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imaginetwilight2704 · 7 hours ago
Love from afar
Anonymous said:
Could you do an Embry Call imagine where he imprints but the person is already in a relationship so he just has to love from afar? Lots of angst!
Tumblr media
“Hurry up Paul! I don’t want to be late! I’m already feeling nervy about going back to school and you are making this SO much worse!” Embry shouts up the stairs to his friend, tapping his foot and checking his watch.
“Oh calm down, stop being so dramatic!” Paul laughs as he walks down the stairs, flicking the side of his friend’s head as he walks past.
“Shit, forgot my pen, be right back!” He announces as he runs back up the stairs.
“Paul, we’re going to be late!” 
Tumblr media
Embry’s truck comes to a sudden stop at the edge of the parking lot and Paul’s head hits the dashboard with a thud. “What the hell!?” He shouts, rubbing his forehead.
“Y/N” Embry whispers, looking dreamily across the lot.
“Y/N? As in Y/N Y/LN?” Paul asks, glancing between Embry and Y/N in the distance.
“You’ve imprinted all the way from over here?” He laughs incredulously. “Wow”
“How is that even possible? I can’t even see her properly!” Embry asks, unable to take his eyes off Y/N, chatting to her friends.
“Must be a strong one. I mean...we only have Sam to base this on but I’m pretty sure he looked into Emily’s eyes to imprint.”
“I have to talk to her” Embry starts his truck again and moves quickly to find a space, quickly getting out and grabbing his bag.
“You know she has a boyfriend though?” Paul states as he closes the passenger door, Embry stopping in his tracks.
“What?” He turns around to Paul, his brow furrowed with worry. “Since when?”
“Erm...not long but she seems pretty loved up...” Paul gestures back to where Y/N is standing, when a tall guy with long, dark hair and a large backpack walks towards her wraps her in a hug and kisses the top of her hair gently.
A small whine escapes Embry’s mouth. “Oh...” He whispers.
Tumblr media
3 weeks later
“So have you spoken to her yet?” Quil asks impatiently before taking a large bite of his sandwich.
Paul and Jared are sat at the other side of the table, engrossed in their own conversation, whilst Embry looks wistfully at Y/N who is sat two tables over. He sighs, resting his chin on his hands.
“I lent her a pen in geography. She said thank you and smiled at me. It was amazing.” Embry replies, not breaking contact with the other table.
“Yeah that sounds creepy. Stop staring.” Quil nudges his arm away, and Embry’s head hits the table.
Jared and Paul burst out laughing as Embry rubs his chin. 
“That’s karma for me hitting my head on your car!” Paul claims and Jared nods in support.
“Come on Embry, let’s go talk to her, Kim sits next to her in physics and says she’s really friendly.” Jared suggests, waving at Kim in the lunch line, subtly pointing towards Y/N and Kim responds with a thumbs up.
“Kim will come with us.” He grabs Embry’s arm and pulls him up, dragging him towards Kim as she pays for her lunch.
“Are you ready Embry? No creepy comments please. Jared told me about the staring.” Kim laughs as Jared kisses her cheek.
She grabs his hand as they start walking towards Y/N’s table.
“Hey Y/N, can we join you?” She looks up at Kim and smiles, “Of course” she replies.
She looks to Kim’s left at Jared and nods in greeting before looking over at Embry. She frowns slightly as their eyes meet, her smile faltering for a brief second before she takes a deep breath and her bright twinkle returns.
“Embry?” She asks, gesturing towards Embry.
“Yeah uh, hi. How are you?” Embry rubs the back of his neck as he tries to think of something smart to say.
Kim and Jared start talking to one of Y/N’s friends to give them both some privacy, but Jared keeps one eye on Embry.
“I’m really good thanks. I don’t think we’ve spoken since we were like...6? Maybe? Do you remember? Our moms used to be best friends!” Her face lights up and hands become animated with excitement as she recalls their friendship. Embry’s face looks blank, but she is determined for him to remember.
“My dad made us our own assault course in my back yard, we used to pretend we were training for the army, just like him...” Embry thinks hard, then a flash of a memory appears in his mind, then another, then another.
“And watch movies with huge bowls of popcorn?” He asks.
“Yes!! You remember!” Her smile is infectious, and Embry can’t help but grin back at her, until a small cough beside him when he realises that they have just been smiling at each other for about a minute.
“Mom still asks about you. Asks how you and your mom are doing.” Y/N’s smile falters slightly as she looks at Embry sympathetically.
“Yeah is alright. We’re ok. Do you know why they stopped being friends?” Embry asks.
“Just grew apart I suppose. Wish we could’ve stayed friends though. It’s weird. It’s been so long but I feel like we never stopped being friends, like I could just talk to you about anything.” She frowns slightly in confusion, looking up at him, assessing his face, taking in every detail.
“I feel the same. Like we were always meant to be...friends” He finishes sadly, then catches eye of the guy from this morning heading towards them.
He stands next to Embry and tries to straighten up to make himself seem taller, he’s taller than average, but doesn’t even compare to Embry and Jared.
“Alex” He states, nodding at the other two boys.
“Embry. This is Jared” Embry replies as Jared nods in greeting, neither offering anything else to acknowledge him.
“Hey sexy, walk me to next class?” Alex asks as he holds out his hand to Y/N.
“Yeah let me just finish talking first” She replies, rolling her eyes.
“We should hang out some time Embry, my mom would LOVE to see you again.” She begins packing up her things before writing something on a piece of paper.
“My number” she says, as she hands Embry the paper, Alex’s eyes flash with anger. Embry smiles at her in return.
She picks up her bag and books, ignores Alex’s hand that he’s offering her and starts to walk away, Alex trailing behind as he shoots angry looks back at Embry.
“Well that went better than expected” Jared whispers.
“ did.” Embry replies, looking at the piece of paper in his hand.
206-509-6995 Y/N ♥️
Tumblr media
“I will just love her from afar. When she’s ready, I’ll be here.” 
Quil gives Embry a sympathetic look, whilst Paul and Jared look disturbed.
They’re all leaning against Embry’s truck, with Embry looking lovingly across the parking lot at Y/N.
“Not in a creepy I’m waiting kind of way.”
“Yeah of course.” Paul says sarcastically as he flings an arm around Embry’s shoulders.
“Come on, let’s go for a run, blow off some of that creepy, unrequited love steam”
“I’m not creepy.” Embry insists.
“Keep telling yourself that!” Paul replies laughing.
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volturiwolf · 18 hours ago
Unorthodox - An Embry Call x vampire!fem!Reader Story - Part 2
A/N: This part is a bit longer than the first one, as I had to add the pack's reaction to the imprint - @foreveror-never suggested it, and I was thinking about it, so I added it.
A/N 2: (Y/N) loves expensive and lavish things - you will see it here and in later chapters
A/N 3: As Paul is 16 (a minor), I think Rachel (his imprint/Jacob's sister) should also be a minor, so I imagine her a year younger than Paul, Jacob, Quil, Jared, and Embry, at 15.
No of Words: 5600+
Through the parts, mentions of: Abusive relationship, Attacks, Hunt, Illusions, Loneliness, Mental health, Murder, Sex / Sex language / Sexual activities, Suicide, Swear language, Wild imagination
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Part 1
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tumblr media
(Y/N)’s POV
The past few days had been filled with nerves and anxiety. We couldn’t understand who could have been behind the events in Seattle, and that kept us on edge. This graduation party was the last thing we needed right now, but Carlisle and Esme still agreed to go along with it for Alice’s sake, but most importantly for Bella, as it was her first graduation.
I decided that I would have a good time myself, not worry about my thoughts for once, and just let loose. Carlisle and Esme left the house to ourselves, as they preferred to go out on a romantic walk. Bella just arrived at the party but did not notice me, as she turned around.
That’s when I smelled the “mutts”, as the five Cullen siblings called the wolves. The stink now was unlike anything they had described to me - dirt, mold, wet dog, canned dog food? It was difficult to describe it, but it left my nose burning.
Among the smells, there was another one, far more pleasant than the stink I smelled before. It smelled like wood, pine, grass, the ocean. It smelled better than blood, better than anything I have ever smelled in my life. It smelled like warmth and home. I didn’t quite fully comprehend it, but it smelled familiar like it was calling me.
I turned to look at Bella, and she was already talking with Jacob, who stank so much by now. I played it cool, trying not to breathe, so I wouldn’t have to get out of here earlier than I had planned.
“Was my right hook too subtle for you?” I laughed at Bella’s words, as I remember telling us how she broke her hand punching Jacob in the face.
He was now trying to apologize to her, but it didn’t feel too genuine for me. Well, that was just me though, as she seemed to be relaxing a bit from her previous defensive attitude. I walked by Bella’s side just as Jacob was handing her her “graduation present”, a wolf bracelet.
“Hey, Bells!” I greeted and side-hugged Bella carefully. I turned towards Jacob, smiling widely and extending my hand towards him. “Hi, I’m (Y/N)! You must be Jacob. I’ve heard so many things about you.” He ignored me, rolling his eyes, probably annoyed I interrupted his conversation with Bella. I wouldn’t let the wolf ruin my mood. So, I just smiled and turned towards the two that were accompanying Jacob tonight.
“Hi! I’m (Y/N).” I extended my hand for them to shake. The shorter boy, with the slightly curly hair, shook my hand first.
“Hi, I’m Quil. I think we met the other day.” He smiled at me.
“Yes! You were on patrol with Paul, right? You replaced Edward and me? Nice to meet you!” I felt Jacob shaking his head behind me at the mention of Edward’s name. Pfft, get over yourself, big guy.
“Yeah, exactly! It’s nice meeting you, too.” Quil’s face lit up, the cold attitude that he had a few days ago nowhere to be seen. He actually seemed pretty nice. “By the way, this is my friend, Embry. He is part of our pack.”
I turned to look at the other guy, who stood a few inches taller than Quil, extending my hand, waiting for him to shake it. “Hi, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you, Embry!” I chirped in. He was totally gorgeous, and if I could blush, my whole face would be burning by now.
He lifted his face to look at me, and the moment our eyes met, he froze at his place. I felt a fire burning inside me, and electricity passing through my body. My mind cleared up completely, for the first time ever since I became a vampire. I could now see what he was thinking about. I saw us running through the woods - Embry in his wolf form; us laughing at the beach; I saw myself lying in his arms.
I was taken aback. Embry was still frozen to his place, his eyes looking at me widely, and Quil had to start shaking him to bring him back to reality. He came back just in time I heard and saw Alice coming down the stairs. She suddenly froze. Bella also noticed and we both excused ourselves to stand in front of the small brunette vampire.
I stood in front of Alice, watching the images in her head. I saw Riley Biers, the guy who had been missing for over a year now, his face plastered on posters all over Forks. He was holding a red blouse, and he was giving it around to the newborns to sniff it. I saw him and the newborns swimming and walking towards Forks. The vision stopped and I started panicking. I didn’t even notice Embry coming to stand beside me until I felt the warmth radiating off his body.
“Alice, what’d you see?” Bella was starting to panic.
Alice looked at me, her face just as upset as mine probably was. “The decision’s been made.”
Jacob came to stand beside Bella. “What’s going on?”
Realization hit Bella. “You’re not going to Seattle.”
“No. They’re coming here.”
I called Carlisle and thankfully, he came as soon as he could. Alice went to get Edward and Jasper, and along with the wolves and Bella, we all walked in the small patio, not able to wait any longer for the guests to leave the house.
It was a complicated and upsetting situation. We came to the conclusion that the newborn army could not just have been created by Riley Biers; there must have been someone else behind it.
Jacob, Embry, and Quil quietly agreed with each other, deciding to fight the newborns along with us. Bella was currently trying to prevent Jacob from fighting the newborns, afraid that he could hurt himself.
I looked at Embry, who was already looking at me. I may have not known him at all, but I couldn’t bear the thought of him fighting the newborns. He could be the greatest fighter of all for all I know, but newborns are not to be taken lightly. They are lethal. I was talking from my own experience and other newborns I met along the way.
Newborns are uncontrollable and vicious, the only thing we ever think about at that stage of our life is blood and how to soothe our never-ending thirst. At that point, we are way superior in every sense than any other vampire. Our senses are heightened, our stamina much greater, our strength far greater. We are designed to kill at that point, and the only thing that can stop is our very own vanity and carelessness.
I didn’t know how the wolves would be able to deal with them, without getting themselves hurt. I would never say they were incapable of fighting or they were weaker than us, but, at least, we could, more or less, know what it feels like being a newborn, driven by a sort of madness, your vanity, your thirst; all these were things the wolves would not be able to understand.
Carlisle turned to Jacob. “We’ll all need some training. Fighting newborns requires knowledge that Jasper has. You’re welcome to join us.”
“Right. Name the time and place.” Jacob seemed too confident in himself.
Carlisle turned at me. “(Y/N)? Will you join us?”
I felt everyone’s eyes on me. “Of course. I will fight with you. You are my family after all. Whoever is behind this, won’t even know I exist.”
Carlisle nodded at me and then turned to the three wolves before us. “Tomorrow, 1 pm. We’ll meet at a clearing 4 miles southeast from here. It will give us enough space and privacy, away from the town.”
Jacob nodded and he and Quil went to leave but stopped once they saw that Embry was still looking at me. I felt an urge to fall into his arms, to talk to him, but I also knew that this relationship could probably never work. I just needed time to think. So, when I saw Embry taking a few steps towards me, I turned to Carlisle.
“Carlisle, I’ll be going now. I’ll meet you all tomorrow.” I turned to Embry to look at him one last time, mouthing a “Sorry, I need some time” to him, before running towards the stairs as humanly fast as possible, and down to the garage to take my car.
I was thankful now that I convinced Carlisle and Esme to allow me to have my own space. They knew we would be close to each other, but they understood and respected my need for privacy. When I found a nice house, about 1 mile southeast from the Cullens, I moved all my stuff there.
I also got myself a few cars, just in case I needed to go anywhere and didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention. Something which I now thought I did not manage to achieve, as my Lamborghini Murciélago LP650-4 Roadster drew too much attention, not quite fitting for the small town of Forks. The exclusivity in its production and availability made it stand out even more than the other Murciélago editions.
However, instead of going home, I drove up to Port Angeles. I left my car near the warehouses down at the docks, and jumped to the sea, swimming all the way across to Vancouver Island. I just wanted to get away, maybe hunt, go somewhere that neither Embry nor any other wolf could reach for now.
I needed time for myself, with myself, just to think about everything. Bella and, with extension, the Cullens were hunted down by newborns; I mated with the wolf; the wolf mated with me; vampires and wolves do not get along - I would say they hate each other, but Embry’s and Quil’s attitude did not clearly state that, and, above all, my head had started killing me again.
I didn’t realize it quite as quickly but, as long as I was near Embry’s presence, everything was clear, specified, and understandable. The moment I left his side, everything started becoming unbearable. More confusing and complicated than it was before. It was as if Embry unraveled the mysteries and knots I had in my head and when I left, I took the pain and complications of being away from a mate with me, in my head. I just wished for once that my mind was clear and stable, and I now knew what I had to do.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Embry’s POV
“You what?” Paul had been screaming for a solid 10 minutes, pacing back and forth around Emily and Sam’s living room.
Thankfully, Sam, having expected such reactions, managed to drag Emily out of the house in time, telling her to go to Billy’s as fast as she could. Paul was fuming, and Sam knew that he had to put his imprint’s life first before Paul did anything to put her life in danger.
“Paul, CALM DOWN! You’re going to break the house down!” Leah screamed back at him.
“How do you expect me to calm down, Leah? Didn’t you hear what he said?" Paul’s hand pointed at me. “HE IMPRINTED ON A LEECH!” He snarled, sitting back down on his chair.
“I heard what he said, Paul! I, too, am disgusted, especially with how my little brother seems a bit too excited about this!” Leah was now staring at Seth, a mix of disgust and anger on her face.
“What?” Seth shrugged, smiling. “Quil said she was cool.” Quil nodded in agreement, smiling widely. “Besides, she’s hanging out with the Cullens. She has to be one of the good vampires, right?”
Paul and Jacob hit their fists down at the table, growling. I jumped a bit, taken aback by their actions. I knew Jacob didn’t like the Cullens, but what was Paul’s issue? She was MY imprint after all.
“Don’t you dare break this table!” Sam snarled at the two wolves. “You don’t choose who you imprint to. You two should know that!” Sam was staring between the two boys, who sat across from each other, around Emily and Sam’s dining table.
“Embry?” I lifted my head to look at the Alpha. All this time, I felt as if Paul put me up against a wall, and just yelled at me for no reason. “You good?” I simply nodded, not being able to say a word, in fear of triggering Paul once again.
Paul turned his head to look at the Alpha. “Are you serious, Sam? She’s a fucking bloodsucker! Just because Embry imprinted on her, does NOT mean she does NOT drink blood!” Paul was hitting his palm on the table with every word he said.
“No, it does not. But, because she’s Embry’s imprint, it means that we won’t have to worry about her like we do for the Cullens. Embry, I would like to meet her eventually. After the battle, of course; we first have to focus on fighting off those newborns.” I nodded at Sam, relieved that he was willing to meet (Y/N).
“Meet her? You mean bring her here? Are you crazy, Sam? Jared! You are not gonna say anything?” Paul turned to look at our packmate who was now munching on his third chocolate chip muffin that Emily had baked for the evening.
Jared looked around as everyone’s eyes fell on him. “What?”
“Sam wants to meet the leech. Here!” Jacob answered back at him.
“Oh, okay.”
“Are you serious, dude?” Paul widened his eyes, looking at Jared angrily.
“What? I don’t mind (Y/N). Plus, one less mouth to feed.” Jared grinned, while Quil and Seth burst laughing.
Paul was shaking by now, as he practically jumped out of his chair, and ran out of the house. I was worried about him and the pack - half of the pack was accepting and willing to give (Y/N) a chance, and the other half could not accept that she was my imprint, and I couldn’t do anything to change that. I didn’t want to change that. I always craved to find my imprint, and now that I found her, I would not let anyone take her away from me.
Vampire or not, she was my imprint, and the pack had to accept that and move on. The pack’s law stated that no wolf could turn against another wolf’s imprint - that was what bothered Paul so much. His clear hatred towards vampires would inevitably expand to (Y/N), and now he couldn’t do anything to her. I understood Leah hating on the vampires - the redhead was responsible for her father’s death, and the Cullens’ very presence triggered her transformation, making her the first known female shapeshifter. However, she hated the wrong vampire - (Y/N) was not the issue here, the redhead was.
We sat around the table for a solid hour, not talking, just thinking. Jared was on his tenth muffin by now - “nervous eating” he was calling it. Nobody from the rest of us was hungry anymore; we were all worried for Paul, for me imprinting on a vampire, for tomorrow’s training with the Cullens, for the upcoming battle.
We heard someone coming closer to the house from afar - sniffing the air around, we knew it was Paul. He entered the house, looking calmer than he did before. He came to my side, extending his hand to me. The moment I grabbed his, he pulled me up and into his arms in a tight embrace.
“I’m sorry, brother. I should have not overreacted. I know you cannot control the imprint. I’m just..worried, scared, for everyone. I’m sorry for what I said.” Paul was..apologizing? Paul NEVER apologized. I knew he meant it though.
“It’s alright, Paul. I just need you all to accept her; whatever she chooses to do with me, with the imprinting, you’ll have to accept her. She will have to be protected and taken care of, just like any other imprint.” I felt Paul tense a bit under our embrace. “Paul, I trust her. She’s good.”
“Okay, I trust you if you think she won’t harm anyone. I guess she is welcome to visit.” Paul pulled away and grinned.
“Thank you. It means a lot to me. Truly.” I smiled back, and he playfully smacked my arm, laughing.
We turned to look back at the others. Everyone nodded, even Leah and Jacob who seemed reluctant and reserved at first. Only Seth was smiling widely.
“Great! A new friend for me!” He stood up, doing his “happy dance”.
Oh, God! What have I gotten (Y/N) into?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Y/N)’s POV
It was almost 1 pm by now, and I was driving down towards the clearing. I spent my night hunting in Vancouver Island, before swimming back to Port Angeles sometime in the morning. I took my time to dry, and I changed into new clothes I kept in my car. I once again thanked the constantly cloudy weather that has become synonymous with the state of Washington but was actually ideal for me and other vampires to walk around quite unnoticed.
I arrived at the clearing just a couple of minutes after Edward and Bella arrived; everyone was present, even the wolves, who I knew would not trust us just yet to be in their human forms, and it was understandable. Just because Embry and I had a connection did not mean that we would demand the wolves to be vulnerable in front of us. They had the right to be just as suspicious towards the Cullens as the Cullens seemed to be towards the wolves.
They all seemed to have been waiting for me, as Carlisle started speaking the moment I came to stand between Esme and Edward, nearby Alice and Bella. Edward would be the translator between us and the wolves. Carlisle welcomed them and explained how the newborn vampires differ from us, after Sam’s inquiry. Jasper started talking about how they differ in numbers from regular human armies and gave a few tips on dealing with them.
“Now, the two most important things to remember are, first, never let them get their arms around you. They’ll crush you instantly. And second, never go for the obvious kill. They’ll be expecting that, and you will lose.” I saw a wolf growl, and turn his head to look at me, his face softening a bit. Embry. I smiled at him in response.
To prove his point, Jasper called Emmett first. Emmett was the clear example of a vampire depending exclusively on their raw force and strength. Though he wasn’t lacking in brainpower, Emmett was the strongest member of the Cullen family and he used that as his only gift, not having any special ability like three of his siblings did.
Emmett depended on his strength just like the newborns depended on their own, so he was a good example for the wolves to see just how such a vampire would act and react. Just like how Jasper expected, Emmett depended on his strength on this one to one with Jasper, and thus, Jasper managed to easily overpower him. “Never lose focus.”
Edward and Carlisle were next. Their fight went on for a few minutes, both managing to excellently avoid each other’s attacks, and while Edward seemed to have the upper hand as he pinned Carlisle to the ground, smirking to Jasper - “One more thing”, Carlisle turned around and pinned Edward to the ground instead. “Never turn your back on your enemy”, Jasper snarled as he rolled his eyes, being as sassy as he could.
Rosalie was up next against Jasper. Their fight was almost like a dance, synchronized, beautiful; it had rhythm, passion, accuracy. Rosalie seemed to be the most graceful of all fighters, having probably studied the moves shown before and mimicking them to the point, without getting a single piece of dirt on her. That went on for a few minutes until Jasper decided they were even.
Alice and Jasper’s fight resembled a mix of the two previous ones. It was synchronized and rhythmical, but a few punches were thrown around, both of them avoiding them. At one point, Jasper managed to catch Alice and attempted to kiss her, before she slipped out of his hands. Jasper was clearly confused until Alice jumped off the tree above him, landing on his back and lightly pecking him on the lips; the only one who beat Jasper today.
“(Y/N)?” Edward called me. “Are you up for a challenge?” He was smirking at me like a little prick. I loved that little prick, he was family, but he was a prick nonetheless.
“Do you want to do this my way or your way?” Instead of answering, Edward smirked. He thought he could win, especially now that Embry was present, and Edward could probably hear my thoughts more easily. “Got it.” I smirked back and the illusion began.
I decided to create a “whole package” illusion for everyone to see. Suddenly, there were about 15 different (Y/N)s in front of Edward, all smirking at him. I took a few steps back to watch the illusion from afar, making myself invisible in everyone’s heads. Edward was clearly trying to catch a string of thoughts, but all he could hear were the different thoughts that came from the illusions in front of him. I only allowed him to listen to them, and only them, nobody else. The voices were falling one on top of the other, so the mind-reader could not really make out what they were saying exactly.
He launched himself to one (Y/N) on his right, but that one managed to avoid his attack. He launched himself again towards another illusion and that (Y/N) grabbed him and threw him away. In reality, he fell on his feet on his own, the illusion did not grab him or throw him, but he felt as if it did. Edward was now baffled, not being able to distinguish between reality and illusion, and everyone looked at the scene in front of them curiously.
Meanwhile, I was actually sitting on the branch of a tree above the wolves, looking at Edward, standing in the middle of the clearing, confused, his eyes moving around too fast for the human eyes, grimaces all over his usually perfect face. Everyone else was still staring in front of them, consumed in the illusion I created for their own eyes only.
Everyone except for Bella, who has now noticed me and was staring at me. Was she a shield or something? I put a finger on my lips, asking her to stay quiet and just wait for the illusion to end. She didn’t say a thing, but just nodded at me, and turned back to face Edward who was still “fighting” with the illusions.
I looked down, and I realized I was almost above Embry. I smiled slightly at being so close to him. It gave me a sense of calmness and I could concentrate better on my illusion; his presence gave me a sense of control over my mind, without distracting me from my purpose. I jumped down from the tree and landed silently next to him. I looked at him carefully, trying to take in every detail of his wolf form.
His fur was gray, with black spots all around, his nose dark gray and somewhat white fur around his eyes and mouth. He was much sleeker than the other wolves but seemed strong nonetheless. His warm brown human eyes were replaced by icy gray, almost white, wolf ones.
I couldn’t help myself stroking his fur lightly, gliding my fingers through his back, feeling the extreme heat and warmth engulfing me, my fingers burning under the touch. I felt him shiver slightly, but calming completely within a few seconds. I heard some of the wolves growling. They must have felt what Embry did through the wolf telepathy, which Edward informed me about.
I let go of Embry and I heard him whimpering at the loss of touch, and I couldn’t help but smirk. He could feel the bond through the illusion, which normally wouldn’t happen. I looked at him once again before running to the other side of the clearing and jumping up another tree.
“Okay, I think that would be enough.” I told everyone and stopped the illusion. Edward was looking around confused and exhausted as if he actually fought with me. They all turned to look up at me, and I heard Embry huffing in what I assumed was a laugh. I jumped down from the tree and bowed theatrically.
Jacob walked closer to Bella and she started talking to him, but I didn’t pay attention to what she was telling him because I was too focused on Embry. I smiled at him and waved slightly. A minute or two later, Sam called for all the wolves to leave. Embry looked at me sadly and I nodded at him, thinking it would be better for him to go with the pack for now. He looked at me one last time before he ran off. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding all this time.
Bella was talking with Jasper now, and he was telling her about the time he was serving at the Confederate Army and then when he served Maria and her newborn army. I didn’t want these images in my head, so I decided to leave quickly. Getting in my car, I only stopped for a few minutes at the Cullens’ house to talk about their final plans before the battle.
A day before the newborns arrived, the Cullens had planned to go hunting, to “power up for the battle”, while Bella and Edward would stay at their house. Alice and I - mostly Alice - convinced Charlie we would have a sleepover at their house with Bella, as he was preparing to leave Forks for the weekend to go on a fishing trip. Charlie was actually really warmed up and friendly with Alice, though it didn’t take long for me to become friendly with him, as well.
I told Charlie what I told any human who asked about me - I was Esme’s biological niece that was going to stay with them for a while. I was telling everyone that I finished school last year, and was taking online classes at the University of British Columbia, double majoring in Commerce and Environmental Engineering. He seemed to be thoroughly impressed, so he welcomed me at his home, telling me to “stop by whenever I wanted”.
While everyone was getting ready for the hunt, I dismissed their invitation, telling them I had other plans. They didn’t question me for now, so I ran back to my house to prepare mentally for what I was about to do. I wasn’t usually scared by anyone, but that was my mate. I was scared of scaring him away. I just hoped he would understand my point of view. I didn’t want to think about it too much - it was now or never. Without really thinking, I ran out of my house.
I reached the treaty line and waited for any wolf to show up. I tried to create an illusion to lure any of them in; to mimic the smell of vampires, in hopes that at least one of them would show up. A few minutes later, who I assumed were Jared and Paul showed up, growling slightly at me.
I did not flinch and I kept my voice as calm as possible. “Can you call Embry to come here? I need to talk to him.” The wolves hesitated at first, but then ran backward, towards the woods and I was left standing on the other side of the treaty line, waiting for Embry to show up.
A few minutes later, a sleek gray wolf appeared between the other two wolves. I looked directly at Embry. “Can you come over, please?” I turned to the two wolves beside me. “I won’t hurt him. I wouldn’t even think of it.”
The two wolves growled lowly, nodding slightly. Embry crossed the river to meet me on the other side. His eyes told me that he trusted me, but his packmates didn’t trust me enough to allow him to turn back to his human form.
“Can we talk? Somewhere else..?” He nodded, and I smiled at him, running away and him following me closely behind.
We ended up near Mountain Olympus’ foothills, at the Olympic National Park. Ironic - it certainly does not compare to the real thing. I got emotional all too sudden, and if I could cry, I would be balling my eyes out by now. Embry whimpered by my side, rubbing his snout on my left side.
“Just homesick. Don’t worry about it.” I paused a little bit before I continued. “The others went hunting, but I wanted to talk to you. I couldn’t do it at the party and I didn’t have enough time at the training. I just want you to fully understand what you’re in for, so you know what to expect.”
I looked at him, and he turned around, towards the woods. I heard bones crashing, and a minute later, Embry came out of the woods in his human form, wearing cut-off jeans I didn’t notice he carried on him before.
“I trust you won’t hurt me, as you trust me I won’t.”
He came and stood near me, and we both sat down on the grass. I was a bit hesitant to talk to him; I didn’t want to sugarcoat anything.
“First of all, I would like to let you know I’m a vampire.” I laughed and he joined me. “My full name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N), and I was born in Greece, in 1858, just a few decades after the Greek Revolution. Things were still really fluid then. Basically, we had a king, but he violated the Constitution at one point, and then he was gone. I grew up in a poor family, and I had six brothers. I was the only girl in the family. I don’t know what happened to them.” I paused and my eyes stang with venom. Embry carefully took my hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze.
That gave me enough courage to continue. “My brothers and I had to work by the time we were 5 years old. It was the only way to sustain the family. It was hard but we knew it had to be that way. We were working in the fields; we helped with chores; the elder siblings took care of the younger ones when our parents worked, you know.”
“One day - it was the summer before I turned 18, I was walking through the woods. We had been preparing for the winter, and I had to cut some wood for the fire, so we wouldn’t get cold during winter. I..I was walking through the woods when I saw him.”
Unconsciously, I started showing Embry my memories, as an illusion formed in front of us. I felt Embry wincing beside me. The young vampire in front of us was a ragamuffin, though beautiful, with long, curly, dark brown hair and bright red eyes. I only realized now that he spared me because he wasn’t hungry, he just wanted to bite me, to make me like him.
I saw my human self, terrified and frozen at the sight. I saw the vampire launching forward and attacking me, biting my wrist. I saw myself fall on the ground screaming. I saw the agony on my face, the tears. I remember how it felt like, the pain, the burning, then the agony and the pain in my throat 3 days later, when I woke up as a vampire, and the one who bit me was nowhere to be seen.
I forced the illusion to end. I didn’t know I was breathing heavily - I didn’t even need to breathe at all - until Embry grabbed both of my shoulders and held on to me tightly.
“Focus on me. Please. Take deep breaths.” I couldn’t focus on his eyes, my mind was running wild. He brought me closer to him and hugged me tightly. His warmth engulfed my whole body and I felt at ease. I smelled him deeply - he smelled of dirt and grass, but also pines, wood, and the ocean. I wondered how I smelled to him. Was it as bad as the wolves say we smell? Did Embry tolerate my smell for the sake of our mate bond?
“Thank you for being here,” was all I could tell him.
We stayed like that for what felt like hours, in each other’s arms. I felt comfortable enough with him, my undead heart melting and my cold, hard-like-porcelain skin shivering under his touch.
“Embry?” He puffed a little, questioning me. “Please, be careful tomorrow. I cannot lose you, not now that I finally found you.”
He laughed. “I should say the same for you.” Now, I laughed. “I cannot lose you, (Y/N), not now, not tomorrow, not ever.” His eyes were serious and loving at the same time.
I didn’t want to ruin the moment but I kind of had to. “, Embry, I..I have to go..hunting, if you don’t mind.”
He pulled away a little bit, studying my face. “Let’s go!” He smiled, standing up, running to the woods, and turning into a wolf, his jeans wrapped around his left leg. I followed after him, stunned at his actions.
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incorrectwolfpack · 23 hours ago
Embry: Quil and I don’t have pet names for each other
Jake: hey Embry, what do bees make?
Embry: Honey?
Quil: *from the other room* yes, darling?
Jake: don’t ever lie to my face again
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imaginetwilight2704 · a day ago
Struggling with inspiration for some of my works in progress, lots of half ideas. AHHHHHHHHH!
Anyone got any asks for me, see if inspiration strikes?
Ask me!
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volturiwolf · 2 days ago
Unorthodox - An Embry Call x vampire!fem!Reader Story - Part 1
A/N: This is my first story with my favorite wolf 🐺 that I always wanted to write to see the different dynamics between two "mortal enemies". The story takes part in Eclipse after Edward and Bella came back from Jacksonville.
No of Words: ~ 4000
Through the parts, mentions of: Abusive relationship, Attacks, Hunt, Illusions, Loneliness, Mental health, Murder, Sex / Sex language / Sexual activities, Suicide, Swear language, Wild imagination
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tagged: @girlgirlgirlnormal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tumblr media
(Y/N)’s POV
"So, how has Bella been, since you all came back?" I was sitting in the Cullens' living room, the room being bright and warm compared to the storm outside.
"She's been better. I mean it was difficult for things to be like they used to, but I think we are making progress." Esme chirped. Her motherly stance always made me feel welcome in their house.
Though both Esme and Carlisle were always willing to take me into their family, I always hesitated. Don't get me wrong, I loved their family, but I was also kind of used to the nomad life, the freedom, the "traveling-around-the-world" part, though at some point it was all meant to fall apart.
I met Carlisle way before he found Edward. I had recently found myself in the United States, sometime before the turn of the 20th century. He was working as a doctor in Columbus at the time, around the time he came across a young Esme.
I left before he moved to Chicago, where he met Edward and turned him into a vampire, both to save him and to have as a companion. I met him again, when he moved to Forks, after Esme, Rosalie and Emmett joined him and Edward.
I spent a few years with them before Alice and Jasper joined them. I only met these two about two decades later, when I was running through Alaska, where the Denali Coven resided. I knew them because of our shared "vegetarian" lifestyle, one I picked up a few years after my transformation.
“She is actually down to the reservation, as we speak. She left with Jacob, on his motorbike.” Alice looked at me. Edward shifted in his place, obviously not agreeing with Bella going to the wolves. I knew about their existence back when I stayed here.
"Anyway. How have you been, (Y/N)?" Alice smiled at me, her golden eyes caring and loving. She had always been a shoulder to "cry" on. She and Rosalie were basically my best friends, keeping me grounded and focused.
"Well, I've been better." I sounded bitter, but they knew pretty much my situation and how I felt.
"How's your head?" Carlisle questioned, studying me carefully with his eyes, trying to take in any possible sign I showed.
"Messy, as always."
Like Edward, Alice and Jasper, I was also "gifted". I could attribute my gift to my wild fantasy I had as a kid, and later, as a teenager. I was always thinking too much, dreaming too much, my fantasy running wild. My days were filled with daydreaming; I don't really recall if I was ever "living in the moment". I mostly dreamed of different places, different scenarios, alternative universes.
When I was attacked one day and turned into a vampire, my head felt messy, wild, disorganized. I have been suffering for quite some time. It was years later that I discovered I could project my mind, the images in my head to others, in some form of illusions. I trained my gift over time, as a way to lure humans to me to feed on.
I managed to reach a point where I could not only create a visual illusion but could also affect all of the remaining senses. I could make others see, hear, smell, sense, even taste whatever I wanted. Hunting humans was oh-so-easy. That was until I realized I could also see their own images in my head, like a projection of their own mind to my own.
After some time, I couldn't take it. I couldn't find the strength to look at them, see the terror in their eyes, my own reflection as I attacked them in their heads. I gave up human blood for animal blood, and I stopped all these vicious images. I didn't want to be the kind of monster someone else created, but I had to live with it and actually survive.
I saw my heartbreaking figure in Edward's mind, who looked at me saddened. He couldn't really read my thoughts, my mind being like a "messy skein of thoughts, images, and whatnot", as he called it, that he could never actually figure out, apart from some things here and there.
I felt like I was intruding into their own family. I was never an actual part of the Cullen family, though they have all invited me at some point to officially join them. I was really considering it by now, tired of being alone, running around aimlessly. I've pretty much seen what I wanted to see; I just wanted to belong somewhere, to settle down, to put my thoughts in order.
"You know, you're always welcome to join us if you feel like it. You were always part of the family, an extended part, but a part no less." Edward smiled condescendingly, having caught part of my thoughts.
"Thank you for your kind words, though I don't know how well I will fit in. You all have your places in the family, and I don't want to take anyone else's space around."
"That's nonsense." Rosalie joined the conversation. "You have always been a part of our family, whether you ever realized it or not. We would be more than happy if you came to live with us."
“Besides”, Emmett interrupted, “we may need your help now. Old vampire vendetta.”
I looked around the room, and they all smiled encouragingly at me. That's what I missed the most all these years; the true love these people felt for each other, without actually having to voice it out loud, and the warmth they radiated. Ironic for being a vampire, but the care and how they protected each other made up for their cold skin.
"Thank you. I will stay with you and help you, as long and as much as I can." I smiled wildly, as we all stood up to hug each other, sealing the love and appreciation we had for each other, and a promise to stay with them and support them.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Embry's POV
Jared, Paul, Quil, and I were sitting in Emily and Sam’s kitchen, eating, as we always did, and discussing last weekend’s events. Sam and Emily were in each other’s arms, just a few feet away.
We were aware that the redhead leech, who was responsible for Harry’s death, was in the area again. The golden-eyed leeches managed to run after her, but she kept slipping away, jumping from one side of the treaty to the other, as if she knew and she was taunting us.
When she jumped on our side, we were quick on our paws and almost caught her, until she jumped across again. The muscled leech almost had her, but she jumped on our side and he followed her. What a fool! He should have known that we wouldn’t allow that - no exceptions, which is why Paul repelled him. They were both PISSED at each other.
Paul still held a grudge against the leech for trying to step on Quileute land, and he wasn’t just going to forget it. The leeches made our already complicated life even more complicated. If it wasn’t for them, Harry would probably still be here, and Jacob would probably be with Bella now.
She was all he ever thought. Because of the wolf telepathy, we could all hear his thoughts, and it was getting tiring by now. He hadn’t imprinted on her, of course, but he was obsessed with her, nonetheless. He couldn’t believe she chose a leech over him. Well, maybe, he wasn’t the right type of monster for her.
My thoughts were interrupted by a motorbike roaring down the dirt road - this must have been Jacob - I sniffed a bit - and Bella! Surprise, surprise! The vampire girl came to see us. They rode off the motorbike.
“Are you sure this is a good idea? I am the vampire girl, remember?” I laughed at the nickname I mentioned just seconds ago. Jared, Paul, Quil, and I stood up from the table and stepped out of the house, me leading the way.
“Hey, look who’s back!” I exclaimed.
“What up, Bella?” Quil chimed in.
Bella looked surprised. “Quil? You, too?”
“Yep. Finally made the pack.” Quil strutted, clearly proud of himself. We all laughed at him.
“I’m glad you’re here, Bella.” I told her. “Maybe we can get a break from Jake’s obsessive inner monologue.”
“I wish Bella would call.” Paul chimed in.
“I wish Bella wouldn’t call.” Jared continued.
“Maybe I should call Bella.” I continued, in a mincing way.
“Maybe I should call Bella and hang up.” Quil finished our little fun and we choked with laughter, while Bella and Jacob were a mix of laughter and awkwardness.
“All right, you can shut up now.” Jacob warned us but smiled in the process.
Then, Leah stepped out of the house. She was sitting at a corner somewhere in the house, while we sat at the table, so we didn’t really notice her before.
Jacob took it upon him to introduce her. “Bella, this is Leah Clearwater, Harry’s daughter.”
Bella looked at her apologetically. “Hey. I’m really sorry about your father.”
Leah snarled at her. “If you’re here to torture Jacob some more, feel free to leave.” She told her and walked away.
“Fun, isn’t she?” Jacob tried to play it down.
Emily and Sam stepped out of the house, and Emily ran to hug Bella. “Bella, hi! I was wondering when we’d see your face around here again.” Emily was definitely like our wolf mom, always by our side.
Bella hugged her back. “Yeah. Same here.”
Jacob turned to Sam. “Sam, we good?”
“We’re good. She won’t be getting through our line any time soon.”
“Yeah, that’s right boys!” Paul smirked, and the four of us ran away whooping, leaving Sam, Emily, Jacob, and Bella behind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Y/N)’s POV
I felt angry and sick. Some vampire broke into Bella’s house while Charlie was there, peacefully sleeping on the couch. I just came back to the Cullen house with Jasper and Emmett. We were sent to trace the intruder’s scent or anything else that could indicate why they entered Bella’s house. Thankfully, Bella was already in the living room, along with the others.
“Who was it? Someone we know?” I heard Carlisle’s voice.
“This stranger. I didn’t recognize his scent.” Huh, that makes two of us, Edward.
“A nomad passing through?” Esme questioned.
“A passerby wouldn’t have left Bella’s father alive.” Rosalie sounded worried. It was true though. Whoever it was, they weren’t there to hunt. They were there for something else.
“The scent disappeared about five miles south of Bella’s house.” Jasper informed the others as we entered the living room.
“Someone’s orchestrating this.” Carlisle sighed.
“Victoria?” Bella questioned. Was she the redhead one?
“No. I would have seen her decide.”
“Has to be the Volturi.” I slightly shivered as Edward mentioned their name. I didn’t like them at all. Everyone knew how terrifying they could be.
“I don’t think it’s the Volturi, either.” Alice interrupted my thoughts. “I’ve been watching Aro’s decisions, too.”
“So we keep looking.” Emmett said decisively.
“We’ll also take shifts guarding Bella at her house.” Carlisle ordered.
Rosalie protested at the idea. “Another protection detail?”
Bella agreed with her. “You can’t protect me, watch my dad and search for the intruder.” “And for Victoria.” Rosalie added. “And keep yourselves fed.” Bella continued.
She was right. As I looked around the room, I saw seven pairs of black eyes, all starving, which I guessed matched mine as the thirst and the burning in my throat became more prominent.
“I’m not leaving you here defenseless.” Edward protested.
“Well, I’m not gonna let you starve. And I wouldn’t be unprotected. I have..” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Edward flinched. She hit a nerve, but he was not going to let himself get upset at her, so he just let it be for now.
A day later, under Bella’s request, we started working with the wolves, taking shifts between each group. While Alice and Emmett were guarding her house one day, the rest of us would go out to hunt, much to Edward’s dismay and disapproval.
A few hours later, a pair of wolves would come to take over and replace one of our groups. We tried to make things work for Bella’s sake, though the wolves and the Cullens’ ego would clash all the time.
I personally wanted to get in a group with Rosalie, but Carlisle said it should be one of each to make sure we were safe, so I was partnered with Edward. He agreed not to leave me out here alone, so we were both standing across from Bella's house, watching over.
Part of my gift’s ability was I got to control and sense whoever “fell” into my illusion. So, I made sure to create an illusion that would catch anyone who tried to come within a 5-mile radius, so it would be easier for us to catch any suspicious activities around, while also looking out for the next pair of wolves that was to come in about an hour.
Edward was really stiff beside me, staring at Bella’s windows the whole time. She tried to sleep, but I could hear her moving around, not being able to find peace through her fears and anxiety. Alice and Rosalie had informed me these past days about the Bella-Edward-Jacob triangle, and everything else regarding these three.
“I know you’re anxious for her and angry that the wolves are helping us, but, you need to understand that keeping Bella safe is what matters the most here. You and Jacob literally fight all the time, and just make her stressed all the time, without any actual, serious reason. Just for once, leave your differences behind, and think about what is best for her. You, at least, should try to get along with him for her sake. He’s her best friend. Would it be fair to you if you had to give up on your best friend, even if it was for the love of your life?”
Edward gritted his teeth and refused to look at me. “You don’t understand. It wouldn’t be like that if they were just best friends. He wants to be way more than friends with Bella. He doesn’t like me, and I sure as hell don’t like him back.”
“You may be right. I don’t understand. But, the way I see it here is that you need to talk to Bella, tell her how it makes you feel when Jacob tries to court her all the time. Then, tell her why you had to leave her then and apologize to her. Actually apologize to her. I know you may not be able to see it, but imagine a girl being with a guy whom she is madly in love with, and then the guy disappears. Normally, a girl like Bella wouldn’t run back to you or even go as far as Italy to save you. She is a keeper, and you should make her feel appreciated. The way I see her, she always looks like an emotional wreck. You better start taking her mental health seriously, and you and Jacob should stop putting obstacles her way. Let her leave an exciting and happy human life, for as long as it lasts. Let her make her choices and be there to support her if she needs it.”
Edward didn’t say anything for quite some time, probably letting my words sink into his thick, stubborn skull. Then, he turned at me and laughed slightly. “You know, for someone who is just good at illusions, you sure do understand why more than Jasper does.”
I smile back at him. “Jasper is the expert here. I just don’t have a filter and say things the way they really are.” I shrugged and continued the patrol.
We stayed there for a few minutes before I felt two wolves getting sucked into my illusion. I immediately pulled the illusion apart to let them reach us. Edward must have already heard their thoughts, because he turned back to look at the woods, waiting for the two wolves to replace us.
After a minute, the wolves stood in front of us, a wolf with chocolate brown fur and a lighter face on our left, and a wolf with dark silver fur on our right. Upon looking at me, they slightly growled.
“(Y/N), this is Quil Ateara the fifth, and this is Paul Lahote. (Y/N) is a family friend, she recently came back to visit and we invited her to stay with us. She’s here to help us.” Edward introduced us to each other, but the wolves couldn’t be any more uninterested, as they huffed and walked past us to take our places.
“It’s okay, Edward. Let’s go. I’m starving.” I put an emphasis on “starving” to taunt the wolves, as I ran towards the woods. Edward looked at Bella’s window one last time before following me through the woods.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Embry’s POV
We were currently sitting around a bonfire, waiting for Jacob and Bella to arrive before Billy could start the stories. He, Quil’s grandpa, and Sue, Leah and Seth’s mother, insisted she had to join our meeting to learn the true stories about these leeches she loved. Quil and Paul wouldn’t shut up about the new leech that joined the Cullens.
“Dude, I’m telling you! They are up to something. Why would they invite this new leech if they weren’t? What if they are behind the attacks in Seattle, and just play innocent, trying to fool us?” Paul was raving by now, and I couldn’t deal with him right now.
“Paul, you are being delirious! Please, let it go for now. Let us have a quiet night for once!” I was pissed.
They didn’t even know the new one, none of us did yet. We should not jump to conclusions yet, let alone blame the Cullens for what has been happening in Seattle. If it turned out that there were actually new vampires raging through Seattle, it would cause a lot of damage to blame the Cullens for starting all this.
Finally, Jacob and Bella arrived and we could start the storytelling. I was already sitting down, with Leah on my left. Seth came to sit on my right, as Billy started the narration.
“The Quileutes have been a small tribe from the beginning, but we have always had magic in our blood. We were great spirit warriors, shape-shifters that transformed to the powerful wolf. This enabled us to scare off our enemies and protect our tribe.”
He told us about the Cold Man that our warriors came face to face with, the Cold Woman who destroyed our village and Taha Aki’s third wife, who sacrificed herself to save the rest of the tribe members.
“She saved the tribe. Over time, our enemies have disappeared. But one remains, the Cold Ones.” Billy was looking straight at Bella at that point. “Our magic awakens when they’re near, and we sense it now. We feel the threat in our blood. Something terrible is coming, and we must all be ready, all of us.”
The next few days were filled with patrols all around the territory, in hopes that we may come across whatever newborn broke into Bella’s house, or, even better, more than one of them.
Jacob was currently with Bella walking around, talking about them, trying to convince her he was a better choice for them. Through the mental link, we saw him forcing her to kiss him, and her punching him on his face in response. She yelped in pain as she broke her hand, and we all mentally shivered at the sound of her hand cracking.
What happened next between Jacob and Edward was another story. I had to say, though I didn’t like the leech, he had a point. Jacob shouldn’t have forced himself on Bella, and he shouldn’t expect her to like him back because she clearly never liked him that way.
Jacob was not listening to anyone who told him he better forget her. He spent the next few days, before the graduation party, crafting a wolf bracelet for her, and preparing the right words to tell her when he apologized to her about the way he treated her and how he reacted.
He convinced Quil and me to join him at the graduation party that was held in Cullens’ house; though we weren’t fond of parties, we decided to go to support our friend through Bella’s rejection. We found her just on time we arrived upstairs. She didn’t acknowledge either me or Quil but started talking directly to Jacob.
“What are you doing here?” She asked him, clearly annoyed he was here.
“You invited me, remember?” He answered back as if it was the most obvious thing. Quil and I looked at each other. This could end badly for Jacob.
“Was my right hook too subtle for you?” I could swear I heard someone laugh in the distance. “That was me uninviting you.”
Jacob started apologizing to her, blaming himself for once, and not his inner wolf, for his actions. I couldn’t focus on what exactly they were talking about. I sniffed around. Apart from the leeches that were scattered across the house and the human guests, I could smell a very distinct smell that almost knocked me off my feet - vanilla, freesia, gardenia, and spices.
As Jacob handed the wolf bracelet to Bella, a girl walked by Bella’s side and hugged her. She looked beautiful, though her golden eyes betrayed her identity - another leech. She must have been the one Paul and Quil were talking about. As if he knew, Quil nudged me and pointed his finger towards the girl, whispering. “That’s the one Paul and I saw.”
She introduced herself to Jacob, though he paid no attention to her, clearly annoyed he interrupted his conversation with Bella. She then turned to Quil and me.
“Hi! I’m (Y/N).” She extended her arm for us to shake. Quil shook her hand first.
“Hi, I’m Quil. I think we met the other day.” He smiled at her.
“Yes! You were on patrol with Paul, right? You replaced Edward and me? Nice to meet you!” Jacob shook his head at the mention of the leech’s name.
“Yeah, exactly! It’s nice meeting you, too.” Quil’s face lit up, probably mesmerized by her, just as I was. “By the way, this is my friend, Embry. He is part of our pack.”
(Y/N) turned to look at me, extending her hand, waiting for me to shake it. “Hi, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you, Embry!”
Her voice sounded like music, her presence felt like a breeze passing through a field filled with flowers. I lifted my face to look at her. The moment our eyes met, it was like that same breeze passed through my body, cooling every part of it, and clearing up my mind. I felt like I was cursed with stone feet my whole life, and now I lifted up in the air. I saw (Y/N) and I running through the woods, laughing at the beach, holding her in my arms.
I didn’t realize what was happening until I felt Quil shaking me violently. (Y/N) stood in front of me, shocked and confused. I didn’t have time to tell her anything, as she and Bella excused themselves and walked towards another Cullen girl. I couldn’t move from my position, not being able to believe what had just happened.
I just imprinted on (Y/N). I just imprinted on a vampire.
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lovely-angel-girl · 2 days ago
Leah is the type of sister that always scared Seth when he was a baby, laughing about it and calling him a big baby. But only Leah can do that, cause Seth is her baby brother. One time, Embry jumped out from around a corner and Seth got scared and screamed and Big Sister Leah came out and the whole pack heard her go all Mama Bear on Embry’s ass. 
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volturiwolf · 3 days ago
I've been writing an Embry Call x fem! Reader at the same time as "the Volturi princess" and I'm pretty excited (I do a pretty wild imagination).
It's taking place in Eclipse, and I haven't even finished it yet, and I'm already thinking of a sequel talking place in Breaking Dawn.
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incorrectwolfpack · 4 days ago
Quil: *to Embry* of course, you’re like my brother. Except with more sexual tension. And we don’t look alike. Nor are we related. So you’re kinda actually not like my brother at all.
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✨Masterlist ✨
Finally figured out how to make a masterlist!! Never thought I’d write enough to have one but here we are ❤️ Twilight only for now. Requests are still open!
Tumblr media
Emily’s Cousin
Period Pains
Car Accident - Part 2
It’s Always Been You
I’m Pregnant
Twenty-nine Days
I Don’t - Part 2
Be Careful
Tumblr media
Nothing Could Compare
I’ll Wait For You
Tumblr media
How To Reject An Imprint
Tumblr media
He’s Not A People Person
Tumblr media
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(Pre-wolf) Quil: Bro, what's your body count?
(Newly shifted) Embry: Oh, me? Dang, like 30 now.
Quil: Oh my GOD, you are a hoe!
Embry: How does that make me a... Wait, are we talking about people we've slept with?
Quil: Y-yeah...
Embry: Oh...well I've never done that yet.
Quil: Then-then why'd you say 30?
Embry: [suspicious laughter]
Quil: Bro, what does 30 mean?!
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Currently watching Twilight to add some requests to my masterlist soon!
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Darling - Demetri Volturi X Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Request for @kpopgirlbtssvt ❤️ 1.6K words
I sighed of relief as I closed my laptop and looked out the window. I had just finished the final test of the semester and I was dying to explore the city. It didn’t help that my dorm room had the best view possible of Volterra, overlooking the beautiful landscape below. Ever since I arrived in Italy I was enthralled with the life here. It all seemed so simple. I honestly wouldn’t mind staying in a place like this forever.
I felt like such a cheesy tourist, backpack and map in hand as I walked the cobblestone paths. The brick buildings that surrounded me ascended so high up in the sky, all the greenery and flowers that aligned them were vibrant. Everyone seemed so happy, and the atomsphere was peaceful. It was hard to think that anyone could have a bad mood in a place as amazing as this. I spent most of the day walking through shops, stopping for coffee and some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life. Even though I was more than relaxed and content by myself, I noticed numerous couples as I walked by. They all seemed so infatuated with eachother, and I felt a small twang of jealousy on my heart. I couldn’t help but want to know the feeling of being in love in the middle of this breath taking city. I looked at the map some more, on the back had several events that took place in town. I ran my finger across all the museums, stopping on a castle tour. It sounded interesting and close enough to where I was at to start walking.
I was with a large group of people, and chuckled to myself as they all had the same backpacks, fanny packs, and maps. I guess I wasn’t as alone here as I thought. A pale woman met us to start the tour, and I couldn’t help but get an uneasy feeling at her demeanor. She had blood red eyes, a almost devilish smile. I looked at the others, all too captured in conversation to notice how off she looked. The tour was nothing special, the castle itself beautiful but the woman gave very vague information about it. I was getting bored and a little anxious. As I decided to cut this crap short, I retreated back only to be stopped by another large pale man who told me I had to stay. Now I was getting more nervous. The woman started to get excited as she walked us to two huge metal doors, opening them wide for us to see a large empty space. There, we were met with several more pale faces, who looked at us almost hungrily. These types of people were not the ones I passed on the streets. My skin started to crawl and my heart beat fast as I watched them approach. The one with long black hair took the first girl in line by the neck, and sunk his teeth deep in her as she screamed with terror.
I had read about them in school, even researched them. But we were told there were none that remained in the present day. This can’t be real.
I frantically searched for an exit as I started to run as fast as I could. Not even a second went by before I was thrown full force into the wall in front of me. Pain radiated through my left arm as I turned around on the floor, watching as two of them stepped towards me. I shakenly scooted back against the wall. I looked at both of them, the one on the right was the one who told me I couldn’t leave. Then I looked to the one on the left, when suddenly we locked eyes. As scared for my life as I was I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly attractive he was. This feeling I never had before washed over me for a minute. Like as if I wanted to be closer to him. “Well well, looks like we’re adding a new member,” the large one snarled looking at him. “You better take her before I do, she does look absolutely delectable...” Snapping out of my trance my eyes welled up with tears as I watched everyone on the tour start to fall to the floor in their own pool of blood. I was next. But before I could speak I was whisked at what felt like the speed of light to another room. It was the one I locked eyes with that closed the door behind us.
“Please p-please don’t kill me,” I said as I started to cry, still holding my arm.
He was inches in front of my face within an instant, cold hand on my cheek.
“Shhh, darling it’s alright. Trust me, okay? What’s your name doll?”
For reasons which I’ll never know his gentle words actually soothed me. I knew it was wrong but everything I was feeling was so.....pure.
“Y/N” he repeated back in a whisper. “I’m Demetri.”
He softly held up my arm in his hands, I winced as he did.
“I’m so sorry about this love. I didn’t know you were my- I mean I’m so sorry.” He said as he glanced back up at me.
“You’re a vampire,” I said matter of factly. I figured if I was going to die here I wanted to know why and how.
He chuckled lowly, “You’re much do you know about us?”
I swallowed the lump in my throat, “I, uh, learned about a type of vampire in school. You live forever, you’re cold, and you feel nothing.” He nodded slightly, “Well that’s half true...”
He slowly sat me down on the chair that was in the room, and started to explain everything to me. That humans didn’t know they still existed, and that there were some I have probably encountered already. He explained the Volturi, why they wanted him, and how they were essentially vampire royalty. It felt like we had been talking for hours. I watched the sun go down through the window. Part of me wanted to remember why I was here in the first place. To think of an escape. But my heart wanted to stay with Demetri, bare my soul to him. After he carefully explained what mates were, it all made sense. I thought about how wildly ridiculous it was that I lived my whole life without knowing this.
“So you do have feelings, then?” I questioned, as it was against what I had researched.
“In a sense, yes. Love, desire, anger, hurt, hunger..”
I started to feel uneasy again, realizing the events before we got in this room.
“Hunger. Like when that tall man said I looked delicious. You’ll feel good when you kill me.” I said getting upset and standing up.
His face got serious as he shook his head and reached for my hand.
“Darling I would never dream of killing you. I would....change you.” My eyes widened as I batted his hand off of mine.
“You’re fucking awful. I-I had this feeling for a second that you were different. That you weren’t like everyone else out there. God, how stupid of me. You don’t want to kill me, you just want me to turn to stone and live forever in misery!” I yelled. He looked as if he had been shot in the chest. His red eyes went almost soft as he stepped back, giving me space. He looked at the floor in shame.
“It’s not that I want to change you. It’s that if by a massive stroke of luck you wanted to stay here with me, rules say I have too. I’d risk my own life just to see you happy. It’s fast, sudden and overwhelming...I understand.” He looked to the ground.
I sighed, a million thoughts running through my head. This was just so crazy. I opened my mouth to speak when the door burst open, the one with long hair stood.
“Brother, why is your mate not changed?” He looked at Demetri intensely. Like if he said as much as one word wrong he would be punished.
He looked up at me with those soft eyes, as if deciding if I were worth it to tell the truth.
“She’s not-“
“He was just about too. He was just explaining things first.” I interrupted. The one with the long hair turned to me, a smile now across his face.
“How wonderful, a human that yearns for her mate so suddenly. Demetri I must say, you’re very lucky. Please hurry.” And with that, the door was shut.
I took a deep breath. I immediately felt cold hands on my cheeks.
“Love, you don’t have too...”
“I want too,” I confessed,
“I mean, let’s be honest I don’t particularly. And I might regret this....but I’ve never felt like this before. The thought of you dying I-“ tears welled up in my eyes. He pressed his lips against mine, my head started spinning. It was a kiss that I had only ever had in my dreams. It was desperate yet passionate. He pulled away, smiling at my face that was still in shock.
He carefully lowered me on the bed.
“Are you absolutely sure about this doll?” He whispered in my ear as he peppered kisses down my neck. As anxious as one might have felt, his presence made me calm.
“I’m sure.” I said as I held onto his hair. He buried his head in my neck, sinking his teeth in.
I felt white hot pain as I screamed as loud as my throat would let me. I could feel the venom run through my veins as everything went black.
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Obsession Embry Call Chapter 11
The next morning I woke up surprisingly at 8am. Embry was probably still asleep and I don’t blame him. I headed down stairs to grab some breakfast. My mom had made some scrambled eggs, maple sausage, and fruit salad. I gave both of my parents a hug and sat down and dug into my plate. “So did you have a good night. I never heard you come in so you must have been pretty late.” my mom said with a smile. “Yes it was pretty late by the time I came home. I did have a really great time. I really like his friends. They were very nice and welcoming.” “Are you going to see Embry again today?” I nodded my head in response. “ I am waiting for him to call me with the details. I have no idea what time or what we will be doing.” I really hoped he would call me soon but I also know he is really tired. I will take this time to take a hot bath and relax a bit before he calls me. I finish eating and go to my bathroom. I run the hot water and add my lavender vanilla soap to the tub. I put on one of my numerous playlists and get ready to get into the tub. I grab the Vampire Academy book I am currently reading, light a few candles, undress, and slide into the tub. Gentle folk music plays in the background while I get absorbed into my book. After about 20 minutes passes I begin to wash my hair and body with my rose scented soaps. After I rinse it off I pick up my book again and read some more. Then before I know it my phone is ringing. I dry off my hand and answer it.
“Hey beautiful, good morning.” Embry’s chipper voice greets me over the phone.”Good morning Em. How did you sleep?” I hear him yawn before he answers. “I slept pretty good but it was rather lonely. How did you sleep?” “ I slept alright. I had a great time with you last night.” I began to think about how great of a time we had. “I had a great time with you too, beautiful. So I was thinking about going to the beach if that sounds like something you would be interested in doing with me.” I wasn’t particularly fond of swimming at the beach or the beach in general but for him I would go. “I will do anything as long as it means spending time with you. We could have another picnic while we are there.” I hear him chuckle on the other end of the line. “Okay so the beach it is. What time should I pick you up?” I pause a moment to consider. “Well I am in the bathtub now. I have to finish up and get ready and because we are doing a picnic I have to pack the lunch up so I think noon would be best.” I think that would be enough time for me to get ready. “Okay so I will be there at noon. Enjoy your bath, beautiful. I will see you soon.” And with that he hung up. I closed my eyes for a moment to think about what I should wear. I had a few bathing suits I could choose from. I finish off my bath and touch up my nails. I settled for my bikini that has a high waisted sunflower print bottom and a black ruffled top. I put the bathing suit on and put a black sundress over top of it. I put on my black sandals before I pack my beach bag. I go to the bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my skin care. I put on a little bit of waterproof mascara and a little bit of tinted chapstick. I didn’t see a point in putting on much makeup.
I head to the kitchen and get started on making chocolate chip cookies to bring with us to snack on at the beach. I also make us some italian pasta salad to do something different than the sandwiches we ate at our last picnic. I finish portioning it all out, grab the napkins and silverware. I head to the fridge and grab some bottles of water and iced tea to add to the picnic basket. After it is all packed and in the fridge I go to the bathroom and decide to do my hair. I put it up in a messy bun and call it a day. I anticipate it getting wet anyway so I am not worried about doing it up too nice. I look at the time and realize I have half an hour before Embry will be picking me up. So I double check I have everything before sitting down and I pick up my book again and continue reading. The next thing I know I hear a knock on the front door so I put my book down and grab my purse and race to go see him. I stop by the fridge and grab our picnic basket before going to the front door. I looked up at him and smiled at him while I gave him a big hug. He helped take the basket from my hand and grabbed my free hand as he walked me to his car. I have never been more excited to go to the beach before in my life. I buckle my seatbelt while he gets in his seat.
We take the drive over to the beach. Once we get out of the car we start walking to the water. We set up the blanket he brought and an umbrella. Once that is all set up we decide to go for a swim. He grabs my hand as we walk into the water. I gasp at how cold it is. He laughs as he continues into the water trying to pull me farther in. I reluctantly follow him deeper as more of me gets colder. Once we are up to my shoulders I finally adjust to the cold. Embry is swimming around and I decide to playfully splash him. He retaliates by splashing my back and I try to swim away from him. I didn’t get very far before he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms and spun me around. I squealed in surprise when I felt him grab me. He kept me in his arms for a moment before I turned around to face him. He put his hand on the side of my face and leaned down and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and closed my eyes to enjoy the kiss. I got as close to him as possible and felt one of his hands drop from my face to my lower back. After a few minutes of intense kissing I decided it was probably time to pull away and I do so very reluctantly. We continue to swim and splash around in the water for a little while before we decide to go and eat lunch. Embry grabs my hand as we walk to the blanket to the blanket. Embry plops down and I sit close to him. I start unpacking our lunches. I hand him his bowl of pasta salad before grabbing my own. I watch as he very quickly devours his before I get more than a few bites in.
“The pasta is very good, beautiful. You are such a good cook.” He says in between bites of pasta. I smiled up at him. I pass him the container of cookies and continue eating my pasta. I take a minute to close my eyes and enjoy the sounds of the water. I finish my pasta and take a cookie before he has a chance to eat all of them. Embry smiles at me and puts his arm around my shoulder. I lean into him and enjoy the feeling of his warm athletic body. I take a few bites of my cookie before offering him a bite. He smiles and takes a small bite leaving me to enjoy the rest of my cookie. “Would you like to take a walk?” Embry asked after we finished eating. He stands up and offers me my hand which I take. He helps me get up and puts his arm around my shoulder and we walk towards the water.
We walk in comfortable silence for a little while just enjoying each other’s company. I focus on the feeling of his arm around me. Being around him always manages to keep me calm. Embry picks up the pace and leaves me jogging to catch up with him. He crouches down and turns his head to look at me. “Hop on!” He says with a smile. “I run over to him and hopped on his back pushing down any negative thoughts I had about my insecurities. He stands up with ease and swings me around again and again. I cling onto him as tight as I can while laughing my head off. He stops spinning and starts to walk back with me on his back. “I can get down if you want. I don’t want to wear you out.” I say shyly. “Nope I am not putting you down yet. You are not wearing me out nor do you weigh a lot. I like carrying you. Don’t worry about it.” He says as he continues to walk towards where we have our set up on the beach. Once we get to the blanket he sits me down. “Would you be interested in going back to my house? My mom is out of town. We don’t have to do anything, just hang out. Maybe watch a movie. No pressure.” He looks so nervous. “I would love to go back to your house.” I get on my tippy toes and kiss him.
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Exothermic - chapter seventeen
Amalthea vs Trevor Uley
Tumblr media
"Now explain and plead for mercy, or meet the consequences, you little prick!"
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980 words
═ ∘♡༉∘ ═
Amalthea glared at the youngest Uley, crossing her arms instead of moving to hug. Like she'd ever do that!
"Hey." Trevor pouted, gesturing with grabbing hands that he wanted the girl to hug him, not close in on herself.
Rather than walking into his warm arms, Thea squinted her eyes as she saw Bella walk outside with Jacob out of the corner of her eye. "Some deadly illness, huh! Jackson is gonna be pissed when he finds out you've been skipping to join your brothers 'cult'. I'm snitching right away, I am so very serious."
Trevor nervously laughed and dropped his welcoming arms, copying Mal's own movements. "You love me too much to snitch on me, Mal!"
Knowing he was dead wrong, Thea jokingly kicked him in the shin, releasing both her arms from being constricted and gave him double middle fingers.
The two ignored the snickers they heard from the boys behind Trevor, Embry especially loud with his barely hidden giggles.
"Now explain and plead for mercy, or meet the consequences, you little prick!" She whispered in aggravation, needing assurance that she wasn't going crazy and that wolves were actually very, very real. Trevor nodded, "Definitely."
Before the two could speak once more, Sam cut in, grunting for his brother to follow him. Both Trevor and Amalthea looked at each other, knowing that they sure as hell were not going to separate this soon. Trevor missed Thea and her jokes greatly, and the other needed the distraction that Trevor provided.
"I went weeks without my bestie. We can chat later, man." He sighed, tired of Sam keeping him from his friends.
Thea, for the first time since she met the boy, bumped his fist and agreed with his words. Though, later on she would deny that she had agreed that they were besties in that moment. She surely was not planning on letting the one person she actually knew away from her.
Knowing that his brother was glaring heatedly at the back of his head, Trevor faced Thea and went to introduce the other people in the room.
"The idiot over there inhaling his food is Embry. Feel free to accidentally step on his foot whenever you walk past him. I do it and he gets annoyed every time-- never gets old." Thea looked at the boy she threw a water bottle at, agreeing with Trevor that annoying him would probably be funny.
"That's Jared. Allow yourself to dislike him-- he's annoying." Trevor went to tell her about how he was so annoying, but was cut off by Sam eyeing him and Jared yelling a "hey!"
"Next we got Sam and Emily. Em's cool. She's the one with to-die-for muffins that you're not allowed to have because you weren't nice. You know about.... you know." He widened his eyes with exasperation before rolling them. Thea couldn't help but nod her head, remembering that she got her muffin privileges taken away. She would absolutely later go on to snag one.
"Lastly we've got Paul. Mega anger machine. But also like, funny sometimes. Depends if you've stolen from his plate or not." Trevor snorted as Amalthea avoided the eyes of the man who tried to maul her cousin.
"Uh oh, what happened? Why're you not laughing with me? Did dummy do something? What-- what'd he do?" The boy caught on to her ignoring Paul, feeling concerned on why she already had a distaste for the hot-head.
He glared at Paul, "What'd you do, Lahote? She only doesn't make eye contact when she's super pissed. How'd you manage to do that so quickly?" Paul snickered into his muffin, eyeing the short girl next to his friends brother.
"Nothing to her." He smirked, remembering he was stopped before he could yell at her.
Embry coughed on his food, having an idea on what was to come from the funny girl who was definitely livid about her cousin being in danger. Jared eyed the scene, ready for the entertainment that was about to be provided by the two- well three including Trevor when finds out what happened.
"Hm. Only turning into a big ass wolf cause Bella rightfully socked him." Thea clenched her hands, feeling the crescent moon shapes from her finger nails indenting into the palm of her hands. "Then, her little flake joined and they brawled right in front of Bella. Thank god she didn't get pummeled by the fucking morons." Amalthea filled Trevor in on what the past hour and a half entailed, keeping her eyes trained on the floor as she plotted Paul's homicide.
Of course Trevor was beyond angry by this revelation, completely disregarding Paul attempting to defend himself. He stared blankly at the shifter, struggling to keep his fury under wraps as to not make his friend afraid of him too.
"Lahote, what in the actual hell were you thinking? Don't say that bullshit of 'I got angry, I can't help it!', nobody wants to hear it. She could've gotten hurt. Are you fucking serious!" Trevor shook as he spoke harshly to Paul, before getting nudged by Thea.
"Dude, I was in a car. We're pissed and worried about Bella right now!" The girl reminded him, accentuating her point with hands waving around, dropping them to her hips once she met eyes with the angry teen.
Humming, Trevor looked back to Paul, glaring.
"Don't shift near Amalthea, - or her cousin--", he mentioned after he was nudged by Mal,-- "again, Lahote." He stated, shocking Thea by the use of her actual name. Oh, he was angry angry. He gripped her wrist, walking past his brother and to the front entrance.
Trevor ignored Sam calling his name, continuing to guide his friend toward the walk that awaited them. He was going to calm down, and he was going to tell her where he's been. Now she definitely deserves to know.
═ ∘♡༉∘ ═
this is gaining more attention lately, i just might cry. i forgot to post this yesterday lols sorry about that
omg guys i have a really bad spider problem rn and i have such a fear of them that like i can't sleep because they keep crawling on the ceiling and being mf scary 
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