming his departure.
The drive into town didn’t take long; the route a familiar one to Y/N- the expanse of green hues; the sun casting golden kisses over the rolling of land; tall trees encasing the side of the road as the car rolled past.
The car stilled as Y/N reached the familiar coffee shop; swinging the car into the parking lot outside the front of the shop,
Y/N sighed; hands beginning to shake as she took in deep breaths- she could do this. It was just coffee with Wanda- that was it. Just coffee with Wanda. She continued to remind herself; fixing her lipstick quickly in the rear view mirror. She nodded to herself, opening the car door before forcing her body out of the vehicle.
Y/N stood still for a moment more; shutting the car door before pushing herself towards the entrance of the coffee shop- it was just coffee. Y/N swallowed once before entering the shop- the bell on the door sounding as she did, Y/N noticed the fiery mass of hair in the far right corner of the shop, typical Y/N smiled, that had always been Wanda’s spot.
Wanda looked up as Y/N approached; jumping up from her seat before pulling YN into a hug- arms tightening around her when she laughed,
“I thought you were gonna be a no show!” Wanda declared, standing back to hold Y/N at arms length.
Y/N chuckled, gripping Wanda’s arms back, “You know I would never miss a coffee date, not with you, Wand.”
“Only skipped the last 5 years worth,” Wanda laughed; rolling her eyes playfully as Y/N smiled, “Sorry about that.”
“Come on, sit down- tell me about your life over in Jersey fucking city,” Wanda implored, body shuffling to sit back down, Y/N laughing as she did the same.
“Nothing to tell! You know everything already-“
“Okay. How about you tell me how weird it is being back here then.” Wanda cut her off, an eyebrow raised as she sipped on the coffee in front of her; nodding towards the cup placed in front of Y/N,
“Took the liberty of ordering for you, black coffee, two sugars.”
Y/N smirked, “I actually take milk now.”
Wanda gasped in mock shock, “I never thought I’d see the day.”
“I grew up, Maximoff.”
“I suppose you did, Ames. You’re avoiding the question though- you’re deterring from the conversation because it makes you uncomfortable- textbook psychology. How is it? How are you?” Wanda implored; eyes drawn together in concern for the friend sat in front of her.
Y/N sighed; a hand coming up to rub over her face before she took in a staggering breath- eyes beginning to swim with uncertain emotion,
“It’s tough. Every corner of this town- every fucking corner, Wand, there’s some form of history.” She cried; eyes over spilling with tears as she allowed herself to grieve for a life she once had.
Wanda smiled sadly; a hand coming to rest over Y/N’s as she spoke, “If it’s any consolation- the town has been real shit since you left.”
Y/N laughed; wiping her nose quickly before speaking, “Life and soul of the part remember. Well, I used to be.” A slight ache in her voice, one that Wanda picked up on.
The bell on the door chimed once again; pulling the pair from their thoughts. Y/N noted the way Wanda stilled, her eyes wild as she looked towards the door.
Y/N turned then, her breath catching in her throat as she spotted the familiar figure walk towards one of the booths- Steve.
Y/N’s heart began to hammer; the blood now pulsing in waves through her veins as she tried to take a breath- she caught his gaze, and she was sure the world around her stopped; the sound of the coffee shop now fuzzy, distorted even as she looked at him.
The two former lovers stared at each other; eyes boring into one another’s souls as they laid them open for each of them to see. The notions of past feelings so openly communicated through the softness of their gazes. The silence was broken as Wanda cleared her throat,
“Y/N? If you want to leave, I-“
“It’s okay Wanda. It was going to happen either way,” Y/N murmured, her voice a slither of a decibel as she spoke.
Steve continued to stare at Y/N, his eyes softening as he looked at the girl he’d grown up loving- the girl he’d ended up hurting in the worst possible way.
Steve was sure his heart was going to burst out of his chest as she suddenly walked towards him; her movements unsure as she came to stand in front of him, lips smacking together several times before she spoke,
“Hi Stevie.” She smiled sadly; the nickname foreign on her lips as she spoke it on barely a whisper.
Steve continued to stare at her, eyes swelling with emotion as he took her in; breathed her in like a drug, one he’d gone so long without and wasn’t sure he could go without it ever again,
“Hi peaches.” He breathed; smiling as she laughed ever so slightly at the nickname.
“How- how are you? I’m sorry about- about Peggy, I wanted to- but I didn’t think- Brock said that I-“ Y/N sighed; eyes screwing shut as it all became too much. The hurt she had bottled up for so many years nearly beginning to spill from the bottle she kept it locked in.
Steve stood, reaching out to take her arm but retracting when she recoiled; hurt flashed through him as she did. He stood back, putting more distance between them as he shoved his hands into his pockets- ignoring the way the diners in the shop began to stare,
“It’s okay. Bucky always said time was a good healer-“ Steve cringed as he said it, noting the way Y/N recoiled once more, swallowing as she stole a glance up at him once again; his breath hitching as he stares at her,
“I heard about Winnie- Mrs Hubert was talking about it at the Grocers- I didn’t- I don’t have a number for Bucky anymore, and I didn’t know if anybody knew I was back in town so I didn’t wanna just show up at the house. I mean, it wouldn’t really be appropriate anyway, would it? Not after- after everything- but, I just, I wanted to make sure he was okay and I- shit, sorry I’m rambling- it’s just- it’s jus’ a lot, Stevie. Being back here, it’s a lot.” She breathed; eyes now burning with tears- spilling down over her cheeks as she cried.
Steve wanted to tell her that he knew she was back; that she’d consumed his every thought over the last few days since he’d seen her under the twilight of the moon at the scene. Steve went out to hold her; to hold her against his chest the way he always had done, but she flinched back once more; shoving at his chest ever so slightly with a firm, “don’t.”
Steve studied Y/N before speaking; noting the way she tried desperately to stop the tears; the same way she did when he let her go five years ago, “I’m sorry Y/N."
“Sorry doesn’t work this time, Stevie. Sorry doesn’t cut it- look, I have to go, Brock will be waiting for me. I’ll see you around- Brock and I, we’re uhm- we’re living here for a bit-“
“Y/N, please. Don’t-“
Y/N stood firm, “don’t what, Steve? Don’t mention him- don’t mention Brock? He’s my husband, Steve, remember?”
“Of course I remember! You’d think I forget?!” Steve suddenly roared; the coffee shop now completely quieting.
Y/N flinched; stepping back as her heart began to pound- her voice nothing but a whisper as she looked towards Steve, “No. Just as I never forgot Peggy was your wife, Steve.”
Y/N left with that; bolting from the coffee shop as Steve stood frozen- Wanda followed after Y/N, sparing Steve a glance before she left the shop,
“Will you ever stop hurting her Steve?”
Steve winced at the sentence; the words burning a hole in his heart as his eyes burned with tears. He never wanted to hurt her again- and he’d be damned sure he’d make her realise it.
Then; January 2016
The twilight of the moon illuminated a soft hue of light into the small back room of the Barnes home where Steve stood, jaw tense as he looked across the room at Y/N. The ever present ticking of the clock seemed to intensify in the silence of the room; the air moving like a rush of cold water; the aroma of Winnie’s candles still burning bright- the smell seemed more present now than it did earlier that day. The fabrics of the curtains seemed to be muted in a hue of cast shadows, like branches moving in the dark of the night. The former couple had been silent for what felt like hours awaiting for dawn break, sat in a silent redemption and all that it brought- a promise of a new day, the promise of colours and flashes of light- a promise to bring them out of the darkness and back into the light.
The tears had long since dried on Y/N’s face; the saltiness of them staining her cheeks, flushed red with the remnants of the anger she felt. She huffed, a shaky hand coming up to rub at the tension she felt in her head before she finally spoke in nothing but a broken whisper, “I can’t do this anymore, Stevie.”
Steve turned to face her, watching as her stare turned vacant, the light diminishing behind her eyes as she looked at him, “I can’t do it. I can’t keep waiting for you to love me- for you to choose me. I can’t do it.” She whispered again, staring at him with a look he couldn’t quite place.
Steve’s voice began to rise as he spoke again, “What do you expect me to do, Y/N? We’ve got no choice,”
Y/N shook her head, tears beginning to fall again, fingertips brushing harshly to try and stop the stream, “No Steve, we do have a choice. YOU have a choice.”
Steve laughed; the bitterness of it sending a shiver down Y/N’s spine, “You’re right, I’ve got a choice, I stay here with you, and every lie we’ve ever tried to cover comes after us, or we do what we know we have to do, and we leave it- we start again.”
“You can’t ask me to do that, Steve. You can’t ask me to pretend that I don’t love you- to pretend that me and you were never meant to be-
“I DON’T HAVE A CHOICE,” the scream that left Steve’s throat accompanied by the smash of a glass as it was thrown against the nearby wall; dogs barking in the wake of the night at the distant crash.
He looked towards Y/N once more, stomach clinching painfully at the scared look on her face, “Please, Y/N. I don’t have a choice.”
Y/N looked towards Steve, coming to stand up from the chair where she was sat, gingerly walking over towards him; unaware that it would be for the last time for awhile, hands grabbing at the lapels of his suit jacket, a hand covering over where his heart beat. She could feel it under the skin of her palm as she spoke, “I can’t, Steve. I can’t wait for you anymore.” Her hand brushing over his chest for what would be the last time.
She watched as Steve pushed away from her, body taking long strides, grabbing his coat off of the back of the sofa in his path; a lingering glance burning into the side of Y/N’s head for a moment before he left; door slamming shut behind him, the vibration of it rattling through Y/N as she allowed herself to crumble. The small room she occupied feeling abnormally large without Steve in it; her heart now half hollow.
Lord knows her heart would be completely hollow come morning.
The next morning;
The church was beautiful; old stone and stained glass- the ever present smell of burnt candles, coupled with the smell of musty prayer books, metal polish and the lingering scent of flowers. Encaustic tiles line the floor, dark oak pews sit straight in a line; deep red cushions somewhat stained with age shining in the mid morning glow; stained glass windows casting decadent shadows over the cast iron door; the whole church encapsulated in Gothic splendour. The church always seemed to calm Y/N- she wasn’t sure that she believed in God, but she always believed in the tranquillity of the church; forever seeking solace in the place of worship when things around her seemed to spiral.
But tranquility was not something she felt this time around; it was the opposite really- it was fear as if clasped around her heart- it was tears that spilled out of the corner of her eyes as she watched the only man she’d ever loved marry another.
“If any of you gathered here today have any just cause or impediment as to why these two should not be joined together in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace,” The priest declared.
The church now completely silent, and it took everything in Y/N to not declare the truth; to not declare the reasons that the marriage shouldn’t go ahead- to declare her undying love for the man stood before her who was marrying another woman.
Bucky gripped onto her hand as her body went to serge forward- Nat doing the same as they watched her suck in a breath- the release never coming as silent sobs began to shake her,
“It’s all gonna be okay, doll. I promise you.” Bucky murmured, placing a chaste kiss to the side of her forehead as the church erupted into applause at Steve and Peggy’s first kiss as man and wife.
It’s all gonna be okay.
Oh boy; this one hurt a little bit. I would love to know what you're all thinking!! We've pinpointed a source of all the hurt- but what was the cause??? 🤔🤔
If you want to be added to the taglist; please don't hesitate to ask!🥰 Requests are OPEN for anything Steve Rogers related !!!
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agent-grey-fics · 13 days ago
Four| Marvel short story
Fury didn’t move. 'Get out!' While I yelled at the three men I pointed to my front door. Fury took an envelope out of his pocket and laid it on my coffee table. ‘Jo you aren’t the only one were calling back in, just read this. If you come back it will be as an agent and not an assassin. I don’t want to do this but you have twenty-four hours to reach out to us if you don’t cooperate the USA will release an international warrant for your arrest. Your choice.' The two other agents gave each other a confused look when Fury said that I would come back as an agent. They probably had never heard of me before. My jaw dropped when I heard the conditions. 'Ge out! Leave me the fuck alone.' Fury had placed a flip phone on top of the envelope and without saying another word they left and closed the door behind them. 
'Fucking hell.' I mumbled to myself while I started walking around in my apartment. ‘Stay calm Grey, you got this.’ I started checking underneath the chairs and table because they probably had bugged my place. Why would they even need me to come in? The whole "your country needs you" speech was just some old textbook trick to get agents back in the game so I wondered what was really going on. 'Not your problem anymore Jo,' I mumbled to myself while I started to check my cabinets. When I opened the cabinet under the sink I reached for the box of dishwasher salt in the back. Subconsciously I knew there would be a day where I had to start over again but I didn't think that it would've been this soon. From my first paycheck, I started saving some backup money, in case I would need it one day. Well, that day was today.  I took the cash out of the box and threw the paper box back into the cabinet. Working as an assassin, what a joke. I went into the organization because I wanted to become a field agent knowing that I might had to kill once or twice when I was in danger but I never went into the organization to become a killing machine. They turned me into an assassin and now they were acting like it was always my own choice? ‘Agent six do this, agent Six we have another target.’ It was seldom that they addressed me as agent Grey, only when there were others around who didn’t know my status. Why agent Six you might ask yourself. After months of training, I took the sixth-highest ranking of all time in the system. I was the highest female on the list. From the beginning, I trained whit other assassins just to keep my game up. Agents like Romanoff and Barton were good, but they were exceptions since they were both trained as assassins. Natasha was trained in Russia, she’s one of the best assassins in the world but she never participated in the training system. If she did I guess she would become number one or two. Barton was the best marksman that I had ever met, I could swear that he had some kind of power, like seeing the future a couple of seconds before it happened because when he launched an arrow he never missed.  Why wouldn’t they just ask them? They were the best of the best. Elites. 
I was going over my options while I was throwing some clothes in a duffel bag. I could stay here knowing that someone else was going to show up or I could leave. But leaving felt like I was on the run and that wasn't the case since they agreed on me getting out of the organization last year. I didn’t want to be a fugitive. I could move to another country but how long would it take before they would find me? I walked over to the couch that was placed in the corner of my living room and pulled one of the cushions out. I zipped the cover open and search for one of the four passports that I could use. Anna Petrenko. A chuckle left my mouth. It was one of the aliases that Natasha gave me, in case that I ever needed one to leave the United States. The photo she used was one where I had shoulder-length strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. If I was going to use this passport I needed a makeover since I had long brown hair at the moment and I had to get some blue contacts. 
While I was looking at the passport the white envelope was staring at me from across the room, screaming my name. I was curious, I had to admit that. I knew that there was still a part of me that didn't want to give up my agent life and if something in that envelope would trigger that part, I would go back to the states. I just knew. But that was a small part of my whole being and the other part just wanted to stay here in England. Just a simple life working as a nurse, dating men with normal jobs, and going on fun little trips with my friends. But that wasn’t an option anymore, or I would run or I would turn myself in. There wasn’t another option. I started to walk around in my living room again, it helped me think.  I glanced over at the envelope and reached for it. The white material was cold in my hands, I gave it a second thought but I ripped the seal open and took the small letter out.  When I opened the letter I recognized the handwriting immediately, the corners of my lips rose.
I’m not sure if this letter will reach you in time but I’m hoping for the best. I’m writing you from the Avengers HQ in NYC, take the deal they offer you, I took a similar deal and so far is everything ok. I’m back at the avengers HQ for some time now and life is good. It’s almost as I never left, well I’m working as an agent now and that’s nice. So they aren’t lying about working as an agent, we don’t have to go back to our old life. I’m still pardoned so that’s good, better than jail I guess. I know why you left after what happened with Moore and I get it, I don’t know what I would have done if I was in your situation. But just think this through before you make a decision that you’ll regret. 
Fury came looking for me in Wakanda after I got my pardon. Since I didn’t really had a life there I didn’t have to think about it. I’m not sure where you are at the moment, but knowing you I guess that you’re building a life for yourself but you need to think this through. Are you going to keep running for the rest of your life, never having the chance of having a future and acting like a criminal? You deserve better than that. If you take this deal you get a chance at a normal life with a future like anyone else. A husband, a house, a dog, and maybe even kids. Isn’t that what you want? 
Just think about it and if you decide to take the deal I’ll be the one you’ll meet at the meeting point, wherever that might be (since I haven’t been updated yet I have absolutely no clue where you are, I feel like a fool writing this). Whatever you choose, you know I’ll support you, we’ve been friends for too long. I hope to see you soon. Stay safe.  Bucky.’
I leaned back on the couch while I thought about what he had written. Did he mean what he wrote, was he actually happy being back in New York, working for S.H.I.E.L.D. again? I scratched the back of my neck while I was thinking about what I wanted for myself. He wasn’t wrong, I want to settle down, start my own family whit a guy I actually love. I’m not so sure about the having kids part, but a pet actually counts as a baby right? I just want to be happy, that’s it. The question kept going through my mind running or returning to my old life?
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titaniasfics · 13 days ago
How about Wanda having a flashback and Vision helping her through it.
Loved this prompt! 
Given all that Wanda has already been through, I couldn’t bear to make her suffer over much. So this is a mild instance of her PTSD coming to complicate things. Plus, I love over-protective Wanda.
Takes place between Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil Wars
Vision lies on the table connected via a data cable through an almost indecipherable port on the back of his neck to Dr. Cho’s station. Vision was unperturbed when he invited Wanda to join him so they could save time on their walk in the woods afterward. He even went so far as to describe it as a tune-up, which had provoked a laugh from her.
Therefore, Wanda isn’t prepared for the way she feels when she sees him splayed out this way – vulnerable and so fragile, he looks like he might break.
The lab, the table, the blinking cable – all of a sudden, she’s back at the Hydra Research Base, but it’s not just her and Pietro. Now Vision is strapped down on the examination table, scepter waiting dangerously close by. Her hands grow clammy and her breath comes in short. She’s awash in terror and yanks herself back before she can fall head-first into her nightmare.
“What will she do to you?” Wanda asks, eyeing Dr. Cho with mistrust.
Vision, who is studying the monitor above him, turns his head to look at Wanda instead. “It is part of a longitudinal project I have agreed to. Dr. Cho scans my neural network, documenting the adaptations and interdependence of my neural network with the Mind Stone at defined intervals over a period of time to create a record of my evolving systems.”
“A kind of mind map?” Wanda suggests, hoping the dry details will calm her racing heart.
“Exactly,” Dr. Cho interjects and Wanda shoots her a withering look. What right does she have to expose him this way? Who is she to endanger him with her science experiments? But she quells her mounting panic at the clear evidence that Vision is a willing participant in this process. Wanda probes the doctor’s mind, revealing that her intentions are purely scientific. She also notes the almost maternal care with which she approaches her task with Vision, a revelation that calms Wanda’s anxieties somewhat.
It has only been a few months since the Battle of Sokovia, and in that time, Wanda has not only struggled with the loss of her twin brother and the destruction of Novi Grad, but she’s also had to learn to adapt to a new country and function among a group of strangers whose only commonality with her is their membership with the Avengers. While she has come to appreciate her fellow teammates, it hasn’t been an easy transition.
The only relationship that extends beyond mere teamwork is the one she shares with Vision, who has shown her kindness and understanding beyond any expectations, but especially from what she would expect from a synthezoid. The idea that he might submit himself to something that can harm him sends her to a dangerous place.
“What does it do?” Wanda asks, pointing at the port.
Dr. Cho glances at Vision, who gives her a slight nod. “The data cable allows me to access his network non-invasively.”
“Are there any risks involved?”
A smile flits across Dr. Cho’s face as she answers, “None at all. We’ve done this twice already. He’s a very cooperative patient.”
“Thank you for answering her questions,” Vision responds. Wanda frowns and, much as she’d like to object to all this, there’s no reason, and furthermore, it’s not her place.
“It’s not a problem. She’s worried about you,” Dr. Cho answers, returning to her monitoring station.
Vision’s hand comes to rest on Wanda’s. “Wanda, I sense your anxiety. Are you concerned?”
Wanda captures his hand, squeezing it. She debates on whether to share her worries but decides it’s unfair to burden him with that as well. It’s her past. Her problem. She already leans on him for so much.
“No. Doctors just make me nervous. But Dr. Cho seems well-meaning and under control. I’ll get out of the way and let you both work.”
She makes to pull away but he doesn’t release her hand. “I promise, everything will be fine. It is a routine scan. Nothing more.”
“I know,” She nods quickly and turns away before her tears betray her.
The entire procedure lasts less than fifteen minutes. Wanda waits in an observation area separated by a glass partition. She sits on a soft leather chair with a frictionless spin she’d enjoy if she weren’t perched on its edge, biting her nails the entire time. Vision is so still, so quiet, that he looks asleep, or even…
A hiss accompanies the detachment of the data cable and she is on her feet and through the door before she’s been called. She reaches Vision’s side as he sits up, long legs swinging over the edge of the bed. She helps him off the bed, though he hardly needs it, and clings to his arm.
“How do you feel?” she asks.
Vision smiles, though his face is confused. “I’m perfectly fine, Wanda.” He tilts his head in that peculiar mannerism only he possesses. “Are you okay?”
She does a quick scan of his emotions, checking for signs of distress or anxiety but all she finds is that calm, methodical presence that always manages to still her own internal turmoil. Her rock in the middle of a storm.
“I’m fine now,” she says, giving him a quick hug that catches them both by surprise. He’s barely wrapped his arms around her before she steps back. Just behind him is Dr. Cho, watching them with a soft smile.
“We’ll see you back here in a month,” she says.
“We will be here. If you would like to accompany me again,” he adds softly, directing his words to Wanda.
Wanda will hate every minute of it, but she’ll do it because he asks. “If it’s okay with the doctor.”
“Oh, I don’t see any problems,” she says, chuckling to herself.
“Thank you, doctor,” Vision says, his face still a mask of disorientation. Wanda can’t explain it herself. All she knows is that she’s relieved and so happy, she might levitate.
“Come on. You owe me a hike,” she says, tugging on his arm. He obliges, as he always does. Despite her misplaced worries, Wanda is eager to get the hell out of here.
One-shot masterlist on tumblr
ScarletVision Collection on AO3
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titaniasfics · 13 days ago
if your prompts are still open, for wanda and vision: "my love for you is set in stone" (bc tell me that 'Heart of Stone' from SIX isn't the perfect song to encapsulate the devastation that was the finale of WandaVision?! gahhh I just want Wanda, Vision and the kids to be together and happy!)
In which Vision needs to defeat Wanda before he can save her.  
Inspired by a mashup of two prompts:
1)    One shot of Vision and Wanda making up after a fight. Would love to see your take on it.
2)    If your prompts are still open, for Wanda and Vision: "my love for you is set in stone" (bc tell me that 'Heart of Stone' from SIX isn't the perfect song to encapsulate the devastation that was the finale of WandaVision?! gahhh I just want Wanda, Vision and the kids to be together and happy!)
Bonkers drabble speculation on how Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness movie might end. I make a ton of assumptions on this so please be aware that this all made up. Like, more made up than usual. Leans heavily into comic book lore, especially the Giant-Size Avengers Comic Book, Issue #4.
Oh, and I’m a noob when it comes to fight scenes, so I’ve contrived every way to avoid writing one.
Thanks, anons! The song “Heart of Stone” is now on my WandaVision playlist.
Heart of Stone 
Vision’s vibranium arc reactor, which Dr. Cho installed to replace the Mind Stone and the flimsy solar absorption unit courtesy of SWORD, strains against Wanda’s sustained energy blast. Her beautiful blue eyes which normally turn a color of magma when she invokes her power, are now pitch black from Dormammu’s possession. Under his influence, she is doing her best to fulfill his diabolical directive.
Kill The Vision.
Even after Dr. Strange’s attempts to weaken her, she is as incandescent as the black energy that pulses at the center of the Dark Dimension. The Supreme Sorcerer tried to warn Vision when he first appeared in this hellish dimension of evil in search of Wanda.
She won’t recognize you. She will kill you and when she returns to herself and realizes what she has done, nothing in the universe – not me, not Agatha Harkness, not even Dormammu himself – will be able to withstand the force of her rage.
If he cannot reach her, she will not only destroy him, but in her grief, she will tear apart the multiverse and everything within it. Wanda’s grief is a cosmic force all its own.
He knows. He became well-acquainted with it in Westview when, like a puppet himself, he was sent to neutralize her.
Now, suspended between a host of conquered planets at the mercy of the god of the Dark Dimension, Wanda is draining him, even as he dredges up every last store of energy that the reactor can generate to resist her. Around him, the dimension roars with the collective fear of an infinite number of trapped beings.
I’ll hold off Dormammu, but if she doesn’t snap out of his spell, neither of us will be able to stop her and Dormammu will take Earth’s dimension.
As Dr. Strange warned, Vision needs to thwart Dormammu’s endless designs to absorb Earth into the Dark Dimension, but Vision also needs Wanda and he must find a way to get her back.
He sends another pulse of energy, forcing her to pull back, but she recovers quickly, his blast nothing more than an annoying insect bite. If he could just get to her. Look into her eyes. He knows like he knows who he is, who they are together, that he can reach her.
“Wanda, you are killing me. Darling, please,” he begs, knowing his words are a poor substitute for what he needs to do to free her.
“The Vision must die,” Wanda repeats, sending a last, decisive blast towards him. The impact sends fire through his body, heat like nothing he’s ever experienced. He falls, hurtling like a chunk of meteor to the hellish rock below. The impact is nothing compared to the pain. Vision is burning in his skin. His senses are compromised, his systems failing, despite the nanobots unfurling in his bloodstream, scurrying to stem the hemorrhages of a body struggling to remain intact.
When Wanda lands before him, he senses her more than he feels her. He reaches out to her, lifting his eyes to gaze into hers. Even though his vision is fading, he sees that they are as bottomless as the dark matter of the cosmos. As dark as the evil that holds her.
“Wanda, you must remember…who you are…”
“Wanda Maximoff is no more,” she drones and his heart fractures at the realization that her words might hold an unwanted truth. Perhaps Dormammu has buried Wanda…his Wanda… so far inside herself that she may never emerge again.
“Who said…Wanda is no more? Dormammu? You once said…you needed no one…to tell you who you are. Do you really take him at his word?”
She blinks, shaking her head as if to clear it. “Dormammu,” she murmurs and the emptiness in her voice is rich with confusion. On the strength of this, Vision staggers to his feet.
“You are not a puppet.” He reaches for her, her flinch half-hearted because she allows him to grasp her by her upper arms. “You are Wanda Maximoff. You are the Scarlet Witch –“
“The Scarlet Witch,” she repeats.
“—and you are my love,” he finishes before his strength gives out and he falls to one knee before her. “I am weak. I am not sure if I will recover, but you must remember who you are.”
The struggle is clear on her face. “Remember who I am. Who I am...”
“Yes. And remember that my love for you is set in stone, no matter what happens here.”
“Vision?” she asks, her question as plaintive as a child’s. He looks up again at the brittle tone of her voice. The darkness in her eyes floods with a blue as bright as the summer sky over the mountains, a blue that is out of place in this terrible hellscape.
“Wanda,” he says, reaching for her, but his strength is failing him as energy is diverted to repairing his damaged systems. “Remember us.”
She stiffens as if a distended rubber band has snapped into place. “Vision!” she shouts, kneeling before him. “Did I do this?”
He wants to say give her an affirmative answer but speech has escaped him and staying conscious consumes his every last effort.
“No-no-no-no,” she moans, tears distorting her words. “You can’t…you can’t die again.” Her hands glow and she places them over him. “I’m here. I’ll fix you.”
Vision takes a deep breath as her energy courses through him – familiar, like the smell of her hair or the softness of her skin. The fire that threatened to consume him earlier cools to a gentle pulse as the nanobots in his body feed on her energy, accelerating repairs, putting his body back together again at a rate even they had not been designed for. But they hold onto their structural integrity and Vision is able to see clearly again. His thoughts untangle and his strength returns.
She withdraws her powers, her palms warm as she cradles his head in her hands. “How? How did you get here?”
Vision puts his hand over hers, reveling in the feel of her skin against his. “It is a rather long story that I will share with you when we leave this place.”
“First things first,” she says, crushing her lips to his and at that moment, he realizes how much he has missed this as well, the sheer physicality of her love for him. A mad god howls in rage just beyond, the Dark Dimension threatens to swallow them both, but he is lost to the taste of her mouth and the warmth of her arms wrapped around him.
“Hey, guys?” comes a voice that pulls them from their bubble of bliss. “I could use some help over here.”
They pull apart to see Dr. Strange, locked in some magical struggle for dominance against the god of the Dark Dimension, straining against his power.
“I’ve got this,” Wanda says, rising into the air. “Don’t go anywhere.”
In awe of her power, he takes off beside her, ready to offer her the backup she really does not need. “You will never get rid of me again.”
One-shot masterlist on tumblr
ScarletVision Collection on AO3
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 14 days ago
Light of Love: Chapter 3
Fire Captain/Single dad Steve Rogers still mourns the death of his wife, Peggy. Their 5 year old son, James, a constant reminder of what once was. A chance encounter with former girlfriend Y/N might just change everything- now married to Detective Brock Rumlow, and desperately unhappy, can the two mend each others broken pieces, or will their fractured past tear them apart once more?
Title taken by the song of the same name by Florence + the Machine
Series Warnings:
Swearing, Violence, themes of domestic violence, themes of sexual assault, mentions of a miscarriage, cheating, smut in later parts, fluff, hurt & comfort, angst @ its finest, slow burn with a fractured past, so some past fluff?? steve is kind of a dickhead, but peggy is worse. nat is a good friend, and bucky the best. oh, and brock is DEFINITELY the worst
Chapter Warnings; minor character death, swearing and a sprinkling of angst.
Previous Chapters
Light streamed in through the small gap in the curtain, casting a golden hue of light that delicately danced over Steve; small particles of dust collectively swirling in front of him as he awoke with a sudden start- the alarm on the bedside table blaring with a persistent screaming.
Steve glanced towards the alarm clock; red block numbers staring back at him, 8:00am.
“Shit,” he groaned; a hand coming down to push the stop button; throwing the covers off of him in a haste, scrambling to find clothes and shoving them on in his wake.
Just as he was done buttoning his jeans, his phone blared loudly, Thunderstruck by AC/DC almost screaming through the speakers. Steve smiled, knowing that the ringtone could only mean that one person was calling,
“Hey Buck, listen- I gotta get James up for school-“
“Steve? She’s- she’s dead. She’s dead, Steve.” Bucky whispered, his voice thick with emotion,
Steve furrowed his brow in worry, hugging the phone tighter to his ear with his shoulder as he spoke, “Who is, Buck?”
Bucky took in a staggering breath, his heart constricting as he spoke, “My mom. Shit Steve, she’s dead.”
Steve swallowed, a hand coming up to rub over his face as his eyes began to swim with emotion; “I’m coming over, Buck. Shit man, I’m so sorry, Pal. Just- just let me drop James off at school and I’ll be right over- the report can wait. Just hold tight Pal, okay?”
Bucky nodded on the other end of the phone, releasing a breath before realising Steve couldn’t see him, “Okay.”
The phone call ended with that; Steve sighed, eyes screwing shut as he sucked in a deep breath- shoulders shaking ever so slightly as he released it. He thought he’d come accustomed to loss; he’d lost his parents whilst in college- he’d seen friends die; he’d watched as people died on the job- he couldn’t save everybody, Nat would always remind him; and he’d lost Peggy.
But perhaps the greatest loss of all was the one that didn’t end with grief; at least not in the traditional sense- there was no real closure, no real goodbye; she was always there, until one day she wasn’t.
Y/N. He’d been thinking a lot about her over the last two days- his mind a constant cesspool of memories; Bucky’s words from two days ago still lingering at the back of his mind, ‘the amount of hurt she went through? Five years ain’t gonna have done much to heal her.’
Steve stood lost in thought as he watched dust swirl in front of him- the light of day now casting a vibrant hue through his room. Lost in thought, Steve didn’t notice as James crept in; the same brown teddy he’d held since birth cuddled protectively under his right arm; a small fist coming to rub the sleep from his eyes before he spoke,
“Daddy? Is it school time?”
Steve jumped slightly; smiling as he turned around to face his son, padding over to the doorway where he stood before crouching down in front of him, “Nearly, buddy. Gotta get you some breakfast first” Steve smiled.
James noted the way his fathers eyes seemed reddened; the tracks of tears still present on his face. James reached out towards his father, small hands coming up to grab at his bearded face, “Sad?” he questioned; his head cocking to one side as he spoke.
Steve nodded lightly, grasping James’ hands in his own as he spoke, “Sad.” He confirmed, reaching out to pick James up and rest him at his hip as he continued, “Uncle Bucky is too. Grandma Winnie- she uh, she went to sleep pal, and she’s not waking back up.”
James stared intently at his father; studying his face before scrunching his nose in thought; “like Mama did? Like when Mama went to sleep, and now she won’t wake up again?” James whispered.
Steve only nodded; humming as a confirmation before placing a kiss to the side of James’ head; squeezing him just a little bit tighter before sighing,
“Come on buddy, let’s get you ready for school.”
“Do I have to go Daddy?” James implored; wrapping his arms around Steve’s neck so he could look at him. Steve sighed once more, eyes closing briefly before he spoke,
“No. How about we spend the day with Uncle Bucky? Help cheer him up- I know you’re good at that.” Steve smiled, an eyebrow raised as James laughed,
“That’s cos we got the same name and cos I’m his favourite person!”
Steve chuckled; the sound vibrating in his chest as he nodded, “That’s right, pal. Let’s go brush your teeth, hmm?”
“I can brush them myself. I’m nearly five, daddy.” James relented, wiggling his way out of his fathers grip before bolting to the bathroom.
Steve watched in amusement as he did, sighing lightly once more before grabbing his phone, sending a quick text message to Bucky- the phone blaring with a new call stopping his movements; his phone lit up with an incoming call, ‘Nat’ he sighed before swiping to accept it,
“Bucky just rang. Shit Steve, we all knew it was coming, but I didn’t- I didn’t think-“
“I know, Nat. How did he seem when you spoke with him? That’s a stupid fucking question, but I’m just-“
“He’s holding up, Steve. Just like he’s always done. Me and Clint are gonna swing by later- Bucky asked if you could meet him at his Mom’s place. Bec has already started clearing it out- keeps saying it’s what she would have wanted, and I know that’s the case, but god Steve. It’s all a bit soon, isn’t it?” Natasha relented, her breath uneven as she uncharacteristically panicked. The hurt she felt for one of her best friends deep rooted at the core; her chest tight with emotion.
“People grieve in different ways, Nat. It’s just Becca’s way of coping.” Steve mused, head turning to peek around the corner of the door once more as he spotted James leave the bathroom,
“Nat- I gotta go get James dressed. I’ll see you later, okay? And hey, stop panicking. We’ll all get through this- together. Just like always.”
Natasha remained silent on the end of the phone, a few seconds passing by before she spoke; the call ended seconds later, “There’s one person missing this time, Steve.”
Steve sucked in a breath; one name echoing in the depths of his mind, and it felt as if his chest was caving in, Y/N.
Harsh winds push the car to no avail as Steve drives; the tires hissing monotonously over the rain-washed tarmac. Fields stretch ahead; small droplets of rain travelling in streams over the windows; the persistent screech of the wipers working away to clear the panes of glass.
Steve steals a glance towards the back seat; watching as James kicks his legs to the sounds of the radio, smiling as he mumbles over words to the song that plays; “Nearly there, Bud.” Steve smiles
“Just down the hill, and then we’re there!” James declares, a toothy smile spreading over his face as Steve nods, “you know it, pal.”
Steve focuses on the road ahead; the last few minutes of the car journey lay outstretched . He watches as the scenery changes, noting the way the familiarity of it all seems to unsettle him. A sudden change of atmosphere almost; his heart beginning to beat just a little bit faster than before- the blood now pulsing through his veins.
The large house that made up the Barnes’ family home came into view. Large arched windows encased in red clay brick; Steve can just about picture the light as it streams through the windows, a shadow cast upon the sweet-chocolate browns of the oak wooden floors. Memories of him and Bucky as children playing hide and seek filtered through his mind; memories of him, Bucky, Nat & Y/N doing the same. His smile dropped slightly; the once happy memories now darkening- filtered images of a tortured past clouded his vision. Fights and upset entangled amongst tender touches and stolen glances.
A knock on the drivers side window of the car tore him from his thoughts, Bucky stood someone expectantly, a small, sad smile tugging at his lips as he peered towards the back seat where James was now sleeping. Steve sighed, turning off the ignition before opening the car door; Bucky stepped back, hands shoved into his pockets before Steve engulfed him in a hug; arms wrapping tightly around one of his oldest friends in a somber embrace.
Bucky returned the hug, patting Steve’s back before pulling away; a hand coming up to rub at the onset of tears, sucking in a breath before speaking, “Thanks for coming over. Becca’s gone- said she needed air. We’re just sorting through Mom’s things-“
“I’ll help. I’ll help, Buck. I’m sure James will find those old college photos amusing.” Steve laughed, the smile that came with it not quite reaching his eyes. Bucky did the same as he nodded, body turning to shuffle towards the back door of the car, “I’ll grab him.” He relented, pulling open the door to unbuckle a sleeping James from the car seat.
James roused slightly from sleep, aware of the arms that now encased him, sighing before his eyes fluttered closed once again. Bucky laughed lightly; pulling him from the car before shutting the door behind him, “Sleeps like a dead weight. Sounds like his dad.”
“Ain’t nothing wrong in a deep sleep, pal.” Steve snorted, turning before leading the way up the steps to the house. The pang he felt in his chest earlier returning as he entered the house.
Steve stood in the hallway of the home he knew well; eyes gazing up at the tall ceilings, the paintwork a brilliant shade of white, a long hallway stretched the length of the house; double oak doors strewn in different places down the hallway. A large staircase stood at the foot, a red carpet embedded in thick strips of oak wood, a small slither of light illuminating the top of the landing- exactly as he remembered it, although now he was older, it didn’t seem as grand.
Bucky shuffled in behind him, James still fast asleep in his arms, he nodded towards the back room, eyes gazing over to Steve as he spoke, “I’ll put him on the couch. Becca was sorting through boxes in the kitchen- Ma kept going on about them just a week ago. Kept saying that there was something in there, something that you should see. You know how it was in the end, nothing made sense. But I thought-“
“We’ll take a look, pal.” Steve confirmed, smiling, turning to walk towards the kitchen at the back of the hall.
Alzheimer’s had taken Winifred Barnes. A long road travelled; a roadblock of sorts- a screen that reached from the ground right the way up the sky; she was aware she was forgetting, something close yet hidden, but she couldn’t quite remember just what she was forgetting. It had gotten a lot worse in the last five years- Steve had pinpointed the worse of it starting right after Natasha and Clint’s wedding. A lot went wrong after that, he thought.
“You ready, punk?” Bucky mused, coming to lean against the kitchen door as he nodded towards the numerous boxes scattered on the kitchen counters, as well as the kitchen island.
Steve nodded, eyes raking over the large amount of boxes before speaking, “Where do you wanna start?”
Bucky shrugged, nodding towards the box right in front of Steve, “that one I guess.”
Steve hummed, ripping open the box, eyes skimming over the contents before chuckling, “Oh boy. There’s some good ones in here,” He nodded, pulling out a photograph of both him and Bucky, taken back when they were nothing but mere toddlers. Bucky laughed in response, body shuffling to sit at the kitchen island; body slumping into the brown leather stool,
“She kept everything, Steve.” He sighed, eyes swimming with emotion once more. Steve said nothing, eyes remaining focused on the contents of the box; fingers delicately skimming through the assorted photographs before landing on something solid. Eyes scrunching in confusion as he pulled out a wooden box; breath hitching as he looked at it.
Bucky noted the way his friend stilled; his head lolling up to meet Steve’s gaze, eyes wide as he looked at what he was holding,
“Steve, I swear- I didn’t know she still had it, she said that she gave it back.”
“Guess you should have believed her when she said there was something I needed to see, huh?” Steve joked; although Bucky could tell it hurt.
“You gonna open it?” Bucky mused; not answering the jarring comment Steve had just made.
Steve sighed, looking back up to Bucky before opening the box; the contents of it just as he remembered. Flashes of memories engulfed him; photographs from every moment spent with her- Y/N; every aspect of their past captured in photographs, movie tickets, concert tickets, old mixed tapes- everything that made up them.
Steve trifled through the box; hands shaking and eyes scrunched in silent confusion, “there’s something missing- where is it, everything else is in here- I don’t-“
“Hey, Steve. Stop, come on man, stop it. Not now.” Bucky pleaded; a hand reaching out to stop his friends movements. Steve sighed, eyes closing before he breathed out a barely audible “sorry, punk”
Bucky nodded, eyes beginning to skim over the assortment of photographs that had fallen from the box; a hand gingerly reaching out for one, smiling as he laughed,
“Hey, remember this? Can’t have been long after we met her- what were you? 9?”
Steve chuckled, eyes solemnly looking at the photograph Bucky held. It was a photograph of him, Y/N, Bucky and Nat; all lined up to pose for a photo, arms linked and smiling; he could recall his Mom telling them all to say cheese for the camera,
“We were eight.” Steve responded; his mind casting back to the first time he met Y/N.
Then, September 1994
Steve was eight when he first laid eyes
Y/N; the first time he saw her was on the corner of Bucky’s street when her and her parents unloaded the moving truck containing all of their lives belongings into their new home. Steve was running from Bucky, smile bright and eyes twinkling in light mischief as Bucky hurtled after him; the older of the two shouting after him to slow down.
Steve turned, too preoccupied with trying to put as much distance from himself and his friend to notice that he was hurtling towards Y/N; only realising as his body crashed into hers, the force of it sending her flying backwards with a loud cry.
Steve looked mortified as he saw the young girl bring her hands up to her face; dark crimson liquid coating the palms of her hands- her face scrunched up in shock, lower lip trembling ever so slightly before a grin broke out across her face; eyes coated in light tears but amusement all the same. Steve watched on in a mixture of concern and confusion watching as the girl burst out laughing. Steve’s mouth opened and closed in shock before he started rambling an apology,
“I’m sorry! I didn’t see you ‘cos I was running, I didn’t mean to knock you over, I swear!”
Before the young girl could explain, her parents came bounding towards her- eyes glancing between the two children. Her father was the first to speak,
“What’s going on, huh?”
Y/N glanced towards Steve before her eyes travelled up towards her father; a toothy grin breaking out on her face as she spoke,
“He fell into me and I fell over, but I didn’t cry or nothin’, I was brave. LOOK!” she exclaimed, bringing her bloody palms up to show her parents.
Her father looked towards her mother and they both laughed lightly,
“You were so brave, sweetheart,” her mother cooed, placing a light kiss to her forehead.
Steve sat still; eyes admiring the scene before him, a soft smile on his face before he spoke up quietly,
“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt her, I was just running from-“
“STEVE?” a loud voice boomed behind him before Bucky appeared next to him,
“What’s happened now, punk?” he enquired.
Y/N’s mother smiled over at him, hand outstretched for him to shake as she spoke,
“It’s a pleasure to meet you! They had a little fall, nothing to worry about- perhaps you’ll all be seeing a lot more of each other-“
“James Buchanan Barnes, Ma’am. But everyone calls me Bucky,” Bucky smiled, taking her hand and shaking it before doing the same to her husband,
“Ames,” she finished; laughing lightly at the charm Bucky seemed to radiate.
“Are you okay?” he asked Y/N, “Steve here isn’t always the brightest when it comes to looking where he’s going,” Bucky ventured
“I’m okay! LOOK!” Y/N smiled at the older boy, showing Bucky her hands where the now dried blood coated her skin
Bucky chuckled before taking one, “Ay, proper war wound! You’ll be off fighting for the country one day!” he exclaimed,
Y/N laughed before tutting, “Noooo. Don’t be silly!”
Bucky smiled again, eyes travelling over to Steve before he spoke,
“Stevie, why don’t we help these nice folks unload the rest of their things? I’ll tell my Mom they’ve moved in!” Bucky implored,
Steve nodded, a shy smile directed at Y/N as she laughed and grabbed his hand, leading him to the back of the wagon and reaching up to get a box. Bucky flashing a smile towards Y/N’s parents as he followed.
Her parents watched on amused at the three young children. Their gazes turning towards the woman who had suddenly appeared,
“Winifred Barnes- it’s a pleasure. I saw all the commotion, my son, James- quite the charmer isn’t he? Steve’s parents are at work right now, I’m sure they’d love to meet you!” Winifred spoke, dusting her hands off on her apron before reaching a hand out for Y/N’s parents to shake.
Y/N’s mother smiled; taking her hand before speaking, “it’s a pleasure. I’m sure we’ll all be spending time together- I’ve got a feeling those three will be inseparable!” She laughed,
Winifred nodded, laughing too before she spoke once more, “Just wait until little Natasha returns from her holiday, we’ll have difficulty separating the four of them.”
And oh how Winifred Barnes was right.
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We are getting SO close to the reunion chapter! It's coming up next, I promise! What are we all thinking? We finally got see how Y/N and Steve met- there's plenty of flashbacks in this series, and I am so excited to share them with you! If you want to be added to the taglist, don't hesitate to ask. WHAT IS MISSING FROM THE BOX??!!! WHY DID BUCKY’S MA STILL HAVE IT???? I would LOVE to know your thoughts!!🥰
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