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#jacob black
simplybombshell · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Crackship Request:
Jacob black x Emeraude Toubia
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witchyangela · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Bella and Jake + Prom Moodboard for anon!
They mainly get lowkey dressed up so Charlie and Billy can take a million photos.. even tho Jake wouldn’t wear a tie unless you paid him.. They ditch after about ten minutes and go hang out at the beach instead! But they much prefer that!!
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rebeccamcullen · an hour ago
I will forever love Jacob as a character
But despise Taylor Lautner
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 14 hours ago
bella handled new moon correctly cuz i would’ve been like this
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 16 hours ago
Who is Renesmee's favorite? Let's suppose that Jacob, Bella and Edward fight each other to the death, who will Renesmee help?
... Anon, I am sure you are the same person asking these fight to the death scenarios, and in return for answering these I believe it is your duty to send me the Street Fighter inspired fanart of whatever is going on in your head.
Regardless, I believe Bella is Renesmee’s favorite.
Jacob Black
I, first, believe the imprint Jake has on Renesmee is not authentic and was likely triggered by Renesmee’s gift. More, even if it was, that ties him to her versus the other way around.
To be honest, as Renesmee grows, I think she’s going to cool on Jake severely.
Sure, he’s a great babysitter for the first N years of her life, but then he’s... clingy. He needs to be a part of her life, instinct demands he be whatever she needs him to be, which is a huge responsibility on the part of another person and demands a lot of that person. Imprinting sucks for everyone.
More, despite what Jake assures Bella in the beginning, there is going to be a lot of pressure on Renesmee to date and marry Jake. Growing up, there’s going to be this unspoken expectation from the tribe and the Cullens that Renesmee will end up with him due to imprinting. While I’m sure Jake intends to be her friend and babysitter, in the back of his head, he’ll also have this expectation. Worse yet, Bella’s going to have this expectation.
By Renesmee being Jake’s imprint, once Bella gets past the gross, it neatly ties up things. Jake remains an extremely close part of her life in a way he never would have otherwise. By Jake staying with Renesmee, Bella keeps her best friend and none of the bitterness and rejection over their failed romance. They can pretend like Jake never liked her in the first place.
If Renesmee dumps Jake, then Jake will leave, and whether Bella says as much or not I think Renesmee will know that this is something Bella clearly doesn’t want.
All of this, combined with Renesmee inevitably finding out that Jake had a thing for her mother, that only ended because he imprinted on Renesmee, that he manipulated and sexually assaulted her mother, and that he in fact was going to murder Renesmee two seconds before imprinting (remember, Renesmee remembers this moment and can probably piece together what happened with relatively few hints)...
I imagine that, by the end of this, Renesmee will probably be very contemptuous of Jake if not outright loathes him. 
Edward Cullen
Edward, I think, will suffer a similar decline in esteem to Jacob if for different reasons.
First, Renesmee’s witness to her parent’s strange and lackluster marriage. Even before Edward cheats on Bella (yes, I know, no post yet but it’s coming eventually), Bella and Edward’s relationship is... weird. Renesmee has a front row seat.
More, as stories of the past come out Renesmee will get to learn all the... decisions made regarding Bella. But I think the real crux of it will be how Edward acted during the pregnancy. Per Edward, while Renesmee hadn’t seen any of the other Cullens yet, she was aware of their presence and that there was a world outside the womb that was very threatening. I imagine that, eventually, it will come out that Edward wanted her full stop aborted and got... pretty scary about it. 
I imagine that Renesmee will end up very contemptuous of Edward if not outright loathe him
Bella Swan
I’ve gone over Bella before but, from Renesmee’s perspective, she’s one of the few who unconditionally loved her and the one who suffered the most to bring Renesmee into this world. I imagine Renesmee remebers that.
The Fight
Renesmee will offer to murder Jake and Edward for Bella.
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resume-cullen · 18 hours ago
I think once I’m done with this semester I’m going to attempt to reread some of the twilight books for the first time in years. I feel like I’ve forgotten a lot of what happened in them since I was a teenager the last time I touched them
Does anyone have any good audiobook links (that dont benefit smeyer ofc) so I can listen to it at work too?
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Me trying to get the Jacob and rectalgia shippers to see that it’s lowkey weird :
Tumblr media
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fatiguing-thoughts · 20 hours ago
"Always Bella" - Jacob Black x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Summary: Jacob x reader angst. Bella always comes first. I'm going to hurt your feelings so if you don't want that please don't read this.
It had been weeks since I had heard from my best friend Jacob. Our friendship had felt a bit different since Bella Swan had moved back to Forks, however he had never ignored me like this.
How did we go from spending every waking moment together to this?
No answers to my phone calls, texts, or knocks at his door.
I felt my face contort with pain as I think about all the laughs we shared, staying up in his garage until 3 am working on his rabbit, just the two of us. Embry and Quil stopping by to poke fun... until Bella came back to town.
Now it was us... and Bella. Or just him and Bella while I sat on my couch on our usual pizza nights.
Jacob and I progressively spent less time together one on one. I was watching my best friend follow this girl around like a lost puppy, willing to do anything for her, though she was not willing to do the same.
Jacob was like the sun, to anyone he blessed with his presence. Now, it seemed to be that he was Bella's sunshine, no longer able to warm my life. Though, she seemed to be a cloud of darkness that rained over his head daily; I couldn't understand why it was her.
Why not me?
It was always Bella.
Though, eventually Jake disappeared, too. He joined in with Sam, Paul, Embry, and Jared. Despite always making fun of them, he disappeared completely to hang out with them.
So when Bella Swan called me to see if I had heard from Jacob recently, I was both shocked and relieved to know that he abandoned her, too.
"Please, (Y/N)... We need to go see him." She begs through the phone. "What if he's not okay?"
The thought of Jacob not being okay was enough to send my stomach into the deepest pit of pain.
As much as he was killing me, I couldn't stand the thought of him in pain. The fact that he was being a dick to Bella too was comforting in some sick way.
"Alright." I mutter into the phone. "I'll see you when you get here."
I quickly hung the phone up and put my shoes on, awaiting the rumbles of Bella's old truck.
The shaking of my leg was interrupted momentarily as her truck pulled in front of my house. I stood up and made my way over to the orange, rusting vehicle.
"Hey." She murmured.
"Hi." I spoke softly, leaning my head against the window.
Bella wasn't stupid, she knew how I felt for Jacob.
She knew of the riff she caused between us.
She always looked at me with a sympathetic look, though I know she didn't truly care for how much it hurt.
Overall, it sucked for me. However, I cared more for how much she was hurting Jacob.
I knew as soon as Edward came back, she would once again put Jacob right back in his place. Back where he really belonged for Bella.
Jacob was a distraction, he was a place holder. He was just another person to pick up the pieces of Bella Swan. And she knew that. But to Jacob, she was everything.
It hurt to watch him pine so hard over someone who would never return that affection.
I felt his pain.
The abrupt stop and screeching of Bella's brakes was enough to pull me back down to reality. I looked out of the window to see the rain slide down, leaving trails of water behind.
That's when I saw him.
He easily grew a foot, his hair no longer long like I enjoyed. A tattoo on his now buff arm, steam radiating from his skin in the rain.
"What the fuck..." I mutter to myself.
The slamming shut of Bella's door shook me, bringing me back to reality once again. I struggled to find the door handle, trying to catch up to her walking over to Jacob. I quickly managed to get out of the truck, almost running to catch up.
"Bella go home. I don't want you here." He scolds, refusing to meet her gaze. I had to hold back a smile as I heard his words, as I didn't need to be openly appreciative of his coldness towards the girl.
"No, what happened to you?" She demands, walking closer to him.
"No. I don't want to see you." He huffs.
"Please, look at me." She pleads, pushing a hand onto his chest.
"Jake..." I whisper to myself, still trying to take everything in.
His eyes finally met hers and his face contorted to one of disappointment. Like he was waiting for something that would never come.
"Go home Bella." He says once again, shaking her off and pushing forward.
"Jacob, please." I whisper, my hand grazing his feverish arm.
"(Y/N)... please don't do this." He turns to look at me with a somber, sympathetic face.
"Do what?" I ask with a shaky voice, finally tearing my eyes from his entirely different physique to his chestnut brown eyes.
His face fell into one of tranquility, his clouded eyes in a complete daze as they stared into mine. The tenseness that was once in his body left, his shoulders and jaw falling slack. I suddenly felt a strong pull to Jacob, one stronger than before, somehow. Looking into Jake's eyes felt like most intense peace I have ever felt.
"Jacob?" Bella's wavering voice chimed.
Jacob's gaze finally left mine, turning to Bella disappointedly.
"I can't believe this..." He murmur.
"Believe what? What just happened Jacob?" I ask, a pit forming in my stomach once again.
"It wasn't supposed to be like this." He huffs, turning back to me sympathetically. "I'm sorry, (Y/N). I can't do this. I don't want to see you ever again."
His words cut like knives, I felt the world around me spin, all the air left my body.
"What?" I whisper as tears prick my eyes.
"Jacob, what happened to you?" Bella asks, anger framing her face.
"Why don't you ask those filthy bloodsuckers you love so much?" He spits, before turning back to me, shaking his head in disappointment.
Bella was taken aback, as was I.
What does that even mean? Filthy bloodsuckers?
"Goodbye, don't come back again." He warns.
And just like that, he ran off into the woods to meet up with Embry, Sam, Paul, and Jared.
Leaving me confused, hurt, and stuck in the rain with Bella Swan.
Might do a part two, what do you think?
i found some time after finishing some assignments I had to do. I hope you enjoy and I should get part two up soon.
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warmsunbella · 20 hours ago
okay but does anyone know why jacob black had to be so young?? I genuinely can’t figure out the reason smeyer didn’t make him the same age as bella like that’s so strange to me
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whitlockswhore · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jacob @ Edward in Eclipse
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incorrectwolfpack · a day ago
Sam: how do three guys in their late teens not have $10 between them?
Jake, Quil, Embry: we’re... the..
Quil: the economy is in shambles
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since0202 · a day ago
Chapter 29: Home
Tumblr media
After a tearful goodbye with their mothers, Grace and Bella made their way to the ticket counter to check in for their flight. 
“Oh, Miss Swan, Miss Alo, you’ve been upgraded to first class and instead of your original flight with two layovers, we were able to accommodate you with a direct flight. Here are your updated tickets and Amy here will show you the way to the VIP Lounge to wait for your flight.” The front desk attendant gave them a warm smile and motioned to the woman beside her. 
Bella’s mouth was opening and closing like she meant to say something and Grace’s eyes went wide with excitement. 
“Nice!” she exclaimed. “Finally, the perks of having a rich boyfriend are paying off.” 
“Grace!” Bella nearly scolded as they followed the aforementioned Amy to the lounge. 
“What? Might as well benefit from your line into Richville.” 
“You sound like Jake.” Bella laughed taking a seat in the overstuffed chairs as a waiter handed them champagne. “Speaking of which,” she set her champagne down without taking a drink, unlike Grace or delightedly downed the first quarter glass in one swift chug, “Have you spoken to him?” 
Grace shook her head aggressively, “Absolutely not.” Her mind wandered back to the last text message he had sent yesterday afternoon after they had returned from lunch on the water. 
You can’t avoid me forever. 
Oh, how true that was. 
Bella rolled her eyes and Grace decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. 
“And what about you? Should we start wedding planning the minute we get home then?” 
“It was his one condition to have him turn me himself.” Bella shot back. Grace wasn’t expecting that. 
“So you’re still on this whole immortal kick then?” Grace crossed her arms after popping a piece of gum into her mouth. 
“I was never not on it. I know what I want,” Bella said determined. 
“And I want a burrito, but it’s 7 in the morning.” Grace said with a little too much venom. She was starting to sound like Sam. Bella looked away from her, annoyed. Grace decided to call a truce, she wasn’t going to convince Bella not to become a member of the undead in an airport. “Can I at least see the ring?” she said more gently. 
Bella looked over at her tentatively, thinking for a moment and then dug into her bag and pulled out an oversized ring box. Grace held her breath knowing it was going to be enormous. But she was pleasantly surprised. 
When Bella revealed the ring to her, it was big, but the old fashioned and unique oval shape set with glittering diamonds was breathtaking and fit Bella so well. 
“Holy fuck,” Grace said a little too loud. Bella snapped the case shut as they drew a look from an older man reading his newspaper a couple seats down from them. “Sorry, it’s beautiful.” 
“Thanks. I a little nervous about all of this,” Bella wrung her hands above her and Grace gave her a soft smile. 
“I know. But you love him so…” she trailed off, not sure what else there was to say. 
Grace had never thought about marriage growing up. Her parents were incredibly happy loving people and she had the best model for marriage, but throughout her life, she never envisioned herself as married. Now a soft feeling turned over in her stomach where she held onto a new idea that was starting to bloom there. One that she saw blooming in Bella too. It might be nice to call someone yours forever. 
Their flight landed early that afternoon and both girls were giddy when they got off of the plane. It was their first time flying first class and they were buzzing off the high of a catered meal and sparkling cider. 
As they came out of the terminal to baggage claim, they saw Edward standing there, his face fitted with a perfectly stretched smile when he saw Bella. 
Bella actually dropped her backpack and ran toward him and into his arms. Grace picked up her bag and slung it over her free shoulder and trudged toward them. As she approached them, Edward pulled his face out from behind her hair and said: 
“I brought you a present.” 
“A present?” Grace cocked her head to the side confused as Edward took Bella’s back from Grace’s shoulder. 
Rachel Black came strolling from around the baggage claim with their suitcases. Grace’s heart dropped into her stomach. Son of a bitch. Grace inwardly cursed and sucked in a quick breath. Was this Edward’s idea of some kind of a sick joke?
“Hey!” she said, trying to sound cheerful and shoving her hands in her back pockets. Edward saw the look of disappointment cross Grace’s face and suddenly felt like he’d made a mistake. Bella looked at Grace worriedly. 
“Hey little Alo,” Rachel said, that same twinkling smile on her face. Seeing Rachel made her feel slightly sick which frustrated her even more. A dumb imprint, that Rachel wasn’t even in control of, was going to make her suddenly dislike a person she’d known almost her whole life? “I got to be honest with you, I’m not here just for me.” 
Grace was confused and raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”
“I’ve been sent to take you to see your new home,” Rachel rolled her eyes but let out a little laugh. “Well, I think the exact instructions were to take you to my brother first and then the house second, but tomato, tomato.” She shrugged and Grace found herself fighting a smile. Same old Rachel, warm, but still took no shit. 
“I hope that’s alright,” Edward said from the sidelines. “We’ll drop you off at your place.” 
Rachel nodded and Grace let out a big sigh holding her arms out at her sides in a wide shrug. 
“Why not.” 
Edward was able to drive Grace right up to her home since technically it wasn’t on the original treaty line that they had agreed to so many years ago. Tensions between the pack and the Cullens had ebbed slightly since the fight, so Sam was a little more lenient about where they could come on their land. 
Grace, however, was completely floored when they pulled up. The old, falling down house had been given a facelift in her absence. A new thatched roof adorned the top of the house and a second level had been installed. A large circular window looked out toward the cove. Where the sagging porch had been a new one was installed that wrapped around the front of sides of the home. Tools were still scattered about and it was still being installed in some areas. They had painted her front door a dark mossy green and when Grace pushed it open, she thought she might faint. 
The interior of the home was completely refinished. A small kitchen looked out over her spacious living room that Esme had expertly decorated to match her rustic, simple style. Her bedroom was on the second floor in the large loft that looked out over the cove and the back bedroom was converted into a pseudo indoor greenhouse with a desk and comfy, plush chairs. One wall was dedicated to an entire bookshelf that held an assorted collection of books. 
Grace dropped her backpack in the back room and turned to Edward who was standing in her doorway. “This is incredible, thank you so much.” she couldn’t quite catch her breath. 
“It’s the least we could do, considering everything you’ve done from my family and Bella.” Edward said softly before nodding and taking his leave. Bella gave her a hug before she left and said “Tell me how it goes with Jake” before joining Edward. 
Rachel was sitting in the new living room waiting for Grace. “Sooo, what do you think?” 
“It’s incredible,” Grace said plopping down on the soft linen sofa. “It’s too much but it’s incredible.” 
“Naaah, you deserve this.” Rachel steadied Grace with a look and she shifted uncomfortably under her gaze. “I wanted to ask you….” here it comes “About the whole Paul thing.” 
Grace felt an awful pang in her stomach rise up. No, not now. 
“What about Paul?” Grace said nonchalantly and Rachel tilted her head knowingly at her. 
“Don’t act like that, I know you.” Grace gave out a huff. “Sam said you two were pretty serious...before I showed up.” Rachel looked at her fingernails now not wanting to meet Grace’s gaze. Grace looked her over carefully trying to see what she was getting at. 
“Yeah, we were together, so?” 
“Don’t say ‘so’ like that. I’m asking if you’re okay.” 
“Rach, what do you want me to say? Yes? Totally fine? Don’t think about him at all at night? Because that’s not the truth.” Grace looked over her shoulder out the open front door toward the cove. She wanted to disappear in this moment. 
“I just...I know I screwed everything up, but I didn’t mean to. I didn’t even know.” Rachel looked at her now. Tears were welling up in Grace’s eyes. She felt her phone buzz in her pocket but momentarily ignored it. 
“Why are you bringing all this up again? Are you and Paul going out or something?” she looked at Rachel now with a hurt, scornful look. She didn’t want to know the answer but she also couldn’t shy away from it now that Rachel was trying to gauge her reaction. 
Rachel didn’t respond for awhile and picked at the skin on the tips of her finger. Grace watched her carefully and then nodded, “Right…” It was clear what Rachel was after now. Grace pulled her phone out of her pocket and looked at her most recent text message. 
SMS Text—4:33 p.m.: Jake 
Did you make it home okay? 
Rach was supposed to bring you by an hour ago. 
I need to talk to you. 
Grace considered not responding, hightailing it out of there and swimming as far out into the ocean as her body would allow, but she didn’t want to be alone in this new pain that was becoming clear now that Rachel clearly wanted Paul. She typed a hasty reply. 
I’m home, at the new place. 
Come over.
“Grace?” Rachel said looking at her now with a sad look on her face. “I don’t want you to be unhappy. You know how much you mean to me but I...the imprint makes it hard for me to…” 
“Are you asking for my permission or something? Or my blessing?”
“No, I….” she took one look at Grace and switched topics suddenly, “What’s going on with you and my brother?” 
Oh, so she wanted to play it like this? Grace was game. She stood up and walked over to her kitchen to pull down a green glass water cup and filled it with cold water from the sink. She took a drink and then turned to look at Rachel. 
“Not the same thing that was going on with Paul if that’s what you’re asking.” Rachel winced and Grace immediately felt guilty. 
“Grace, I’m….I’m so sorry,” her voice piqued with emotion and Grace felt immediately drawn to her. “I don’t know what to do here. Help me.” her eyes were pleading but Grace couldn’t find the words to make either of them feel better at the moment. 
“You should go,” Grace said in a hard voice, Rachel’s face changed to one of disappointment, anger even, “Jake’s coming and if you don’t want to get your head bit off, then it’s best to head off now. So…” Grace trailed off refilling her water and staying away from Rachel. 
She got to her feet and nodded, walking out the front door and heading off into the forest. Grace let out a frustrated groan as she wrapped her arm protectively around her stomach where the pain was still pulsing. She definitely didn’t expect Rachel to turn up at the airport and what’s more, she was not prepared to have a conversation about her and Paul dating. Grace knew the imprint was in play but it still hurt to think of Paul moving on so quickly. As she gripped the countertop and tried to hold herself together, a familiar voice echoed across the room as Jake made his way through the open door, shirtless and in his cut off jeans. 
“Hey, you okay?” He was in front of her in an instant, his hands cupped under her cheeks and pulling her face up to look at her. Grace felt a calloused thumb move gently across her cheek and she took in a deep breath, letting her arm fall as she stood up straight. She grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands down off of her face in one movement. 
“Yeah, fine.” She moved past him to go sit on the porch steps, suddenly needing a dose of fresh air. Jake tensed from the ease at which she pulled away and followed her shortly after. 
He lowered himself down next to her on the front steps and watched her face for a second before looking out into the cove. “What did Rachel say?” 
“It’s bullshit, Jake,” Grace let it out, “This imprint is the cruelest thing in the world. Because no one gets a choice. Why? Why do that to us when we already have so much to deal with? I don’t….” she choked a little, trying to swallow a sob. “I hope it never happens to me. I want a choice.” 
Jake listened patiently and nodded his head, “I hear you.” 
“Just...promise me something,” she looked at him seriously now and Jacob trained his eyes on her, even with her face red and puffy, lips parted, and hair flying around her, he thought she was beautiful. He desperately wanted to raise a hand to graze her cheek or pull her into him and kiss the top of her head until he felt her breath even out. 
“Anything,” he said seriously. 
“Promise me that when it happens to you, you’ll still be the same.” Her eyes were swimming with hurt just thinking about Jake being pulled away from her in any way. But still, she pushed down that ache in hopes of keeping herself whole. 
“I promise, Grace. I won’t let you down.” His voice was soft, calm, and reassuring. The tension in her face melted right away when he looked at her like that and Jake knew that whatever she asked him, he would do. 
She leaned her body against his, resting her head on his shoulder and he let out a sigh of relief. 
“These last four days without you were not my best,” he admitted suddenly. 
“What do you mean?” she mumbled, listening intently to the crash and roll of the sea. 
“When you left, something in me stopped working. I felt….irritated. Like I was being pulled in a million different directions and I couldn’t sit still. Sam had to send me on rounds by myself a couple of nights because no one could stand to be around me and I don’t blame them.” 
“That’s weird,” Grace said distractedly. 
“Yeah….weird,” Jake said softly. Grace wrapped her arms around his bicep and scooted into him more. 
“Are you hungry?” 
Jake let out a laugh, “Always.” 
They spent the evening prepping and cooking vegetables and chicken for burritos in Grace’s kitchen. Esme, delightfully, had stocked a part of Grace’s closet with extra men’s t-shirts and jeans for the pack in case they had ever phased nearby or needed something to change into. It was incredibly thoughtful and Grace hugged the black t-shirt to her body before coming down the stairs and tossing it at Jake. He laughed and eagerly put it on, returning to his chopping of the onions while Grace watched a pan of sizzling chicken breasts. 
When she came over to supervise she gave out a short laugh. 
“No, no Jacob. Diced, we need diced onions.” 
“These are diced!” he protested. She pushed in front of him and gently took the knife from his hand to demonstrate. 
“Slice this way, and then this way,” He was standing very close behind her and was looking around her. As Grace delicately chopped the onion, Jacob raised two tentative fingers and brushed back a swath of dark black hair that had fallen in front of her face. His fingertips gently brushed the side of her neck as he stroked the hair back behind her shoulder and peered from behind her to take in her work. Grace shivered, goosebumps rising on her neck and she suddenly felt very hot and very aware of his presence. 
“Like that, okay?” she said, handing him the knife back. He gave her a mischievous smile and nodded. 
“Got it.” 
They worked easily together, each reaching around the other for things, making jokes and laughing at something the other said. They opted to eat on the couch, cuddled up under a blanket and flipping on a movie to pass the time as the sun set. Jacob didn’t ask her once about the phone call and Grace was grateful. 
Having Jake in the house made her whole body feel warm and in the back of her mind, she started dreading the time when he’d get up and leave. They talked late into the night, Grace laying her legs over Jake’s lap as she reclined on the couch. 
She shared how good it was to see her mom, how she wanted her to see this place and know that she really was okay, so that she wouldn’t worry about her future. Jacob listened dutifully, his eyes always patient, kind, and open as she opened up about her fears and her dreams. He absently moved his hand up and down her thigh, pausing only when he was telling a story about his most recent night of rounds to emphatically show how he wanted to strangle Embry for something he said. Grace laughed at this and revelled at the sensation of warmth when he placed his hand back on her thigh. As the night wore on, they each drifted off to sleep peacefully on the couch. 
Grace woke some time in the night to see Jake still there, his head leaning back against the couch and snoring softly. She gently picked her legs up off of him and strode to close her front door and turn off the lights. Then she gently leaned over him and placed a hand on his arm.
“Jacob.” she whispered and his eyes slowly opened looking around at the darkened room. “Come on.” she said running her hand down his arm and taking his hand. He yawned and stood as she guided him through the living room and up the stairs to her room. Once in her room, she let go of his hand and strode into her closet to change into some soft pajama shorts and a thin linen tank top. When she returned, Jake was taking off his shirt and folding his jean shorts, setting them on a chair in the corner of her room. 
Grace crawled into bed and Jake nestled in beside her. Easily, they meshed into one another, Grace cuddling up into his left side, arm slung over his chest and head on his shoulder. Jacob wrapped an arm down her back and rested his hand on her waist, under her shirt to feel her skin on his. The moonlight filtered in above the bed and they fell back asleep almost instantly. 
Grace didn’t know what it meant to have him here beside her just yet but she knew that she didn’t want him to leave. She had never felt so at peace before and decided as she drifted off that whatever awkwardness happened in the morning, she’d take it if it meant she could have this moment with him. She felt him lean over to kiss the top of her head before she let the sound of the waves and the rise and fall of his warm breath pull her into a deep sleep. 
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thebossofcute · a day ago
Still I find the Wuthering Heights theme in Eclipse so weird because... well if you take Heathcliff and compare him, description, behaviour, capacity for animosity, to any character he's gonna come out as Jacob. That we should see any similarities between Edward and Heathcliff is ludicrous.
Quite aside from that this really isn't comparable. If Bella had lived in Forks and grown up running around like a wild child with Jake and then Edward came along, vampires + werewolf things ensued and Bella chose Edward (who fits Edgar again, in the surface profile, so much it hurts) then i could see a comparison.
But then maybe the flipped nature of the characters vs their WH counterparts was intended *shrugs*
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musingsofvenus · a day ago
I wish I could travel back in time and force those casting directions and producers to make krys Jacob because I agree with you we were robbed
YES and he wouldn't need a wig or pretend to be native!!
but they might have forced him to cut his hair in new moon, and i would hate to see that. can't win 😔
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