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#team jacob
xowinniexo · 6 days ago
An Idea
So.... what if there was a redo of New Moon from Jacob's perspective AND he ends up with Bella. Can somebody start a petition with S.Meyers?????
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xowinniexo · 6 days ago
Can somebody direct me to Twilight Fan Fiction where Bella ends up with Jacob at the end of New Moon???? Cause what Stephenie Meyer did to Jacob was unacceptable.
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lapushbaby-ltslapush · 6 days ago
Alright, when it comes to team Edward vs Team Jacob, I'm team Edward. Now, do I think Edward was the better choice? No. But I do know that bella chose Edward. Now bella was... well bella, and I think we can all agree that bella didn't make the smartest choices, but she chose Edward for whatever reason and she can have him, he's all hers. Jacob was definitely the smarter option, but since when does bella make smart choices???
Basically, all I'm trying to say is that bella chose eddie because he was what she wanted, and Jacob deserved better.
(He especially deserved better than a new born baby)
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notquitetwilight · 7 days ago
Hi!! I just came across your blog and I love it! ❤️ I haven’t thought about Twilight in ages! #iwasteamjacob 😂😂😂
#so was meg thee stallion so I think you were correct
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twilight-stan · 12 days ago
So we know the cullen's don't sleep but the question still stands: do they wear sweatpants / pj's??? 🤔🤔
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littlespidermonkey · 12 days ago
It felt a little alien, reaching out for the knob on the stereo after all these months. There was even dust on it from prolonged disuse, but I turned it, flipped the old thing on. The station was playing some old pop song. I should have hated it, would have hated it yesterday, but today, I just let the noise wash over me like the waves had when I’d jumped.
This felt better than that, though. And it was a lot safer too.
Jake didn’t take his eyes off the road, but he did glance at me out of the corner of his eye. “Bells?”
“I don’t know,” I said, letting my hand fall back onto his arm. “I just feel like maybe I’m ready to try some things again.”
He smiled, but it was tinged with something I couldn’t name. Shock, maybe? Panic? “Uh, did you hit your head when you fell?”
“I think it would hurt more if I had,” I said, rubbing it over to check. No tender spots, which was good. “But I think the jump was good for me. I’ve said goodbye to that part of my life and now… I can let it go.”
Jake’s eyes were now glued to the road like his life depended on it. When he spoke, his voice cracked a little bit. “And what, you’re ready to move on to bigger, better things now?”
He said it like a joke, but I could hear the real question hidden there. It was the question he’d asked me quietly with the candy hearts and the gazes and even the motorcycles.
Now, I could finally give him my answer.
I wrapped one arm around his shoulders and pulled myself closer to him. “Yeah. Yeah, I think I am.”
We let the radio play for the whole drive home.
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junoalive · 14 days ago
I’m going to list reasons of why people should not be Team Jacob because I can
Tumblr media
Side note: this is a joke and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Please don’t come for me over this.
» First of all, where was the chemistry? Aside from in New Moon when Bella is vulnerable after Edward having just left her, unsure of her own mind and still recovering, that one almost kiss, where was it?
Did Bella ever once look at Jacob and think he is attractive and someone I would date? Did her heart ever flutter or her thoughts become incoherent? Did Bella Swan ever truly consider dating Jacob Black aside from when her mental health was barely recovering?
» In Eclipse, he blatantly ignored the many times Bella expressed the fact she is not interested and kisses her. Not only is that against her consent but also violating everything about her and their friendship.
Edward, on the other hand, says that if Bella wanted Jacob to kiss her, he would not protest. Because it is her body and if Bella were to choose other than him, it would not be his place to interfere. However, because it is against her consent, Edward does not deal with it kindly and after Bella blatantly says “I was hoping you’d say that” after he threatened to do something about the fact, he resorts to violence.
» TW/CW: Jacob threatening to make himself perish.
Jacob Black, oh this scene bugged me, threatened to kill himself in order for Bella to kiss him. If Bella had not kissed him, while later revealed he would most likely not have gone through with it, she would have to sit with the guilt if anything did happen.
Claiming he loves her, this is clearly some form of manipulation as in the end it worked, and with Bella’s consent, but for clearly the wrong reasons.
» I’m aware he was concerned for her safety, however it was not his place to intervene when Bella revealed she was having a regular honey moon. He was not the one in the relationship, and Sam — big alpha man oooo — did not protest, so why should he?
Bella and Edward’s relationship, both of whom would have been married and consenting adults, did not need Jacob nearly killing the bride on her wedding day and leaving the pair to depart with him on their minds instead of forever.
» He imprinted on her baby. I’m aware Renesmee will grow soon enough and decide for herself, however the way he looks at her and describes the link to her?? Something there seems off.
Like dude, weren’t you just offering to have her put to and end and have Bella — married, dying, doesn’t have feelings like that for you anymore — have your kid? WEREN’T YOU ON YOUR WAY TO DELETE THAT KID?
Tumblr media
» Jacob deserved to be a kid who grew out of his childhood crush, joined the wolf-pack and claimed his rightful place as Alpha, stayed unproblematic, and his FRIENDSHIP with Bella saves her in the end.
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goldieyes · 15 days ago
People on Reddit getting mad at me loving jacob always makes me laugh hehehehehe
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i legit thought it was bella who caught the wrench until a week ago, i always thought it was cute how jacob taught her macanics. that was the only time i was ever team jacob, but nvm i don’t even have that
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