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#alice cullen
bisexualemmettcullen · 3 hours ago
Alice in New Moon: Care to explain to me how you're alive???
Bella: Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much, the-
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buddeeee-blog · 8 hours ago
This isn’t my edit, this is from @sollartv on Instagram.
... but I may make edits in the future :))
Update for “all” who care :)
So like.... MY CRUSH AND I ARE TALKING NOW... ALL I NEED TO DO NOW IS LIKE POP THE QUESTION LIKE... IDK IF SHES COMFORTABLE W ME BUT I HOPE SHE IS, SHE LAUGHED AT MY JOKE SO LIKE IM GLAD ABOUT THAT. I just need to ask her, and... well the worst that could happen is that I just get a “no” so, I’ll be fine, I’m excited tho, I’ve been waiting so long for a moment like this :,)
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rachellynn1901 · 10 hours ago
This is badass and why does this create a ship that shouldn't have there? 🤣🤷‍♀️😍
Credit: abbyroberts on tiktok!
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homesick-martian · 14 hours ago
If Midnight Sun gets turned into a movie I hope they do it animated adult swim style so they can really embrace the absurdity of the story.
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goldeneyedgirl · 14 hours ago
Chapters: 30/30 Fandom: Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer, Twilight Series - All Media Types, Twilight (Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Alice Cullen/Jasper Hale, Emmett Cullen/Rosalie Hale, Carlisle Cullen/Esme Cullen, Aro & Carlisle Cullen Characters: Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Edward Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, Stefan (Twilight), Vladimir (Twilight), Romanian Coven (Twilight), Aro (Twilight), Charlotte (Twilight), Peter (Twilight), Maria (Twilight) Additional Tags: Remix, Drama, Tragedy, Romance, Pining, Flashbacks, History, AU, Torpor, Feral Jasper Remix, Romanian Coven - Freeform, An actual attempt at basic research MEYER, Anachronistic, Vampires can die without fire, Creative uses of venom, This is my love letter to Deep Within the Catacombs Summary:
She smiles when he approaches her, linking her arm in his, and he knows her gift changes nothing, really. He loves her more than he thinks is possible. The idea of her being so gifted is something to marvel over, it doesn’t make her more of a prize.
Not to him.
(All things are lost until they are found.)
A remix/love letter to Deep Within the Catacombs by mtwalker & salmoncentre.
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 15 hours ago
bella handled new moon correctly cuz i would’ve been like this
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 16 hours ago
If Alice and Emmett fought to the death, one against the other, who would win?
I think this is another instance of someone bravely running away.
In Midnight Sun, we have this potentially occurring. Alice and Jasper arrive to join the Cullens, Jasper looks scary as hell, Edward believes they time it so that the protectors of the coven (including himself of course) are absent. Personally, I think it’d be Emmett who’s more of the threat than Edward for a variety of reasons, but point being, if there was going to be an issue with Emmett then Alice neatly side stepped it.
And that’s what I could see happening.
In a head on fight, I don’t believe Alice would win. For all Edward plays up his ability to read minds in combat, and similarly Alice’s ability to see the future, you can’t think like that during a fight. When we see Edward in an actual fight against Victoria, he’s terrible, and spends the whole time blathering. 
However much Alice can predict people’s moves (which... maybe, it’s hard to tell how far that goes given that against an experienced fighter a lot of it will be muscle memory and instinct) she is a teeny tiny person who cannot hit a ball out of a baseball park. For a vampire, this is bad, this is really really really bad. A fight, basically, would last only as long as Alice can avoid getting hit.
For Alice, the best bet for survival is to simply avoid the fight altogether. Which, given her powers, she can more often than not accomplish.
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twilightinanotherlife · 16 hours ago
Alice:*is in love Jessamine*
Jessamine:*feels Alice's emotions* I love you, too.
Alice:Did you say "you, too"?
Jessamine:*realizing what she did* N-no. No, I said you twice. I said "I love you you". *awkward laugh*
Edythe:So, you told Alice she loved you before she told you that she loved.
Jessamine:Mhm. Yeah.
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 18 hours ago
What if Alice, upon waking up as a newborn, had seen Bella instead of Jasper? What would change?
Oh, oh man, this would get... potentially very interesting.
So we have a few ways this could work out.
Alice has a vision of Bella rather than Jasper.
Given Bella and Alice’s homoerotic friendship in the series, as well as Alice being Alice, I can see her interpreting this vision much the way she interpreted her vision of Jasper even if it seems at first rather platonic. Bella will be her lover.
So, rather than find Jasper once he’s left Maria and tell him about the Cullen diet, Alice waits around for Bella and practices her control so that she’ll be able to turn Bella when the time comes. For reference, whether Alice has her visions of the Cullen family I think will be dependent on when exactly she approaches Bella and how those visions pan out. In this world, I could see the Cullens never being on her radar, though it could go either way.
Jasper either hears about Carlisle through the vampire grapevine (or Peter does and in desperation tells Jasper “Look, rumor has it there’s this fucking weird guy named Carlisle Cullen, maybe you should go find him”) or else he kills himself.
Given that Bella’s younger and that, at least per canon, we know she doesn’t get turned into a vampire until Edward does it, I assume Alice meets her as a human. The question is when.
She could do it in Phoenix, but this would involve a very shady introduction. Alice will not be able to approach Bella during the day, and so will probably show up in her bedroom saying, “Hello Lover”. Which, even for Bella, would not go over well. Bella would also be younger than seventeen which vampires generally acknowledge is not ideal.
However, if she does the Phoenix route then she turns Bella there, probably kidnaps her, and if they ever do run into the Cullens then Edward just sees a pair of blood sucking vampires and couldn’t care less.
They could also show up as she and Jasper did and say, “Hey, we’re joining the coven!” And then Alice would be Edward’s beloved sister who is sadly homosexual and has the world’s plainest girlfriend (Edward initially found the human Bella very plain, before he smelled her blood, I imagine he’d find the vampire version similar. I also believe Edward’s a homophobe, but that’s for another post)
She could also show up in Forks.
If she does this then she can do a slow build up. She can pretend to be human, like the Cullens, enroll herself into Forks high school and pose as a fellow student to ease Bella into the future. Bella’s also a little older which is very helpful.
I say it has to be Phoenix or Forks because too long into Forks and then Edward and the plot of Twilight comes into play and by the time Alice would catch up to Bella she’d probably be married to Edward or horrifically depressed in New Moon.
If Alice sees Forks... well she probably won’t see herself joining the Cullens.
The Forks route has Edward. Edward would have his growing obsession with Bella Swan. The idea of himself turning Bella into a vampire is appalling to him, that another vampire would swoop under his nose and seduce the fair maiden is unthinkable.
He’d honestly try to murder Alice.
It’d be a giant horror show mess. Bella could very well end up eaten by Edward if he decides death is a better option for her. If Bella and Alice survive, I imagine they do not join the Cullens due to this giant mess.
As for whether Alice sees Forks or Phoenix, I think it’s 50/50. Alice wouldn’t see the Edward disaster until she gets to Forks, as that requires a number of decisions on Edward’s end (and Edward trying to eat Bella initially has nothing to do with her so she probably doesn’t see it). And it’s never implied that, for the big visions, Alice sees the best or even most likely path. She just sees something.
When it came to Jasper, it seems like she just saw a point at which she meets him, and when she tried to deviate from the decision to meet him there it all quickly led to disaster so she never did.
Alice doesn’t always get to pick and choose the best option.
Given how we know Alice’s visions work, I think the danger from Edward would be too many steps ahead in the 3-D chess game Alice plays. She only sees one move ahead, not several.
So, toss a coin, Phoenix or Forks.
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askcarlislecullen · 18 hours ago
Hello Carlisle! What are some hobbies/events you like to share with each of your daughters?
I've answered this to some extent before, but of course things change as our circumstances change. So some observations:
Alice loves dance, and so do I. We often go to contemporary dance performances together—we rarely miss Alvin Ailey if there is a performance within a reasonable distance from us. We have been known to dissect a new choreography of an old ballet to an insufferable level of detail. The first time we saw Stowell's Carmina Burana we went on and on ecstatically every moment we were together for the following week and our spouses very nearly divorced us.
Rosalie is a brilliant diagnostician. I hate that the pandemic has changed our family dynamic so thoroughly, but I am so proud of my son, my daughter, and my granddaughter, all of whom have stepped up with their medical degrees in the last year and a half. I suppose diagnoses aren't so much a hobby as they are my work, but my most intimate and treasured moments with Rose have included the two of us in my library poring over texts as we search for a solution to a thorny problem.
Isabella is my reader. We bonded over this when she was still human, when she came to my study and pored over every first edition I owned in awe. She and I can spend hours discussing a particular author's craft at a level of detail which bores everyone else in the family. We haven't had time to read together in the last year, but before the pandemic hit we were reading the 2019 Booker winners and shortlist. After we read Atwood, Bella forced me to watch the Hulu version of The Handmaid's Tale which is both overly sensationalized and yet also eerily plausible. I find I’m looking forward to watching the fifth season and talking about it with her.
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Me trying to get the Jacob and rectalgia shippers to see that it’s lowkey weird :
Tumblr media
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mrsturner · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
καθημερινά είμαι περισσότερο ερωτευμένος Alice Cullen 😭
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thebossofcute · a day ago
Ok, somewhat controversially I do not like Alice.
I don't hate her, per se but i hate a lot of her behaviours.
Late 00's discourse talked a lot about how controlling Edward is, how the relationship he has with Bella is unhealthy, toxic, blah blah etc.
But Edward's interactions with Bella don't bother me HALF so much as Alice's. From book 1 Bella complains about Alice treating her like a paperdoll and, fine we all have things about our friends that annoy is and we complain about, but its fine.
And then we get into the introvert/extrovert issues. Bella talks in Eclipse about how Alice is forever trying to to make Bella be human the way she think's humans should be by forcing Bella into the spot light and its often not open to negotiation. Bella rationalizes it as Alice trying to live vicariously through her since her own human adolescence was spent in an asylum. I still don't like it.
Alice turns into a pushy mother-of-the-bride and this I cannot abide.
" 'What's wrong, Alice?'
'Don't you love me?' She asked in the same sad tone.
'Of course I do, you know that.'
'Then why do I see you sneaking off to Vegas to get married without inviting me?"
"Oh," i muttered, it cheeks turning pink. I could see that I had seriously hurt her feelings, and I hurried to defend myself. "You know I hate to make a big deal out of things. It was Edward's idea anyway."
' i don't care who's idea it was. How could you do this to me? I expect that kind of thing from Edward, but not from you. I love you like you were my own sister. '
''To me, Alice, you are my sister. '
' Words!' She growled.
'Fine, you can come. There won't be much to see." She was still grimacing. 'What?" I demanded.
"How much do you love me, Bella?"
"Why?" She stared at me with pleading eyes... her lips trembling at the corners. It was a heart-breaking expression...
"Please, Bella, please --- if you really love me..... please let me do your wedding."
I hate this. I hate hate hate this. Maybe i wouldn't hate it SO MUCH if i really thought Alice wanted to arrange it because it would be something nice she could do for Bella, but I don't think that's what this is. I think Alice is just a control freak who's never been refused and she just wants what she wants and Bella shouldn't have yeilded because Alice needs to learn some fucking boundaries. Neither Edward, nor Bella want this. Only Alice, and maybe Esme.
I feel very strongly about Bridal Autonomy. You do not OWE a big wedding to anyone. Not even Alice.
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thebossofcute · a day ago
"She went to sit on the hood of her Porsche, her face dejected. I followed, and leaned against the bumper beside her." ---- "Eclipse", page 464
So umm... CAN you lean against the bumper of a Porsche 911 without sitting on the hood? I mean leaning against the front bumper that's... wouldn't that just be the bumper rubbing your calves?
Tumblr media
Here we have Richard Hammond late of Top Gear, presently of The Grand Tour. He's standing next to an older model 911 and he's about probably Bella's height. See what I mean?
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twilightishot · a day ago
AU where Bella’s autistic and Alice gives her a makeover for the first time. Bella has a meltdown because she hates the feeling of something on her face and makeup products in general, and Alice quickly cleans her up and decides instead of pushing Bella to be something she isn’t, she decides to learn what Bella’s style really is and find ways to incorporate better clothing that would make her best friend feel more comfortable and relaxed in. Loose clothing without tags, seamless socks, and even a pair of noise canceling headphones.
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