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#twilight saga
avyannadawn · an hour ago
Hii can I request a headcanon for Demetri having a soft and sensitive human mate? It's so hard to find those that are like me lmao!
soft mate (hc) || demetri.v
Tumblr media
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Demetri Volturi x Gender Neutral Reader
A/n: I hope this was okay! enjoy <3
Millennia’s had passed and Demetri had yet to meet his mate. He had watched so many relationships form and blossom within his immortal life and he had never been blessed with one. Until you
To say Demetri was shocked would be an understatement. You had come crashing into his life and in all honesty, Demetri wouldn’t have it any other way.
Having been around aggressive vampires for well over two millennia’s, your soft nature was a breath of fresh air. Even though he doesn’t breathe. 
At first, he is quite confused about how sensitive you could be, given that the only time he is around humans is only when he’s drinking from them. 
He finds it fascinating how much you pay attention to details that others would normally miss and how you think so deeply about things. 
He adores how caring you can be and how emotional you can get about some things. He doesn’t ever see you getting emotional as a bad thing, rather finds it enticing how the smallest of things can cause a reaction. Whether its a puppy on the street, a lonely bird who looks lost, or a pretty flower. 
He’s well aware of how sensitive you can be about stuff. But not once had he ever made a comment about it. You’re so used to people saying things such as:
‘Stop being so sensitive.’
‘Why are you taking it so personally.’
If Demetri even heard someone utter those words in your direction, human or vampire, he would rip their head off (with the exception of his masters because that’s a no-no).
He becomes so protective of you. To him, you are simply a small precious bean.
On occasions, he has to give a small lecture on how not everyone deserves kindness, especially yours. You never listen. 
Felix and Heidi beg Demetri to let them give you a ‘101 on how to be an asshole’ lesson. Spoiler alert: the answer was no.
Hates, hates, h a t e s, seeing you cry. It feels like someones cleaving his dead heart in two. But when this does happen, which can be often, Demetri ops to wrapping you up in blankets like a tortilla and cuddling with you on the couch.
He adores how deeply you feel things. As much as others say being ‘emotional’ is a bad thing, he loves it. 
You get along great with everyone. Felix thinks you are the ‘cutest little thing’ and Heidi just gushes over you. 
And shockingly even the twins don’t seem to hate you. Their whole life, human or vampire, they’ve been seen as weird and as freaks. But then you, a human came along, treating them with genuine kindness which shocked them. 
They grew to absolutely adore you as well, much to Demetri’s dismay.
But Jane and Alec became your bitches although they would never ever admit it.
But don’t  get your hopes up, Caius hates you.
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edwardsviolentmusic · 2 hours ago
i just think the twilight saga cinematography >>
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bisexualemmettcullen · 2 hours ago
every time i watch new moon im always slightly caught off guard with how... mildly inconvenienced the festival-goers in volterra look when bella is literally SHOVING them out of the way????
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oceanmocha · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
{a playlist}
skinny love - bon iver
hello my old heart - the oh hellos
full moon - the black ghosts
decode - paramore
cul-de-sac - the wonder years
eyes on fire - blue foundation
the violet hour - sea wolf
mt. washington - local natives
cover your tracks - a boy and his kite
i caught myself - paramore
other lives - hazel english
satellite heart - anya marina
bloom - the paper kites
cherry - moose blood
flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine
soldier, poet, king - the oh hellos
new dork pity - small talks
like slow disappearing - turnover
eastern leaves - moving mountains
boats & birds - gregory and the hawk
navy blue - the story so far
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actuallyedythecullen · 6 hours ago
hey so if any vampires want to just bite me so i can fake my death for funsies, its totally ok and i would even encourage it
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dr-baecullen · 6 hours ago
I have Felix reaction pictures if someone wants them. And it’s Felix Friday!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thebossofcute · 9 hours ago
Watch "Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Official Video)" on YouTube
So like, my sister showed me this last night. It was the first time I'd ever watched the music video and like.... this is literally Just Aro.
This is what Aro listens to. Like in my headcanon, Aro has only now discovered the 80's and he plays this on repeat and made his own Volturi parody of it cuz this song is just him any time he finds a gifted vampire he wants.
Imagine him wrapping Caius and Marcus in ribbons re: the MV.
Tell me this hasn't happened.
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twilightfanfictionreader · 11 hours ago
If they'd ever vacationed in Volterra, Renee would have followed Heidi and been Vampchow for sure
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lemonadebottlecap · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
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bisexualemmettcullen · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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emmett2wavy · 12 hours ago
Headcanon: Emmett‘a Instagram consists of couple posts like the one below
Tumblr media
She was the baddest I was the realest 💯
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uncrytears · 13 hours ago
Okay, some of you need to hear this. "Twilight", although not listed as one, is a psychological thriller, not the love story it's made to be. "Killing Stalking" is a psychological thriller and not a love story.
Get your genres straight.
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Everyone picks their canon correct
i hate to be that bitch, but only to an extent.
yes, i’m gonna sit here and know that jacob was completely miswritten, and he and bella have had an amazing and healthy relationship whether platonic or romantic while edward eats shit.
BUT, we have to acknowledge that jacob WAS miswritten and we have to acknowledge and work to amend WHY he was miswritten.
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enchantedpersephone · 16 hours ago
The First Night of Rosalie and Emmett
Warning: Sensitive content
Emmett: Rose.
Rosalie: I can do this, Emmett. I just...need a moment. I'm sure that I-
Emmett: Rose, you don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing...
Rosalie: No, Emmett! You don't understand! It's our first night...Our honeymoon, we should-
Emmett: Rose, my love. My angel. My fierce wife and my dream of companion for eternity.
Emmett: Listen to me... We don't have to do anything. Nothing, Rose. I will wait for you, no matter what. Whatever it takes. I will wait for you until you feel safe and comfortable by my side. And until that day comes, I will be what you need me to be, my dear. There is no rush. We have time. So, why don't we take it slow? After all, we still don't know everything about each other.
Rosalie: Emmett ... I really don't know how long it can take. It is unfair t-
Emmett: It's not, Rose. I will repeat this until you get tired of me and throw me away, dear. I am here and I will stay as long as you my angel wants me. And just to remind you, I meant every word I said to you on that altar today, so please, let me show you as we build a life for ourselves, love. I will always be by your side, whatever it takes.
Rosalie: I wish I had met you first, Emmett. Before...Everything else. So we could live a normal and happy life.
Emmett: I'm sorry I couldn't have met you before, Rose. So from the start I could stand against the shadows that cross your eyes now. But believe me when I say that, my angel. We can still be happy, you will see.
Rosalie: You know, Emmett, despite everything I've been through in my human life ... You are one of the best things I have found in this eternal life. And, I will love you endless, my lovely husband-bear.
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n1ghtlux · 17 hours ago
I’m going to eventually start writing little imagines to these prompts I’ve collected, if you have requests/ ideas lmk!;
Fandoms: marvel, divergent, maze runner, teen wolf, winx saga, the flash, arrow, xmen, merlin, supernatural, twilight, dead poets society, perks of being a wallflower, harry potter, kingsmen, bridgerton, miss peregrines home for peculiar children
“How dare you! I trusted you!” - “Sweet naïve little girl. Trust is for children. You, my dear, are a soldier.”
“I saved your lives.” - “How? By stealing our freedom? Our minds? Our identity?”
“Where are you going?” - “Hell most likely.”
“Don’t you know who I am?” - “No, I do. It’s just that I don’t care.”
“Take my hand.” - “no!” - “Look I’m not trying to ask you to marry me, I’m trying to save your life.”
“Well, this is a nice change of scenery.” - “It’s a prison cell.”
“I’d take a bullet for you, you know that.” - “you’re immortal, and I’m going to kill you if you keep saying that.”
“Like them? Yeah, right. I can barely hold back my puke just by looking at them.”
“Don’t talk to me, someone might think we are friends.”
“I can’t stand you.”
“Are you blushing? Gross.”
“A date? Sorry but I have to go home and laugh at that idea.”
“Hey, you can’t be an asshole to them, only I can.”
“I’m going to kill them for punching you before I ever got to.”
“If it makes you feel better, you can slap me.”
“I swear, if you took my leftovers, I will rip you limb from limb.”
“That guy is not good for you. Hell, even I would be better for you and I’m your enemy.”
“You don’t have to be gentle with me. I don’t break easily.”
“Did I say you could stop?”
“Turned on already, wow that was fast.”
“Can you just hold my hand?”
“You made me feel weak.”
“It wasn’t supposed to end this way.”
“My hate for you runs deeper than your ego.”
“How long has it been since you’ve slept?”
“Oh god, you’re bleeding.”
“I heard you scream. Nightmares again?”
“Don’t touch me!”
“I could use a hug.”
“You need to stop doing stupid shit like that or you will get yourself killed.”
“Just how I imagined it would taste.”
“Let me clean your wounds.”
“If you steal the blankets, I’m going to put my cold feet on you.”
“Stargazing was a good idea.”
“I heard you talking in your sleep.”
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